Session 21-9/9/72

Greetings to all here present now. It is the time that we have asked you all to gather here. And we here are experiencing some very interesting difficulties. We have been watching your progress and note that it is getting involved on many material things that tend to sway the group from its original pattern. We here take alarm at such actions. And do say that you must correct it before we correct it for you. The one of the elements that is a tendency to fall on the group is laziness of many divisions and forms. One is on the right agenda of cleanliness; and cooperation is the second. Also your physical bodies tend to interest you more than your spiritual bodies. And we are displeased with this as progressing toward your mission. It is not easy where the majority of this group is at. Tonight is the summing of, or the calling of, you all together to unite against the great wrath to come. The flame or heat is present now in physical form, bringing up this entity’s temperature to a hundred and three point two [103.2], in which those who could feel, can experience the tremendous heat we are beaming down. We have tried to get tonight, a physical flame hovering above this body that you might see with your eyes. But at the moment of your tiredness and lackadaisical attitude of ‘me, me,’ we have now terminated it, this particular excitement even though earlier we thought we might proceed with it, thereby preparing this entity for such. Sometimes selfishness is the cause and root of your progress not being made. It is tremendous to see, that through all that you have been going through, this tendency seems to creep in every day or in your attitudes to go and get things for self and personal ideas for self is not progressing towards or with a group unity. Therefore what was planned for tonight has been only postponed for a better opportune time that we might discuss with you on many levels. But we will not miss application of this session, which should be the number twenty-one [21], but that it adds up to an ideal of God, and that is your own individual progression. We are at times displeased, as said earlier, with the group’s disharmony. Also the fear of what would be called the bills of payment. And also the progression of sleep and undertaking of thoughts outside of work. Each one of you have been given a particular job that you might endeavor to enlighten those around you of what you are going through. It is not to reveal to them what is 100% going through, but that that love that we are asking to come forth should at least manifest in yourself towards your operations between one and another. We are making this week a special week, a week of atonement in which your forgiveness of sins past might be accomplished. As said in earlier session, still stands only on the grounds of cooperation. The entities that have gathered here must come forth with an understanding of why they are here. And that, too, must be discussed before the sun is to come. The signs that we here are going to show you will be personal. As far as the one named B, we would watch yourself and tongue at work and the amount you do have a tendency of carrying away yourself, in which, you say, don’t think because you are here that this makes you special. But listen to those around you more vividly that you might understand the spirit. For the one named J, we give you that impatience that you do have to move from this group. And we ask you whether you will move is up to you and your own endeavors. You can if you want, but your benefits on the sensual level will be completely wiped out. To the one, which is R, we ask that you start moving with what was given to you and start thinking your thoughts acknowledgeable to this group. You can no longer hide under the table. And we will remove this table. We are getting disgruntled but we have this understanding of what you must do. All we are asking you is to get up off of what you sit on and start thinking and moving. This might seem that we are chastising you, but we are not. We are only informing you of where it is at. When we will chastise you, you will know it. For the one named L, it is wise that you take in considerable amount of your inner turmoils and pressures that cause disharmony to this group. At first, your selfishness and believing that you are right is not to be taken lightly by those here. Your aloofness as far as cleanliness is where we speak to you and it’s about time that you get things, too, in order, and not just do them when you feel like it, only to cause dis-faction when things aren’t the way you would like them. For the one named J, we have spoken. And B, we have spoken. And JI, we say to you that life can be interesting if you try to stop wasting your energy in attracting the sex that you are most interested in. This will backfire on you and will cause you in a duplicable state of mind of you do not stop worshipping and start serving for a purpose. We have gathered here not to criticize this group, but it seems that everything has coming together at such a time that that is all we can do. For the one name M, your selfish attitudes and progressions and challenging those things that cannot be changed at the moment-that is where you must have patience and take your time in understand what God will have you to do and not what you will have yourself to do. It is not always easy to have a comfortable life, therefore we ask you, do not attract yourself to such comfortable leisure’s, but you have work to do and we only ask that you start moving toward your goal. For the one named C, we say that you have returned unscheduled. But we see that you will be going through the things we had destined for you in the other locality, that we are quite obliged to have them done here. So bid you to stay here now and enroll and take on the courses, but improve the marks that you are earning, that it will not be an entire waste. For the one named A, we do appreciate what you are going through and as we said two weeks ago, that the time will be relevant whether you stay or not. We have come to the decision that you must, in less than two weeks, stay in harmony in this group. That you must understand what prayer is. We were on the verge of expelling you from this group, but we have not yet come unanimously to a conclusion as of yet. Therefore, out of the ten [10] that is above, only seven [7] have come to your side. The others will still remain observant of your thoughts. It is not your actions that we are interested in; it is your thoughts that you think. Therefore, you are not kidding anyone in the group–you are not kidding us. And it is by your thoughts you must evaluate them and come to a conclusion of why certain things must be and other things must not be. You must come to the understanding of loving your husband and also what it is to love the children that you have been given, not in a sake of control. Otherwise, you have been doing quite nicely. We have a new one here tonight and why should we come down on this soul? For this entity is a guardian of many ideas and counsels. It has been through much, and therefore, there is no reason in our books that we do discipline this one. For this one is a likeable target of sincerity and helpfulness, and is truly the vehicle in which God can work through many like this.

[Audible voice change]

Greeting to all here present now. As I have been watching, it is again with a heavy heart that I come to you. I am tired. But in this tiredness I can speak of only the things that will come before you. In the meditation that you are now entering, we ask that all those who enter into the upper chamber have aside put a basin of water that their feet might be washed. No one is allowed from this point on to enter up there without their feet washed. And on the side, when this door is opened, you will getting or should be getting what is known as crimson oil mixed up with the element of olive oil. And upon those who enter upon that which is the upper, take with their finger, preferably the second one, being of the right hand and marking a cross upon their third eye that they might have themselves anointed. And that the Word of God might be stamped on their foreheads. We were in store to show you a most unbelievable feat tonight, but because of lack of preparation, which we have asked you all, truly of a contrite heart, that you might be able to fool those who sit next to you, but with us, you cannot fool. Therefore, by your deeds it has come up upon with a bloody sacrifice to the eyes of God. But he has forgiven. And he will give you that chance soon in the days to come. I can only give you words of kindness. Like the one that proceeded before me, he is a strong man, an old man, a man of great wisdom. And he does give to you all what you properly deserve. Be not disgruntled with this man, for he is not a man that you might know. I say he is the spirit of truth. And now with that one, I give you to this.

It is of this that I do come to you once more. As far as the room on the upper area, I will not tolerate those things that do progress in words and deeds. I, the guardian of the way, refuses to listen to such gibberish. And therefore, will, in the future, begin to give great pains on the back lower end of all those who idly talk in this room. And it should not be a room of counsel, but of prayer and of meditation. Therefore, with the guides of the angels unseen, by each corner I do place this very moment, the battling ram in which those who do dare to go against the words of peace and understanding and those who dare even to come up there with hatred in their heart, prepare to meet me. And I will meet you. And we shall have a bloody battle together. And it will be not of a physical kind of battle that you seek, because I take care of the most important one. I only speak this that the laws might be governed and that they might be fulfilled. I will not take any answers of no, because the law is One. And God is the law. And therefore, if you have no part of God, have no part of his laws. But come ye up there with a heart of mercy and kindness. And those who come up there to work bind around thyself a cloth of white. And be not disrespectful of what might be there soon to come. For we are preparing what has never been before in this century. I only leave you with the sword of righteousness and do not get me wrong, for I will use it to those who transgress against the law. Greetings.

[Audible voice change]

It would seem that tonight is not a particular night to be here. For I myself, if I were in your shoes, I would be shaking. And would leave if I had the guts. But we are here only to help and guide you. So do not be too frightened of this that has come. For he only means well. You should be proud that you do have these guides who have chosen you of all the things that must be done to fall upon your heads. If you do not want to go on, then speak it in you counsel. But if you feel that the pressure is not that heavy, and you can go on, more power to your soul. It is not easy for each day brings a test and each test brings a day. We here are not despondent with this particular group, for there are many groups at this very moment being prepared. This group here has advanced further than any other group in the Western Hemisphere. Therefore, be proud of yourselves and not disgruntled from what you have heard tonight. For if they would have not spoken such words, then you would not have been ready for them. But you are all ready for them, and therefore, maybe that is what we meant. That you all have been preparing, of this very moment, for the gifts that we give you. If one seeing such gifts, they would bow down and say, ‘No thank you.’ But the gift is camouflaged. And therefore, you do not know what you refuse. Be of good cheer and faith and being most of all together that you might understand what will happen. The coming of this New Year will cause much devacation in the world. Eruptions of many sights will happen. I would keep my eyes in the year five, five, thirty-three [5533], to look unto Turkey, to look unto Iraq, to look unto Peru, to look unto Italy, to look unto Hawaii, to look unto California, to look unto the lower part of Mexico. To look unto all these areas for turmoils, troubles, eruptions. Now on the worldly, we speak of the great feat and devacation of flames and fire in the Holy Land. We here, at this very moment, have sent tens of thousands of legions to help those that are named the Israel’s. That the word of God might not go under, that he will give back to his people their land. And he will be their God. Watch and see the power of God. And watch and see those that dare tempt it. For they shall be struck down as fast as the tree limbs that bear no fruit. For the God of God, the God of Israel, the God of Jacob, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Moses, the God of David is now present on this earth. He is now turning his face back to his people. Watch and see, for the great powers and abominations to come. Preparation for the group spiritually to all those who have not yet attuned within themselves, on a spiritual level, will be destroyed when the Great War happens. This war to come will be of a spiritual nature, where two-thirds of the population will be gone. Only those that are left are those who have conquered and understood what meditation and the spirit of God within means. You have all be chosen to remain, but you can lose such title by your actions and selfishness. You have almost come to the brink, in which by your actions this week, we were ready to cast you aside. But by the prayers of those who do care for you, they have saved you. It has come upon the ears of our God that he looks upon you with the mercy that you most desirably need. I feel that there’s much more to be discussed tonight, but being done by the mishap and the evolution of what would have happened tonight, did have a stress and strain on the entity that we speak through. Understand, that this is no common, but it is above your mortal minds to even rectify and understand. If God himself was here in this room, you would not believe him. We are now ready for your questions that might help you all on the spiritual evolution. Prepare yourselves to understand. Question.

D: I have no questions.

Forces: The one who spoke, say please again.

D: I have no questions.

Forces: What is your name?

D: D.

Forces: Prepare yourself this week. We have not forgotten your presence here. And you will be taken through a great test. That is why one should meditate and not become gratification on the sensual level. Prepare yourself for one week and see the glory of our God that will come upon you. You have come here tonight, and why have you come here tonight?

D: To see.

Forces: To seek.

D: To hear.

Forces: To hear. To see what? To hear what?

D: What was promised.

Forces: Then, from this moment on you shall not be at the session of five [5] to come. Is this understood?

D: Yes.

Forces: Session number twenty-seven [27] will be the one you shall return to. And in the spirit of solitude, rectify in your mind your own skepticisms and thoughts or else you shall be excommunicated from this progress. We are sorry that we must do it this way, but you are lazy and we have just been spit upon. But it is okay. We do not mind. Question.

M: Shall I start working at the end of this month?

Forces: As what was given to you earlier, do.

C: Is there anything that will help me with my meditations?

Forces: We would advise this entity, to go into the room of a shower and take one. And then prepare a special cloth to dawn on. And then to go to a special room with one candle and incense burning and prepare to meditate daily at that hour. That will be more than ample to help you. All we ask you is to do. Is that understood?

C: Yes. What hours is it?

Forces: What hour is what?

C: What hour is best for me to meditate at?

Forces: This must come from your own preparedness. We shall reveal to you what hour would be good. But it would be near or near or where you would have it at nine or ten, for then you must prepare yourself for that hour. And in the early morning it is good also. But then again, you must be receptive to your own thoughts. Question.

E: When’s the fever of the entity T. going to be released?

Forces: This is a cleansing and also of a genetical and biological substance that has remained in this body. It has located around what would be known as the central nervous system lines and also the areas of the legs. The entity should be revealed or relieved of such by the mid of Monday afternoon.

E: Is there anything else I can do for him besides what I’ve been doing?

Forces: What you have been doing is well. But complications might set in. Therefore we will settle and start working with him ourselves. Is this understood?

E: Yes. Should I continue then with . . ?

Forces: This is correct.

E: Thank you.

Forces: Question. We here will not bite.

EM: Is something stopped to hurt my legs and short time?

Forces: As far as the lower abdomen and or the regions in which the pelvic area is involved, it is of the legs of the area of the nervous system of spine, the lower or the coc-a-lidian ideal or the lower spinial object of the bone. It is underneath this that the pressures of the legs are being pained with. Therefore, we also have what would be known as much to be which is the rubbing or the massaging of the lower spine areas all the way down to the legs with the substance of oil in one day and vinegar or what would be known as alcohol the other. Also at this, it should be alcohol, which is five parts of water and two parts of the alcohol. After this is done, it should be rubbed in very gently and massage very nicely, in which, as you are massaging, think that your legs are being healed at this moment but the heat that we are producing and projecting towards your leg. We will be looking into the area also the amount of fats or what would be known as oil and would, should be watched. The amount of cholesterol in your legs or into your vein areas of great numbers of discomforts. And therefore, by the amount of years that have been put on to this physical body, all we can do is try to do the best to make you happy. We ask that you watch the amount, as what was said to you earlier, of salt and also that the substitute of salt could be done, but not at this moment. Just take lightly the salt. We also represent the heavy green vegetables would be taken internally, at times raw and not cooked. That would be very happy for you. We also understand the lots of water must be taken, at least five glass of water a day must be taken to do and cleanse this lower area. This should help and protect. Also the shoes that you do wear should be understood and remodeled and re-looked at. And maybe the cushions or the soles should be redone to make it more comfortable when you do stand. Also when one sleeps, that the pillow to the leg of slight elevation would be good. Is this understood?

EM: Yes. Must [Most].

Forces: Then as you review later on you will understand what we have given you. We also asked you keep on singing.

EM: Thank you, T.

Forces: The entity that you speak of, T, is now not here, but we will take the thank you for him and when he does return, we can ask him to thank you to thank him.

EM: Thanks again.

Forces: Thank you again. Question.

B: How can I overcome my selfishness?

Forces: We only ask that you contribute and give of yourself to others completely. And that you will be constantly with prayer of what God will do for you through your life. Is this understood?

B: Yes.

Forces: You must understand that you must serve other people and love to serve them. Not for the sensual level, but for higher level to help brothers. This, too, will be at least half your battle of selfishness, as would apply to this whole group. That on their sensual level, remains their selfishness. Is this understood?

B: Yes.

Forces: In your mind, to have another question?

B: Yes. I want I wanted to ask how I can overcome or work with the difficulties that I’m experiencing in which meditation lately. Just getting into the. . .

Forces: I would only like to say to you, my dear, to be patient, to have kindness with yourself and do not think that you are in the Olympics trying to win a medal. Is understood?

B: Yes, thank you.

Forces: We will be giving you lots of guidance and power that you might understand what it is to hear.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

P: Is there anything that would aid me in my mission other than what I’ve already received?

Forces: We would ask you to review and study what you are in and that you might give the best you can possibly give to those around you in this particular field. It is not by any accident that this opened up to you; for all your jobs have been given through us, we are the great employment personnel agency.

P: Thank you.

Forces: We ask you to watch your thoughts and your actions and most of all your selfishness-your selfishness to belittle those around you. Is this understood?

P: Yes.

Forces: Question.

R: What should I be working on in the weeks to come?

Forces: As far as preparation of what would be known as your physical body of food intake and a proper diet. Also, proper thoughts when people or entities or what have you get you upset, that you might come up to them and say, ‘You have me upset.’ And then walk away and go into prayer for yourself that you might not be upset. Is this understood?

R: Yes.

Forces: Then you shall do this this week, to go up to those who upset you and look them in the eye and say, ‘You have me upset.’ And walk away like a tin soldier. And then proceed to pray for yourself and for him. Do you understand?

R: Yes. I was wondering what sort of ways I should correct the diet?

Forces: As far, as far as the hot, spicy elements. Also, the soda intake of this group is tremendous. And we do ask you to curtail it and to remove it and to return back to tea or to water or to coffee. But the soda is not great for this group’s enrollment and also progression. And the pizza that you have been in-taking is tremendously, diabolically stupid. Because the spices activate your gonads and this is most of all what you’re trying to cultivate. And also to understand-it is not bad to have that, what is called pizza, but also to understand the moderation of it. Is this understood by the group?

Group: Yes.

Forces: And also, you’d be able to save money. Question.

JI: How could I understand my sex drives? Like to control it or put it into balance?

Forces: We have given you a scheme in which you must create, and to grow, and to investigate, and to cultivate your own talents. Only by this and doing it for other people will you understand what it is to love and serve other people. Not only for that, but also you will understand what it is to put that sensual level out of order that it might not take all your energy away from you. Also, we ask you that when you walk down the block or by the sideways or by the ways in which you do walk, look not into the lower regions, but look up into the face area, that you might see the son of God and souls. And when you are disgrunted or distracted, then it is better for you to look on the cement. For there is no sensuality there, but hard rock. Is this understood by you?

JI: Yes.

Forces: And if you feel like walking, walk. But look into the face of people and do not be distracted to look into the lower areas. It is difficult, I know. Thank God people are not elephants. Question.

L: I’m very confused since I received a message last week about my greediness. And, um, in my attempts to understand greediness and selfishness, it just… there seems to be no end to, to thoughts in my mind. And I’d like to know how to balance it or how to begin to balance it and get it back to order.

Forces: By admitting the truth to others. By admitting that you are not as great as you want to be. And that by doing that you will be great. But not locking or searching for the sensual, also for the material levels of fashion that you are not and should not be endeavored into this area to be lost by all the idiots that are rest in that that is lost. You are a confused mind at times. You’d rather have a nice piece of cloth in your hands than to understand what it is to love those around you. It is not that difficult. But your womanly instincts at times are sickening. And they have a tendency of being overly selfish; therefore you are not more than a woman, but only a sensual being only looking out for self, and enjoyment of self. To correct this, you must look how to give unto others. You must look to know what it is to serve others. You must look when to tell the truth, and when to remain quiet. You must understand that you are not as great as you want to be. And by doing this you shall understand your true greatness. You are only fooling yourself, for those around already know. Do not propose or make things that cannot be done. Do not daydream or exaggerate into the unbelievable world of fantasy. Because these are where you get caught. The fantasies are not real and you scream and yell and try them to be real. But I tell you, your fantasies will kill you if you do not understand that your true love will be the undertaking of your true soul to those around you and fantasy will no longer be escape in which you have to hide in. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. And you must stop running away from what you truly are and what you truly want people to think you are. You are no society woman, as would be called society’s woman. And if your tendency to be or try to be a society’s woman, you are fooling yourself. Stop it and start progressing on a spiritual level. Get into balance with yourself and understand that light that is within that it might guide and tell you what is truth and what is not truth. We ask only this for your sake that you will not fool yourself or others around you. Just to be honest and truthful to the spirit which does come easy. Do you have any more questions?

L: No.

J: Are the basic ideas we have for fixing up the upper room all right? Or can you offer us any further advice?

Forces: As far as the layer or the areas of the lower, which is the name, or said to be, the rug. Is this not correct?

J: Um-hum.

Forces: We ask you to take or choose one that can be vacuumed or that can be cleaned everyday, and that one should be assigned to clean the floors of this place everyday. Or when there’s time that the entities in this house are not there, then what should be done to the upper area is that what is seen and what is not seen. All those things that are filled should be emptied. All those lights that are lit should be extinguished. And in the middle a glass of water should be placed. And the words of I-H-A-H should be placed within the glass. Now also that when all those who do leave the house and there is no one there, that one ribbon or piece of ribbon cross over that with wax should form a seal over said door. That no one would go up or enter down that this would be sealed off until the entities returned into the house. Be not let anyone leave this house without this upper area taken care of. Is this understood?

J: Yes.

Forces: With what was given to you earlier, does this comply to what your plans will have to be?

J: It elaborates on them. Also, with the altar. When we build the altar itself, is there any particular wood, possibly oak, that we should use? Or something else that would be better? Or…

Forces: If you can find wood that is beech or what would be called pine or that is named out of cedar would be good, too. Is this understood?

J: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Question.

RO: Can you give me anything that will help me work out my inferiority complex and my fears?

Forces: As what was given earlier, you must be honest, and truthful. Inferiority complex is only one who cannot accept himself or think he is as great as he would like to be. Therefore, who are you putting yourself up to be? What are you striving to be? What is your image? What do you want to be? Maybe it is too high for you even to be. Therefore you suffer from what is called an inferiority complex. It is simple. Your ego has taken the best of you and created an inferiority complex that your true self rejects you. For it says that you are not the… [End of Side A]

RO: I understand, but I felt that I was being honest.

Forces: If you were being honest then, there should be no prolems in your life. Therefore, honesty should still be searched after. Question.

R: Is there another reason that we aren’t aware for our friend from Holland, Marina, coming at this time and our stage of development?

Forces: A test, wondering to see if you will be distracted from your spiritual path. Is this understood by the group?

Group: Yes.

Forces: That is, if those who do come unto your roof and speak of other great things to do, then will you be distracted from what you are already doing and forsake your God to go for material and earthly things? Is this understood by that one who asked the question?

R: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Question.

D: Is there anything that would help me in days to come?

Forces: By your arrogance, we should leave you alone. But we ask you only to pray at the hour of ten o’clock by yourself that you might understand that it is not that bad to have feelings and to express these feelings. You have so much with inside yourself you want to speak on, but because of your pride, you refuse. So therefore, we have pride, and we refuse. Question.

M: If you want to tell me something about Mr. B.

Forces: Only that the eruptions and the cataclysms and thoughts and annihilations of certain forms will take a period of at least two months to be done with. After the two-month period, there will be changes that will be for the best. Also, we did ask you that one would see and communicate with the spirits or at least have that spiritual enlightenment. You must proceed stronger and quicker to capture him on the spiritual path that he might see that light before he does finally leave. Is this understood?

M: Sure, thank you.

Forces: Question.

M: Leave where?

Forces: As your heart told you, so it is.

M: I don’t understand.

Forces: This entity can leave what is known as the States, never to return until it is finished or ready for him in which he is progressing towards that pattern. The entity also has tendencies to leave what would be said, his wife.

M: Thank you.

Forces: That is why it is so important to be realistic and to have understandings towards this that we reveal this to you. Let us get it perfectly clear to you that we are not yet in harmony or in agreement with what has been done. But we will try to work with you to help you out to the best of our ability. Is this understood?

M: Yes, thank you.

Forces: Question.

C: What will help me out with this persecution complex?

Forces: You must start loving yourself. You must understand that you are not as bad as you think. And that everything that has happened to you is for your own spiritual growth. And you must start committing yourself. Therefore, we advise you to return what is know as the A.R.E. and start committing to those people who are there. Is this understood?

C: Except for the committing myself to them.

Forces: Not to them, but to the ideal. Question.

E: The things that I… the thoughts that I’ve been going through this past week, and most of them were almost on the same… somehow surrounding the same thing-certain doubts and things. Especially the movie I watched last night, what does this all mean, I couldn’t understand certain things that I was questioning the entity T.?

Forces: It would be taken into consideration that the Devil has his disciples and so does God. For the Devil offers his disciples great magics and powers, but God offers only progression of the soul through kindness, through wisdom, through patience, and eventually progressing into which is the Christ. Nothing is speeded up in the evolutionary term, and the only way it can be speeded up is through the silence. Also, what is known as Lucifer has given certain powers only to reign a thousand years. But the thousand years have come to an end. And now it is God’s turn to reign. So a thousand years for God will reign on the earth, as you saw for Satan, so now you shall see for God. Is this understood?

E: So it could actually be the same thing?

Forces: Only by whose playing and whose up to bat. The ball is the same, it’s the one whose hitting it that’s different and their objectives. Is this understood?

E: Not fully, but I think I got as much an answer as I could.

Forces: Remember that God already has the score of the game, and he knows who’s going to win. That is a cricket ball game, but it must be played out to the end.

E: Well, I think that was part of my objection, why does it have to be played out in the hands of Lucifer?

Forces: Because the entity, or that which is name as Lucifer, in the very beginning was cast out of the heavens, and from that point he was told to go see what he can do. And after he finished, than God comes to see what he can take and undo. And the power of light is over darkness, and the light curses the darkness. It is futile for Satan to continue, but he does because in the end he will loose himself.

E: So, after this thousand years, there is going to again be a cycle of Lucifer for a thousand years? Is there always a cycle of thousand, thousand, thousand?

Forces: Until the Christ spirits enter into the earth may be after this thousand year is up, that thousand years will not progress and then we will go on to other galaxies in which Lucifer does not have control over.

E: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

B: Is there anyway I can help the entity C.?

Forces: By speaking to her the things of your past. By letting her understand your problems, by letter her understand that there are other people who are incompetent or yet who have great competence. But you must reveal yourself to her in friendlyship. But also you must pray for her, and do not be taken emotionally by her, but only guide and help her as best as you can. And after that, know when to give it to the Higher Forces. Can this help you out?

B: Yes, thank you very much.

Forces: Question.

B: I wanted to ask about the mark on my left wrist that comes and goes.

Forces: This is a seal that will be revealed later on.

B: Does the watch irritate it or should I continue to wear it?

Forces: The watch does have a certain amount of irritation. But, also, remove it to the other arm, and you shall see it happening again.

B: So I should…

Forces: There is a lot we would like to reveal to you tonight, but as a group there is so much you have to get still together.

B: So I should leave the watch where it is?

Forces: That would be reasonable for you to decide.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

R: Is there a karmetic debt between myself and my mother?

Forces: Amen. Question.

JI: This… I’m having trouble with my noon meditations. I get… because I’m going to work at noon. Is there… should I switch my time to a different time or stick with that one?

Forces: I think if you have trouble, then it would be wise to move. If a train is coming to run you down, and you find that you’re standing on the tracks, then what do you do? Stay there until the train comes to run you over?

JI: Is there any time you could suggest I move it to?

Forces: As the time comes for you to move, it will be that right time. Just as the man who moves from the track to avoid the collision, I would say that was the right time for him, too. You must decide the time. Again, we must not interfere on this level. But we guide you by intuition to give you the right and proper time.

JI: Thank you.

Forces: You’re welcome. Question.

L: At my job, I’m scheduled to have my last day next Thursday, this coming Thursday. And now they’ve postponed their show for the following week. And I wanted to know whether I should stay for the show or whether I should let my last day be next Thursday because I think they’re expecting me to work for their show.

Forces: Then responsibility comes first. And you must learn responsibility. And do not do it and be disgruntled by doing it. But do it for God and be happy.

L: But when it comes to responsibility, my question is: my son and myself and my husband and the people are also responsibility…

Forces: This is correct.

L: … to be parents…

Forces: But remember one thing. You have a commitment here and it is karmetic. Therefore, end it in a nice and proper manner. These that you have mentioned shall be there when you come home. And they shall not fade. But if you are sincere by what you’re saying, then you shall give all of yourself to these elements when you do come home, that you will be sincere to them. Is this understood?

L: Yes, thank you.

Forces: It is not ours that we would want you to suffer. It is our heart that saddens when you do have. But remember, you are not as innocent. And that there are things that must be corrected. And that you through your striving to correct them, must be diligent about it. And work hard for the glory of what is this God that you say. That he is watching those who do do his will. And your thoughts and deeds are registered. Question.

J: Would it be advisable on next Monday, the day of fasting, to take off from work?

Forces: It would be advisable for those who can. Especially to those who can, it would be advisable. To those who can’t, it would not be advisable. To those who cannot, it will not be advisable, for trouble will come. For those who can, it would be advisable. But if you cannot do it, do you say to the sun to come up during the night? But as you work, meditate and pray on such things that when you return home you will be ready to join into the services of peace and understanding and prayer. As far as next week is concerned, we were saving that, but now we will reveal what will go on. That hour of Sunday, all those must take a shower, the hour at approximately six o’clock. On that Sunday, all those should be in a meditation mood. Prior to six, there should be food taken in, a light grain meal and of all sorts of grains should be taken. Also, before this, that an apple in the end, what would be know as your twenty-four hours of payer and meditation. It will start at six on Sunday eve. And all those will gather for one hour of silence to stay and pray. All those who will work, will work, be it preparing or what for the next day. For then at the hour of seven, eight, or nine, you will have a discussion on the book or the Bible. At that hour you will discuss things. Then you will all drink all sorts of water and tea and coffee that we will allow for you to have; but tea preferably. And then at that moment, all sorts of waters can be taken, be it with lime, be it with whatever you would like. Then at the hour of what would be known from ten to eleven you will have discussions among yourselves and at the eleventh hour you will go into meditation and then from that point that sleep shall go on. In the morning of that day, one should all get up together at that hour of seven, seven-thirty, to be exact, and enter into a church near there or where you are at, or some religious or structural house. Then from that point on you shall all return back and enter into that fast or that mood of prayer from that hour that you do return for one hour. Then you shall all enter again into discussion of groups of what must be corrected and what not must be corrected. What must be done, and what not must be done. All manner of water can be taken. Then the preparation can still go on for the feast. Then at the hour of what would be known from five to six, actually we would say from the hour of four-thirty, the one named J shall be enter, if possible, up to the upper room and prepare the incense and the flames. If he is not available, we ask the entity R to enter and prepare the incense and flames. If he is not available, we ask the entity R to enter and prepare the incense and flame. Then from that point on, from four-thirty to five, he alone shall stay up there by himself. At five o’clock, all those shall enter up there and proceed. And then from five to six, those shall enter up there and proceed. And then from five to six, those shall be of meditation and prayer. Whatever would be done, would be done then. And be receptive to the forms and thoughts that will be given to you all. At that point of six, a fast begins and is over. And then the feast begins of food and wine and drink. An apple must be dipped in honey and passed around in cuts and slices to eat. And the herbs must be passed around. And the shofar if you have one, if not then listen to the old wind and it shall reveal the peace. And then enjoyment and singing or songs or records of music should be done. And all manner of fish and food shall be eaten. And the joy and peace of the God that is there shall reign. And the feast shall be over at nine, nine-thirty for all those to return in proper respect to where they belong, to retire for that day of thanksgiving. Is this all understood by the group?

Group: Yes.

Forces: It seems complicated, I think, but it will become simple once reviewed. You will vote on and you will have that vote as to what areas would be changed by the group alone. We will recognize this change if you do vote together. But it must be unanimous. Is this understood?

Group: Yes.

Forces: For the one who asked the question, I ask that.

J: Yes.

Forces: Do you see the pattern that we have given you?

J: Yes.

Forces: Does it not help?

J: Yes.

Forces: Question.

RO: Since my wife will be working an extra week, at the end of that time should I still try to get a job selling furniture?

Forces: This would be applicable to you or textile or things that add up to the wood area, or things that add up to the cloth area. It would be wise also for you to leave your eyes and ears open for other jobs that will come up that you must be responsive to.

RO: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

D: Could you help me with the dream that I had last night, a very nice feeling holding hands with a Chinese friend of mine …

Forces: It represents the quality of order and the quality of neatness and the quality of harmony that should become within you soon. Also, your spiritual evolution, it represents. Question.

C: How can I start to love myself?

Forces: That is a very difficult question. And you must find the answers for it by self. It is again a question that you must understand that you are not a little boy anymore. And that you mustn’t forgive yourself for all the mistakes you’ve done. But you must understand that within you is a Christ, and that’s what we ask you to love. Question.

EM: I like to go to Europe? Should I do?

Forces: It would be wise that you remain here. But then again, if the area or the week of what would be said of the end of September, that you are physically in order to remove yourself from the States, then we would advise you to go to Europe for no more than a week and a half or what would be said, two weeks. But you must be in some type of awareness to your own health the last week of September, for this will be a progression into the month of October. Is this understood?

EM: Yes.

Forces: Then if you are healthy, in the last week of September, you have the blessings. But if you feel down and out then you should save the money.

EM: But I have to pay the money a month before.

Forces: This is wise, but what would be said, do not go. It would be in the area of the States that you should visit. Be not yet to go away far from the land in which you are for physically, it is not capable for you to do. Traveling at that age or that moment is not too good at your age. Not that we are in observance of that. It is just at this moment geologically and astrologically not in harmony. But in the month of April and May it might be of a better type of harmony for you to go. This would not be alone either. We would advise, maybe the one who sits near you, to enter and go. Can this be understood?

EM: Yes.

E: You mean just the two of us or plus the entity…

Forces: Then as we speak to you, you are that that we speak to. The entity that we speak to is you. Therefore, we speak to both of you.

E: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

E: What about EV and S and the project and the robes she wants to make for all of us?

Forces: If this is what has to be done, it will be done. But remember, that will not be spared from her what will have to be done. Her own progression has much more to be desired and therefore, if she wants to walk into the fires, it is her will and free will to do this. But by making the robes does not make her any better than what she is. And therefore, she should be honored to make such robes. But thankfulness and forgiveness on her part should be coming and also the understanding of where she is at should be a due consideration of her own progression. And her own thoughts should be analyzed much more vividly. For the one that is married to her, I would advise him to analyze his thoughts on the sensual level. Question.

E: I can talk to them all day long and all night long but it doesn’t sink in. It doesn’t seem so.

Forces: Be with patience. Question.

E: Is there anything else that should be helped with the entity’s face?

Forces: It would not be wise to speak on such conditions because what has been done is good and therefore the entity that is spoken of is not in consideration for such a question. We would advise that the meditations that you do enter in, will understand the thoughts and forms of your own ideas and the entity that you speak of.

E: Anything else? As far as the group?

Forces: That will be revealed to you in time to come. That is why the group should start into mediation wholeheartedly and with an open heart that things might be revealed to them… more oftenly. Question.

B: Could you give us any enlightenment on the lengthy discussion in regard to the group meditation time last night and if we’re confronting the problem still selfishly or any advice you might give us in handling the situation?

Forces: It is only advisable to hold a discussion no more than an hour and a half at times. When physically exhausted, one should retire. But also remember, when the discussion is needed then be a preposter of the ideas and also the conditions involved. And also the surrounding days that to follow if it is beneficial to discuss things. Is this understood?

B: Yes. Can I, can I ask if the time we arrived at is a good time for the group?

Forces: It should be debated for such early in the morning is good at times. But we would advise if you could move it up to the area of one or two. But then again, two would be good.

B: Thank you.

E: Can the entity… can you still go on? Or you let us know when it’s finished.

Forces: The entity will be able to go on for a few more minutes. At that time the entity will return back to where in that area of the bed that he might recuperate and also progress stronger. Also those that have gathered must understand and discuss things for a period of time. And then would remove with self to discussions were they do return to in thoughts or in manners of thoughts. Also there is so much to be said tonight that we are in a way sorry that we cannot reveal as much as we would want to. But what we have given you should be sufficient for the moment. Question.

B: Should I continue working on typing the sessions that we’ve taped?

Forces: What should stop you from doing such?

B: Nothing.

Forces: Then you are being blessed by doing such. Thank you for helping.

B: Is there any way we can work with the tape from the last session that we had a problem with, or should we just leave it as is until we can…

Forces: It would be wise to leave for the moment as is for there is so much information on that particular tape that many are not ready for.

B: Thank you.

Forces: It is also a lesson of those who listen not only to depend upon that tape, but by themselves to listen wholeheartedly. And we ask when discussions do come together, that no one falls into a slumber or sleep. For this is an insult to the group. Question.

JI: My mother tells me that she’s having problems with my brother Joel. Is there anything that you could tell me that I could understand his problems or her problem with him that I might help either one of them?

Forces: Patience on her side. She has a tendency of talking, tendency of committing herself too much to things. And has a tendency of making him involved or raged. Also criticism. His impatience and his own security within himself and also the power in which what he is and what he’s going to do. He has what wanting to move away or to leave, but his love for her is challenging and she knows this. Therefore, it is a battle between then karmetically. What I would advise you to do is to remove yourself from the situation and to prayer for both of them that not the waters spill upon you.

JI: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

J: Is there any advice you can give me to help me more fully accept the job I’m doing? To have a better attitude at it?

Forces: By understanding this is conserving your energy and actually expanding it. By understand that you’re utilizing the energy and actually expanding it. By understanding that you will become what would be known greater than what you realize this moment. That this, what you have been given, is not only a test, but a blessing that you might move and grow on higher ends. It will not last too long. The test will soon be over. Question.

M: You told me that you’d like me to work in a rectory; shall I look through an agency for this job?

Forces: This would be wise for you.

M: Okay, thank you.

E: Should I go out and look for a worldly, on the worldly level for a job?

Forces: At this moment, no, no, no, thank you.

E: Thank you.

Forces: Why do you need a job for? Are you not content with the one that you have already?

E: I’m very content, but I keep constantly feeling like there is something I’m not doing totally, I’m not doing right, I’m not being total. I don’t understand. I have feelings of…

Forces: You are doing everything perfectly well as a woman should. You are blessed. Be not, be not upset with what you want to do, for this is not what you want to do. So leave that job alone.

E: Thank you. No, I just thought maybe I’m not doing enough or something.

Forces: You are doing more than your share. Question.

B: Is there any advice as far as intake of certain foods that would help at this point?

Forces: We would advise you to go onto a course of Farina and like it.

B: Yes, thank you.

Forces: For a period of two weeks.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

EM: Please, is my daughter…

Forces: Yes, yes, yes, she is.

EM: … Diane, she no will…

Forces: Continue. You seem to be so more important with the question than the answer.

EM: No, I was…

Forces: Yes, we would like to ask you one thing. First of all, do not let the actions of this entity that is known as your daughter be so personally to barrow with you. Do not think it is a personal slight to you at all, for there are times when this entity is quite as what would be called dizzy. And she does do things that is completely out of tune with what would be normal or what would rational or would be logical. She has a tendency of running from one loop to another. And then she is like a cat that comes back to the home only to dig up and to mess up. We also ask the one that she is married to, to take in consideration that he is like unto a sponge to her. And he is underneath her free will and demand. And that they should be moving out of what would be known as Vermont for that period and move only to back to this area of New York to understand and to progress on many other levels. We also have this for her to say: that she must understand that peace and that quiet and that meditation that she once entered into and not to forsake her God. Also, they are a progressing group. And that the areas that they are in, it is not too well at this moment. That they should remove themselves from where they are and enter back in.

EM: Thank you.

Forces: What was your question?

E: Her question…

EM: That’s, that’s the question.

Forces: Then you see that it’s good to listen to the answer.

EM: And that’s the answer.

Forces: Then the question needs not to be spoken.

EM: Is no more?

Forces: You are like unto a child that comes into the house of God and says to Him he has dirty feet. But underneath your simplicity and your honesty he goes and washes his feet. There will be more questions you are obliged to ask if you would want them. We are not saying no more questions, we are only saying that there is no need of questions for we will give you the answers to them. Also, by the relatives or friends that you are in contact with, the one that lives near you could be a pest. And I would advise that you try to avoid seeing her.

E: Am I right in the name I said?

Forces: Exactly. She has a tendency of absorbing your energy. And leave you completely defunct. Question.

E: But my sister, DI…

EM: Like a cat she comes…

E: … will she come back on her own free will?

Forces: She will only come back when things get worse. Free will? That is more for the cat.

E: Is there any way possibly that I can help?

Forces: You must remain aloof from the situation. She does have a karmetic tie with you of jealousy all of her life, in which she wanted to be and wanted to be like you. Therefore, it is of this level that you must remain out, and not to tell her, but only to see the glories of God manifest.

E: Thank you.

Forces: She will be coming out of it in one piece. She is a stubborn child that needs to learn so much. And yet has so much to offer. Question.

B: The disturbance with JA, is that just a temporary thing?

Forces: Look around those that are near to him and see that the disturbance lies within them. Question.

P: Is the method, which was used in choosing our group meditation, a good one?

Forces: There are times when it is wise. But remember, that it is not to the ampleness of nothingness that you put inside. One, two. What is this? Three, four. It should be buckle my shoe, but what is this that you are in accordance with? You must come to a conclusion, one way or the other, and not by chance; whatever has been said, do it, and do not say, “Well it has been said other times like this. And therefore, should we do that?” This is wrong and should not be done. Do what you see and see what you do. Do not make excuses what you would like to have done. Does this make sense to you?

P: Yes.

Forces: Question.

J: On the ark, that would be built, would it be one that would be built for the scroll that we now have or…

Forces: This would be correct. The things to come later, will be given to you. Question.

L: I just wanted to check. Just lately, Solomon especially seems to not respond to having his hands slapped or to saying ‘no’, in fact he gives me a very sneaky little look and giggle and goes to repeat the act that he just did.

Forces: Then I would remove him to the area in where he sleeps. Does this make sense to you?

L: Yes.

Forces: Then this will be a great shock to him to find him confined. Question.

RO: In the past when we have done that in his room, he seems to just scream and scream and scream…

Forces: Then you shall close the door.

RO: Okay, is it advisable to just let him scream till he screams himself to sleep?

Forces: A child can only scream so much until his lungs give out. He is not stupid. He will not give out his lungs.

B: Is there…

Forces: Question.

E: Can I… was I… is it correct what I was… what we were discussing, T. and me, I believe last week? When we came home… when we were talking about entering some activities?

Forces: This is more than correct. This will be the pattern. Question.

B: I was wondering if there is any help you could give in regard or relation to the yard in this season?

Forces: I would say those who are interested to go out of the week of that would be coming and to plow up all the weeds and start to plant up into it the things that are to plant for the spring and summer. Investigate on it.

B: Do you mean this week starting now or the week after that?

Forces: This week is most important, the week that is coming up. For all those things that will be planted, this is the right time for them to be planted. Remember also, we are preparing for a great disaster. So therefore, we advise you to start storing into the lower areas cans of vegetables and food areas, to be stored for a period of time.

E: Should the Bible class continue?

Forces: The Bible class is most important to the soul growth of the group. Those who are against the Bible class are those who are against the group. Therefore, it would be understandable. Those who would not have the Bible class should have not part of anything part of this group. The Bible class is the structure on the physical form that takes place in the group. Therefore, watch those who speak against the structure of the Book, for they are speaking against the Book. Not only the Book, but the word of God, and not only the word of God, but the group.

E: Shall we hold it here so the ones that don’t want to be involved can stay home there?

Forces: This would be correct for them, but there are times when it would be good to remove one’s self to enter there. Question.

P: Is there a verse or part of the bible that would aide me in what I have to do?

Forces: Forty-fifth [45] Psalm. Read it. Understand it. Question.

J: Is there anything I might be able to do for either one of my surviving grandparents?

Forces: It would be wise to visit them at times. This is not bad. A flower also needs sunshine. Also, I give you the verse of Jacob, or what would be known… it would be wise not that. Isaiah, third chapter. Read it. Question.

E: Should I continue going to the Bible class at the A.R.E.?

Forces: This would be good. Question.

RO: Is there any specific fragrance that would be good for the incense in our meditation room?

Forces: Frankincense and myrrh. Question.

C: The entity SY, should she be going to school or working?

Forces: This would be up to SY, not us. Question.

E: Should I have a different affirmation for my meditation?

Forces: Us the affirmation you have for a period of two more weeks. And then say unto yourself, Dear God, let thy will be done in me and through me that I might manifest the spirit of light. Question.

D: The dream I had where I was looking for a name and I found the name, is that to be used in meditation?

Forces: If you so desire it. In the beginning you had no questions.

D: Would it be well?

Forces: Whatever you think. Question.

R: Should I continue with garlic and onions?

Forces: Oh, me dear friend… have you found it to be helping you?

R: Yes.

Forces: Then why not? Continue.

R: I thought it was part of the spicy foods I wasn’t supposed…

Forces: That is not spicy to that area in which it affects your body. For it is of the upper portion that it absorbs into it. Therefore, do not worry. Just do that alone. Onions and garlic is good, but hot pepper and all those other spices and all those other oils and everything else that is formed into one area. Is not true?

J: Right.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

P: Is there any substance that would aid in my physical development?

Forces: Water.

P: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

B: Is there a specific color that would be good for the vibrations in choosing the carpet for the upper room?

Forces: You will have the colors to choose from-gold or scarlet purple.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

E: No more questions.

Forces: We here are happy to be with you all tonight. But again, your progression in what you have been doing, needs rectifying and re-evaluation. Be not concerned about where you do live or what you exist on or how long it takes you to get to the proper mold of work. But understand why you’ve been there and understand the true meaning of it. Realize the gift within you and the gift to love those who come near you. And to have the patience when you are losing your patience. This might sound funny, but when you feel you are losing patience, pray immediately for patience. We will reveal to you of the days to come, of the next session, great things. We hope that you will prepare yourselves this time for them. The next session should be at the end of this month in September, and that would be on a Saturday as same as such. That you will prepare yourself in the forces of discussion and in the force of the book that you will read. And that your laziness might be overcome for everyone. There are great things that will happen on the worldly level, so watch and see the glories of God. Be careful. And understand what will happen. There are great things and great disasters that must come to pass because the coming of that time is coming close. And we all must prepare ourselves for our spiritual mission in this earth. I hope that the group will come to an understanding of brotherhood and not jealousy. Of love and not hate. Of forgiveness and not revenge. I hope that the group will understand that you are better than any other group-that you can help many, many souls who come in contact with you. That you are chosen and that you will be given many, many gifts, to, to understand. There will be many days that will test the whole group: financially, physically, and mentally. This month deals with the financial status in which you will all have to get it in one way or another in some type of harmony. And then cooperation and meditation as a group. There, too, will be a part of laziness and that would have to be done with in one way or the other. Remember, that you do have a mission and do not forget it. Do not forget what you have to do. And then prepare yourself for the feast to come-the day of atonement. And that your forgiveness on this day, you should pray for all your sins that you have done in your lives, in this particular sojourn, that you might be forgiven. And that you should make a new law, a new recompense, a new idea of yourself that you will be there to serve God. This is all I have to say for you tonight. We are sorry that what would have happened tonight, cannot happen. But that is understood because of the predicament the group is in. So therefore, we ask that you all get in one form or another in harmony. And most of all prayer at night before you retire is good. But you must sleep and sleep well. As the Master did said to the apostles when they asked him, “Master, how do we pray?” And, he looks up into the heavens, being all alone, and only having his God that he was in communion with and all the tasks that he had to do, he had to do it by himself. Let us understand his life, that we are not by ourselves, we, to, have our God who is very close to us. I will be your God, if you will be my people.