Session 24-11/10/72

Greetings to all here present now. It is that I have been chosen to speak to you all first but it is not my wish that I should, because I feel that every time I speak, it is of no value. Therefore, I am only used by those in command so that your minds might be shakened. And I hope I have shakened it. I’m going and leave you to one who is to speak.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all here present now. We here have been watching your progress into that realm that things might be transpired into the finished product. We have been watching closely your development and we here at times are quite happy. At other times, we feel that this group needs is to transport them into another planet and leave them there. Do not be amused by what has just been said. For we have the necessary items to transport this whole group if desired, into a barren planet for its entire existence of a moment. There is many things that I have to teach this group, but I am not a teacher. I am what would be called an informer of things past; present. Your thoughts at this moment need alignment. Therefore, until you all get your selves in a proper condition, for I wait for you. I do not think that this species here now can sit still for five minutes. I have that funny feeling that there are ants that can do a better job than you all can. As far as the development of the global system of your earth world, we are strikingly appalled by the decadence of that which is called mankind. The seemingly attitudes of one, two, three-of caring not what others can do by their reactions. That is all they are worried about, is their own behalf. And all others come second. That is an erroneous mistake on their part, for by their actions they are contributing to the reactions of their home life and world situation. As far as that which is called the area of the Middle East, we here are quite concerned in this, that the formulized minds of this area to produce these are being affected by us so that they might not know what they do when they open their mouths. This is to procure that which is a peaceful settlement of a situation. You should look forward to such an agreement near the end of this year as to the beginning of next. We do hope that we can shut their minds off so we can operate through these little children that think they own the world and the universe, in fact. The second crisis of this situation, on the global situation, is that of what would be called the holy city or that which is our home port. Yes, this area is called the center facet of our many different networks of channels. Through this center facet, all our ships ascend and descend because of the electroconic, vibratory and esthetic values of not only that which is around, but that which hovers above this area for decades. Therefore, a secret is given to all here that that is our input and output of all ships on this earth. And that is as part what is now the uprising of that which is in that area of the Syrian or the people of Syria which are being totally disruptive to our plans. You have seen the network of our forces, two hundred thousand ships have left the area of this state’s, causing a terrific title wave of floods, and eruptions in this area, for this is the area that we project a course line directly to that area that we intercept to, causing an atmospheric conglomeration of havoc in which this state has never seen for like of it for so long. Yes, we have been moving out into the area of our home state there, which is that which we project into and out of. Therefore, those that quickly left us behind in a smaller vehicle, that could be termed as the reason why that which came first, that of the Old Man, was irritable-for he is now confined in a smaller place. But in all view, he has that right to be irritable with this group for the sake of that which he has said. I would like to give you an understanding of that speed in which we do travel through the galaxies and the cosmos. It is the point in which that of an object moving to the speed of light or the molecule’s surrounding it has in one sense become what would be known at a thinner vibratorial or vibrational level in which an object at a certain given length and sphere traveling near or to the proximity of that speed of light will become what would be smaller in size and eventually disappear in sight of what you see. Be not dismayed or alarmed by what we say, for that is how we travel. For where we come from is fifteen billion light years away, fifteen billion light years away. And that will give you the size in which we at traveled and the spectrum of control that we have over the cosmos. Fifteen billion light years away takes us approximately one minute to travel. That we will repeat for your ears one more time. Fifteen billion light years away, given by man’s measurement of time, in the fourth dimension we travel one minute. Therefore, be not upset by the length or the distance of what you have measured to be and what could be capable of measuring. For if we take this group to where we exist, when this group returns, they will not find their civilization any longer. Is that understood by the group?

E: Yes.

The description and the definition of this is such. That when an object reaches that of the speed of light, it goes into the fourth dimension immediately and disappears into that seemingly fourth dimension. Therefore, all objects that have disappeared on the global or the earth level have reached that band of light that is surrounding the earth. They are very minute and lined details on this global sphere that have the band of light which is a natural law, that which covers an object, or that which is the circle of that object. The given shape of the sphere is represented in the form of this band. And when a ship or when a spherical passes into this area, they disappear. On many cases of the ocean area many ships have been noted to disappear under the ocean and above the ocean. In this case, they have hit by accident the span of that which is the dimension of the fourth, which brings them into existence ten thousand years from this point on, presenting themselves in a strange situation, never to return back to this existence. For they cannot, once entered into the fourth dimension, that one minute that passes or lapses is exactly ten billion light years, or at least ten thousand light years from that point of A to B, from C to D. That is why all forms and shapes and all mannerisms of that what you would say a wall is no problem to us to enter into. For the walls and the shapes of the vehicle of the four boxes that you see are no deterrent from us to enter and to leave. For they are not what we see, for we do not come from outside, but we come from inside the forces of the elements that are within that force. Therefore, we materialize ourselves from the atoms and the elements that are all ready within this. For as you are in a room four square, but in this room are countless cosmoses. In this room is countless galaxies between your eyes cannot see. That, too, is the cosmos of space, and each one has a particular planet and solar system in it. And as you can see, comparing this, so is your galaxy like unto a larger room to higher developed minds. You can see how infinitesimal the existence of your very being will add up to. We are now, as I have said before, sending as many ships as possible to that which is the Middle East to present a destructive force to that which is against that city of Israel. Remember, Israel is where we have our head center. In Mount Zionite is where we reside and the forces of that channel from upward and inward and outward. If they seem to take over in control of this, then we will be very unhappy. And in this factor we shall produce what would be another exodus series. These be little people on their minds, they should take care of themselves. Now for the description of other objects that we will try to bless. In our existence we have seven [7] suns which represents the seven centers of your earthly bodies. Remember, all composite or composite items of electrical forces have this element of seven [7] solar centers. Our sphere has the seven [7] solar centers manifested into that which is the perfect center. For there are no other galaxies or other solar systems that have seven [7] suns revolving around it. That is the perfect manifestation of that spirit which is the God, or what you earthlings call the heavenly realms, or that which is termed heaven, or that which we have directed that guide who has come out from this area that which his name was Jesus, who had returned. As he ascended, he disappeared into the fourth dimension, returning into that heavenly field. His return when he does turn back is exactly two thousand years since prior to this. So in this condition, he can be seen into any realm or any force field by the power of thought. So the group has a mission at this moment to prepare themselves in thought and form so that spirit, that which was Jesus, might manifest in them on the upper room. This might take a period of a week, a month, a year. But you shall see him manifest and he shall speak to thee, just as we speak to you tonight in this room.

The beginning of the solar system. In the beginning there was nothing but the cosmos. The cosmos was void and empty. One atom combined by the hydrogen and networks of that which was not from that which aggravated the molecule’s surrounded by it. One molecule bouncing and agrative of that power created a disturbance affecting all other molecules from that point on in time. For that point of friction of nonfiction in the cosmos is a given law of constant movement. For if one object moves in the cosmos, or in the universe, it has perpetual movement. Therefore, the friction that has been started by that spark which is dormant, for there are two stages in the existence of the solar system, that which is and that which isn’t. For there are the dormant stages and there are the active stages. That which is dormant is harmony, peace and settlement. That which is activity is what would be called disruption and chaos. For as you have seen what we have described here is the methods and the creative forces that have created your world. The peace and the disruption. Out of that which is harmony in Genesis, you have disruption, as what would be known as the days of night. From this disruption created on the forces of molecules surrounding by the global sphere in which there are encompassing a limiting band in which they can only project to. At this point of their evaluation they had progressed into a solid form of molecules and atoms combining what would be a solar structular atom or that which is a makeup of that of composition X-X-K, or that which is a solar flame. By this, one perceived by the human eye, the solar flame is what would be known as that rays of light from that light which is only seen by human eye, vibrating for countless of billion of years of your earth time, to the point in which they create a force field around them. Combursting into this they form that field, and forming the galaxies within themselves. At which time after a billion years have passed, they have then-now become what would be called a miniaturized sun, in which is a very small structure of your sun Glowel [glo’wool]. After another billion solog years, they now encompass what would be called twice the size of your sun until they have formed their field or band of glare of effectivity. And by that point when they have reached the outer strengths of that, there is an explosion sending forth into the cosmos, of what was in the moment dormant, eruption. At this moment through this in eruption, or dormant erruption, they send into it solid flames of fire, each flame instimatically takes upon himself through that law of inertia a revolution and evolution around that center force in which it came from, causing that which is the system of your galaxies and all galaxies at this point on. Causing from the very beginning as a center structure to the very end. When each solar or hot mass become solidified, then it becomes like unto the sun in the beginning, reaching out to the band of its effectivity, each one will explode into millions of pieces, as what you have known as the asteroid belt, which is the similar effect of this older planet that had erupted, because it was the first planet that was sent into your Galaxy or cosmos of this dimension of solar system. As each part is erupting, then it sends perpetual movement in which it has reached its band of dormancy, or that which is silence. So at that point this galaxy that you know of it, will another some billion, trillion years from now, we will not give you the exact time, only the Higher Forces know this, and each planet will explode back into its original state of dormenticity. From that which is perfect harmony it will return into the cosmos of nothingness. From nothing it shall come, from nothing it shall return to. At this point the cycle of the creativity of another galaxy takes effect, and again that which is disruption comes forth upon that which is harmony, causing the cycle to repeat itself once more. That is your definition that the scientists are planning for billions of years and countless of years to define, that we have given you in a matter of a few minutes. We here have much more to show and teach and understand with you, but as far as your perceptivity in your own minds at this development stage, we are only capable of giving you only what you are ready to receive. Therefore, prepare yourself diligently for there is much more that we must give you. As far as that which is the oil of spices of opening centers, this crimson oil represents the waters of our earth or our planet that we have come from. From these waters we have give and got our spiritual foods. For we dip unto these waters every five hundred years, refresh our bodies and renew our souls to become alive for another five hundred years. So then that is your system, from the elements that surround you we have composed it into the form of giving your life. But the laws that govern you might not have the effect upon this crimson, but we rest assured that you have manifest it into this earth, the waters of our planet. Preparation of this oil should be done on the thirteenth day. The leaves of that which is known as the flower of the Rose, the perfect flower in that world of that of evolution, the petals of that such will be put into what would be one ounce of water, with a mixture of that oil that you have received with that of the catacumins of what would be understood from that word that you have received. From this you shall put five drops of that oil into this. Then you shall lowly with a flame underneath, cooking that the substance of the leaves from it. At this point of five minutes, and five minutes only, it shall be done. Then that substance shall be put into what would be known as a jar or that which is made out of that which is glass or the substance of that. And be carried up to that room where the fulfillment of the rest of that preparation should take place. Then that which is the palm branch of that which is one palm segregated into six different parts of that which is a centimeter or the meter of the cycle or that which is a perfect square divided by that of that sphere of that shape, giving into your terms, you shall have six pieces of that shape together to place into that which is already boiled. Then you shall have seven teaspoons of oil placed into this solution. As you can see, this is the crimson that you have all been searching for and looking high and low. For there is no other oil on this earth like unto this. Be proud of it for there is no other person who knows this formula. We have given you here this month of change. We do all ask you to meet once more. On that which is seventeenth of this month for more information and possibly more light on what will be taken. And we will give you that which you should abide by, by that feast of Thanksgiving that you have been on the earth given. For we, too, in our galaxies have that feast. Much more information shall be revealed to you all on this day of the seventeenth. As far as what would be termed as tomorrow, the eleventh [11th], the eleventh [11th] representing the physical body of the earth, all physical bodies of the earth, you are to enter into this area into that meditation room as you have entered into, no sooner than a quarter to twelve, your hour. For, at this point we shall be hovering directly overhead. There will be signs in the sky that you will see us, but they will be very fast and only for your eyes to see. At a quarter to twelve you shall enter into the meditation. Entering into it, you shall at exactly twelve o’clock, in a very silent tone, worship that which is that silence, that has been given to you. The sound of “Om” should only be said, and this “Om” should be said three times alone. And each and every one shall be in the silence of his own soul. For a period of fifteen minutes and then the “Our Father” shall be said in a group. At this point it is done. And you shall all touch that stone that is there and reside the force of your body there to raise that building. At the moment the hands of all those who have touched that building has been purified and changed and many things at that point can be done. That is your mission that we are working to you tomorrow. From this point you shall all progress to that which is the cathedral of what was named that is P. In that you shall understand the structure of the physical, for we have given it a mass of iron. And you shall see in that a very materialized answer and substance. We have the power to change any building upside down. Man thinks he has that power. Man thinks he is in control. But what man does is a pattern that effects what we do. So as you enter that cathedral, you shall understand what I speak of. For the cathedral is made out of iron. On the physical level, you shall see the bones of the structure of this cathedral. You shall see its beauty, but you shall not see it. You shall understand its height, but you shall not see its height. You shall see the woods, but you shall not see the woods. You shall hear noises, but you shall not see those who make the noise. And you shall understand what we say here now, that there are many great signs that we will give you, be one as this sign that we say. For this is the physical day, and we have taken your most important cathedral here and turned it upside down. At this point you shall all enter that area of that altar which is named Michael, for that is where we have four guides and from there you shall understand the power of that is Abba, Father, for whom Michael serves. He is that which guides our vehicles into this galaxy and he is who guides us out of this galaxy. After this, there shall be a changing of many forces in your minds. Each one when this is done, at exactly two-thirty, you shall all leave and go to your place that you live, and relax and rejoice that God is near you.

That entity that is named C, we have watched your progress, and it is dreadful. So from this point on, you are going to be watched very closely. For a period of a month, you shall stay where you are at. Your contribution to this group will be the percentage of what you earn. You will be forced no less to pay that amount of ten dollars a week for food. And the place where you shall exist, has been where we stated where you are. Then you and that whose name is P shall go to a walk on every Saturday from the hour of what would be from four to six by yourselves. And there you shall meet up with many tests. There will be a weekend in which you and that entity that is named P shall leave together to go upstate. And to understand many things, to take nothing with you, no coins, and no money, no clothing, only what you wear. So we can properly put you through many tests. We are not ready to reveal this weekend yet. You better move, you better progress, for we are getting tired. One month, then, so at this time, on the tenth of that is December, we shall understand your progress and if you still please us not, you are to leave the group. We are now ready for your questions, hoping many shall prove interesting to yourselves and to your development. Question.

C: Is there any project or something that I could work on in the house?

Forces: You are to wash all the windows inside and out. Question.

D: Could you help me understand the many doubts I have, many fears and the thoughts and…

Forces: How can we help you understand this? This is your ego speaking. Fear comes from ego, or that word you have been given. Question.

M: When we meditate, how do we know exactly that we have achieved the right thing?

Forces: Meditation is the silence. It takes a long time for one to reach the exact thing. There are those here on the earth that have meditated for forty years, and have not reached yet the exact thing, but have progressed to it. When it happens, your whole life will change and your whole structure and what your needs and wants are shall be changed in a twinkle of an eye. That is the proof of the exact thing. Question.

E: The card reading that T and me had about two weeks ago.

Forces: Accurate.

E: Thank you.

Forces: The child that shall come will be blessed. Question.

E: What happens to the people that go into the fourth dimension and don’t…

Forces: If they are not properly prepared for it, they can be insane.

E: So they are taken up exactly as if though they were taken out, what we

call death?

Forces: You are left behind, it would appear that they disappear. Therefore, as far as your conscious mind is concerned, they have terminated. But they have only moved into another existence. Question.

E: Yes, but how do you, you receive them? As if though they passed over as dead or what happens with them? Can we not know it?

Forces: As what I have said, for they do not pass anywhere but on the earth. They disappear but only appear again in another place on the earth ten thousand years in the future. Question.

B: How can I come, how can I come to give myself up more?

Forces: By doing it. Question.

B: Is there any way I can understand the feeling that I had during this last week on Sunday night?

Forces: Meditate in silence on it, ponder on the law of God, it shall come back. Question.

L: Could you give me some guidance or can you tell me how S’s progressing or if he’s progressed at all?

Forces: He has not progressed because of your own self? Because of you in a way as what would be said, clinging on and preserving him. You have attached yourself to him to preserve your ego. Question.

J: Is there any advice you might give to me at this time?

Forces: We would give you advice, but at this time we will not give you advice. But we will give you something more. You shall repeat you full name and the date you were conceived and born into this existence on the earth.

J: JRM, [states birthdate].

Forces: Did you say [states dates]?

J: Yes.

Forces: We have here the book of that which is you of the entity that has been spoken. Would we ask you that middle name as to be R?

J: Yes.

Forces: JRS to be what the last of the end of your name?

J: It’s JRM.

Forces: As you have seen we have given you the exact name of which you had in the existence in which was known as Montana. JRS was that name then.

J: Thank you.

Forces: We are not finished with you. [quietly] Give me the book. This entity, that which was born into that existence of which is the Aztecs or that is migrating from that of the Atlantean or into the Yucatan Peninsula from that point created many upsetting upheavals into the area of the people in which existed there, producing many, ahhh, superstitious and also enlightentary minds that were located into the area that he did return. At the exact point of at what would say at two, point nine… nine thousand point ten B. C. This entity did go into that area in which he did produce many upheavals to the original people there, in the existence of his own selfish gratification and desires. He had the undertaking of musical tones and instruments and also working around that which is of the ark of lumber of the tree of that is native. He has the same qualities that is being refined and chastised in this existence. The entity did live a hardy life in this existence, living to be of the age of a hundred and seventy-five years old. Great insight into the divinations of the mystical world in that age, a great healer in herbs and medicine. Termination was in what would be called seduced by the female species, in which too much of this existence suffocated his lungs. It was quite a notable life which was a regression in his development. The entity then returning back into that which is the form of the early Egyptian empire. Having great authority again in the religious overtones, being then at that point of Ra-Ta. Being that factor in which prevented disruption and destruction to the innocent parties. At this moment in time his name, Janius, Janess, Janaz, sounds to be French, but the name meant the one who gives water. Janaz Ramuz, Ramez is more like it. His tomb shall be found still remaining in that area in Africa, body preserved entirely and intact. A ring of black ox is on the left still. Great power in this existence. We would say roughly about four hundred [400] B. C. Life span, one-hundred and eighty years old. Progressed as far as evolution. Retrogressed as far as serving mankind. That is, giving one-hundred percent of himself and what he was capable. Only giving fifty percent. Lifetime now exceeding to the future in that point, for in many other areas, we are giving the highlights of your life. We will not go into other areas that need not to be reviewed at this time. The time was there with the master, that which is Jesus. Giving him, but then we shall go further back. Progressing to the tribes of Israel as he is noted. Again he was born a Levi, again involved into the priesthood. This time carrying the scrolls and deciphering them. That is why in this existence there is great adore for that which is written down in a book. Dealt with stones and metal in this existence. It would be strange, he lived here in this existence first, and then went into Egypt second. It would be roughly nine hundred [900] B. C. that we speak of. As you see this entity flitted

back and forth into the earth. No sooner did he terminate that he flew back. He did not want to waste a bit of enjoyment or time, his name in this particular existence, Jantium, Janthium, Jenthum, Jenthum, Jientum is that name in which he had. Of Simonaut. Jienthum of Simonaut. Existence: seventy years. Three wives, fifteen children. This is the beginning of his disruptive ability with the female sex, coming from this period of time. Entering into that area as we have said earlier, that which is at the time of Jesus. Again a seductee, in which he criticized every move, but in his heart he knew the man was right, and in secret came to talk to him. Great scholar in the laws of life at that particular time. Used people on the sensual level which came as a great deal of karmetic influences which again reappeared at the time of the Crusades again reappeared in the French court, sixteen oh two [1602]-born in the Province of what is known as Lourdes today… [End of Side A]… His name, Jenphum, Jen, Jenpum, indeed a French name. As you can see, this entity catered around that area of wine, women, and song. But yet take out the later which is that which is woman, and flirted into men. For he was in dealings with his physical body in which that peace made fun of all those who were caught up loving their own sex. Therefore, in this particular lifetime, he has that particular problem that he so crudely made fun of in the courts. Was beheaded, tried his best to get out of it. Died at the age of twenty-nine. Retrogressed in progression and a great deal of karma was produced in this particular life. For this was the life that he was not associated with the priesthood. But was associated with the sex organ. Married and had four children, each one he sold to his own right inheritance, wife died of cancer at the early age of twenty. As you can see, this entity had four children and he worked fast, from one bed to the other. We find him again near the American Revolution as an Indian. This time in a tribe of near or what would be known as in Washington. Then Montana as was said earlier of Smith his name. So he then again as perceived by what we have said, flitted in and out, flitted in and out into the earth constantly. No sooner did he die did he pick up another body. This existence, if mastered can wipe out and away the karma produced in France. At the moment we are finished with this reading.

J: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

JI: Is there some advice I could tell my mother on the things she told me this week?

Forces: Tell her that you are praying for the situation, if you can do that. Question.

R: Is there any help you can give me with understanding discipline and how to apply it to myself?

Forces: Understand your wife first. Understand your son second. Understand discipline to give to your wife first, to your son second. Understand to love your wife first and to love your son second. Do not put upon her shoulders the things that you wish to strive for. Do not be this way. Strive for them first, and then carry her on your shoulders. Do not put anything on her shoulders to carry. Do not dare her or tempt her. Do not say that some day she will, because some day she won’t. For that some day will have to come from you. Carry her and watch her and guide her. She is what would be termed a delicate flower that can wither without love. Question.

C: Is there any information you could give concerning purifying my thoughts?

Forces: Get yourself a mud-pack. Question.

D: Would you have me do anything this week on my vacation…

Forces: That should be prescribed by the one who is at home. You should do all the waxing of the floors and washing of the floors.

D: Thank you.

Forces: The one who spoke, [“Mona?”] yes we will advise you on the progress of his. For the movement in which he is going is slow. We have given you a key and a system to move it rapidly, but remember, this has not been produced. You must reveal to him on the spiritual level everything in life-your feeling, your emotions must be spiritual. You must not be of the old one, but you should be of the new one. That is why your presence in this group is needed and needed for your own development. For you, too, have a lot to correct and refuse to correct it because of being put down. Either you be with or be not with. But you must produce some element, some piece of understanding that you are one with what we do. You have great strength and great power, but can do nothing if you become flighty and become emotional and become depressed on your tensions and your desires and needs. This is a heavy cross for you that was carried many lifetimes past. In that which is Tibet, in that which is Mongolia, in that which is Japan, in that which is Africa, in that which is Asia. This is where it all progressed from into this present time. In patience, you must prescribe that which is patience and everything will follow. As far as him, you must give it to God and say, ‘Into thy hands,’ and then do not worry about it from this point on. Now your question.

M: Could you tell me anything about the entity called MA in Romania?

Forces: This entity is going through a great cycle of health and understanding. She needs great prayers and strength sent to her. She is near what would be called a terminating factor. Question.

E: You said before the seven centers, but in the… in some other parts of

the old scriptures, they talk about the ten. The three, the seven of the earth

and three higher…

Forces: Of the higher sphere?

E: Yes. The ten Sephiroth.

Forces: That is the representation of the soul communing with the higher soul which by these three forces one can commune with other galaxies. For we have the over self that is of the higher one. Within the over-self there is two more higher centers that need to be and they do commune with that which is their guide center.

E: So it’s like the top of the evolution?

Forces: Correct.

E: How, how is able… how did I do with the Bible, the Exodus?

Forces: You will review it and there are certain little changes that will be done to it. But it is a powerful book. Handing not only to the simple, but watchful to who you hand it to.

E: Should I hand it to the A.R.E.?

Forces: You will read it to them and hand it not to them. You will not let them keep it.

E: Can I also ask about certain things that I would like to understand within that book of Exodus as I was going along?

Forces: You shall let them keep it for a period of a week only to say to return it back in that week’s time. Question.

E: The one week, but then it’s Thanksgiving.

Forces: One week nonetheless.

B: Is there any advice you could give the group or me as to diet that we should practice?

Forces: More vegetables should be eaten. Otherwise the diet could be analyzed over again. Too many picky eaters in the group. Pickies. Question.

B: Thank you.

R: Is there anything that could be given to us on the planets in our solar system as to what they represent?

Forces: All this shall be given to you in the next session… if you are ready for it.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

M: Could you tell me anything about the entity RJ?

Forces: Mentally involved with himself. Physically decreasing. Spiritually, up and down with development in that state. Question.

E: In the book of Exodus as I was going along, there are many things that I would like to understand if possible, how it actually happened. For instance, those ten [10] plagues.

Forces: Happened by the cycles of vibrations to take and lower them, attracting these that came forth by the vibration that they were attracted to.

E: Okay, then what happened on the… with the children with the first born? How did this happen?

Forces: This was the spirit of that which is the green of death that came in the plague. This was what was said, the Angel of Death. That came and watched over and plagued the houses, for there is in our sphere that which takes life by the mere touching of the physical body. This is that Angel of Death.

E: I see. So it’s just exactly as it’s written down?

Forces: Correct.

E: Did I understand Exodus…

Forces: More than a lot of people will ever understand it. Question.

B: Is there any advice that you could give us in regard to our procedures in the nightly meditations in the upper room of the group?

Forces: That those that do not wish to meditate should not be up there. That is why we do not need anyone to fake it. Either you are or you are not. Do not be there for the sake of fun and games. Either you are or you are not. Be not there for the sake of games. Question.

B: In regard to the entity P, is there anything that… should we continue with our attitude that we’re going with, or are there things which…

Forces: He is exiled. Question.

J: Is there anything you would have us do with the upper room at this time?

Forces: Clean it. This moment, we give nothing at the moment to describe what will be done. That will be in the future. Question.

B: Is the advice that I was given today about the plant good?

Forces: It is correct, to a degree. But we would advise you to watch and to change it into another pot.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

E: Is the name of the child correct that was given?

Forces: Correct… to a degree. Correct as far as its other lifetime. Question.

R: For about the last week, I’ve had a lot of thoughts of music and of playing music. Is that because music will be coming back in my life or am I just dwelling on the past?

Forces: Music has never left it. Question.

E: Now we, I also had another name that T and E have thought of a past life of that particular entity. Is that correct?

Forces: Can be termed as correct. Question.

M: The trip to Israel, should I make it? And…

Forces: Making it shall be in the best harmony in April.

M: Thank you.

Forces: But more so in that part of what would be known as March-excellent in March.

M: It was planned at the end of December. So I shouldn’t do it.

Forces: You shall be going headed in that direction with the entity of T and E.

M: Thank you.

Forces: If it is to be excellent. For we are now preparing for that existence over there for them. That that which is the meeting of our meeting shall be seen physically. Question.

E: You said at another time that when we evolve enough, you will bring us over on your ship to your other…

Forces: Be patient.

E: Is that…

Forces: Question.

B: Is there any help you could give me as far as scheduling myself so that I could spend more time with the group in listening to them as was given in the last session?

Forces: This will have to come from your depths of inner thought. We will review it with you in the period of next week. As far as that, you must review it in yourself first. Question.

E: Why is it that maybe even after I finished with the Bible, I cannot fall asleep at night?

Forces: As what was given to you as a definition earlier in the evening, your ability of psychic or perceptivity is being awakened causing an off-balance in the time sequence.

E: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

E: How about KR?

Forces: How about?

E: Am I doing okay with… her?

Forces: Correct. Question.

E: What happened at the A.R.E. the last couple weeks, people from this group coming on, coming over. Have we learned the correct lessons?

Forces: Learn much more to come, but you are being guided and directed as a group. Could be effecting power in that force of the A.R.E., giving a spirit into it. Question.

R and B: Uh…

Forces: Which one threw it first?

B: RO.

RO: Could you give me advice and really explain when I seem to fall asleep or when I think, or when I think I’m falling asleep? Is that sleep or is it…

Forces: Awake of consciousness awakened to the subconscious to perceive things. A drifting of your mind, thoughts and patterns that you have built up in a larger proximity of sleep.

RO: What should I do? Should I try to pay attention to what’s happening or… just let it go?

Forces: Just lie into it and understand what you see and if capable, write it down.

M: What is the connection between me and my brothers… one of my brother’s children, because in the writing there came up something about something opening in this direction and I just don’t know.

Forces: A guiding factor, enlightenment and guide him and show him many ways, many understandings. A force that could be used.

M: You’re referring to the oldest one, no?

Forces: Correct.

C: Could you help me in some way with my self-consciousness?

Forces: By loving other people and stop loving yourself as much. Or that is, you have not begun to love yourself yet. For you love your ego, and therefore, you are self-conscious. Self-conscious is the loving of ego and afraid of getting it hurt. You are very ugly in this respect.

B: Is there any way that I could help or speak with the entity MY?

Forces: Help first in your prayers, and then listen.

L: Could you give me advice in my dealings with M, my friend M? Like how I’m doing and if it’s wrong.

Forces: We would advise at this point to sever all relations with this entity.

E: Can I ask for the entity T and… and his job?

Forces: He is winning.

E: On the worldly. Also about the job with his father who wants to take him on, should he get involved?

Forces: You will watch the situations progress. We will not give you the answer to this yet.

E: In Virginia Beach, is there anything there… with the center, the navy center.

Forces: Terminated.

E: For good?

Forces: There is nothing for good committed for the moment.

E: Well, I wonder why I try… I don’t know, could be it’s my laziness and so then let that be… but my girlfriend in England. I have the most hard time… I wanted to write to her. I have it in my thoughts, but I can’t take the pen and do it.

Forces: Two days from now you shall.

E: Is there anything I should tell her, I can tell her?

Forces: Just tell her that you are thinking about her. Tell her to be careful as far as decisions this month, most of all about her husband’s working conditions to be watchful of that, that no accidents will transpire as he is working during the end month of November.

B: If the entity J wants’ to come to our house, is that… should we invite

him to stay there?

Forces: As you have been given, invite him to stay there for a period of how long?

B: I’m not sure.

Forces: Then it would have that power of vote. Use it.

B: Was my dream about him, did it have anything to do with him coming?

Forces: Only a message of that he was coming.

B: Thank you. Also, in regard to the robes. Should we now seek to design and construct them ourselves?

Forces: As the days go on you will progress in this area.

E: When the final work of Exodus has been done…

Forces: Then there will be no one on the earth.

E: Well, I only mean by my hand. Should I send it to Gladys Davis?

Forces: Correct. Question.

B: Is the method in which I’ve begun typing the correct way?

Forces: Advise the lighting situation to be changed.

B: Are the… is the method that RO devised for the compresses the correct way or…

Forces: Accurate and correct but should be done more hot, the hotter the water, the better the skin. Do not burn the skin.

B: Thank you.

Forces: How is that development, we do not need to ask. Question.

E: Now also the house of Levi. Is it correct that those priests had retained the knowledge of Atlantis?

Forces: Correct. Question.

E: My father was a Levi and the other day my mother said if I am a woman I cannot be a Levi. Is that correct? Am I a Levi or am I not?

Forces: You were born into the house of Levi, but you are not of that which is a Levi. Paradox. You are the son of God, which is higher than any Levi. But if you would like to be termed as a Levi, we will make that.

E: I like you to call me whatever you will call me, that’s good enough.

Forces: Be happy.

R: Is the information given in the books Gods from Outer Space and Chariots of the Gods correct?

Forces: Many slight errors, but as far as is possible to your human mind, as what you have received here, this what we have said is correct. Listen to it.

E: The little girl that we met at the A.R.E. and invited two weeks from yesterday

to come to the house, her name, I, IKB.

Forces: Is that what you eat?

B: I don’t know.

Forces: Well, do I stay here listening?

E: Oh, no. I mean was it right to invite her?

Forces: What is wrong. Everything that you do in this earth is right, as long as you do it for God. That is if you go into a street and you have a gun in your hand and say, ‘I’m going to kill you because… ‘ Do not do that. There is at that lower area of this existence, that of that lower. There is that which is the lower end of the entity that I speak through at the feet that is nearer than he should be. [someone moves] I said at the feet level. [“Oh.”] Then if I walk into an area of the street with a gun and say, ‘I am going to kill you for God.’ Do not carry it to this point. But remember, everything that you do on the earth, give the first fruits to God, and everything will follow you. Question.

E: About the fourth dimension again, you actually could between the spaces of the air in this room manifest the whole entire ship of yours?

Forces: That is too much for your minds to understand, but that can be done. Your limited minds put: ‘Things are space.’ Our minds are not limited. Limit not yours. Question.

B: The fatigue which comes over me sometimes, for example, the beginning of this evening, is there any way I can deal with that?

Forces: Open the window and yell. And plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day. Question.

C: Is there anything I can do about my right leg, especially for meditation when I sit down?

Forces: I would advise you to do exercises to prevent the right leg from acting up. Question.

E: Can I ask about my plant? Am I doing the right things with it? The plant on the window sill.

Forces: There is nothing more you can do. Correct. Question.

C: Am I handling the situation with my mother rightly?

Forces: That is for you to determine and understand it. Do you need her?

C: No.

Forces: Then you have to understand that what you do is for God. Question.

RO: Are there anything that I should convey to my parents while they’re here?

Forces: Love.

E: Is it okay for my mother to come tomorrow to the UN with us?

Forces: She is no bother. I see no problem.

E: Is there anything I can convey to the entity T?

Forces: Patience. Question.

B: Is there anything that we as a group in regard to the discipline of the physical running of the house could bring into more of a harmony, that we could…

Forces: Harmony must come from within first. Then it will materialize on the house level. As I said you must be honest to yourselves and truthful. Question.

E: Was I correct telling T about the art school? And what was, and what I

have said?

Forces: It would appear that you are correct. Then again, there are many levels that must be done, a plan, a system.

E: Why can’t you… I know you can, but why do you hesitate to manifest in our skies?

Forces: Have we? The question should be is, ‘Why are you hesitant to see us?’ Question.

RO: I was planning to go to a show with my parents tomorrow. Should it be just postponed or completely dropped?

Forces: You shall go if you need to be. Question. And that is a question that should not be asked.

RO: I’m sorry.

Forces: Need not be sorry. We answered it. Question.

E: Is there anything that can help out the entity’s family?

Forces: Prayer. It seems the level of questions are going down. Therefore, we’ll terminate this session, is there a question on the minds of those here that needs to be asked? At this moment? We ask that all those here come to that understanding that they are God, inside them they are. Love one another as I have loved you. Do unto one another as you will do have them unto you. Fear no man, but fear that which can take away your whole existence. Do what you have to do, and be not conscious of other people judging you. Our Father…

Group: Who art in heaven…