Session 31-2/11/73

Greetings to all here now. We have been watching your progress and find it to be improving in consistence. It is not my turn to speak to all here, but it is that I say there will be many changes happening before this month is out, not only here but in the European countries. I am only saying this much for that is all I want to say to you.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all here present. We have, as what was said before, watched your progress. There is much progress being made. We have also noted that which is the preparation for this upper room. On that when it is completed, we will give you many thoughts. As what was done in the evening through the projection of our thoughts after your meditation. As what was done later in the evening, was one of the major tests. It was a crucial test in which the reactions of your thoughts were being weighed. Outwardly there were thoughts said, inwardly there was a release of pressure. That was what we would be saying that it is a success as a whole group. We here were very pleased and proud once more of this group. You have advanced remarkably in certain areas. There will be many gifts given to you all for last night and the way it was handled. As what was said earlier, there will be information given in this upper room in the course of your meditations. Those who are holding a candle as was directed by us, will be the instrument of listening and interpretation of what they hear. They will only hear in the depths of their hearts when called upon; their feelings, their striving to do the will. This time when this upper room is completed into its final stage of development, the curtain will represent that which is pituitary-the gland of the holy-and what is beyond is the Lord. When it is done and accomplished, there will be a feast having four green and four of red and yellow vegetables along with two types of fruits and red wine. There shall be what would be known as the purchase of that what was given on that day of Thanksgiving of that meat called the turkey to celebrate the passing of a most important test and the completion of the upper room. The feast will be more likely taking place on that which is near the end of February on that day of a Saturday. That will be the only feast that will be off of the diet that you have all been on. After that there will be much to do, much sacrifice and abstinence. As far as this trip to that land of Lancaster it would be good for those to go to release and to gain energy and there will be things that they will receive as a group on that way. We have also watched the eruptions of the earth along with the peace settlement that we have been working on. Now, our major point of focus is on this group and we will periodically come in touch with you. We advise that more prayer be undertaken in this group as a whole. On the twenty-third of February everyone who is under this roof will sleep in the upper room, only to go down during the eve to relieve yourselves. There shall be no intake of food during that day except for the food of fruits that will be placed in the upper room prior before you enter in it. The eating of the fruits will be done in the left corner of this upper room covering with a special blanket. Sleeping will be done in the other corners. Worshipping will be done also. It could be a long night of meditation or a short night. We would advise it all be up to you. On that eve that day there shall be many personal changes on the mental level for those that spend that evening up in this room. There shall be health problems with three of you, subsiding greatly near the end. We also ask that there shall be as that one who spoke before me, changes in the countries in Europe, especially what is known as France, and Belgium, what would be known as Switzerland. We are now ready for your questions.

J: Have my discussions with, there’s this person that came to work with me, that was fired recently, are my discussions with him helpful, or is there any guidance you can give me on that?

Forces: This particular entity was there as a representation of your goals and your fulfillment of a mission. As far as helping him, the question is, you have.

JI: Could you explain to me what’s happening to me in my meditations the feelings that I’m having?

Forces: This is a point in which the very atoms of your cellular structure is being changed to a more peaceful and more harmony. It is a beginning for you, an enlightening stage of development in your physical body. It will enable you to become sensitive on the psychic level in receiving. It will not manifest until you get involved in what you are in. Up to now, you contribution to the group is void. Therefore we advise you to start moving and contribution in thought and word and action and deed, in doing something for the purpose of the group. We will not give you a time limit, but we will tell you when it is too late.

I: The evening D and I went out to eat, could you tell me exactly what happened then?

Forces: Opposition on both sides; selfishness again on both sides. In this particular case, it could have been a very beautiful evening, but desires and wants and fulfillment of these became the first most important. The second most is the ego protection. Therefore, the evening was in our description, a total flop. It could and should be worked out again. You as an entity have much pride. You must work with it and understand the love that can manifest through this. But again, what has happened was good, and needed to be this way, that you must both realize the selfishness in each.

C: Could you explain what’s happened to me this past week and why everything seemed so turned around like because in my mind, I can’t under stand it?

Forces: Everything is not so called turned around. It is only your stubbornness in degrees to face the situation, and to grasp hold of the moment, and to work on them. Your laziness was bad, but now it’s worse, and therefore, we advise you to start moving as you have up to now slowly move. It is the progression and the forcing for you to move forward that we interject into your week. That which would appear to be totally moved around, but it is not, for you have already agreed upon certain things that must be done, and therefore we are only manifesting that which you ask.

C: Thank you.

P: Is the hobby which I chose a good one to channel my energies so far?

Forces: It could manifest into many areas. We would advise you for the taking of the herb as you have been attracted to such as the gathering of all the herbs and understanding of them and storing of them for the preparation of movement. This will be your true help in the group.

P: Thank you. Is the, can the kundalini force be raised without conscious, being conscious of it in a meditation without even knowing actually how to go about it? Is this possible?

Forces: You do not try to raise the force by the mental power, but it is raised on the spiritual power. And by doing that you should not know how, but you should know how to know.

P: Thank you.

L: In my talks with PG, the plumber, did I go… did I say too much or go, you know, too far with the discussions that we were having, or was what was said… ?

Forces: We find your discussions very amusing, but rest assured you have not gone too far or too much. It is all in balance and underlying in completion and, what would be said, construction. In the force that is, in short, no, you did not go too far or say too much.

R: I received a partial answer last night, could you explain to me why my face swelled up yesterday?

Forces: It is the misapplication of the circulation of the blood. It has nothing to do with your actions or your feelings. It is merely the circulation of the lymph glands located beneath the sinus cavities in which you, being in that area, stopping the flow, emerging the flow, swelling up that area considerably. It is what would he called a semi-infection in the lymph glands. It will be gone before you know it with applications of compresses of hot water mixed with a little bit of that solution of what would be known as a little salt epsoms.

R: Thank you.

B: Could you give us… could you give us some understanding of our visit to the ashram Friday night and if the questions that I asked and the discussion were… had too much ego involved in them?

Forces: This here is the preparation for the next group of tests for the group. This group will follow and keep touch with this. Entertain or visit the area in areas of at least fifteen days consecutively. It will be up to you all to understand when to mark up that day to count the fifteen days. Everyone to try to make it, but at least five or more from the group will be sufficient. During the fifteen days your progress is to infiltrate, congregate, upset, take, and remove, and return. It is a simple, and as adherent as that. It is also one more thing. As what I said upset, it does not mean on a physical level, but more on a mental level. For you will upset many in the path of your walk. All that must be needed is to speak the truth, regardless of how you sound when you say it.

B: When I was asking the questions of the person there, did I ask them correctly?

Forces: It would be known that your tact should be polished up. That would be incorrect for me to say that you asked them correctly. Slower progress and process in asking questions, listening more, and giving out less in degree, but giving it out in a strong measure.

B: Thank you.

RO: Would it be good for me to try to get more into numerology in the way that I have been doing or at this point would it just be feeding my intellect to know?

Forces: To degrees it would be good, but if you can keep a balance between the life you lead and your family life, then it would be good.

RO: Thank you.

E: What happened with M, was it supposed to happen exactly as such?

Forces: As such, as on schedule. What happened with M is a progress of preparation for this entity for things to develop within her. There might be that case in point in which she has for the first time illumined into that which is an understanding of the spirit.

E: How will this effect the association with Mr. B.? And the last things that happened?

Forces: We here for the minute have interjected into Mr. B., as you call him, that which is the thought seed for the future. We no longer need either one, for we have fulfilled what has to be done.

E: And actually when anyone who ever left this group, like when I found about RI and K, it was always planned by you really. It only looked as if they left.

Forces: This is more accurate than you will understand at this moment.

E: Can I ask these other questions?

Forces: Continue.

E: You said that you cannot change the forms of your body, but can you create an illusion of such?

Forces: It would be known as changing into or coming into this dimension through that which is the thought form. On such an occasion we could project certain things that needed to be corrected in those that see them.

E: Also about myself, the budget, budgets that I’ve been doing in the group so far, is it my own wanting to do the budget or is it part of what has to be done?

Forces: In this area we are proud that such an undertaking has happened, but we also would advise that it would be in more strict alliance with the rest of the group, for such has to be done in order for the future to manifest.

E: Thank you.

J: There are three friends that I was asked to have dinner with the other night, and I’m planning, tentatively planning to have dinner with them again or sometime this weekend. Is there any advice you could give me on meeting with them or relating to them?

Forces: We would only advise you only to be yourself and let the light as what was given shine forth. Tell them very little but just enough to get their curiosity involved. That from that group one might be saved.

J: Is there anything you might tell us about the experiences we were having when we first went to the Divine Light Mission Friday night?

Forces: Out of this we would say it is the eruption of the chemical vibrations that you here are building coming into contact with that which is their vibration that they are building. What was seen is the complete opposition of negative and power what would be called a war in the electrical field.

J: Is there anything you can say… there was a picture of someone I went to school with that E looked at and she wasn’t able to go on and say anything on him. Could you give me any enlightenment on…

Forces: At this moment we would only say that the progress of this particular soul has become in many aspects completely selfish, motivating him to many areas of destruction, not to himself but to those that he touched. We would also say that there are many great adepts and talents that this particular entity does have, but at this moment it should not involve you.

J: Thank you.

JI: Could you explain the tension that’s manifesting between J and I?

Forces: We would advise to speak and to talk. It is the lack of discipline also the selfishness between both and the laziness between both in other degrees. But what we have given you earlier was the reason why you find such contradictions or what would be said opposition, for it is only right that the leader does look upon and understand the problems of the group. You must continue to enhance and move yourself and contribute to the group.

D: Could you please explain my desires and the dreams I’ve had a lot, dealing with metaphysics, things…

Forces: You are mental and ego. You have not done anything at this moment but to lay down and look good. You are a dog that is all wet. You must contribute also to this group, and not to see how great you are in your mental, for if you really come to look at it, it is only a game you are playing to prove how much you don’t know.

D: Thank you… [inaudible]

Forces: The fear of you showing that of love to your fellow man. Frustration is only rightly yours when you have this fear built up within you.

I: [inaudible]

Forces: We would only say one word, stop talking and come home.

C: The book I’ve been studying, the thought forms that he’s describing, are they different from the thought forms that you talk about?

Forces: To degrees they are different. For, they are not of the world of your thought forms.

P: My pride and…

Forces: Which one do you think is extinct?

P: It seems to be my pride and completely lost.

Forces: Then you must work with what you do.

R: Did I understand correctly what E was trying to explain to me about the dream that I had last night?

Forces: We would advise to go over it with this entity once more on the point of the message and what it means to become awakened.

B: On the night when we were instructed to come to the room between nine-thirty and ten-thirty and I felt the blow to my chest and I almost fell over, could you explain that?

Forces: That was trying to get you attention.

B: Thank you.

RO: In my personal meditations there have been times where I meditate on the fourth-dimension, to sort of increase my understanding and open it up somehow, increase my understanding and open it up. Is there any type of meditation or anything to meditate on, a word…

Forces: Mediate on God and not on the fourth dimension. Meditate the Light and not on time. For the Light is eternity and time is not.

RO: Thank you.

E: The entity TM is there any information that I could relate to the entity T?

Forces: This entity is beginning to fight desperately, but losing the battle very nicely. This is all that he needs to know at the moment.

E: Thank you. The sword that I have to fight the black forces, how does it work, do I have the sword?

Forces: The sword represents the ability to see the truth.

E: So all I do is by seeing the truth I uncover the black?

Forces: Correct.

E: Can you tell us some more about the history of the archangel Michael?

Forces: It is a long history, in which the archangel Michael was in control of the armies of God. It would be a long discussion for me to go into at this moment But in the future if you remind or that we save this question again, we will give you more information. Michael is that which is the key to this galaxy and is constantly in battle of many of the ray and forces against the breaking of the laws of God. In many directions he guides those that need to abide by the laws of God. He is strong and on many nights he is here.

E: Thank you.

Forces: You are welcome.

E: What was meant by the force that keeps the akashic records is the same as his name? Does it mean that to know who he is is to know our own name? When we do know our name can we get into that record?

Forces: The Akashic Record is a force of electrical magnetic field. And the only way we can penetrate the door is by having the key of our name. And knowing our name is opening the door and entering.

E: And if we know our name will we know the name of the person who keeps the records?

Forces: Correct.

E: There is another question I wanted to ask. Could you give us the meaning of color? Not only as far as they are extensions of our bodies, but also the other meanings.

Forces: It is easily done. Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, white, it will continue, but the color spectrum is white and purple. For when you break up color you have colors if you leave it alone you have no color. There is no need for color, but there are needs for color, there are many colors, but there are no need for colors. Therefore, we only give you a little bit and ask you once again to give us this question in a future session.

E: You also said in a session we are not… [inaudible]… what does this mean?

Forces: It would be termed there a nucleus of one. As you say, we are not of this entity we are of the others. Please do not confuse, we are all part of… [indaudible]

E: [inaudible]

J: [inaudible]

Forces: [inaudible] This would be known as the fourth dimension. [inaudible, Tape Recording Error, Frequency Modulation Distortion.]

J: You elaborate on the aspect of space being an illusion of people on the earth also?

Forces: Space is no space. There is no distance between space. That is all I will say to make it easy for you to understand it.

J: Could you explain that flash we saw that day we went to the shore?

Forces: That would be known as a sign in degrees. It would be also known as we watching and traveling, for those who will not know it, it is only a mere reflection in the sky that happened to be a flash.

J: Thank you.

D: Could you explain what Lobsang Rampa said in one of his books that the Atlanteans or remnants of the Atlanteans are still on the earth underground?

Forces: This would be known in the northern polar region, in the Iceland region, and in the state of Wyoming near what would be called the underground. It is a mere statement of retreat into the underground and the call of the Atlantean scientists or what would be know as the progression and the evolution of these species.

D: Didn’t they defeat their purpose?

Forces: Don’t we all?

D: What is their particular purpose for being underground?

Forces: And what is your particular purpose of being above the ground?

I: How can I better control my imagination and my mental thoughts at times when I know it just gets too much?

Forces: Taking a bucket of water and splash yourself with it starting from the top of your head down to the toe.

I: Is there anything else that would help?

Forces: Then take the concoction in which your leader had eaten and eat. Also a banana will do you good. You could put it in your ear. It will stop your imagination.

C: Could you explain what happens with the candles when they flicker?

Forces: They burn.

C: I mean in meditation sometimes there’s like… they do all sorts of things.

Forces: So do you.

C: What is it that I feel then? That vibration…

Forces: You should be concentrating on the light within rather on what is happening on the outside.

P: I just recently finished reading…

Forces: That is nice.

P:… the book that the recent Dali Lama wrote in 1964? Is there any more recent information on the present situation?

Forces: He is doing well and getting fat.

P: How is it… what is it that makes me see sometimes during meditation…

Forces: Your eyes.

P:… things that I’ve never seen before? And when I have my eyes closed, what is it that makes me see those things?

Forces: What would you like me to tell you? Why not just let them happen and then maybe you will be the better one for it. I am grateful you cannot put it in a scrapbook.

P: Thank you.

L: How can I have a better understanding of the group… [inaudible]… also my relationship to S. I don’t understand it at all. I was told, that I wasn’t going to understand what is happening in this group till it was too late. So how can I come to understand it?

Forces: The point is, you must love yourself first. And then you must contribute and abide that which is to bend over backwards to please and to give to those in this group. You must help, council, and guide and to give that which is love to those in the group. You are not as far away from your son as you think. You are right on target and are helping, what would be said, you are helping him progress and develop into a great leader someday.

R: Are the physicians today going contrary to the laws of God by the establishment of all the surgeries and implants of plastic articles and machines into the body?

Forces: It is a plastic society. They have gone against much. They will realize what they are creating and will turn backwards again into the true force, that of nature.

R: Is there information on… well, how far should a physician go to save one’s life? I mean…

Forces: He should go to the altar of God and say, Thy will be done. That’s as far as you should go.

B: In discussions… in the discussion that I had at work Friday with the girl BA, was what I said correct there and is it… is it good that that’s really the first time that I’ve ever spoken in depth about what is happening in our house?

Forces: It is good, but we would watch her desires more in toe.

B: Watch her desires?

Forces: Correct.

B: Also, a couple of weeks, well, in the last few weeks when C and I have been discussing the dreams he has had, has our understanding been correct?

Forces: In degrees it has been correct. We would also involve other people in your discussion of these of your dreams. Also the interpretation of dreams interpretations of many people getting the idea what they particularly think a certain object represents. Also understanding that the Spirit is the higher and understanding the omens of spirit into everything, interpretating them to the right force and right degree. As you interpret a dream, allow not your selfish motivations to take over so that it will sound, or either be good or bad, but let what good is within you guide your voice so that it might speak the right words of the dream.

B: Thank you.

RO: In the meditation last night, I had a dream or something that I was holding a glass with something black in it. And in the black there were thousands of little tiny silver specks of light. And I was holding it in my hands and looking into it. Is there any meaning to this that you can…

Forces: The glass represents the spectrum in which you must grow. The darkness is that which you are in, and the specks of light is that which you are growing to produce from the darkness.

RO: Thank you.

Forces: It is the growing of your conscious mind to the illumination of light within.

RO: Thank you.

E: The cat that we have received at home, are we doing right…

Forces: Correct. The cat that you do have is being processed to become a very watchful and guardian. We are producing certain things that we might interject into this particular cat to guide and to give responses to black and white.

E: To give what? Responses to black and white?

Forces: That is the responses to those that are evil and to those that are good.

E: Oh, she’ll know.

Forces: Correct.

E: My mother, is there anything I can do?

Forces: I would suggest to keep her far away from the house. That is she can be dangerous to certain areas and undertakings. As last, I wouldn’t invite her to the supper of God yet.

E: Thank you.

Forces: It would mean that there are many things that must be undertaken within her development before she understands any more that is being done here or in your life. She must come to the realization that you and her are adults and know that this cannot continue that of the selfishness in her own particular life.

E: Mathematics is the most perfect law in… in all the universe, then what would be the relation to those who know it well here on earth?

Forces: Absolutely nothing. It is only the mental mind that understands the mathematics. And it’s only the mental mind that understands the mental mathematics. But there is a spiritual mathematics more complicated than the mental mathematics. And only those with the spirit can understand it.

E: Oh, so if I have very poor understanding of those… of that earthly mathematics, it doesn’t interfere or anything with the other?

Forces: Correct.

E: Thank you. Is this Akashic Records for all the universe, galaxies, or do you have to…

Forces: For all life substances.

E: So it’s one place for all the, for everybody?

Forces: And we can put it into the eye of a needle.

E: Was the explanation of the glass and that little thing in the glass of water, was that semi, something like it, I mean to our understanding?

Forces: Correct.

E: Are all redheads today the remnants of the body of a bird?

Forces: Negative. If that was so, they would all be flying around, or be called birdheads. It would be in great contrast that they are what would be known as those that are more material of the earth, for these that are redheaded are more earthly in their security of having foundation underneath them.

E: When you say a body of clay, did that body have a soul, or there was no soul there?

Forces: Body of clay is that without spirit. Until the breath of God is breathed into it, then it becomes with spirit.

E: What is the evolution of animals, and do they all have a soul or how does…

Forces: The evolution of animals is on the same scale as humans, but on a different physical manifestation.

E: Do they all have a soul? Each or a group or what?

Forces: Correct.

E: Group.

Forces: Correct.

E: That means for, like for one species, for each species there is one soul. Like all the Siamese cats would have one soul. And then all different Persian cats would have one soul…

Forces: To degrees, each cat has his own particular soul merging into other souls prior to the end.

E: Prior to the end? That means when they finish their…

Forces: They move on to learn elsewhere.

E: Do they stay animals, or do they finally evolve to…

Forces: On the physical level they manifest as what you call animals, but the spirit and energy of God, can you call that an animal?

E: No. Then… then they never come back here with a different physical body? I’m just trying to understand.

Forces: They can come back many times with many different types of physical bodies in their evolution or their scale of evolution.

E: But never a humanoid body?

Forces: Correct.

E: Is it correct that, the humanoid body here on earth is the most evolved?

Forces: Man’s ego has made him to believe this.

E: What is the truth?

Forces: The truth is those who see the spirit of God is the most evolution or the most evolved body on the earth.

E: And it could be an animal that will see that?

Forces: And does he not yet see?

E: Does evolution of soul go together with intelligence?

Forces: To degrees, it might be said, yes. Other degrees, no. Intelligence is only on the mental faculty. But intelligence and the desire to help and responds to situations is another thing. Intelligence does not measure the spiritual development of the person.

E: Am I correcting in the things that I have to correct within me?

Forces: You are still correcting the things that you have to correct within you.

J: Is there any enlightenment you can give us on the action in the pituitary gland?

Forces: The enlightenment of the pituitary gland and all the other glands will, be given to you in the next session. The pituitary gland is that which effects all other glands, and can be easily destroyed by too much of anything. The pituitary gland is a basic factor in which it is connected by the three other glands hovering over it. Plus the two glands that are in the other dimension.

J: Is there any advice you could give me on how I might calm down and control my emotions better?

Forces: We would advise you to take a bucket of water and start from the top of your head and touch your toes. Then we would advise you to take a banana and stick it in your ear. Also we would advise you to take a hot bath after all this is done.

J: Thank you. Is there any passage in the Bible that you might advise me to read at this time?

Forces: No.

J: Thank you.

JI: Can you explain how like Neanderthal man and all the prehistoric men that have been found, how they fit in the evolution cycle? Like in what time period and all? And like if…

Forces: They fit into the evolutionary cycle when and before that point. For there are many tribes during the Atlantean age that were developed. And there were many tribes that were not developed. Therefore, when the eruptions did happen, the civilized ones were destroyed while the barbaric ones were remained.

JI: Okay, thank you.

D: Could you explain about the Ten Sephiroth? How they effect the spiritual centers… and what… it’s been stated elsewhere that there are twelve spiritual centers and yet there’s only ten.

Forces: As what we were giving you, there are the seven in the body, while the three that hovers above, which makes up the ten that should be completed in this dimension during the lifetime. When the spirit enters into the other dimension, and goes into other lessons, they are carrying with them twelve centers.

D: So the ten… the ten that are in the body are the Ten Sephiroth?

Forces: That is correct.

I: The conversation that I had with my father today and plans to going next weekend possibly to visit, is that all right? To visit him?

Forces: We are not here to take care of your social affairs. We are here to guide you in asking and understanding certain influences within you. If we say yes then it is yes. If we say no, then it is no. But you must say what it is yourself. At this moment, we are going to close the particular session. And rejoin you again on the twenty-fourth of February. At that evening we will reveal to you other questions and other things that must be put together. Also we will give you the schedule for the next month to be followed closely. We would advise that which is named RO to read the Psalms of the twenty-eighth and understand them. We would advise that which was named B to read the Proverbs of the fifth chapter, seventh, eighth, and ninth verse.

B: Thank you.

Forces: We would advise the one that is named L to read that which is Ecclesiastes, the tenth chapter, eighth, ninth, and tenth verse. We would advise that which is known as E to read that which is the First Book of Kings, the third chapter, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh verse. We would advise that which is known as D to understand, comprehend, and to read that which is the Book of Acts, the third chapter, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, et cetera verses, and understand them. We would advise that which is known as P to read that which is the book of Luke, the seventh chapter, and understand it. We would advise that which is named J before he cries to read the book of Numbers, the ninth chapter from the tenth verse to the twentieth verse.

J: Thank you.

Forces: Then you shall all have fun in finding it to degrees and to some other degrees, but that is neither here nor there. We will then again meet you and discuss much on the twenty-fourth of February. As far as that which is your transportation, we ask you all to begin to pray for it. Only by that prayer will you receive what is needed.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens…