Session 54-5/28/74

Greetings to… Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching closely your excitement. As we have in force been watching your progress. We are happy to meet with those here now. In this time of change, you have been shown to bring the message of God once more to the earth. With this day, we have segregated in. In our course of events we have brought you all here to bring forth this soul as we have told you before physical signs appeared on earth. We have fulfilled our part. Now we ask you to fulfill your part. Prepare and take steps. Be prepared for upheavals, change in government and financial situations in your country. Be strong in thought. Many faults or quakes will strike your lands, predominately in Alaska in this month of change, carrying on its wave great tidal waves killing many people, as we have told you in the past. This section of the country has been for the third district of the “Atmus”. This is where we focus our strengths from the polar regions. It is from the polar regions that we have our third and secondary bases in your planet. Our first base of course lies in Jerusalem, with segregation of points in these parts of uninhabited places. We have been hovering above you for this week and have watched very carefully. Your questions are not too important as far as our questions to you. Are you all ready to undergo change for your God? Are you all ready to witness the miracle of miracles as in the days now gone? For those hours are now come anew. Lastly, I am happy before your great task. We ask that you would restrict and mind your thoughts in the coming weeks ahead. In this section of the land once more, has been watched and is being prepared for our contact with man. We will reach and communicate physically and show physical signs in the sky in this section. Just as we can manipulate the candles, so we also can manipulate the sky. There are many black forces in this section of the land to prevent. There will be floods and sections will be wiped clean. It is a desperate and sad time for this section. But if they will appear to join outwardly together to help one another, then as an appearance they will be tested for what they show outwardly. No man fools God, for what he professes, he must do. Therefore, the hardest test of all in this country will fall upon this section of the land, for this section of the land will bring the greatest light. This will be done in prelude to the great uprising in the Middle East. We will warn many dictataries & that of that what would be called government heads to prevent the annihilation and nuclear explosions. This moment now China is preparing for the biggest explosion the world has ever seen. This is the reason for the cloud covering this past week. We have been infiltrating into the earth at tremendous amounts. It is the desperate hour and the spirits are being influenced and sent into the earth at preposterable record numbers. China is about to show its true colors. The world will stand in shock and dismay. Prepare yourselves for that which will cause great turmoils in the Middle East, for there will come a great explosion that will destroy much. And blood shall run in the rivers. And the angel of death shall walk the earth. The hour of that moment has begun. But be of good cheer, people. For we will guide and lead you to what your mission here is to be. We have given you this now, a test and what would be called signs for it to come; a great black force will rule the major religion of the Western Hemisphere which is indiscriminately in Rome for it will enter into the figurehead of what you call your Pope. We have no control over this. It is impossible, for great sin and degradation and corruption shall come from this section of the world. There shall be earthquakes in the land of Alaska. This will be your sign another. There shall be great destructions in the air. This shall be your sign of another. There shall be forest fires of great areas. This shall be another sign. It can be prevented if all of you prepare and pray diligently with faith for the world. Being that this section has been prepared by us, this section must suffer the most. It is only the black forces turn to start… [A dog barks outside]… How it must not be and it will not be, if you share this information and ask others to prepare themselves and pray for it not to happen. There shall be a great evaluation and turning of crises in August with the banks. This is as secondary sign. There shall be stress with your President and chance of possibility of near collapse due to heart attack, as has been given. There shall be either his removal or death as has been given in November. Such, such a thing must come to punishment by the law. The soul and child that has been projected to you has been our thought of our plan. Now the secondary plan is in new operation. Be careful. Be patient. Be happy, and have love in what you do. We are now ready for your questions at this moment.

L: Is there any advice that you could give us on… for S now that he is a big brother?

Forces: We would advise no change in your reaction to him. In fact, more attention to teach him in this event, showing him the love and kindness as usual. We would affect this: that it will be all right. It will blossom into a beautiful formation if the older souls keep their heads and foundation of discipline in tact.

L: Also, are there any special things that should be in V’s room? Also in S’s room? That would be sympathetic to them?

Forces: Would be plants for V. colors of many types. Violets and blues would be good.

L: Thank you.

Forces: Water with sugar as has been given at times will be good, but also water in general, for this particular child-soul is needed.

L: Thank you.

B: Is my former partner, BW, one of the members of the black forces in this area?

Forces: If we give you this information, it would destroy. Therefore, we’re saying nothing.

B: Is it… what advice would you have concerning the work that my wife and I pursue?

Forces: At this time we advise the one close to close this door. [Door is closed.] At this time, at this moment a black force as we have called it, surrounds this place. [A long pause] It is now finished. Question.

N: Is it possible that first night while we were in the hospital that we were in a spaceship?

Forces: Accurate. Correct.

N: Was it just for the particular events that were happening or was there…

Forces: There was a dome around the hospital penetrated by no other force field. It was a force field that separated the hospital and all areas around it. No one could enter or leave. It was locked.

N: Yes. So we were actually transported in the fourth dimension?

Forces: It was no longer in the earth or part or part of the earth. It was no longer. But you tell this and no one would see it, but this is what had to be done for this particular soul. The reason why it had to be done in the trip.

N: Thank you.

JE: Could you explain the card that I got today?

Forces: Crucifixion, death to your old energies. Seeing them, what they are worth and the self-destruction to them.

JE: Thank you.

D: Could you help me understand the dream I had about J?

Forces: This is a force that must be taken care of and rooted out of the household. It is a force that this entity brings into the household. It is our decision after a period of time, we have asked this entity to leave. We will let you know soon when this entity should leave. It would have to be under his own receptivity and barrier of reaction and affections for, the others. It would be soon to decide at this moment when he should leave. But we will wait and let him make the last decision. Think not that we have already decided.

D: Thank you.

DA: Could you help me understand the dream that I had last night?

Forces: This is an evolution of your inner and outer personality through that which is your higher self. It also represents the qualities around you that prevents this evolution to take place. Watch the figures and the images closely, for in it you will find an answer.

DI: Have I been watched all this time? The reason I’m asking is because I would like…

Forces: There is no reason to explain why you ask. We are not that uninterested in your particular thought. You have been watched.

DI: I’d like to meditate, however, I’m afraid of the bad forces. So much so, that I’m afraid to get into meditation. What can I do about it?

Forces: In your particular place, we have placed an area of guides around. Do not fear, but put forth that instrument of cloth, as has been described to you with this prayer: “Angels of the Light, surround us.”

I: Is there any other advice on the material level for DI and her husband?

Forces: We would advise that after they follow onto the Path and seek not a material reward for their following of it, we will open the gates for them. Up to now, the gates remain shut.

I: Thank you. Is there any explanation for me for… this…

Forces: We would advise you to discipline and sacrifice and abstain from many types of foods. Restrict the intake of foods to come now. Discipline is needed at this point in your existence.

I: Thank you.

RU: Could you…

Forces: We would advise one meal a day only, preferably in the afternoon at two thirty for a period of ten days,

I: Any particular foods?

Forces: We would advise to stay from the starches. This has the tendency growing a gross negative force field around you at this moment. We would also advise you to abstain from chicken and chocolate for this too, is weighing your force field down.

I: Any other foods?

Forces: Do not worry a pickle. But give it up to us, and let us this time help and guide you.

N: At this time, would it be good to keep up any communication with my younger brother we just saw?

Forces: It would be excellent, for this soul; for he is now beginning to make decisions. But it would be a difficult task to break him of his own selfishness. It happened before, for all around you is a force that will tend to destroy this group. Be careful and watch everything.

B: Can you explain the card that I drew in the Tarot?

Forces: It means what would be called watching your thoughts and deeds and being faithful and true to your true inner self. To speak with honesty and a pure heart your thoughts, regardless of the price. To serve your God first and your fellow man second, regardless of the price. For your life will be protected and rewarded if you do so.

B: Thank you.

RU: Could you help me understand the dream I had when we first got here?

Forces: This represents changes and movements. Be careful not to possess the one you are with, to consider it a piece of furniture or bric-a-brac to keep clean. Be careful not to put your name as though it was yours a hundred percent, but from God you received. Be not lazy, but do constantly with the intuitive feelings and fields around you. Do the will of God.

G: Is there some advice you could give me concerning my feelings of heaviness and how I might improve my meditations?

Forces: We would also advise you to grow up and take on the responsibilities that are yours and stop pushing towards the others for selfish reasons. Question.

D: Is there anything you would have me do that you could give me?

Forces: That will be your decision. There is much for you to do. You must be about doing it. Question.

JE: Could you help me understand the dream I had this morning?

Forces: We would only say one thing, wake up and walk forward into the light. Become not lazy with your own vanities. That which is vanity in you, must be uprooted, or else it will be destroyed in you. Question.

I: When are the calamities in this section… is it going to start approximately?

Forces: It is beginning. But it can be prevented through prayer and meditation and communicating this to any others, for them to protect themselves. Question.

DI: What people in this valley should we get close to?

Forces: Your heart would reveal this to you. Question.

B: Can you comment on Julio La Perez? His abilities, his role?

Forces: It would be watched, admired at times, but dangerous at other times. We would advise you to remember that you have not given everything in your power to make a goal.

B: Thank you.

L: In describing the Tarot card I drew, T said that it foretold of a message that would come to me. Is that message from you?

Forces: The message will come to you. Question.

G: Is there any further understanding you could give me concerning the Tarot card that…

Forces: Question.

DI: What is my role in this group?

Forces: What you will make it to be. Question.

RU: The question that T asked yesterday about J and my conflict, is there any understanding that would help me and him at this point?

Forces: To love him and to show him signs of affection. This will be up to you. You have so much to work with and you have not yet begun. Question.

N: When you were speaking of the entity J and the force that would have to leave, you didn’t… did you necessarily mean J or just the force, the negative…

Forces: This will be decided and determined by your eyes, if you will see it. One more question. Our time is running short.

I: Is there anything for the entity T and my mother?

Forces: It is a wise question with two ends. For your mother, we ask her to eat chicken soup, to watch the warmness of her bath. Once a day a warm bath will be good for her circulation. Watch the intake of butter; also fruits of oranges and a grapefruit in the morning for three weeks would be good. Glasses of water are needed by her system. She must take in daily water. For the entity T, there is nothing we can tell him. Questions, has been finished. We ask you all now to prepare your next cycle of movement. This movement is a downward movement. Once you begin, there is no stopping. It moves faster and faster, onward and onward. Go forward, children, and move not backwards in your doubts, for we can only work through you, when you have faith to proclaim your seeds. We have now opened up this point: “Defend us, protect us.” It is time for us to go back. We will talk to you all soon again. Peace be with all of you. We will talk to you again.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…