Session 25-11/17/72

Greetings to all here present now. We have come as directed before and we have kept our part. I am not going to speak to you long tonight. And I shall give you the one that will speak.

[Audible Voice Change]

Greetings to all here present now. It is that moment in which all things that are done are being prepared tonight. We here have been watching your progress and find your criticisms to be enlightenment and a laugh. It is with great humor that we see you all struggling and it is also with a bit of sorrow that you should struggle. There are many things that I and thee that is here would like to speak to you about, but remember, that this is not any ordinary moment of time. For there are so many things that must be discussed and with your help and attitudes, emotions, this will be the practice of enlightenment to advance further onward. Where there is criticism of any nature, that is a digression to our plans and is not a helpful work to it. As what we were disclosing to you in the last session, be it this session number twenty-five [25] as that number said. From this point on you are now progressing into a higher numerology in which many certain areas of talk must be covered. Each session has been pre-planned in advance that we might take advantage of that demand of situations and environmental and atmospheric conditions. Tonight we have produced a light haze that we might, with our small vehicle; enter in, needing not a heavy haze, but a light one. As progress in the worldly level, there are many things to be watchful for. As we have discussed, the in-fluctuation of your economy is like unto a candle that is not about to burn on both ends-if certain serious, constructive levels are not undertaken, immediately. There shall be rumors of strikes and more strikes to be had in your diplomatic areas and your, as far as, economical areas. To be interested, there shall be on strike after another that you might understand how in an atmospheric condition of harmony that this society is not doing so well. Selfishness is the key motivation for all that is gone under and from selfishness, as we have seen other civilizations become deterrent in that force to destroy not others, but itself. This, too, are the seeds that are being planted that we are not trying to not grow, but the seeds of understandings and faith, and wisdom and patience must be cultivated in this group as a anatomical and seedling to all those that will follow, being it a spiral reaction/action-type theory. As far as what we have discussed with you that week that has passed, that dimension of the fourth, we will continue to involve and enlighten your minds. We also have at this moment given you many interesting understandings of many levels which the group must, in its turn, set aside a particular day in order to review all the said topics and words that we have given you. This, up to now, has been a failing, as the group cooperation to undertake that it might be accomplished; and also, that you might see what is being given to you and understand it. For many a times we speak to you all that your ears are not here and that you are worrying about your sleepiness that we had plagued you with last week. Be it known, you were all like chickens in a shell and when it came important for you to listen, you wanted to crack out of the shell. We did not let you, for we were there trying to show you how we feel when we need to get something across to you, and you are as hard. There is that undetermined of a vast collision in the air of fire and what would be called that which would be seen, that what would be of a sun-type situation. There is an emotional uprising in the southern countries as what is known as in the area of South America near Argentina as you would be known to be. This would be the area of many emotional an uprising of war to be done. It is a seedling of that area where war can come out of. As far now as that fourth dimension that we have spoken to you about, there are what we call the termination or your level of existence in which the soul, as you know it to be, given into that moment of existence of what you earthlings as call birth. And into the many, many days of what you have termed your days of your life to that moment of what you have called death, but we call transcestorium in which in this case that the soul or that of the milemic energy force leaves that of the dormant physical atomical structure of that body physical, leaving it through that course of special events. Be it known that everyone here will at least know six months in advance what movie is playing on there cinema. That is the movie of transcestorial destination. At that moment when this soul entity has been revealed in the subconscious level, that it is about to terminate its existence in this particular dimension, it immediately begins to get things in order for that idea or that understanding of termination. Therefore, everyone does go prepared for that hour when it does reach them. At the moment of what would be termed death in your terminology, again, it is painless. There is no absolute pain in this existence of transition. The pain that would exist is that of the deterioration of the cellular structure of your physical body. This is the element of pain that one does feel. But that moment of transition does not entail pain at one moment or another. At this moment the soul advances into the future, at that it enters into the fourth dimension where it has four sides, as what would be known in casting it’s moments into this dimension. At that when that soul is transiting, it should remember that one that it loves-that that one might be near to guide and direct it into the light. Therefore, we advise at this moment on that lesson of the fourth dimension, that which is called death, that all those who do or become to that level of transition remember what it is to think of that one that you do love. At this moment there are twenty-four [24] cellular structures or what would be termed as sunbeams, involving into your physical body as leaving behind. At this time your spirit rises above into the etheical wavelengths of the earth, which passes through the astral form into that dimension that the astral form during sleep cannot enter. At this moment, if you are in the proper attunement, you can immediately go into the Hall of the Records. In which you can be given what is done and what is not done, what you have done, and what you need to be done. At this moment you will be reviewed by yourself along in which guides will be directing you into this area, your own personal guides that were with you in the beginning. And is now and ever shall be in the end. These guides are the ones that guide you and direct you for they are, have been, and shall be through everything that you have been through and have accomplished their mission. Therefore, being what is termed in your language, the Counselors. At this moment, if you are developed and ready enough, you will be sent to other galaxies in the universe to continue your mission and work. You might be sent to other dimensions, also, by your own free and venturous will. At that moment you are now in the decision of whether to return back to the planet that you have left only to divide and to conquer it and the elements. There is a lot here that this group needs to learn about that of advancement, not thinking yourself to be advanced, for you are all not as far advanced, as you would all like to be. There are exceptions to the rule as in the case in every law. We will continue with this fourth dimension in later date and series. For this evening is not meant to be a long one, for we have only described and prescribed it to be that which is short, for we have already become aware and intuned with you a week past and a week now. We are now preparing what would be known, that as the snow in your language that you might see the element of some type of electrical particle that we will infiltrate into such a substance where you are. This shall be done near the mid of the fifteenth through the seventeenth and eighteenth of December, manifesting to that degree of what would be near that snow area. And what would be done as moving out of the area of New York would be advisable, also. At this moment we would like to give you more on these dimensional theories, but at the moment of your mental level and your emotional level and your weight level it is not advisable. Therefore, we will not continue. But we will continue in the next session to describe, to enhance it in many levels. We are now ready for your questions… be it constructive to yourselves.

R: Can you yell me how I’ve been failing in discipline with S?

Forces: With that such question, we would derive that of comparing what you should do, as comparing to what the entity that we speak through does. That is, what he does. And what you compare yourself should do. We do not seek for you to compare or to analyze or to put into perspective your own minds of what is needed or what is desirable of you to do. That is, do not set up a mark saying, ‘this is what I must do for this and this.’ That is the first mistake that you have created; second, the acting from your heart. Be it that you should act from your heart level and also from your higher self. To direct and guide you that you will not have a course or plan or ideas of force, that you must accomplish. But you will always be ready and with an open door to see the situation and to work within that situation that you do meet. As for understanding your own emotions, and irritabilitiness with this entity S, we would also understand that that entity was what would be called a deterrent in order to rise up your anger. This anger is only of selfish motivation to be free of such a soul that plaques you, for there are times when you do enjoy and love this entity. And there are times when you are so up tight and sensitive and what would be called on edge that you cause this friction between you and him. That there is absolutely nothing you should do at this moment, but retreat in to the silence of your own soul that you might understand what you must do and what you should do. That you you might understand what you didn’t do, and what this that you have did, that is what you have and what you had not done, why you had not done it, that is, why have you not done it? That is why, why-the question that is always in your mind. This question is a fallacy to yourself and to the ones that are around you. Such a question should not be why, but how can I be of service to others. And not only to the ones that are near to you, but the ones that spread itself as the wings in the sky. There are many avenues that you must cultivate, that you must understand that quality of not seeking for attention, that quality of not being there to be accepted, that quality of not saying what you are not, that quality to say what you are. This should be in perspective to your thoughts and this should be in perspective to your will. There are many things in your eyes and many things in your light that you might see the ocean come upon you and not feel it. But this is not the reason why you should be here or why such questions should be answered or should not be answered. As we will review this with you, you should not allow your emotionalisms to get the best part of you. You should allow that of your heart and your higher self to rule your discretion. You should not set upon what laws you should be guided by or what you must accomplish. You should love those that are around you. You should understand what meditation is and enter in it. You should work diligently to self-analyze your own actions and come to a rightfully conclusion. And you should go into the prosperity of prayer that you might understand what it is to talk to God. Is this understood?

R: Yes, thank you.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions. We do not sit here and wait for a play on the stage to come on. We are ready for your questions.

J: Could you give me some advise on my development?

Forces: Is there not a better question in your mind that must be asked? Why the same question?

J: How can I serve the group more?

Forces: This is question number two, the same. As what would be said, the format of your questions need to be altered. We would advise you to go into what would be prayer that you might understand also what it is to pray. We would also advise you not to be in vanity of your own physical body, and also your own emotional fulfillments. We also would direct you not to desire that which is luxurious or what would give you a good name, that which society already condones as what is upgrading to the social ladder or standard. We would also advise, do not look upon people as a sex figure or seek gratification in the physical, but we also would advise you that you would seek out those around you to help and to go out of your way, even though that one that you are helping does not in any intensity or any desire plan to have any sexual relationship with you. In this particular thread, this is work for you. For there has never been a time that you haven’t really gave of your true self unless it had undertones of desires and abilities of accomplishment. This is the most difficult problem that you have to work with and the most hardest. But you must continue with your own faith and your own discretion of truth that you might understand how to handle it. Is this understood?

J: Yes, thank you.

JA: Is there anything you could tell me concerning my health?

Forces: Your health is only the image of your mental chaos. Your fear, your desires, your selfishness has not moved one inch. Therefore your health is waning because of your desires and because of your great selfishness. Therefore, we again advise you to start contributing to those around you and start looking to open up your own heart, and not to see or to feel what it would be like when someone hits or makes its point at you, but to accept it with growth and with wisdom that it might improve your health. We also advise you to take a hot shower, not a shower, a hot bath as would be said in the evening and soak there for twenty minutes every day. With this and the deterrent of a massage around the legs, this should be a great stimuli to your blood system. Also we advise you after this to relax and sleep for at least an hour, if possible and allow that chance. We also advise you to eat nothing but that raw vegetables and greens and lots of this so that you might undertake a nourishment of cleansing that it might have some substance within your physical body to be controlled and yet to have some force of solid, that the waste might be removed. We also say to you not to project any of your negative thoughts onto situations. For this is the reason why your health is deteriorating. You project the evil and the worst possible thing that can happen to a soul. But I tell you, that has not even been planned for you. We have given you what you needed. We have even made that enlargement in which the money in which you receive has raised to perfection. Be satisfied with that for the moment and enthusiasm will grow in many directions that you might learn the greater in this field. Remember, all jobs come to an end.

JA: Thank you.

Forces: Be not smiling because we are hinting to you that the job is coming to an end. But we said the job is coming to the end nevertheless. But we did not say that.

RO: Could you explain the heavy feeling and the… the excited feeling or tense feeling last night?

Forces: This heavy feeling is that moment of truth coming upon you. For that one that spoke or that one that speaks around you when this heaviness is near is the revelation to your own soul that you must get up and start moving. That you must manifest that spirit in the earthly level, weighing you down to make you more aware that it is your physical that does not allow you to move. That is your selfishness that is your desire to have attention.

RO: And the tense feeling in the spine?

Forces: The rising of that energy to that which is outside of you to see that spirit within you. Whenever we perceive the spirit around in others, that kundalini as you have named it, rise to that degree in which there is that intense heat in the lower abdomen, in the lower areas of the spinal area. It is only informing you that you must continue on your path more stronger than you have ever done before. That you must commit yourself physically and mentally and most of all spiritually.

B: Is there any further instructions that we should receive in regard to the Thanksgiving of this week? The preparations…

Forces: This will be given to you near the end.

B: Thank you.

E: Was the Bible class at the A.R.E. on Thursday, was it handled correctly?

Forces: Are you presuming or saying that we didn’t handle it right? That is your answer, to many of your questions. No, do not ask such a question. For when we do it, we do it right. Or else we would not do it. We would have you do it. That is, earthlings do it. They have a nice way about doing it right.

E: I just wanted to make sure that it’s not me that was doing it.

Forces: Very definitely sure that it was not you doing it. We enjoyed your services and the energy that we utilized through you and in you. We are most appreciative of this factor, which will be given you of a secret mission and also materializing to you soon that of a stone or that which will give you energy.

E: Thank you. What does it mean the witch… on the twenty-sixth [26th]-the twenty-seventh [27th]-chapter of Exodus… they say do not tolerate the witch? What do they mean by that?

Forces: This is the understanding of our misapplication of the energies that are of divine being brought down into a lower energetic avenue or level. A witch sometimes, as what would be your terminology, of, that of a black magic or that of which is of the black forces that are selfish. This is a terminology that should be used in this moment, that all witches are witches. Therefore, not all witches are bad. Therefore, the witch they speak of is the misapplication of the divine truth within you that when you do know it, you use it only for selfish desires.

E: Is there anything for the entity I since she has no questions?

Forces: We would advise this one to listen more closely to what is being said. Weathering not what would she see first at hand, comparing her emotional levels to her past and remembering the prayers that she has uttered for guidance and for a guide of her mission. That, too, we would only remind her of that she would be used by God. If she remembers these prayers then she will remember that tonight is the fulfillment of them.

D: Could you give me something that would help me express the emotions that I feel easier?

Forces: You have put yourself up on a high pedestal in which it is very difficult for you yourself to get off of. You have climbed so high that even yourself becomes a little bit dizzy at such heights. Walk humbly among your fellow men, and work very diligently to become their servants.

D: Thank you.

Forces: And when you do become a servant, do not serve man, but serve God, and then you will understand how to express your love.

C: Is there anything that will help me to transform some of the activity inside me?

Forces: By analyzing your words and your deeds, by understanding what you say before you say them, and by being completely honest with your actions, and by reviewing them every night before you retire. And by saying a prayer to God that He will guide you, direct you-that He will reveal to you what must be done.

C: Thank you.

We would also advise you to meditate and pray more, also, at least three times a day. Your period of trial has begun and we say that this week will be very emotionally upheaval, that is, the upheaval of your own thoughts within you. We would also advise you that we direct you to stay in that area of school if you keep your marks up. If your marks are not near that average of up, then you shall retreat from that area of institution. The desire is not there to learn, but to hide. Then you might as well leave to think of your own self, to evaluate it that you might protect your soul in its development in the earth.

R: How can I better learn to distinguish when I’m acting with my heart level or I’m acting with my ego?

Forces: When you have a certain ‘icky’ feeling after you speak. ‘Icky’ is that word that is sticky. Sticky is glue. And glue is that which is weighing you down, that which is destroying or the destructive nature of that which does not allow you to grow. You should feel what you feel after you say what you say. And after you said it that you would feel only illuminated, not rejected or weighed down. If you are illuminated, then you are speaking from your higher self, but if you are weighed down, be careful you are speaking from your lower self.

J: Why is my memory and my concentration so bad?

Forces: You are only involved in sex. It is like saying to an elephant ‘Cut off your nose because it is so long.’ We say to you, put some blinders on you eyes that you might run the race that is set before you. You are too busy looking at the elephant and the long nose.

J: Thank you.

Forces: Memory is also that involvement in which you give entirely of that creative energy within you to do that which is constructive. You are too busy wasting that energy by thought-forms. You are becoming depleted in mental forms and emotional and as far as physical-muscular forms, too. It also has the tendency of a shrinkage in many parts and areas.

JA: Was the interpretation of the chapter in Isaiah I was given in an earlier session, was that correct?

Forces: Correct to certain levels. But remember, what we have given you is not to be taken 100 percent literally. But you shall perceive the laws of God as it dealt with, and not use them strictly, but use them as your heart tells you so. We also give you tonight then, to follow up on this, that which you will find in the chapters of proverbs. Chapter Seven [7]-read that whole chapter.

JA: Thank you.

L: What way can I create more of an order and a harmonious feeling in our home?

Forces: As we have…

L: … on the physical level?

Forces: As we have given you that information prior before, that is to do one thing at a time. And to do that one thing to the best of your ability and to not flight off to do other things. To do that one thing with all your heart for the will of God and no other man. Then you shall manifest the will of God in you and through you. This is harmony in the physical.

L: Thank you.

RO: Would there be an affirmation that I should use other than the one we regularly use?

Forces: If that group uses an affirmation, that is the affirmation you should use. If you meditate by yourself, then the affirmation should be thus: ‘I seek only to serve Thee. I seek only to help myself to help others. I seek only the Light that the Light might be given out. I seek only Thee, my Lord, my God.’

RO: Thank you.

B: What should be done with the cross that Rickey sent us?

Forces: That is not yours to keep. But that idea is that cross shall be put underneath the stone after that allotted time that he is allowed to return. At that moment when that day is up, that cross is to be placed under that stone in the upper room.

B: Is that the stone as we enter in? Right inside the curtain?

Forces: Correct.

B: Was my feelings in regard to returning the clothes with the letter that E and I discussed, is that correct? Or should I just return the things? Or should I wait till after the twenty-fifth?

Forces: This seems to be a question that you must guide yourself. We are not here to guide you blindly. We are not here to diminish or to devaluate your own truth within you. We are here only to help on certain critical questions. We do not find that question critical. Therefore, we are not going to lead you like a puppet on a string. So, therefore, meditate on it and come to a con… cluct… conclusion of that idea.

B: I’m sorry I took the group’s time.

Forces: And God bless, you have spoken, and it is meant to be said. Be not sorry.

E: For the entities, EV and SA, in regard to the letter they have sent us…

Forces: For this moment, you will tell them such: ONE: re-evaluate her emotional level of thought, for this is the attraction of such dreams on the subconscious level, TWO: that the evaluation of these two entities will be taken into consideration. There is that possibility of help only when they believe that there are a greater force greater than themselves. And that they only see with their eyes, not mortal, that these things must be accomplished. That, also, that entity of which is named SA should get himself in order on the physical level. We stress that as far as his desires, and we will not repeat that again. And we also understand that that entity which in named that as EV would also understand love for her husband that they both begin to discover one another for the first time. And the understanding of loving one another and not seeking others or seeking that ideal of showing off to others. At the next session, we will describe what their course of manner will be and should be-if they are to be, to fulfill those dreams.

E: Thank you. Was my discussion with JR also yours?

Forces: We would say we will split that with you.

E: Well, was there ego involved there in my discussion?

Forces: Are you saying we have ego?

E: No. But since I… my half?

Forces: Your half is none of our business. My dear, you have done an excellent job, and we are proud of that which is done. Thank you.

C: Is there an affirmation that will help me during the next week [mumbles something]?

Forces: Open my eyes, oh Lord that I might see. Use it three times a day.

C: Thank you.

JA: Is there any advice, umm, I might be able to give my parents at this time? Or anything I might do for them?

Forces: Instead of being that which is a wizard to them, why not go over there and show them your love by helping them out? You have done well up to now. Do not fail, do not give them advice. But only show them your love for all they have given you. Be not that which is a pompous idiot giving advice.

JA: Thank you.

Forces: Remember what we have said to you in this very session earlier. Apply it tonight. Already you are seeking to rule the world by your advice. Your advice is the love that you show them. That would be sufficient.

L: When would it be advisable for… for us to start thinking about going to Michigan? Or should we not be thinking about that at all?

Forces: You, my dear, should relax. You are busy flying from one place to another. And this should be crossed out of your mind immediately. For you are always flying-no sooner will you be in Michigan that you would like to be in Nevada. No sooner would you be in Nevada that you would like to be in California. No sooner would you be in California would you like to be in Texas. No sooner would you be in Texas that you would like to be in Miami. No sooner are you are in Miami that you would like to be in North Carolina. No sooner are you in North Carolina that you would like to be in Virginia. No sooner are you in Virginia that you would like to go to Canada. No sooner are you in Canada that you’d like to go to England. No sooner are you in England that you would like to go to Ireland. No sooner are you in Ireland that you would like to go to Philippines. No sooner are you in the Philippines you would like to go to Hong Kong. No sooner are you in Hong Kong that you would like to go to Japan. There is no place for you to run. Seek your inner self first, my dear. Seek that which is within you. Stop running.

L: Thank you.

Forces: You are welcome. When you do this, then that proper time and that element will be and present itself to be done. Remember, the things that you must give up, we only give back to you double.

RO: In the period of time last night that E and B were gone from the A.R.E., were we doing okay, or did we mess up?

Forces: If you did okay, then you messed up. If you messed up, you did okay. That question is irrelevant. Do not run away I’m not finished. If you did it from your heart, than that is all that is needed. Then you did well, and you should know that immediately. If you did it from your lower centers, then you immediately know what you’ve done. I am not here to judge you. I am only here to advise you and guide you. Your true judge and your true guiding of all that guides us all is within you. Be not rejecting of that guide that is within you. I am not here to take you away from that truth. I am only here to be your servant. Use me well. Don’t rub me the wrong way.

B: How can I open more to receive the guidance that were being given?

Forces: By having patience and not to pre-judge to those that is in front of you; by if you feel on edge or tip tight sit down wherever you are and think of how great God is that He is around you, and call upon his energy that He might guide and direct you. And by doing this we shall give you that energy that you need to stand up again and to listen with patience. Do not pre-judge. Do not project negativity. And do not, most of all, do not become frustrated.

B: Thank you.

E: Should she go up to the Meditation Room, whenever she gets into the house, by herself?

Forces: Would not be advisable on this eve. But maybe on that day which is the nineteenth-by herself. This would be advisable, that one member of the group enters with her that she might be protected and guided, as her own thoughts must be in order for her to enter. Then she shall wear that which is that shawl to protect and guide her of her own thoughts. The answer is yes she may enter. With great joy we accept her. But does she?

I: Thank you.

E: I don’t know if she answered.

Forces: Question was not a question to be answered. Nevertheless, it was answered. Question.

E: The things that I have to finish up on this Exodus book, do I have a specific time when it has to be done?

Forces: You will be given information during this weekend. Basically, the last four chapters of that book is what would be re-vamped and re-analyzed.

E: I see. And the rest is enough?

Forces: The rest is in order. As we would say, re-vamped is not to take away, but to add on. To build up, to change, transform, transfigure, transplant.

E: Thank you. Also, it may come up again. If they ask me to start making resumes for them on every chapter in Job, should I take it on?

Forces: Did they do Job yet?

E: No.

Forces: When are they doing it, is your question?

E: I see. They may not even do it.

Forces: They are still children. They would like to be married but they haven’t even grown up yet.

E: Is there any information I can receive about my mother?

Forces: That she is being guided and helped and that her mental thoughts are most companions to her and she will be given new imaginations and intuitions to keep her going. Fear not, for she is not alone. And she is being helped and guided.

E: She is worried about her memory… fading.

Forces: There is a herb that is called the Holy Twistle. If you can acquire this herb, it would good for her for tea. [Holy Thistle?]

E: Thank you.

Forces: Or that which sounds like this.

E: Thank you.

R: How can I develop a better communication between myself and other people?

Forces: You are beginning, but remember, it takes time. Be not impatient, but have patience.

R: Thank you.

Forces: You must express your ideas more openly to the group and give them new ideas also. For you, we are giving you new notes, and new notes must be expressed.

R: Way I am having a hard time finding words to express these ideas or feelings?

Forces: That will be taken care of when you express your feelings. You are being directed and guided by the entity we speak from. But those new words will be given to you only when you open up. That is being done.

R: Thank you.

JA: Is there any guidance or information you could give us now about the Meditation Room? Anything further that we should be doing?

Forces: As what has been in the beginning, that room should be cleaned every day. Tomorrow I would like that room, as would be said, to be looked at to see if it needs a cleaning. Also, all those candles that are there, there are no candles that should be lit anymore, but new candles made. That is, new candles for the holders of that which is there. They all will be replaced together. And the old candles put it in a place of a box and one day used only for that right.

JA: Thank you.

B: Is there any advice you could give us as a group in regard to diet or nutrition in the house?

Forces: We would advise the group gather together and analyze the amount of income with the balance of the amount of output. That is, the amount of food coming in and the amount of money going out. We would also advise, at the development of this group that the harmony of vegetables and fish, and that of starch at times be done. More salads and meats should be accomplished, less of meats, and more of vegetables. But do not starve yourselves from all meats.

B: Thank you.

E: When I was re-evaluating or listening again to the tape from last week, did I understand correctly the third dimension and fourth dimension?

Forces: You are only beginning to understand. Has not yet fully been revealed to you at the moment. But you have perceived a lot more than the earthlings ever would perceive of it.

E: Can I ask questions about it?

Forces: At this moment, you can ask two questions.

E: Just to verify. The reason… that’s the reason why you actually don’t come out of the ships. Because the ship itself is like a fourth dimensional vehicle.

Forces: We are preparing that, for it is a new law that we work with, that through this group that you allow us to come through, that you allow us to manifest, we have manifested in other areas that we had come in. This particular mission could not possibly come in yet, but we have come in before, only when that area in which we have been seen more visually or protected, or that which was by accident. But we have come into the earth many a times. This time we are planning to come in once more. Of a different mission we are. We are not like unto the others. But we are of the others.

E: But if you, let’s say, would come in with the spaceship, into the third-dimension, and then go out, back into the fourth-dimension, and, let’s say, a regular human being, if he would be transported from the third-dimension to the fourth-dimension, he would end up ten thousand years ahead.

Forces: We have, let us please… you are on our spaceships, in our pipes, and you are going through everything we own. Let me point out a little thing that you have overlooked: That within our space vehicle, in the center of it, we have what is called a gyro. That is the balancing of or bringing into that of the third and fourth dimension that we are guided with and we can guide in and out at any time. This gyro, when it works properly, for we, too, have many troubles with it that project us billions of years ahead of ourselves. But when the gyro is working, it transfigures and makes balance everything around it…

[Part II]

E: But, you still can by the speed of light, come back to the same year as you, whatever is desired? Is that correct?

Forces: Not only by that law, but by the law of the gyro within the vehicle.

E: Also, ten thousand years ahead of us exists already?

Forces: It exists in another plane, in another dimension-evolution, progress.

E: So actually, there is nothing that we can do to change anything that is already done.

Forces: Incorrect. For that ten thousand years is vaguely in the mind of all those that are there and are not there. For it has moved into the other dimension that is of the thought forms. The thought forms only take precedence when it is in realty on this earth. When it has perceived or “inprocribed”, or when it is happening, it becomes reality in the future. Therefore, ten thousand years from now is in the thought form wavelength that you are and what can be seen, but cannot touch for it has not yet expired or transpired. But when ten thousand years has come up to that point, there are many things that are changed because of the thought forms of civilizations prior before it.

E: So, an actual person that will come into that ten thousand years ahead, one from our time…

Forces: Will only see the manifestation of what might be. Only by the thought forms of the civilization that are on the earth at that moment that he left.

E: Oh, I don’t understand. Then how about the past? Does it face…

Forces: My dear, you have been given two questions.

E: I’m sorry.

Forces: You have entered into six questions already. As you would see, we will more enter that which is the fourth dimension in another session and reveal all the truth that is capable for your understanding. But that will be in the other sessions to come. For there is many days to follow. Please, do not tax your minds because this is a difficult chapter that we are dealing with you. For it deals with life and death in this dimension, the third.

E: Is there anything, that I can bring back to the entity T?

Forces: You can bring him back our understanding and our happiness in him controlling what has to be done.

E: Is it that what I’m thinking?

Forces: Correct.

E: Thank you.

R: Can you tell us something about patience and what it means to have patience?

Forces: Patience is like unto God. He has created you in the beginning and has waited for your return. He has waited so long. But, He is patient. He knows one day His children shall return to Him. There are many things that we must learn about patience. We must learn them from nature. For nature is patience, day after day, year after year, completes its course of evolution and progress. As the water falls it causes that which is the Grand Canyon. As that what would see as the magnifying of nature, as that which is painted in the skys through the rays of the sun, as that which is made in the earth and the planets. This has all been made in the hand of patience. As time, there is no time. For the hand of God is still being created in your earth. And have patience to see His patience. Have patience to see the flowers open up. Have patience to see the leaves fall. Have patience to wait for the snow to fall. Have patience for the newborn babe to be born, for nine months is a lot of patience for that child to be. For it takes a long time and yet a short time to create another physical body that is perfect of the soul to enter in. And for the cloud formation, watch them slowly. And for the stars that keep their course, they have patience. But man, where is his patience? He is like a lion in the desert that has no water, only seeking that which is blood for its patience. But have patience, for the sun will rise and you shall see a new dawn. And the soul shall be free evermore in the world of patience.

RO: You said earlier that it would be advisable for us to leave the New York area during the snow. Will we be given instructions later or would you explain that now?

Forces: Instructions will follow later.

RO: Thank you.

B: Is there any advice you could give me as… as to… never mind. I don’t think I have any more questions tonight.

Forces: We would advise you to relax. We also advise you as far as that which is seen, to place cold compresses around your neck during the hours of eight to nine. Fifteen-minute periods, releasing them and placing them underneath your armpits, removing them and placing them back over your neck. Fifteen, twenty minutes should be sufficient.

B: Is that eight to nine in the morning or the evening?

Forces: In the evening hour.

B: Thank you.

E: A year ago in a writing it has been given to me that on the fifteenth of November seventy-one until fifteenth of November seventy-two, I will go through a year of miniature experiences for the rest of my life. Has that happened? Has that been correct, has that been achieved?

Forces: Has been achieved on many other levels before the fifteenth ever begun, before the fifteenth ever ended. For we all do go through many miniature replicas of our lives. But yet that is only one segment of a replica of your life that will be repeated later on. And it will be very beautiful. All your work that you have done to now for everyone here will manifest back to you double.

E: Thank you. Shall I ask the next?

Forces: Agreed.

E: Why do I have sometimes doubts?

Forces: Agreed. These doubts are the fears that are embedded within from other lifetimes. Lifetime in particular, what would be called in the area of Germany, in which the entity of you that is to be said was promised much and much was not given. Now the time has come again when you are being promised much and you wonder will it be repeated again for that not to be given. That is that entity, that experience of one short lifetime to this short lifetime. It is a shame at that time that you had to experience, but we reveal this that we promise you much and we have given you much. Count your blessings and see them, for that is the crown of your life as you have heard us say to you. But remember, the crown and the blood and all that is to follow-have you faith. Have your patience; for there are greater things we will show you all if you yet have patience. We are not here to prove of our existence, for that is not our business. We are here to take care of you first. Second, to prove of what the world is doing. And third, to lead. Therefore, there is nothing in our plans to prove to you of our existence. Do not worry. We are not here to prove of ourselves. We have already proved ourselves in the time of Moses. And we have no need of proving it again. It fits us not to behoove us not to prove to you, for there is nothing to prove.

E: Last session, you also said that something may occur, you know, that… I don’t know if I understood it correctly. Let’s put it this way. Is it possible that Israel will lose?

Forces: There is no possibility; Israel will not lose.

E: Thank you.

R: When our astronauts go into space, does their spiritual development advance or change in any way…

Forces: When you go flying from here to Texas, is your spiritual development changed in any way?

R: I think I’d know. Not really.

Forces: When you go from one person’s home to another person’s home, are you not taking in what the sum total of your spiritual evolution is? That is, do you think if you go into one home, do you think you change?

R: I really don’t know the answer to that one either…

Forces: There is a saying of an old man that you earth people have. That an old man was standing on the end of the city and a man came up to him and said, ‘What type of people do you have here that I might come into them?’ And the old man says, ‘No, what type of people did you leave?’ And the man said, ‘Ugly, vicious, and vain.’ And the man says, ‘Turn back and go to them, for that’s exactly what you will find here.’ Then another man came forward and he said, ‘What type of people are living here?’ And the old man looked up at him and said, ‘What type of people did you leave?’ And the man said, ‘Kind, considerate, and helpful, and loving.’ And the man said, ‘Progress on forward, for the city is full of them.’ Do not, do not get your mental mind all boggled up on what is a simple thing. Your mental mind has just become boggled up.

R: You’re telling me! So then, we are what we are, regardless of where we are?

Forces: If you can perceive that, then you might un-boggle your mind. I presume there are no more questions. For that evening of the twenty-second of November, you will procure yourselves and prepare for that feast. On the twenty-first and the twenty-second of November, the eve of the twenty-first, and the beginning of the twenty-first, the eve of the twenty-first of the sunset, and the beginning of the twenty-second is a fast day or that of the day of atonement, or that of the day of no food. And that day will be only of that vegetable or fruits and juices and that is all. So from that day of the twenty-first sunset and the twenty-second, there shall be no food taken in. On the twenty-second all manners of bread shall be cultivated and used, all manners of bread created without the yeast in them. At this point the bread shall be of thin, flat pans and that of the thin, flat surface. Not a normal large bread, but thin strips of pieces making circular forms of bread. That is, the raising power is not there, for they will be unleavened bread. At this moment, all manner of pies and cakes could be created if you desire, preferably that pumpkin and that which is mince can be done, for your own traditional ways. For that which is that meat that you will have, there shall be that turkey that you are symbolically representing of of your feast. And the weight shall be no more than twenty-nine, or what would be said, thirty pounds. We would say this, take the twenty-nine away and make it either twenty-five pounds, or what would be thirty pounds. That would be it. As far as the vegetables, that there will be four greens and four red vegetables, and four brown or white vegetables or that which is yellow mixed. From this, that would be sufficient for all ye here hardy stomachs. Prior to this, on the twenty-second, would be that of the prayer for that of Thanksgiving. And on that day of the twenty-third, then again the entering into a service of a church near you that you shall enter for Thanksgiving officially by that of the earthly people, returning only to go on to the Upper Room in that morning and give thanks, for at that moment the feast, or that which is the fast is over. And the feast begins. For your own blessings as how far you have progressed up to now, and to what we will reveal to you in the future and many days to come. You have much to be thankful for. That is all we have to say on that date. We will prepare for the Christmas season and will guide you for certain things that must be done during that season-for there are many things that must be created and developed.

E: When are we going to have our next session?

Forces: If you will give me enough time, we are just calculating that at the moment. As we have said before, you are in the ship, through the pipes, through the water system. [Laughter] One person just here said that you made a good mother for him. Or that is, you are a resemblance of his mother he left behind. He said to me, ‘That is good.’ Then I say to you, ‘It is good.’ But remember, do not come creeping on board through the pipes, through the water. [More laughter] The next session will be on the fourth of what would be called December, unless otherwise desired for emergency purposes. Keep your eyes open, for there will be many things revealed to you. We are pleased with you all tonight. Rejoice and be glad, for there are many things that you have done and shall do, I hope as what was done or asked to be done with the floors were taken care of by that one which is named D. If not, he’ll pay for it in his own way. Those floors should be taken care of for they represent the foundation. Be not worried; just do what was said for you to do, and that is all. Do it for the service of God and then it shall come out the best. We leave you our peace. Not the peace that the world gives you, but the peace that our heavenly Father has given us. We thank you for being here with us tonight… [someone coughs]… and watch over you and guide you and help you. As the Master, that spirit that became the Christ, has given you the prayer to say, so you say it.

GROUP: Our Father, Who art in the Heavens…