Session 45-6/4/73 ?check

Greetings to you once more. As you can see, we have not left. But in this course of discussions we find it necessary to listen to many things to come. As in the past sessions, it was told to you that things in the future days to come will shake foundations of security. As far as your land is concerned, you will begin to find changes and also interesting investments to owning the land for future development. This weekend if possible, when, if you do go, those that have been directed, we give you as ambassadors, a service of unity and spirit of God to develop the understandings of these people you meet along the way. Group meditation while there would be desirable. Patience and endurance with those who are not involved in what you are doing. As far as your so-called van is concerned, we are not a bit affected. We still have our ships. As we gave you, you would have to work if you want another, but we will help in degrees. We now are preparing what would be some shock for that which is the name of LY. For this entity, we say that you must now prepare for a child to come. That is, you must take the apparatus and fling it into the ocean.

LY: All right and thank you.

Forces: For L, the one who is sitting next to her shaking, we say to you have faith, for this child will be born of a great source of comfort to both of you and the group. For much wisdom and love will come from this child. And so, the one who is S needs this as a guide and protecting status for his development. This child should be near conceived near the end of July, the beginning of August. We work fast. So must you. The payment of these children have already been agreed upon and the fund should be at a profitable share for their development. It should be an increase in this particular fund for the taking care of the children. Remember, everyone is responsible for this child and children to come into the group, no matter who its parent is. If you are not, you are no different form any one else outside of this group. You will have more children than you would know how to shake a stick with. Maybe we should rent another house. Call it a nursery. Nonetheless, these children are gifts and are there for a prospect, for a purpose. As far as what we have told you in the beginning, as the time of the beginning, the great destruction of that planets that lie between Mars and Jupiter, causing the Asteroid Belt. From that time, Lucifer-Satan was cast into the spirit of the earth. From there came many progressions in which they developed into many forms. The Atlantean period lasted a long time into the degree that the Lemurian period and the Atlantean period were one. These souls in the Lemurian period were development on a spiritual level in which they were still in a way barbaric, but their development increased as size did. Atlantean period, what is now the Eastern Seaboard, was the foot lands and the coastal lands of the Atlantean west side. When Atlantis went under, the Rocky Mountains and what would be called the Andes appeared in the earth, compensating for the great mass of movement. At that time a great migration of what would be named as the white race that were created to bring the spirit of truth, vibrated to Tibet. From there, they infiltrated to all governments to bring the spirit of truth and order. At this point, this is where we have our take-off from. Also, the great laws of the commandments of God were infiltrated by the force of that which is called the solar being, in which you had noted that day, in which Moses himself was confronted and faced face to face with our space forces. In that point we projected into him the laws of the tablets of constitutional rights of development of that which is government of people’s souls. The universal law that we have given him. Many a times we communicated with different people on this aspect, giving them the laws that would govern and direct the people. At this point we will go again in the next sessions to come with more information on this age and period. We are now ready for your questions that this particular will take care of.

DA: Could you give me the center and the colors of the key of D-flat, or what would be called C-sharp?

Forces: If you would have listened last time, we have given you that center of C, which would cover that area a little lighter than, a little less than.

DA: Would the note D also be in that area?

Forces: Is the note C and D the same?

DA: No.

Forces: Then how can D be in the same area? D would be near to the vibration of a deep purple or indigo, representing the area of the thymus and also the area of the thyroid, more so the thyroid a white purplish color.

DA: Also you said that depending on the other notes that were played at that time, the color would be… in the key of C… would be either red or violet. Would this be, if the other notes that were played were in the cooler shades it would be of the violet? If they were in the warmer shades, it would be of the red?

Forces: Sounds very good. Can teach us maybe. But at this moment we do not want to learn.

DA: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

L: At what point in Jesus’ life did the Christ spirit come in?

Forces: At his crucifixion.

L: So… thank you.

R: Should I stay with the job that I have now, or should I get a job that would bring some more money in?

Forces: The New York Telephone Company would be good for you if you’d like to talk. The hours are different, which would be cumbersome. But see what would be good for you. At this moment money is not what is needed, but love and perseverance.

R: Thank you.

D: Could you explain if there are different countries that stand for the seven spiritual centers? And what country represents…

Forces: You will find this when Jacob addressed his sons. Interpretation is given long ago. When Jacob was dying, he addressed his sons and gave the information of the worlds to come.

D: Will be able to tell what the country is now?

Forces: Discuss it and you will be able to find out. And then return to me and I will give you the answer correctly.

D: And what… and what is the destiny of Germany now? The Germany that… has Germany fulfilled the destiny or has it… going to complete it at the end of this…

Forces: It has not yet completed its destiny as of yet.

D: I know Germany has been called the prince. Could you explain that?

Forces: The prince of what? Darkness?

D: I’m not sure.

Forces: For be sure. Prince of Darkness is more the terminology for that area.

D: Thank you.

RU: When a person becomes one with his higher self, then does the higher self have to become one with another higher consciousness and so on and so on until there is a oneness with God once more?

Forces: When a person or soul, you mean, becomes one with its higher self, then the development goes one and one together in accordance with what it develops in other galaxies. It will always continue to develop upward.

RU: In Samuel when Saul’s son Jonathon was guilty of breaking the rule not to eat… well… when he said, ‘He heard not when his father charged the people with the oath,’ does that mean that his ignorance was no excuse or was there a specific reason that Jonathon didn’t hear?

Forces: In both cases it’s correct. There are times when it was given to the people and those are not ready yet, or those who must learn lessons or those through their selfishness tune off what is important at that time.

I: Also could it not mean that since Saul represents the will of man, could not penetrate towards Jonathon that was more the will of God?

Forces: What was given was said that those who had the ears to hear, they would do it. But those who did not would be turned off for that protection, for that guidance in degrees, too. In fact, on many levels, it can be interpreted in a great and variable difference of accords. But in truth, what is said here is the degree of understanding it as a parable, for many are called, but few are chosen. In this degree, it is man’s law that Solomon represents. God’s wisdom is greater. But in degrees, it is altered by the receptivity of man’s mind to what God wants.

I: You mean to say that Jesus was not a Christ, not until his crucifixion?

Forces: Correct.

I: Can you tell me… the last few days… and I had it also last week where I get a certain… I get frustrated over my inability to catch up…

Forces: This is what you call a development period of change and development into a new cycle and area of perceptivity.

I: So it’s again that I’m… and those things that I stay up… or I can’t fall…

Forces: Changing of cycles and perceptions.

I: So it’s all right.

Forces: Correct.

I: Now with the entity… T’s parents… should we go back there to paint? How should we handle them?

Forces: There are times when you should be firm and strong, but these entities are becoming weak in structure and mind. It would be careful to watch the wordings, but go forth with strength. To paint the ceilings is a completion of that what would be called exorcism or exorcizing that house. This must be done for they feel the great spirits of evil hovering over them. That is why they were attracted to the ceiling. It should be done at the zenith or at the astrological period that is great in harmony. Thursday evening seems to be the correct day and night for it to be done.

I: So it really wasn’t their fault or being unappreciative?

Forces: In two degrees. It would be one, yes; the other, no. Consciously, yes; subconsciously, no.

I: Thank you.

Forces: But remember, when addressing, address firm. Give your point. And continue to create and work.

I: But I should tell them what… about that selfishness that was seen?

Forces: Correct, but then after it is stated, continue to develop and create.

I: Thank you.

P: Could you tell me what was going… what was going on Friday during the storm? Like it didn’t… it seemed like more than just a storm.

Forces: Friday was the infiltration of other forces into the earth, to prepare almost for this day this day.

P: Thank you.

JE: You’ve given us the name of our galaxy before, but we couldn’t understand exactly what was it you said. Could you please spell it… the word for us?

Forces: The name of the galaxy is irrelevant to this development as a group at the moment. But remember, there are many names to many galaxies. Empor Aspot Nain is one. Epodos Neis Spotenaim is another. To name this name has been named three times irrelevant to this moment. For there are many others that are on development of this galaxy. But remember, that you are the galaxies of God, and that is the least that you could forget.

J: Is there any guidance that you could give me or any advice about the new position that I just started today?

Forces: We are chuckling. It has been prepared by us to give you this position for your development of your soul and strength. You will meet characters and attitudes that you have projected to others. And this we give you with honor.

J: Thank you.

Forces: If you meet it correctly, you would not have ego involved. If incorrectly, ego is involved.

J: Is there anything that I could have my aunt do for my uncle and his health… for his condition at all?

Forces: To stop nagging. Also to wash his feet. His condition is karmetic, and also must not be tampered with at this moment. But great amounts of tea of many forces would be good for him and relaxation and away from that television would be a creative entity and development of his nervous system. Hot baths again, as has always been given to relax the system is needed.

J: Thank you. Can you give us any information about the conditions of the earth in the time of Atlantis?

Forces: This here is a very important question. In that time when Atlantis was first beginning, there was terrific amount of cloud covering, for the vapors of the earth were the clouds of earth and there was no sun. For there was nothing but clouds, and the people on Atlantis saw not the sun. Vegetations of many kinds and strengths were growing. And there were many hot pockets of earth or molten lava still bubbling forth. There were many wild beasts at that time also, created by the Atlanteans in degrees. After the great or the first earthquakes or the floods, and after the great floods and the destructions of many land areas around Atlantis, the breaking up of these clouds that were around, flooded the earth. So from these clouds came the great floods upon the earth, After the flood did cease, the clouds were gone and disappeared. And at that time man began to see the stars for the first time, and the sun, and began to know the Lord thy God is One. And they worshipped the sun god as one god. And this is the beginning of God’s laws upon the earth. For there was never a sun, and the sky was never blue, for it was always clouds or vapor around the earth. And for the first time they began to see out the sun and the stars, and begin to have a consciousness of God, a higher consciousness and development after Atlantis was destroyed by its own evil. They were people of the Taureans, or called the Taurean sect in which took over the Atlantean empire, or capital. Those people are the priests or the kings of icons or icons traveled up to the north. And this was the beginnings of the migrations of the people of the truth of God of light. And they migrated up to the North and down to Yucatan and to the South. While the earth or the which is Atlantis was covered by the black forces. For the black forces won, and it was Sodom and Gommorah in degrees all over. And much to that same effect, the vibrations of the land being of a thin crust, for the earth is only a thin crust. And it is mostly effected by the vibrations of the people that are there. And when the vibrations of the people become corrupt and evil and disruptive, the earth becomes corrupt, evil, and disrupted and it is consumed by the air vibration. Falling into the ocean, the black forces lost, and the earth was once again wiped out and cleaned from all black influences, except creeping through that which is the good influence. But in short, this is how it was before the black forces took over. For there were three or four kings at that time that confide together, for there were petty wars among them. Other wars were insignificant compared to the black force war, that they took over and lost. But as they migrated, they migrated throughout the world to Tibet, to the Incas, to all that areas in which was protection, and that which is. For they left the land of Atlantis and that which was Atlantis fell by the black forces or black magic.

J: Thank you.

L: Could you give us any information about the daily lives of the Atlanteans? How they lived? Their cities? Their social structure?

Forces: Their cities were beamed on a diamond aspect. There were many water gates around the city that protected them. And water consumed also as a sanitarial area, and their drinking area as ducts. There were at least thirteen ducts coming from the center of the city and creating this boundary of protection. On the top of the zenith of each city, was this gold shaped dome, or the dome of light that rejected or reflected the light of the sun to produce energy for the city. As what was painted by this entity is a complete replica of these domes or golden domes that gave energy. The spaceships and the space crafts did travel through the oceans and the skies, with transportation unaffected by these domes. The major understanding of development was in the arts and science. But this time it was a culture of arts and created for God at the highest point of development. Their trade were also inward making and vegetation and also the growing of great and harmonious herbs and spices. There were great clothing and also manufacturing of boats and labor of wood, as would be said. But it was a tremendous amount of effort in the aspect in which these people did suffer when they were invaded by the black forces. In short, there was complete harmony and peace at this time, which was called the Garden of Eden at the times through the Bible and the surfaces. For there were many fruit trees and trees of life that were scattered throughout. And all you had to do was pick from the fruits to eat, for everything was in abundance and plenty. When they became on the material level secure, the black forces moved in to take over. Only at this point when they produced on an abundant level, does a country become tested for the black or for white. And when there is so much to lose and so much to gain is only when the test comes into power.

L: Thank you.

RU: Is there any understanding that I might have about my experience with the drug methedrene?

Forces: It is a tuning into a lower force and forcing the body to move to an area that is refuses to go. It also brings the negativity qualities out more abundantly. And it means that which is cheating of the spirit self to manifest into the physical body, by driving it upward and out.

RU: Thank you. Was my understanding of that experience related to that line of thought when I stopped smoking, the same thing?

Forces: Anything that captivates the physical body in the earth always relates to the same thing when broken out of.

RU: Also in our understanding of the procedures we should continue with in regard to the Volkswagen, do we understand that correctly? And is the plan we’re following what we should do, or is… should we maybe look into maybe not investing any…

Forces: Repeat.

RU: Is our plan to go ahead with the… the needed repairs to the Volkswagen, paying for that with two per cent from each person for a period of time, the proper road to follow right now with…

Forces: We would more have it at three per cent than two per cent.

RU: Also was the insurance company that I called today the correct one that should handle it?

Forces: If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have you call them.

RU: Thank you.

I: The things that I’m doing during the day or during the night, are they all things that you want me to do, or is it sometimes laziness with me or…

Forces: It is a slow progress of learning. Therefore, it is something that must be done so you can learn.

I: So if I have the feeling… should I go by my feelings, then?

Forces: Intuition is your best power.

I: What to do… like today what happened?

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you.

L: Would it be wise for me to look into taking classes for stained-glass, or should I try to develop that on my own?

Forces: That area and many areas to learn, you could develop it in a class.

D: Could you explain how when a person is confronted by something neg… in the outer world that stimulates a desire within, how this operates through the body? Like it’s automatic and without thought. Does it operate through the Leiden or…

Forces: Operates through the Leiden, the adrenals, gonads, thymus, and then the question of what would be happening at the test? If the test is confronted with and corrected and done right, then it travels upward. If it fails, it goes to the gonads.

D: So the key is… key is in the Leiden in controlling the…

Forces: The key is very definitely in the Leiden center, but then again in the thymus, also.

D: How does the… how does the thymus…

Forces: The thymus is the love of God first. Without that all is failure. That’s why it says without love, everything is nothing.

D: Thank you.

RU: Have I understood all that has been given in this night for me?

Forces: This would take you at least seven thousand years to understand it. At this moment you understand a little bit.

RU: The meditations… my meditations in the morning… sometimes when I have a difficulty with them, is… when it goes through a pattern of like for about a week and the meditation itself seems very difficult and I can’t still the mind to any degree at all… is there a way that… that I can help overcome that… that I can overcome that?

Forces: By thinking that you are sitting there to talk to God. And when you speak on or think on anything on the worldly level, you say, let’s go back to God. Think God. Think God. Think God. Think God. When you think on a worldly level, get back to God. Think God. Think God. Think God. And that will do it.

RU: Thank you. The times that I… when… sometimes I feel like I’m hogging the conversation… would that…

Forces: We are paying the bill.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: You could not afford it. New York Telephone would look stupid if they were to bill you of this.

RU: Thank you.

LY: Some of us have seen or think we have seen up in the meditation room a man or something with a dark robe on. Could you tell us about it?

Forces: This is the guide for the Upper Room who protects it and guides it. By your own thought forms you have created and brought him there. He works for you.

LY: Thank you.

I: The other day when we were driving and I… I thought I saw in the skies, in clouds… the unmoving clouds. And I thought that what I saw was one huge figure, a figure. And then I saw another figure sitting like in a huge tremendous chair. And then what I thought were spaceships behind… a certain cloud that… that looked to me? What did I really see?

Forces: Clouds. No comment. The group is not ready to understand this precept. Question.

I: Is there anything specific with my mother that I can…

Forces: Tell her to take it slow and easy and to relax and not to worry what other people think of her. To please only God. But then again, have your patience with her.

I: The things I have…

Forces: You might have difficulty obtaining the car this week to move at all. But it will work out in some way or the other.

I: Thank you.

Forces: We work on many strange ways and levels.

I: Am I doing everything that I’m supposed to be doing?

Forces: If you weren’t, we would push you.

I: Thank you.

DA: There’s something eating the plants in the garden. Could you…

Forces: Birds.

DA: Also with the bean plants on the side?

Forces: Insects to a degree, but mostly birds. String up white leaves or white fences or white strings to distract them.

I: Also, JR called me today and wants to come. Is there anything specific I should… since Wednesday we’re having the Session, should I invite him or should I not?

Forces: No. Wednesday would be a service more or less than a Session. Wednesday will be a special service.

I: So I’m really not to invite him at all to the house?

Forces: Correct.

I: With JO and ML, is there anything that we should get involved in, the situation there?

Forces: No. If contact is not made, then that is it.

I: But we should try to make contact with the female?

Forces: Once, but that’s all.

I: Thank you. Should the people from the group still go to A.R.E. as was directed?

Forces: As directed, once in a while, try to make it.

I: There are specific people that were named…

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you.

RU: Is the box that we got for the tapes sufficient?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Is it all right to go ahead a place the tapes in there, or should we wait till after the service Wednesday?

Forces: After that service.

D: Could you help me with certain thoughts I have all the time? And explain why I have these?

Forces: Laziness.

D: Also…

Forces: Selfishness. To degrees you have them regardless of your thoughts.

D: Why do I have these certain thoughts? I mean why… why is always like a fear?

Forces: Fear is selfishness. You should trust more in your God than you do in money and man. For you have more trust in money and what man’s opinions are. Trust God first. You have a long way to develop and a hard road. But we first say to speak loud, for you can speak loud when you want to. But from now on if you mumble, then no one should listen to you. Speak loud and that will be a development of your spirit.

D: Thank you.

I: Is the money handled for the bread, it’s you handling it?

Forces: It is doing very adequately at the moment. We would force them to do a little bit more hard work, but they are lucky, we are not telling them what to do. But, in short, we know better.

I: Thank you. Is there a specific thing I should bring my sister?

Forces: You can always bring her things that you have as gifts given to you.

I: So I shouldn’t sew for her?

Forces: Sometimes it would be unappreciative. In this case, you might find it as such.

RU: The little shirt that LY and I were discussing last night, was it through you that that garment was burned or through the other forces that wanted to retain that garment? And not have it come to this group?

Forces: Many understandings and reasons for it. At this moment we cannot answer that. But in the future you can ask the same questions when you are ready to understand it.

I: With the Bible, the Job, the First, should I… I can’t get to… to doing it… the complete thing. Is there a reason?

Forces: Patience.

I: The dreams that I woke up with lately, is that correct?

Forces: Seems to be correct.

I: Thank you.

D: Could you give me something in the Bible that would relate to what I’m… the understanding I’m trying to have?

Forces: Solomon, what would be called Proverbs, the Seventh Chapter. Read it and try to understand it.

I: Is there any specific diet I should feed to the entity T?

Forces: Water, light grains, and a light meal in general, for his system is changing.

I: So the way I’ve been doing with him?

Forces: Correct.

D: Does the… does the earth have seven spiritual centers the same as a man’s body?

Forces: In many different forms and ways. You have five centers that are represented in different forms. You have four centers that are represented in different forms also.

D: Are these located in specific… like vibratory centers in the earth?

Forces: This would be discussed. Yes, in some areas. For the trees, the water, the air, the fire, the land. The land, the fire, the water, the air, spirit forms, the higher forms. All these are developments of the earth.

D: Thank you.

I: You will let us know when money should be taken out of the banks?

Forces: We are not worried about that.

I: Thank you.

Forces: At this moment we will close your questions. Your questions are good, but needs to develop again once more. Remember the great happenings that are happening this week. That of the ship that was up-tight in that of the harbor was that of the awakening of many centers and strength of insecurity in many forces. There will be many other accidents happening on that of rail, car, plane, ship, boat in many areas. There should be another earthquake happening soon, in what would be known as that… interesting happenings in the automobile industries. Also in that what would be called the make-up scandal or in make-ups and cosmetics. We are finished for the moment, but the next session would be what would be known on the sixteenth of this month. We ask you all to have a good time and to work together. Greetings and peace to all of you here on this memorable day.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…