Session 35-3/21/73

Greetings to all here present. I have been just now reviewing your personal progress. And there will be many changes in structures of personal makeup I have been reviewing what I want done and therefore it will be done. There are many thoughtforms that must be attracted to this group. I have been observing different entities that refuse to cooperate with us. Do not worry we will take care of them in our own time. There are certain colors that must be worn by certain souls in this group. The color which would be close to our pink violet and light blue will be worn only by these colors should this entity wear. The entity whose name you know as I. There are other things that must be done according to the situation in the house. We find many changes that we will give to you in the future. We ask that you set aside time to review your past sessions every week. It as was discussed, be more valuable if it was a relaxed discussion also using of the tape will be helpful. There, as I said earlier, are many things that we will change and give for you all. As I have been speaking, it is my honor to give you your names, personal names that you will be calling one another from now on. These names will be given when you have entered the area of Virginia. At that time in that future we will give you the right names for those. There is also that moment in which coming week what would be said as the week that you find a six-fifteen meditation hour an hour for your purposes. This should be done for a period of a week, I have been listening to your comments on the last session, and hilarious, as they seem. But as the sun does shine, it grows that the plants might bear fruit. I speak to you on many levels for those who hear it. We cannot deal with those who are tired and want to relax and sleep during these sessions, so if here is a practice for you to be awake. At the time in which those who were incarnated into this relation, there are many cellular expeditions in the galaxies that these entities will and are taking during that which is called sleep. These expeditions travel to many constellations and what would be known stellalites or satellites planetarial subjects to the rule in which we have command. There are many forces of what would be called objectnites in which these objects travel into many galaxies producing by the electrical component the history and form of that particular solar system. There are at least fifteen trillion of such that are traveling through certain galaxies numbering of the same. We also have the understanding of the circulation of the blood system or that of the cellular or the structure of the liquid mass that moves through the organs of each center. Each one representing a part of the outer and interior motivation of the soul. There are also many what would be called stemites again would be stenite in which we would consume that which is unconsumable. We have also many forms of law and order that is projected through what would be named as the ombusimpus in which would be the law of many of these stenites and objectites traveling to the speed in which would be fifteen trillion seconds or fifteen trillion galaxies of objects. This has been what would be known as to those who have the ears to hear to decipher what has just been said. It is one of the major keys in which I will be giving to you for the understanding of your own selves and circumstances around. “As the sun does rise and seeds do grow, the fruits of it we do know. But as you can see, there are many weeds that must be rooted up for us to go.” There are many questions inside your heads that is like what would be known as the operation of that other being. So therefore I will not get involved into this humanistic quality of operation that would be complicated to the understanding of the intellect. That is, what would be known as a mouthful. Yet, we would understand that all knowledge comes from the silence that is within you, all questions could be answered if only given time to wait for said answer. We are too busy in this age in your age, moving from one point to another, realizing what one has to accomplish. It is useless. All you must do is do the will of God perfectly in your own surroundings be it so humble. For in this situation you progress and change that which is negative into positive. It only takes one to start the ball to roll. Once one has started it, it will have a chain reaction onto other souls that are around you and near you. This chain reaction will effect the whole entire city as by what was said earlier in many sessions past that will effect the world. It is that I will speak to you all tonight, for the others are involved in other things that deal with this group. So you are stuck with me or vice versa. If those who are sleepy will only find that their bottom is as tired as their top. So the sun will rise on the twenty-fourth of that day in which many unusual circumstances will occur. I would look my eyes to what would be known as that continent where much upheaval will be happening of the Holy Land. Also I would say that there are many ships that do sink at night. Also there are many gases that do explode into forces that will ignite much flame in the air. Of course I say much glacier movements will be moving and also much eruptions that will be started in the force of the oil that will spill into the water. We are now ready for your complicated questions and we hope we can simplify then for your complicated minds. We only ask that you do give yourself time to understand your mission and your progress. On how great things have unfurled before you and in front of you. These sessions that you are encountering with are sacred. Therefore, they should be protected as such. As in the future, this group shall be the government force of all groups to come. It would be likely to say, from this will come the new religion as would be said religion in your terminology. But it is the new form of thought, the new advocate of the spirit of the Piscean age into the Aquarian age of the sectors. But this here is that of the commitment of the whole and the completion of the cycle. But this here is also the Exodus area of infiltration into Numbers. So as would be said, if you keep faithful and. on the spiritual road, for that mind in which you have is that which constructs. If you think constantly of spiritual things, more spiritual development will take over and infiltrate into you. If you think on negative and hostile things, these qualities will take upon you a hostility. But we would advise you speak and think of God daily so that God might say, ‘Here I am living with you.’ That others might see the glorification of God once more stepping on the earth. For he is and will be coming through you in your glory and in your own unity and might, for now God is to come and the world will see his light through this group. Questions for all those who are here, we are ready for.

L: Can you give us an idea or some understanding of how I guess what would be called your electronics work whereby the different articles in the upper room form some kind of combination, which you can work through?

Forces: We use this as a big and forceful condition in which we can generate the forces of electrical components into the biggest and the most unique force of all. This here is the operating energy power of a big electronic or what would be known transmitter sending receiving equipment station. This force here will be the force in which would send, receive, and transmit at the same time all thought and messages that would be needed for the group’s learning. This here is worked through the construction of the wood beams in this area plus that which is the negative and the positive poles meeting within that of the force of the positive shooting like the rod of a piston through the center of the spoke. This here is that energy when you have prepared properly in the meditation area that of understanding and that of receptivity that when this life does come forth, it will influte and also what would be known as infilitate or illumine your own self awareness by this sharp light that does transcend from here to over to that area of this eye and of the area of the face. This here will be that enlightenment stage that will come from those around and within this force or this light is called the pure essence of understanding that would only be touched by those who are ready and receptive enough to open up. This here will only remain as a light passing through as a physical reminder that these qualities are present constantly.

L: And several times I’ve been up in the Meditation Room after cleaning or whatever and all of a sudden I might lay down for a second and it’s sort of like I’ve gone to sleep, but I haven’t really gone to sleep. At that point, is it you that are controlling that?

Forces: We would not pretend to be foolish, nor would we pretend to be stupid. We have control over the whole existence of your lives. All you have to do is make decisions. This here is the biggest problem that we are trying to compute. It is the problem of your free will that is causing more problems for our plans to be fulfilled. But we have patience and we have understanding that your free will, is what has to be done in the undertaking of your plans to manifest here on the earth. Of course it is us who deem it necessary to leave one sleep, to rise one up, to put one upside-down. We have that power to transmit the forces, the qualities that will be manifested for the good and benefit of all those around. Personal sickness and affliction for the physical body is necessary for certain understandings and also what would be called a perfect offering up of sacrifice and also the crucifixion of the physical body.

L: Thank you very much.

J: On the ark that we are to build, will that stand, will it be standing upright, or it will be long, across? In other words it would be four feet high or four feet wide?

Forces: I would say to you that you would read the Chapter Thirty-seven of Exodus. In this first verse, you will find your answer.

J: For, for the entire plan for the ark, should I go by that verse?

Forces: As what has been given to you.

J: And in the last session, you said the thickness would be seven inches for the walls.

Forces: All these forces and numbers that we have given is on a higher level that your conscious minds could not penetrate. Therefore, logically we have given you our numerological number system to create such this as what would be done. As you will see.

JI: In the Cayce readings on Atlantis, he keeps mentioning things or entities that were used as slaves. Could you give me more information about these entities?

Forces: These entities were used as thoughtforms at first. They were created by the spirit or soul essence in which they manufactured or created these forces. When these forces became alive with the will of the soul, the soul made all manifestations and abominations against this thoughtform. Thoughtforms becoming imprisoned into what would be known as their slaves which would later become manifested into the period of the great beast. They were used for much work on the physical and mental level.

JI: So like some of the Atlanteans themselves, they were their thoughtforms that created their own slaves? That manifested physically?

Forces: Correct. That would be found as more accurate in a description of their servants or serve hemates.

JI: Thank you.

RO: Could you explain what in me today was causing all the conflict that I went through?

Forces: Commitment. Also you should know that God does care for you.

RO: Thank you. Is, would there be a particular school or an area in the city that I should investigate?

Forces: The school you are in. The area is where you are sitting on.

RO: Thank you.

R: In the last session I believe we were told to have incense burning in the upper room whenever there was someone in the house. Did I understand that correctly that whenever there’s someone in the house or if someone-whenever there’s someone in the upper room?

Forces: It would be known as that in the house. It would be good to have those elements that stand upright. Those incense that are contained in a long rod-type. These forces at least one at a time would be good. They should last or burn for twenty-seven minutes. Or approximately close to that. In which every few minutes the spirits that are there will not be alone for those who come.

R: Thank you. Also we were told or we were given that the materials, we should take the materials to a hospital. Is that the cloth that we should take to a hospital or a… ?

Forces: We here are speaking on another level. We will not give you the answer to this until the next time.

R: Thank you. Did I have a correct understanding of the Tarot reading that E gave to me a couple weeks ago?

Forces: We would advise you for another one.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Preferably this evening.

R: Should I try and contact the entity DE now that she has left the hospital?

Forces: We would advise you to lay hands off.

R: Thank you.

E: Is there anything we can, I can tell the entity T about?

Forces: Absolutely not. The entity reacts when you ask questions. Instinctively he knows he is forbidden to answer, for he has certain things that he must work out without any help. This here is his particular test, as a test, is higher than yours.

E: Even the question, my second question about it?

Forces: Positively, have no fear, for it is involved in the regeneration of the forces around him.

E: Is there any way I can help out?

Forces: Just to be the way you are.

E: Thank you.

I: Is there a craft or something I could get involved in?

Forces: Witch.

I: I don’t understand.

Forces: For the white forces.

I: Thank you.

Forces: We have given you the answer. We have so many smart people. But when it comes to their own they’re stupid. They perceive answers for others, but for themselves they perceive slowly. If they could only be as accurate with others as they are. They should also be just as accurate with themselves. It would not be explainable at this moment. We give certain things so the entities will work for them. Do not make it so easy for yourselves. For we can make it more complicated if you pretend to be as smart as you are. There is a force that rises underneath that of the energy in which is by ( X, 2, 7, 6, 1, 0 ). By this force you would find the interesting factor in a leiden center that is connected to the pineal center. This center when manifested correctly will you give you the undertaking of your purpose here on the earth. Figure that one. And I give you the name Ishavel as your key.

E: Isabel?

Forces: Is-shavel as your key.

I: Thank you.

Forces: The ship does rise upon the clouds But on the icing of snow does melt the cake. All this has an understanding of the future to the foundation of the stones that are not. Does a mind rind into the grind? Or does the grind rind into the mind? All these are forces that much perplex the human thought as you will see. Sleep you will as I say. Sleep you’ll be for much is. But as the things we say here this eve is the fruits of the plants of your trees. As the tree grows small, it grows big. Too complicated for your little pigs. As the words are sounds of thoughts We use them to underline the great force. Question.

C: Should I, ah, start developing?

Forces: I would say, yes.

C: In which way?

Forces: Push-ups.

C: Excuse me?

Forces: Push-ups. You all will have to work overtime to decipher what has been given you this time. I would say work on this for twenty-four days. Until that time you’ll still be in a daze. Question.

P: Is there something that you could tell me that might help me understand better the position I have?

Forces: Devout. Also what would be known as the eyes cannot see, for the mind is too busy reasoning why. It would be well for you to cut your mind off. And let your eyes turn in within. For what your hear this evening will be that secret that we say turn your eyes within and hear the words that your mind shuts. Also words are words. Do not conquer them, for they come very cheaply and very thin.

P: Thank you.

D: Could you explain what happened to me this week when I felt a, like a release? And this heaviness that I’ve had several weeks before?

Forces: By your patience you have released the power of that which you hung by. And you have moved it up to another center.

LD: How can I come to understand all these things about me?

Forces: All these things are better You are welcome.

L: How can we come to be able to shut our minds off so that all the garbage isn’t going around in our heads?

Forces: By hiring a garbage man… to take out your garbage. And the garbage bag is your prayers and the garbage is your negative thoughts and jealousies.

L: Also is there any significance or anything in the fact that the department that I work in is being moved from the second floor to the fifth floor?

Forces: Very definitely, for it is the will of God that this is done.

L: Thank you.

Forces: [The doorbell rings]… You would ask who it is but do not open.

E: Who is it? [No one answers].

Forces: I would not worry. Question.

J: Is there any advice or guidance you could give me about the changing situation in the office in which I work?

Forces: You have grown to see more problems put around you to tackle.

J: Thank you.

Forces: [The doorbell rings] You will again ask who it is. Do not open the door.

P: Who is it? Who’s there? No, thank you. [Mrs. Robert the neighbor.]

E: Tell her we are right now busy. We can’t open the door.

P: We’re busy at the moment. We can’t open the door.

Forces: Question.

JI: In the Cayce readings given on Atlantis, there’s never any mentions of Mu or Oz. What happened to those continents? Can you explain on that one?

Forces: Mu or Oz, more so Mu is a takeoff from where the Atlanteans came from. It is a migration of these souls that developed. They have been recorded, but they have been misplaced in the history of that time of record.

JI: Well, what happened to them that they migrated to Atlantis?

Forces: Destruction.

JI: Where did they come from before Mu?

Forces: Heaven.

JI: So is Mu the first on the earth plane where man manifested himself physically?

Forces: On a spirit plane.

JI: Thank you.

RO: Would there be anything t hat we could carry to the entity. CA?

Forces: A bucket of water?

RO: Also would there be anything that you could give me on, the entity Tom told me to investigate the medical profession Sunday. Would there be any help that you could give me at all on that?

Forces: Patience and a scalpel.

RO: Thank you.

R: Can you give me any information as to how I can best give to the group on Eightieth Street that meets on Thursday night? Or any information about that group? And understanding of its existence?

Forces: By contributing to what you have learned and experienced. That is the only factor in which you can give to this group. By how it has changed or infected your life.

R: Thank you. Was my talk with CA this afternoon correct? The feelings I expressed?

Forces: Correct.

R: Thank you. How can I overcome my intense insecurity about my physical body, which I tend to run from any time it’s brought up?

Forces: By understanding that the body is the temple of God and that should be loved.

R: Thank you.

E Were we given today the first lesson of the planets?

Forces: First lesson of the souls.

E: Oh. What is the meaning of that enthusiasm of black people towards the Islam? Was I right, correct in my understanding about it?

Forces: Accurate.

E: Well, is it going to succeed?

Forces: Negative.

E: Reverend Ike and his preaching’s, are they any… ?

Forces: Negative powers. Positive, negative.

E: Why was made all the animal sacrifices that the Bible, you know, in Exodus et cetera?

Forces: The awakening of man’s carnal flesh representing the gonads sacrificing the animals. Representing the gonads.

E: Yeah, but still, but still, I mean those animals were actually killed.

Forces: The animalistic tendencies within man must be killed. Also the blood falling upon the arks and corners representing a purification of those forces and vibrations in the community at that moment. It was a development at that age no longer needing that moment or that type of development.

E: I see. The laws in the Bible refer to the adultricisms of women. Why then not the man? And if the woman was found not guilty after accused by her husband, why is the man not being punished?

Forces: Receptivity is the representation here. And it represents the quality of male and female. Male will not be punished. Female is not guilty.

E: So all these laws were made just for the symbology of it?

Forces: And in the symbology of it represents the physical element.

E: But then, if there was no law that the man could get away, away with such.

Forces: The man had to deal with the law of the sphere, or that which is karma directly. The woman is protected from this.

E: She’s protected from karma?

Forces: Certain types of karma that is found in different governments or forces. The male species are not protected from this.

E: So actually the woman commits certain things which are against, which society calls wrong, or even the law, The Ten Commandments said are wrong, she’s not going to get into karmic debt?

Forces: She will be involved in the karmic debts. They will manifest in a different pattern.

E: Oh, they will manifest when she will be a man.

Forces: Perfect understanding manifestation in a different pattern.

E: Thank you. What was the fire not of God that the sons of Aaron put on the tabernacle for which they died?

Forces: This here is a false hopes or the materialism of life.

E: And that fire was there actually such a, was it electricity?

Forces: It was fakery.

E: Why was the flesh of the sacrifice had to be eaten up by the high priests?

Forces: This is the degeneration and the degrading of that which is from God where man has stood so low that he has turned so far from God.

E: That by him eating that flesh, by the high priest eating the flesh what happens?

Forces: Representing the deep, deep set on the earth level. When these qualities are no longer in existence, it means they have evolved.

E: I don’t think I’m understanding the answer.

Forces: As the soul is on a certain level it has to manifest in the earth those qualities that the soul is vibrating around.

E: But what, what’s the, what’s going to happen then by the high priest having to eat all the flesh of the sacrifice?

Forces: He had to eat of his own transgressions.

E: I see. If the children of Israel had the cloud to guide them, why did Moses speak to Bethlem Reuel as if he is their eyes?

Forces: This here is a force of bringing the spirit of God into the third dimension.

E: For Bethlem Reuel or the… ?

Forces: It is only a image. It is not the eyes, but it appears to be the eyes. It was only an image.

E: Oh, Bethlem Reuel was not on the third dimension actually then.

Forces: Accurate.

E: So he was sort of a person from the ships?

Forces: An angel.

E: An angel.

Forces: But what is an angel who comes down and goes up? It is us.

E: How come in the, with the angels, how come they are like a few angels-I don’t know exactly how many, eleven or twelve, that are the major angels? And then… ?

Forces: It is simple. We have different what would be called head bodies, and under the head bodies come the lower ones. Also each angel is represented to a task. In the beginning when the existence did exist, these forces or angels were given a certain task to accomplish. They are called the chief guides.

E: Are the smaller angels actually thought-manifestations of the same arm of that, a particular angel?

Forces: No, negative. It is existence in its own accord.

E: Then how come sometimes, you know, we need like ten thousand angels to protect, you know, one car as we have received?

Forces: Then you have received a major angel to go with you.

E: Ten thousand angels means like a major angel?

Forces: Correct.

E: But each angel from the small ones has enough power, more than a human being?

Forces: Correct, but the opposition is equal to that of what would be meant.

E: The other forces.

Forces: Correct. We always seem to have the cards stacked. We always seem to have more players on the field than the black one. We know the score. In the end we win.

E: Do they know it, too?

Forces: They play. They know.

E: Moses’ first wife was an Indianite woman and then he took also a negro woman. Both seem not of the Israelites. How come?

Forces: This represents the coming out and also the merging of other forces within the body. That even though the chosen or chosen they must merge and become one with others around them.

E: But in the desert the others were not allowed to have foreign women.

Forces: Accurate. This represents that law which is the law of laws. That the conscience must be the guiding of the way also the laws of God must manifest

that those that seem to do wrong are doing right. Those that seem to do right are doing wrong. The entity Moses was a superior being who can and should have manifested the way it had to be. But the old souls that are being guided are young and needed to do and be into this chastisement.

E: I see. The ones that are called the “Jesus Freaks” or any other fanatics, it seems that they are able to perform some healing miracles. And it seems that it works for them.

Forces: This group has only begun in that.

E: Which group? Our group or the one I’m speaking of?

Forces: The one you’re speaking of only have ten per cent and the rest is voice.

E: We have such a big awakening of spiritual…

Forces: It is the time.

E: … forces. But it seems that so many, most of them are, are not in the right.

Forces: This is the pattern. For many are called, but you few are chosen.

E: Thank you very much.

I: Could you give me more understanding on something that’s been bothering me for a long time? I’ve been feeling things, like blocked in expression.

Forces: This here is your image of what you would like to be. This here is your ego that refuses to be you. You have…

[End of Side A]

I:… is there something I can do to correct that? To put up a stronger battle?

Forces: By showing your love without how you look, or what you want. You want much. You want the things that you think will please you. Your image, personality, this is stupid.

C: I’m very confused at this point, but I do want closely what’s in my mind. Could explain whether or not it’s right or wrong?

Forces: Repeat.

E: I’m confused that my understanding about myself about where I’m at and what’s happening. It’s very confused and I really don’t know where I stand.

Forces: You are not alone.

C: Then I am right in what I was thinking?

Forces: Correct.

C: Then I don’t understand.

Forces: You are complicating your own mind. You are right partially to

to what you think, but your own pride and self arrogance prevent you from seeing what has to be done. And pity.

C: So then it’s a change can take place?

Forces: Definitely.

C: Could you give me, well, I had one other question about the, is, is my thought right?

Forces: We would say that you need more prayer and more meditation and to be involved deeply into this. I would say you have nothing better to do than to be involved into these thoughts. Correct? Look to see what you are producing. Are you manifesting anything externally? Are you giving? And if not, why don’t you produce? Your laziness. So you laziness pitches other things that you think you fall into. It is pure laziness.

C: Could you explain one thing about my laziness, why is it that I feel so weighed down?

Forces: Cause you want to he.

C: That’s like an excuse then?

Forces: Accurate.

C: Could you explain the thought to move from?

Forces: To give of yourself in service without asking for anything in return.

C: Thank you very much.

P: I find many times that, that there are thoughts in my head of the past and of people that went before and what I’ve experienced in the past and I think about the future and, and what, and I see what I imagine will come, and sometimes I get very full of despair, selfish, I don’t know what it is. It’s, it, I get sad just thinking about, and, and, and I can’t, I don’t seem to live now, exist now.

Forces: So, what would you like us to do?

P: I’ll try to work it out.

Forces: Service and if you feel this way then you’re not really giving the best you can.

D: Is, is there something else I should be doing besides getting into creativity and after I get into that what should I, along with it what should I do?

Forces: Why not get into it first? Then we’ll tell you what to do next. Do it for God. Do it for his sake. Other things will manifest. Remember, those who rebel against the laws of God rebel against themselves. This rebellion only causes depression and confusion. Those who do the will of God, enjoy and love God and live a full and meaningful life; for God is always with them and there is never any loneliness. Turn away from God and you are lonely.

LD: In what ways can I improve my work that I do during the day in the home to create a better, more harmony?

Forces: We would advise you to start talking to the guiding angel that is with you. And as you scrub the floors, let him know that you’re scrubbing it for his sake and God’s. Let him know that what you are doing is for the higher forces will and for God’s will and or the manifestation of the new form in which God will speak through you. We would advise you to understand that you should have patience with yourself that God might come through you and manifest a new child.

LD: The other day when I fell asleep upstairs and I came down and wrote the letter to my mother, was this letter right? Should I… ?

Forces: It is deemed necessary.

LD: Pardon me?

Forces: It is deemed necessary,

LD And I should go ahead and send it?

Forces: There should be no time wasted. Just remember, a flower does grow when the sun is shining. When the clouds come there are no sun, no flowers.

LD: With Solomon, the things that he’s going through now, the impatience that he has with me, the falling me around when I really have work to be done, even though I give him a lot of attention, how can I work better with him while he’s going through this? Should I just cut out my regular routine for a while and spend the time with him or, I don’t understand.

Forces: We would advise you that there are times that there is to be cut out that routine. It would be at least two or three days a week would be good.

LD: That means I should go like to the park or to the… ?

Forces: We would prefer that more so than other things at the moment.

LD: Okay, thank you.

L: I remember when they talked of Mu they used spiritual existence. Does that mean that there was never a physical continent of civilization of Mu?

Forces: It later near the end became to manifest on the earth.

L: Was that the first physical civilization on the earth?

Forces: Correct.

L: Also, at the time of Atlantis, was Atlantis the only land mass that was populated on the earth? What were some of the other areas?

Forces: The other areas were those around what would be called barbaric natives. Areas of Ifanite, Mezmite, Isnite, Misolpolnite. All these are the nites of Ethanome. Esata min dot valnese. Isita imma con desedeo irmael. Desedo icas sadael. All these are the lands in which resided around the great empire of Atlantean. You asked the question.

L: Do all of those nites, what we know of as scientific evolution of man from the ape or whatever man from the one cell?

Forces: To degrees.

L: So would America in spirit and, would America in spirit and also in a physical land mass, could it be like a reincarnation of Atlantis?

Forces: Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Accurate.

L: And then at this time for the most part is the same thing happening again?

Forces: You have all been given the format and the choice once again. At the time when you all left to the land of Yucatan, Izanite, Pizanite Yucatan, Iza boyiel equanot. Izsquare azqune. By that power in which is you have all left the land of Atlantis traveling through the forces of the eons of time, you have all came to perceive the forces. And then when things get so heavy, things are so heavy that you have left that which is silent and have gone toward… don’t worry. And you broke the barrier of time and space and you are flying in the air, Going far away, heavy, Divine self, we are so heavy… the spirit was free… Spiritual.

E: Can we continue asking questions?

Forces: Everything is silent. The body is so, so heavy. And the spirit is so free, so light, and yet your body is like a stone, a stone, heavy, heavy stone. And the spirit wants to get out of it. Oh, how heavy, how heavy the physical body is. So, there you are. The time in Atlantis you were light, and now you are all so heavy. So heavy. You have chosen a good path to make your body light. Stick with it so that you might rise above it and become light and back to your true spirit form. Right now your body is so heavy. Question.

J: At an earlier session I asked a question about three friends I was to have dinner with and was told that one of them could be saved. Would that be the entity called AB?

Forces: There are degrees to correctness. As we would say, I would say, Martin, listen to yourself. Save self first and then go into being on your brother’s eye. Ie son dia. Az itmiun is sonya. Dulcemio spikas in figurum in segurum ya. I see the I [inaudible] I see… [inaudible]. Question.

JI: Does earth exist say like, not like a negative earth, or a positive earth, but does it exist like the same somewhere else in another part of the universe? Where there are, there are men like we are, like in evolution Is this repeated somewhere else?

Forces: Earth exists. Question.

R: Is there guidance that I might receive as to the morning meditations?

Forces: Stick with it.

R: Is my procedure to light the candle inside the Holy of Holies correct?

Forces: Correct.

R: Thank you.

E: Am I correct what I’m thinking about this session?

Forces: Correct. Question.

E: What are the new laws that you speak about? You spoke about new laws in another session.

Forces: That will be coming in another session. We have given you the foundation of it here.

E Are the people of your dimension the inventors of your technology like the spaceships? Are you still inventing more things? Are you doing it by projecting?

Forces: We need not to invent, for we have everything from the cosmos. We are finished here this evening. There will be many more sessions to come. The next one will be held in Virginia where certain names will be given to you all. Keep your eyes open for you never will know when there is to see. Have the faith and the patience to preserve what you have here and keep it sacred. Greetings to all those who hear.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens…