Session 22-9/23/72

Greetings to all here present now. We have been summoned here tonight to speak to you by your wills, and it is this that we come. Therefore, without further ado, we here, that is I, am not going to continue to talk to you, but pass it on to the one who speaks.

[Audible voice change]

Greetings to all, all, to all here present now. It, it… it… it is… we are experiencing difficulties speaking through this voice. The difficulties will have to be repaired in some manner of thought, but in the meantime, we will proceed to what we have to do here tonight. We have been traveling to many areas and therefore, being that this is a special session, being number twenty-two [22], that it should be called twenty-one [21]. But then it is not a session; therefore, it is called a hearing. This we have been watching the group, and find the one who left in the manner he so designated, causing his own pains. We here find this particular soul wanting. He had a destiny here greater that you would realize. And if he, only by his faith realized it, he would have had a great future ahead of him here in the northeastern part of this country. Being that he returned astrologically to the area he is now in, he has left the umbrella of protection. Therefore, we find that he shall be cursed in many manners and means. Let him be a living example to all those who perceive to come here and then leave because of their emotional unstability and ego. We here are not wasting our time. Either you are hot or you are cold. Either you serve or you do not serve. You cannot be one or the other in this place. That is why, those who perceive not the spiritual path, should by all means leave. All those who tend to stay on to cling on to securities, it is better wise that that person leaves. For the entity who has left already, as the dog cries, so does his soul. And let that be a sign to you-that the hour of pain and infliction at that cry is upon him, this very moment. It would have been wise if he could return. And this we give him an ultimatum of three months to return. After that, the plague shall come upon his house. Know ye all that we here are not here to have games. And the wrath of God is upon him. God is not mocked. God is not put ashamed. And now you shall all see his powers. As far as the group is concerned, as you can see by the voice that I speak through, things are not right in an atmospheric condition. Therefore, the plaque is upon you, too. And, therefore, that would be, that everyone shall not go into prayer and meditation as a group for a period of one week. That all sorts of spiritual progression shall be halted for that period of one week. That no manner of meditation as a group shall be undertaken in the period of a week. And that all those who would meditate, would do it by themselves. The upper room shall be sealed with the wax and a ribbon that no may enter it in such a condition. And the one that is named J shall seal this door at exactly one thirty-five or exactly one-thirty, your time, for a period of one week to allow it to be a physical representation that the eyes of God does not look upon you. We here find this very hard to give you. But it is only of your own merit that you have asked it upon you. You have kept the commandments as far as selfishly motivated. But therefore, you have also bid it in the New Year, but with that was resentment and jealousy all about you. And not in the spirit that is a good spirit. And those who do mock God will have to pay for it. Therefore, the week of that is coming will be the week of sackcloth and ashes and repentance for what you have done. Do not think that that young dog yells. It yells for the pain and infliction upon which the plague has come. All those in this abode shall be protected. But once leaving, there shall not be a mark on your door. The house that those part of this group does live in is protected as far as the blessing that was given to it. But least ye all enter outside with negative thoughts, you shall be cut down. We here are disgruntled and tired. We hoped to have said other things to you all tonight, but because of your actions, we find the group slipping further back and further back away from their objective. Therefore, we give you a spark to warn you, do not fall any further. Questions for this group is now being ready to be asked. But we ask you if you have the ears and the heart to listen. Question.

J: Is there any advice or corrections that you can give me concerning personal meditation?

Forces: Before you enter into meditation, you must cleanse your physical body and cleanse your mental mind and attune to the spirit. Also, three [3] incense should be burned when you meditate. And know what you go on into. The Lord your God is there. You should watch your tongue and your thoughts and you should express in kindness the love and the understanding and the patience that we have been trying to tell you all. That should be of some help for you. And prayer before meditation is needed. Meditation should last no more that three of what is fifteen minutes.

JI: Is there any advice that you could give me concerning my development?

Forces: We must ask you to re-evaluate your life and to come to some constructive means in which you can find to utilize the energy that you do have within you. If you go around desiring and wasting such, then your life will measure up as what was said tonight into a sum total of selfishness. The subject of homosexuality is of two planes that we were prepared to give you all. But know it that is of one the highest which is love and the other which is selfishness. If one enters in love to all, then he is yet that which is. He is no longer termed a homosexual, or that of that quality, but he is termed the Christ spirit because he desires not to have encounter of what would be said the orgasms and desires of the earthly body, for those who desire the sheer pleasure and desire of the physical contact and the sheer ego boosting up, for that is selfishness. And it is a destructive means in itself, for every action destroys a true quality that is within you. We here are not summoned to give you this what we would be giving you, on this subject now. But in the future, we hope we can. At this moment you must re-evaluate your life. You must come to some prayerful organization and constructive thought of God present in your life everyday. And you must have these prayers that you must gather to say. Does this help any for you?

JI: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Question.

E: B and A are going to come to New York. What type of work is… should B go into?

Forces: This entity is returning back to a cycle in which he had left when he left. The cycle is re-evaluation to himself. We here are experiencing difficulty in this particular environment. As far as the one you have mentioned, he should return for a period of a time. The entity, you that speaks at that moment, have great ability. You show and bring great deals of strength and light to help this soul progress. You must find your time and patience to do it. Also the area and job that be best suited for this one would be those in the lines of what would be known as that which is keeping records, keeping stock, keeping appointments. If he should cultivate his thoughts, he should ally them with the understanding of cultivation in forestry and land development-as a ranger or as something in parks. This should help him in that area, for he has great deal of abilities from another lifetime in which he kept on the frontiers of the land and the powers that is within him to cultivate that land. He should also come to an understanding of his own self and his selfishness and desirability to run away from responsibility. Therefore, he should come, but only to face onto responsibility.

E: Should he stay here, in this house?

Forces: If the entity does ask, the receptivity of this house will only be for the period of five days. After the fifth day he must go and find an area for himself. Is this understood?

E: Yes, thank you.

Forces: He should not remain for his development here within the house over the period of five days for he is again running away from his responsibility. Question.

BE: How can I give myself up to the will of God?

Forces: By watching your every thought and coming to the understanding of what you say, be it for God or for man. Question.

R: Can you explain the mental and physical confusion I’ve been going through in the last week?

Forces: Jealousy sums up the whole total of your mental and physical confusion. Jealousy of wanting and to be wanted. Least you be forgotten, you would stoop to many levels and in your sly and cunning way you cause more problems than the group could ever see. Because you do it so nicely that they will not be seeing it for a while. So therefore, you should reject all the things that you want and to give it into God’s hands that you shall receive what He would want you to have. Is this understood?

R: Yes.

Forces: Question.

P: Are there any things that I could speak to by brother that would help guide him?

Forces: Rather not to speak to the entity, but to listen to him. Rather not to counsel him, but only to hear what he has to say, and advise him, not what he should do, but what you would do. Remember you are not any greater than he. Question.

RO: Is there anything I can do that would make it that would help me get a job?

Forces: Before you enter into a place of getting a job, you should say that, ‘I want one.’ To begin with, this would help out situations. And to be alert, to be responsive, and to be helpful. And to say that I do this job for God. If you have this motivation prior before entering into that area of an interview for a job, you shall receive it and send out your love and your understanding to the one who interviews you. Is this understood?

RO: Yes. Thank you.

Forces: Question.

K: Is it wrong for me to go to Texas and try to help RI get away from being so selfish?

Forces: You do belong at his side. But remember that is your best ability, try to see if you can sway him back to where he belongs. Is this understood?

K: Yes. Is there anything that you could tell me to help me find the right way to persuade him?

Forces: By being honest to what you see and most of all to be honest to yourself. To be honest by your thoughts and your deeds and your own jealousies that you do have. If you can be honest to these, then you will be helping him. For he is not all so guilty as the group might perceive, but by your deeds and actions, that is of security motivated, you have been guilty on many instances. Therefore, you should return to him only to enlighten and to guide him and yourself back to the point where you left off.

K: Is the field of jewelry still closed to him?

Forces: That field of creative industrial art is closed. He will be entering into it again, but not under the grace of God. His field of jewelry and making of the diamonds and intuitively creativity was here in this place all the time. We only said that it was closed to him to test to see if he would run. For that land of milk and honey is closed to all, all they have to do is cross over the river. He felt that it was closed here to him up here. On the contrary, this is where his future lies and this is where his creative talents will be cultivated. And this is where he would have his success. It is a paradox, but we seem to make it a nice one.

K: Should I encourage him to get a job in Texas at the same time I encourage him to come back here before three months?

Forces: This would be highly unreck… able [un-recommendable], in which if he does sustain a job, his job would only detain him and detract from what he has to do. But remember, he must choose whether to stay there or to return. If he returns before the three months period is up, then it is good. But after the third month is over, be it under that day, then we here cannot help. So, the twenty-fourth of December, the eve of that day, will be the end of that cycle in which he will be allowed to return.

C: Could you give me some advice concerning my soul development?

Forces: You should progress heartfully under the cause of serving other people and stop judging them. If you can do this, you will be progressing.

C: And in overcoming my arrogance?

Forces: That is what you have to do. How can we tell you how to overcome that when you are so hateful inside yourself? Let that be a reminder to you what we said earlier, that we still mean it. Question.

J: Is there any advice you could give me concerning relating certain things about the spiritual course of our lives to some of our friends?

Forces: Be careful. But be wise. Be not like one who says that you have gotten all the medals and now I’ll offer it to you… for a price. Help them and guide them as best as you can with that which is love in your heart for the spirit of that Christ within you. Guide them and be patient and do not reveal too much to them at one moment, but progressively they will learn from you and you will understand what it is to go out and give to others in this field of enlightenment.

JI: Are you controlling our light in our basement?

Forces: Don’t we control everything in that house?

JI: Is there some way that we could…

Forces: You all would be lucky that when you return, the lights still work.

JI: Is there any way that we could get it on when we need to work downstairs or we’d like to work downstairs?

Forces: It should be looked into as a weak wire and also as a circuit breaker within the circuits of the fuses in which you do have. Also to look into the contact switch within the bulb and that which is called your socket. That will be enlightenment to the floor of the room in which it is located. I would be advised that you should look further into it as far as the right connections and wiring. It is also timed at certain instances to work this way.

JI: Yes, thank you.

Forces: But least be not fooled on the simple evidence of the powers of the laws that we work in, for what I have given you scientifically explanations for what has happened, be not dismayed. We take and we turn off with our own physical hand.

JI: Yes, thank you.

E: The dreams I had in the past two weeks up to the dream that I had this afternoon… it was like a whole conglomeration of different… yet I don’t know if they were so different from each other. I can’t understand it.

Forces: They are a progress dream of reveling the gifts and fruits of the water of the spirit that is within you that is about to come forth.

E: And the dream where I was screaming, “I’m the only Jew. I’m the only Jew.”

Forces: Identity to self and to God.

E: The establishing of my identity?

Forces: Correct.

E: Now, the things that happened in the Search for God group, this last Search for God group, especially with the entity L…

Forces: That should be a correction. I did not see anyone there searching for God. It was a discussion. Was it not?

E: Yes.

Forces: Then what did you expect? We here are displeased with the actions and that which is called L. By her selfish desires to gratify her sexual organs and also to be that which is within her to do. She will have one hell of a life if she chooses the physical path that is lined with a great pitfall. And it will be a very disheartening life for her because of her own egotistical, selfish pattern of glorification of the eye. And the eye will destroy her. She will cry out and no one will hear here. She will grow old and the wrinkles on her face will fall into patterns. For we shall work on her face at this very moment; that the wrinkles and age shall be noticeable; that her beauty shall be taken away from her. That she shall enter into the physical one hundred per cent where she belongs if she chooses that. But the spiritual life will give her what we will not reveal at this moment. But which is more tantalizing to her at this moment is the physical and enjoyment of life. And everything she desires will have no purpose and meaning for she will have them not. And see them not to have.

E: When I spoke out or… was there ego?

Forces: A slight degree, but to the slightest. What you have said to the entity was correct.

E: Also, with the entity K and the throwing away of the food that upset me so much…

Forces: This would be the underlying factor of jealousies to the degrees that would be motivated by such actions on a sub-conscious level. Consciously, I don’t know if I should say. But let it be on a sub-conscious level that she was motivated. Let it only be as a symbol of what was done. The food that you all have eaten on that night was blessed. The food that you had all eaten on that night of the new day was holy. Therefore, let it be a symbol to you as a group. That is why the door to the upper room is to be sealed tonight. Prior to the sealment of the door, we ask the one J to go on up, and to light the candles of seven on the plate. And only then will he sit back and then give up whatever he can to ask forgiveness. Then he shall return down and the next male shall go up and enter there and ask forgiveness. And the next male and the next, and the next. Each one in line to ask forgiveness of his own shortcomings and to understand the critical times that the group faces now. Then the females shall go up and ask for forgiveness. And to ask for patience to listen to the will of God. And that God might bless their children that they have. And that God might bless their lives that they can give it to God and to the man that they will serve. And that they must ask forgiveness for their actions. And then the one named J shall enter up and then extinguish those candles and the curtain shall be sealed on upside. And there shall be them that way. And then the water that is the washing of that feet or principles shall be left dry. And all manner of the oil shall be left with inside the curtain. And then he shall come down and seal the door for the period of seven days. At the end of the seventh day, which would be as I will say, which will be the eve of Friday eve, which would be at six o’clock, all those in that house from seven to seven-thirty shall enter on up into a meditation and prayer. And another food shall be fitting for them to be fixed and at that point, a Sabbath meal to be held for the blessings that God shall give them. Is this understood?

J: Yes.

Forces: And then the opening of the upper room once more as a symbolism of the coming back of the light. Question.

BE: Is there anything that we might come to understand for the entity D or in relation to the entity D?

Forces: Listen to him and listen to yourself. It behooves the group to understand everyone in this group. That for the discussion hours shall be there from that hour of ten to eleven or to what you might have, that you might serve not to destroy the other, but to help in love and understanding. And to pray before you enter into it. And to pray after you leave the end of that discussion. Question.

BE: Is my feeling in regard to the… the new order in the house… physical locations correct? Or should we wait on that?

Forces: That I do not understand. Do you speak as far as the location in which the house is situated? Or do you speak upon which in that case the entities are situated in?

BE: The entities are situated in.

Forces: So your question would be better framed as: ‘Where shall we as far as locate ourselves in best harmony for the growth of the group?’

BE: Yes, thank you. That should have been the question.

Forces: Then the answer would be as such: The upper room in which that entities which is named that RO and L, shall be moved onto the area of downstairs in which they shall take that area in which the area of the children once occupied. Then the area in which S as which he sleeps there on the downstairs level shall be moved to the room adjacent to in which the one who left shall be placed there. Then as far as the unoccupied room on the upstairs level, we would ask the one in which is P and we would ask as a poll or a drawing or put their names as P, the entity of D, and the entity of R into a container and to draw out who will be sleeping where. Preferably, two people would be sleeping in that large room. While one will be sleeping in the room that leads to the upper. Is this understood?

BE: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Question.

BE: With RI having left the group, would you name one or is there any need to name one of us as the spokesman? Or should we continue as we are? Or is there another…

Forces: As what was given on that eve of that day of the new year of the end of the new year of the atonement of the new year. On that day of atonement, you were chosen by us. Therefore, we still stand on that choice. As what was said, until the third month is over, will it be officiate. Is this understood?

BE: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Question.

R: How can I work on this jealousy and stop causing trouble in the group?

Forces: By understanding that God loves you and you need not have people to have desires to love you. That you do not need attention, but seek the attention of your God first. Commune with him daily and talk to him daily and be with him daily and then that which is jealousy will abide and fade… away from you. Have your God as your buddy. Question.

P: Is there any way that I could … any method that I could use to achieve some sort of calmness that the work, I’m involved in?

Forces: Speak not too much. And try not to impress too many people. That is your area that you should be working on. Is understood? Question.

RO: Is there a Bible verse or verses that would help me to understand the basis of my fears and to overcome them?

Forces: I am the way, the truth, and the light. All those who enter upon the face of God, entered through me. I would say to you, that you must understand your God. You must also commune with him. And you must meditate to see that light. We would give you John, the 4th chapter, that so God gave that light to the world. Read it and understand it. Is this understood?

RO: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Question.

K: Why has Jeremy had such a sad nights the last few days?

Forces: Because his father is no longer to be seen.

K: Do I understand correctly that if RI were to want to come back after the three months is over that he couldn’t?

Forces: Correct.

K: Is there any chance that if that… if he doesn’t come back within the three months, is there any chance that he could get back into God’s good graces on his own through his own personal realization of his faults and his whatever?

Forces: Moses could not enter into the promise land. And he gave up more than RI, as the entity is named, has ever given up. Therefore, do not worry that God will not forsake him. But do not understand one thing or I should say understand. Maybe that this particular lifetime, as your expression would be said, he blew it. There’s always the chance of compassion and correction. But for this particular lifetime, for this particular time, if, as what would be said, he does not return, he will have to go on to correct the other things, karmetically in his past lives that he needs to correct. Remember one thing: When Jesus was on the earth, all manner of Christ spirit that were on the earth to, that when anyone who came in conjunction to this spirit, their whole lives and future lives were changed and altered considerably. But those who did not listen and turned a deaf ear, their lives would have to wait another two-thousand [2,000] years on the earth plane to listen to it with the physical ears again. His life is not so bad, but it is not so good. But remember, this is not to be revealed to him as a threat. But he must make up his own mind.

K: Will the… if he should decide not to come back, will the… the plague situation also fall upon the children?

Forces: Every action that the parents creates, have a reaction upon the children. We will have to watch and see this. But remember, it is not our will that we are doing this, but it is God’s will that this soul entity might progress. God does give and God does take away. But remember again, that this entity must seek out his God, and know him. The question as far as the plague cannot be answered at this moment. There is always that chance that they will be saved.

C: How will I bridge the. . .

Forces: We here, one moment please, when the entity does leave, we will be right behind you. There will be a silence in as far as the sessions are concerned. For this entity that we speak through shall not go into a session for the period of one month from this point on. For that sealment of the upper room and also as that upper room is sealed, so also are we sealed. And if that would be the case, continue your way. But we shall not speak for one month from now. And that all must come into an alignment as far as loving one another and understanding one another. Also, we would say… [telephone ring’s]… that it shall be closed off for that period of one month. But does the group understand what is being done? I do not think so. Question.

C: How might I bridge the gap between myself and the rest of the group?

Forces: Before you, please, forgive us. To reiterate to the one who just spoke, [telephone emits an ‘off-the-hook’ signal]… it sounds like our lunch bell. I would wonder why anyone would want to enter into that area. Question to you, the one that asked the question. One moment, please. To the one that we that we are trying to bring a fact to that just spoke. We will be traveling right in back of you. So do not wonder why you see strange things around when we are right on your tail. We shall work with the entity RI and shall help you and guide you for the period of three months. Do not be concerned if you see so many clouds around. Question.

C: How might I bridge the gap of communication between myself and the rest of the group?

Forces: We ask that you too get involved within this group. But also, you have that jealousy that you feel like an outcast. For that is your problem. You have built it up. For it is not there, but you have built it up anyway. Therefore, if you want to get even with the group, you can. But you are only getting even with yourself. You have other things to do. You have your own family to take care of. You have your own responsibilities at this moment to take care of that you failed to take care of when you were traveling. Therefore, be not impatient to jump the hurdles to say, here I am, when we were taking care of you, you said, ‘here I go’, therefore do not wonder why you cannot communicate to the group, because you are not communicating to yourself at this moment. When there is that course of study, and the aliment, you shall enter into the house to visit, and the group shall receive you. But visit, I do not know if you are ready yet.

C: Should I be getting a job now?

Forces: What else should you do?

C: Thank you.

Forces: I think it would be wise for you to do this. I don’t know if you have created a machine to make that currency yet.

C: Excuse me?

Forces: Question.

J: Concerning the upper room for the time after we unseal it, first we were having no success in locating oil of crimson. Might you give us some advice on that?

Forces: One moment, please… [end of side A]… or situated earth, as far as having abundance in this fragrance of oil. Therefore, we find them very unwanting. As far as the oil of crimson, it will be given in another fashion and form. But at this moment we will not reveal at why and how you shall find it. But at the next session we shall give you that area to find it in. For the moment, you will use the olive.

J: Thank you. Another question concerning the upper room, is what might we do in the matter of people outside the group entering that room? Shall we. . .

Forces: Let this be a lesson. Let this be a will. Let this be an understanding. That all those who would view the room will not enter inside the curtains, but view it on outside of it. That all those who would view the room will not enter into it, but view it on the outside.

J: Thank you. Is there any other advice or guidance in care or the use of the room, which we now refer?

Forces: At this moment you are proceeding very nicely in that upper room and we are well pleased with your progress. Now we ask, that you all gather together as what was said, to get what was the drapes and curtains for the areas of the living rooms and also for the rooms around. We have already prescribed a person to do this, but that person seems to be too busy trying to fly after his own sensual avenues. Therefore, we will wrap him up in a curtain. We also would advise that the lower room should be painted over, that is the room on the first floor. Should be painted into the area and color that would be suited for you in a harmony. You have many choices-blues, greens-there are your choices. After that room is painted, then the furniture should be accumulated. We would advise those to set aside a certain amount of money in order to purchase. Question.

JI: I have a picture of. . .

Forces: That is nice.

JI: … Of little girl in my room. Is there any connection between me and that girl in any past lives? Is there still, any influence in between me and her?

Forces: In Egypt she was of a high priest in which was of the negative side. That is why she understands what evil goes on in your mind.

JI: Does she have any control over me?

Forces: Her thought forms as far as that, only thoughts.

JI: Thank you.

E: Is it correct about the other things that I saw in the picture?

Forces: Correct.

E: Now, about RI, let’s say in three months his situation will be that, you know, he’ll be ready for another change or another thing and he’ll just say, ‘Well I might as well return to the group.’ Will he be allowed again this time to?

Forces: As what we have said, we give him three months to enter back into the group. He will not enter back with flowers.

E: What if nothing could change him and he’ll come just for the comfortability of the group? And the maybe after two, three months it will get heavy or hard for him, he’ll leave again. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t come back, I’m just asking if… is there a way that this time when he comes back, that maybe he will come back with a changed…

Forces: As what we have said, the entity K shall not reveal what we have said to her tonight to him as a threat. He must come to his own conclusions to return or not.

E: Also, for my mother… can you give me anything for her?

Forces: We are taking care of her. She is contented for the moment.

E: Thank you. Anything for the entity T?

Forces: There is nothing. But on one subject we ask him as what tea you have, the herbal tea to fix for him. And also to fix unto that which is: he should eat an abundance of carrots raw, an abundance of celery raw, and salads all this week. That should be doing. Water, about eight glasses of water a day. Is this understood?

E: Yes.

Forces: Question.

E: No cooked carrots, is that correct?

Forces: Cooking carrots destroys the carrots.

E: I see.

Forces: Question.

E: Anything for me?

Forces: Happy New Year.

E: Thank you. This is a question on my mind. Are you counting this earth’s calendar by the Jewish calendar?

Forces: Five, five, three, three [5-5-3-3]… one, nine, seven, two [1-9-7-2]. One, oh, two, three, four, six, one, eight, seven, nine, two, oh, oh [1-0-2-3-4-6-1-8-7-9-2-0-0].

E: What was the last one?

Forces: Last one is a bunch of numbers… that is geometrically in opposition to that of Actarus in which all souls did enter into the communion in the earth plane in which they left Actarus into the land of Pylium. Entering into Pylium they left and became into the physical bodies manifested into the Actarian age or what would be called the age of Nomontis. The age of Nomontis is the age of Polaris which is at this moment coming upon you-in which Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury and Venus align together into the angle of receptivity into the spirit of understanding of the Aucmos. And the Aucmos is the name in which you would have to understand as Aucmun in which the giving of the spirit of the light into the earth. The number is a calculating form in a geometrical and also mathematical survey, in which if you understood what the number was given would give you the exact position of the anti-matter planet in which is the opposite planet in which you see here. That is what would be the other sphere of the heaven or the other dimension, in which all those that transit from this plane will enter into when they go. Some have called it the plane of heaven. But it is not heaven, but the plane of the spirit world in which the spirits do enter for recuperation and God knows they need to recuperate.

E: So there is actually a Garden of Eden? Is that what you’re saying?

Forces: The Garden of Eden was in Atlantis in the third sector of Emotius or what would be known as near that which is what would be known… one moment, please… Idyan, the Garden of Idyan. In which all the spirits or that spirit… the name of Lilyeth as that spirit that came upon the earth the beginning which was known as Eve, did come here and reside there in spirit form. Is this understood?

E: Yes. So she didn’t take on the flesh body, is that it?

Forces: That is correct.

E: Now, I didn’t understand about Arctorus. You said that that’s where the souls come in into this universe, through Actarus souls come in into this universe? Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

E: And through Actarus they also go out of this universe?

Forces: They go out, but they do not go out. They go to another planet or another tier of another sphere of invisible vibrations. Then from there they enter into the earth. Question.

E: Are there females among you?

Forces: Here there are no sex. Therefore, I could be a female. Does that strike you funny?

E: No, I’m just trying to picture…

Forces: … us with any ding.

E: What? I just don’t understand…

Forces: You can just picture us all walking around with anything. There are females up here. And some have great positions, also. It would be a strain to the vocal cords of this that we speak and the vibratorial level if one does speak through it. Can you understand that?

E: Yeah, I understood that. I didn’t question that, I just wondered about… trying to understand… to picture it in my mind.

Forces: Picture what?

E: The place you’re coming from.

Forces: What place is that?

E: That’s the vibration that you’re coming from. But it’s a place, too, no?

Forces: As the painting that was given to your mother is a place that we come from, if you can understand that.

E: The fairy tale, the way I call it?

Forces: It is our home. Part of our home.

E: And the trees grow something like candy stems?

Forces: Lollipops to be more exact. But they have different colors because of the seven [7] suns that we have. Each sun represents a color of the spectrum of your rainbow effecting each leaf to a shade into a different color. So when you look into the rivers of the trees, you will see red, green, purple, orange, yellow, brown. Brown is just a mixture of red and yellow.

E: The painting that the entity T has made, the big one, with the creatures, and the pre-historic creatures…

Forces: That is how the earth was in the beginning in thought forms.

E: Yes.

Forces: Question.

BE: Are the feelings that I’ve had in regard to helping us finance the running of the household together, along the right lines, or are there other things we need to take into consideration?

Forces: Into consideration. The amount of income should be analyzed. And whatever sum income that entity does bring in, that should be analyzed and taken off and aback to, to be more likable to the rent situation. Is that understood?

BE: So the rent should be paid…

Forces: As far as income-wise.

BE: In a percentage situation. Is that correct?

Forces: That is correct.

BE: I see.

Forces: That everyone will have the same income, be it one make a hundred and one makes a hundred and fifty. And the one who makes a hundred only has the income of a hundred. And one who makes a hundred and fifty has the income of a hundred and fifty. Now as far as the rent. Be not said that one makes the job and gets a job for seventy-five dollars. And the one who has another job and he should have seventy-five dollars, too. The idea is that let the margin of profit for the one who is willing to be income together be organized. As though the profit will be as a group profit. And also the expenses within the group should be analyzed. But this will only cause for more disharmony within the group. And I do not think the group is ready for such a scheme. So therefore, what you have said, we will reiterate that you should be saying this: That a certain per cent or a certain-margin for the rent must be adopted for everyone. And this is not an ideal condition. But for where you are all at, at the moment, it is ideal.

BE: Is my feeling in regard to the percentage point for a house running fund for bills all right or should we look at that in another light also?

Forces: For the time being, it is adequate. After the period of four months, you should review it again.

BE: I wondered if you might give me advice in regard to diet.

Forces: After that week is over, you shall go back unto the normal diet. To take into grains and all manner of vegetables. And sometimes meat, but be not like a gorge or a pig. And eat and eat and eat until you cannot get up. Eat very lightly and eat very lightly so you will not be full.

BE: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

RO: I’ve been considering having my parents send up my books on magic to me. Should I follow this through?

Forces: There is no problem here. I don’t see why not.

L: How can I… How can I make more discipline and order in the physical and in the home to help me get it together in my head and the spiritual?

Forces: Gradually by doing the little things for God. By doing whatever you do in such a perfect way that it will glorify not you, but God. To do it very slowly and to take your time while your doing it. And to think of how glorified is God. To be patient with yourself and to have that patience with others and to have at least that time to set aside in which you think and to meditate on the will of God in your life. And not to rush through things only to rush to another thing to get it done. But to do one thing slowly and to do it accurate and to do it to the best of your ability. Is this understood?

L: Yes, thank you.

R: Is the project that I considered this past week okay to go ahead with or is it a very selfish one?

Forces: We find it on a tinge of selfishness. Revamp your ideas, and try to construct it in such a way that it will help others instead of you. Is this understood?

R: Would this be concerning how the project would help others or just to forget that and try to find a new one that would help others?

Forces: That would be more in alignment. Because you are not really helping others by that process that you are doing now, but you are helping yourself.

K: Can I ask the question about KE?

Forces: You may ask.

K: Why was she killed in the way she was?

Forces: Karmetic influences in which this entity did do it unto that one in the land of Italy in the Roman Empire time in the arena. She had great ability and ordered the Gods to do such. Questions.

BE: You said earlier that we didn’t fully understand the significance of the week to come. Could you… how could we understand it more?

Forces: You will.

E: When you said that there will be no session, you meant there will be no session for this group? For this coming month?

Forces: There will be no session.

E: I had my sister in a dream again. Is there any significance there?

Forces: Attunement to her ideas and attunement in relationship between her and you.

E: That means… will it be on the physical level?

Forces: That is correct. Question.

BE: Is there any procedure or anything that might… that I should do in regard to meditation?

Forces: Follow what was given earlier.

BE: Thank you. Is there anything that might help me in listening more and speaking less?

Forces: Yes.

BE: Keeping my mouth shut.

Forces: Correct.

BE: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

J: Can you reveal anything about… to me about past lives at this time?

Forces: The group has not progressed at such a rate that ye should be given such a gift at this moment. We have already given you something, and you have been not too much good. Therefore, the group has not progressed as much as we would like to us to give you what you ask for. For what you ask for is a gift. A gift that is well worth its worth in coins and money, but we will tell you to investigate the area of the Crusades and also King Louis the Fourteenth.

J: Thank you.

E: What about my dream with him…

Forces: You would remain quiet, please. We are not finished yet. This you will find trouble in investigating, but we will give you the answer to it later. And that we will understand one thing to you. That the pains, the problems that you had given in this particular lifetime is of such great immensity that you have them at times in this one. Is this understood? You shall understand it in time. Also, I would also look into the area of what would be named as the nomadic tribes or the tribes of what would be China. Now. For your question, it is only symbolism and not on a real metaphysical or physical level or what would be said of a past incarnation. But also in that incarnation you were around such people. So we will not reveal at this moment what we are talking about. But you were in the form of royalty in the house of courts and also a queen in one time of your existence.

E: That’s me, right?

Forces: That is you.

E: That’s Louis Fourteenth and Henry the Eighth.

Forces: We do not give you names at the moment. Question.

BE: In regard to the procedures when we get home, when the females enter into the room, is there some one thing that I should keep in my mind or should I just think about… you spoke about the children and the men…

Forces: Think of your purpose and your ideal as the man that we speak of. The laws. Question.

E: How can I understand… learn to understand better symbols of dreams and…

Forces: By with patience to write them down and to analyze them six hours later. Question.

BE: Is there something that I’m not doing or something that would help me to serve the group?

Forces: The group should ask how could they serve you. They should be just as interested in serving each other. Question.

C: Could you give me some advice that would help me to help my sister?

Forces: To love her. That’s very difficult advice. Pray for her and to listen to her. Question.

K: Was N correct in his memory of a life in Egypt and a spear wound in his right shoulder?

Forces: Correct.

K: If I were to advise him to meditate, would he get…

Forces: One should enter into meditation not to receive information, but only to reveal the Christ spirit within. To receive information is only an aversion and a distraction from the true course of meditation.

K: I’m sorry.

Forces: There is no need to be. Question.

E: Was my dream when I was three years old with the Nazis. Is it about the past lifetime?

Forces: Correct. Question.

BE: Last night the entity E revealed to me my tendency to put people down, as it were. Is there a way that I can work with this?

Forces: By understanding that they are all equal to you, that there is no putting down or putting up. You’re all on the same level. So therefore, there is no higher nor no lower.

BE: How can I make myself more aware of when I’m doing that?

Forces: By being in constant prayer, to say, ‘I’m doing my will for God’, and believing in it when you speak. Would Jesus say this to him?

BE: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

C: Have I been accomplishing my commitment to the Christ within myself, the ideal?

Forces: Very slowly, but you are proceeding.

C: Could you give me some help with that?

Forces: Patience is needed. Question.

E: Am I wrong with my attitude towards super hero’s? As was discussed the other day.

Forces: To degrees you are wrong. Super hero’s are no greater than lower people. For there are no true super hero’s. You all are super hero’s. You all have the qualities to be the Christ, or to be a bum. Therefore, do not try to look for this super hero in a bum, for the bum is the super hero. It is a paradox, but everyone has that ability to have that Christ or super hero shine through. And that is what you shall see in others and in everyone. Do not segregate, but see it in everyone. Question.

R: Is there some advice I could give to my friend M when he comes out of the Navy?

Forces: At this moment we will not say this to you. His advice is to cultivate not only his mental ability, but his spiritual talents and to give and to take on responsibility to others and not to run away from this responsibility. Question.

BE: Am I doing better in my attitude toward the job that I was given?

Forces: You are proceeding nicely. Question.

BE: Oh, I wanted to ask about the yard. Are we doing the right thing in putting the grass down?

Forces: It would be good and well to do what you did. You should have waited at least another week to do it, but no exact feelings and no exact wrong has been done. It would have been later of a week later to do it of past that is. No exact feelings and no exact wrongs either. But one thing would be said. While you were doing it, you could have related to the earth and the symbol of nature and understand the will of God. In everything you do, this should be done. Question.

R: Should we try to construct our own robes or should we wait and let EV do it?

Forces: The robes should be constructed. The robes should be constructed in that period. If the one that you have named as EV takes it upon her to do it, then you shall wait. But after that period of two months, if it has not been done, then each and everyone shall get into attunement to do it. Question.

BE: Is there any advice that you might give us regarding the… after the week to come… our meditation as a group or…

Forces: That you should enter and try to see the light each one striving to do this in his own separate way. To see the light and to block out all obstructions and distractions from the thoughts of the light of silence. It is not difficult. It is not easy. But it should be done so. Question.

E: Can we ask about S? And is there any chance for her to… for these two entities, C and S, to get back together?

Forces: It would be up to the later one, C, to understand that what does she see in him if he does not motivate and move and become alive instead of just like a dead fish. Question.

JI: Why has my sexual drive been such like a dominating factor in my life?

Forces: You should cultivate such energies into other fields of endeavor. That is why. Gratification of your selfish self. Question.

R: Should I not speak to people at the office about the Rampa books and things like that when they ask questions? Should I avoid the topics or…

Forces: There is no reason why you should avoid it.

R: But I have a tendency to talk too much.

Forces: Then you shall understand when you shall remain quiet or how far you shall go. If you do it for ego, then you should stop. Is that understood?

R: Yes.

Forces: Question.

E: My talk the other day with MO, was it correct?

Forces: Um-hum. Quite correct. Question.

BE: Would it be all right for me to start studying the Tarot again?

Forces: If you have the time, the patience, and the fortitude, it would be good.

BE: Also, I wondered if there was any kind of symbolical meaning of my encounter with the incense burner the other night?

Forces: The false enlightenment or the false gold to the true enlightenment to the true gold. That one should have the patience to wait for the truer one then to have the false one just to be there for one minute or so. It is the true enlightenment takes patience and time, and also to listen in this patience. Symbolically, that is what would it represent. Question.

C: Concerning the dreams lately that I’ve had, the one about being at a nail and hammer in hand in which the people from the A.R.E. were there, and the one this morning.

Forces: What would you like us to say?

C: In which area should I interpret this?

Forces: Physical.

C: And the darkness in the dreams?

Forces: Physical-negative jealousies. Causing darkness around you. Question.

E: I constantly have a feeling that I don’t want to put in too much into this apartment because somehow we are moving pretty soon. Is that correct feeling? Or is it just my own feeling?

Forces: Correct.

E: So I shouldn’t put in anything to it?

Forces: A little bit would do good, but it is correct what you say. Question.

R: Can I ask the question I’m thinking?

Forces: Complete yourself.

R: Is there an area or a person or… I’m looking for a dentist who’s capable but not expensive.

Forces: Then you shall look and look well. Shall we take you by the hand and show you a dentist. Here is a dentist capable but their not expensive. That would be your own initiative and undertaking. We are here on a spiritual progression and not on a shopwell.

R: I’m sorry.

Forces: There is no need to be sorry. The question had to be asked so you will get into a right frame of mind. The area of the dentistry would be found two, three blocks from your area that you live, on a corner, in a house near you. Basically, northeast. Question.

BE: Is there… is there a specific diet or fasting that we as a group should undertake in this week? Or should we try to invent one ourselves…

Forces: A meal a day-would be good. We haven’t given it as a fast, but when that does happen, this week would be good for a fast. You can have one meal a day. That would be a good fast for you all. Question.

BE: Thank you.

JI: The face I’m working on with my clay, what is it?

Forces: The face you are working on your clay?

JI: Yea, with my sculpture that I’m working on in the basement?

Forces: It is a face you are working on in your clay.

JI: Is it of anyone in particular or is it just my imagination.

Forces: We will not give you that information at the moment. The group demands so much information. The information is great. You have not progressed as a group. Therefore, we are going to say to you: why should we give you when you do not give us? Is that only fair? It might say: ‘Well, if I was your friend and you slapped me in the head and I have my head hurting me, and then you come only to me when you want to know something, and you say, I will not slap you until you give me what I want.’ And after I give you what you want, you go ahead and kick me. Therefore, your own actions and deeds, how can we give you anymore, when you don’t give anymore into it at all? As what was said before, on the physical, you would have to work hard for things. So also on the spiritual. But the spiritual gives you everything the mental and physical cannot. Question.

E: My impressions about how you look and about how the Old Man look, are they correct?

Forces: At times correct. Question. There are no more questions? Then we say this week will be a very heartening week. And a week of sacrifice and silence and darkness. There shall be no course of study, nothing on the spiritual level shall be undertaken. Only by the individual self should this be taken. For his own preference, if the individual wants to meditate, then he shall meditate by himself. If he wants to pray, by himself. If he wants to read, by himself. That is the decree of the court that we speak on from above and now I have passed it on to you. As far as the one K, that when she leaves, we will be following after her causing that month of silence, too. Also, that we will not be and shall not be mocked. But I hope and pray that you can at one form or another, become in love to one another and grow and grow together into such a sphere that this group will be a blessing to others who will be coming in contact with it soon. From this point on the group shall stay a half an hour here to discuss, to understand. Then the group shall return to do as we have bid to do. That shall take up the remaining part of the night. Is this understood?


BE: To stay here a half an hour when the session is over to discuss what has been said tonight. And then we’re to go and to… J’s to go to the meditation room…

E: I see, I see.

BE: … and we go through the procedure for sealing it off. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

E: Can I ask a question?

Forces: Question.

E: Does it mean there is not going to be any Search For God group or Bible class, for this week?

Forces: For this week, correct.

E: Thank you.

K: May I ask a question?

Forces: Question.

K: Why is it that only JE seems to be adversely effected by RI’s absence and not CH?

Forces: You should have your answer there in itself. JE, CH is filled up with his own understanding of you and your love. That fills it for the moment. But each one reacts to it differently. Therefore, they are both affected by it, but one reacts one way, one reacts the other way. We give you our blessings to you and we do bid you well do. May the Forces, as you would say, be with you. For we will be.

BE: Could I…

Forces: It will not be so good. Then we are finished here for the moment. We ask you, [someone sneezes] God bless you. But we say, that we are displeased with the group again, there is nothing new in that. It is a child that needs to be chastised a lot. We are hoping for that day with the group will really come together in loving each other for what they are, and for what they can do for one another. Do not be despondent group, for you are progressing, progressing so slow, that we must speed you up. So, with that, we are finished here. For this month, and we do seek to see you in many avenues and many ways. You do have the alternative to call upon us if an emergency does rise. We will not forsake you that much. But we are seeing and hoping that emergencies do not rise. We are finished here for the moment. You must continue in your own prayer, if you have any.

GROUP: … Who art in heavened, hallowed be Thy name…