Session 260-9/21/79

[Session Recording Begins Abruptly]

… Answer to this is that you do not deserve me speaking to you at all at this moment. So, therefore, I rest my case. Now I will speak to you in the future for I will be revealing many truths to you all and you will begin to know my personality and like it. I, therefore, have said more than you ever heard before and I’m finished. Therefore, I leave you for the one who, who takes care of you.

[Audible Voice Change]

Greetings to all here now present. As the one that has spoken before me did say to you of things with the group, there are many things that must be accomplished before we can proceed to other things. Stringent-ness of this group that combines the tightness of all here should be relaxed in dealing with one another. Development of loving each other for that, which must be developed, in order for this group to continue. There are still many roads ahead of you that the right decisions must be made. We here are trying to get things in a proximity of order so that the things to come will be on time for your development. As we have the covering of the clouds, it is with your understanding that our larger ship is here back with us once more. This element was supposed to be of snow, so that you might see what we’ve had in plan. Many of our plans are being moved forward, that is, forward and backwards and things that are meant for you three or four months be, or what would be that is in the future, has been moved up to now. Therefore, what we have had said, that is, of that storm to come, not only does it remain a physical storm, but it is of a spiritual nature. For we will be giving many gifts to all of you, and many feelings and renewal to you through many devices and many channells that we will operate through. As far as this season is concerned, it is the most precious to the earthlings-for it is the time when they become appropriately in accordance with their spiritual nature. For a day, of what you have said to be that day of Christmas should be of that vibration every day on this earth. Therefore, we are most pleased when there is such a holiday as this, throughout the world or holiday near to like it. For there are many religions that have holidays to the degree and to the vibration of this. Be it known that it does affect the world when such vibrations ascend. Our gift to all of you is that this holiday will be made new unto your eyes and that there will be many more holidays without man naming them that you will see and feel and have. We have also been aware of your guidance in the food area, and find that very pleasing to your schedule. For that was meant for you three or four months from now to do. It seems that you have handled it very nicely and guided yourself accurately upon such situations. For that is a major, what would be called victory, into progression to the future elements or tests. Because you have taken it upon yourselves to do this without us saying or acknowledging this act to be done. This is the beginning of growth. As far as that day that is to come… that day in which to come, of that which is Friday, of that December, number that eight, would be what would be called the beginning of a holiday if you would have it. A feast could be prepared, but not overdoing it. That is a feast of many things that you can conglomerate together, at what would be said, in can goods. We take that back, for we know how much shock it has caused. You are free on this eve of Friday to celebrate your victory over that which is that storm. For the future days to come when there will be famine on the earth, many things can be prepared. Many things will be given to you during this weekend if all goes as planned. If not as planned, we will postpone it and offer it to you at a later date. All depends upon the thought forms of the group. As far as our location, we are going to be sending, what would be know as, the disciples out to your area in which they will scan certain areas that we have already scanned for the group. One development, or one area that we have scanned for the preparation and for the upliftment, and also for the period of earth changes, is in the area of Vermont. We have scanned the area and have given it to a population, at least in this area named Bingington. If you could name such a place in this state Bingington, it would be found near a sea or what would be a body of water. Sounds like Aubin. But we are not familiar at this moment, for we only scanned through that area that is of the good vibrations. Population of that area seems to be as by our scanning probes, thirty-four thousand or three four by our numbers. The place in which the two entities shall travel will be named and will stay at that place called The North Star Inn. The North Star, in your term, Motel, in our term Inn. Of such times and distance many things they will perceive and pictures shall be taken by them that they might bring back to the group so that we might perceive what the area that is to be given to you if desired. But remember, there are other areas that we have scanned that we are preparing for your advancement into it. But, for that one or two who will go, will be named tentatively at this moment. Your scouts are that names which is, as you know, one who is here, C, and the other one who is named D. These two are essential for this mission and for this particular area to be scanned by their mortal eyes and evaluation. They are to look for an appropriate environment; types of people there, types of religions that are basically predominant there, types of vibrations, type of climate, and types of house for the occupants of our selves. Also they are to look around the areas that they might understand what is going on. That would be on the weekend that we will give in the next session for them. As we have been discussing with you in length the travels of our speeds into this galaxies, we will continue with it on the third or second, what would be known as third, chapter: The speed of light. We ask one here to give me the calculus of the speed of light to your earthlings.

E: Hundred and…

C: Eighty-six thousand miles per second.

Forces: I asked for one person, please. The one who spoke first, please, what was it?

E: Hundred and fifty billion light years away, as far as you have told us.

Forces: This is the distance in which we are, my dear. Accurately and pronouncedly remembered. Therefore, when you do come upon our spaceship, you can give it guided course as such. Therefore, we now know what is in your mind. Now we asked one question. What is the speed of light, not, where do we live?

R: One hundred eighty-six thousand miles per second [186,000].

Forces: One hundred eight six point 0, 0 point 0, 0, 0 per second. This is erroneous. This is not the speed of light. May I ask who told you this?

R: It just came out of my memory. That’s why I thought I…

Forces: Maybe such memory should stay there. As you can see, there are many things you earthlings or you earth people realize or believe you know. But through your discoveries of that which is the laser beam, you shall understand the true measurement of the light. By coming to the accurate prescriptions or the measurement of time of that which is light, you will become aware of it in your principles, mathematics, and in you distance of traveling that will open up a new horizon. I give you the speed of light: One, eight, six, two, eight, two, three, six, 0, three [1,862,823,603]. One, eight, six, two, eight, two, three, six, 0, three [1,862,823,603]. This is the accurate measurement of the speed of light. Any questions on this at the moment?

E: Well, what is it in our numbers? What does it mean?

Forces: That is in your numbers that we give you. Per half second. That is the speed of light. As we proceed onward. Do not stumble over such, but move up and move onward, but remember the number, for it means a lot for your own mind. When one has reached this vibration or this thought form, which one can reach in meditation, he can literally move himself out of the earth. Is this understood? As we go on further, the speed of light, when you have reached it, is one-hundred, or what would be four three 0 thousand [430,000] per second in this life or this circle lineage. What would be four, three, two, point 0, 0, 0, point 0, 0, 0 times one. Which is that of how many years would pass, for your years it would be four, three, 0, point 0, 0, 0 thousand years if one minute in our dimension you have entered into. That is the analogy and that is the answer of if you do step into what would be known as the fourth dimension for one second of a minute. That is how many years would pass by. Then, you can understand when I say that one hundred and fifty billion light years away is only a drop in the bucket. Am I right? Are you all speechless? I am right; therefore, I should not ask you. You are dumplings in a soup. As one has a vehicle in which one does travel through out the eons of space, that vehicle does terminate into an existence into the fourth dimension. Solidness disappears and becomes flat and no longer exists. Therefore, all molecules are turned upside, inside out. We are finished at this moment in this area of chapter number three on the light years. There are more to come as we do advance further. And as you understand, I have only seen very few review the sessions as has been given to you for your own enlightenment. There is a time when you have reviewed every word we said only for your discretion of knowledge. That is why we talk to you in I parables. We are not here to spoon feed you. Therefore, we speak on a higher level so that you might understand what you say to make your mind work. For when you meet with us we will speak always like this. And if your mind is as simple as a duck, we would have to put you in a pool of water. Therefore, I am preparing you to get your mind active that you might understand what I say in a very few sentence structured lines of items. That is, if I say: that is, that is, that is was, that is, is, that is, you must understand what I said. All I said was, that is was. But I keep your mind active that you might understand what I said, that is was or was is that or what that, whatever it is. It is the sentence structure of your stupid words.


Now, as for the Upper Room, during the session of that season, that which is of the flowers should be gathered up, that is, which is very good, that flower that has been said by this entity as poinsettia is an excellent flower for that room. Therefore, you will be very kind to purchase, steal, or acquire two pots of the poinsettia, a native fruit of this. We would advise you not to steal. We cannot get you out of your earthling prisons. We can get you out, but you shall never return again. I guess now everyone is running to a prison. The one who named our chart, that entity is running half heartedly to the prison. She might come and lead our ships away. We are thankful she is here and we are here, cause at that moment if she is here, we would be gladly to be placed there. It’s not funny, it is hilarious. You all need in case of that which is to laugh, for you all have earned it. That we might speak to you on a normal high frequency level. But therefore, your high frequency level might be ego, and therefore, we’ll speak to you at your lower level. Now, as far as the season that is coming up, you have all thought of the forms in which you shall go singing. This is excellent, for we shall hover and go singing with you. Our voices are not as mechanical as yours. So, therefore, if you hear a “hum-dum-de-da”, [Laughter] it is well that you do not look up. Well, I have said much and it has, in that form, been very happy being here with all of you. Maybe that time will come when we will meet face to face and you will relay every thing back I said to you. But I pray that that hour does not come too fast, for my sake, for there is much more for me to describe and to teach you. And much more, for me to learn from you. For there has never been in our charts anything like you all. You all do the stupid things that we could not even calculate. That’s why our whole plan’s all messed up. Four months ahead of itself, that’s how messed up it is. And it’s a good messed up feeling to be messed up, When you do not even prepare for a mess-up, you get it from this group. We are proud of the group, for there are many groups in the world that are still messed up not as messed up as this group, nevertheless, messed up. Now we must move on to your own questions. But, remember, I am not finished yet, as the ceremony of that which is Christmas. Therefore, on that eve of that which is Sunday of that day of Christmas eve, you shall go to the area in which whatever is capable of that enlightenment to sing your carols of spirit, of light, of joy to men, for we will transcend into you and through you that we might project that light beam to all that hear your voice. Just as they did when the Ark came into Jerusalem and David sang before it. So we, too, will sing before you all. And therefore, everyone shall light his own candle and carry it with him on that eve to represent that light which is being transmitted through you. The period in which you shall sing will be after or before that which is that High Mass that you shall attend. As far as transportation into the area of where this entity did live, that is the ultimate, the sum total of what will be happening. For, it is the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another, so all there will understand what has been there in front of their eyes. That which is that service of which will be coming to you will be of that church that you have gone to, or that Church which you shall go to. It will be a new, and yet it will be, an old Church. Yet after that service of the high in that service of what you have, termed as the Roman Catholic church, will be, you shall go out yonder to your home and prepare to mediate on the evening. You will all have a very busy day and, therefore, a very enlightened day. The feast shall be of that evening also and that end of that beginning of the new day. We will also advise that the day two two shall be taken off by everyone here. That is our gift to you. Therefore, on the twenty-second day of December, you shall all take off from your job if you can possibly do this. We will try to help you in this area, difficult, as it might seem. That is why we give you this information now to hit your boss with tomorrow. Do not be afraid. Just go forward and say that we told you that they should give you off.


If they ask who we are, tell them none of their business. Tell them we rule this planet and if they do not give you off, then we will give them off. [Laughter] And slap them in the head with light of love. As that would be laughter, we will help you in getting this day off. I can just see how many of you will come back saying, ‘I can’t get off.’ That’s how much we helped you. We will help you much in these areas. As far as the tree and the decorations that you shall obtain, again we go with measurements, just like the turkey. I feel sorry for you, for you won’t find a tree like this in the whole state of New York. So, therefore, you might not have a tree. We’ll have to take the entity that is named R and stick him up with the bulbs and the antennas. The tree measurements will be in the six feet category or the area of six feet, five inches. Or six feet, six inches. More so, six feet, seven inches. More so, six feet, seven inches, if possibly. If not, six feet, six inches. But it would be nice to have that what we have said. In the area of six feet would be good, but six feet-six or six feet-seven is perfect. As to the area in which you will purchase such ornaments of the tree, certain fund of money shall be put aside and the area that we have scanned is between Fifth Avenue, between Ninth, Eighth and Eighteenth Street, will be areas that you might able to find such decorations for your purchase. Keep your eyes open, for that is not the only place you will purchase them, but that is where we have scanned to see what would be good and what would not be good. As far as that which is the bulbs that shall be placed on the tree, silver shall be given to you and the color blue and red. These are the only colors that you shall put on the tree. You have a great variety of choice. The candle of the Menorah or that of the eight candles shall be burning from the twenty-second day, twenty-third day. Actually from the day of the twenty-first to the twenty-second of that day shall be continually burning or what would be said, at the hour of nine to ten in the higher Upper Room, the hour of nine to ten, on the twenty-first, twenty-second, and twenty-third day. When you all enter up into the Upper Room after the High Mass is over, the Menorah of that lights of, eight shall be burned again on the twenty-fifth or the twenty-fourth, eve of the twenty-fourth to the twenty-fifth. Now as for the gifts between one and all, be kind, but be frugal. Watch that which is to be given and which is not to be given. But give from your bottom of your heart and give from the top of your mouth. But give what you can give. Most of all give love to one another. For, f you can give this gift, then there is no need to give a gift. For that is the gift that we are so searching for you to do, to give love towards one another. Like a bird that flies in the sky, its wings spread out toward the land, so all might see its radiance. We are ready for your questions.

C: Is there a hobby I should be getting into at this time of development?

Forces: Photography would be a good hobby for you.

D: Was the talk I had this evening with two friends of mine at work good or too much?

Forces: Did you commit yourself?

D: You mean in speaking?

Forces: Name the entities who you spoke to.

D: JC…

Forces: Then you know you spoke too much.

D: … and T.

Forces: Analyze what you said, and if there was a trace of ego in it to show off, then you know you have spoken too much. We already have said to you, you spoke too much. But let it take its seedlings, let it take its growth and do not chop it down as you have done in the past, but let it grow. You must be worthy of your hire, and you have to prepare that soil that it might grow freely. Do not press any the issue, but let it grow nice and tall and calm, do not trample it to death.

D: Thank you.

I: How shall I proceed with the group?

Forces: This is all up to you, how you would want to proceed with this group. You are like unto a captain on a ship and you say to the crew, ‘How would you like me to be your captain?’ And the crew says, ‘How would you like to go to the sharks?’ Don’t ever ask how you shall perceive what you shall do to the group or for the group. Just do and be. Let it come natural. Let it come from your heart. We are not here to guide you as far as what you should do, as far an your own truth. You have that in your own meditations. We are here to guide you from when you are in the truth, that we might guide you faster, that you might guide yourself faster. As far as what you shall do for or in the group, you have not done anything yet, so, therefore, how can we guide you? You must make your own decisions. Commit yourself. You cannot be warm. You cannot be cool. You cannot be hot. Do not be cold, or else we will spit you out of our mouth.

E: When was the Book of Job written?

Forces: The Book of Job was written at the time… one moment, please… [Quietly] Fetch me that book, please. Yes, that one. The Book of Job was written by the time in which Abraham fought against the kings of the earth. You would find this near the chapter twenty-five of Genesis. For he fought Salin, or Salim, Shadain. It would be said, that I destroy your language immensely, but that is what we see and that what he faught. Salim, Saim, Saeme, Sailem, say it, please.

E: Salem.

Forces: Sayem. That’s what we said.

E: So then, it is correct that it was written way before Exodus. So all the proph… so all the Exodus and Atlantis and everything that is put there in Job, is like a prophecy. So that’s a book of prophecy of the soul?

Forces: Correct. But you missed, one important question. Who wrote it?

E: Jesus, no? An incarnation?

Forces: Correct, but therefore, who was he you will find in this particular chapter the reward of Abraham when he conquered the earthly forces.

E: I didn’t understand.

Forces: The man who came to greet Abraham in the desert in the land of greetings of peace.

E: Melchizedek.

Forces: Question.

E: Do you want to ask a question [directed towards I]?

I: No.

E: Well, then listen to him. Go ahead.

B: How can I work more to become more patient?

Forces: To go down to the grocery store and buy yourself a dozen of eggs and break everyone of them over your head. And say, ‘I am being patient.’ You must learn patience by being quiet and not erupting and not speaking. By reviewing the sessions of the past with the group, for that is patience. But the group that we give you, remember, this here is a new book in the life of the Bible. Can you not see this? You are part of the living Bible. Therefore, this is a new book. The Chapters of Light or what would be known as, the Chapters of the Galaxies of Light to Come, the Book of Lentus, or the Book of Lentus, or the Book of Light. You have many chapters, many sessions are a chapter, and this is a chapter of twenty-six. It will be the longest book and the shortest book, but your eyes are too busy not to see; you have no patience to see that you are the living Book of God.

RO: Could you explain the strange feelings that I’ve been getting for about the last two weeks, of seemingly emptiness or something like that. It’s hard to explain exactly.

Forces: We would ask you when you receive such empty feelings?

RO: Well, today at work, just before lunch, for instance…

Forces: You will call this the total awareness of your reason of being alive. To go back to God, for that is how empty He feels when you are not there.

RO: Thank you.

L: In an earlier session we were told that there are only three people in the group who can read the past sessions. Is that still the same?

Forces: And who are these names that I have given you?

L: B, and D, and R. I think.

Forces: And if you do not know, you should not say.

L: I know.

Forces: That is in the past. The group progressed. A child does not say to it’s Mother, ‘Mommy, I want to have my diaper,’ when the child is already diaper trained not to use the diaper. Therefore, if you want to cling onto your diaper, go ahead. I do not know what you speak of. For those are the books that we have given you. There are those who were limited not to read them, for their own growth, for their own progress at that moment. The one who still should not read this book, is that what would be called P, for he has not yet at that moment been progressed or what would be chastised or by accepted by us yet. Therefore, when that time comes, he, too, can read. At this moment, the books are open up for all.

L: Thank you.

R: I read in one of the Lobsang Rampa books that off the east coast around Bermuda there’s a triangle where when ships go through it, or airplanes fly across it, that they disappear and go into the fourth-dimension. How is it possible for this to happen? And why is there this place?

Forces: There is that place because it has given you that information. It we had here to give you that information again, we will. Remember, when you, read, read with your eyes open-not with your eyes shut. It is like unto an orange, of two worlds, the world that you see and the world that you do not see. Two oranges are met together, opposite, yet they are together, and as they rotate around each other, they meet at the skin, and that skin is one inch of that dimension in which that is the fourth dimension. For when they meet and rotate around each other, that is in a circle, they produce on the sphere of the earth, and also on the sphere of that fourth dimension, a place in which is an open free area in which you can sneak out. But as fast as you sneak out it’s closed up again because the area has moved on to another place and you might have to wait another trillion or a thousand years in that same place before it can be opened up again so you might return. Is this understood?

R: Is that place in the area always open, though, for any individual who happens to be going through it?

Forces: Repeat that, please.

R: Well, is that door always there so that at a I any time someone enters the area that. They will, they’ll automatically go through that door?

Forces: A door is the path in which the two spheres, the negative and the opposite, the anti-matter and the matter, meet together, and the sphere, the course in which they rotate on. It is not really a door as you see it, but the course in which anti-matter meets matter as what you might understand. For anti-matter does not meet matter, but it produces a sphere in which it appears to meet. When it appears to meet, it creates what you name a door to open. That is not a door, but it’s just an area in which both spheres come together to the closest in which the areas that we know and that which is or that which is a ship that is in that area does disappear as we see it. And enter immediately into that sphere or that anti-matter area.

R: Is it just an accident that the people who do enter into to it, enter it? Or is there a reason why those people enter it?

Forces: There are times when it is just accident. Majority of times it is just an accident.

R: Thank you.

JI: What would be the best color to finish the curtains in the Meditation Room with?

Forces: Red or what would be called violet or deep blue color.

J: At this weekend should I return to that other diet? Or is there a diet you would have me on?

Forces: Not at this moment. You shall return to the normal diet.

C: Has my progression been satisfactory?

Forces: Satisfactory? We will not give you that answer. You must know it by your meditations.

D: Could you explain the term I’ve been reading in Edgar Cayce about the night, side of life? Used by the Atlanteans?

Forces: Repeat your question.

D: I was reading the Edgar Cayce, and he said the Atlanteans used a force called the night side of life.

Forces: Your speech is like a butterfly. It is useless. I do understand your words. Repeat your questions please.

D: Could you tell me what the term…

Forces: If you go slow we will.

D: Could you tell me what the term, The Night Side of Life, means?

Forces: The ninth or the night?

D: Night.

Forces: Why did you not say that in the beginning? The Night Side of Life represents the power of the negative world. But, by that power you can heal. By that power you can transcend. The one who heals must release all the positive that he might get negative, for night is negative, and that is when the healing is done. Energy is projected into that area, too, by all stones and all lights, and all the things that are around the earth. And all you have to do is know how to draw upon them. By that Night Side of Life is also the representation of darkness in that which is Genesis. In which God created day and night, in which there are souls on the earth that are illumined. And there are souls on the earth that are in darkness, that is not illumined. Therefore, that is also representation of that which is the sons of God and the sons of men.

I: Would it be helpful for me to go to Virginia Beach for the month of January?

Forces: Are you going to plant a tree?

I: Am I going to plant a tree? The reasons I wanted to go was because of Charles Thomas Cayce. Would it be helpful in that respect? I thought maybe I could find…

Forces: You are free to go and to do whatever you have to do. Yes, you have our blessings. The man is a good man and we have watched him. As you are to go down there, then you shall review the things that we speak of. You shall look upon that which is that life readings.

I: Thank you.

Forces: We are not finished, please. Two, eight, two eight, dash one [2828-1]. That is a thing that you must read to understand what we say to you. Five, nine, four dash two [594-2]. Understand that one, even though it might be short. Read in the lines that you might see it. We will give you more that you might go and look and see, but we will be telling you when you are not here. Is this understood?

I: Yes. Thank you.

E: The books of science fiction that I read last week on the world of witchcraft, the first book I read, I mean I’m not talking about the story, the three heroes, their personalities, but that existed after you left the earth, after Atlantis was broken up?

Forces: Correct. It is why you have many people using that which is what you name as witchcraft. Good and bad. Flying from one place to another. For that was a time when we could transcend or ascend into any direction we want by thought forms, as hard as you might find this to believe.

E: So the world, the door that the Adept, supposedly ented…

Forces: Entered.

E: What?

Forces: Entered.

E: Entered, right, into the other world, was like the future now or years from now?

Forces: Future shall be at the year of eight, two, zero, zero [8200] or eight, two, zero, zero [8200].

E: That’s what you described on that part particular world while he entered?

Forces: Correct.

E: Eight-thousand, two-hundred [8,200]. Is that it?

Forces: You have the year two-thousand coming up. Therefore, you can only see in perspective eight, two, zero, zero [8,200].

E: Thank you.

Forces: You are most welcome. This moment we will give you a reading, of what would be known as one of your lives. Being that you have gone through much, the time has come for you to understand certain things. Therefore, we give, you what you most want, but we will fulfill all the other life readings. It will be on that day of the twenty-second, for that will be the next session in which our gifts to every one of you will be a reading of your past life. One each life. We will not give you all, but we will give you parts of that life that will give you meaning to your life now. The book, please. State your full name, please, date of birth, and place.

[Part II]

E: ER, [states birth date].

Forces: One minute, please. Go slower. 19[**]?

E: Correct. Should I give my birth name?

Forces: Not is needed. Place?

E: Place of birth, [states location].

Forces: That is correct. The entity here that we speak of has been upon the earth many times and many places when the trials and tribulations of darkness has come upon it. This is the age of Kalai or Kali, which is the age in which this entity has come at least four or five times. Each session or that period the session of that cycle is a hundred and forty thousand years, or a hundred and fourty thousand years [140,000]. The entity was in the thought-form in which the entity was named Evian. Evine is the word, made of the spirit of the thought, and has not yet taken form upon the matter of the earth. Had traveled on many lutes and songs of the word, back and forth through many galaxies of which it was part of. Much of that which is around that which is Adam and Eve on that percentage is upon and surrounded by this entity and this plan or blueprint in which this entity was. The entity was also around that of Adam and Eve, would be known as Eve to be the daughter or sister, would be understand as Evine is the name in which it was. Coming into the world as Eve was to Adam. At that early part of stage we see many many up heavals for this soul, and it broke many times, caused a clique of what would be sections. All those here were part of that section that this entity did develop and group together. For this entity is always involved in communes and in that form of spirit unit in which it had dominance. and control. Therefore, this’, entity and the lineage of the world that it will go into as far as evolution is a Queen-Dak-type. This entity was never once of that lowerness of that which was not a leader, a leader of all that is what a woman should be. The entity proceeded on forward into the land of Atlantean, the land of “Mucai”, “Mucael”, M-U-K-I, Muki. The word or the name of this entity at that particular time, at twenty thousand [20,000] B.C. Twenty thousand two [20,002] B.C. Actually, twenty thousand [20,000] B.C., to that area of nineteen seventy-four [1974], it seems to be, twenty-thousand [20,000] B.C. to nineteen seventy-four [1974]. The entity’s name at this particular time was Ephraim, Ephraim, Ephraimaive. Again, sounds or near to that like Eve-Ephraim. The first name Aive; second name, Ephraim. The thought forms and the patterns of intuition were so great, that it made many continents and many strong boats in this area to make for the deluge or the flood of the great storms in the lower part of this Atlantis. There are many times that this entity lived in Atlantis. This is only one segment of that thought of that life. We will continue on in the future. This moment we say at no more, for there is so much at this moment for this entity to understand before we go on any further.

E: Thank you.

Forces: You are welcome.

B: Is there a particular type of tree that we should look for?

Forces: Spruce, or that which is pine. Either one.

B: Should we make use of the… any of the decorations that we have already in the house?

Forces: Silver.

B: Just the ones that are silver that we have?

Forces: We will give you more on the twenty-second day.

B: In my discussions with the entity K, is there any way that I can help him?

Forces: Invitation to the group one night when the entities both that which we speak of and that of the ex-part of, which is the same, is present.

B: Thank you.

RO: You said in the last session that you would give us further instructions concerning the snow around the fifteenth, sixteenth, or seventeenth.

Forces: As what we have said earlier, progress and the system of this is on… speedily on course. But as far as your progression, you’re upsetting our plans. Therefore, as what we have seen at the moment, it’s still there. For that is part of that which is the course that we have planned. The seventeenth or the evening of the seventeenth is a spiritual evaluation or illumination. That we will be present in that auditorium in the sound forms and there are some who will see us physically in the air, for that we will only give to you in the upper sphere or that area that you sit of that second tier. Or that area that we have chosen for you, be not yet it be a mistake, for that is the storm area that we speak of, on the physical level of the eyes of the new evolution of the white as snow, representing the cleanliness and the purity within your soul to be the enlightenment of the future years to come. But there will be more for your eyes, mortal eyes, to see. And that which you will be seeing, as what we have termed as the skies and the sunsets that we have produced for you, I hope you will all have enjoyed it. For there will be a seasons of darkness now that we might show you also more of the great power of which the higher Deity does project to us. As far as that storm is concerned, there is a storm still coming. We are preparing. As far as leaving the area, we have also projected that into the area of Vermont for those two entities. That is what we have said in the past, that is what we meant. There shall also be that area of a trip or that into that area of Pennsylvania. Pittsburg should be further away; Scranton should be nearer. But that which is the middle, Middleton, is the saying of the noun. But it be no of purpose for we have not scanned this area as of yet to your guidance into it. We will give you further information on it.

L: I received in the past month, several letters from old friends in Texas. I would like to know if it would be all right for me to write them, or should I completely cut myself off?

Forces: We would like you to name their names, the entities of.

L: Miss CH, JP, and L.

Forces: Inform them of what you are in. Have you done that as of yet?

L: Vaguely J, but…

Forces: Of course not.

L: … I’ve not been able to write them because I was told by someone else in the, group, R, that I shouldn’t write them.

Forces: Then it would be of that discretion of your husband. As what we have said, you can reveal to them what is happening. But as far as that, it is wise to remain of silence. And never let it be quiet when you know that there is a time to reveal what has happened in your lives to the ones you might help. Let your light go forth that they might see what is beyond you, what is for you.

L: Do you mean that I shouldn’t write them unless I have something to give to them from my heart that’s true?

Forces: At this moment of your development, it would be wise that you do not write at the moment.

L: Thank you.

Forces: But we are saying in the future you can write. When the future is, we will let you know. But therefore, write down in your hearts their prayers, your thoughts to them.

R: Is there reason why I’ve been having the congestion in my chest and neck? Is it like a physical change or is it because of some…

Forces: Physical change and a mental arrogance to the truth.

R: How could I go about correcting the mental arrogance?

Forces: By listening from your heart level and not questioning where the love comes from. You question too much, and not receiving. If you received, you wouldn’t be in the condition you’re in now.

J: Is our use or has our use of the Oil of Crimson been proper or have we been using it improperly?

Forces: You would like to cause trouble? Then use it properly. This precious oil that you have here is the replicas of our waters, it’s doing a good entire understanding of a job.

C: Should P and I continue with the walks on Saturdays?

Forces: Correct.

D: Could you give the date of the time of Abraham?

Forces: I cannot hear you…

D: Could you give the date of the time of Abraham?

Forces: Abraham. What is this with this group? But we understand your clusters for thoughts and forms. Abraham. Get me the book of Abraham. As it has been seen. Abraham came from the seed of Noah. Noah was the only one who prescribed into the laws of God. Noah went astray and therefore everyone followed as the flood or the deluge came, followed upon that seed in which Noah was. That he interjected, that doubt, that he interjected that lust, that desire. Abraham represents the only seed from Noah that remained faithful to God. Abraham took Sarah and the son of Lot into that area of a development, or that representing within him of his consciousness. Therefore, if you read that chapter of Genesis, twelve, fifth verse: you will understand what we say. Of the progression in which Abraham did leave, also, you have that Tower of Babel, or Babylon, in which people were afraid of the flood to happen once more. Therefore, they build the structure high so that they will not see this happen to them again, going against the Laws of God. How many times do you think that you are going to out smart God and do things to prevent the crime or the things to happen to you? Do not build your own towers of Babylon, for they will fall and scatter you amongst the people. The area or that time for that moment in which was right, just before the great flood, the great, flood lasting at ten thousand [10,000] B. C. at the end, near to it. Abraham roughly will come around the age, as what you would have it known to be, nine twenty-five [925] B. C., lasting over a hundred years to eight twenty-five [825] or eight twenty-seven [827] or eight twenty-four [824] or eight twenty [820]. Abraham, representing into you that of his doubts in which God or that higher diety spoke to him and said that he shall bear a son. Coming in soul with all his years and his progressions with his wife Sarah, his progressions with her and their progressions with him-physically, mentally, and spiritually. In their progression they had to develop so that the son of Isaac or Isaaic will come into the line or the lineage. Heker or Hecha as the maid or the slave…

E: Hagar.

Forces: That is what we said. That gave seed to Abraham. And the son, representing Arabs. The Arabs need to be the first-born, and therefore, they believe they own the Holy Land. And the people in the Holy Land believe that they are the right heirs there. Each one running a rat race towards the other, forgetting to see that Israel or that which is Zion is not of a physical land, but of the spiritual thoughts of man becoming the Christ. Abraham was the Christ in that time. He is called the “Father of the Faithful”. He was faithful. Nevertheless, he was doubtful. Nevertheless, he was faithful. How that is to be, I do not know. I am only giving you what I see. When he entered into the land of what we spoke earlier, of that of conquering, or that of Amphinian, or that king in which came, and he came, too. You will find this in the chapter of twenty of Genesis that the king was of a Godly man. And heard in his dreams that Abraham came to him and offered his wife Sarah as he did to the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh, the Pharaoh was plagued, so also are we plagued when we go against the laws of God. So, also, are we if we abide by the Laws of God, given what we need to guide us. Abraham, thinking that he had to give into the house of this man, Amphinian, or that name which is sounded by that sound. For we give you the correct, or the near correct name. For do not enter into a person and presume that there is no God Spirit in that person. For that is what Abraham did. He presumed that he was a Godly man, and therefore, he judged other people not to have God. There is only one God, and if you worship Him, you are worshipping Him.

I: Are there lessons that would be helpful in college experience for me at present or be postponed?

Forces: This is your most important question that you would like to be answered here now? Let it be known to all that sit here, that everything that you experience is important and is a lesson.

E: So it was Abraham’s fault and Sarah’s that they tried to play on the king when Abraham told the king that Sarah is his sister?

Forces: Correct.

E: Oh…

Forces: But remember, Abraham represented God’s will. God’s will must be done over, above his wife’s. And he offered his wife up so that God’s will can be done. It represents just that. The will of God be done. Sarah represents receptivity that he offered up, so that it can be done.

E: Yea, but actually on the physical level, if Abraham did not offer Sarah, that king would not have known something that had to be done with that king, would it not been done? Is that right?

Forces: No, because he said to Abraham, ‘Why had you not revealed this to him? This was your wife.’ And Abraham said, ‘I do not believe or did not know that this family or this house was a house of God or feared God.’ You will find this in the chapter of twenty.

E: Correct. So, so what happened there?

Forces: Abraham’s lack of faith to one degree. Yet to the other degree, his willingness to do God’s will. As what I said before, he prejudged, he became self-righteous.

E: But what difference would it make if Abraham would have told the king that that’s his wife and not his sister?

Forces: Then the king would respect Abraham. For the king received it nevertheless in his dream. Therefore, the king was spiritual and spiritually developed.

E: But what did Abraham want to gain by saying, ‘That’s my sister not my wife’?

Forces: Preservation, for he, the king, represented the physical, power over the physical. Just as Pharaoh represented power over the physical. Abraham was afraid that the higher ideal would have to succomb to the physical, which is also true. That the seeds of truth must bow down to the needs of the earth first, and then eventually in the end, truth comes up out of the earth and conquers the earth, just as Moses did. For Moses was a meek man, and he had to humble himself and bow down to preserve the truth, so that when the right time came it would rise up and conquer over the earth.

E: What was the sin of Moses?

Forces: Sin of Moses. Doubted God’s word.

E: Was it when he stopped, struck the rock?

Forces: Not only that. Other times.

E: Now, you told about again the fourth dimension of going forward into time. Is it possible also to go backwards into time?

Forces: You go backwards into time by the Akisic Record. You go forward into time by the Akisic Record. One had already been written down. The other one is only a blueprint of what will be written down.

E: So is there such a thing as an opening from this earth, let’s say, instead of ten thousand years forward, ten thousand years backward? Does it still…

Forces: The time barrier of that which you have seen by entering into the fourth dimension, correctly and by entering into it by the right latitude and velocity you can enter into the past.

E: But you can’t change it?

Forces: You cannot change the past.

E: Is there such a thing as the ability to build a time machine?

Forces: Correct. For that is what we operate under. Or else we would not be here at this moment.

E: Oh, you are going back in time to meet us?

Forces: We are going forward, we are going backward, we are going upside down. Do not be limited. There is no time. We are just going through the measurement of man’s or the measurement of the evolution of the soul.

E: Now, this is the fourth dimension that we’re talking about. That’s the time? What is the fifth dimension?

Forces: Planets.

E: And what does that mean? That we can go from planet to planet?

Forces: Fifth dimension represents planets, solar systems, galaxies. We will give you more information after we finish the fourth dimension, please.

E: Thank you.

Forces: You are welcome.

RO: Is there a particular reason that I’ve been interested in studying laboratory technology lately?

Forces: You are interested in it.

RO: Would it be helpful to my development if I…

Forces: Anything you do will be helpful to your development at this moment.

R: We’ve been directed before while in meditation to concentrate on the light…

Forces: That is only the beginning.

R: What is the light? And how would, how do we concentrate on it?

Forces: First, find the light, then concentrate not on it, but in it. And eventually concentrate on nothingness. For the light is only the beginning stage of the true mediator. Concentrate not on it, but in it.

R: Is the light something that I would see when I close’ my eyes or is it an ideal or…

Forces: The light is just silence. The light comes from the third eye and you will eventually see it.

R: Is there anything that would help me to stop my thoughts or my thought process during meditation?

Forces: Patience and perseverance. You cannot become spiritual overnight. And this is the biggest problem you have facing you. Be patient. Do not climb the walls of heaven and tell them that you want to get in. They’ll say to you, ‘How can you climb the walls of heaven when you climbed so far down from the walls of heaven?’ You must climb one step at a time back to the road to the door of heaven, and not the wall of Heaven.

R: From this point what should be the first step?

Forces: Patience. Perseverance. Long suffering. Kindness. Humility. Forgiveness. Love. Hope.

R: Thank you.

J: Is there any advice or guidance you might give me at this time about my job?

Forces: You are meeting all these people that you have left behind in France. It is only fitting that you meet them now. The wardrobes of people, the clothes of people, that you mocked, that you made fun of. Now let them make fun of you. We are finished with this group for now. And the most amazing thing. We are finished. There are many things that you must do; many things that you must get in order. There are other things that will come, other things that must be done. First we ask you to love one another as we have loved you. Our patience and our kindness. We will speak to you again on the eve of the twenty-second, giving you more information that is appropriately needed. The questions have been stimulating. We watch all those here and will give you understanding. For the one that is sick now, or has been sick, it is a new cycle for you. The last of the cleansing, the last bit the cleansing that’s the beginning of a new horizon for you. For every winter seems to be the same. But this is a new system, a new psychic ability, new thought-forms, new understandings. We ask you to be patient and not to be jumpy. Not to be hap-hazardly jumpy-with yourself and with your body. To have patience with it and to show that patience around you. For God had patience, so must you have patience. As it is said in the end and the beginning-Peace we leave with you, not the peace the world gives you, the peace that the higher deity Father gives you. As the Master has given you the words to pray, use them.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in heaven…