Session 36-3/29/73

Greetings to all here now. We have been sailing along with you this evening. There is so much to be accomplished. When we speak through this entity, you find the obligation strong at times and difficult to put into what you all know as real. The reason why we have chosen this particular place to give a special name for each is that this particular place will be what would be known as a remembrance from nothing to everything. That is, this here is sort of like the Arabs taking over that which is the Holy Land. Until the land is rightfully given back to the ones that it belongs to. We here are preparing that of giving back certain things and rights to us. In a sense, what goes on here is no longer an open thing, for we once had this open and giving it freely to these people. As you see, they have progressed, but now they are retrogressing in their own selfishness and attitudes to correct. Therefore, we would say greater harm was done to them when they have found out a little information than a lot. There will be many a time when these forces will speak. And there will be many a time when the words will help out your lives. Remember one thing is that everything that happens has been planned. There is no accident and your particular lives are no longer running in an accidental form. In fact, your lives are new and changed. And such power that comes forth from you will be able to send the walls of Jericho down when properly utilized. They are sending many walls down as it is, but on the subconscious level. What is done there shall be done on the physical level soon. For the entity whose name is J, his name shall be J [… ], who God has sent. [… ] For the entity whose name is JI, his name shall be JE. For the entity whose name is D, his name shall remain. For the entity whose name is C, his name shall be G. The entity whose name is I-her name shall be RE. For the entity whose name is B, her name shall be R. For the entity whose name is RO, his name shall be D. The entity whose name is CA-her name shall be N. At this point we ask you to review the names. The one who is named D-do you know your name?

D: D.

Forces: The one who is known as C.

G: G.

Forces: RO, the one who is…

D: D.

Forces: J, the one who is…

R: J.

Forces: Elisabeth, the one who is…

R: Berth.

Eva: R.

Forces: Ingrid, the one who is…


Forces: Linda, the entity, the one who is…

R: Has not been given, yet.

Forces: The entity’s name shall remain and shall be called Lydia. Lydia. The entity whose name is Jim…

JE: Jessia?

Forces: JE.

JE: JE. Thank you.

Forces: The entity whose name is CA…

N: N.

Forces: There is those that I have left out. They seem to be the one who is name Rob. Correct?

D: Correct.

Forces: The one who is named Eva. The one who is named S shall remain that name. One who is name E-her name shall be I. For the entity whose name is P-shall be called P. The entity whose named Rob-shall be called L. These are the names that we have given you this morning, before the rising of the solar. This is the moment and the time when these names were planned for seven and half years to be given to you. A long time in manifestation, but only at this hour of time and day could this be given. It is the first month of the zodiac. It is on this date that this information is allowed. Utilization of these names, each one should be named that from now on as far as speaking and relating to one and another. Each name will bring a different personality and vibration into manifestation. One should relate these names in the group and live by them. Are there any questions?

R: Yes, IS and I heard two different things on the name given for the entity B.

Forces: What is the name?

R: I heard Berth and she heard R.

Forces: That what she heard was correct.

R: I thought so. Thank you.

IS: These names that were given to us here this morning, are they, beside the vibration that they bring in, is there any other meaning of these names?

Forces: Manifestations of other lifetimes.

IS: Is it actually, for instance, RE, is it…

Forces: That is all that we are allowed to give you at this moment. Have fun with it.

IS: Am I also correct that this room was prepared for at least two years now?

Forces: Seven and half years.

IS: I don’t know about seven…

Forces: We do.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Are there any more questions? How to tie your shoe?

IS: What did you mean when you said about the changes that are going to take place here? Is it in regards to A.R.E.?

Forces: It is regards to us. Our power. And our position as a source.

IS: Is it correct that there is an astral city of… of you here in Virginia Beach?

Forces: We have resided here for a long time, before this place ever was named as such. Therefore, it’s only right that we reside here until this is manifested. We reside wherever we communicate through. Our major forces are with you.

IS: So it’s not like you have here a city or a base sort of…

Forces: Our base is with all of you. For the strength that people feel on the earth is our presence and they cannot put their finger on it. But they know that there is emanating from this group an aura of strength. Therefore, they are attracted to it.

IS: Does it mean that you’re going to come back to this place or…

Forces: Periodically as the progression of time.

IS: Will A.R.E. become aware of it?

Forces: That is not our problem. They have left many seeds off the table. They have thrown many crumbs onto the floor. We are here to gather them.

IS: The crumbs?

Forces: From them will become the greatest light.

IS: Well how can in the future be prevented such a thing that… like A.R.E.? It started for the right…

Forces: Man’s free will. Be not foolish. Do not say, ‘how can we prevent?’ It is man’s free will that decides the future. We only implant the seeds. They go off to grandmother’s house.

IS: But can we take any way of… in this group whatever is going to…

Forces: By your own light you shall prevent that which has happened. By your own security within one another and unity can you prevent what has happened.

R: Was there a particular reason why I opened to the reading that I did yesterday in the library regarding Edgar Cayce and his life as Lucious and Thomas?

Forces: If you have the eyes to see it, you will know.

R: Also, Ronnie and I were told last week to return to the A.R.E. That was in New York. Should…

Forces: This is done only to get and to receive those crumbs. Only for a moment.

R: Is there a particular day or time when we should do this?

Forces: When the spirit moves both of you.

R: Thank you. Is there anything that could be given for or to the entity J at this time?

Forces: I would give him snake poison. Or might be a good kick. He should come out of it, for there is much for him to do. We are waiting.

R: Thank you.

RE: Is the understanding that we received in the Edgar Cayce reading about Andrew and Thomas in the desert…

Forces: Correct.

RE: Is that a prophecy of…

Forces: Correct. But remember on what level one works and the other works. They both work together, but on what level?

RE: Is there anything more that can be given about the relationship between Andrew and Thomas?

Forces: There was frictions, but also there was a unity of purpose, so the frictions were done away with. The unity of purpose was to unite and spiritualize. Now it has manifested into a form in which those frictions are more evident or to work with.

D: Are there any readings by Edgar Cayce that tell of the coming of Thomas in this age besides the one which they have not published or not put out?

Forces: There is none as such at this moment for them to give out.

IS: So there are no hidden readings?

Forces: There is none as such for them to give out. There are hidden readings that they have preserved. They have preserved a great deal. And out of this they wait for that one who comes to cause disruption or peace. By their actions they are planning it to be a peaceful one. But they don’t know their actions have been negative. Disruption from disruption. It is now the time for us to end. The sun is about to rise. We are glad that we were allowed to be here. But remember, complete secrecy of this particular group now. For we are not for the masses, this time. We are to show our light to those around. What we have as our nucleus is ours alone. We will speak to you again before this week is out. Greetings and peace to all.

Group: Our Father, who art in heaven…