Session 28-12/23/72

Greetings to all here present now. It’s late at night, and we are here to reveal those things to you on another level. It is a disappointment [Inaudible] that the stones [Inaudible]. [Inaudible sentences] We have come, again, to listen to your questions.

E: Can you tell me at which time we were consciously aware of those feelings?

Forces: [Inaudible].

E: Thank you.

J: Is there an affirmation I might use in private meditation?

Forces: Unto Thee I plot the right course that I might do the will of God.

J: Thank you.

D: Is it right for me to listen [Inaudible]?

Forces: That I may be here to listen and to give to the others.

C: How might I control my emotions more?

Forces: By caring.

IN: Is there anything that could be given for me because I’m finding it hard to ask questions?

Forces: At this moment we find it hard to give answers.

P: Should I send a letter to my friend who’s in prison?

Forces: Not at this moment.

P: Thank you. [Inaudible]

Forces: At this moment we would say to you undertake many avenues of learning, many avenues of giving, less thoughts and perceptions of what these should do and what these should not do. For it is up to you to listen attentively, that you might understand to have patience in your own life. Understand that you are not perfect in your deeds and actions of the past. For they tend to be on a very low center, being on that center, causing eruptions and sometimes havoc. Therefore, consider yourself the lowest for that is one day to be the highest. We would ask you to learn silence and to give that of your true nature of love, understanding, and peace. Perceive the elements around you. Do not speak off the top of your head, for the sake of impatience, for the sake of causing harmony, when you are too tense or too excited to bear anymore of what has to be done. That is serving your own will and not God’s. For it is on that level that we have to say: God first, man second. Your question is a long one, but we answer it as a contrite heart in your own self. We are happy and pleased with your progress. You have given the Lord much, and the Lord will give you much.

P: Thank you. [Inaudible sentences]

Forces: The wording is “Kafuntz”, or as you’d expect, more so or “Comfuntz”, as that name of the Tree of Knowledge. You were known as into that family of that relative of that species. Born on that level are you of that town or that city, into which much emotional upsetment did befall you. Your name at that time was “Ja-Hine” was “Jahainim”.

P: Thank you so much.

J: When we feel negativity, and feel left out or feel icky, in the group or just in our own selves, how can we learn to stop it before it grows and hinders us in the group completely? And how can we should we come together as a group in time or when we feel it or… ?

Forces: This would be wise.

L: How can we strengthen our faith?

Forces: By believing.

P: Thank you.

E: Can I continue with my questions?

Forces: Continue.

E: [Inaudible]

Forces: As many as the stars might decree…

E: It seems like there were two things that were said about accident. One thing was said that there is no such thing as accident and then when a question was asked about the fourth dimension, and our people sometimes filter into, through… through the doors between the dimensions by accident?

Forces: And your question is?

E: It is an accident?

Forces: What is an accident?

E: The will of God.

Forces: And you consider His will an accident?

E: No.

Forces: And the answer is there.

E: So there is no accident, even though…

Forces: There is what would be presumed an accident, but an accident is part of the Law of God or else it could not be termed accident. Certain things might not go according to plan, but these things are no accident.

E: So they are the Will of God?

Forces: Correct.

E: Hmm. Have people from another … from another galaxies entered this world by one of these open doors, and what has happened to them? Since other galaxies seem so much more advanced than ours?

Forces: If they do, they will enter in where you’d not see, and they are of a different dimension and plane altogether. Nothing happens to them; they just adjust to the surrounding situations.

E: Thank you. So they do have the same bodies as these people here or can they have control over them?

Forces: Their bodies are in their own evolutionary pattern. They have no control over their bodies. But your terminology of what their bodies are is two different things.

E: Their bodies are different than our bodies?

Forces: If your eyes so perceive them, you would say so. Neither here nor there. But they are the same almost. There are many differences.

E: I see, so they could like adjust themselves without people noticing too much.

Forces: No, they can’t. They are what they are. Therefore, there’s no way of judgment.

E: [Inaudible]

Forces: In what degree do you speak of? What should happen to them?

E: On the worldly level since they cannot go back to that?

Forces: On your worldly level? They are not in your worldly level. Therefore I ask you to come out of your worldly level of analyzing things. For, if you analyze things on your worldly level, you will only become more blind to the things we speak of.

E: If I went back into time, the time that I have not been incarnated into the earth, those people no longer exist, only their thought forms, and since they cannot act differently or have any initiative, will I be able to communicate with them, uh, will they even see. Will the only way that they can communicate with me be in something like a sОance?

Forces: There is no way that you can go backwards, communicate with the things that have already recorded, or have been recorded. There might be special occasions when you project thoughts to them. But that is already planned and already happened in the past. For you to go back to see them 2,000 years in the future was planned for you to do that. Therefore, 2,000 years past already received the thought form from you that you have already lived and existed in this time and they have already gone. In their going they received your thought forms. On a worldly level you would be confused.

E: I still don’t fully understand or half understand the answer of the other question, but I guess that’s all I can receive at this moment.

Forces: To receive what we have said, listen; and by listening you will have that revelation to you.

E: Thank you. If we would count you as from the future by your progression, what year would it be to us?

Forces: There is no year where I am. Therefore, it would be the year of nothing.

E: I see. Then it would never happen in the world, in a world in our future.

B: Would you give me some understand as…

Forces: I will not give you.

B: [Inaudible] … the situation that occurred at my job at the first of the month when I went to speak with my supervisor, [Inaudible]… was that the right thing to do? … [Inaudible]

Forces: It was the correct thing for you to do. Remember, your ego, as that word you have termed it, comes out. But your higher self should come out more often. And that is only an idea of showing you that that B, or that entity of that name, is not as developed as she would like to believe. But there is so much that she does give. Am I correct?

B: Yes. Thank you.

Forces: Am I correct, yes… ?

B: Yes.

Forces: Am I correct no?

B: You’re correct.

Forces: You have so much that you must do.

B: Yes. Is there a way that I might proceed in that relationship with that supervisor?

Forces: I guess what you might say the love, send and project it to her.

B: Thank you.

J: Is there any advice you might give me about these feelings of tension and nervousness that I’ve been experiencing?

Forces: Hot baths but with the exercise for you is good.

J: Thank you.

R: Would there be any information that you could give…

Forces: I ask for one minute.

R: Oh, I’m sorry.

Forces: Who walks out and in?

R: J.

Forces: Tell him to sit outside the curtain, to bring his vibrations into harmony with this room that is here. [Pause while instructions are carried out]. Question.

R: Would there be anything that you could tell me that would enable… enable me to understand a little better the feelings that I’ve had for I… I guess about 2 weeks now. Sort of…

Forces: Selfishness is the greatest thing in your life, and the desire not to be left behind. You are a weakling; you are a strong person nonetheless also. ‘You have many qualities. In a lifetime that we will not give at this moment… you are not ready yet to receive this. When you shall sign your development in giving in faith to your higher center, we will give you much.

R: Thank you.

D: Can you tell me what true humility is?

Forces: True humility is that person who doesn’t know he has humility. As we have said that before, that one who says God with his whole heart and soul and mind. [Inaudible sentence] Humility is understanding how great God is, how lowly you are.

D: Thank you.

C: Could you give me some advice [Inaudible]?

Forces: We would advise you to do this fast, or else you will live in a world of loneliness the rest of your life. Prayer is constant to be entered into. And laziness that when you have things to do, do not become lazy and push it aside not to do it. That we will strike you down fast for. You are a child. A stupid one that needs to be developed in many areas. But you have great possibilities, and must be coached to move fast, and on the plane that you have chosen. Be not hesitant on your purpose, in your goal, and on your ideal. And what is your ideal, and then meet it, with that amount of force and strength.

P: Is there a hobby or craft that you could give for me to get into that I could channel my energies?

Forces: Meditation.

P: Thank you.

JC: In my beginning to understand the Christ concept with a background as Jewish community or a Christian principle I have one question to ask to clear in my mind what I should come in my understanding that Jeshua-Jesus-was the firstborn of the Christ; Adam in the beginning, Jesus became the Christ at the second coming. In my understanding of Jesus, the pattern, there is only one Christ in that respect as the path of mankind to follow. Yet in [Inaudible] understanding other areas of study [Inaudible] the present age and they all look the same.

Forces: Correct. Positively correct. Just because one is of that pattern, given that pattern to one society. And that society or that civilization build that pattern up tremendously, doesn’t make that pattern dominant over other patterns. Each pattern is given a time and a season.

JC: Thank you. May I ask one other question? Is the concept called the antichrist, from my understanding of studies that this is just collective force of rebellion and strife? [Inaudible]… is actually just as there was an entity that was a Christ; there is an entity that is like a Satan or a feeling of such force?

Forces: This is correct. Antichrist is the negative thought forms and patterns of vibrations that conglomerate together to cause that disturbance of a field. The antichrist is that of Beelzebub or that which is known as Satan, or that which is known as Lucifer. Lucifer is a name for the entity or that angel, that is named the dignitary of that underworld termed-archevils. It is given a rightful place in the kingdom of God, in darkness against the light, to balance out the good and the bad, that there might be that, that you might see to learn. Beelzebub you only can find in the third dimension.

JC: Thank you. I want to ask one more please. That Jeanne Dixon who was, is considered a psychic mentioned someone was born in the year 1962, and all the planets in line together, has said that a specific soul would be born into the particular pattern. At first she saw it was the Sons of Light or the Christ figure, and then later on she perceived it to be of the negative forces. Is there anything that would be of help for our understanding of this?

Forces: This moment the group is not ready for this information. There is so much we would like to give unto this group. This group has not transpired up into the second grade yet. They are still what would be named as children, and to give such information at this moment, descriptions and times and places where this entity lives would be harmful and devastating to the group.

JC: Thank you.

RO: What can I do that would develop my love more with people in this group?

Forces: By expressing it. Giving it when you have to, giving it when you don’t want to; expressing thoughts, new ideas for those in this group.

RO: Thank you.

E: Are all the entities on your planet-Christs, so to speak? Do you have procreation? What is the work that they express in your planet? Can I ask this question?

Forces: If you would understand that once you reach the Christhood in this dimension you go on to another classroom of learning, only to achieve that Christhood in that dimension. Therefore, let it be totally clear that there are very few Christs living in this dimension, that there are very few Christs living in your dimension. But through this that we build this channell we are building that Christ that we know to go through to you and out of you, that you might serve, worship your God. There are many Christ’s in this dimension, and that one we speak through now will be termed that of such. Question.

E: Are there any earthlings that evolved to the Christhood from this dimension or are all these only your own people?

Forces: 50-50.

E: Yeah? Was Mohammed the Christ, does the Koran… ?

Forces: Mohamed was only that which interpreted what we were projecting him, and he interpreted wrongly, but he interpreted nonetheless. We tried our best, we tried our best, but yet that is the possibility of error, just like we won’t [?] have their error in this group that that which is Mohamed might be in this group Mohamed that they might go forth with destruction. We do not want another Mohamed. But we need that of faith, and through devotion Mohammed was good; he did not reach the Christhood or that stage of Christhood yet. But he was a good medium. The trouble that he brought us was a problem. Nonetheless, it was under the law, and we learned and the world learned from it. The entity that is behind the curtain can enter now. Do you have a question? I hear your voice always saying, ‘I miss out on all the things that happen. I’m always the last.’ You are correct, for we are about finished.

J: Is there anything that you’d like to advise me with?

Forces: You have such questions? For me it is worthwhile you never entered into the curtain. But, I would advise you of your thoughts and your deeds of watching and projecting what you desire, but now projecting first of what God wants, or what He desires, and how your life is being affected, in change.

J: Thank you.

E: You’re, you’re leaving, or continue our questions?

Forces: Continue with some questions. We enjoy it. At least you have prepared questions that you worked on. And at least your questions have some strength of development of character for the group; of such questions they are good. But the group’s questions needs to be developed. We do not ask much from anyone, We ask a sincere heart, that when you do come here, have that question that is most important in your mind, for what good are we if you don’t utilize that which comes through to you.

E: Are the coming destructions on this earth going to happen in the changing of the position between the matter and anti-matter worlds… ?

Forces: Negative. That won’t happen for another three billion years from now. And then it will not happen on that labeling or that idea or that understanding that you think of. Question.

E: There were people from this earth in our century that claimed to have been visiting in your ships. Is it true and…

Forces: Correct.

E: Were they very developed souls?

Forces: Negative. We were only understanding the specimen, and their development on biological terms.

E: Oh. Can you take on any form of body you wish?

Forces: Negative.

E: Are there those among you that if we earthlings saw with our physical eyes they would scare us?

Forces: I would say with the fear and the hatred, definitely yes.

E: In order to develop science, medicine, etc. is it sometimes needed to sacrifice life to have human guinea pigs?

Forces: Negative. For the mind is stupid, but the soul has all knowledge, needs not science to understand the spirit. At this moment, we ask the entity who’s speaking to come forward.

E: Without the candle?

Forces: Without the candle. [Pause; Inaudible sentence] The entity that is named IN. [Pause; Inaudible]… We ask the spirit. Sit down. The entity that is named J, step forward. [Pause] Bring forth thy head. At this moment we here anoint you to guide this group; for a period of time you shall be the new leader, in matters of faith, counseling, understanding, of giving. Sit down. [Inaudible Sentence] There is a season to all. You have done well. Now you must develop on many levels. The spirit be upon you. [End of Side A] I give to you our blessings, from the planets of afar and the galaxies. May the spirit and light of this new season bring forth much. May your work be that for God. May your soul be blessed. The next session shall be on the date of the 13th, we would make it the 15th, we will make it no, the 14th of January. At it the hour of eight. There shall be much in this month that you must work through. Keep the eyes on the signs of the stars, most of all on the waterways, the oceans. For we are beginning a new chapter in the life. As it is, the Master has given you true words of prayer in your centers… you say it.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in the Heavens…