Session 29-1/14/73

…To all here present now. We have been surveying that and finding certain in many areas. The evening of that which was last night was of interesting circumstances in which we here was half-inclined of leaving totally this group. But as it was that this entity that we speak through, pleaded that we do not leave, we agreed, but on that we had to lift that protection on certain individuals to show that we mean what we say. Do not fool around with us. It is not to the liking of your development, nor to what already has been given to you. If you only had the faith, then we would not have caused a number of things to happen for your learning development. We here again must stress the development between one and the other. If it is not done properly, then it would all destroy itself. Group participation in things done must be accomplished. Therefore, as we in an earlier session, given you the area to investigate, we ask those entities that we have chosen, to leave by that of your air and to be there with that of camera of your said area and investigate what is there. Attune yourself to the vibrations that surround this place. That will be as we have given you. The date that these entities should leave will be near that of twenty-fifth of February through the twenty-seventh. If these entities could stay longer, it would be advisable. That will be an interesting undertaking for these souls and special things are being prepared. Remember, you are that which follows, that which brings forth. You are our eyes and our ears. Use it well. We also are preparing those here to go into the area of Pennsylvania. The area that is most suited for learning and development in many fields is that section called Lancaster. In this area you will see and absorb many things. We are sending you there for the purpose of unity and functioning as a group. We also have in store that of a plan in which those here present will all go down into the area that they well-know as Virginia Beach and stay there for a period of a week. This will be more of a cleansing journey for those there and a mission to bring our message to those near what you have experienced and learned and lived. We have to say, your eyes should be open that you might see the new prospects to be given to you. This should be done near that of the month of March, preferably in the mid of March. We also are planning that that of a group or a party of you will journey into the land or the state that is known as Texas. This is to be done in the month of May, for the period of investigation, renewal contacts, and strengthening your own foundations in your future. We will give you more on this in another session as it is needed. I speak to you tonight bluntly; the dissatisfaction that I feel the group should be moving faster. For the entity, name is JI; we investigate into his development of making and creating. We ask that he get involved investigating those areas that will do him profit. We ask the entity whose name is B to take upon herself to learn the weaving techniques of cloth, for in the future this group will have to make its own cloth or practice of it. The vegetables of seed, basically that of tomato and that of what would be known as turnips and near carrots to begin to get ready for the planting. For it is accumulation of the right seeds and place of planting. This should be done near the month of March through April, preferably the storing up of the seeds in the beginning of April. We are now ready for your questions.

J: Was the interpretation of my understanding of the dream E interpreted for me last week dealing with my sexual problems, was that correct? Did I understand that properly?

Forces: It would be wise if you do understand. It will take time. At the moment, you understood it all. It is good. To apply it is a different form of knowledge. Be patient to understand what is over.

J: Thank you.

JI: Are you referring to me with your creative, were you talking about my sculpture, or could you go into other details on that, please?

Forces: The area, which should be best for you is tailoring, and sewing of cloth. Creation, designs of cloth, and mending. Also, dealing with that of glass and making that of objects.

JI: Thank you.

D: Could you tell me in what way I could better, in what way I have not been giving to the group? Or is it to be given at this time?

Forces: You know where you stand. You must involved in what you do and do it right. Do it accurate, without haphazardly doing things. In your desires, what you want and what you need are two different things. You should involve yourself in that of cooking and creating. Also, of working around that of the house, the areas near and around. Work hard and diligently for that of the room in which the books are. Investigate area that you might apply that of a table of such for this area. For all those books should be put into a proper area, area for storage. This should be your undertakings, also.

R: How can I at this time come into a harmony more with God’s laws and his will for me?

Forces: Meditation.

R: Thank you.

Forces: We have given you to meditate nine and ten. You must continue to do this by yourself.

RO: In my bedroom, on the wall, there is a painting, looks like a landscape of another planet. Can you give us some information about the painting and how to, how I could use it?

Forces: This is a painting of a distant galaxy. It is that of a highly civilized area and development. The rays of the sun are in that color that is painted violet ultra. And everything vibrates an ultra color. It is the dimension of the sixth, which is near to the seventh. For that near heights, but it is a planet that needs to be scanned and controlled. It is a planet of that of development of many ideas and philosophies. But they do need to be controlled on other levels, guiding this philosophy and thought-forms in the proper manner. It is given you that you might understand the philosophies in you, and to be guided directly through this painting.

RO: Thank you.

P: I would like to know if the mark of the beast will be manifesting in an organized, physical movement, and if so, will it have religious or political connotations?

Forces: The mark of the beast will manifest in you. It does not need to have political or large numbers or masses. It is the out and out rebellion of spirit.

I: I’d like to know if I should go to college this spring.

Forces: With this question, you give us the weight of all your problems. It is a test for thee, and we should not answer this for it is not wise to make use of us as that which will ease the tests that are given you. And if that is the case, then there is no need to be here. For this place is that of one big test. Therefore, I will only say to you, be honest and truthful to what you want and to your conscience, and then do it. Meditate on it during this week.

C: What kind of a camera should I get? Or which one would serve the purpose best?

Forces: The camera is of not our business. We couldn’t care less if you made a box and put a bird on top of it. It is of your own discretion, that which shows the area, that which would be well constructive, deal from that. Do not come forth with such questions. We are not here to make your decisions, but only to guide your most important feelings within you. That of the spirit.

JE: I would like to ask the following questions for a better understanding of Christ. I have been told it has been given through this source that Abraham, Moses, and David have been Christ’s in their own age. Since these great souls were Christ’s, please explain their relationship with the Christhood of Jeshua, for it written in the scriptures that Jesus said, regarding Abraham, “Before Abraham was, I am,” regarding Moses, he said that, “Moses wrote of me,” and regarding David, he said, David in spirit called him Lord, saying, “The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand.” Thus, David called him his Lord. In my understanding, there is within me a higher self, thus thinking of the Christ within me as one. Therefore, it’s a confusion in my understanding about the relationship of many Christ’s. My mind thinks of many mind cells or masters all tuning into the one Christ within. Perhaps there is a term of a “Super-Christ”.

Forces: With this particular question, you will see that in your notes Moses and Abraham, David, Isaac, Jacob, Elijah, Joseph, all these were a progression of that which is the spirit of Christ. As the soul progresses, it is attracted to the answers and to the ultimate end of Christhood. Yes, these were all masters and Christ’s in their own age. Yet, the most important part of that answer is comparing to that age in which they were in. For there was not any that were around them that developed. Therefore, they are termed the Christ’s for that moment. Christhood is a development of the soul upward to the Light. Christhood is a light manifested, through the earth. Therefore, if it has never been reached before, the Christhood, and Moses reaching a certain plateau, then he has all rights to be named for that day, for that moment, for that era, the Christ-Light to the people, only to move on upward and progress in the evolution of the own particular Christ. When a soul migrates Light out it is sent forth in a spirit of Christ. For there is only one spirit, and that is the spirit. Therefore, we termed it Christ-spirit. Those who tap upon that which is the future, the spirit of the Christ. This should answer our question that all these entities tapped upon the Light for that time for that age period. Therefore, proceeding on upward, that one come greater than that in which they all bow down in supplication for knowing their own progression to the spirit of that light.

JE: Thank you. I have another question. This is regarding the term or the concept of Lucifer, the Devil, or Satan who’s come in my understanding, that there is an entity of the dark forces that has the power to deceive the entities in this plane. My question is, if an entity of such power and such knowledge and force, question is how come in his state he does not repent, in a state that of the prodigal son, of a child who turns away from the father and does abhor, as it is written, and yet returns. That could not this entity with all his knowledge repent and is it’s the God of God of Mercy of…is there…is there repentance?

Forces: Let it be said that this entity that you speak of, Lucifiel, as it is known here, is on that of a pattern of opposition, arrogance against the law of Light, of harmony. This is the law that has to be created. Lucifer in his time period lasts a period of one minute. Therefore, he is still obstinate and rebellious against the Light of God. It appears that he has been rebellious for billions of years, but in our lifetime span, it is only a few minutes. So putting it into proper perspective, Lucifer is in a very bad mood, aggravated, and against the will of God. The only thing that will be done for him is a chance to show that he has fallen down, and has turned many aside and away from the spirit of Light. For then, the law stands, he must stay where he has created, that is what he has created for himself and that is the law for this particular soul given by the highest of Highest, and no one disputes that. Therefore, we bow our knees and say Honor to him and Glory, that his will is higher than ours. No, Lucifer will never be given a chance to regain that which he had. For he so drastically misused it in a most desperate manner of destruction. He must meet up with himself, which is only eventual darkness.

JE: Thank you.

B: Did the entity Jesus have any children?

Forces: Many.

B: In the physical sense as, as I was told by E in the dream that I had, I was asking the question.

Forces: Many.

B: Were they by a, from, I mean, a particular wife? One woman?

Forces: Many.

B: Thank you.

E: As you have explained the concept, what Lucifer means with his ends, now, does he live in the seventh dimension?

Forces: Negative.

E: Did he ever live there?

Forces: Negative, in the eighth.

E: In the eighth? Is the eighth higher than the seventh?

Forces: Is the sixth higher than the fifth?

E: What is the eighth dimension, then?

Forces: That you have called nirvana or heaven.

E: Does not God reside in the seventh dimension?

Forces: Negative. It is only the progression of those souls reaching toward the eighth that are there. These are highly developed souls that are beginning to see the light of God in the Seventh. It is true His Light resides there, personally, he is not there. He is there. Many.

E: So if Lucifer resided at the eighth dimension, is he still there?

Forces: Negative.

E: But when he got angry, or as you said, in a bad mood for that moment, he affected this whole entire world that we know.

Forces: In the third dimension?

E: In the third dimension. Now, we each one of us get into a bad mood. Are we also affecting another dimension that we are not aware of?

Forces: You are affecting the dimension of the universe within you.

E: But it is just as strong, as physical, as clear as we see the effect of Lucifer on the third dimension.

Forces: Correct. Positive, correct.

E: Also, the Christ of tomorrow will be greater than the Christ of today?

Forces: Correct, positive, correct.

E: Then the Christ of today is greater than Jesus Christ?

Forces: It is not the man Jesus, but Jesus tapped upon the light, and greater things you shall do, and this is the answer to the puzzle. That as we evolve, the spirit of Christ evolves to manifest into the earth to those that will reach on upward.

E: Why have I forgotten my book of questions at home?

Forces: It is not our fault, but you will be given the opportunity to answer many, or ask many. For we are planning many a session, maybe one every week. This will have to be under the feelings of the entity we are speaking through. For we now are merging one with him and he will speak for us and we will speak through him on a very physical and conscious level. Therefore, when he gets the urge, he will lay down wherever he is and there you will have us.

E: Are there any people sent down to earth from the eighth dimension?

Forces: Those who are in the eighth dimension are there in the glory of God.

E: Is there, was the entity that was Jesus Christ, which dimension is he at?

Forces: Many.

E: He doesn’t have a home? I mean, one dimension?

Forces: He is a guest to every house. His home is for those who will listen to the truth.

E: But the entity Jesus himself, not the spirit of Christ. You also said that as I left, so shall I come back.

Forces: Does that give a shock to you?

E: No, but what does it mean? That he is going to, that the entity that was Jesus the Christ is going to come back and manifest himself?

Forces: On a higher level perceive it. The ascension and the assumption into the physical body that which awakens and illuminates every cell of the body and transforms it and raises it up. The day will come when he returns; the sprit of Christ might come on that which is.

E: I’m sorry, but I don’t understand that. Is it going to come back as he was or greater than he was?

Forces: As given before. It will be a different entity coming back greater.

E: And that entity, where is he?

Forces: In the hearts of man.

E: Thank you.

J: Is there any guidance you can give me concerning meditations at lunchtime?

Forces: Just continue with it, and stop worrying about what to eat afterwards.

J: Also, is my use of the Crimson Oil, is it proper or can you give me any advice on that?

Forces: We would just advise you not to bathe in it.

J: And should we make some more of that?

Forces: That will be made by the entity we speak through on the thirteenth of the month is when that oil is to be made. The month of February, the thirteenth. If the group has received by then, then the roses would be gathered again and prepared for the mixture of the oil. You will have it at every thirteenth; you could make the oil, too, if needed.

J: And is there any guidance you might give us for the services we have every evening, the meditation?

Forces: Let the spirit guide you. That is the most important thing. Do not be foiled or foredained into an appointed system or service. Be not like a church, but let the spirit guide you. It will be correct.

J: Thank you.

R: Is there a particular…

Forces: We would advise that which was spoken by this entity, a curtain to be hung in a proper manner so that of the Holy of Holies is hid, even though there are that opposition not having the curtain. But we will wait. The curtain, the color should be white or more so if gotten, could be scarlet or violet in color. Satin is the color of the cloth.

J: And it should be hung in the front of the room to cover the altar, in front of the altar stone and the Ark?

Forces: Correct. Only to be opened during the services or during your meditations. Then of such, once this curtain is constructed, this, too, will be what would be known that of private talks on spiritual level…

[Tape is stopped because of whistle]

Forces: We could have said something important and gotten away with it.

R: In the book on the Fatima prophecy, when the holy Mother appeared to the children, and the people described a sun whirling in the background with colors coming from it, this was a ship, right, one of your ships, right?

Forces: It was the opening of another dimension upon the earth projected by one of our ships. Nonetheless, it was an opening of another dimension.

R: In the information that was given to the children that scared them so badly that the Pope was supposed to reveal, could you give us that information?

Forces: It is the massacre of the Pope, the destruction of two-thirds or more so three-fourths of the world’s population in blood and annihilation, and is also that of Red China, and of course soon to be coming a world menace and many earthquakes and destructions on the physical level, after this, the age of peace.

R: Thank you.

D: Karl Jung. Did he, he worked with people who had many psychic experiences. And he’s supposed to have gone to a city above Jerusalem, like an astral trip. I wondered if…

Forces: That is where our headquarters are.

D: Are his works to be used by us?

Forces: You do not need to use his works. You have enough of our own. Question.

RO: Could you tell me how to pray to God and pray to the light rather than praying to the darkness?

Forces: First we would advise you to wear the covering that has been given you. And second, with patience and to concentrate on the light between your eyes, and third to send love to those that you hate or dislike and to send love to those you like.

RO: Thank you.

P: Is there anything that I might be doing, that I could work on my development?

Forces: We would advise you to get your self openly and to stop these that we have seen of the facial games and expressions. Become normal. And to become truthful. Say what you are and feel and not a harlequin, and that it might be worked and constructively abide with.

I: [Mumbles something]

Forces: We would explain to you this moment come up here and we will give you at rest and at peace. It is only anxiety and lack of faith …[at this point an intense noise develops in the room, picked up on the tape, and continues until right before the Forces speak again] …you can return now.

C: Is there something that will help me to understand my relationship with God better?

Forces: [Inaudible]

C: Thank you.

Forces: [Inaudible]

P: [Inaudible]

Forces: We advise for you more …[inaudible]… and more interests to understand that there will be many like you. Many will be good and many will …[inaudible]… We ask that the entity that is D, you must come to the point in which you must come to the understanding that it is not …[inaudible]… and that you have greater things to do in order to take on that which is responsibility. You must have patience, you must understand your own desires, and you must pray for them.

B: In the transcribing of the material, is my use of the word, “Source”, the correct work in our language that I should be using?

[End of recording]