Session 32-2/24/73

Greetings to all here now. We are speaking to you this evening in the astonishment of your behavior. We here find it necessary that certain things must be obligated-to be practiced. I speak to you all tonight for the interesting behavior. I have been granted to relay to you one of many things. That is you will all begin a new chapter that deals with Daniel. After this first chapter of discussion, you will continue with that of your Job. After that is done, then you shall enter up here to meditate. We here will not give you a proper session until you all give us a proper attitude. That is all I have to say to you tonight. I hope I am not rude to you, but you have been rude to us. Therefore, if all goes as planned, the next session as termed session will be all up to your behavior. That is, if desired by your thoughts and minds, a session shall be had only when you as a group come to realize what already has been given, and the desire to talk with us. At this moment we are leaving to work elsewhere, so that you might work here more abundantly. We will be leaving a spokesman behind to guide and watch. But we hope your actions will advance, and will improve in the future. To this point we bid you adjourn. Greetings to those who hear.

[End of Session]