Session 50-1/11/74

Greetings to all here present now. As we speak the wind moves in. There is those who have eyes to see a bluish-violet tinge present hovering mid-way in this house. You will see the shape of a long, straight cylinder. There will be a sound shortly which has been done and created by us. At this moment in this room, there are those souls that are the higher force of direction. These forces permeate the room strongly. As one approaches their development, it must be understood that invisible presence of those that are called “Nit-a-tron”. Nitatron is a new name I give you for those invisible forces that work for us. The situation and the conditions of the world have been instigated by partly the indifference to the forces of God. The great light as we have spoken to you about has been seen or told. But there are greater things to come in the sky that will make people wonder and think. As far as individual health is concerned, there is called the “thycacos” or “thymcos” change. For this is the gravitational pull of electrons and neutrons, protons in the chemical composition of those physical bodies that are seeking God correctly. This period, past, was a difficult period for those who are sensitively attuned to be receiving gifts. Before these gifts could be given to these individuals, physical substance had to be rejected from the body and is continually being rejected at present to make room an ample space for the development of a psychic intuition of feelings to be directed by them and for them. We find the area of upstates in New York and Vermont and near these areas suitable for the beginning of migration of groups to come. But as said by this entity, that we can move nowhere until we start moving within ourselves. There seems to be what would be said a feeling of diseases on the level of those of horses. Materials and cloth would be showing signs of difficulties in producing and exporting in areas of colors and dyes, which would cause a certain amount of crisis with people. It would be wise if certain materials could be looked into. Remembering the children that are to come are directly from us. We are beginning to infiltrate to you our source. There is still a great scandal on your worldly level with those of female actresses and politicians. This is not important, but will lead directly-indirectly back to the White House as you call it such. We do not see this house to be white, but we see it to be polka dotted, spotted with dark spots. There should be a great disaster of dams and floods of what would be destruction of them. Railway and airplane forces certain disasters to be happening near the Midwest and the Mideast, upper portions near what would be called Pennsylvania and Ohio. But in these areas it is not that important. The most important things that we have to tell you tonight is that we are on a verge of great and grave concern. While things look peace and quiet for the moment, there is a monster stirring that will shock many things and people. Be careful and do not become at ease. There is a moment of silence and quietness before the great storm begins. Changing of your weather was caused by positions of the earth and stellar forces. It is a great portion for individuals to take upon themselves the law of harmony and divinity. These laws and conceptions of right-living, eating, and giving to others. The amount of information that can be given to you tonight will only depend upon your attitudes and alertness. We are ready now for your questions that we have come to answer just as seriously for this particular session.

L: Can you tell me what is the cause of physical things that have been happening to me, and is that what’s causing the mental… the mental problems I’ve been having?

Forces: If you would talk with your neighbor next to you, I think they would begin to answer that for you tonight. If you listened, you would have heard.

J: Could you tell me why am I having so much trouble with that one particular lady at work, that German lady?

Forces: It is that these qualities are within yourself. Also, these qualities are in her. Maybe you should propose to her. It would be nice. She needs a nice, strong personality like yours to play in the desert with herself. It is strange. You want perfect peace and harmony with everyone around you. You do not want to rock the boat in any area concerning your security and comfortability. You are noted for this quality, for remaining silent and not speaking your truth. You would rather have the devil love you, than for you to tell the devil to leave. So, my little boy and young man, you are crying to me that this bad, bad, woman…this boogie woman…is causing trouble for your status quo. I tell you, do not make friends easily in this particular instance. But look into why you do what you do. It is good to help. And not to help for your own image, but to help because it is truly right and good that you help for the image of what they think of you. We will fix it that it will keep you busy on your feet to understand what we are saying.

R: Is there any guidance or information that could be given for Gabriel and his new job that he’s just started?

Forces: That he should not jump into conversations with people so fast. He should have the courtesy of listening, mostly to others, and keep his ideas to himself for the moment when they are more appreciative in the future. Impulsiveness to do things, make the things that he does do impossible and impractical and that they are not done correctly. This is another test in development for him. It will be good that he finds a place to get within himself. All he does is for order in himself with his God.

R: Thank you.

N: Was what happened with my parents in the past couple of days, okay?

Forces: I think if we would invite them for tea, I would put a tarantula in their cake. It does not phase me one bit what these creampuffs are doing. All I have to do is squeeze, and I will just have a bunch. I do not want to be bothered with such a stupid question. It is not my problem if the rain falls on their heads, or if they pick their nose while they are going to the bathroom. They are under a different law, and that is where they belong, as with all parents. But those who are incentive to listen, to cooperate, to develop, to contribute, without any undertones whatsoever of proving themselves to be right, we are the ones that will go for them and take care of. For their gifts are just waiting for them to pick up. But we will not give them the gifts that are rightfully theirs, until they bow their heads to their God and note that this work is done by God himself. When you come to this concept that truly God is within you and amongst this group, only then will that be the guideline to tell you that you can listen and help them.

N: Thank you.

J: Is there any understanding that you could help me with in the conversations that I’ve had with people about the things that we’ve been shown here?

Forces: All you have to do is, ONE: enthusiasm, TWO: joy, and THREE: cooperation of communication. Patience. Do not run into Leningrad with a statue of a busted woman. Be careful not to put into your own projections things that would make your image look good. But to speak the truth, as difficult as it might be, so that these people might receive the nectar, of not what would be called nectar. For these nectars are idiots hanging on trees. Give them the light and the wisdom and the understanding what is within you, what is the fruit and the substance within.

J: Thank you.

I: What are idols? The Bible keeps constantly over and over, ‘Have no idols, have no idols before you.” Then there are many idols that… that I… that I think of like money in front of your eye, et cetera, et cetera, all these things. And then there are the idols in the churches. Are they considered idols, too? Statues and things like that? Because it says specifically in the Bible do not make stone statues and things like that and how does it fit in with…

Forces: Idols are personalities that make one person so strong and incapable of moving that they become stone as statues. Look within yourselves to see your own idol that you have created your own image of what you think you are. These idols outside us are wrong if we look into them for God. If this is done, all idols would be destroyed. But I speak of the greater idol within you. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you exist, the way you think. All these are idols that must be put down. This is the one that this book refers to.

I: Thank you very much.

DA: Can you help me understand more about what’s going on at my office now?

Forces: It is almost like the one we spoke to before. It is going to get in areas that you go there with the image of a life that would be secure and comfortable. I will not go into the point of what is going on in your office. For you know what you do. I tell you to bring God into your office. And not to bring your desires.

D: Could you help me with how I could present myself better at work in telling other people what… like I know again what I… certain times I can and it just comes out what they, but that…

Forces: All you have you do is to forget what they think of you while you are talking.

D: Thank you.

R: Was the conversation that I had with the entity Steve Levi at work Wednesday properly stated to him?

Forces: Properly stated? My dear. Properly stated is like a mansion on a hill. Is it properly situated? If you spoke from your heart and you loved him as you spoke, then there is no wrong. But if your desires of what he thinks of what I said comes to your mind, then my dear, it will not bear fruit.

R: Thank you.

L: Can you tell me why S can’t sit still?

Forces: Same reason why you can’t.

L: Also, is there a special kind of prayer that you could give him to say at night before he goes to bed?

Forces: It would be good for him to say this:


Any other words or prayers would be good. Constant repetition of these words will help the centers of the leiden and the thymus.

L: Thank you.

J: Could you give us any understanding about the new form that we use in meditation now?

Forces: It is the contribution of evolution from the beginning of time to the present scientific, modern Essenes. It is the beginning of the art or the old. For you are all the Essenes of old. For each one played a different role. This is the new one. If you ever wanted to name this group, you would say, “The old way comes again to be called the new one”. For the ones that would be said, the ‘followers of the word’ or the ‘listeners to the force’ or the ‘initiates of the fifth’ or the ‘don munus sectus’. We can continue with this until the sun rises in the morning. Or you can call yourselves, a joke. It is not what you call yourselves that is our importance. For many people call themselves many things and do nothing. Do not seek for what you can call yourselves. For what is this thing? This ceremony? It is a tuning in to each center of divinity within self, which is the most beautiful thing for your newly development in this year. A ritual that brings joy and humor to the heart as well as spiritual insight with your dreams. As you will see it.

J: Thank you.

I: The child, that six year-old child that we saw today on television, Michael Lord, Jr., is there anything special about that child or is it just a thing they talked? Just like…

Forces: Michael Lord, Jr. man. I would say it is a force greater than all other forces in the earth. A force that leads and destroys, a force that is selfish. A force that has turned the Word into control and money.

I: Thank you. Am I moving correctly with the Bible, in the Bible?

Forces: You are moving faster than ever before. But you shall replace and retrace your steps with each book as you do them.

I: First I’ll finish the whole thing, and then I’ll start over again. Is that… or shall I do it now? And retrace?

Forces: If you would like to take the Bible up at this very moment and read while we talk, we have no objections.

I: No, No.

Forces: Then be patient. Carry as you’re going. What you are doing will be done and worked out within you.

I: Are the hours still correct or… well, I don’t… I… I’m completely mixed up about hours, days, nights. I don’t know any more.

Forces: That is not true. It is preferable to do spiritual work in the silence of the night.

I: Thank you. Daniel, in the Book of Daniel, three times he’s told that he’s the beloved of God. Three times. None of the other prophets are told that. Not even Ezekiel.

Forces: It is the evolution of the prophetic state in which it was the thymus center that Daniel represents, too. Divine love and mastery of all those around you when this is a product within one’s life.

I: Was he a married man?

Forces: Married? Yes.

I: He seemed to be a very successful person on the worldly.

Forces: Successful, for he put God first and man second.

I: But it’s correct that he… he changed the lives of three kings?

Forces: He changed the lives of many people. He brought their awareness, their true awareness to themselves.

I: Is he one of you? Was he one of your people?

Forces: It would be interesting to know that maybe Daniel resides in this very group.

I: How about the other prophets? Ezekiel? Are they come back, too? Nehimiah?

Forces: They will be here in force.

I: Is Daniel a reincarnated entity in this room, or is he in this room at this moment?

Forces: We leave it at that.

I: Thank you.

Forces: If we told you the answer the one who should be working on a spiritual level is not worthy for this answer at that moment.

I: Thank you. What happened at the A.R.E. last week, and what is happening now since Joe Meade is no longer there, what… what… should we continue to do… and what type…

Forces: To continue to go, to listen, and to be receptive to opportunity to serve.

I: Is JM… was he kicked out? Or was he… is he going to come back? Or…

Forces: He would think that he was not, that he chose to leave because of practice. But in other opportunities it would say that the other half would say… would say, would say, would say “Of course.”

I: Is the other party Jack Rice?

Forces: A corporation.

I: Will he come back or is it permanent this time?

Forces: He has already in his mind to return.

I: So he will?

Forces: This is irrelevant.

I: Should we go there in the mornings for the Bible class?

Forces: It would be a great function if this could be accomplished.

I: Thank you.

Forces: But nonetheless, it would be a greater function if the Bible course within the group were held on Thursday evenings.

D: Could you… could you help me understand the law of… with the harmony of three-six-nine? And then is it coming up to…

Forces: Three-six-nine is in this fundamental mathematical explanation the creation of divinity of forces of energy that is the underment or that of the cause of anything that is to be made must be projected by this force. It is by this force that certain spaceships travel throughout the galaxies or the cosmos. It is the force of the structure of the human being and all human spirits, energy, and forces. It is the construction of great temples and pyramids of light. It is the force of a zenith approach. It is a new mathematical understanding of the secrets of these numbers. Would be enough at this moment what we give you. Three-six-nine is found under water. Three-six-nine is found in the right eye. Three-six-nine is found on the fourth finger. Three-six-nine is found on the left side of the liver. Three-six-nine is found on the fingernail of the toe and finger of the right hand, preferably the first finger there and the first finger of the left hand which would be half-way up the joint and the toe. It would be found on all silver hair halfway in the skull. It would be found… three-three-three-nine… three-three-six-nine. Do not…

D: Could you…

Forces: Question.

J: Is there any… any guidance or advice in terms of my relations with my parents at this time?

Forces: Listen and give to them anew.

J: And is there any comments you could give me on the discussion I had with them when… when I visited them right after their visit to our house?

Forces: There is nothing more I need to say.

I: Should I do other things than what I am doing?

Forces: The thing you are doing will be done as was been done by us before through you.

I: What is the fear of the Lord? Is it actually being afraid?

Forces: Fear of the Lord is respect of his laws.

I: Also, in Ezekiel when they talk about the new temple that’s going to be built, is it the temple, this third temple that’s going to happen, is it the prophecy for the future?

Forces: It is also that. And also the body, a new consciousness, a new center coming within the force of psychic development.

I: So… so this thing on the physical level is going to actually be in… like in all the Jewish tradition… I mean the Levites, the Cohenim are waiting… you know from generation to generation. They have rules and regulations. Are they going to really come and take over?

Forces: A new spirit will.

I: And it’s the new spirit that’s going to actually say who is a Levi?

Forces: Correct. At this time we warn you (?). Preferably now in the force of the week to come, starting on Monday, no meats of any kinds is to be taken for a period of seven days. Fasting lightly on that of the end of the seventh day would be well. Interesting forces around the world is come into play. Do not become relaxed. Prepare yourselves. Do not become comfortable. When the time comes to move, you must be ready. Prepare yourselves. Trouble is ahead for all those who become lax in their ideas. Be kind to all those that you meet and give joy to their lives to help and to understand them. This entity that we speak through was around in spirit forces the time that the Cayce readings were given. It was this entity that had direct approach, in effect, effecting the readings in what they are now being said. It is of many other things that this entity did speak with. And three of you were involved very closely in the direct concern of development and preparation for future undertakings to begin soon in which three of you chose this particular lifetime to come in especially for this purpose. We are finished now. On the twenty-eighth of January we will speak to you once more. Meditate, pray, and be of cheer. For you are all protected underneath the law. Do not misuse it.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…