Session 33-3/5/73

Greetings to all here. I have to, to come tonight to speak on many… Tonight is that moment of understanding where you all have been. We here have been watching your progress. At times we find it very interesting. This is a new cycle that is begun tonight. A new set of laws, new interests, new understanding. We here are pleased with what took place on that night that you carried out our instructions. It was interesting to see those forces staying up, fighting against the element of sleep. I speak to you tonight with that of gladness and hope. We have been watching the preparation of travels. As far as where to go and what to do-we ask that the window be lowered. We ask that one open the door. We ask you all to sit quiet. Now for what we want done. The entities T and E will be traveling to that what we have already named as Wyoming, for that period from two to three days. They will travel there by the air and we will be right beside them. They will stay in the place we have prepared for them. It is more like the name in that place called Jackson, or more so, the name should be like unto Jackson Lake Resort or similar to that. This is their place of staying for that time. Then they shall return and prepare themselves to travel with those that have to go with them to the state of Virginia, as we have decided. They have the option of that which is Virginia or that which is to go to Niagara Falls. For there at the falls are where we operate from our energy forces beneath the waters and direct the energy from this source to travel through this as what would be said, as a projecting point into the cosmos. You have the choice from that to travel on to Canada into Montreal for that period of time. You also have another choice in Virginia, to go to a place called Charlottesville and another place called Williamsburg. This are found to be the place of residence that the majority of you have existed in the revelation of the Revolution, or the American Revolution. The majority here have existed in these two places in a lifetime past. We have that interest of future children to come into the group. Therefore, we must prepare for their needs. At least two percent of your paychecks as noted pay of what you all make a month is to be set-aside for each child that enters for their development in schooling and/or marriage, for their development in the field of learning for the development of the group. Also what we have been speaking through this entity last that evening of the mysterious laws that we have been very hesitant to reveal to you, the entity that we speak through does not know what he says when he says it. It is us that speak through him. Therefore, what you have in front of you as a group will be the nucleus of a nation and of cities built on the spiritual conception under the Age of The Christhood. From this nucleus and age will come and will show a light to the world. Everyone of this group will be worshipped and respected in the eyes of God. You have a mission to bring the spirit into the earth and to bring those souls into the earth and to care for them. Therefore, of the child you have now, I repeat the entities that are in this group to spend more time teaching the child words, to get the child the books of understanding and pictures and spend the hour with that child. Develop him on the spiritual level. This will be the course of action for the children that shall enter into this group. Therefore, I have given you much at this particular session, for this is the mastery of the spirit. You have also, many other sessions that need to be reviewed again. We also have noted the ability that the upper room is slowly taking time to prepare many things. That which we have called the curtain should be established before this month is out. Also the Ark should be created, that has been waited for a long time. The, what would be known as the tomb, as has been given to you last night as the resting place will be filled with many things. In this particular side of the room that of the tomb shall represent your physical body and preparation of your spiritual body. There shall be curtains draped in velvet throughout the whole room surrounding the casket are four huge candlesticks and candles. Inside this box of coffin shall be placed seven incense burners of forms and shapes we will direct and guide you to purchase. As this box is created, the outside would be good for mahogany, inside to be pine or oak. It will take time to create, and the measurements should be the starting measurements of seven feet, high, what is known as five feet. Then it would be sanded down close to that which is six feet, six inches all around, regardless as long as it is started off with the seven foot mark. The incense shall be burned within and certain vehicles of ventilation should be created in this wood. Out of such we could be holding our future sessions in this container of which we will speak to you and manifest a lot more that we cannot at this point, for the control of certain vibrations and forces must be conjured up. There will be other things at this particular side of the room will be done with and created for. There will be much to be done and much to do as far as preparation on the physical level. We also advise that where you have these books in the upper room should be protected. Also you have books on that which is known as the second floor. These shall be turned in a complete book place, a place of study, light, and reading. The one that sleeps here will move in with the entity that is known as C and sleep as what would be known as that bed that slides from one side in and out as you already have acquired for yourselves with the other room, noted on the base floor. In this preparation of study and guidance, many classes will be held here on many levels, being that it would be a very good preparation and start. All this should be done after the curtain in the upper room is completed. As far as vacation, consider it not to be a vacation, but as a regeneration of your physical bodies, for you all be regenerated in the spirit of hope during those weeks. We here are not finished by a long shot of what we will have you do. For there is much change and much bringing into this group for the understanding of your spirits and souls, for your development in this life and in the lives to come. We have also noted your traveling in that which is the park, which would be a perfect vehicle in which discussions could be held. We agree with you tremendously on what you do. Let this be a sign to all of you. A manifestation of our forces working in a conscious state one hundred per cent more accurate than ever before because of your willingness to work. In the future we will talk more on many things to reveal many things. On the worldly situation, we find it disheartening and upsetting. We will flare that of eruption in Egypt, Israel, Sudan. We will be trying to rest this area. We also see certain things as what was said earlier about the European markets and countries, and also we see trouble coming to the south central part of what is the states that you exist in. Also we see many murders on many cases involving and around the city near Chicago to that which is New York, too. These are trivial things. The greatest thing to look for is the signs in the sky, for this will be a flaming torch once more. Meteorites and falling meteorites from the sky that will crash and destroy a lot of work. This is in the future, for it is one of the many signs that we give you as the time coming closer for the move. We also have noted that this week that is on this Wednesday that is to come, there will be a service of ashes to represent the Lent of seasons of sacrifice, for that is the normal way in some services. This is what we will use for you for your sacrifice and fast. For the forty days, for it is what we will give you to eat is what is known as that of oatmeal, farina, fruits of all kinds, juices of all kinds, and only that which is a green vegetable three times a week. This will be a new fast for those forty days that will lead you into that of the Holy Season. There will be given you the times near the sixteenth of that month which will come in April and we will disclose to you what is known as the Passover. And we will describe to you in the upper room where you shall eat it. You must all remember that you have a mission that must be accomplished. Lose not your head at work nor lose your pride, but remember do not cover the ego and carry it. You should lose that of all things. This moment we have given you much and there will be much more to give you. We ask now for your questions for we will be very happy to answer them, for your progress is improving a little bit. Question.

C: Concerning desires of the physical body and of the spirit, the difference how the imagination and the mind can work to change the desires of the, body into the spiritual desires.

Forces: Is this supposed to be telling me what you know, or is this supposed to be asking?

C: I mean, how do you do it?

Forces: First of all you have a question that is good. You remind me of someone who is going to do the twenty-yard dash and runs off without that of the whistle blowing. Now I shall answer that question with your help. As the entities and souls entered into the earth, they can manifest negative or positive things that will manifest on the physical body. If you waste your time on daydreaming of selfish desires, gratifications of the lower centers, it registers on the body to a remarkable form. If by sort you have find yourself in that which is, found yourself in which that is meditation, you will manifest this on your physical exterior. Yes, by understanding that you are God, you will become God manifested in the earth, but this is a twenty-four hour workshop that not must be put down and relaxed, but must be worked with redundantly over and over again. Therefore, if selfish desires are motivating your thoughts, you will become unhappy and disgruntled. But if God’s will and spirit motivates your thoughts, you will become a servant of God manifest daily day after day until one day you will always walk in the light of God and you will feel and know it. We ask you with this particular question to have the forbearance to keep on serving God daily.

R: Can you give us anything that will help us understand more of what happened in the meditation room Saturday night with the chant?

Forces: With this particular chanting that you have devised, it is the brink or the link between our world that we exist in. You have walked into our spaceship, on a physical level you were almost to the brink of entering. If kept up, you would have manifested one force or another there. For the leader of our ships were there, that is the spirit of God was hovering above in a cloud, bringing on the rain and the torrents, for the spirit of God, you did attract into the earth.

R: Also, at times when the entity T is giving Bible interpretations in the upper room, I’ve looked at his face and I’ve seen it changing into something that I can’t describe because I’ve never seen it before. Could you tell me what that is that I’m seeing?

Forces: You are seeing me.

R: Thank you.

L: The long dream that I had about T and E and the group and the light that I was seeing so clearly in the dream coming from the eyes, what was I seeing and what does the dream mean?

Forces: The eyes would mean the changing and the recognition of the spirit of Christ. It also would represent the true light that is enkindling within your spirit, for the eyes will not forsake you nor deceive you. For this is the true message-that you have been changing and have been coming aware of the spirit of God in your life.

J: Will the Ark that we should be preparing to build, be one that would be large enough for a full size Torah or would it be one for a small one?

Forces: The measurements for this particular Ark will be roughly three feet by… by four feet by three feet. The interior shall be lined with what is known to you as a red belt of cloth. The front shall be made in such a way that the facing of it would snap on in position rather than opening up in a hinge force of manner. Snapping on is more like moving in it to position of hinge joints. This, too, could be made out of what was given earlier, for we have changed the measurements for the sake of changing of the group.

J: So it would be mahogany and oak?

Forces: Correct.

J: That was mahogany on the outside?

Forces: Correct.

J: Also, in terms of what we’re storing in the basement, is it worthwhile to invest in any money in power tools, or is that something we won’t be needing?

Forces: This particular moment it is not wise.

J: And is there any advice you can give us on what we’re storing in the basement at present?

Forces: We would advise the flour and wheat, rice could be acquired for the price of these will be going up.

J: Thank you.

CA: Do I have a karmic tie with the entity MG?

Forces: My dear, we ask you to relax. Now, your first and most important question, is it this, the most important question on your mind, that you ask for the first time? Do you have a karmetic tie? We can arrange it. No, for as you have entered into this group, your karmetic ties deal no longer with the outside world.

CA: Thank you.

RO: Why did my tongue swell up last week?

Forces: The same reason why your eyes will swell up and your ears and your feet and your hair and your fingers and all the unmentionable parts. It is the circular of the lymph glands, a reaction that we have given you before caused by nerves, lack of water in the body and circulation that is poor. It is also that you have spoken many things that should have not been spoken. Therefore, we incapacitated you so that you would not be able to speak as freely.

RO: So it’s gonna happen again?

Forces: It will only happen again when you start.

RO: When I start what?

Forces: That is up to you. When you start to be in a negative frame of mind and mood, then we will be coming to visit you.

RO: Thank you.

B: We were told in an earlier… to prepare the ground and collect the seeds for the backyard garden in March. Is there anything else that, that we should know or could be given on that?

Forces: Yes, we would watch out for ostriches.

B: Okay.

Forces: Especially the ones that hide their heads. We would advise you to turn up the ground so that the land will be moist in such a way that the element of the air can reach the under layer. We would also say to you relax when you are around these plants, for you do not want them popping up overnight.

B: Are the vegetables that were selected so far the correct ones other than the ones that we were given earlier?

Forces: These are more to be correct in what you have. You could also grow a banana tree. Where would you find bananas? We ask you.

B: In our ears.

Forces: In you ears, where they belong, of course. You can also develop in these areas what are known, the seedlings. That is known to you as lettuce and spinach in the left side of the ground. It would be a good idea that the area that you have looked over and scanned last night in the other place that is new to you and to all could be grown lettuce and spinaches of all sorts and sizes. This would be interesting for a group project.

B: Thank you.

E: You said to us to put aside two thirds of a certain amount for the children, for their schooling and their upbringing.

Forces: I did not say two thirds.

B: Two percent.

E: Oh, I’m sorry, two percent.

Forces: If you all put away two thirds, you would all be children.

E: My question is, will there be schools in those days, and if there will, if there will be schools, will that money of today be valid?

Forces: The money that you will have acquired will be valid. No question about it. It is the children’s children that will be working with other structures. And that is why learning or marriage facilities would be needed by this money that you have given to them.

E: Marriage facilities?

Forces: Preparation of getting hitched.

E: So the destructions will come in the time of our grandchildren?

Forces: Partial destructions. But this we will not reveal to you at the moment.

E: The Divine Light and…

Forces: Question. Divine Light? I wonder. It is more like Divine Darkness.

E: Have we accomplished what we were supposed to?

Forces: Perfectly and accurately.

E: Could we know what will happen to this guru?

Forces: Destruction on the karmetic and physical level.

E: How old is he?

Forces: He, this entity would be close to what would be known thirty, going to the age of twenty-nine to thirty. But on the age that he is presented, close to the age of sixteen.

E: Will, what will happen to all the, will the destruction happen in such a way that his devotees, and mahatmas and all, will they understand the truth at that time?

Forces: Eventually they will understand it.

E: Thank you.

I: Could you explain to me why I get nervous so often, like tonight, and how I can sort of change that?

Forces: Your soul is learning and to get nervous is a learning process and understanding. You should be willing to have the patience to give to those, to listen to those. And you should have what is known as the breathing in which you should breathe deeply when you get these moments of depressions.

I: Thank you.

JI: Could you explain the feelings and the thoughts I’ve had in the last part of the week, and why they’ve been, and how I can change them?

Forces: This feelings is a retrogression at times into a past of clinging on. It is a selfishness and a desire to please your lower centers. Also, if you do not change them, we will have to be forced to change you. The idea is that your meditations must be entered in sincerely, also understand what does the outer world have to offer you and what do you have to offer to the group for the inner ones have given you much. What are you willing to give?

JI: Thank you.

P: How is the force of the kundalini raised?

Forces: With a screwdriver.

P: Is ah, in my…

Forces: Also the kundalini is an electrical impulse of light that is hovering at the base of the coccyges in which we have given you that stupid word before. At this base the light is hovering and is only raised up when energy and perseverance in silence and meditation is raised when one is patient, love, kindness, forgiveness, charity, understanding. All the beatitudes raises the kundalini higher and higher. At first it creates a sensation of pain at the base and numbness near the base of the spine up to the third parts of the coccyx, in which all these clavicles remain numb. At that point it is a rising kundalini that will rise up gradually only when you work as what would be work, or apply the spiritual laws in essence correctly. Then it will grow higher and higher to the point that you will be in the spirit of the light that will surround you and transform your very being.

P: Thank you. In relationship to my job, when I get, become depressed sometimes at work, I don’t understand it, why it’s happening why it happens like just on working?

Forces: Selfishness and the idea of not serving others around you by giving what you are capable of giving and not asking what you are receiving.

P: Thank you.

C: Are the Ten Commandments related in any way to the seven centers?

Forces: Ten Commandments are related to the seven centers plus the other three centers that hover above the body. Also they are related to the laws of your God within you.

R: In one of the first sessions that we had you told us that as a group we were together in the times of the Mayans and the Sumerians. Could you give us information of why we were together, what we were placed into the earth for?

Forces: You were placed into the earth to get out of the earth. We did not place you here, your spirit has placed yourselves. The major reason of being there is to develop on a ceremonial and traditional way of service to your God.

R: Were there any other time periods when as a group we were put into the earth?

Forces: We have already given you that, in the American Revolution, in France, England, South America, Israel, Atlantis, and other planets.

R: Did we do much along the lines that we’re doing now, this kind of formation and study?

Forces: Correct.

R: Thank you.

Forces: That is why you’re all pros at it. You should laugh harder.

L: When Solomon fell of the slide the other day…

Forces: Is this a poem?

L: No. A poem? When he knocked the little girl off the slide and fell and hit his head and fell four and a half feet off of the slide, did y’all have any kind of thing to do with that? I mean do you…

Forces: We did not push him.

L: But when he bangs his head, and he bangs his head a lot, is that a way that he can become, become more open to you and slowly get rid of all those darker forces?

Forces: To degrees, but he has a big head.

L: Has he changed like is he…

Forces: You can say nothing.

L: Right.

Forces: He has changed a little bit, as what we have given you earlier, he will change greatly when you all contribute your own time to help him.

L: Thank you.

J: Is there anything further I might do in relation to the entity John or any guidance in the…

Forces: Nothing more can be done. Solomon should sleep with his parents on the Wednesday evening and on Thursday evenings of the week. As his name should be transformed at that time.

L: I don’t understand.

E: You mean legally changed?

Forces: I mean not legally, for in legality we do not reside, but I name him the name as he sleeps with his parents on that Wednesday and Thursday, he will change on many levels also. In short, he will sleep with you on the Wednesday evening and on Thursday evenings of the week.

L: Thank you.

CA: Is there anything on the physical level that I can do to help the entity who’s my cousin named Ronny Barad?

Forces: It is a question of prayer and sometimes writing of letters to him or to it is more like it, for we do not use that gender, but we use, you should write to this person and communicate to that soul.

CA: Thank you.

Forces: Not too often, now.

CA: I beg your pardon?

RO: Was the sensation that I had in the spine, lower spinal area…

Forces: Repeat that word, please.

RO: The sensation? That I…

Forces: Sounds cute.

RO: Thanks… in the spine the head region today, was it preparation for the session tonight or something…

Forces: Preparation for something.

RO: Could you tell me what?

Forces: Something.

RO: Well, tell me something.

Forces: Something for you. Preparation of a change, preparation of desires, preparation for an up-liftment into another existence of feelings. Preparation of receptivity.

RO: Thank you.

B: I understand that each of the twelve disciples of the master Jesus is on the earth now.

Forces: You understand? Who told you this?

B: Um, I think E did.

Forces: Not all of them are on the earth at this moment.

B: Of the ones that are, are they working with groups similar to this?

Forces: To degrees they are. Some are still working in their karmetic fields.

B: Well if, is, when one of those disciples would be working with a group, would they have the name similar to their names at the time of…

Forces: Correct.

B:… when they were on the earth before?

Forces: Correct.

B: And would that only be in the incarnation in which they reached the point to work with a group…

Forces: Correct.

B:… like this?

Forces: Correct.

B: They would have that name?

Forces: E tells you a lot.

B: She sure does.

Forces: You should listen to her more often. Maybe we might learn something.

B: Uh…

Forces: That is a jest, please.

E: Didn’t think any other way.

Forces: Neither did we.

B: Is there a difference between…

Forces: Of course.

B: Could you explain it?

Forces: Of course. That is your difference. First of all, you all should relax one minute, you’re driving me nuts. No reason for you to be running around like this. The difference: the cellular makeup of one to the other. Where one is situated, the other is not. Where you see one to be, the other cannot be. The difference is one does exist eternally, the other one fades away.

B: Thank you. In the session in which we were given that we were together as a Sumerian, was that the SUmerian or the SAmerian? We’ve come across this conflict in our readings of there being the two groups, and I can’t decipher on the tape as to which one, which it is.

Forces: SAmarian.

B: With the “A”.

Forces: Would be more like the sound of SUmerian.

B: With the “U”.

Forces: Now you work it out.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Would be closer to the harmonic of the “U”.

B: Thank you. Is my understanding of the verses in the Fifth Chapter of Proverbs that I was given correct?

Forces: Correct. You should ponder on it even more.

B: Thank you.

E: Why can’t I see the different faces on T… on T when he becomes Thomas or what have you?

Forces: The point is that you vibrate along with the face, for far as the face changes, you change with it.

E: Thank you. About T’s family…

Forces: What a bunch!

E: But what can we do about them?

Forces: We can put them in a crypt.

E: And in the new house that they entered in…

Forces: It is a crypt.

E: It is, huh?

Forces: By visiting with the group and bringing the vibrations of the house up into the spirit. The house has no spirit whatsoever. The visiting of this house and saturating it with the spirit will be sufficient enough.

E: Thank you. Now the ones, the people from the… what they call themselves the Divine Light, that knowledge that they speak of, is it… is that correct that they are being hypnotized?

Forces: They are being brainwashed.

E: Do they have an actual device to do it for them?

Forces: Repetition.

E: But they all claim that they see something.

Forces: Repetition. And the claim is their wanting to believe in that which is ego.

E: Uhhum. So therefore, the ones, for instance, who say they receive knowledge but they’re not blissed out or something…

Forces: Ego.

E: So they really didn’t see anything and they’re afraid to say that they didn’t see anything.

Forces: They saw only that their ego was greater.

[End of Side A]

Forces: … I hope so, or else you would not be sitting here.

E: Oh, thank you. I still have the problems of night sleep. Is it still…

Forces: It is changing or preparing and preparation for thoughts.

E: I don’t mind it, I mean…

Forces: We don’t either.

E: It’s just that I feel guilty because…

Forces: There is no need for that. You have more freedom than the average woman.

E: That’s correct.

Forces: It’s accurate.

E: And I thank you. Why don’t you want us to come up to the ship?

Forces: It’s not us who wants you to come up to us, for we weren’t ready for you. Could you imagine the Bingo that would go on? We would be stark empty with the souvenirs you would take away.

E: Also the book that I am reading on the tarot cards and all these things. And it seems to me like what they’re saying there is some… it seems to me… seems to me that maybe I already know the whole thing. Is it my ego or is it correct?

Forces: You had a hand in making the tarot cards in Egypt. You buried them also.

E: What do you mean I buried them?

Forces: Protected them. Buried them in the hands of the Sphinx.

E: Thank you.

Forces: You were one of many who buried them.

E: Anybody else in this group?

Forces: We remain quiet at that moment. We would say the entity named Carol, the entity named L had a hand in helping out.

E: To create the cards?

Forces: To bury them.

E: To bury them. How were the animals of the earth different from the souls that took on the form of an animal? When did they come…

Forces: They had half humanoids. They were called humanoids. Tail, and a face, and ears, and half then had that in the bottom of an animal. Those who took upon the animal form was all animals.

E: So it’s actually seven thousand years ago we still had these animal forms?

Forces: Even later than that.

E: Even later. And the people in Canaan that became Israel afterwards, after the desert journey, were they also still with the animal forms?

Forces: To degrees.

E: That’s why intermingling was forbidden even then?

Forces: To degrees.

E: Thank you.

I: On Saturday night I… in the upper room I saw the entity Thomas into a form of a Chinese, and I usually never have experiences like that. I wondered how correct or what it was, if it had something to do with my glasses, or…

Forces: Would be accurate, for you have seen a lifetime of his when he was known near as a great teacher.

I: Thank you.

JI: How can I make my will stronger to do God’s will?

Forces: We would advise maybe prayer would help out the situation and also understand that you, too, was a great leader in what is known as Spain. And that, too, was at that time, understand correctly. You, too, can bring the same qualities out. Frederick is a good name for you. Neither here nor there as it is said. You must understand that you have good qualities in you to work with and to help others around you.

JI: Thank you.

P: The books that I purchased on… by Kahlil Gibran, some of them are letters and some of them are like biographies by people who knew. Are those accurate by those persons?

Forces: As far as he is concerned, they were accurately written. As far as other things are concerned, what is accuracy? The spirit that he was speaking about is the story that is most important that was accurate.

P: Thank you.

CA: What… what can I… what is the best thing to tell my parents to explain the kind of mission in their terms so that they can understand it?

Forces: You would only tell them how your life has changed, and how you feel at this moment.

CA: Should I recommend anything that they could read that might…

Forces: By their experiencing of you will be all that they need to read.

CA: Thank you.

I: The situation with my parents, both my mother and my father, am I, am I handling this correctly?

Forces: Could be more on your intunement of handling it correctly. But, we would also mean to be aloof from both of these parents at this moment. Depend on neither, for you are independent.

I: That means completely financially, too, right?

Forces: We would hope so.

I: I haven’t been in touch with my mother but my mother continues still to like drop notes and stuff and every time right before I receive a letter or phone call or something from her, I have this same feeling right before it happens. And I just, is it patience that I should just keep…

Forces: Patience to degrees. Sometimes you could have someone else answer the phone to say that you are not in. As far as she is concerned, you are not in.

I: My question, my mother ask me too, is that I am doing the best for her by not communicating.

Forces: You should be doing the best for yourself first.

I: Thank you.

C: Is the situation with my parents finished or should I return and help them in some way?

Forces: You will have to do what you think is best in this situation.

R: What will Solomon’s new name be?

Forces: You have said it.

R: Oh, thank you.

J: Could you explain what’s happening to the middle finger on my right hand?

Forces: It is falling off. It is a changing of perceptions, and as the perceptions change, so does you fingers.

J: In a book I was reading, it talked of first appearance of man on the earth about ten and a half million years ago and then the first evidence of it about fifty thousand years ago. Now we know the Atlantean civilization and the present civilization. Were there other civilizations, other buildups and then destructions since ten and a half million years ago that we don’t know of or other periods of rise and fall?

Forces: The continent of Lemur starting nearly the age of two or more like would be said the age of one thousand B.C.

J: Was there any during that… earlier than fifty thousand years ago?

Forces: As I said, one point 00 point 00, one hundred thousand B.C.

J: Thank you.

RO: Is it correct that when the great flood came, Noah and his family which wasn’t just actually his immediate family but a lot of people were taken away from the earth on one of your ships for what would be a short time to you, but a very long time on earth, and then returned after it was over?

Forces: For the flood?

RO: Yea, while the flood was happening.

Forces: No, we let them suffer it out.

RO: He was actually on a boat?

Forces: Actually on a boat.

RO: Then is it correct that Jesus the Christ made an astral switch or an astral body transfer while in Tibet? In his studying? In the period of his studies?

Forces: We cannot answer this at the moment.

RO: Could you tell me also what the operation on the forehead does actually to stimulate the pineal gland or the pineal gland or… or does it…

Forces: It awakens the vibrations around the membranes, the membranes acting as a sealing that seals the thoughts of light from entering into the Third Eye. Once the membrane is pierced, the light goes through and the Third Eye says, “How do you do?”

E: Is there anybody on this earth now that can do such a…

Forces: Me.

E: Will that happen?

Forces: It can happen when your thoughts are prepared and preparation is great. It also has been done in many medical professions, also in that of many monasteries in Tibet before China took over. Also is done in India. And South America in the Incas or the tribes of that, which is the ancient Incas. Also done in many tribes of India. Indians can still do it.

R: What would that operation do to someone who wasn’t spiritually prepared for it?

Forces: Destroy them.

E: But the ones in India that know how to do it, they not in the light. I mean nobody knows of them. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

B: In a session this summer you explained how there was no sun, but only the light from the Highest of the Highest that was your light and your nourishment. Then later in the fall you spoke about the seven suns and their seven different colors that change the colors of the trees in the fairy tale picture that the entity T painted and was given to E’s mother. Could you explain this for me?

Forces: Easily done. The Eighth Dimension is where the sun is not. The Seventh Dimension is where all the seven suns come together.

B: Where is the pituitary gland located?

Forces: In the body.

B: In what section?

Forces: Near the lobe of the brain.

B: Is it the one that’s located more toward the crown of the head or is it the…

Forces: The lobe of the three forces of the brain. Correct.

B: Be hind the bridge of the nose?

Forces: This would be known as correct. More accurately in the back of that which is the cerebrum or the cerebellum.

RO: Is that… could that be known as the hypothalamic region?

Forces: All your words are pathetic.

B: Which gland is the physical manifestation of the Third Eye?

Forces: The pineal.

B: The pineal.

E: And so, I thought the pineal is here on the top.

Forces: The pineal is not on the top. It appears to be on the top. The medical profession will never get it right.

B: So actually there’s, in the…

E: So the pineal is the Third Eye and the pituitary is what we thought the pineal is.

Forces: Only when you get it accurately correct, will I give you the answer. You have not worked on it, and therefore why should I give you the answer to it? So the answer’s already there for you all to have. If you really desired to know the answer, you would at least have gone looking for the research of this in a metaphysical way. The pituitary and the pineal can be used in both the same, for they are one in the same when the spirit is hovering in the same vibration. For they become one. That is new information for you all.

B: Also, I wanted to ask you, if the discussions and the different situations that are arising with various individuals where I work, if my response has been correct.

Forces: More so or less correct.

B: Is there any way that I could improve receptivity to what is the… the correct way to answer the questions?

Forces: With love and patience. Count to four before you answer.

B: Thank you.

E: Did the animals have an intelligence, not the animals of the earth, but these people animals, those souls or speech, how did they communicate?

Forces: They communicated telepathy.

E: With telepathy.

Forces: Telepathically and they had an intelligence like us.

E: Thank you. Did this…

Forces: Like us, not like you.

E: Yea?

Forces: You were all like us before you went crazy.

E: That’s right, they created the bodies themselves. So these animals went to the temples by their own free will.

Forces: Correct. Just as you have all come into this temple by your own free will, We here are finished for the moment. We are in one way or sense enjoyed it. We might speak to you again soon. But until all things are fulfilled, you will have to remain quiet. Preparation as a group must develop and your harmonity and unity and togetherness must be strengthened. But no one from the outside will break or penetrate your unity. I leave you the peace that the spirit knows. Until I talk to you all again, be good. And most of all, no more fighting with one another on the levels who-is-right-and-who-is-wrong. For there is no one right and no one wrong. Therefore, why are you so stupid in fighting?

GROUP: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…