Session 30-1/19/73

… We know about, we have written. Sometime we shall appear, but that shall be in the future to come. But we here have been watching this entity’s progression and far as what has to be done. Sometime we… [inaudible]… especially everyday affairs. Look out for the one… [inaudible]… You cannot go through life without taking on certain responsibility; what we must do ourselves for our neighbor. Also we have been looking at her development. In that it has been revealed that this entity appeared physically. The area that is next to be investigated will be in Wyoming. This will be given later on the exact area and land that this group will be moving to on the… [inaudible]… When that is, is up to us. When the signal is given then you will move. At this point in time you must save up enough reserve that you will have substantial substance to work and will need to construct the things for the future. This time it would be advisable that nothing new as far as decorations except for one or two that has been given before, the curtains, in certain areas and areas of sleep. Other than that there should be no investment of financial substance in this particular house unless deemed necessary; all saving and contribution would be on an all out scale to reach the point of eight thousand dollars in your word. This would be that substance that will needed for your stage of the road. If it is not acquired, we will work out other methods in giving it and obtaining it. But this is a project that will be a long one. And as this is going on there will be many other projects happening. As far as your progression is concerned, needs improvement… [inaudible]… of lessen the time, the discipline of your mind, mentally, as your daydreaming takes over. This is not needed and should be corrected. Also relax. Let your food areas be lightened and not heavy. Concentrate enough soul to having in increase of foods that comes from one’s heart and not from one’s responsibility to live. And this should be the motto for everyone in this group: that the things they do should be done only for God and not for self. We also say at this moment that all records, all tapes of our voices going in sessions past or future is to be stored in that container and sent and placed here, in this Upper Room. All records that have been recorded are also to be stored up here. Nowhere else are they to be stored. We also ask that this room be extended three more beams as mentioned of that extension, for preparation of greater things. We ask that you remember in meditation of thoughts during the mid of day that all might build up a harmony for one and another. Therein are many things to be accomplished among you. And we advise patience in what you do no matter how that job is. That is, regardless of what it is, and do it for the best that you are capable. The house to come will be there as the stones. In this moment we will ask you certain questions. Are you doing the best you can? Do you think you belong here in this house? Do you think you belong here? Have you made progress? Are you more selfish than giving? Have you given for the point of receiving with not expected in return? Do you lose your memories in thoughts of the things that must be done as you are being, as it would be said in another world? But we give you to the most important question of all. As I sit here and watch over the great vastness of many things to come, the most important question that I have to ask you: are you loving one another deeply, strongly, and with conviction? This does not mean the love of gratification, but the love of patience that you may see in the things that must be said. We here at this moment are now ready for those questions.

J: Is there any advice you can give me concerning the discussions that I’ve been having with people in the house?

Forces: We would advise you first to understand that you speak for us. Second, that you are the servant. And third, that you must love everyone and do your best to help them, correct them, and to guide them when we are not here. We also ask, do not come down too hard on yourself for things that has to he done. Be patient, but be not excited. Relax and all things will be taken care of.

J: Thank you.

R: Can you tell me what emotions are and how they should be in balance?

Forces: I would you like to know your definition of emotions? And if so, how could you be, you say, in balance? I will not at this moment tell you emotion, for if I do, that will be a definition and a mental thought. And therefore, we say that you are involved too much on mental thought. What emotions are applies to your own needs. You should ask questions that will benefit the development of the souls around you and you yourself. Emotions are those things that do not allow us to advance onward this earth.

R? Thank you.

Forces: Sometimes the physical body needs to have a bit of pain to see who will conquer first.

I: Could you advise me and. help me about the experience I had with my mother Monday?

Forces: I ask you to analyze and to go over many things in your mind. One, as it has been said to you already, that things, which seems a great victory it is a… [inaudible]… of your development upward and outward. Do not seek for comfort or for glories in others, look in yourself, for the years can never be turned back for you if you just seek to gain comfort for yourself and your own personality.

I: Thank you.

P: Is there any advice you would give me at this time?

Forces: We ask you to investigate in many questions that you might be able to ask rather than the same question all the time. We have been watching those that need to guide you. And they will be taken away. There will be many to come also. Nothing… [inaudible]… to you to worry with your own… [inaudible]… but if you are doing what is right, will be… .up to you in your own mind, in your own conscience. We are not here to guide you as far as what you should be thinking. We are here to show you the pattern that you yourselves can follow. It is not for us, but through basis of these commandments to feel you should bring your whole heart to God and then your mind also.

B: What can I do further to help, to keep the consciousness, the Christ and God with me and around me more and more every minute each day?

Forces: If you remember that the Christ spirit is near you and in you, you would no be acting with less faith as you do. How would you understand that the spirit of Christ is within you… [inaudible]… ? The spirit of God is within. When you prepare yourselves or yourself for many tests to come.

B: Thank you.

E: The dreams that T had this morning and the dream that I had this morning, it seemed like it’s the same message. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

E: And the dream, I received the message correctly?

Forces: Message has been received correctly.

E: Thank you.

Forces: It is also part of another lifetime that has happened.

E: Oh, it’s already in the past?

Forces: It has already taken place many times in the past.

E: Oh, so it’s not for this lifetime for the future?

Forces: It is part with this lifetime and part of the past.

E: I see. Also last time when the session was instantly over, the entity T came out, I think, with a little… with a bit of shock. And can this be prevented or did he have anything to do with it?

Forces: He’s had nothing to do with it. There was no physical shock, just the vibrations coming into the body at a faster rate.

E: So nothing can happen to him?

Forces: Nothing.

E: Thank you. Also the entity M, is her what she calls semi-trance, is that for real?

Forces: It would appear that it is real only to her. To degrees of development it could be utilized d cultivated if the thoughts of serving God came first and not man. But these patterns are utilized to cause comfort in her physical surroundings. Therefore, it is like unto one of you slapping us in the face. We will not be slapped in the face. Lack of understanding who we are and wanting to perform such tricks also. We will take the umbrella, as we have so far, away from this individual; and she will not be allowed to be at any session for a period of a month. She also will not be allowed to enter into the house. There will be complete severance of communication with this entity for a period that she might understand her actions. We will not stand and watch such thing go on. It is childish and very foolish. We will not be slapped in the face.

E: Thank you. The tears that come out of her eyes, is it her own inducement of such?

Forces: Them are many, as it would be said, false ways of applications of what they see. If this entity did not see the real, it could not perform such. For it had to see the action first. It had to see the rainfall and then try to imitate it. It had to see that painting and then try to apply it from interpretation. It had to experience it first before it ever realized how to do it. In such, we give the explanation. The entity forced these tears by pressures of air and pockets and moisture not firing into the beds of the eyes. It is nothing great. She thinks, the entity, that she is receiving messages on a subconscious but conscious basis. It is l in her own development and mind. In this particular incident, she has become selfish. Therefore only receiving what would benefit her and her selfishness. She should remain to that which has been given to her in the automatic handwriting to degrees. For that is when we best use her, not when she takes over and use what she wants. For we do not speak through her or we will not come through her saying that we cannot put her fully into such because of the operation in us.

E: So her automatic, so her automatic writing is also partially. You have used her when you needed something around her to be helped? Is that correct?

Forces: This would be accurate in your understanding.

E: Would it be advisable to let her listen to this information?

Forces: Only to this area of the tape that deals with her personally. After that, no.

E: Thank you. Also, about I’s mother, has that been handles correctly from my side?

Forces: As far as your point of view, how can you tell us if we handled it correctly?

E: No, I, I… was it actually… I felt like a trumpet of some sort.

Forces: It was our vibration of sound echoing through the wire system creating a metallic and metal shock vibration causing anyone who received it on the other end to go completely crazy as far as their own feeling of selfishness. It is the selfishness in this individual that is erupted and this selfishness for that measurement.

E: Thank you.

J: Is there anything you might tell me about the burning and the headaches I’ve been feeling?

Forces: We would advise for you to find a place to relax so all the exciting vibrations of anxiety causing a great deal of nervous difficulty which create the blood vessels in your head to become thin. Which means lack of oxygen in your brain, which means a dizziness and a heat and the uncomfortability. We also would advise you to slow down and take it easy. In this substance it would be good to relax and maybe one or two relaxers that will calm you will be taken. If you continue in this area of excitement, nervousness and without faith to your God whom all things come and go, it could drive you silly. We are watching, but your energy is completely neurotic and you must relax, or else it can lead to a very serious condition.

J: Thank you. Is there anything you might tell me about my relations with my family over the past several days?

Forces: Improvement, but you could have done better in your relationship, and most of all, you patience. There are many things and opportunities you could have weighed and taken advantage of, if you only had given them the time to express their viewpoints. It might mean many things on many levels. That is, for you to perceive their feelings and thoughts at the moment.

J: Thank you.

R: Is it fear that keeps me from being able to express my feelings to people?

Forces: A fear of not loving yourself firstly and sharing this love with the ones that you are with.

R: How can I start to overcome that fear?

Forces: By loving yourself completely and accepting that you are the spirit of God. Do not get involved in it self-righteously, or you will be knocked down very fast.

R: Thank you.

D: Could you explain the feelings I had this weekend. Like… I don’t know if you’d call it emotions… [Inaudible]… strong feelings who I am?

Forces: In application of energy causing disturbance. Also, I would advise you to meditate more during such periods. To come up here and enter into meditation. You must create and do your job well and you must do it here equally well. That is the explanation for the tensions that you have experienced also.

D: Thank you.

P: Is there something that I could relate to my mother that would aid her, regress her to stop her withdrawal. She’s regressing back to… [inaudible]…

Forces: Loads of love and understanding and compassion would be good. Otherwise it is karmetic and it would well that you would just pray for this individual and continue to show your love for her.

I: Another question concerning my mother. How can I better… to understand… like to find the parts that keep coming out in sympathy with her… and to keep detaching, and yet, but still understand and feel the compassion?

Forces: Treat her like a best girlfriend. Be dis-attached. And also treat her like a phony, nonetheless. At this point she cannot be treated like a mother. Her use and misuse of such qualities place her only on the friendship level and should be worked up once more to the mother level.

I: For now within that friendship level you just gave, is communication suggested?

Forces: It would be well and advisable to do this. Communicate, but only on a friendship level, not to go out of your boundaries. But to do it only when you need the feeling to do it.

B: Is the sound now a fault of the cassette or are we picking up one of the units from one of the ships?

Forces: It is of many factors. It is the sound of our vibrations attuning in to yours. From this thing that we are producing here, is effecting your auras and it is building them up. We can stopped it at signal, or we can let it go. For there are times when we will say stop, and it will stop. And there are times when we will say let it sing, and it will sing. But it is also mechanical difficulty, too, on the logical level, which is, certain parts are squeaking. It is parts of a wheel that at times could be oiled. But nonetheless, it is us who is doing it. Correct, for this is the sound of our ships when we speed throughout the galaxies. As fast as that, that is our sound in your ears. When we want to speak to you, this is the sound you will hear first, when intuition from us will be given to you. It will clean out everything you hear, for only us to be heard.

B: Thank you. In the discussion in the class, the discussion of Genesis this week, could you give an explanation of the Shaddai when the man or the army came into the earth and how the Channelors [Forces] is connected in and help us to understand that segment?

Forces: It will take many, many times to explain this. Therefore, all I can say to you at this moment, is that we put upon the earth a creature that evolved on the spiritual level through the involvement in the earth; a creature in which some things that we had formulated and implanted inside this physical anatomy. It is the spiritual substance or the Buddhist pontiff or the Christ spirit that you speak of. But it is the energy of light that is like this sound. It can be penetrated and projected within anybody and any physical anatomy, be it a tree or a lion or a fish. We just happened to speak and to take upon ourselves this mammal form, or Homo sapiens.

B: Was there also an army in the physical that accompanied that entity at that time?

Forces: There are many cells in the physical body. Therefore, there are many armies.

B: Thank you.

E: When people write books or stories of any kind, is it only imagination, or is it a memory or is it truth in some other place?

Forces: It is truth or else they could not write it. Imagination is tapping onto.

E: Thank you. Which word or sentence in the first chapter of Genesis are the thought forms making their physical manifestation on earth?

Forces: “Created, beginning, God”. “God created beginning”. That is the thought form taking way to manifest in the earth.

E: But didn’t they get caught up already by those who were in thought form?

Forces: They were working towards that point. They fulfilled it when they entered into the physical or the thought forms causing it to solidify around them. That is, causing them not to get out or break away. This happened through many, many billions of years. But they were thought and free, free. But their thoughts solidified around them causing them to be encased in that element in which they were involved in that moment. Yes, it did take place in the spiritual, on a spirit level, only manifesting again in the material.

E: Thank you. In the book, THE KEY OF DESTINY, he says that number eleven is the number of Christ in flesh. What does it really mean?

Forces: This would be the preparation of the spirit of Christ for a new cycle.

E: Which are the twelve centers of the body, which are into the four sections of the body?

Forces: Would your question be more like unto where are they than rather which are they?

E: Probably. I don’t understand the problem, which thing…

Forces: Then do you think with our answer do you think?

E: Oh. I see. Is it actually the kundalini? Does it…

Forces: Correct.

E: Well… what was meant by the sentence, “the quaking that God was not in it, and the fire that the Lord was not in it”?

Forces: The quaking represents those cells within the body that are warring against those that are being spiritualized. But the spirit of God is not in the body at that moment, for the war is not over. Therefore, when a battle is being fought, does God perceive which one will win out? Containing in the fire the misapplication or the application of the correct forces of the kundalini.

E: And while that fight is going on, the spirit doesn’t fight?

Forces: The fight is the spirit against the material. So, therefore, the spirit is too busy fighting to balance out that which the spirit has got involved in. The spirit is helping out to the fullest of its intent.

E: Thank you.

Forces: We would advise you check the tape.

E: Could you give us a right way of the numbers? How to work with them so we can count and make out correctly the letters and because there are so many different ways and I don’t know which one is the right one?

Forces: Correct of counting the numbers. You would take the aperture of each number in each letter and divides it into the formula given astrologically amphisophic of which is that of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. These all numbers are 1, 2; 2 to 1; 3 to 4; 4 to 3; 5 to 6; 6 to 5; 7 to 8; 8 to 7; and 9 to the arc number of the power. But of all these conglomerations of sounds and words comes that of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I.

E: Thank…

Forces: That which is next J, H, or that which is H, J, K, L, M, N, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, or be more like to R. So A to B; B to A; C to B; D to C; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I first. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. Next: J, K, L, M, J, K, L, M, N, O; J, K, L, M, N, O. Or J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q; J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R. That would be J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R. Next S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

E: Thank you. So actually the way Ariel Taylor is doing it is…

Forces: To this degree at this moment we could give you another system, but it would be in an algebraic form, which would be complicated. Therefore, we remain with this simple one for you.

E: Does our higher self evolve through the experiences of the earthly manifestation of personalities? And if so, what is actually our higher self? It is not always one with God? So we…

Forces: Our higher self or higher soul is always one with God. That is called personality or the consciousness, being inseparable to God, but separated. You are learning through the experiences in all the galaxies that it might come before that which is God and bow down with all its wisdom and knowledge and supplicated through God and say to God, “Thank you for allowing me to be.”

E: Thank you. What is the anti-matter world? Could we enter the…

Forces: The anti-matter world is like the positive and negative on a photograph. That which is black is white. That which is white is black. It is conceivable that a mistake can enter and the black turn white and the white turns black. As you enter the anti-matter, you leave behind the qualities of matter.

E: That is good, isn’t it? Because…

Forces: It is always good.

E: Do we have actually a double world? As…

Forces: It would appear, but not the way our conscious or your conscious mind would accept.

E: You can still move around by thought forms, is that correct?

Forces: We can still move around by thought forms.

E: I know I have asked that question before, but I couldn’t get an understanding of the answer… to my following question. May I ask it again, or… ? How can a world be created in the future by people’s thought forms if everybody has different thoughts…

Forces: Only those entities that are highly developed, their thought forms dominate over the lower ones, creating the world of tomorrow.

E: I see. So, now in that world of tomorrow, those people are actually walking, breathing…

Forces: They are manifesting and manifestations of that which could exist in the world tomorrow.

E: Do they have like life-spans, and things like that?

Forces: For the thoughts of man today is creating that world tomorrow.

E: Thank you. Do you always know where the openings are located?

Forces: We know more than that. We also know the closings.

E: So it’s actually mathematically calculated by you?

Forces: A lot is calculated by us. We are calculating people. You should sit down and write yourself a dictionary.

E: Me?

Forces: Whoever.

E: Thank you.

R: This painting that T did. of the picture that was painted for Solomon, could that be one of the spacemen?

Forces: That is a picture that is guiding and developing his personality to change as far as discipline and respect. That is what we would call in this dimension, the witch doctor, or the healer. This is that camouflage through which he might be directed and guided.

R: Is there any place in the room where it would have a better effect to be hung? Or where it would be good to hang it?

Forces: We would expect it to be hung near the wall beside that is being painted.

R: The one we painted with the purple triangle?

Forces: Correct.

B: The last two weeks in my meditations in the evenings, is it… could I have some understanding of what I have experienced in those last two weeks?

Forces: It is that which is growth.

B: Thank you.

E: Are there stars to be seen in the fourth dimension?

Forces: There are many people who have come from Hollywood. They could be seen inside the proper dimension, angle, and light vibration. We would also advise the correction of this tape… [End of Side A]… There will be that which is not and there will be that which is. There will be the things that has been said, things that cannot be retraced.

E: Should I continue with my questions, then?

Forces: What choice do we have? You will please continue.

E: Thank you. When you pass over…

Forces: Passover? That is a time for herbs, food, don’t mind if I do.

E: Well, probably is as such, too. How long…

Forces: About, I would say, seven days.

E: How long can…

Forces: Moreso like eight?

E: What did he say?

B: Moreso like eight.

E: In the Akashic Records, do we see the happenings of our soul from the beginning of our own manifestation of our soul?

Forces: What is needed you see.

E: Oh, so we don’t see everything?

Forces: You see everything.

E: So we do… we do see everything?

Forces: See everything. Make sure you have what would be known as a bag of popcorn with you. Chocolate bar would be good, too.

E: I don’t know, maybe we stay there a couple hundred years and look at our…

Forces: Some people even rot there. Shock.

E: How can that be?

Forces: Anything’s possible with people coming from the earth.

E: Is Lobsang Rampa aware of this group and the connection it has with each other and with you?

Forces: He is aware of many things, but where… that is our discretion to allow certain individuals to know. It is not your worry if he knows or does not know. He knows.

E: Thank you. Is there any way we can regain back some of the information that we received from you before we started using the tape recorder?

Forces: Has been said. Has been said.

E: I mean personal information, but I mean… we had much information there that was for many other things. Not unless the question comes up, is that it? Do you have a span of life in your dimension?

Forces: I am personally don’t like Spam.

E: Should I continue? Should I continue asking questions?

Forces: No, how about answering then?

E: The questions are all done?

Forces: It would be nice for us to sit there and for you to work the gidgets up here to get the answers all- from files to you all do there.

E: Very glad to do it.

Forces: No, thank you! Stay right where you are. We will contend with your questions for the protection of our ship!

E: Do you have a span-life… a life span? In… at one point…

Forces: Is that a tire?

E: At one point you said that… that you lived… something about ten thousand years. No. You didn’t say that you lived ten thousand years, you said that you refresh yourself with the light of God every ten thousand years. Then at another point, you said that… in reference to something else… that so far you have lived for a billion years, or something like that.

Forces: By this time that you measure.

E: Well, do you… do you also have like a finishing of experience and passing over to another experience?

Forces: Correct.

E: Is that your evolvement to thee eighth dimension?

Forces: We cannot give you that information.

E: You said that you are of a different mission we are. “We are not like unto the others but we are of the others.” Which others?

Forces: The others that we are unto.

E: Do you mean the same spirit?

Forces: That which was that is. All those other that is. There are many other ships that are visiting the earth, and that is not necessarily ours.

E: Oh. A person, because of some reason, will find himself ten thousand years ahead in time. Let’s assume he won’t go crazy. What will happen to him? Will he be able to adjust to the… to this world? Will the people be real to him or aware of him, since those are not real people but thought forms? And do these thought form people actually… well that I… that was… the last part is already answered.

Forces: We ask that all of you gather in your thoughts for many conceptions. For there is great deal of things that will be given for this month to come. Great advancements and setbacks. But we hope advancements, to be sure, There is that meditation and harmony and prayer and unity and study that should be encountered for this is the preparation for the continuation of life on this planet. Therefore, that is your mission. And keep it well in your mind. Prepare yourselves for there will be things happening, even though you will find it difficult to explain. We will meet you again on our terms and our time. We have been happy that we have to talk to you once more. Who knows, we might talk to you again tomorrow. I give you that understanding and that peace of mind. Keep it well and last of all keep that house which is happiness and joy in your heart. Unto you be that light, the light of Hope.

GROUP: Our Father which art in the Heavens…