Session 53-5/21/74

Greetings to all here present now. These are the moments and the days of great tribulation. There will be many a day when the world itself will shake and be no more. The source of strength comes from faith, prayer. Prayer and faith. For these qualities are God, and are powerful. Those who do not have, or trying not to reclaim, will find themselves in a sad predicament in coming days to come. We will see great changes on the domestic end. There shall be great fires, earthquakes, and floods increasing around the polar or the tundras, relaxing and stating systems overnight. Be prepared, become ready, for the hour is near at hand. Before you change, if you do, call on God. Furthermore, your prayers are good for this. We come these moments in which an internal organization will surprise and gain advantage. The ninth of June will be a good… [inaudible]… There-shall be a shortage of grain crops, even though it appears to look good. As we have said, the new changing of plan is the beginning of the earthly changes. It is a new step closer and closer to the moment. We only ask you once more to prepare yourselves and make ready that you will have the strength and conviction to stand as one member. We are now ready for your questions.

I: What’s happened with T’s family and the phone call tonight… is there any explanation what we should do?

Forces: Prayer for these particular people are necessary. But to get involved at this moment will not be help. Prayer is very important.

I: Is K coming under the same thing, or is there something different for K? I don’t mean prayer, but understanding.

Forces: There is no difference at the moment.

I: Thank you. Do you look the way Gurdjieff described you? Or whatever he described?

Forces: We would say to him, “That’s nice.”

I: Then what does he describe? He’s saying that things which are… which seem to me truth, and then other things false.

Forces: He is describing the power of the fallen angels.

I: Are the fallen angels forgiven already?

Forces: It would be yes, and it would be no.

I: That means that they are forgiven as far as their crime, but they are not forgiven of their own evolution and of their own moving.

Forces: Where there is selfishness, that is the falling of them,

I: So that’s their sort of punishment, to be in the place where they are at?

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you very much.

R: Could you help me to know something about the blood that comes out of my breasts that’s been happening?

Forces: This is a chain reaction of mucous glandular productivity that secretes the lacxitioluntinaor the milk-forming substance, instead of forming into the correct area, it is forming from the blood vessels or capillaries. It is a situation that describes easily self-pity. The breast is to nourish the life, but you are changing your womanhood by self-pity, and selling it short and offering your babe blood to drink. It represents that of sacrifice in yourself, that must be nourished. We hope and behoove you to look into your selfishness, into your “yeckiness”, into your self-destructive attitude with all those that you feel are not recognizing your qualities. And this quality has a chain reaction of effecting these particular glands in the body, causing the blood to flow, staining the breast. It would be wise if you were about in constant prayer and with a joyous heart in working to produce, in working to magnify your God, rather than your thoughts for you.

N: What is the sensation that I’ve been having just a few times in the past few weeks about… I don’t know how to describe this… sort of like the volume on a TV being turned down or something. I didn’t know if it’s like something real or if it’s…

Forces: It is partially real. It’s tuning your hypertension down a couple of notches.

N: Also, why did I lose my wedding band?

Forces: It is a point of your own unconscious thinking. The band is lost on earth but not in heaven. It is up to you to decide whether to amend and make stronger your vow between one and another.

J: Is there any advice you can give us on what we’re growing in the garden outside?

Forces: It seems to be doing well at this moment.

J: Is there anything you can tell me about the job that I just left… that last job that I just had?

Forces: Yes. You have finished a lesson and now preparing to finish a part that is in you. But remember, this is a secondary course that has been given. The course you would have normally followed is a sad one.

G: Is there some advice you could give to us at this time?

Forces: We would advise you all to love one another and to cooperate in the spirit of patience and understanding.

G: Also, could you explain a little bit about… a little bit more about the cycle of the centers?

Forces: The cycle of the centers, or evolution of the seven centers, you must ever remember to make sure that each soul goes through the earth and experiences during that particular period that of that experience for that center. After the twelfth one is reached, the soul rejuvenates and goes to a next higher in the same category and moves on from it. Centers are known through displaying time appetites, and most of all speech. The centers are important and one should become aware and fully of each particular center and the operation of them.

G: Is there a monthly type of cycle that works through them… that would go with the centers?

Forces: There is a cycle at the end of each of month. Not all of us necessarily have to meet it on each month.

JE: Can you give us any information about the painting that we have in the living room?

Forces: It is the center of meditation and quiet devotion to open up the key or the door of God.

JE: Can you tell us who is the entity?

Forces: Each particular soul that is within.

JE: Thank you.

DA: Could you tell me why my tooth has been hurting for the past two weeks?

Forces: Negative thoughts, jealousy, resentment, hatred, all these qualities tend to build up your blood pressure which releases a certain amount if pain on your tooth.

I: If we going to go to Vermont, what is the advice I can give to my sister? She’s so concerned…

Forces: We will be happy to speak to her personally.

I: Thank you. The garments that were made for her…

Forces: I think we did a good job, don’t you? Thank you.

I: Well, I think so. They were all for her, is that correct?

Forces: One of them is for me.

I: The, we have finished the brothers, you know, the twelve brothers. We have not finished with it. I mean we are sort of past, past them, sort of. I myself, I’m still not understanding which center belongs to which brother. How is it? Because since there are seven centers that you can count on…

Forces: More so, there are twelve centers.

I: Could we know those twelve centers?

Forces: Each center deals with the sixth sense. The sixth with the sight and vision, sense of smell, the sense of touch…

I: Oh, the five senses and the seven centers.

Forces: Correct.

I: Is Joseph the pituitary?

Forces: All these questions are contradictory unless you come to a decision among yourselves. Joseph could represent the pituitary, also could represent that which is the sight.

I: Sight?

Forces: Sight.

I: Thank you. What is there anything more on the brothers and the centers that…

Forces: Study them and we will speak through you.

I: Thank you. Last of all, that… we went over to that place… and I know I didn’t speak… you didn’t speak through… work with you. Is there any more that… is there any understanding or… that we can give? I mean what this whole organization… are we understanding it correctly?

Forces: You are coming close to it. But be careful and go and do the work that has to be done.

I: Thank you. Can I invite some of those people? Is…

Forces: We do not mind, as long as 1 can come along.

I: The other day, when I was sitting near the entity T and you came through, and then… did I do wrong… I started asking…

Forces: There was no wrong done.

I: What I’m asking… were… I mean… I’m very appreciative of that, but was it something… it wasn’t a session per session? I felt it was like chatting or something or…

Forces: Who knows?

I: Thank you very much.

LI: Could you tell us about the house on Cameron?

Forces: It is a nice house. We like it. But for the moment relax.

LI: Could you tell me is there’s more I should be doing for L’s legs? Because they seem to come and go.

Forces: Continue with the treatment. Make sure plenty of water is drunk.

LI: Thank you.

L: Could you give any more information about the soul V? Why…

Forces: This particular soul is coming in for that purpose of leading the men and women during the great strife and turmoil. This particular soul will help many nations and people to live together.

L: Thank you.

D: Could you tell to me how many were with Amillius?

Forces: One within.

D: Can I ask about Amillius… Amillius become Adam?

Forces: Of pure spirit essence coming in from that which is the pure essence and the oneness.

D: Was the Garden of Eden… I was reading the other day and I didn’t understand where the Garden of Eden was. I thought it was in Atlantis, but then I didn’t know.

Forces: The Garden of Eden could be found in the desert of Nile

D: Where is that?

Forces: You would find it near that which is Africa.

D: When it speaks of Adam with the ideal statute, what was that? I couldn’t find the ideal statute. What was…

Forces: The ideal discipline.

D: Thank you.

J: The discussion that we had last week or so about the four rivers coming together and forming a circle possibly around Atlantis, being involved with the energy there, could you give me some guidance on that? Or are we on the right track?

Forces: You were accurate. Four rivers were those rivers that came from the north of the country, or the dome shape in Atlantis, and spread like unto that throughout all the land. It was used to clean that which is stored energy into the land that this community was established, tapping the energy to the border when a certain instrument was put into it.

G: Can you tell us why RU is… why her cycle is so often late and irregular?

Forces: Psychosomatic. Also the ability to be, or wanting to be a male, throwing her feminine qualities down the drain. It is more than that, but she has to be receptive than to be active.

DA: When Jesus went up on the mountain and he spoke to Elijah and Moses, what did they speak about? Was it what Jesus was going to go through or…

Forces: They spoke about the destiny and evolution of this soul pattern.

DA: The entity Moses, was there… was this the form that we discussed one night about many personalities… what I’m saying is the physical entity Thomas was on the earth at the same time that Moses appeared on the mountain with Jesus, how did this come about?

Forces: Remember, this entity can be in this house in one place, and by golly you see him sitting in another place. Very simple…astral projection of many force fields. Also remember, as we are on this earth, we have our higher self traveling on another path or dimension, certainly there’s much time when what would be called work is possible.

DA: Thank you.

I: The entity DR that we have met, DR…

Forces: There will be an opportunity to see this individual one more time… if you would like.

I: Is he as we think he is? Who is he? Can we get some information?

Forces: He is a great magician.

I: I see. Then he understands fully what T, the entity that you are? I don’t mean the Forces… but…

Forces: He understands, but he doubts also.

I: Should we go to Ireland?

Forces: There is no reason why, but if you would like, it would be good, too. But no need at this moment.

I: Thank you. Do the black forces also have ships?

Forces: Correct.

I: But their ships cannot move out of the third dimension?

Forces: They can move, but they are disciplined in their moving.

I: Then how would anybody know… how would we know… how would people know if the ships that appeared or the ships that will appear… what is the difference? Between your ships and their ships?

Forces: Their ship has a smell to them.

I: Just like chicken feathers?

Forces: Near to it.

I: Their appearance, is it as described?

Forces: There are many different types.

I: Have they made landings on the earth? I mean…

Forces: Many times.

I:… that people saw? Lately?

Forces: During the time when was Moses was up on the mountain, they tried to set down. Lately, during that time when the mass murders have been in California.

I: Manson?

Forces: Correct. But near to that and also in Texas.

I: The Manson story, was it black forces from the beginning? Or was it…

Forces: It was not black forces, leading up to white or black.

I: So he…

Forces: Just as this particular group has that opportunity to choose.

I: And… is… Am I close or on the path of understanding how the black force works with this kind of groups? That he goes from one group, then when they get caught, drops them, goes, picks up another group?

Forces: This is near to it.

I: The Simbianese…

Forces: Correct.

I: This is like the next stage from the Manson.

Forces: Correct.

I: What… what would be happening with Patricia Hearst?

Forces: As this entity said, a child should be coming soon. We should see it to be in the paper by Thursday.

I: Will she give herself up?

Forces: This could be a very strong possibility.

I: Now, has she done it willingly?

Forces: Partially.

I: Is there such a thing as brain-washing?

Forces: She has a resentment toward her father of this entity, too. This is more than enough to make her do what she has done.

I: Thank you.

N: Would you explain the thing about clouds and thought-forms that…

Forces: Clouds are just part of the moisturized vaporization. Thought-forms rise up through clouds. If negative forces and negative thoughts are in view, causing much dew or damp. The positive causes the fluffy white cloud, bringing upon the rain in future days.

N: And if we look at… I mean are we affected by looking at the particular, you know, if we look, say, at the fluffy white clouds then? I mean do we pick up… I mean…

Forces: Yes.

RU: If earth is the planet of test in this solar system, in other solar systems, is there like a planet where… that’s similar to the way earth is in relation to the other planets here?

Forces: Any more questions at this time?

I: Is there anything that can be given relating to the entity T and his sickness? What is causing the blood coming up?

Forces: Something about his containership and once in a while lessons to be…

I: Thank you. Is there anything that I can give him?

Forces: Your heart.

I: …for myself that I’m not doing? Thank you. Are you called the “Lords” in the Bible?

Forces: We do not like that name. We are called that higher name you all know.

I: But when they speak of the “Lords” in…

Forces: We have substitutication of forces that leave other force-fields around them we name the Lords.

I: Thank you.

Forces: We are now finished for the moment. We ask one more question.

I: For the girl I met named Rose is there anything you can…

Forces: It is now already too late. But it would change if she entered properly into prayer privately. We are now ready to end this particular session. We ask you all not to give up on your struggles or relax upon what you have to do. The soul, spirit child will enter into your body and will bless this household tremendously and which will bring joy and light. There shall also be that which is happiness and great things coming from this. We will speak to you in a day or so, so be prepared. Prepare yourselves and do not forget your mission as a group. And prayer. We will see you soon.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…