Session 52-4/3/74

Greetings to all here present now. We have come through regardless of the upsetment that this entity entered into previously. It is foolish to try to run away from what we want. The clouds that you see are those Forces that have been hovering around you the past week. It is a large gathering of many galax forces in this area caused by the great awareness and such patience of this group so that we can formally enter them, causing electrical discharges in the atmosphere. We have asked you all here today to explain what had taken place. It was what would be called the foundation and creation of our plans in the area that you’ve spent. It is the foundation and creation of a new system of life and strength. You have succeeded greatly and from where you are standing many thanks of great abundance will flow. We ask also that the powers that have been uplifting and remarkably absorbed by you is increasingly absorbed for health purposes, causing a most relaxful disposition. We ask that all of those who have come this far will be pleased that their own strength and development depends on a whole what their hearts and minds pictures. We ask one more time that this group once agains revisits the area that they have left so that we can continue our operations in their meditations and prayer services. We here have called you the traveling ambassadors in which as you move you bring our message to those that you meet. We are pleased in one respect, that you all survived it, not killing one another over petty squabbles. And amazingly how you have all succeeded in accomplishing this feat. We have taken many, many notes on this particular accomplishment. We, too, must learn from your evolving forces. The forces in this earth at this moment is weak. Days will be cold and shorter; hours will be longer. In time, more such opportunity will be given you. Once more decided whether you will serve him who sent you or that force in which you live. I wish I could say that many things must be accomplished before my words must be gathered. It takes strength and bear forth the cross that it might remind you of the great suffering that the Jesus speaks when he was in the earth. We also would advise a meeting of the parents once more as a gathering for the development of their own selves. We are now ready for your particular questions.

DA: Would there be any advice as far as a physical diet or medicines and also advice for, spiritual advice for my cousin DI who had a stroke?

Forces: As far as this group is concerned, it is taking its course. Patience and fortitude must be had…must be considered. Plus the desire for friendship and the continuation of will and light.

DA: Thank you.

JE: The writings we have on our wall that speak of Ra and Ai, can you give us more about… about these people?

Forces: If this writing is read accurately, it rejuvenates the cells within the body to give it life. It is the magical potion of bringing the dead back from the dead.

JE: Thank you.

G: Is Rahab and Mary Magdalene the same person?

Forces: [After a very long pause.] Question.

J: Can you tell us anything about the entity that the entity T gave us to be named Noah? Is there karma with him? Or any information about him?

Forces: This entity was sent so that we might work through him. Of course, now it’s born within this entity. Question.

I: Is there anything we should do right now that we are not doing?

Forces: At this moment?

I: Yes.

Forces: To relax and be at ease.

I: Thank you.

L: In the Old Testament, in the Psalms when they refer to the Lord dwelling in and out…you know, or the “Lord walking on the earth” or “God walking amongst the people”, are they referring to God or are they referring to the Higher Forces?

Forces: They are referring to both. For we are that that we speak of. For many years past hence, we entered into this force-field, hovering above and below and in that field of understanding. Many accepted us in that age and time and lived with us. Many seen us daily as we are ourselves seen them. The field of vibrations in peace and harmony were alike at great lengths. So also are we trying to prepare this communication with one and all of you again. For we are getting closer and closer when we can reveal ourselves to you physically in substance. Many a times we have revealed ourselves at random to individuals that we have picked as specimens. But these are not the ones that are what would be called attentive or attunement with what we are. They would have to be what would be said put under a state so we would be able to work with them. With this group, we do not wish to put you all under a state, but we do wish to work with you consciously that you might keep conscious awareness of who and what we are. Question.

R: What does it mean that my monthly cycle is always so irregular and now has stopped for the past six months?

Forces: What would you like us to tell you? [A long pause.] Is there an answer?

R: I don’t know.

Forces: It is a changing of your system, making it more in harmony with you and bringing out qualities that were always dormanted within you. Question.

R: Thank you.

LY: Is there a specific Psalm for each… for each one of the twelve tribes or the twelve sons of Jacob or are… are there keys just scattered throughout the Psalms in general?

Forces: As what has been said, Psalms what would be known as Ninety, Ninety-one, and Ninety-two, and Ninety-three for the first three sons of Jacob. Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-one for the next three sons of Jacob. Fifty-four, Fifty-five, Fifty-six, Fiftyseven for the next three sons’. A Hundred, One, Two, Three for the next three sons. There will give you a pattern and a story that would be take that of time and energy to reveal to you. Question.

LY: Thank you.

RE: The question is what higher dieties are you calling in to work with us, especially now?

Forces: What would be called the highest form in this galaxy as Michael. Question.

I: Is Michael higher than you?

Forces: He is what would be said a higher form of diety.

I: Thank you. The explanation of Jesus last night, is that correct?

Forces: Near to correct.

I: Is the Bible class progressing?

Forces: It needs more attention and awareness of what is going on, but it is progressing.

I: Did you mean to say… I didn’t hear it correctly, or understand it correctly… something about you in the coming days not coming?

Forces: Of what would be said of our superiors. That day will be coming.

I: Now the young man Noah that, you have called Noah, you sent him as a lesson for us?

Forces: And also a lesson for him.

I: Thank-you. What happened in Virginia Beach with LQ, it’s obviously going to have other reaction here in New York…

Forces: It already has a chain reaction.

I: Am I understanding it correctly that she has realized her mistake on the ego level?

Forces: Correct.

I: Any action I should take?

Forces: No.

I: No. Is there anything physically wrong with me? My chest and lungs?

Forces: A slight inflammation of what would be called the tracheal tubes. Plus a degeneration of energy in areas of the vasillae. It would be called the action of forces of sleep and relaxation, calming force of relaxation is needed. Warm baths would help the condition.

I: Thank you.

DA: When you said the entity Noah was born… when Noah was born in this entity, does that mean that the entity Noah came into Norm, or that this entity was Noah in a previous existence?

Forces: Previous existence.

DA: Also would it be useful for us to set up an area here in the house with the use of different colored lights and certain musics for treatments of the body and the spirit?

Forces: This would be wise, but yet is it feasible for development’s sake? We ask you all to come tonight to grow to live with one another closer and closer. There will be much great disturbances going on around about you. A continuation of forces and of development must be taken. We ask that you would be prepared and ready for certain fields of enlightenment to be shown you. Go forth and proclaim the good news that we have given you. Be not afraid of this responsibility, for the least of the hour we will speak through you to give you the answer.

DA: Thank you.

I: When we should… when should we go again? You said to go to the same areas. Does it mean Virginia Beach? Washington? And when?

Forces: We would say not know of this. Is short, travel a straight path to the new center that we are building. It is the center of Ephanus, which again is our word for the great dome. In order for us to come through and to be seen by many, you are the ones that are being sent down there to manifest our forces to be seen by many. In this field of undertaking, you have allowed us to come through further and further, closer and closer, to be in what would be called awareness of many forms and shapes of those who do not have the eyes to see. But helping them to see us when we desire it fit. But most of all helping us to communicate with the invisible force-field around. It takes those souls, entities on a natural law to bring into harmony a vibration so that we ourselves can tune into it and bring our ship closer.

I: So it’s the same tour as we had before?

Forces: Repeat.

I: So it’s the same route, the place Virginia Beach and Washington, as we had before?

Forces: We would extract or what would be said extract Washington. But now a straight route from X to there Y. That is to move forward from where you all are here now to down there in that area. It is not necessary that everyone should go, but it is necessary that you do once more go again.

I: How soon?

Forces: Before this month is over.

I: Thank you.

Forces: The purpose and the system of using the ark as a traveling force is a tremendous value in operating and carrying our strength with you.

I: Were we correct about Washington? That the other forces did not want us to get in there?

Forces: Exactly correct. Excellent. A total battle of black and white was going on in the heavens, so in the earth. It just happened that you were caught in the middle of it. No sooner did the black forces establish a ground inside of you that we tickled your throats.

I: So I was correct in understanding why these three people threw up.

Forces: They were the weaker ones, the most receptive to the black forces to enter.

I: Through our own selfishness.

Forces: Or lack of attentiveness.

I: Thank you.

JE: Can you give us your name?

_Forces_:… (Language of the Galaxy spoken here: Don Fo In Enostea Modar In Domeni Este Don Esaneta Endi Estanto Et Mon)… In short, Latnos.

I: Has this language ever been spoken on earth?

Forces: In every form of languages. It is a combination of many of your languages. For, in short, your languages were created by our voices, into which these people heard us speaking. A new discovery into the zoology of creation, that the speech only came into faculty when we became here to bring into man the awareness that he can utter the words of facultations and constructive thoughts by moving of the vocal cords. Or otherwise without this, he was as, as what would be said, he used the word “Awg” and “Ugh”.

I: Was that still when man was in the form of fish?

Forces: Man is always in the form of fish. He smells most like it. Man, having no need to communicate but falling down into a pattern of degradation, walking into walls, into sandpits, into marshes. Seeing this plight, we had to come and give them a force of voice.

I: Then, the Tower of Babel, what was that?

Forces: That was the force in which they themselves thought they could communicate with us and climb higher to where we were hovering, so they can take command and control of our city.

I: Was this in physical form already?

Forces: Our city was in a physical form, correct. The tower still remains in what would be called asunder slumbers in that which is northwest of the area of Barcedon or Babylon, what would be new today.

I: Babylon is Iraq. Is that correct?

Forces: A little further to the west of this country, or nation, or state, or city. That which allies parallel to it to the northwest of it.

I: Why is it that I have such a poor sense of direction?

Forces: It is not only your problem. It is a problem with a lot of people in the earth. Question.

G: When the thing that happened with the breathing happened, when the force was creating the wave, for that surfer, I had the feeling of Atlantis. Did we used to do that in Atlantis?

Forces: You did much more than that in Atlantis, my friend. In this group it is called the electric field of vibrations in which the group force and field and created energy from their own thoughts for the entire city. The one who is named D, consider yourself not to be named as Benjamin Franklin. So of sort was the energy in this field that all of you in one way or the other had the force of energy creation in you. Question.

J: Can you explain something about the relationship of the sun, and the sun’s…

Forces: The one who speaks was named as Samuel Adams.

J: Thank you.

Forces: My pleasure.

J: Can you explain…

Forces: Can you speak now?

J:… the relationship…

Forces: Urine in a pot. Question.

J:… between the sun and it seems to come out from behind the clouds and changes and feelings of energy in relationship with the sun?

Forces: It is only a renewing cycle of great warmth and heat into your force-field. It is as simple as rejuvenating a battery.

J: Thank you. Is the sun an entity?

Forces: The sun is part of an existence entity which would be called a dead force, giving life only to that which is dead on the earth. There is a greater sun in the heavens that is life which is God. And it gives force into all things that is of life. The sun gives things of life of energy to dead things. But the sun in which we come from gives life to that which is souls.

J: Thank you.

D: Can you help me with my meditations?

Forces: What time would you like us to come to help you?

D: All the time.

Forces: Then we shall be with you.

D: Thank you.

L: Can you tell me what would be the correct colors for a work with stained-glass in making a cross and a six-pointed star in stained-glass?

Forces: Prism pink. Question.

R: When the students built the replica of the ark back in sixty-two, what happened to those people? And are there any kind of records of exactly what happened besides that they just made them take it apart?

Forces: They tapped upon our force-field unguarded and we could not have done anything to stop what they tapped into. Records still are obtainable if you wish.

R: Is there any effect now on the individuals who built it? That were in contact…

Forces: Tremendous effect.

R: Did they understand it?

Forces: Some are crazy.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

N: What did the dream mean that I had the other night where I saw the entity T physically manifest in three different places in the same room?

Forces: You were witnessing his spiritual body astral projections into the spirit world in which you have seen him work many times.

N: Thank you. Also, what do you… what does it mean… you said the people that play on the wind… who are they? And spirits of the air, who created them?

Forces: This is a creative force-field of the angels that work on all the elementals so that they will do the will of the archangels. God, the Father in heaven did so create them.

N: Thank you.

Forces: Prepare yourselves, people. For many people shall come to you, but you must be prepared for it in the future. Do not draw upon ego or the sense of gratification, but remain solid in unification for the purpose that we have given you. The child that we are planning to beam down in a few days and weeks will be that of a goodly state. Be ready and prepare ye a room for this child before two weeks is up. Preferably the room shall be what would be called warm white and what would be called pink.

I: Which room should be used? Is it the one we discussed the other day?

Forces: Correct. We ask you all once more to cooperate and make strong your purpose, for it will be tested by others to make you weak. We will come again before this week can be up to speak to you. Greeting to all of you here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…