Session 37-4/1/73

We have been watching you. It is that we have seen the moving of this group. We could say so much has to be accomplished. Internal attitudes, reservations of desires stifled and held in of this group. We had promised to come here before the weekend is up. Certain signs we had manifested to awaken you that we are ready. There is much chaos that is happening in the group here. Remember when this time comes, if you are not ready, you will just not be. Certain ones in this group have improved. Others are moving. There are those who at times refuse to understand where they are at. These souls cause friction, nervous energy, which only drains on the energy field of those around. There should be much more peace in living your lives for you are all being taken care of. It is like a super insurance policy. There are times when such accidents must happen for the development and for lessons. There are also times when certain things have to happen so other greater things might fall in line. The group should be close together, more than ever, for the age is upon you. And there will be great upheavals coming soon. The only ones that are to survive are those that know how to live with one another in group forms. This is part of your mission, to prepare those group forms. There are many things that you all have to understand. These things will not be understood if you enter own… into it your own logical thought. I only call for faith. It is the greatest commodity for one’s soul to have. Sometimes it is the best. Again we say it is a crucial month and much upheaval on the market will take place. Your structure of economics will be weakened, internal situations, racial developments, and uneasiness in general. You must prepare for there are many things that have to be done. We here find this weekend interesting. Productive in degrees, opposition is terrible. Such opposition we must uproot or guide in other forms. It is a weight on yourselves when one becomes in opposition to your development. Therefore, what was given that when one is in opposition, the majority should try there best to enforce a law of order and a strict order of working with it in that of discussions. We here have come to tell you this that this month is a critical month of this group. It will either divide it or make it strong. Prepare yourselves for this. There will be doubts projected to you by all your fears and lack of faith. But we will only remind you this session that if you leave, are you going to be happy? You will find degrees of happiness. But do not try to feel that you yourselves guide and make your future, for your future will become void, if you think you can do it by yourself. We again repeat the reason for this particular meeting is to warn you to become closer together in love, in unity, in workmanship that the forces of darkness might stay away from your house. We also suggest that a sign be placed over the door to understate this thought and form of protection. The greatest protection is the thoughts of kindness and love to those around you. Be patient and wait for us to work. We are now ready for your particular questions.

DA: What can I do to correct the trouble that I have with the lymphatic system in my body?

Forces: We would advise you to slow down. Here energy that is not applied for useful…

DA: Also could you tell me what’s happening to my right ear?

Forces: We are not finished.

DA: I’m sorry.

Forces: Relax. We would advise you to have salads mixed with olive oil and vinegar. Lots of vinegar. To be mixed with a garlic and on it what would be hot or near to pepper. Also we would say that a hot mustard pack on the back area of the spine will be good. Plus a day of recuperation and rest without leaving your bed. Also the ear is a problem of drainage causing the swelling up of the tissues that line the canals. This here. Warm compresses should be placed every half an hour for a period of six hours. Lying on it that side will not contribute to its health. Try to avoid lying on it directly. Also we would advise that you would be at ease with yourself for things will go right for your future.

N: Can you tell me, is there a craft that I should be… enter into besides the ones that are already started in the house?

Forces: We would say to work on this first. To give the best you can.

Then that which is of making and canning fruits will be a useful art for you.

N: Is sewing the best thing to contribute to right now? Or just generally all the ones? Making bread and sewing and…

Forces: Make sure that you give of yourself. That will be the best thing.

N: Thank you.

J: Can you tell me in the Cayce readings what is meant by “the sons of men”?

Forces: The language that this which we use represents the earth, the spirits that have entered the earth and have got caught or involved in the material aspects. Then you have another terminology that is used that the spirit of Christ being the son of God. This is completely different.

J: Thank you.

D: Could you, could you help me understand the thoughts I had this evening?

Forces: All bridges must come down. All forces of faith must be put up. Fear not for things are already in the making. All things that you fear have no construction in our plan. Remember, it will be perfect in the understanding of what you must give out with your heart.

D: Thank you.

P: Has the spirit of my cousin James left his attachment to his body?

Forces: We would ask that you repeat such question.

P: Has the spirit of my cousin James left his attachment to his body?

Forces: There is a period of wandering. He is what would be said, in the other sphere.

G: Could you give me some advice about how to control the emotional flare-ups that I have?

Forces: We would like to see one.

G: The ones that where I feel so much anger and…

Forces: You should not feel this. It is pity and jealousy in many respects as what has been pointed out to you earlier. It only takes away from your structure. Your structure is only beginning to grow. When you receive such feelings, you weaken your structure and you become weak. It is useless, for all you need to know is to serve. And by doing, you will be honoring your God that is above.

G: Thank you.

Forces: We would also advise that your laziness is why you get angry. You only get angry when you feel that you don’t want to do something. And that is not right.

R: Could you explain to me exactly what went on in the meditation that we had this afternoon and why I didn’t hear a word from God?

Forces: It was a, what would be known, as a crying out to God for help in which God is answering and of peace that he says, “Fear not, I am with you even to the consummation of the world.”

R: Thank you.

RU: How can I break through the logical pattern of thinking and feeling?

Forces: This pattern of this entity’s experiences is from other patterns of thoughts. This entity follows the logical pattern because it lacks security and it fears for its future. We would advise you that you have no future when you take it in your own hands. Do not pretend to be what you are not. Be what you are. Express your feelings. Accept yourself. But most of all pretend not with the laws of God. Do not, what would be, only to get what you desire, for them you will have nothing and you will have allowed that which is for you to slip by. But instead to ask God to guide your life and mean it. Arid worry not of what status you are in society.

RU: Thank you.

L: In an earlier session we were given that underneath a mountain in Wyoming there could be found remnants of the Atlantean civilization, possibly even Atlantean scientists. Would there be an entire underground city in this location?

Forces: There are many sections in this country that have this. At this moment you are not ready for such information.

L: Is any of the information in a book called “THIS HOLLOW EARTH”… ?

Forces: No information is in your books.

L: Thank you.

Forces: Our information is in our ships.

L: Thank you.

I: The things with T’s family…

Forces: We would say at this point that this entity is fighting desperately to try to carry things that he is not supposed to. It is not his cross that he should carry. But he takes the cross on to carry another one and another one. It will only destroy him if he proceeds any further. As what was given to him and in interpreted correctly in his dream, leave it alone. Pray and give it to God. But dis-attach completely from the whole family.

I: How can I help in this situation?

Forces: By guiding and giving the advice you have up to now.

I: Thank you.

DA: Was I correct in thinking that the ego was attacked or boosted by the vibration around Williamsburg and in Williamsburg?

Forces: Excellent.

DA: Also my feelings towards William and Mary College, were they correct?

Forces: Perfect.

N: Did I have a lifetime in Nazi Germany or in one of the countries that were attacked by World War I or World War II?

Forces: My dear, you have traveled much. You have remnants in such countries. This moment we will not give it to you, but in a future moment you will be ready to hear what has happened.

N: Thank you.

JE: In the readings I was doing tonight, it said, and they were discussing building the pyramids, the same force they used to build the pyramids, that it would be discovered in 1958 again, has that been discovered?

Forces: The force of gravity has been discovered as we have given you in the country of Germany. Also we here have that power to give to you. It has been discovered in the force what is known as America. And the Russians as you know them have such powers.

JE: Thank you.

D: Would you explain what the, what the meaning of the planet Pluto is?

Forces: That planet represents the underworld of thoughts and also that, which is the subconscious. It affects the subconscious mind and it brings forth out of darkness. It is a dead planet, but it represents that which has not yet come to a head. It deals with that of the psychic world.

D: How is it, how is it affecting mankind right now?

Forces: It is not as much as the planet of Uranus is effecting. It is effecting to degrees, but the planet of Uranus is effecting more than Pluto.

D: Thank you.

Forces: It is affecting the people in the ideas of togetherness, of gathering a new force of unity of looking within themselves in the field of meditation. The psychic arts are being developed now through the aspects of these planets.

G: Is Kirilian photography the right way to, the right direction in going about photo, that… going about photographing the aura?

Forces: It would be good in degrees. But one must understand what photography is. It could be photographed when the person is standing in a background that is lighter than him with candle lights shining at the right angles to the physical body. It could also be captured just before the sunrise.

G: Would that be the whole aura or just certain aspects of it?

Forces: You, in order to see the whole aura will have to be developed to comprehend it. Therefore, you will not receive it until you have comprehend something greater within you.

G: Thank you.

R: Were we going to see one of your ships in the Poconos when we went there?

Forces: Repeat thyself.

R: When we went to the Poconos, were we supposed to see one of your ships?

Forces: It seems that you were poking around. No and yes. In that area that the cloud evolved you, that was our screen that covered us. We have been settling closer and closer to prepare for that moment. But do not worry for there will not come that meeting with us until every one desires it, for we do not want to be a big bully. The traveling through that area is when we were with you and guiding you to that area in return for many things it has effected on a subconscious level.

R: Thank you.

RU: The things which were spoken to me by the entity T this morning, when I related that to the last reading that I was given in the cards by Isis, was that the correct understanding, or partially correct understanding of what was being said?

Forces: It would be said as such. But what we have given you here this evening is the major problem.

RU: Is there a way that I can be dealing with that that I haven’t turned onto yet?

Forces: We have also gave you that answer in which to take it completely out of your personal hands and give it entirely to God.

RU: You said in the beginning, placing a sign over our door, is that a physical sign that we would be given?

Forces: This is correct. It deals with the seal that is given to you.

RU: Is that the seal that was prepared in the van when we were in Williamsburg?

Forces: It was not prepared in the van in Williamsburg.

RU: That we saw at that time?

Forces: I doubt if you saw it, for if you did, you would have been receptive to its power.

RU: So would it be given out at a later time?

Forces: You have already received the seal. We have been speaking to you.

RU: Thank you.

L: Is there any reason why I’m having so much trouble adjusting to my job since they moved our department up to another floor?

Forces: The vibrations of such areas will have to be started all over again for your sake. For as you move, your thoughtforms must be conquered.

L: Are there any things that I can do that will help it become better?

Forces: Find a place for you to meditate.

L: Thank you.

I: Should we have the symbol or… of our seal in the van and also the curtains?

Forces: We, at this time, say that the appropriate place is correct in the van through a protection and strength of a higher force that things might be worked through it. Also, as far as these curtains are concerned, that will be up to you, not us.

I: Also on the trip that we took, all through this, have we accomplished what we were supposed to accomplish?

Forces: To degrees you have succeeded.

I: To degrees, oh. Will Gladys Davis read the manuscript?

Forces: There will be much to do about that. For much excitement will come from it,

I: In a good way?

Forces: Positive.

I: Will hear from her?

Forces: You will here soon from her.

I: Also the, the reading, the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and, and the readings and the people, their Search For God Group Number One, how many of them are left? Have they developed the way they should have developed that Search For God Group? Can you tell us anything about… ?

Forces: We would say they have developed in many fields. At this moment, it is stagnated. There is, or seems to be close to the number of seven that is left, or close to that which is five. For that is in a terminology that we use. It will be explained to you later.

I: Are they psychic in any way? Have they developed that much or… ?

Forces: That is not much, but their development is slight, but is good, still.

I: Also, the son of Edgar Cayce, Hugh Lynn Cayce, he doesn’t have any real under, as far as I, as far as I can see, he doesn’t have any understanding whatsoever. Are not these people from that Search For God Group Number One aware of what’s happening?

Forces: There is an awareness but it will work itself out in a plan that must be accomplished through them.

I: Will Virgin… Virginia Beach stand up to the destructions of the earth?

Forces: It will be here.

I: Thank you.

J: Am I, in terms of my job, am I proceeding properly?

Forces: We would advise you to slow down, and have patience.

J: Thank you.

N: Is the entity SM ready in this lifetime to work with this group?

Forces: We do not need her to work with me, or us. If she was ready, that would be something. No, not at this moment.

N: Is the loneliness that I felt especially today, is that like from the beginning, from like starting to let go of the conscious material thing and yet not having developed much in the way of faith and, and giving of myself? And being between?

Forces: It is a decision that must be made. After this decision is made, this feeling of loneliness will not be.

N: You mean once I’m really committed?

Forces: Correct.

N: Thank you.

JE: The picture of Jesus that we got, is that what Jesus really looked like?

Forces: Closer to the proximity of it here.

JE: Thank you.

G: The antigravity…

Forces: The one who is named L…

LY: Yes.

Forces: You could leave and remove the heavy burden that is lying under thy sons and, you should return.

LY: I should return?

Forces: It would be good.

LY: Thank you.

G: Is electromagnetism the force that was used to lift rocks in the building of the pyramids?

Forces: It would be close to that as said. But it would be more as the anti-electron or electron in which that is which becomes positive becomes negative. That which is negative is positive. And at the moment of changing, there is a suspension in which a void happens and no weight exists at all.

P: Why do I fall apart so easily?

Forces: Is this supposed to be semantics? To fall apart is your own fear. Fear of preservation of your cells. Fear that has driven you to things that lead you to other paths.

R: Could you give me the reasons why I can’t stand my job any more?

Forces: That is because maybe it’s time to move.

R: Thank you. Any suggestions?

Forces: Yes. It would be good if you would be involved in a store that sold more like a boutique of things also of nick-knacks of antiques. Or that of clothes.

R: So when I have time, like maybe a little before work I should look around in that area?

Forces: I would say.

R: Thank you.

RU: Earlier today when T brought down the reading, the Cayce reading about things that close to Jesus, did the sister of Jesus, Ruth, have anything… was… am I associated with that in any way?

Forces: We would say that are you able to understand what and who you are? If we give you things are you deservant of these things? Your actions have spoke for you louder than your words. This moment we cannot give you this for there are many things that you should learn to do for yourself.

RU: Thank you. In the session before last we were given that we should have one week in which we meditated together as a group at six-fifteen. Should we start that in this week, tomorrow?

Forces: Was a date given to you?

RU: No.

Forces: You say no.

RU: No.

Forces: Therefore, we said the reason why we have come is to warn you of a crucial moments. If it is a crucial moment, then it would be of your discretion to do something about it.

RU: Thank you.

L: Can you tell us if the bread we’re baking has anything or will play any part in the depression that’s coming?

Forces: It would be a force that will unify another force. It does have a tremendous amount of energy in back of it.

L: Thank you.

I: Are we correct in not charging more than…

Forces: The price of this should be One-two-five.

I: Thank you. Is my understanding correct about certain… in certain Tarot card readings that I gave-I don’t know whether I understood or misunderstood about a certain thing?

Forces: It was correct.

I: Oh. It’s no longer?

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you. Is there anything that I can help my mother with?

Forces: Communication is the best thing for her. Talk to her once a day and she will be happy.

I: The sewing of garments that we undertook, is there… is it something specific that we are working towards with it, or… ?

Forces: Each garment represents a vibration of the physical aura of each person.

I: You mean the colors in their… ?

Forces: Excellent.

I: Thank you.

J: Should I think in terms… ?

Forces: I don’t see why not.

J: Thank you.

DA: In the storing of the foods in the basement… ?

Forces: And who received the basement? Ah, the three little bears in your story. Or would you like to tell me another one? I think your stories are cute. Boring, but cute. Don’t worry, I am not the wolf.

DA: Would there be other things that you would have us to store in the basement? Or things that we should get right away?

Forces: Other than flour, it would be good to find that which is… we would advise you to purchase of wax for the candles. A bunch of quality, for the wax will be hard to find as time progresses.

DA: Also I’ve been thinking about, for a pretty good while, about changing jobs. Could I go ahead and start looking for… another position?

Forces: We’ll give you three months, and then you can in computers.

DA: In computers?

Forces: Correct.

DA: Thank you.

Forces: You will pay your fee when you leave.

N: My parents have spoken to me… ?

Forces: That is nice.

N: About the nervousness of my younger… the nervousness and uneasiness of my younger brother RO. Can you tell me what’s causing this?

Forces: Your parents.

N: Is there anything that I can do to help? 0r just stay away from it?

Forces: Tell them not to demand certain things that they want from him on the material level. But do it nicely, or else they might demand something from you.

N: Would my writing to my brother Rob help him at all? I mean just to write and just…

Forces: It would be good.

N: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell us what happened to us exactly in Williamsburg that made us feel the way we did?

Forces: It is that which is the opposition the majority of you received in that lifetime to get certain things accomplished. Also the heaviness of dishonesty.

JE: Thank you.

D: Could you help me, could you help me understand the feeling I had toward Thomas in the meditation room later on? Was this remembering or…

Forces: We would like you to speak louder.

D: Could you help me understand the feeling I had toward Thomas in the meditation room, and is it, just what is it? I had it later on after meditation, too.

Forces: It is an energy force that is present at all times. When one enters in meditation with the entity, their physical vibration rise forward and speed up higher.

D: The feeling of being, the closer feeling than before. What is that?

Forces: We have just answered it.

D: So this, so this is a remembering?

Forces: Correct.

G: Could you explain the dream that I had in which I went walking through that temple with… this boy TO was there. And I spoke the name. And then later on when I left and the ship that was there with the broken, there was, overturned and broken keelight… ?

Forces: It represents a great change in thoughts and spiritual development through the speaking of your own name that has been given.

G: You mean the name that was spoken in the dream was my name?

Forces: That is not correct. The name that has been given to you is a name that is being used. The name in the dream represents the vibrations of thoughts that must be corrected.

G: Thank you. I don’t think I understand that.

Forces: You will have to work on it,

R: Could you to me what happens in the middle of the night, certain times, I can’t really explain it, it’s what I’m thinking of, that’s happened? It happened about a week or two ago. It’s happened every once in a while in the past year or two. Where I have a loud noise, it seems that I wake up talking to someone talking and… ?

Forces: This here is more like a communication with another sphere that you are talking on.

R: I find myself not knowing what to do because I’m watching myself doing it. It scared me a real lot in the beginning. And every once in a while when it happens, I should just let it happen?

Forces: This would be good…

[End of Side A]

RU: In the booklets that we received about of the canning of fruits and vegetables, we were wondering, would it be a good investment to look into…

Forces: Exactly.

RU: Thank you,

L: There have been a lot of times whenever any of us are drained of energy or tired that the entity T can hold us or hug us and all of a sudden we have energy or when he gives us energy. Is there a way for us to give energy to him when he’s tired?

Forces: The energy comes when there is that same quality of understanding and cooperation. For you give the entity energy when you follow the will of God. When you are in opposition, there is a tremendous drain of energy.

L: Thank you.

I: The dreams lately that I have, uneasy dreams… ?

Forces: These represent the qualities of changing of the foundations not of you, but those that should be located near and around you. This is a changing of their structure and their foundation that they are so secure on.

I: Thank you. Also, should I… am I doing all the things that I’m supposed to or should I get involved in something else, too?

Forces: If you get involved in another thing, we would have to tie you up at this moment.

I: Thank you.

N: Would it be best for me to not play music right now in private as well as in public?

Forces: All depends on your attitude. Public, negative. Private, the bathroom is a good place.

N: Thank you.

R: Could you explain to me more of the feelings I have about Charles Thomas Cayce? I didn’t see him when we went there, and if there’s a reason for that? And why I like him so…

Forces: It is sincerity, for you tune in very fast to those who are sincere. The reason why, you were on a perfect mission that must not be disdained or detained, for that which has to be done was done. But you have the knack of pointing to the problem without any difficulty, and yet it looks so simple for you to do it. And you seem not to be in your conscious mind while you are doing it.

R: Thank you.

RU: That dishonesty that we experienced that was talked about in reference to Williamsburg, is that… did I understand correctly when we were talking about that of… of our coming in, certain of us were being dishonest to the mission that we came at that time to accomplish?

Forces: Some of you were dishonest to it. Others were not dishonest. For others were being what would be said cheated against.

RU: When the entity Isis said that then we were on different sides, was that that we were…

Forces: This would be near to accurate.

RU: Would that be different sides within the wanting to stay or wanting to go with the crown? Or did some of actually leave and return to the British Isles?

Forces: It is regardless of that factor. It is what we said earlier, that stands.

RU: Thank you.

L: Will the entity Charlie Davis be coming to our house next week?

Forces: Just as the rain is falling.

L: And is there any information or anything that should be withheld from him, or will he be open to everything

Forces: We would say, reveal very little until a period of three weeks.

L: Thank you.

I: Why have I… I know… why have I forgotten again the book and I was so sure I put it in? As a matter of fact I… I still am sure I put it into the bag.

Forces: There are things that must be done here this evening. We will have another session for you on Thursday for your own private use.

I: Thank you.

Forces: You are welcome.

DA: The entity Charlie Davis will be needing a job, would there be any suggestions on areas of employment that he should find?

Forces: We would say the airport would be good. Also, maybe that which is Wall Street will be excellent.

LY: Lately I’ve been very critical of the way others in the house are not or are keeping the house; and I thought within myself as to whether it’s best to keep my mouth shut or to say things about it. And when I say things about it, it doesn’t come off right, so how should I be when I see the disorder?

Forces: When there is disorder in the house, we will give you direct permission to bring it to the attention of the group. For there should not be disorder in the house. It represents disorder in the mind. If they do not pay mind or attention or develop in it, then we personally will intervene.

LY: How do I know that point that is the proper balance of cleanliness and fanaticism with cleanliness… ?

Forces: When you can walk through a room and leave at least one footprint behind.

LY: Thank you.

I: You said… ?

Forces: As they say, do not go hog wild.

LY: Right. Also the people in the park that I meet… do I speak… ?

Forces: They are cute.

LY: I like them.

Forces: Do you feed them?

LY: Bread.

Forces: They are fat.

LY: I know. Do I talk too much to them?

Forces: Maybe you should.

LY: Should talk too much?

Forces: As your tongue moves, speak.

LY: Thank you. I will.

Forces: I know.

I: You said there is going to be a session… a private session on Thursday… on Thursday, but then there is the group in Queens.

Forces: That will not be meeting.

I: Is there anything about… about that group that we should… ?

Forces: We would tell them directly of where they are standing. If they are sincere, or is that just a place to relax? The following Thursday is when the group will meet. And I personally will speak to them and tell them exactly what I feel. In short that’s neither here nor there. For we do infiltrate anyhow into that group. And we tell them anyhow how we feel. Therefore, they can scratch their nose.

I: So this Thursday they shall be notified that there is no meeting?

Forces: Notified and punched.

I: Thank you.

Forces: There will be complete relaxations for you and your entity that we speak through. We don’t call him a husband, we just know him as an entity.

I: Thank you.

Forces: We keep it on, what would be said, impersonal.

D: Could you help understand the dream I had the other night where…

Forces: How fast can you talk?

D: Pretty fast.

Forces: How well we know.

D: Could you help me understand the dream I had the other night with T and DA were in a…

Forces: It represents the power in which will be coming over you to plant new ideas of coating, that of forces of growth. It represents the power of speech and the power of relaxation. Also the power of patience. For patience is golden.

D: How about the part just before that?

Forces: It represents a turning over and listening to an enlightenment of silence.

D: Does it mean literally what it… does he mean literally what he said?

Forces: Exactly what I said.

D: What he said in the dream, is that…

Forces: Exactly what I said.

D: Thank you.

Forces: Sometimes you ask me a question and you already have the answer that you want in your head. And I give you the answer, you refuse to hear it. This is not right.

D: Is the answer I had in my head correct?

Forces: I am not addressing this to your directly.

I: Is it to me?

Forces: I am directing it to the group as a whole for their development. Not to anyone personally. But remember, as the bird flies, it hits the tree.

LY: The session on Saturday night that last all night long through Sunday morning, that usually center around on the activity that (I), (I) begins, is there… like is that a special class or something? You know, certain things happening by you?

Forces: It is excellent as what you said. Perfect.

LY: Can you tell me more about it?

Forces: Ah. I am not in such a position to tell you all about it for I do not have a problem.

LY: Is it like healing? Like a cleansing for those that do stay up?

Forces: It is good that you pump me. What would be said, those who stay and work, earn their bread and brings a lot of earning. That is plenty.

LY: Thank you.

RU: Is there any further information or advice you could give us in regard to the planting in the backyard, as to when we should begin to…

Forces: We would advise you to get out there right now… and start digging a hole and plant your left foot.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: Then, let someone else dig a hole and stick the right foot in. Then we would advise someone to take a stick and you know the rest.

RU: How distasteful.

Forces: As the entity would say, “Stop that.” We did not tell you what to do with the stick. That is not our business.

RU: Thank you.

R: Is there anything we can do to the basement… ?

Forces: I have an answer.

R: Yeah?

Forces: Close it off… from the vibrations that cause negativity. Also maybe you should plant yourself a vineyard of grapes down there. It seems like you have an energetic force of vegetation I am surprised there is no monkeys hanging from a vine. It will turn into a jungle if you do not watch it. Do not think that these plants are growing by accident, for we have put in that area certain vibrations, that if we put Solomon, as you know him, there, he would grow up to be twenty-three.

R: Also I have a question about the job I was… that came into my mind that last time I went really late for the job and I went through a lot of that hassle. This time… do I understand it correctly how I first thought of it? In other words I still have the other job, so I would look for, right?

Forces: You are saying security.

R: S… S… that’s what I thought you meant.

Forces: You can say it. It begins with an “s”.

R: Oh.

Forces: Safety. Security. Exactly as you have said. But do not worry, for you can do it this way. We allow you.

R: Thank you.

G: Can you give me any advice concerning my job? Am I handling the people there rightly? Especially, the woman Lil?

Forces: We would say to you, handle them okay. But remember, you must find a place to meditate also.

G: Will I also be changing from this to the Post Office thing soon?

Forces: We have said, not that. But we would say in less than a month’s time you should prepare for it.

G: Thank you.

I: Now, there are many times I say something, to the group or to people, and as it happened tonight, there were certain little things, little or big, you know, that I was not correct about. Now I don’t… I’m not upset that I was wrong, but how do I do it better so I wouldn’t mislead anybody?

Forces: In what desire or point of reference were you wrong?

I: The curtains to the van.

Forces: We said, you all must decide that. Opposition is at hand. We will not have part in opposition, we have a plan. It is our plan. When you refuse to listen, it remains our plan.

I: I see. Thank you. And the card readings that I gave to the ones I have in mind, I wasn’t wrong at that time, the way I said it?

Forces: We see no reason why you feel that you give the card readings.

I: Oh, thank you.

Forces: We again ask you to review the sessions of the past and make them an understanding value of the mythology of words used. There are many things that are to come. We advise you to watch the fourteenth day plus the twenty-third day of this month. Prepare yourselves for many things will happen and new souls will come. But stick together closely, for you will be needing one another more that ever. I will speak to you again as a group on what would be known as the sixth day of this month. You will change it for the service. But it will be there according to that time. We ask you all to remember you cannot do anything by yourselves. Greetings.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens…