Session 34-3/17/73

Greetings to all here present now. We have come tonight to talk to you. It is an interesting evening I must say. It is a new cycle in which we are now producing different vibrations to your physical beings. I have been noticing the progress of this particular group and find it very interesting. Therefore, I decided to come and see what they have been speaking about. In short, of what we are saying, that I will speak to you on the levels that are speaking. Some of you are dragging your feet. Therefore, again in the twilight of this evening we will come and show you many things that will deal with the item of chastisement to be corrected by you. So, as it is said, let your conscience be your guide. We are doing that for you all. Of course in a speeded up movement. For the evening of tonight is a special one for us, for we have come here with many ships to witness this group. For it is advancing nicely. And we have heard much about you. So, here we are, watching and speaking to you. The weather that you see has been caused by us moving in at least fifty ship in one area. We have at least one hundred fleets in this particular area on this day. We have been moving in for two days now, and if you look in the skies you will be able to see crystal clearness of us. We dart and hide between what appears to be cloud, formations. But everyone tonight is a ship. Small in size, but there they are watching and understanding about this group. So, your special celebration is called acceptable this weekend, for we too are celebrating with you. It is a very special night and we would like to congratulate you on your perseverance and conviction. Many will come before you for much information. I seem to be that one that speaks, and not to get upset with much, for that is my nobility and the character that if you deal with many ships as I have dealt with for so many centuries, you too would become oblivious to upsettment. It is well that I spoke with you tonight.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching your progress and we find it in order. But nonetheless there are many things that must be done. As others might see, you, we speak highly of you. But we know what you are all are worth. Therefore, we cannot fool one another, for we are not greater than that comes from the end of a dog. There are many things that must be discussed. Of all of them is the weather and the perplexities that will be happening. There will be the floods of the lands once more in the areas that we have caused to prepare those people for the changing of the atmosphere and land. There will be many explosions as far as a civil courts, that is, as far as your courts are concerned, in prisons and the like. These things will have to come to pass and are one of the signs to be watchful for. We are pleased with this curtain that you have erected. The purpose of it is that all those who sit behind it, that is facing the Holy of Holies, will receive much information directly from us. Indiscriminately, many will receive intuitive, psychic information that we now are capable of transmitting for, for the use of these curtains. The question was used as why one and the other is used. That is as what was given, so it would be the balance for the electrical components to come through evenly to those who sit when this curtain is drawn. We here will be watching the feast of celebrations tomorrow But during the mid of the week will be or might be another session. At this time we will take note of the things that need to be looked into. That of, as you will all know, the electrical components of this house are in the fritz. And it, should be looked after that certain wires are not connecting. Also, we would ask now that you will now instruct in your force and hour of prayer to be gotten together to pray. Not an hour of meditation, an hour of prayer alone, entering not into meditation. But at least that hour of prayer for the group or for a purpose. This should be done at least twice a week and to gradually build up that that moment and time is decided that you will have that prayer constantly. Incense at this moment is to be lit while anyone is in the house in front of the altar. Also the construction of the ark is to be started next week for the purchasing of the Torah, the fund for your money, that is, is to be started for the collection that is to acquire the Torah. This moment when this Torah, for everything now is properly prepared for the receiving of it. When this Torah is received, there shall be Friday services here exactly eight- thirty agreed. And there shall be what is known as a Saturday morning service that will be acquired by you again that has been laid off for a while. This is to be started when the Torah is completed. We here have been watching again the progress of your doubts and find it stupid. We are not here to throw you to the lions. I would say the lions would run away from this group. We also from this moment will say that the window that you have is to be painted yellow or to the color of white on both sides. This is so we can appear with our funny faces as is needed. There are many things we have to do and still must be done before other things can manifest. The entities that is named C and P should prepare for a trip by themselves as was given that weekend that should and will be coming up near the beginning or what would be said near the end of April. We will give you more details on this in another meeting. As far as your records are concerned this is part of that thirty-fourth session, but to us it is no number. We also would advise you after the celebration tomorrow, that the diet that you are on will include now nuts, for that is what we think of you. We would allow meat in soups if you have it this way, but only a little bit, as would be known of that. That is only the moment in which you will be allowed to have it. This evening we noted you having it, for that is because you are on the celebration of the feast. Therefore, the entity that we work through was directed and guided, and it was allowed. Otherwise, he would be standing on his head-or you would be. We are now preparing for the feast of feasts, which will be in Easter. This would be that Passover, the dates will be given to you, on the nineteenth of April. You will prepare what would be as two services. One that is followed by that of service so you will see in the church, that is, the organized church. Afterwards a service up here of what would be the Passover. That is the feast of Passover will be celebrated on that day in this room. Then that will be the evening. There will be absolutely no food, or drink of tea, or any substance except water taken on that day after the Passover, for then there will be the day of mourning symbolically to yourselves. At that time you will explain nothing and also would be silent for the period as would be followed that is co memorable to the hour of the spirit of our person, the Christ that we known as you know from the hour of twelve as officially used, to the hour of three, of silence, of prayer in the upper room. Then after that you are allowed to take in only a soup, and if you make, create your bread. Then will be the Saturday, which would be a very somber day of visiting the emptiness of your hearts. Then on the eve of that night at exactly five, more so four-thirty in the morning is the time in which the spirit rose from the grave. At that time you will wander into the area near the park. At exactly five o’clock you will have in the park, looking to the east, that moment of prayer and meditation. You will also carry with you the candles to be lit during this meditation. This is the plan we have for you. At this time, that Sunday of Easter you shall return home in a glorious mood for the feast, once more, of feasts, in your own accords, whatever you desire. We also have advised that this is tentative. There are things that would be changed, but according to your growth and our pattern, it is ridiculous. Our pattern is one thing. Your growth is another. We would advise a certain materials to be given to the hospitals or recreations for those who are in there during this time also. That would be what would be, what should be for that moment. More on that in the future sessions. We have been watching and we have learned that these trips are coming up. Therefore, the entity that we speak through and his wife will be going to Colorado to spend and to see what would be interesting to them, and we will send along with them many ships, many things will be shown to them. Many things at that moment can manifest in the desolation and the loneliness of that area. We could have complete freedom to move up and down. Here, we would fall on the Empire State Building. More on that when it happens. Then the returning and the going down to what is the areas in which you were all existing from. These are the areas we have given you in the past session. These are the places that you have existed in the other lifetimes past during the American Revolution and the beginning of your country. Everyone here had a hand to do part or parcel with that of the Constitution. Now we will speak on this trip. Go in the best of spirits. And remember you are going to review part of your past. Also going to understand more, that is to be understood. There will be many people you will meet, and bring much light to their lives. Be not afraid to speak what you have learned and to share your joys with them. This moment we have been watching the plants and find them interesting. Soon we would advise you, soon, when to plant others. Soon it would be wise to bring the dirt in the basement and have a garden in the basement. That would be interesting, I think. We are now ready for your questions.

J: The painting that the entity Tom did last night, can you say anything about it, what it is?

Forces: It is nice. It is what you have heard tonight, we’ve spoke to you.

J: Thank you. For the building of the Ark, could it be solid oak with a mahogany, what’s called a mahogany veneer on the outside? Or should it be solid oak and solid mahogany planks?

Forces: As we have given you should and will be solid of both elements.

J: And the thickness that the walls of the Ark might have?

Forces: No more than seven inches.

J: Thank you.

E: Are we going to Colorado or…

Forces: It would be seven inches, close to a foot, and seven inches. This will be up to you and your arm.

J: Thank you.

E: Are we going to Colorado or to Wyoming?

Forces: You will be going everywhere. You will going to what would be Colorado, also Wyoming.

E: For the entities EV and S, is there any information I can give them?

Forces: That there will be a change in their lives and structure coming soon during the summer, basically in thought forms will be interesting. We also will be visiting them. But there is much for their own growth that through their own skepticisms they have brought upon themselves what is needed.

E: My sister, can I help her with it? Can I say anything to her?

Forces: As we said, pray for her.

E: In the old, going back now to the, Old Egypt, Atlantis, in B’s case the change of name L meant the indication of the change of vibration. Is that correct?

Forces: Accurate.

E: Then does it mean that we have to change our name when we reach a certain level?

Forces: Accurate to degrees. We will give you the names that you need. Stupid, Smart, Nuts.

E: Was, do you have to be a Christ before you can reach the seventh dimension in, the way to read the Akashic Records?

Forces: You will have to be developing towards that point to do this.

E: Edgar Cayce, he wasn’t a complete Christ was he?

Forces: Accurate.

E: Have I ever been one of your ships from the time of my beginning till now? Have ever?

Forces: My first words is, I hope not. My second words, is I cannot give you that information at this moment. My third word is, maybe.

E: When the Resurrection took place, did actually the soul that was Jesus take all the, at one…

Forces: Accurate.

E: You said twenty-four chakras as the twenty-four rays of light that come into our body when we depart. Do you mean that on another level we have twenty-four spiritual centers instead of seven?

Forces: Ten.

E: So what are the twenty-four chakras?

Forces: Twenty-four is on a different vibration and also on the spirit level.

E: So when we evolve to that vibration then we do receive twenty-four spiritual centers?

Forces: Accurate.

E: So that’s the rays of light, right?

Forces: Call it whatever.

E: Thank you.

RO: In the Rampa books there was a point when he said that people should pray to their over selves. What does that mean?

Forces: That is exactly what it says. The over self is your Higher Self that knows your plans that must be done here on the earth. The higher God or the deity is busy as you might say keeping the over selves together with the lower selves. The lower selves are busy running away from the over selves. Every self is running away from other selves. There are so many selves that I don’t know what is going to happen with the over selves. All it means is that the lower selves can and should communicate to their higher selves. So your higher selves can say to the deity that we are in control.

RO: Well, how do you pray so that the lower self can communicate to the Higher Self?

Forces: You, do not say “Higher Self, Higher Self, here I say, Higher Self.” Do not have this concept in your mind. Just project to your Higher Self and know that it is within your reach. Do not project and say, “Where is my Higher Self? Where is my overself? Over self, over self, I am talking to you. Hi.” Have no concept of who you are talking to, but you are talking to God.

RO: In one of the past sessions, there was a reference made to artifacts under the mountains in Wyoming from Atlantis, could you give anymore information on what is there?

Forces: There are many areas that these artifacts, as you call them, barbaric name, lies. At this moment we are not giving you that particular information, for you would all go running with a shovel to dig them up.

RO: Would it be, well, thank you.

B: In an earlier session, one of you who had never spoken before was describing what would happen if man didn’t listen to the Prince of Hope. And he said, “And a great beam of energy shall be discovered.” Can you explain that any further and how does that relate to the whole fuel shortage crisis that… or how does that…

Forces: The beam of energy is what is known as the crystal from the solar energy and that has been, that is, it has been discovered, but improperly used and abused. There is a man in Germany that is working on the principle of converting and multiplying this energy by stalictic energicinal or what would be known as a complicated word substance or force of energy. That is, migrating every part and particle of light that is reflected from the source and the source generating the city. It is fairly simple, for you have the principle in the prism. And the prism burns the flag or the cloth or whatever it is landing on. All you have to do is make a prism large enough and you can burn the city. Take the energy and conduct it for positive use.

B: What will be the, will that North Central Power Project that’s supposed to happen in Gillette, Wyoming, happen?

Forces: There will be many complications, in the future, there are many lines to it saying that it will manifest in many forms.

B: Thank you. Will we have anything to do with, will we be there before that happens?

Forces: We will be telling you what you have to do. You have already been given signs that will tell you where you going, when you go. That do not make a sign for you.

B: Thank you. Is there any thing or any way that we might help or that can be done for the entity DE?

Forces: Prayer again during your special moments that we have given you earlier.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Also the group will be developing in a healing.

B: You mean in…

Forces: Correct.

B: Thank you.

I: At work are my relationships and my actions, discussions with people I work with correct in a way?

Forces: They are correct as long as you don’t get involved with that ego of yours.

I: Earlier I had a Tarot reading and it said… part of the information was not to get hung up into my fantasies and to keep moving. Did I understand that correctly?

Forces: To degrees, but remember, your fantasies also involve how you look.

I: The part about keep… to keep moving, did I understand that?

Forces: If you had understood what have just said, you would understand what you are asking.

I: I’m not sure if I do right now.

Forces: Review it with the group.

I: Okay, thank you.

C: Would it be well for us to start stocking stools… uh, tools?

Forces: If you start stocking your stools, you will be the fertilizer of the block, not to mention, you will be sleeping outside. Yes, you can start stocking your tools.

C: Thank you.

Forces: Stools!

C: Also would it be well for me to start looking into the area of woodcarving?

Forces: Accurate, but remember, photographs are to be developed within you. Woodcarving would be good. Also meditation.

C: Thank you.

P: I’d like to know if I would be allowed to go and see my brother graduate in May?

Forces: We are not stopping you. You also could hang upside down on a tree if you want.

JI: I was told in a reading that I was given last weekend that I would, I was a stasher.

Forces: You are a stasher.

JI: How can I…

Forces: If you were on our flights, you might stash a couple of ships away. And that is ridiculous.

JI: How can I develop out of this?

Forces: I would say to plug up your stashing areas. To cover them up wherever you usually stash your stash. And get rid of the stasher, or get rid of the area that you stash your stash. Simple. That is, throw everything out the window. How to stop it? By communicating with people and developing interests that other people might be happy from it instead of being self-centered.

JI: Thank you.

Forces: The problem with you and the problem with the majority of the people like you, is they have love. And only want love to be shown by their own selfish ways. They cannot give love because they want only to receive love. Love is sacrifice and giving. Start giving and your stashing habits will be over.

JI: Thank you.

L: Could you tell me how I should deal with the relationship between me and my mother? Whether I should sever the whole thing completely, or whether or not I should try and improve it.

Forces: It would be wise to prune it. To cut it down into shape and allow other things to grow from it. But remember, her case can leave a scar on you as it has in the past. It would be wise to give her that you are happy and contented and would remain that way if left alone.

L: Thank you.

CA: Was the apartment that I recently left possessed?

Forces: Possessed by your own negativity.

CA: Is that why I’m having such a hard time letting go of it?

Forces: Your negativity is trying to find you again.

CA: Is the reason that I’m afraid of having children in this life, does it have anything to do with anything in a past life? Or is it again just my negativity and selfishness?

Forces: It does degree. That is, when you were an Indian in America Land, as would be known, you were giving childbirth but not at that moment. For you were stabbed in the womb by soldiers attacking the village. Causing severe pain and a long death for you.

CA: Thank you.

RO: Was the fact that I threw up this week after lunch one day, was that due to my nerves or being tense?

Forces: Nerves and tenseness. Also because we snapped you on the back.

RO: Any particular reason you snapped me on the back?

Forces: No.

RO: Thank you.

J: Can you possibly tell me why I had to fight so hard to stay awake the night I got a Tarot reading?

Forces: You fight so hard when something is trying to correct you.

J: And can you give me any further guidance on the interpretation of that reading?

Forces: I do not want you to go to sleep on me. The interpretation is to start moving with the speaking of your tongue in a quiet and calm manner, instead of a dictative manner. That is, you are not here to tell them what to do, but you are here only to tell them how to do it and why it has to be done. And then you will sit back and watch to see if it can be done. Never tell anyone what to do in that strong voice of yours, for the only authority you have is given by us. Do not misuse it.

J: Thank you.

E: Then the book of Daniel, the second chapter, am I interpreting it correctly?

Forces: It would be wise to go slower and to be happier. You are interpreting it nicely.

E: Have I understood the verses that were given to me? About two sessions ago?

Forces: There is more to be understood by it. A lot more. But the majority of it you have understood. In the future when you look back onto it, you will see other things manifest from it.

E: Was I correct in thinking that there at that point was a decision left up to me?

Forces: Again.

E: Am I correct in that, in what we were speaking tonight, before?

Forces: Accurate.

E: There is some belief that when a soul progresses to a certain point, it no longer has an astral body, is this correct?

Forces: Accurate.

E: Well, what’s this point?

Forces: It has no astral body. It forms into a spirit. The astral body is done away with.

E: Is it, can it be done here on earth?

Forces: Accurate.

E: In that case, when a person, that person, his dreams are no longer dreams, just experiences, how does it work?

Forces: It works when one reaches the point of death, is this coming to point of reference? In other dimensions, in other forms.

E: Oh, but not in the three-dimensional level on this earth?

Forces: Accurate.

E: I see. Also, so there is no body, not even a Christ on this earth that doesn’t have an astral body?

Forces: Accurate.

E: Also, there, the belief is that Buddha is actually stuck to this earth because of his promise to help the earth. Is this correct?

Forces: We will not go that far, but he is making commitments as all souls do.

E: But those commitments are not holding him back from anything. I mean, that’s his part.

Forces: Accurate.

E: Because the same belief that talked about this said also that he’s not letting somebody else move along the ladder of something or other.

Forces: To degrees, but we all move along our own personal ladders,

E: I mean, but Buddha is not holding back any other souls?

Forces: Accurate.

E: Does everybody leave, leave his body when he’s asleep?

Forces: Accurate.

E: Is there a key to astrology in the Bible? And how do I find it?

Forces: This will be patience and also watching of the verses. Also you will find a lot in Jeremiah, and also you will find a lot in what would be known as Proverbs.

E: Thank you. Do those we call “Jesus Freaks” have the, have true faith?

Forces: Twenty-five percent.

E: Thank you.

RO: Will, in our lifetime will the destructions of California and New York happen?

Forces: Accurate.

RO: How will that affect the rest of the world?

Forces: Very accurate.

RO: And today with all the weather things that were going on, I wondered how many people were aware of the elements…

Forces: Very few.

RO: Will there be many that are…

Forces: All they are aware of is their own personal life.

RO: Will they even become more aware when California drops off into the ocean?

Forces: No…

RO: Or will there…

Forces: I would say not. They would only pass it off as, “A scientist said so.”

RO: Is there any way to develop a memory for your dreams or…

Forces: By writing them down and that memory will be worked on and prepared.

RO: What’s wrong then is the alarm clock that I’m using is just about the only one that wakes me up on time is, as soon as it goes off, it’s like everything’s cut off. And I can’t remember.

Forces: Then you should cut the alarm clock off.

RO: Thank you.

Forces: Have the alarm clock wake you up at three in the morning. That would be a laugh.

RO: Thank you.

B: In an earlier session you told us about those disciples who worked with the master Jesus who were in the earth now, some of whom were working out karma, others of whom were working with groups such as this. How many are working with groups like this?

Forces: Living here in the United States?

B: Sure.

Forces: Sure, or the roof could have fallen off. At least what would be known as three.

B: There’s three in the United States?

Forces: Three major ones. At this moment we cannot give too much for the sake of your own development, for you all will go running after each ones group.

B: Thank you. Uh…

Forces: Hold on.

B: Okay.

[Audible pause]

Forces: Go ahead.

B: Could you give me any understanding of the experience that I had in the upper room this afternoon?

Forces: One minute. It is known as the angel that guides you.

B: Thank you. Would it, would it be wise if I could…

Forces: To degrees it would be. I would say no.

B: Thank you.

I: Could you explain what’s happening right now?

Forces: None of your business.

I: Thank you.

Forces: That is personal. There are times when the people who are on the wind want to play around. As the entity B would say, “the guy on the wind and the rain machine.” Had to silence them for the moment. Question. Yes… one minute. Question.

C: Could you explain more of the nature of the flame that was in the Temple in Atlantis. And was this flame also used in the Purification Temples in Egypt during Moses’ time?

Forces: Nature of the flame is that which is the manifestation of the forces, that is, the spirit can dwell in and through. It is used in all spiritual undertakings and perseverance of cleanliness. Nature of the flame: the understanding and the releasing of the energy within.

D: Could you give me some guidance on controlling my fantasies? During the day at work…

Forces: I would say to think and meditate on the powers of a needle, for we can stick it very hard in you. But, the idea is to meditate on what you can do to create and to endeavor the great powers that are within you. And remember, do not waste these powers in your fantasies. I would pray at that moment, and constantly repeat, “Father, help me, for I need help.”

D: Could you explain about the book of I Ching, where it was originated?

Forces: It originated in the continent of the mind of spirit. It is a migration of Lemur. People from Lemur migrating to that area brought it with them.

D: How does it work, the eight trigrams? How they, do they symbolize where your centers…

Forces: Each trigram represents a spiritual undertaking in the earth, positive and negative. Four being the…

[End of Side A]

P: Is there some place where I could… I’ve been…

Forces: The bathroom.

P: I’ve been unable to find certain books in relation to herbs and identification and the growing of them. I’ve looked in many stores and they just don’t seem to have them and I was wondering if there is some place where I could find them.

Forces: You will look near what is the lower, near that of Wall Street and area, in those small shops of books, of many books, you will find it, what you are looking for.

P: Thank you.

JI: In Tolkien’s trilogy, the Middle Earth, the Third Age, and all the kings and…

Forces: And all the horses.

JI: Did they really exist?

Forces: Exist for degrees of symbology. Each one representing that of the conquering over that spiritual, that is making the spiritual into the physical.

JI: Thank you.

L: In a, I’m reading “The Third Eye” and I was just…

Forces: Very good.

L: And Lobsang…

Forces: How is he?

L: He’s fine.

Forces: That is good.

L: He’ll talk about astral traveling or death…

Forces: Well, tell him not to speak too fast.

L: When he talks about death or astral traveling he refers to the spirit and then he’ll say spirit or the ego leaves the body and astral travels. And does that mean that they use the word spirit and ego in a whole other way from how we use it here?

Forces: Spirit and ego. You have an ego, but which one do we speak of? The higher or the lower? Here the lower operates more than the higher.

L: So that means the higher ego is a good thing?

Forces: It is a good thing.

L: Okay. As far as the house is concerned, how can we all help to create more order and balance and…

Forces: By everyone thinking while they’re doing destructing, but as they are in the place they’re at, it should be accurately cleaned while they leave. It should move through the house with the thought of cleanliness wherever they are and wherever they leave. Constant cleaning job wherever they are.

L: And also with SO, am I doing the right things with him in the past few weeks as, as has been told me I’m doing? When we have to know who…

Forces: You are doing what is good for him and the best for you.

CA: Would you advise that I have a bed that is a regular bed rather than the way I’m sleeping right now?

Forces: We are not worried of how you sleep. We are more worried of how you think. It would be good at this moment to stay on the floor.

CA: Thank you. Where did SO put my ring today?

Forces: It would lucky that you would find it. You would find it near the areas that would be closely to his pockets.

CA: Also, will the music that, will the music that we do, will it have words?

Forces: The music will be the sounds to help many souls to find the light. It will be called “That Which Is To Be Given, I Give”.

CA: Thank you.

RO: The American Indian tribes, were the feather headdresses symbolic of the aura? Or did they have a…

Forces: Accurate.

RO: Uh…

Forces: Also the spirit of life.

E: The stone that was given to the group, you said you have used it for energy

and meditation in your room. You mean the upper room here. Then you mean to say

that this stone was in this room here all the time? Is it still here?

Forces: Accurate.

E: It’s still here?

Forces: Accurate.

E: The money that C sent to the bank that never reached the bank, will it be found?

Forces: It would wise to say, no. But then again, if his positive thoughts are in tune, he can attract it back to him, but we say, no.

E: You said that the name of the tree of knowledge is “Kunfus”. What does it mean?

Forces: I hope you are saying that right.

E: Well, I just wrote it down the way I heard it. Maybe I didn’t hear it correctly.

Forces: It means that of the tree of knowledge within the physical body. That is the source of intuition. Intuitiveness is the spirit that is in you. The tree of knowledge is that as known as knowledge for the five senses that is also within you. The balance, too.

E: And the word “Kunfus” or something similar to it…

Forces: It is known unto that which is the aura around those who doubt.

E: That’s the name of the aura?

Forces: Correct.

E: Not in any language here on earth?

Forces: Accurate.

E: Oh. At one session you have said that you live so far for a billion years. What is the lifespan in the seventh dimension? Or is there such a thing?

Forces: There is no such a thing as a lifespan.

E: Hum.

Forces: Hum.

E: I guess I won’t know until… did you know beforehand that the stones will have to be taken away?

Forces: Hum.

E: When you said that the highly evolved soul that would cross into our earth will manifest himself on a different dimension, does it mean the earth, but by its thoughtforms will be in a dimension which will be compatible to his vibrations? That is the true will of God that there is no accident? Nobody can go nowhere where he doesn’t belong?

Forces: Would you like us to vote on that? Accurate, to degrees, but accurate.

E: Then it becomes sort of a mission? And to our level these people are actually fulfilling karma that was created on the thought level. Is this correct?

Forces: What would be named as these people?

E: Those people that crossed, yeah.

Forces: Accurate to degrees.

E: Only because it is so strong they are taking their bodies with them so they can actually live their thoughts?

Forces: Accurate.

E: What does it mean, “to degrees”?

Forces: That is, there are times when their physical body is not brought with them and they are squeezed out of it like an onion.

E: So they actually live here on one level with their bodies, but their soul, or is in a different level. Schizophrenia is that what happens to them?

Forces: That is not the right word, but it is near to that.

E: Those are the ones that are hospitalized?

Forces: Doesn’t necessarily have to be.

E: Yeah, but I mean that we call them, I mean this earth calls them crazy.

Forces: There are a lot of crazy people. Even tonight we were called crazy.

E: You were called crazy or we?

Forces: Nonetheless.

E: Why am I, am I understanding anything in the Zohar, in the Yetzira, the Book of Yetzira…

Forces: We would also say go slow. You have your whole lifetime to do it.

E: Thank you.

RO: Whet does it do to one’s development to study the occult and use occult tools?

Forces: Advancement on the soul or the evolutionary level of the spirit. Positively negative evaluation and destruction of the soul.

RO: Does studying the occult, it destructs your soul?

Forces: You are a good newspaperman. You can change everything I have said to anything you want it to be. Question.

RO: What about magic? Ceremonial magic, the study of that?

Forces: Accurate. Very good.

RO: Thank you.

B: The entity Philip, with whom I work, do I, is there any way that I can understand how to deal with him, or to…

Forces: Remember, this is your own mouth speaking, rattling off what you would be if given a chance.

B: Thank you. How, how can I, how can I help him in my own reactions to the situations which occur Tuesday through Thursday?

Forces: Remember Mondays and Fridays.

B: Should I continue to confront him with when I find mistakes or…

Forces: Accurate.

B: Thank you. Did the entity CR receive the concepts that she was exposed to here in the last evening as she expressed them to me today?

Forces: To degrees. She has negative qualities that will be worked on, but we all do.

B: Thank you.

Forces: One more question. Who will be daring enough to ask it?

E: Is she going to be with us?

Forces: That is the last question.

E: Oh…

Forces: Oh. Do we feel bad. It would be feasible that this entity can become part of this operation. It would be good to degrees, but there is much to be worked on. One more question, so the entity will not feel bad during the night.

RO: Is the information given in that Midnight newspaper about the ship that made contact with the person who had a Martian?

Forces: We do not bother speaking, as we have heard what is said tonight to everybody. We are very busy, therefore, it is inaccurate. Anyhow, when someone meditates, we don’t zoom in on him. We give you our peace and happiness. We are glad to speak to you here again once more. Keep your mind together. Do not go nuts on us. As would be said earlier, relax and know that you are taken care of, just as we can take care of the wind. How great are you? Greetings to all and a good night, or have a good morning, nonetheless, have a good.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens…