Session 46-6/18/73

Greetings to a few. I have seen this upset and disharmony in your daily activities. We find your actions not suited for what we have given you. It is a shame that you all continually find error and faults with one another. We tonight will not give you any information from our side, for it would only cause more chaos in this corner. We gradually work with you and we are growing tired and what would be known as impatient. But such is your fate. The one that is named D and R: at your decision, at your word you shall both be wed. Your land is ready and waiting. It is the disharmony in the group that again fails to materialize this plan. We have located in new spots and find the states of Mississippi to be no good, for we think you all thought that is where you were going. That is the last place for you to go into. Minnesota is a good place for you to look into and understand it. For there are certain areas we have picked out for that of land. And the area near what is known as Nebraska would be a good place also. Not forgetting the ultimate end of Wyoming, but if you can go to Minnesota it would not do you any harm to see Michigan, for this is another area that we have chosen. But your land is waiting for you. It is only your disharmony that stops it from giving it to you. We find it heavy and this type of session is something that you all deserve. We are putting in as much effort as you are, in fact, we are putting in more than. We are now ready for your questions.

D: Speaking of the marriage, when would be in harmony?

Forces: It is not for you to understand it.

J: I was asked to ask by the entity L a question. How can he overcome fears and be more consciously aware of them?

Forces: One should not be aware of fear, one should be aware of God.

J: And is there anything I might do for my Grandfather?

Forces: It is always good to visit. It is always good to give helping hand and most of all prayer.

J: Thank you.

I: Do you have a place for our apartment yet or can you give any information about where we should look for one?

Forces: This should be into that of the first month of July in which in that residence where this group is near here would be interesting. At this moment we give not the location, but it would be at least seven blocks in diameter from the area of that which is congenial for one and another. But at this particular session that is the type of question to be reserved for another.

I: Thank you.

RU: How can I have more faith to stop the disharmony that I bring into the group through my fears and insecurities?

Forces: In short, you are too arrogant with God. Thinking you are righteous in your judgment, you are cunning. Not cunning, but stupid. In your own stupidity, you will find corruption. You as has been said, are playing a vital game with your ego that has not yet been ended. You have not changed because of your maliciousness and intent to destroy what you cannot have. You are malicious to the extent of causing frictions and trouble among your neighbors. Therefore in less than thirty-seven days if your attitude does not change, there will be a worse fate to be met by you and for you.

N: What did it mean in my dream when I called my mother by her first name?

Forces: You are understanding the principle within yourself, the quality of your motherhood.

N: Thank you.

Forces: You are welcome.

LY: How can I do more in the group to help or just to give from my heart.

Forces: By knowing that it is God that is near you and will protect you.

LY: Thank you. How could I or how should I handle Solomon right now. He seems to be going through a period of many tantrums and just general abstinence constantly. Is it something that I’m doing now in my own life that is causing this and how can I help it?

Forces: Patience. And love.

LY: Am I being too strict in my discipline the past month?

Forces: Patience. And love.

LY: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us what Arcturus is like? And is it a way station for souls coming in and out of the earth?

Forces: Yes.

JE: I meant, could you explain more about that.

Forces: It is a way-station for souls coming in and out of the earth.

JE: Thank you.

D: Could you help me with a dream I had when I was up in Vermont?

Forces: If we can hear you.

D: I had a dream about…

Forces: That is nice.

D: Vermont, I was telling me about Vermont.

Forces: Shall we sit this one out, or would you like to dance?

D: She was telling me I did something in Vermont that was valuable. Did I understand?

Forces: Then listen to her once more. You might be able to receive an answer. Why come to us when the answer is already there?

R: How can I… is there a way I can make my meditations better so that

I can listen more…

Forces: By surrounding you with the spirit and light of God and knowing that

you do this for God and not for man.

R: Have my meditations lately… have they been all right?

Forces: You get a “C minus�?.

R: “C minus�??

Forces: Yes.

R: Thank you.

Forces: You’re welcome.

J: Is there any guidance you could give me about the dream I had last night?

Forces: Understand and listen to it.

J: And is there… is there any more suitable place for me to meditate during lunch?

Forces: In the bathtub.

J: Thank you.

I: My two dreams that the entity T has called the protection dreams, the one with Mary, the statue, and then the other one with the two little statues. What does it mean?

Forces: Protection.

I: Why do I need that protection now? Is

Forces: Certain things must be done now that it has not been done before. This is a stronger field or force-field that is surrounding you by the negativity that is around you.

I: Is it negativity from me?

Forces: Negativity from others…basically jealousy, envy, and hatred, the three elements that causes cancer. Let it be a sign to those who it is spoken to.

I: The dream I had about K, have I understood it correctly?

Forces: It represents the eruptions and the changing of the cellular molecules within the entity and the changing and annihilation of the black forces within her.

I: So they are taking over?

Forces: The annihilation of the black forces in, her.

I: Oh, so it’s a good thing. Will she… will she continue with her boyfriend JO or…

Forces: We are now at this present time working on it.

I: Thank you. Not to go to Vermont was it my… was it the right decision…

Forces: Correct.

I: Is there any… have we understood correctly T’s dream?

Forces: If this group understood correctly, you wouldn’t be having this type of session.

I: Thank you.

RU: How can I begin to put an end to that game?

Forces: By being honest Next.

RU: Can I ask again? I always have the doubt when asking that I’m sincere that I’m not sincere when I’m asking that. And it seems like a vicious cycle that just goes around like dishonesty and like the game.

Forces: You pretend to do what you want to do only for your own self-improvement and power. We have had enough of you.

RU: Thank you.

LY: Since the letter that I was directed to mail to my mother I’ve been unable to.

Forces: Then you should burn it.

LY: No, the letter I sent to her.

Forces: Then you should burn all correspondence.

LY: I should not write my mother and father at all?

Forces: At this period it would only cause disruption.

LY: Thank you. Also, L’s parents, I also find myself unable to write them any letters at all because they sound like playing the society game. Is this my own…

Forces: You are just as guilty for playing it, too.

LY: That’s what I mean.

Forces: Just because they have an upper hand over the society’s game and you don’t. Be careful. Do not use our powers to slight them.

LY: I don’t understand.

Forces: You will. You are a stupid woman, but in fact, you have much power that can be used constructively. And you are not doing for you feel you are not doing in fact, this whole group is stupid.

LY: Did you say that I’m not doing because I fear I’m not doing or because I feel I’m not doing?

Forces: As you hear both words.

JE: Is there any way that I can help my friend P?

Forces: We have no answer.

JE: Thank you.

G: In my meditations when I… when I try to send out the love to everyone else in the group, am I doing this correctly?

Forces: Keep on doing it. You will achieve a purpose and a meaning.

G: How can I make sure my motives are correct when I’m doing it?

Forces: By giving them first to God and asking God to come through you to help others.

G: Is this with the speaking, too? Because I haven’t been able to understand why lately I’ve been speaking so much. I feel kind of like I want to hold it back.

Forces: To speak the truth is not wrong. To speak for the sake of covering up your own hurt and fears is wrong.

R: How can I start to make better relationships and communications that are truthful for the members of this group?

Forces: By being honest and not playing your game. And knowing that God does exist.

R: Thank you.

J: The entity that was Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte, how did that entity gain that type of power that he was able to have…

Forces: Arrogance, fear, hostility, jealousy, hatred, and envy.

J: Was he for the white first and then…

Forces: Anyone that has these qualities are never for the white first.

J: Then he gained his power… being for the negative was how he got that power?

Forces: By selfishness, just as this group represents. Everyone should try to see what a light Isaiah did say in the third chapter. Understand it for this is your warning. Group, we’ve had more than we can take for this moment. Unless we see constructive measures of growth we will be forced to do something that we at this moment do not want to do. Meditate and pray to your God that this curse does not fall upon you. We are serious. We are leaving you for we have had enough.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…