Session 51-1/28/74

We have called this meeting tonight that all of those who will gather here will hear what we have to say. In the course of our tedious work we have found, as before, certain elements missing in your progressions. Why have you become stiff in carrying out what we give you. Why have you become ornery with what we have told to you? What have you done to help one another? What have you done for the sake of your cause? Do you think we are here to waste your time and ours? Many, many efforts, progressions, powers, forces, movements have been calculated for this group only to be torn down and re-calculated for your retardation and stagnation…for your selfishness and lack of movement. This is no time period for relaxation in any endeavor. The threat of movement has come upon you and the time for sleeping has passed. We are finished with pampering you as a group. We have removed ourselves exclusively from you, cut our communications, taken the forces of knowledge away to remain quiet, all because you have taken us for granted. We are not to be taken for granted. For the mighty powers are ever moving in all those who dare to come in opposition with the, highest force that is moving us all; to do the cause is taking upon itself the most serious escapade. Children, do not tempt the Lord thy God. Do not tempt him. Do not dare to tell him what he has to do and how he is to do it. We have had enough of your limited spectrum and forethought of our workings. Listen to what we have told you and work upon it and build the fortress of God from it. What have you done with what we have given you? Have you gone and buried it? And now I come back and ask you all privately, what have you done with what has been given you? What have you developed from the gifts we gave you? Were you insecure on an act of faith in what we represent and have gone and buried what we have given you? If this is your case tonight, then how can we use you anymore? Do you see more tangible security on material things around you? That can easily be deemed taken away from your existence. Do you think your health is so strong? That, too, cannot be taken away? Do you think your foundation that you exist in is strong? That, too, we have the power to shake. We can take away everything we have given you and give you exactly where you have been in the dirt and clay of ugliness. It is up to you again to decide whether to get your petty jealousies involved in God’s work. If this is your case, stay back. Do not enter into the tabernacle of God. Do not even speak of God, for your haven’t even moved from your selfish realm of castles in the sky. We’ve had more than our share in putting up with this obstense group. And that is when you do see only with your mortal eyes the things that are happening around you and fail to perceive on the higher level the things that are manifesting within you and about you. Wake up. Understand, not only on the material level. Wake up and see that there is a spirit that has been directing and guiding you evermore so closely. Do not look anymore as X or Y or Z or become jealous to the point of one who is advancing that you wish you could, too. If one becomes jealous of the other, when advancing of things to come, then it is not a group of spiritual development, but a social function and corporation of material abilities. There are those who have been very much gravely guilty of these aspects. I tell you, change it fast. Or else we will have to be forced to do many unpleasant things with your own security that you think you have; to prove, not to you, not to anyone else, but to prove that God will not be mocked nor sit still while you little ones think you can bark up the wrong tree. We will go on now with our discussions of the place that we come from. This is a gift we give you, as all these sessions are gifts. Where are we from, as was said before, is of the spheres. And our sun is God. And he radiates throughout the whole cosmos. In our existence, there are those that are what would be said the sun of light and the sun that is not of light, but of reflection. The sun of reflection deals with your world. The sun of light is the spiritual energy that comes from the heart of God. As you have your trees, and your rivers, and plants, oceans, and lands, so is also where we come from. As was said before, there are many changing of lights and colors. Purple, orange, red, blue, green. All these are constant changing of colors and tints. But it is always what would be called light, and is of the true nature of spirit. If you would understand this, also if you would come to contact in your natural world, but the energy that is flowing through the forest and trees can be sucked into your own energy field by placing your bare feet upon the trunk of the tree and lying to the south. All these are words, I know. But they mean much for our own understanding of where we come from and where you come from. But of natural spirit you are, for you all have a place in the world that we speak of. But now you are in a world of darkness and reflections. And things here are not truly alive, but only mere reflections of life. Where we come, there is life abundance. But you must prepare for this place here. You must become worthy of the things seen where we come from. For if you cannot see things spiritual here, there is no need to come where we are. For you will not see anything there. For there will be a great spasm between you and it. For there will be a gulf of vision, distortions, perceptions in your own mind that will make you incapable of seeing things around you. Be most interested into seeing the strange things that will be happening this week to come. It would also be advised that when the Ark is finished, that also a Torah that has been planned for be placed within it, as originally planned for it. Today is the day according to the church, that as you have it, as that of which is named the Roman Catholic Church, they have set aside to worship whom they call Thomas Aquinas. For this is the reason why we have chosen this day to speak to you. For it is a day that is remembrance of this particular entity also that we speak through. All those in relationships that have been with him in that particular era is the one who is named G. He was that entity that was called Jahosunus, or Jassus, closely related to Thomas in recording and keeping the pages in tact and bind. Also the one who is named DA was a scribe of writing certain figures and measurements down on the mystical level, which can still be found if properly attuning himself, too. For he had buried them in what would be called Italy today. These two entities should become to know one another closely, for they developed greatly in this particular era and had advanced remarkably well. Now comes a time when they must once again join for the cause of scribes and writing in which they can reveal once more the things they had long-since done. This dependence upon this force would be greater than realizing the force within anyone here today. But until this time comes when they join together, in working with one another… for they had personal differences that prevents them in this existence to work together. Also the one who is named G and the one who is named I today was that at the foot of the cross at the time of the crucifixion of the Master. For there they were, side ones alone. And blood spat upon both of them when the spear went into the side, leaving a tremendous mark and impression upon both these entities, at the sight of blood in any form, which causes them to become strong and take command of the situation regardless of the outcome. That is why there is a close-knit relationship as far as health is concerned between these both. For they both remember this moment of death, that appeared to be death and the destruction of cells causing a fear in both of them that would be the renewal of the cells within them that is being charged once more in this particular lifetime. The one who is named N and (I) was with that which was called Magdalene or Magdalena in that area of Magdalene… Mary of Magdalene… city of Magdalene in which was those first ones to see the resurrected Master in those days causing an impression upon themselves in their-own soul development when they do see the sunrise come up… the renewal of that moment and that day when they saw the Master resurrected. That is why the best hours for these entities would be in the evening at night, for it renews them that moment from birth and death and life is eternal, knowing it in themselves. We would reveal much more to this group, if you are only be ready to hear us. You have all been into worldly patterns and meshes in the development of spiritual life. Do not fall into the material substance. For how can we yet help pull you up out when you have been so many years preparing for this day? Look unto it as that. That many lifetimes you have prepared for this moment. You haven’t come here by accident, nor have you been chosen by accident together. You have prepared for this moment for many, many lifetimes. Do not misapply it. The time and the moment and the hour is coming soon that you have spent many centuries preparing. If you fail, you will spend another many millenniums to prepare it once more, it is up to you to decide whether you do it right this time, or you try it all over again next time. We are ready now for your questions.

DA: Was that correct about the dream I had with the alphabet letter and the code, the blue?

Forces: The alphabet and the letters and the code should be undertaken which would be called the fourth center within your body. The alphabet is the leading of that which is called the psychomat or that of the nervous system. In other words, to put it on a simpler term, you must learn how to be A) Comfortable with your self; B) Patient with yourself; C) Understanding the things around you; and so on. You must go one step at a time. Not to jump up in the morning hours and rush through the house like a shot, as what was said by the one entity called J today, as a cannon. You have this misfortune of jumping forth and running forth. Apply this particular dream as communication to you that you must go through the alphabet or the ABC’s of Patience. In order to get to Z, you must go through the other centers and other development sides of development of these characteristic letters. The blue represents that of tranquility that would be only yours when patience is applied and faith is undertaken to the courses in which you must follow. Do not rush and jump the gap, for you will only destroy your own advancements by being impatient to show off what you have already advanced or have not advanced to.

DA: Thank you.

N: Why have I been remembering so little from my dreams lately?

Forces: This is not a particular problem. It is only the transferring of certain dreams and the development of other dreams to come into your life. If desired, you can remember and reiterate the dreams that will come forth to you. Wanting and the desire to hear and listen to the dreams is another possibility and acceptable quality that must be had developed in you. By reminding your subconscious that you will remember the dreams that are to come.

N: Thank you.

JE: I was reading last night in The Aquarian Gospel and it said that the Silent Brotherhood marched up to Jesus… in the tomb. And when they marched up, the tomb started to glow. Could you explain that? And what the Silent Brotherhood was? And what they were doing?

Forces: My dear friend, you want to know so much, and yet as this entity has spoken to you before he went into trance, you apply so little. You ask the biggest questions, the secrets of many, many millenniums, secrets of the universe. And yet you do not even take upon your own self the development of your own ABC’s. If we have given you the answer to this particular thing, it will reveal much to you for the de-gradizement or the misuse. In your position at this moment it would be to the misuse. But it is what you would call that these centers or these forces around man are ever present. And when tapped upon will illuminate the man himself. In meditation when entered into with a sincere heart, the forces of the Brotherhood comes closer and closer into the point where they would manifest and march before your very eyes and show themselves in a plateau what hovers above you In this sense, you will be able to commune with them and they with you as they are being in communion with you always. But you not being conscious of it makes it more of not understanding that there are no one around you. But once this contact is made, it illuminates and resurrects your own earthly body into a higher vibratorial essence of ethers that will bring the body from the grave of darkness into the light. This can be tapped upon when one is sincerely entering into meditation and concentrating on the light that is around him. If done for approximately two minutes to understand the light one can tap into the Brotherhood of Mankind. And at that point, when this is done, one who will speak through you as it speaks through us, that this light does speak for all those who do want to listen.

JE: Thank you.

L: Is there a relationship between the twelve sons of Jacob and the twelve disciples?

Forces: Yes, there is a relationship.

L: Can you say what that relationship is?

Forces: It is a close-knit relationship and pattern of development through the eons of time. Each one representing the physical body, the mental body, and the spiritual body. Each one representing a certain segment upon the earth, and each one representing a center within the body. Each one representing the development outside the sphere of galaxies. Each one representing a galaxy. Each one representing a part of the Elohim or the divine name of God.

L: Thank you.

LY: Could you suggest any ways or exercises or disciplines to better prepare us for the physical childbirth that’s to come?

Forces: Breathing exercises in the fifth month should be undertaken. Fifth or sixth month practices of muscular movement: bending, reaching, stooping. All these are exercises: touching of toes, moving of the muscles in and out of the thighs, the V-shape form, the spreading of the thighs back and forth as to get the muscles in order. Breathing exercises in order: one, two, three, and four. This breathing exercises alone with that of muscular contractions, as far as slightly muscular contractions to get you to get used to that moment of natural birth, in which that of which will be called painless form will produce itself. Certain amount of foods as vegetables and lots of what would be called the water system could be taken into the accountable understanding of what would be known as the geological exersforcitation and biological spheres both of the parent and child relationship.

LY: Thank you. Is there any substance that you could recommend for us to begin to take in to eat or drink that would make sure we have really healthy milk?

Forces: The milk of love. Loving one another is more than enough to make sure that your milk is substantial for that of the new child to come. It is your projections of thoughts of harmony between one and another. That is why this group that has gathered together. At this moment it’s a sacred moment of the group and the meaning of the group coming together. That when there is harmony and peace, that there is only harmony and peace for this great soul that is coming into this group. The group should be only rejoicing with one another that they are being blessed and made worthy to have these souls come into the earth at this particular time. But it is up for them to see. But some of them will not see. For they do not have the eyes nor the ears, nor do they want to have them. For they are only concerned with their own involvement in this earth. How stupid it is. For they should start moving and seeing what a chosen opportunity this is this moment to make and prepare for these souls to come into the earth. If your milk is to be of proportionate ideas, then frustrations and negativity should be removed to be replaced with the love. I would advise you to lead the Chronicles, Thirteenth, what would be called Corinthians, Thirteenth Chapter. Thirteenth Chapter would be interesting for you to read.

LY: Thank you very much.

J: Could you give us any further information about the life of the Essenes?

Forces: Everyone here in this individual group had at one time or another lived an existence in this particular development. It was a spiritual development in which people gathered together to prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for the advocate and the undertaking of bringing the Messiah into the earth as this group has gathered once more to do. It is the coordinating of earthly functions, living together, breathing together, working together, having your different segments of the days, different angels of the nights, and the mornings, and the meditations of those hours and days to bring these influences into the life and forces of all those around you. It was a developing group from Elias in which was handed down by Meichizedek. All these forces are still being handed down if the group is readily to receive them. It will be up to the group to decide whether to once more enter upon the road that they have left behind them. Once more again to develop one with another.

J: Thank you.

I: What is the meaning of my dreams lately?

Forces: The meaning of the dreams would be the cutting, of what would be said, the cutting of many substances of reality and what would be called super reality, coming down from the super-planes or the planes in which we reside into that of the earth planes, using you as a focal point of bringing them into manifestation.

I: So they’re not for me?

Forces: They are only a force in which works through you so that we might manifest certain qualities in the earth.

I: Is that why I cannot remember them completely?

Forces: There would be no need at this particular time to remember them completely. But you do understand and work upon them subconsciously.

I: Thank you.

G: A long time ago I had a dream which I remember only one part that said in the Book of Elias there is no forgiveness. Could you explain that?

Forces: This represents that when you know the law, and you do not abide by the law, you own conscience cannot forgive your discretion from the law. But you must go back to the law and walk a straight line with it.

G: Thank you.

D: Could you… could you explain to me the… how the three signs Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio operate? I’ve read that they were… once upon a time they were three signs combined into one.

Forces: This represents the planetarial spheres in the earth when there was that other planet in the heavens which was colliding, which did separate into the asteroid belt. This represented what would be called the combination of Virgo and Libra being the scale, or the balancing of Scorpio. For it was the scales of Libra that connected Virgo and what would be, called Scorpio. They are the male, which is Scorpio, and the female, which is Virgo, and the scale representing the balancing of them to be one planet, one force. This was the force-field in which man did not have to be divided, but he was woman and man together. This was a time in which the entities did rain into the earth, did rain into the universe in which they were one substance, one being, and did not have to separated into the manifestation into the spiritual, physical, and mental planes. When they had to be separated, then the moons and satellites came into play, separating from that which would be called the earth negative or positive, which would be called negative, being that which would be called the planet…the moon…and positive which would be called the planet of the earth, reclusing that which would be called female and male aspergies, or what would be called paragies, apergies. And in this reliance, all this had to be undertaken, which would be the Zodiac signs. For from the seven Zodiac signs, which was only founded up to Jupiter, that also verses into that of the Zodiac signs of Virgo and Scorpio, which also had to be balanced out equally as well. For the woman’s sign had to be in Virgo and the male’s sign had to be in Scorpio. When these signs were created, the scalement of them or the balancing of them became a manifestation as man and woman together in the earth plane, residing these scales or these signs no longer to be one, but now separate.

D: Does it have anything to do with the three mother letters?

Forces: This is what would be called alphabet or the Elohim, which is the hovering over the scales of the Libra. But this is the force-field in which these three letters representing the alpha, the omega, and what would be called the middle stage of voidness.

Forces: Thank you.

DA: Could you explain to me the dream that TE asked me to see if I could find out what it meant? The one where she wakes up frightened?

Forces: It represents the quality of analyzing her own selfishness and coming into grip with her own reliance of what she is, a woman.

DA: And the feeling of being somewhere else?

Forces: The understanding of many minds and many forces within her.

DA: Thank you very much.

N: Is Ecclesiastes the best place in the Bible to get an understanding of numerology or, is there no particular place in the Bible that’s any better than any other? It’d just be… just all through the… the Bible?

Forces: If you would like to find the best numerology, you would look under the Book of Numbers. There is the system perfect.

N: Thank you. Also, I remember some months ago, it was the eighteenth in particular, that it was said that… that is was Satan’s Day or Black Forces’ Day. You said something about it being three sixes or… would you explain that?

Forces: Six, six, six equals the eighteenth day of that particular time. It represented when the planetarial forces came together in an alignment with what would be called Mars, Saturn, and what would be known as Pluto. This was the alignment of the six, six, six, which comes at any time when the Armageddon or war which will begin. It was a preparation for the war of Armageddon. On that day was a day, if, looking back unto, all things had manifested on the lowest scale, which was now beginning to develop on the highest scale.

L: Could you say tell what the words, “It is finished” by Jesus on the cross referred to since earlier he had spoken about his second coming?

Forces: What this entity meant when he said, “it is done, it is finished” means the measurement and the fulfillment ff the law for this particular time. Accomplishing it. The mission of every soul when entering into the earth, when accomplished immediately leaves the earth.

L: Thank you.

LY: Could you help me to understand some of the dreams I’ve been having lately?

Forces: Desires. Imaginations. And lack of constructive work, putting yourself one hundred percent in it, leaving yourself open to the forces that would not be beneficial for you at this moment.

LY: Thank you.

Forces: We would advise that prayer, a particular prayer, which would be Psalm Forty-five. Which should be read and re-read about every four hours, or every hour, every moment you have a chance to. To understand that the Lord thy God is within you.

LY: Thank you.

J: Could you help me to understand more the two dreams I had the other night, the one where I had a sort of feeling of being left out, and another one that involved my brother and my family?

Forces: Being left out means not understanding your true motivation of things. Your father, and your mother, and your brother represents the true qualities within you that you’re not truly taking with inside yourself to culminate.

J: Thank you. In my conversation with my parents the other day, did I speak correctly?

Forces: We are not babysitters.

J: Thank you.

I: Who were those others who cast out devils in the name of the Master? And how did they come about to use his name?

Forces: They cast out by the word of God. They did not really use the name in which the Master used, but used it in their own development. For remember, the temple of Egypt was those initiates who did go there and develop. And as they have succeeded and prepared themselves, they entered outward. But remember, to cast out devils was not the highest form of development in the spiritual cycle. It was one of the lowest forms of development. And Jesus knowing this knew where they were at and said that let them to be, for, “they do the work of God. If they be so, let it be.”

I: But yet Jesus himself cast out devils, too.

Forces: This was only one of many things that he did do. It was the lowest things that he did do. It wasn’t the greatest thing. The greatest thing he did that no one else could have done was to resurrect his body, rejuvenate and re-atomize his cellular structure into one spiritual ether, manifesting physically into the spiritual world.

I: Thank you. The interest that they have now with casting out of devils, is it real or, or is it… do they know what they’re doing?

Forces: They are opening up the chasm in which that of Lucifer to come into the earth.

I: The ones that are casting out?

Forces: The bringing to the attention of exorcism means the opening up the channel of Satanical rituals. You will see a more thriving ritual or more thriving organizational power come to light through this film. For this film is what would be called third step in Armageddon.

I: Thank you. Was Hosea actually told to marry an unfaithful wife, and did she continue after the marriage to be so?

Forces: It was part of his particular karmetic deed in which Hosea had in other lifetimes been weakened and led this particular entity astray, meeting with this particular entity at that time, guiding, correcting, and develop that time, energies, forces around him to again take upon himself this force or this work to lead this particular entity right. No, it is not disgruntled or disbelieved. But this entity that he did marry did become straightened by the children she bared to be sons of Israel.

I: But yet he was told to marry a second wife. And yet he actually had two wives. Is that correct?

Forces: This was a manifestation of the law of the past bringing together into the law of the present. Understanding that all things are one. If when one takes upon himself to correct things of the past, he can easily take upon himself the things of the future.

I: Thank you. Is there or were there such a thing as genies in bottles or out of them?

Forces: There are still genies in bottles. What do you think I am?

I: Thank you.

Forces: All you have to do is rub the right place. Our ship mechanisms operate on such a system. Genies in bottles represents those what would be called the genetical side or the “gene-y side’ which was their original names when they came to the earth. All those who did see them in India thought they were genies in bottles. In fact, the came from a ship or space-craft that was made out of pure cylindrical glass substance. Raising from them the power and vapors which produced them and projected them from the space-craft. Very important information I give you. People at that particular time asked, “Who art thou?” And they said, “We are Genies,” which was the name that they were originally specified or their species were named “genie afeytos”, or “the one named genie”, or “the genes of the one”, or “the cells of one”, or “the cells of the Elo”, “or the cells of one”.

I: I don’t… when… when you are saying “he”, you’re talking about your… your own… you. Right?

Forces: Creation of many parts and faculties of us.

I: Is it correct that your ships are actually entities, not things as we know things?

Forces: They are living, being, breathing substances of other spheres and entities that are coming into these ethers. That gives them the possibility and probability of breathing and existing into that of the forces around them. Our ship is not metallic, as you would have to believe it is. For they become impregnable and invisible, able of and mightiful to move through solid crusts earth and through that into the core of the earth and out into any substance that your earth can contain.

I: You mean to say that we could only see metallic substances. Is that right?

Forces: What would appear to be.

I: Thank you.

G: The part that I read from the Bible tonight in Numbers, why did they all offer the same gift in the dedication of the altar and then… and the order in which the tribes went to offer the gift. Was that… does that relate to the tribes and the meanings that we’re studying now?

Forces: It also represents the centers that must be developed first. The sacrificing and the tribes’ spiritualization of these changing centers that must be developed first. If reviewing this one more time as a key system, you will review not only of the centers in your body, but also the earthly centers of nations that must be spiritualized, and also that which is to come.

G: Thank you.

R: Could you… could you tell me anything more about the Psalms? If through Psalms there is something deeper like a healing power when they were written?

Forces: The Psalms are mystical, magical laws and regulations of every spiritual miracle. It is the corner-stone of every miracle that can and will happen. Every seven Psalms is a mystical, spiritual miracle. Every seven Psalms represents a physical, elemental, natural law. If going through the Psalms, you take every seven Psalms, from that point on, you will have one law in workingship and order.

R: Could I… could I just ask in the Twenty-third Psalm, what the rod and the staff means?

Forces: The rod and the staff is life and energy in the kundalini, spiritual substance. Also it means the measurement in which you must use your own development of consciousness and understanding of what you say and how you say it. Man must be constantly measured every evening.

R: Thank you.

D: Could you tell me if the three tribes of Zebulun, Issachar, and Dan go along with Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio? In that order?

Forces: Repeat.

D: Zebulun, Issachar, and Dan being Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio.

Forces: This would be a force that would be represented as suitable for this moment. Yes. It also represents Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Or Venus, Mars, and Saturn. Moreso, Venus, Mars, and Saturn. Also represents that of the lungs..the breasts, the lungs, and the gonad system. Look into that deeper and you will see a meaning.

D: Is that the breast being the Virgo?

Forces: Correct.

D: And then Libra the lungs?

Forces: Correct.

D: Is the… the three-six-nine connected in the… in the Libra? The tribe of Issachar?

Forces: The breasts, the shoulders, and the gonad system. Or the breasts, the will, and the gonad system. Or the thymus, the thyroid, and the gonads. Three-six-nine is that of the highest force. It is not to be involved in this development at that moment. You will find three-six-nine in what, would be called Joseph and Benjamin and Judah.

D: Thank you.

DA: Is the information, in particular the chart in the green book on color accurate?

Forces: It would divide the colors into-three spectrums instead of what would be called spectrums given at that moment. That would be called the light color red, which would be pink-red. And the dark one which would be more like red-orange. All colors are of three. Even in the zodiac there are three forces. The middle force is the strongest of all of them. It is a combination of the forces most combinate, which would be called unison or most in harmony of that element.

DA: Thank you.

L: Could you tell me what’s the nature of true astrology and how we should go about studying it?

Forces: True astrology is when we look outward from our eyes and see that everything around us is made from God. To go about it with love in our hearts to meet those that we have in contact with. More and so with those that we can touch, to have patience and love with them. Rather than to look up above the stars where we cannot reach, we should look upon the stars that we can reach. That is true astrology.

L: Thank you.

J: In the conclusion in the last session, it was said that we are protected underneath the law. Could you explain what that means?

Forces: It means you are protected. But it also means that those who would like to walk out from it can do so. And suffer whatever they want to or gain whatever they want to. They have their freewill. They must decide what would be beneficial for them.

J: Also is there any… are Gypsies descended from a lost tribe of Israel?

Forces: The gypsies as has been known were the priestess and the priest of Egypt.

J: Thank you.

I: The very traditional, religious Jew, the way they keep even to the letter of the law about idols and pictures… are they considered as followers of God since they don’t understand but the written word in the Bible or even that?

Forces: They are only called and considered the preserver of the written word. But they have a judgment in which they judge other men. But God does not dare even to judge other men by the standards that they judge.

I: Now this time, the second coming, will all nations accept… all religions, the Jews, Christians… all these religions, will they accept, or will they have…

Forces: There will be an overflowing and abundance of manifestation of the truth about religion. It is only the beginning of the culmination of bringing religions together.

[End of Part II]

I: Is it not that the anti-Christ will also sort of try to show the world that he’s religious and try to bring all religions together?

Forces: He will try to bring people’s opinions together by force.

I: Are there still alive in the physical bodies of the missing American soldiers in Viet Nam?

Forces: There are those that are still alive. No more than that of twenty.

I: Thank you. Am I correct in understanding about first there was the Word and then that they formed the Word? Now there is the spirit of the Word, and there will come the fulfilling of the spirit of the Word?

Forces: In that sense it should seem to be relatively easy.

I: In the Bible, what is meant by the firmament that was called heaven? And what is the water above the firmament that was the same water as below? And where is the end of heaven as it said in Isaiah, Thirteen?

Forces: This represents all things that are on the earth is above the earth. For as we have said in the beginning, what is here as water is also the spiritual water that is above. These are the qualities that represents the spiritual essence and the natural essence.

I: Oh, as what you were telling us what… where you coming from… your waters as opposed to our waters?

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you. What were the four rivers in Chapter Two of Genesis?

Forces: These four rivers represents the four rivers of Euphrates coming from and entering into the four centers or four parts of the world. This represents the pillars of the four centers within the lower body that must be spiritualized so the rivers will flow on upward.

I: But there isn’t… to prolong such… there were such countries… were there? And are there today? Or where are they today? Or…

Forces: These are the four great rivers that are magnified and are representing throughout that of the countries, which could be called the Nile.

I: Is Havilah the Nile?

Forces: No. The Amazon, the Yellow River, and the Mississippi. Look into these and you will see a system and pattern for each country and area.

I: Thank you. Why was it needed for God to make again all the animals for Adam to name them so he can find himself a helper, when all the animals were already created?

Forces: Creation of a pure race without distortion of that of the Baali forces.

I: So even the animals that were created in the second… second day, I believe… or third day…

_Forces_:… Was distorted by the elementals around them.

I: Oh. Then the woman that was finally con… was the woman considered from the beginning or was it something else that was considered in the beginning?

Forces: The woman was sacred from the beginning. By her conception, does she bear fruit and fulfill her purpose.

I: Thank you.

G: Have I understood correctly the candle burning that happened Friday?

Forces: That is a sign for your to understand who we are and what we are. Do you think we have given you information tonight because we like to talk?

G: No, sir.

Forces: Or because you have developed to earn it?

G: No, sir. Thank you.

DA: What did it mean when it was said that when the animals were created that their names indicated their sexual condition that they were in?

Forces: By every name that the animal kingdom has, breaking it down, you will see the centers in man that it represents. The gonad system is a very easy system to conquer. All you have to do is ask God constantly to help you and develop you through his light. The gonad center is a relatively easy center, for it is nothing but imaginations, and imaginations that is hot air. Knowing and seeing and putting into proper perspective, you will become free of your self and be able to breathe as a human soul in the earth. We here are taking a special interest in your courses of study in the Bible and we are pleased that you have gathered together and listened to our word on Tuesday. It is very interesting moment. It would be a moment of recognition and development. We ask you to continue this to understand that through these forces it will be possible to understand the centers and the geological and the physiological patterns in the earth. At this moment we only ask that your prayers will be opened up for the Middle East for those areas. For this is a crucial moment in which certain things can come forth. The Far East also needs prayers. These are the two crises, or the Christ’s areas. Look upon to see many accidents on the waters, for this will be a meaning to many things to come. Our next meeting with you will be on the fifteenth of February. Do research, for only through this will we be able to answer your many questions. Part of it was an exceptionally good force coming through. It only shows you that as you prepare, we can help. As you sit back, we sit back. As you take one step, we help you and move you five steps forward. Stand up and move on, for this is the only course that is open to you. We will begin to speak to you more frequently as you take more interest into what we say. Greetings to you all.

Group: Our Father, which art in heaven…