Session 23 10-29-72

Greetings to all here present now. It is with dissatisfaction that we come in such a moment as this; for the group is not united as much as they should be. And we here have been watching your progress in great detail. It is one like unto a child that needs more discipline. In this case, we are preparing rapid changes in your existence. And we here have been proceeding to follow plans that we have initiated years ago. I will not take your time and will transfer over to the one who will speak to you.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching the progress of this group and find it in many details distressing. We here are limited by the laws that govern your earth, to respect these laws and work from them. We cannot do otherwise for what has to be done. This month that is to come is a month of many changes. We are presently involved in trying to infiltrate the minds of those who are seeking in terminate of that war in Far East. We are infiltrating their minds to make that desire within for peace. Do not think for a minute that we are not in control of that whole situation there. Now as far as the upper room is concerned, what is done has been well. There is a service that you have constructed together in the form of a vigil that is excellent. In this you have learned what it is of the fourth dimension that has been noted today and thought about on this day. What you have done is transform that room to be not part of that house but of the house that belongs to us. As you all do meditate there, the element of time in the three-dimensional phase disappears and enters into the fourth dimension. In such there is the fast moving of time. And one minute to an hour is equivalent of such. A thousand years is but a twinkle of the eye. And there is no time here, as you have measured it to be that. But as you have all prepared this room, and on that night of that first which will be entering into the third of this month is a mystical number of spirituality and many things will happen on this night. We ask that the service be opened at exactly nine o’clock. Prior to that, thoughts and deeds to work up to what will be happening. As those candles that have been made thin form should be used during the opening of this session for that vigil. Each one will be giving a candle and light this candle starting from that which is the light of the beginning, passing that light around. We will be there in this room and will materialize in many different forms, for we are beginning to prepare this room so that we can materialize to your eyes that we have promised. The meditation for those will be two hours and not one hour this month. And it will be designated as such, for two hours. It is a long span indeed, but you shall experience much and experience the shortness of it. In this case, the two hours will last and those who will be decided to go will enter into this vigil. It will begin at the hour of ten after the opening of that session and will be the first to twelve. In that case, three people shall be present, for the number three is of that day. Then the hour of twelve to the hour of two shall three more enter in. Then from the hour of two to the hour of four three more shall enter in; from the hour of four to the hour of six, three more shall enter. All that will be given in this that from ten to twelve is three, from twelve to two is six, from two to four is the nine, from four to six is the twelve, which represents twelve, the number of that which is called. From the hour of six to seven, we shall have the entering of those together all. And that will be the candles to light once more. For in the beginning of this, the opening, each one individual candle will be lit-and for those who will remain, their candles shall stay lit in a holding device until that hour of said is up. After that particular meditation is over, their candle shall be extinguished until the group gathers to close that particular session once more. The book of forms and thoughts will be used to intrigue and distract all those that are evil in the forms. We shall reveal a lot this evening to many for the preparation of their changes shall encounter on this day, the third. Being that it is that month. Then we shall ask for that day which is that of Saturday, the fourth, to group together in discussions and talk. And then in the eve, a dinner, and then what will be for that eve will be of thought forms of freedom and relaxation of what you would want to do on that day. Then we shall call you all once more for a session on the month of that day which is ten. On the tenth day of that month November, you shall be given all more information on many things that shall be done. So we call once more the group on that tenth day for a session. And this, at that time, is most indeed urgent that those will attend who will be here. Those who are not here tonight, excluding those who have been not chosen. The ones who will come, the entity whose name begins with… that which is known as J shall be chosen to come. That which is named as L shall be chosen to come. That which is named P shall be chosen not to come, but remain behind to keep watch of the upper room, for many things will go on in that house that night, for his own development we shall take care of. Then you shall again meet on the twenty-second day for the preparation of what would be termed an offering of thanksgiving that night which shall begin from eight, what would be said, from seven-thirty to eight as a beginning. From eight to nine as prayer, and from nine to ten as meditation. After meditation, a discussion of many things shall be encountered. Then a feast shall be had of all vines, all fruits, all manner of leaven bread, all manner of baked breads shall be, and no amount of purchased bread shall be taken into this house on that day, which would be known as the twenty-third of November. All manner of pies shall be baked, by self alone, and prayer and repetition of prayer while baking this. All manner of thought forms shall be implied in the food for that which would be before the food is eaten on that which is the twenty-third day of November. You will all enter up into the upper room which will be in for prayer and only prayer of thanksgiving which will be from the hour of four, what would be known from two to three in that afternoon. At four, that meal shall be served to all and last to the period of six. There should be happiness in thy hearts for there is much to be thankful for. And there shall be much more that we will give you on this day and on that evening. As we have told you, the twenty-second is the preparation. And the twenty-third is the feast. This tape as you have been given tonight, should be reviewed for the information desired, for we will not repeat ourselves on these matters, for there are more things to be discussed here. As far as the oil that one is anointed with, that should not be on the floor level, but should be on the side in which that which the candle of entrance is at. All those who come shall dip their hands before they do anything else, into that area of the right to anoint their foreheads in preparation. Then the bathing of their feet shall be taken in. It is well, for that room shall be inhabited by the spirits of the angels and many, many physical manifestations will take its form. That which is to be done will be done. As far as the elements that we have described of the barrier of time, you are preparing that room to fit into the dimension of four in which we can easily operate in, come and go as we please. As far as that which is the painting that is hovering over to that left of where I speak, it is the Shalom Shavim, which is the force of power of insight of Dilee, what would be know as the force of God of many forms and many wave-lengths. In it shall be all those who become what would be known as an energy booster, or that which gives forth energy for the very cells of the body. It is also that which is a direct replica of what we have in our own temple in prayer and meditation to our God-that one which is greater than ours. When we form our thoughts in alliance, that which is the pyramid within shines forth a tremendous light that shines throughout the whole crescendum of the dome which illuminates our very existence giving us food and energy. For that is what we operate on, for we do not have food as you have, we have the divine food, we have the divine life that will give us existence for ten thousand years. And that is why we exist in the span of our own existence longer than thee. We here have been watching your progress and again we must said that which is dissatisfaction within the group and the harmony that is there. But we are awakened by your enthusiasm to stick to it; and to acquire your own fruitfulness, your own divinity. As far as that which is, for that house shall prosper. An all things shall come unto you. We must reevaluate the entity that we speak to or from. That is what we use. We say unto him that he is your, what would be termed, guide. And that would be enough. As far as necessitates for him to speak to thee, it is what we would speak through him to thee. Today we had experienced great deal of difficulty in his own arrogance to speak, and this would be taken care of by us personally. This part will be revealed only by his counterpart-and not by thee. But we will reveal to you that we have power over the great of you and over the less of you. And this entity that we speak from has displeased us at one degree, but has honored us at other degrees. He has no fault on that degree that we speak of, but only as a child he becomes ignorant of what we would want him to do, which blow what would be called our own laws of fusion, which we here find that we are stuck in babysitting. And we do not feel that we should be left behind when we have so much to speak to thee. But this entity has that power to tune us off. And therefore, we become trapped and we become a babysitter. It is far beyond your minds mortal to comprehend what we speak of. Therefore what we have said is only for a clarification for this entity that we speak from. So that he might have an alleviation of thoughts of understanding of the perplexities in which of the future he will be involved in. We shall be radiating and entering into the field of what would be known as that building of the UN. And for all of… [End of side A]… the Meditation Room, for there will I be personally in electronical force throughout the whole UN building stimulating the mind of the worlds in their diplomatic forces, causing what would be known as the radiance of God to your meditation as a group that you will follow to do and proceed to do there. Is this understood?

E: Yes.

Forces: The hour that you shall proceed into this area shall be exactly in that area into beginning of quarter to twelve. You shall walk near and around this said building at eleven-thirty or eleven o’clock. And walk up and to, to see our presence in the sky. Then you shall feel us near each and every one of you. Everyone at this point should volunteer to be here in this meditation room on this day of eleven. In this you all shall enter into the meditation and begin to enter into meditation at exactly the twelfth hour, in which the meditation shall last for exactly one-half hour, which will be for the prayers and peace of the existence of the planet earth. That we shall, through you, enter into the earth and bring forth our vibratory systems into that of the UN, which shall linger there for a period of six months. There shall be great colors and enlightenments in the skies to see the great miracles that we ourselves through the power of our God will relay to thee. The sky shall be of many colors and that which is the moon shall show forth many unusual colors. This is from us as a sign to you. There shall be great cold applications of weather and great frost at times into this area, being brought by us, explicitly by us. There shall disruptions in many parts, as we have given you this prophecy in the last two sessions prior to this one. We do recommend one thing: that that one which is named as D. It was precisely told to him not to be here tonight, but we have altered his course and he should at least be honored that we have excriminated that which is the law that we have said him not to be-for he has progressed. Not as rapidly as we would like, but remember, you should be honored being here and not left at the place of residence with the other people that were left behind. For the one who sits next to him, we say his name the entity of, what would be named C. We are kind of, what would be said, unpleased or displeased with you, and your lack of attunement and advancement. It is our decree that you stay in this house that that is which is residence of in Flushing for a period of two weeks. That is our order and that shall be followed out. In such time the group shall completely dissect, dissect and build you up and build themselves up to get a relationship with you that might be termed as a family relationship that you do belong. After this we do pretend to see you in that what is called the room of meditation or the upper room to become in tuned and the vibrations to soak through you. That is our will. That is our demand. You shall obey this for that is what we want you to do. If you do not want to, that will be up to you. We are now here ready for your questions if you have any.

R: Is there anything I can say or any more that I could do to help my wife L?

Forces: As what you have been told. Proceed to understand and to love and show understanding of patience with this entity. To talk and to play with her. And, we would advise that you should walk near the parks or the areas of recreation with her that she might not feel that she is growing old. That you might show a little life and a little joy in your life. And we see here that it would not hurt for you to take her to what would be termed as a play at night. That you will have rejoice and recreation. For remember, life on this earth is not all work, for there are times that you are given to relax and enjoy. So we would advise you to look into the theatrical area of plays that you might cultivate her mind in this area. Is this understood?

R: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Question.

J: I would ask for any advice that you might want to give me at this time.

Forces: At this point in time, your job will be terminating in existence. That is, we will tell you when you will be able to leave your job. Eventually, it will be terminating. But again, what would be said, every job terminates. As far as your temper and your force of idealism. In one degree it is good, in another degree it is not too good. And then for the sake of pouting and for the sake of wasting your energies-we will not put up with it, and therefore, we will give you tremendous amount of pain if you shall proceed to wasting energies foolishly. The pain will be an electrical charge down at the spinal area just prior before that which is existence to relax or to relieve you. And this, would be a reminder of your commitment to your soul, to your purpose, to the existence of your life here; that you should terminate, not that which is in you, but to create and construct that which is good. And to become forth which is many principles and new ideas and new forms of understanding. We would advise you to get into what would be a hobby and not to be with idle hands too long, for you have a tendency to be carried away and not to remain into that which is the city of New York after the area of work, but to return immediately to the area of residence in which you can occupy yourself in that hobby or that creative endeavor. Is this understood?

J: Yes.

Forces: We would advise you to interest yourself into the book of leather goods, or leather, or into the ideas of rope and also for the idea of music. Or that which is inclined to the ears of you. Question.

RO: How can I come to serve the group?

Forces: Do you believe you are not serving the group?

RO: I think I could probably serve better in some ways if I…

Forces: What ways do you think you can serve better?

RO: I don’t know. I guess what I was really asking was… the selfishness and how to overcome… and for you to point out the things that I may not be aware of in my selfishness.

Forces: For me to point out to you? Isn’t it only wise for you to point out to yourself?

RO: Yes.

Forces: Isn’t that in itself being selfish?

RO: Yes.

Forces: For me to do your work? The jealousy of you having no attention being played unto you. The point is, that you would like to be criticized and condemned for your bad opportunities of working. But you are striving and doing your best. And therefore, that might displease you. For we are not coming down hard on you. So you are a complicated child that needs a parent to spank you. For you understand when a parent spanks you that that parent loves you. We are not going to play that role of parent with you. So therefore, spank yourself. Would you like to ask one more question for the sake of a bottle of milk?

RO: No, I’d like to ask another question.

Forces: No, you do not want to ask another question?

RO: Yes, but not for a bottle of milk.

Forces: We do not have one to give you anyway. Question.

RO: Would it be advisable or would it be detrimental for the group’s development for my parents to visit?

Forces: It would explode the group into many factors. But it would be good for their minds for they would not have any when they leave.

B: Oh, wow.

Forces: Remember one thing: it is the group’s conviction of God that will brake their foundation in their falsified God. It is your conviction of love and not criticizing them. It is your commitment to this unseen God and your love for him. And not to change their ways, and do not tell them, ‘Mom, do not change my ways,’ but listen to them and shake your head yea, yea… no, no. But do not say, ‘Your full of,’ for this is not right. Listen to them and show them light by the way you treat one another. And by doing this, this will be your first, your first improvement as a group of fruits that you have given to one another and that you have given to the outside of the group. This will be the measurement of the fruit of the group. Is this understood?

RO: Yes.

Forces: If the group has fears of your mother as a monster, then let the monster grow within them first. For remember they should have kindness and love for everyone that enters into this house. For it is the will of God that that person enters into that house. And remember, your mother isn’t that bad of a monster. She can be a headache, but not a monster. Question.

B: How can I give my will up more to the will of God?

Forces: How can you what, my friend?

B: Give my will up more and replace it by trans…

Forces: By remembering when you say things that are completely asinine, that’s

the word would be used here very correctly, and not negatively do we use it.

But things that are said that is completely bad, things that are negative, things that are completely egotistical-this is the word that is coined rightly-for a donkey is that what we say. The counterpart. Contemplate. Contend yourself with what you do. Understand the things you do. Reflect on the things you are about to say before you say them. Understand this wisely, and you shall grow fast. We would advise you one thing. That the plant that you have in your room that it should be a warmer area of climate for the plant for the area in which you have has a tendency of acquiring coldness which has a tendency of effecting the growth of these leaves. For that is a concern of yours like a child of a babe.

B: Thank you.

Forces: It would be wise if you can walk the child around the block. We would see you very happy doing this… very comical, too. Question.

B: Should I take the stroller?

Forces: That would be up to you.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

E: Why didn’t Lobsang Rampa answer my letter?

Forces: The undertaking of this entity is on the verge of termination. Ill health is the reason major of. Question.

E: So he wasn’t effected badly by the letter?

Forces: He admired it. But ill health has terminated a lot of responses. Question.

D: Could you give me any help in regard to my development?

Forces: Vitamin C.

D: Vitamin C? Anything else?

Forces: Commit yourself more in your tongue and your actions and your deeds. Express your feelings on a deeper level and to say them, be it wrong or be it right. And be not afraid of the entities that are around you. Question.

C: For this two-week period that I’m to be at the house, should I continue going to college?

Forces: Do you think all forms of life ends the minute you enter into this house?

C: No.

Forces: Then you have answered your question.

C: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

R: Is there any kind of advice you could give me of things that I should know that would help my development?

Forces: By being honest. Again, if this whole group was honest to themselves, that question would not be asked. But at least commune and talk to those around you and commit yourself to feelings. You have opened up excessively, to the entity that we speak from and have been helped remarkably. Your advancement, we are looking forward in many stages, in leaps and bounds. And you shall be changing your ideas and thoughts in many ways. We will not say how great you are. We only will say how bad you are. Therefore, start moving fast. For we are expecting a lot from you. Commit yourself in thoughts and deeds, meditate frequently, and understand what you talk about and understand is it ego or is it for God that I speak. By doing this you shall proceed and progress into what has to be done.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

J: Is there any way in which I would be able to be more receptive to the guidance we are being given? Sometimes I become confused and make a decision based on some wrong ideas I have that come from myself.

Forces: Would you repeat such a complicated question?

J: How might I be able to be more receptive to the guidance that you’re giving us?

Forces: By listening and stop thinking.

J: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

RO: Would there be a portion of the Bible that I should study now, that would help me?

Forces: Portion of the Bible? Are you not studying that which is Job?

RO: Yes.

Forces: That should be more than sufficient. Question.

B: In the last session we were told that we should maybe ask again in the next session about the oil of Crimson for the upper room. Is there any further information to be given about that?

Forces: The oil of Crimson. You will find this oil in any Catholic or Roman church, that they are baptizing the child with. But ask the name of the oil that they baptize the child with, and by doing so, you shall find out that is the oil. Is this understood?

B: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Once required of that oil and receiving of it, you shall take eight roses. One rose is to be left upstairs. Seven roses are to be melted down into what would be called a liquid form, crushed into such a form, and mixed into this oil. And that is the oil of crimson. You will not find this oil anywhere in that elemental stage or component, for it is our oil that we have here. You are all now ready to receive it and use it. For it opens up the centers that you place it on. Question.

E: Is there anything that we as a group can do for Lobsang Rampa since he helped us in so many ways?

Forces: There shall be a contribution of money, which would be adequate. Ten dollars each should be more than sufficient. If the entities in the group would get it together, if not, whatever that one can afford. Giving to the one we speak through, the entity shall send it off to him with a letter of affection and thoughts from his desires.

E: Thank you. Also, my physical health. I have some also, some things happening in my chest area. Can I get some information about it or…

Forces: Is this more like a congestion?

E: Sort of.

Forces: Or a heaviness?

E: Heaviness, and some sort of pain.

Forces: Then what would be given to you would be spices and cloves, what would be called the myrrh and what would be known as thyme. Would be known as sage drinking in a tea of honey shall liquefy this area and coat it in such a way of soothing. It is also a reaction of many chemical forms in the physical body that have changed you. And was also a reaction of a slight cold in the congestion of this area.

E: Thank you.

Forces: Hot baths are good for you twice a day as directed. Question.

E: Is there anything that I can help the entity T?

Forces: You’re doing sufficient, we are pleased. Question.

D: Can you help me with the fears that I have of the people around me?

Forces: Repeat your question, please.

D: Could you help me with the fears that I have of the, I would say, people around me?

Forces: How can we help you with that fear that you have that is not? Only fear of embarrassment with people around you do you become afraid of being committed to them, of showing your own feelings, and of not getting hurt. This is understood?

D: Yes.

Forces: That is the only problem you have. Ego. Question.

C: Is there any advice you could give me concerning my development?

Forces: We have already advised you what you should be doing. For this, open your heart up. Question.

R: Would it be possible to play the tape back for the people who had to stay at the house?

Forces: Everyone except for that which is the entity named P. Question.

B: I wanted to ask about if there is any advise as to whether we should sell the equipment that we have sitting in our basement now?

Forces: That shall be determined by the group.

B: Thank you. Is there any, anything that I can do that I’m not doing in regard to helping the people in the group and myself in relation to making it more of a unit?

Forces: It would be advisable that you cater at least a day between one person and another, and just go to listen to them talk. And listen with patience. Can you do this?

B: Yes.

Forces: Question.

B: Thank you. I wanted to ask if there’s any advice you could give me in regard to the problems I’m having with my left leg?

Forces: This is what would be termed as a tapping of a nerve or a tissue of that nerve on the area that you sleep in. You are advised to get into you a situation of a higher, softer bed area. As far as that leg is concerned, hot compresses should be applied to the upper portion along to the lower portion also three times. With that shall be mixed in what would be termed as that which is mint leaves. Is this understood?

B: Yes. Is that, is that like three separate days I should do that?

Forces: You should do it for a period of a week.

B: Three times on each day?

Forces: That is correct.

B: Thank you.

Forces: And also the bed is important. Question.

E: Am I… are we doing okay… am I doing all right with my mother? Am I improving or am I…

Forces: We would advise you to visit her more for this is what she needs at this moment, otherwise, you’re doing very well.

E: Also my thoughts, certain thoughts, regarding the entity…

Forces: Do not need. Continue.

E: On the same question?

Forces: Yes.

E: Certain thoughts that I had regarding the entity Tom, will it change or will it not change?

Forces: As we have answered, do not need.

E: Also, the painting that is beneath the candlestick, does this have a special…

Forces: This is that which is. It is the eyes of illusions the one that is of the force of Egypt. That which is silent and gives power. It is of the spirits of Egypt and that is the name of the painting. Question.

E: Is there anything for my own development that…

Forces: Patience, prayer, and lots of tea. Question.

D: Some positive quality or some service I could, I could, should develop in relationship to the group?

Forces: To work with them, to give of yourself with them. That is positive. Question.

C: Concerning my meditations, what do the lights mean? And how can they help me to attune better?

Forces: The lights are just distractions at times. Go to that one light between your eyes of the forehead. That is the most important one. Attunement is the reason of the light that is between that point. Question.

J: Is there any further information you would give at this time concerning the building of an Ark for the upper room?

Forces: We would advise that one thing could be done. That is the acquiring of the scrolls which is in a cabinet form of silver-plated that has been seen by the entity that we speak of, and that which is name of E. But this could be the accomplishment of that which is the flame that is lit. But it is up to you if you would want said such. But as far as the Ark is concerned, development of the group is not yet ready for such power.

J: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

RO: You spoke earlier of the termination of all jobs… I was thinking about…

Forces: Do not be so hesitant or so fast to speak. Termination of all jobs comes some day. Question.

RO: I was thinking about training for a specific profession this week. Would that be advisable?

Forces: Your own free will, if you desire to do this, do it.

[End of Side B]