Session 48-10/13/73

Greetings. In the course of world endeavoring, for these we find that this situation is appalling. To that of which certain factors and that is strong will be. Do not attempt to come any closer than what you are. For if you cannot hear, you are not meant to. Rely on that which is faith. If the Father knows what you need, do not think you are the only one who knows. In that of time, we find this situation disturbing. For we move as fast as we can. The sightings of our ships have been numerous in the skies. And you ask yourselves, “Why can I not see? Why can I not feel? Why can I not be part?” There are things that we give you tonight to show you that in given time you are part and parcel more than those who do see our ships. We do not have a mirage, but scientists investigating your earth. But we revealed ourselves to you long ago. Only now are those few chosen ones allowed to spot us so that they may go through and channel their knowledge of unusual things to the government, to people. We usually make ourselves available to what you call police officers. We find them interesting characters. For as we have shown you tonight, our largest ship passed over. At any given time, hour, or day, at the point of a finger it can be summoned and called. For this is that which you will see one day and hear the same one day when you are ready. But seek not that, for it is a material thing, but seek that which is within. With that of the Middle East, we have summoned you tonight to tell you the situation is a battle. As in the heavens, so in the skies. The night is ours for we claim every part of it and control it to the biggest and the immense degree. Only because of that of prayer and strength of faith can we manifest as strong as the wind, and as weak as the waters. It is only through your prayers can strength be acquired. With that in the Middle East, we have come tonight to allow you to see what is happening there. The world knows nothing, for all it knows is a jumbled mess. We have come here to tell you of this mess. There are forces moving at this moment in Jordan, forces moving into Syria straight into and capturing land areas and vital wells of mineral resources. There is a fleet heading into the area from that of the Soviets that will test the complications to come. There is that of the Sinai which has measured up to be the “blood of blood”, too. For that is a difficult task in which forty or the number multiplied by that is four hundred the number. Now it would add up to four thousand the number of resistant forces. But by the tower walls that we have established as a magnetic field, it seems as to the mortal eyes a stalemate. We are strong, but we must remain in our present lot in respect to the free will of individuals. We can act at given times, but we must not interfere in this particular instance, or else it will have a chain reaction in the particular war that we are experiencing up above. Nonetheless, we are on the move in the force and the help. Inspiration of financial aid which is so much needed in this crisis will total over one hundred and sixty-four million. Contributions, especially, two million as of tonight for certain areas in this city, that is tomorrow, what would be called of the holiday. Could be of major factors joining together to raise money for the cause. There is what would be said, the Arabic forces trying to make what would be casual remarks and significant under handing to wipe away and do away with the raising of financial aid. This shall be more in evidence in the coming weeks. We have that of the Syrian army basically destroyed in many forces. We are now working with the Jordanian army that has the majority of good well organized, but few organized. But this we will try to match the morale, for this is a mistake that Jordan did enter. But it was warned, nonetheless. Forces of confidence is good. But this particular conflict will grow into mass hysteria on many lands because of many jealousies and hatreds that have been built up through the years. There shall be a turning point Wednesday evening, Thursday morning for the Sinai area that shall prove a very interesting factor to the world. The United States as it is named here will be accused of many spying missions and outlandish remarks. This would not be well, but can be handled. At this moment, we can only say individual prayer and cooperation. There is that force which is trying to break though this stronghold to make those become lazy in their obligations and to work well with others. If this, our force, is penetrated, it means a likeable substantial loss to that over there. You do not know how much strength does come through this group because you have allowed it to manifest in the earth. But, it is up to you. If you become weak in your morale, in your strength together, then that will lose the cause of forces unusual. But it will be interesting to find out the test that is before you this time. Any questions for this evening?

J: Could you tell me anything about the burning feeling I felt last night in the service in my chest?

Forces: This here is that of the presence of the Archangel Michael. When saying the force or the words of adornation, the strength and the guide-ray of his light manifests within. Such chance can rip apart a whole city. It would be well, if you could tell the Israelis this.

J: Thank you.

Forces: They have all the mysteries and the words at their hands, but they do not have the faith to apply it.

DA: Can you help me understand the conflicts that I’ve been going through lately? And what I might be able to do about them?

Forces: Fear of self-preservation and fear of tomorrow and of growing old, but most of all, lack faith within your God and yourself. Give it up to God completely and fear nothing.

DA: Thank you.

LY: Can you tell me how I can better meet the responsibilities that would be mine?

Forces: By visualizing the house in which you are taking care of not for these people, but for God. By understanding that the Master will visit you, and your house must be ready for Him. This will be service for your own development and a blessing to that development within you.

LY: Thank you.

L: Can you tell us anything about the comet that’s coming?

Forces: Yes. It is coming.

L: In the newspapers they said that the tail would touch the earth’s atmosphere. Would this…

Forces: You did not have to have the newspaper tell you. We have already told you of this.

L: What effect will that have on the earth?

Forces: We already gave you that, too. This is the beginning and the culmination of hysteria; also, the culmination of fear magnified much. Riots at times will happen. And also it is a time for spiritual enlightenment and upliftment. In this period many will turn to God, to the heavens. It is a time in which man will now turn to his God once more.

L: Has this ever happened before? The comet approaching the earth?

Forces: It has happened during certain development and evolutionary stages in man’s history.

L: Thank you.

C: You spoke of the skies being cloudy at night, and I noticed that last night, that it was cloudy. The sky was red. Could you explain that?

Forces: We like the color red. Also it is a magnetic field in which we are forced through the atmosphere in which what would be said millions of souls are being carried away in this fourth dimensional sphere. This is also a cover-force in which our ships can penetrate close to the earth’s atmosphere without using a special apparatus for the X-ray or that of what would be called radar. This is a time when we are infiltrating into the earth at great quantities, that many people will see us once in a while compared to the amount of ships that are really coming into the earth. We cannot hide all our efforts, but we do our best.

C: Thank you.

RU: Could you give me any further understanding of the dream that I had about a week ago? And did I understand that at the time to any degree?

Forces: This deals with you personally in this particular dream. You must apply it to you alone and the qualities that you must meet yourself. Do not believe that you have met them as of yet. But apply them as though you will be meeting them in the coming weeks.

RU: Thank you.

I: This war is the beginning of the twenty-seven year war, but since this is sort of only a first incident, is there a time when this war in the Middle East ill be finished? Without the twenty-seven years?

Forces: It will subside for a while, but only grow greater and greater.

I: Is there a date when it will subside or…

Forces: It is like a pulsation. It will appear to be weak and then it will be strong. It cannot be given a day or a date for that is not up to us nor man.

I: Is it known who is going to win in this incident?

Forces: Of course. We will.

I: Thank you. Also, you said when we shall have a certain amount of financial financing, we should go out and get land. And I think maybe we have reached that amount. Should we…

Forces: It is a reaching of the amount without scraping together all the assets.

I: Oh.

Forces: It is a reaching of the amount conveniently.

I: I see. Thank you. Is it… is it going to be pretty soon when we will have to move since it seems like the Armageddon war has started?

Forces: It will be sooner than you think.

I: Thank you.

J: In the construction of the Ark, would the construction be strong enough if I proceed just using dowels and glue? As I originally started?

Forces: One minute, please. It is strange how the black forces try to work in every aspect. Very stupid; a mob. I feel quite unfair to them. It’s like telling them to shoot themselves, and they go ahead and do it. Well, do we just sit here all night?

J: In the construction of the Ark, originally I began to construct it using glue and dowels without cutting… cutting ridges in the wood.

Forces: As we have given you before, if you can apply the ridge-cut, it would be good, too.

J: Would it be all right if… if I find I’m not able to do that and do it the original way I was doing it?

Forces: At this point, my friend, anything.

J: And can you explain to me what I can do for or what the cause of the pains in my back are?

Forces: It is not my fault. It is a harsh tantrum that has been subdued for a length of time that is beginning to manifest now. We warned you of it, but now what can we do but watch the situation in which when we as individuality try to destroy that which is right. As you have said, “I cannot do anything about it. I might as well let it happen. That’s the way I am.” How foolish these words seem to be. For in reality that is not the way you are. It is the way you would like the game to be. For we play games all through our lives. Then when the time comes to remove that cloak, we still hold on to it. It is only a removing of a cloak that these games of situations comes upon you. It is also a nervous titch, or that of that pressure of nerves pinching along the spinal column, which causes certain irritations along the muscles and along that of the blood system. It also should be watched the inhaling of your smoke, but what can we do with that? On our spaceships we have a vacuum cleaner in which the exhaust is utilized. I do not think our vacuum cleaner will be suited for your lungs.

J: Thank you.

DA: Is there a particular reason why Russia and Red China are so eager to help the Arabians.

Forces: Of course. They are stupid. Their development is of brotherhood, but the brotherhood of control and defense of great land areas. Their brotherhood is that of obtaining and destroying God, spirit, religion. Anything that does that is stupid.

DA: Thank you. Also could you help me understand the dream… I had a couple of dreams where I met a lot of my old friends in them?

Forces: You met a lot of your old selves.

DA: And…

Forces: Get to love yourself.

DA: Thank you.

LY: How can we help the Old Italian woman next door?

Forces: There are two different ways you could help this woman. One day, walk with her to the bus stop and walk on the bus and tell the bus driver take her wherever she would like to go. The other way is to pray and love her and do not attract or attract situations where your belief will come upon you. Let her be in her own merry world. She is not working for the CIA.

LY: Thank you.

Forces: Any more questions that are relevant to the situation that we have come for?

LY: Is the whole thing, Nixon and the new Vice-president, and all these things all related to that war? And all have like an underlying effect?

Forces: Everything that is happening relates to that period. It is the willingness of the American people to stand up once more for what is right and not for what appears to be right or comfortable.

LY: And what happens if America doesn’t?

Forces: Then there is no America. Two more questions?

G: Is there anything… should we as a group continue with the prayers each night and special services that we’ve been having?

Forces: There is no harm in this. That is your question? One more question.

D: How can we use the Psalms the best way? Is there some way we could sing them or could music be put to them? It’s hard to say them.

Forces: Use the Psalms with every word and try to understand the words. We will again keep in touch with you, in the time to come. Keep together in prayer and meditation and keep the force strong in the light. Send thy prayers to the areas for peace, for the world needs that. If they do not get this together, we will be forced to come and help you out physically.

I: Can I ask one more question?

Forces: Speak it.

I: Isn’t the anti-Christ going to come as the peace-maker of the world, of the Western world so to speak?

Forces: It would appear that he’s already coming on the scene.

I: He is?

Forces: It would appear. The stage is being prepared for his advancement to it.

I: Right. And he is going to come in the name of peace, isn’t he?

Forces: He is going to come in the name of security and financial peace.

I: Is he going to… is he going to come from Rome?

Forces: He is going to come from an area that will be best suited for his development in this present stage.

I: So when we pray for peace for the world, at this moment… I don’t understand how it works since the anti-Christ is going also so to speak bring a certain amount of material security or…

Forces: Material security and the peace we speak about are two different things. Pray for peace for those spirits to have the strength and the faith and the fortitude to see the weakness in this type of security that is to come and to stand up against it strong.

I: Thank you.

Forces: We must leave. We will be returning to you soon, for we have a place waiting for us now, but we have been allowed to leave it for that moment of shorts of seconds. Remember your prayers and your force field together is needed. Greetings.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…