Session 27-12/22/72

Greetings to all here present now. We considered not to be here tonight; of all the things that we have watched over and watched that which is your imagination. It was a test for you all today, as your desires are to continue or not. We here have been pleased with your stick-to-itiveness and we here are not pleased with the emotionalism of your egos. And we ask that you control it in prayer and meditation. I will not be speaking to you all later, but we have been busy up here and we have a gift for the group as a whole. But this that we give you is to come through. I only wish you the spirit of this festival upon you all, and send my love and understanding to you.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all here present now. It is with joy and love that we have come tonight. There are many things that are happening in your world that we are aware of. It comes and goes as the seasons. We have been saddened by that which is the up-breaking disastrous course of events in that, which is the Middle East. We ask that a certain time of this group be set aside once more to visit that place of the UN to bring the vibrations and force, so we might work.

[Audible voice change]

We had been upset in that we were preparing this vehicle to manifest before you many things as we have promised in other sessions, many gifts to you. But we here are experiencing difficulties and as things look, it might be in the future that we will give you what we speak of tonight. But this evening, and attitudes of all those here are just not at in the end, hoping against the hope that we can bring this through. It would be a great achievement on our part… [The vinyl record starts to skip and someone gets up to fix it.] It is of no need you go. Be that as the sound. We here have been watching the progress and the upheavals to the group. And have noticed it at one time to be good, at another time to be upsetting. Therefore, we will try our best to create a pattern of thoughts and of conditions that would be an interesting factor to the group. This is the season that is upon you, that is known as the Christmas. We find this a very unusual time in life. When all the vibrations on one side of the sphere become busy and understanding the spirit of their own selfishness. Yet, it is not the gifts that we do go after that seek to please the spirit. But it is of the gift that we give in our lives from sharing with one another. This is the greater gift. This is what we must go after. There is no other gift besides the gift that comes from God. So, seek not the material gifts to make your Christmas a good one, but seek the spiritual gifts of life, of hope, of peace, and of joy, of giving to one another in pain, in sorrow, in affliction, by loving one another tremendously, loving one another as a star is upon a star. Grow to know one another, grow to feed one another, and to serve one another-and to serve God. There are many things that we will speak to you on tonight. There are many chapters before. We have spoke of the test or the chapter of death. And we spoke to you on a fourth dimension. Now we will speak to you on what is the Akisic Record, or what is the Record of Life. The Asid Record… Ashidic Record or the Askit Record or the Record of Time is of that in which is recorded on a film that is of light-wave velocity and plane stored in what would be known as a library on the earth, giving it a specific number and specific title.

[Audible voice change]

And with this I did take over to explain to you what my job is. It is of many degrees and many heart-warming developments to the soul. There are those who do come to me asking for their records, and I in reply give it to them. My name is not known to any of you, except the one I do speak through. But there are times when everyone shall know his name and that name shall bring him closer to my voice and his own voice. And it would appear that certain changes do come and that is the Akisic Record. For as you have seen there are many roads of development in the Akisic Record. There are those that is the deep and understanding one that those who are guided there might learn from their past experience. And there is the development and the upheaving, progress forward to higher lights, higher sounds, higher dimensions. Now that I am here, we have spoke much now, given much. But the Aksic Record as we speak of it, affects everyone here and everywhere we speak of from this part. It even affects us. It is the highest of those things that are high, and that is beyond normalcy to speak of such high things to your minds. Therefore we work on many levels of sound tone to bring you the definition of what the Akisic Record might be. It is as what was said, they come to me and they ask for their book. They ask for it that they might know what they have done. In reply I give it to them. And they perceive their past, their present, their future. It is the repetition of many things to be learned on this earth. Just as the progression of over redundance, redundance, redundance, redundance. Finally, it shall come forth and it will sing a new song. So is in the eyes of God, the many things that we do here tonight, redundant of an experience, until that time comes when you go forth to sing properly and in accords with your soul. The Akisic Record is kept on the plane of the seventh dimension, which is that of the state of holiness, divinity, of honor, enlightenment, the establishment of the force that we speak of. The Akisic Record has been formed since the beginning of God. For, there is no beginning or no end. It is the line in which the third dimension has no understanding of. But, the Akisic Record is the finger, the handwriting of God, of all things done by that which is created by God. For, everything that has electrical components is recorded on the film of that which is the record of life; that the law will be One and all things recorded. We here are now ready for your many questions. Let it be known that we have been given a certain time to speak to you. But we will make it accessible to you all to be brought back to you again. If indeed, the entity that we speak through is willing, we will come back again at the hour of nine o’clock, for that period to you give you more information of what you desire. Question.

E: Nine o’clock when? This morning? Tomorrow morning?

Forces: Nine o’clock in that which is the evening. Nonetheless.

E: Can I light a candle?

Forces: You have lit many candles. You have my permission to light the candle.

R: Why do I have such drastic changes in energy level so frequently lately?

Forces: You call it cycles in the physical body. This is the determination of each gland and each center being under test of free will, strength, desires, temptations, love, patience, hope, caring, forgiveness, long-suffering, all these come underneath different glands of the body. Therefore, you have been only experiencing many tests, and these many tests are recorded on the physical as up and downs. I would keep a record of your ups and downs so you might see a pattern.

R: Yes, thank you. Does the mark on my right wrist and my right side have anything to do with that, also?

Forces: It is, as what we have given you before, mark of another lifetime. In the last session we have given you that we would record lifetimes for this group. This is the lifetime for you being at the age of nineteen, or what would be known as nineteen to eighteen in the Temple of Beautification as were you all have known that word before; in which you were a beast of clay, of be it appear of feathers. Your origin is from the bird family and it is called the Red Clanault, or that which is the red feather. In your physical body today you have resemblences of many elements of by-gone years past. The year was ten thousand [10,000]; one 0 point 0 point 0, B.C. Exactly in that year the nine point 0 point 0 point 0 eight B.C., you existed and lived a very short and earthly life. And in this Temple you became aware of the spirit that was always there, dropping that which is the feathers and of that as the horns or the horns, progressing upward, you have left and become more and more of the spirit. This moment your name became Bathinyum, or Bathinye, or Betinium, Bestius or that which is what is Bothonoum… Bathinyum is the closest. Very young age, as we said, you have died. At this moment we reveal no more. What is needed has been said.

R: Thank you.

D: Can you explain the rash I’ve had on my face the last few days… I’ve had it before in my life, but I’ve never had this bad around my mouth.

Forces: The truth that comes from you must be truth, if it is not, the rash will appear. It is also the changing of your physical structure for many things have been done during this past week on the physical and mental, that, the emotional level or the ego-type level is rebelling, but rebelling and losing. Therefore, you are developing upward. It is also understandable, that you understand to be truth to speak, to have kind thoughts of those around you. For if you don’t, you will manifest such things that is of the virus of that nature of that of the cotton sore or that which is of the cellular structure of a sickle-nature. But nonetheless, you must understand meditation is for you. Go into it. Utilize it. Develop your own soul by it.

D: Thank you.

RE: Could you tell me how I’m doing in the job I have now and how and where I should look for another job in this next month?

Forces: It seems like you have answered your question. You ask me how you are doing, and then you tell me which way to run. Another job? I presume you think you’re not doing. None-the-less, I hear your voice. Do your best in the job that you are in, and worry not of what will come afterwards. For once one door closes, another door will open. Do your best where you are, your best for God. You are doing what would be said as good, but you can do much better. Lack of discipline, also your needs, and also commitment, speeches, saying, and observing. These should be taken into consideration.

G: In the last session you mentioned that D and I would be going up to Vermont and that you’d give us more information this session. Could you give that to us now?

Forces: At this moment, as we have said in the last session, we would give it to you during a session. At this moment, it is not ready to be given to you.

P: Is there anything that you’d like to say to me?

Forces: Good evening.

J: Is there anything that you would like to say to me?

Forces: It would be well for those to hear what you said.

J: Is there anything that you wish to say to me?

Forces: At this moment we say to you, hello. But, it would be of great importance for you if you would listen to your heart and to that what drives you to fulfill, to commit, to endeavor, and not to postpone things, not to say ‘tomorrow or the next day’, and not to walk upon less faith than you did when you were young. Do not forsake your God in the faith that is needed in his service. There are many things that you must do. One of them is to listen closely to those you meet. Understand from your heart and your soul that all things are in perspective. Listen, not with your mental mind, but with your spiritual eyes, for they have not yet been developed, even though you might say they have. We hate to disagree with you. There are many things that you are going to do. You will be traveling to the South, to the North, to the West, and to the East. And you will remember that you are traveling for the will of God, and for unity and harmony to be sowed on the earth in many forms and many ways, all those who are self-righteous in their undertakings. You are the instrument of God that you might bring truth and light a candle in the darkness for all those who perceive how great they are. In another lifetime this entity was a Fascient, or what would be called a high priest, Fasidece would be known as the name in which we at this moment would say the entity had direct relations of putting to death or bringing to death that which is the life of that was the man of Jesus. Nonetheless, you learned much, bitterly opposed, not to the man, but to your own truth that was within you. Now you are given this lifetime to search and wonder and wonder and search what is the meaning. And you already have the meaning inside you so close to the will of God, so far away from it. Yet by saying, “Thy will be done,” as the words have been said many times before. That knowing and understanding what appears to be right is not. And what appears to be wrong is the spirit of God, for the spirit of God works this way. I would review that lifetime in essence with you, but you shall understand more as you grow. At this moment we will not reveal, what we have said will give you more food for thought that will last many weeks.

L: Could you tell me and S? Is there, could you shine some light on the relationship that was between he and I?

Forces: I would look rather to the one that you are married to and then to the one you are bringing up. When you two learn, deeply, to care about one another indiscriminately of your own thoughts and desires, then everything will fall into pattern as we have planned.

L: In what ways…

Forces: In what ways?

L: … can we bridge some of the gaps that are happening especially lately? Communication gaps? Gaps?

Forces: Prayer is a very enforceable law. Pray for one another. You do not only have to speak by words. Speak by the eyes and by the thoughts of love. Do not always look readily for speaking of tongues, communication in the level of communication, but seek rather to send love to him. Desire only for his comfort and his well being, and not for yours. Desire for his understanding and his compassion, and his own security of hope, and not for yours. Desire these things for his health, for his life, for his future, not for yours. For by doing this you will take care of yours.

LU: How can I be more aware of the attitudes that I give off to the people?

Forces: We would also advise you to meditate for you have a Germanic type of righteousness that could lead to a dangerous condition. I would give you a lifetime of Charles the Fourth that created the Council of the Holy Catholic Empire. Look into it. You will find it very interesting and find that some characteristics are in you, for that is you.

E: I… have I finished the Book of Exodus correctly?

Forces: God has written it down, and God has finished it. You have finished it for the development of those around you correctly. There will be many areas of alteration and change as far as numbers are concerned. And many viewpoints and many objects that are there. But at this moment we will not reveal to them for the sake of what you must learn now. From them, instead of jumping on to other things, for that must be created through them.

E: In order for me to understand the past life that you have given to me in the last session, didn’t everybody come into this earth without a physical body first?

Forces: There are those who have come into the earth through the thought forms of the spirit; there are those who have entered the rocks, the fish, and what is known as a mammal-type; there are those who entered into that of the elements of the air and oxygen. There are those who went into that which is vegetation. There are those that went into that which is known as ‘man’ today. The concept is varied and different. It ranges from many ideas and many thoughts, changes about. But yet the truth is, we were of spirit one time and we all entered into the earth by pure spirit.

E: So in that there is no difference from the reading that you have given me?

Forces: Correct.

E: What does it mean “the flow on the Word”?

Forces: Flow on the Word? The flow on the will of God. The Word was of God. And was made flesh. And dwelt among us. Anything that you see is from the thoughts of God or the Word of God, to be organized and to be correct and perfect. You were a perfect soul.

E: But who was I to Adam and Eve?

Forces: As we would said, a sister.

E: A sister?

Forces: But then there are those who can say we are all brothers and sisters.

E: Thank you. Did she have a mother? Eve?

Forces: God.

E: So when I became the sister of Eve, I was also created the way Eve was created by thought?

Forces: Correct.

E: Now Adam has done it to Eve, who has done to me? Nobody?

Forces: The entity that we sit here and speak through.

E: Who was he at that time?

Forces: This moment we will not reveal that.

E: Thank you. How many questions can I ask each time?

Forces: As many as you have to answer. As many as you have wind in your lungs to spit out. But then again, as many as we are willing to hear.

E: I don’t want to take away everybody’s… you know… asking questions. What does it mean when you say that…

Forces: One minute, please. I would like to sit down. If I was you, I would take a cup of coffee and drink it fast, for this one, people, will be a long one. I would take a doughnut, too.

E: What does it mean when you say by your numbers, since there is no time in your dimensions, how do you number things?

Forces: Simple. We just do it. There is no time-doesn’t necessarily mean that time is the element of numbers. Numbers is the thoughts or the square root or that which is the object of the spirit. The spirit is the measurement of time through numbers, or numbers through time to the spirit. Mathematicians are nearer to God than what would be known closer than those who do not even know how to worship God. Mathematics are the laws of God in the physical eyes. Numbers in any galaxy or any universe is the same, for they are universal, they are truth. We do not need time for numbers. For numbers are a different component of what time would be known as.

E: You said the last session something about thirty-four thousand years, but you said ONE-THREE-FOUR. Does it mean like you count like ONE, each number ONE, for a thousand, TEN per million, HUNDRED per billion, et cetera?

Forces: In relation to that of traveling from one point to another?

E: Yes, uh-huh.

Forces: Correct. But there are many different ways we do it. You have to listen to how we stop and how we go. You have to listen to where we put more emphasis on, and take it away. And that is how we speak. One-point three-point four. Then you could be one-three-four point. Then it could be one-three-four. And it could be one-three-four-0-0-0-point 0-0 point. Then it could be one-three-four. Then it could be one point-three point-four point. Then it could be one-three-four point. Then it could be one-three point-four. There are many different ways of saying one-three-four point, or whatever you are speaking about. If you understand what I have said, then you might as well come here. Mathematics, universal language, like unto music, art, the flame of life. Simple. You must listen to how I say it.

E: The speed of light, do you mean to say that we can reach in meditation this high vibration from our physical bodies to reach that high frequency?

Forces: The astral body. That’s correct.

E: The astral body.

Forces: Not only that, but it will form into the physical, merge as one.

E: Can it lift up the physical? Actually? I mean…

Forces: Correct.

E: So, assuming that a person that has reached that point sits down for meditation and he finds himself after a wait…

Forces: He has disappeared.

E: … for a hundred thirty thousand years ahead? Or something like that. Oh, my God! In this case, does our physical… the… our physical body does come along with us, then? When we reach that kind of frequency?

Forces: It comes along, but on a different vibrational scale.

E: As… .

Forces: As light as snow and as light as anything, shining forth all its radiance.

E: But it disappears from the earth?

Forces: It has to.

E: Is that how the ascendance happened in the Bible? Elijah and all that?

Forces: Correct. On different levels correct. There are many ways certain things happened, but the incension of that which is known as Jesus, did rise up in this manner, or what would be known as the resurrection of that which is the dead, is the ultimate evolution of the soul.

E: Did Elijah ascend into your vehicle?

Forces: On a chariot. Correct.

E: That’s not exactly in meditation, you said, no? You said something..

Forces: There are many ways in which one can rise. For this was a servant sent down to show. Therefore, he had no need to rise from one level to another, for already was there.

E: Then why did he come back as John the Baptist? And his head was chopped off?

Forces: Manifestation of the evolution of this particular soul in the earth caused by karma.

E: So he still had karma?

Forces: In many degrees, many levels when we enter into the earth we are plagued by the laws of the earth, no matter how great we are in other galaxies.

E: Oh, so he was like a young soul that came here just three times?

Forces: If you want to measure that on the earth time, yes. But on-other galaxies he’s ancient.

E: Thank you.

R: In the lesson number one when you spoke of the transcestorium, could you explain the use of the twenty-four rays of the sun when the astral body is leaving…

Forces: Each one is the nervous center or that which is of the nerve ending, components of the higher sphere entering into the nerve or the cellular structure of the nervous system.

R: So there are twenty-four centers of…

Forces: What would be known as chakras on one level, as what would be homes, or seven homes. Twenty-four on other levels, which are the branches of these homes. Districts, towns, cities, states, countries.

R: So then… thank you. I think I understand it now.

JA: Am I communicating better with my family now? My parents?

Forces: Show them more love when you are communicating. Be more patient and you will understand them. Be tolerant of yourself and see how rotten you were of your own ideas and desires and how that changed to your own true self, to your own vibration.

JA: In your dimension where there is no time, is there a distinct separation where… like a before and an after in a sequence, but without the element of time in it?

Forces: Repeat that, please.

JA: Where there is no time, as an element, is there still a sequence of things occurring?

Forces: Correct.

D: Would there be any advice or anything you have to say to me?

Forces: Allow this to be a spiritual time to put all you have into understanding and loving one another and giving without any fear of wondering what would be for you the next day.

JE: How can I better control my energy at work?

Forces: I would set aside a time for you to go and meditate. Find a church or a place that you can be alone and meditate there for fifteen minutes so that it would be raised up the way it should be and not wasted away in thought-forms or energies of desires.

D: Should I be thinking about changing my job?

Forces: This is up to you. We find here that a personal gratification of ego could be undertaken onto why you want to change it. But at this moment the job seems to be adequate… in your lessons of learning.

R: Could you tell me more about the difference in experiences when I meditate when I’m sitting and that when I’m laying down usually prior to sleeping and on certain instances sort of being an uncontrollable calling for me… you know…

Forces: Meditation when you lay down, before you sleep?

R: Yes.

Forces: I would suggest that you find yourself daydreaming at that moment. Meditation when you think of nothing and think of only how great God is and that affirmation, mantra, that you have in your mind will be utilized in a position that will not restrict your body, but will not relax your body neither. Difference is one is more receptive to the spirit of meditation, of silence, of tuning into you, and tuning into that which is in you. The other is this, that of the quality of drifting and daydreaming. Another is the quality of intuition. Each one is different from the other.

R: Thank you.

G: Could you tell me what’s been happening to my face?

Forces: May we ask what has been happening?

G: The changes that I’ve noticed in the structure.

Forces: As you’ve learned, as you undertaken the schedules of pains of knowledge, wisdom, of growth, they represented on the face. Therefore, that’s what’s happened.

G: Thank you.

P: Am I chanelling… or are all of my energies being chanelled in the right direction?

Forces: You must know that for yourself. We are not here to spoon-feed you. Your own meditations, your own desires to serve God should answer this in your conscience, if there is a conscience left. Record your dreams, record your feelings and this question through work, by your own effort can be achieved. I am here only to give the questions that will show light to the things that might develop you. But this question here you already know how to answer. I have no need to answer it for you.

P: May I ask the question regarding my mother’s … my mother’s illness now?

Forces: Continue.

P: The operation that she had on the little finger… [mumbles something]

Forces: It represents that of the awakening or that which is caring or that of loving without asking for anything in return on many levels. I would analyze to the degree of sacrifice. Also, your desires to accomplish things. Have patience that things like this might not manifest to bring you back, to hold you back. You are going according to plan. Do not become impatient. One step at a time. And that is the manifestation of holding you back. So that we might learn that what you have to do is through patience and also through serving God, through faith. The fingers are only representative in your mind, your subconscious mind at least-to have patience, to calm down, and to relax.

P: Thank you. Can I ask one other question? Is there any service that I can do for this group? At this moment?

Forces: For you to be here is a service.

LU: In the Cayce material, it was given that Jesus while in Egypt studied astrology…

[Part II]

Forces: … compared to God’s laws in the stars and the wisdom to discern it. The laws of astrology has not changed one bit. It is man’s interpretation of these laws that have changed. And they have altered considerably because of their ego. But there are those who still are left in the earth who can understand the laws and the charts of the sky comparing to the vibrations upon the spirit of man. But, do not let this be your God, let it be your guideline, your guidepost, but not your God.

LU: So it would be true like they say today the stars effect us and it’s because the stars are this way you’re going to act a certain way… but that wouldn’t be true, would it?

Forces: Considerably not. But, the idea is take learning from what you know, if you are interested in it, learn, research. Go and search for this. Do not be spoon-fed in it, or the many alterations of it. For, they only have ten percent of what must be known of each, star, each galaxy, each zodiac.

LU: Also what speed does the astral body have to vibrate in order to leave the body, not to enter into the fourth dimension, but just to leave your body?

Forces: You have a machine that you would like to tune up so you can leave?

LU: No.

Forces: Then at this moment, the question does not benefit you. The speed has to be two times that of light divided. That is, two times less of that of light divided, but moves faster than light when it’s leaving the body. Or divide that of the measurement of light that we have given you as the law or as the mathematical equation, divide that and cut that in two. Then you would have your answer as six thousand miles per second. In that area, in that force, in that field, using six thousand miles as the time or that which is timed by it.

LU: Is the astral plane a complete dimension other than the third dimension, or is it just and extension, or…

Forces: You would known it as, you will know it as an extension. It is like saying is the chimney part of the smoke? Or is the smoke part of the chimney?

LU: Could the astral be just like a bridge between the dimensions?

Forces: Correct. All those who enter into the astral form must be of all first of all most pure of heart. Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.

LU: Thank you.

E: The dream that the entity T had about the army shooting the peasants is the interpretation correct?

Forces: The interpretation is the fight of truth against untruth. All those in society represents at that degree are those with the multitudes, the multitude of strength, of form, of art, of money, that which is the organization of untruth, against that which is truth. Some entities believe that if you have money and numbers and mass of people in an organized thought form that is truth-that is hilarious.

E: How come that Isaac didn’t know which one of his sons is the more spiritual? Or else why did he…

Forces: Why did he bless the one that was not?

E: … did he want to bless the one that was not?

Forces: The will of God coming into the will of man, Also the eye of perception that man gradually through his evolution drains away from the spirit, leading faith itself to come forward. Man’s unperceptive or not being perceptive totally to the elements of the spirit, the spirit being always around. But do you have the knowledge of that which is your own spirit to perceive the unclean or the unspirit of spirit? It only is the representation that God comes forth and takes over even when there is an accident. But there is no accident. The measurement of mankind to say that this happened was an accident, there is no accident.

E: So Jacob at that point of… I didn’t understand exactly… was he evolved enough to know which one of his sons and yet he left it to faith or what?

Forces: He was not involved enough. He went away from it, to degrees in which he gave forth his blessings indiscriminately without the eyes to see, casting pearls among swine.

E: That’s represented by the lack of his sight.

Forces: Exactly as we have said.

E: Oh. Were there a shortage of women in those days that Isaac also had to say that his wife is his sister?

Forces: No shortage of wisdom.

E: Of women.

Forces: No shortage of women either. It is only a repetition of what is represented in Abraham, conceit of spirit.

E: Oh… but it actually happened?

Forces: Correct.

E: I… only they had extremely beautiful women.

Forces: I wouldn’t say that either. They thought they did.

E: Oh. In which chapter of… will I… I will find… will I find about Abraham conquering the forces of… or who was Jesus?

Forces: You will find that in Chapter Twelve, near Twelve, also near Twenty. You will see what I mean when you look.

E: You can still… you move around by thought forms, is that correct?

Forces: We move around the way we want to move around. We move around by an expression of thought forms. But as your level we call it thought form much higher than thought form itself.

E: You do it… you can do it here on this earth, too. Because once you said that you are bound by the laws of the earth. That means like…

Forces: We are bound by your faith upon the laws of the earth. Therefore, what we have said is, by your own faith we can do whatever you think we can do. We cannot do what you think we cannot do. For, your faith ties us up. Therefore, for us to speak through here tonight there was faith in those to hear. But there are those faiths or the faith that determines or that which is to cut-off, or that which stops us from doing as much as we would like. We could turn this whole house in light, blazing fire if we need to, but we have no need to it. We could also separate the waters, but no need here, for there is no flood coming at the moment.

E: How can a world… I know it happens, but I’m trying to understand… how can a world be created in the future by peoples’ thought forms, because everybody has different thoughts? Will it not contradict and cancel itself out?

Forces: Thought of God is it. All of those souls progress to their sonship, which is the son of perfection, a perfect world will come.

E: On that fourth… on that fourth dimension, thousands and thousands of years ahead of us, are there actually people walking around?

Forces: Would you like them to be laying around?

E: Well, no, if it’s a thought form, it’s just as strong.

Forces: Therefore, it’s like a movie. You go to a movie; you sit there and watch. As you are watching, you are there in the picture. When it is over the lights come on and you find out that it was only a picture. What is the difference? You’ve experienced it none-the-less, am I right?

E: Yes.

Forces: None-the-less, experience has been had.

E: Oh, I see. All through the Bible, the men have more than one wife?

Forces: When was this begun? When was it over? The idea is that it was never what would be stated as marriage. For marriage is a new institution. Man would only take the wife that he needs. And then as man progressed more into the earth he took one, two, three, four, but by the new institution, as I have said, by man’s laws it became new. But by man’s laws within side himself, he knows that to the evolution of the soul, woman is the opposite of him. And he only needs one woman, one opposite. Not twenty-four.

E: So it was a fall. Is the writer of the books about the world of magic aware consciously of her work, what it really means?

Forces: Subconsciously. Consciously, to many degrees, yes.

E: Didn’t God promise not to have another flood on the earth?

Forces: Correct. He can work it in another way.

E: Oh. The destructions, that’s not going to be floods, that’s going to be something else?

Forces: We would put it forty percent as flood.

E: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Forces: At this moment, we are ready to say are there any more questions?

E: I… do. Are you asking of me? Because I have many more.

Forces: We perceive that. At this moment we terminate the session, only to bring you what we have promised. In other sessions past I have promised that we would bring you a stone. By your faith tonight, we might be able to manifest it. I say might, for I already know the answer. It is you who do not. Therefore, I am playing around with you. The stone is an element from your planet that we have used constantly for energy and for meditation here in our room. We give you this as a gift. We ask the one who comes here, that is, the one who takes care of this upper room, to come before me that I might hand him what we have already transported through the beams in the physical entity that we speak through. We ask that you kneel and raise your hands upward. [JA is the one who goes forward]. As you raise hands, take that which covers your shoulder and lay it between both hands that it might form that which is an arch. Now we ask you to bring yourself completely over that of this entity that we speak through. Now, you shall move back, and bringing that of your raised hands down. As the spirit of that which is of the water falls upon, may it represent the force we have over the earth, the seas, the skies, the land. The flames, the sun, all are in our commands to the word of our living God. You will now proceed to wrap that white garment around the hand that is extended in the air, that the entity we speak through.

JA: Put it over the hand or wrap it?

Forces: Around. Take the cloth.

JA: Take this off now?

Forces: Take the cloth. Return to your place.

JA: Should I leave this here?

Forces: Return to your place with the cloth as a gift. The gift is a stone as we have prescribed to you in the other session past. But there is a greater stone that we give to the entity that speaks so many questions. The stone that we speak of is at this very moment being transported. At exactly three o’clock, which would be known as the evening of tonight, it would be known as better, for that will take us long to get this here, for it is special, for it deals with that of the weight. Place the stone over the area of your heart for a period of twenty minutes a day. And in your mind thought forms of loss of that of the element of flesh and of health, and of vigor, and of strength shall be coming through you through it. The stone shall be here at exactly three o’clock. At that moment where you keep that of the scroll, now be on the base, the foundation, as a gift to her. Let it be known this is just the beginning of the physical gifts that you perceive openly. The gift of the house, the gift of the jobs, the gift of love, the gift of the turkey, the gift of the trees, the gift of the air, the gift of the snow, the gift of warmth. All these gifts are to be celebrated here this week. You have not yet developed. And not developed yet as much as we would like. Please, develop in love for one another, for there are so much things we must bring forth to you, so much things we must do tonight. So, I leave only to return tomorrow at nine. Your questions are much more, and therefore, we will give you that time for you to have them answered.

[Audible voice change]

It is a surprise to me that I speak. All candles in front of this entity shall be lit, and one person stationed here until the three o’clock hour. At which time the one entity who received the stone first will open that which is the Torah, and give the stone to the one we have mentioned. No one is to touch the box of the Torah or will be strickened with much pain.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens…