Session 55-6/16/74

We have come to speak to you all again in that this is your course in development of all those here for the next three years. In this is another cycle going through you, the manifestation of a new force of learning. You have moved from a position to a better position. Be it not concerned if you are satisfied with that as better. There will be many turns of events that will affect all of us. Different types of accidents would be manifested only under certain conditions. These can be prevented. We have given you tonight before a great secret, which comes under that of love. We have given you that which is the law of love. Do good unto those that despise you and hate you. The blessings will follow which meets in heaven. Forgiveness is needed more than anything else in this existence. For you are all incapable of understanding the destiny and mystery in which lies the development of your souls. We have no objections if the child joins us and for the one to feed her while we speak. In the days to come, there will be much changing, conflicts, battles, and bloodshed. Many innocent people will suffer. [VR cries and then L starts to breast-feed her and she is quiet immediately.]

This reminds me of your behavior. You are not satisfied until you have something in your mouths. That is, we must find this peace, contentment, and fulfillment in ourselves first and not to seek and search it out in outer forms. We have been bringing you through this point of lack of interest. The soul must go through a development and pattern or field. The field is that he must be dis-attached from the outer forms of life. It is not what matters, the things that please the body, but things that are inner deep that heal the body. There is that moment in which the difference of personal interests must be sacrificed. That is to say, our own personal desires, conditions, and goals must be sacrificed so that our higher self can come forth and manifest what must be accomplished. If all of you have a desire for something, that in itself will stop us from working through you. Desire is not from God. For you have everything you need from God within. Your desire should be nothing in the earth. But there should be that fervent search and wanting to be with your God. And your God is with you. You must open your eyes to see him, trusting in all circumstances and events, good and bad. Fear not the one who can take away your body, but the one to take away your soul. This is what we need to speak of. That your desires must be analyzed and crossed off one by one, until you reach a point in your development where you have totally given up everything. At this point in your development, everything will start to flow once more and will be given for the benefit of God’s purpose. It is a development cycle that we all must enter into someday. In the days to come, as said before, there will many changes. This is the year for mental change and outlook. We also would advise the preparation and buying of food stocks once more for future purposes. Also, we do at this moment, will recommend certain areas for your moving and development. The upper part of New York has been mentioned, but only as a testing ground so that you can see and feel. The upper part of New York is still a testing. Vermont would be good, as another testing ground. Wyoming is the place in the future. And Virginia, as you are here would be good for testing grounds. Ohio would be good as a test. These are just certain areas in which you will be working to receive and build the Ark. The time is growing close to an end. It must be finished before the astrological vibrations are coming near to an end. We ask that a joint combination of three people be put together to complete this mission. The one who is working on it, D, and G, this would be a big test. This moment we will give charge for you to answer your questions that you will have. Question.

R: Could you give me any understanding of the dream I had right before the Session tonight?

Forces: It is the force of decision of two roads that you must decide to take. A course for good for your positive or your negative. For your own selfish desires or for your interest. At this moment, we will speak furthermore on you, your force-field. With that as the child that is to come to you, it is that of secret, that which is only said in your heart. It is that you are your own worst enemy. And the secret must be kept from your own self; that you will not harm this child that will be brought in through you. You must develop love in you. And not a mental righteousness in your dealing with judgment of others. This child will help you in correcting for that particular problem. Question.

L: Can… is there anything you can tell us that would better… that would help us take better care of our new child? This child?

Forces: Be aware of its needs and also be aware of discipline. Be aware to give of yourselves, for now is the time for sacrifice and to give of yourselves. And there are some people who refuse to do this.

L: In the… are there things that I should change personally… like things I could get into? Or are we doing that right?

Forces: This is a trivial question.

L: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

J: Could you give me any understanding of the dream I had…

Forces: It is what would be called the fruits to be grown within you to manifest and to give you strength and power for a new character and personality. It is also that which is the depleting of your energy force-field when negative side-effects take over. It is a warning.

JE: Can you give us some more information about V? And where she’s coming from right before this lifetime?

Forces: Before this particular lifetime this entity was in the presence of, it would be more termed as, the wife of that which is an Indian chief. The name of this chief was Sitting Bull. She had a great power to unify the female force in her time. She also had great psychic power to help and warn her husband of what was to come. Before that, the name for her at that moment which was given, was “The Eyes of the Sky”. Before that she lived in Louis the Fourteenth’s mistress. There she was used as an instrument to bring righteousness and truth to his mind. Did not succeed. Before that… for at this moment before that, this soul, at the King Louis the Fourteenth moment, was two souls in fact, in reality, on the earth. Before that, she was the entity’s wife, Louis Pasteur, again being a great influence at this moment. Before that, as we are coming out of text in her cycle of manifestations in the earth, you will find that she, as a soul, was very busy in the eighteen-hundreds and seventeen-hundreds. She waited a long time in that development until this moment to come once more to manifest in the earth. Before that period, she was with the Master, the one who was named V. At that moment, when the Master did walk before her, she ripped a piece of her garment underneath, in his pain and anguish, beat her way through the crowd, ripped a soldier apart to get in. With fear of nothing she moved, and she saw her friend that she loved so much. He told her that he was the Son of God. She had problems with this. Nonetheless, she loved him. He could be anything he wanted to be. She saw kindness and love in him. Gradually, she believed more and more. But there was a sign the Master left for her, for she in secret had the faith to give her life at this moment. When she pressed this garment, it was in the intention of wiping blood off and wetting it, for it was damp. And near that was a stream that was running. Hoping to give some sort of relief to the Master. At that moment, a charge happened, and the cloth became pregnated with the aura. Before that moment, it was the greatest evolution and development in this soul’s existence, that spread its way into its other incarnations to wipe away the pain and suffering of mankind. To always try to help and to give of its life for helping. This lifetime is one of the greatest tests for this soul. For it is going to bring all those qualities that needs to be corrected in other lifetimes that were not. So as a group, remember this. That you are an instrument in helping this soul in this most careful and meaningful project. Before that existence, she was a great leader in one of the sections of Atlantis. This soul did not need to come into the earth, but only after the effect with the Master, did she willingly come in to correct and work out her pattern. There was an intermediate manifestation, presentation many times. In Lemor, or Lemu Age and the Atlantean Age hurrying this soul through the universe. At that moment, she made a great downward trend, but on the last, it was re-manifested. Question.

E: Could you tell me if my present activities are all right? And if so, should… if I will continue this for the next three years?

Forces: We would say no. You will not continue them for the next three years…a year and a half at the most. For there will be changes, development of meeting new people, creating new ideas, and also getting involved in a new approach. A new method of developing a mechanical substance. A new method of organization and accomplishment. Getting involved with research, getting involved with information. Question.

S: Are my desires and interests and motives meaningful?

Forces: They are meaningful as long as you keep your ego or that self which is to gratificate or that which is the gratification of the lower centers in what you do. Of the desire to be recognized in what you do. Otherwise, it is good. How you will be led will be our concern, as it has always been.

S: Thank you.

I: Why did John the Baptist say that he was not Elijah?

Forces: It was the same doubt, and fear. That moment of doubt. But in his heart he knew; but in his mind, there was a battle. But yet he still knew who he prepared himself to be for so long.

I: Thank you. After the resurrection, did Jesus’s body become anti-matter?

Forces: It is a substance that became its true spiritual self. It would be called antimatter, if you would like.

I: So true substance here on matter would be anti-matter.

Forces: That would be close true.

I: Thank you.

L: The book Barabbas about the crucifixion written by this woman, can you tell us if she was used by the Forces? Because so many of her things are similar to the Sessions.

Forces: Anyone who opens his or her heart to God is used.

L: And may I ask if she’s painting a very accurate description of the crucifixion or if it’s her own fiction because…

Forces: When anyone who opens his heart to God speaks on that, be rest assured that it touches.

L: Thank you.

E: Could you tell me something about the future in regards to my parents, and dealing with my sister and brother-in-law?

Forces: There will be a development that will be partially good. But remember, do not change them, nor seek to change yourself to them. Do not try to please them. Do not change or sell your qualities for them. They are being changed slowly. There is a sickness that will come that will have you in that what would be called upsetment, but remember, all this is needed for development, for a cycle of evolution. Do not change your desires or your purpose. That is your desires to seek God, not your desires in the earth.

S: Are there any present or near future actions that I’m planning to pursue?

Forces: We would say, that as far as your health is concerned, it needs fresh, invigorating movements. Also tension must be relieved from you and that would be by a bath at times with salt in it. This moment we have to remain quiet with this answer. Question.

D: In what I’m… what I have been going through… how can I get a little bit more love?

Forces: To get involved and to comfort and produce. It does not necessarily have to be on a large scale as you think. Small things. Question.

D: In the… circle, the nine I was working on today, is there anything in there?

Forces: You will find it as you work on it. Question.

E: At one time you said that an entity would be brought into our relationship. Did that mean sometime, maybe in the next two-three years?

Forces: You do not know what I speak on. But someday you will understand what we speak on and we have said it. Question.

I: With the organization of the Japanese people, should I proceed in telling them as I have thought in my mind to tell them?

Forces: Correct. Question.

I: In giving birth to Jesus, did Mary have a regular birth? Pains, et cetera?

Forces: Correct. Question. It would be said birth pains limited. Not on a normal level. But on a limited level. Question.

I: With my health, am I doing the right things?

Forces: As the diet we have given you would have been useful, it has been useful. Just keep an eye and watch out for those things that you know are not right. Question.

I: Should I continue, then, that diet?

Forces: At this moment, no. Not at this moment. In the future it would be good. Question.

R: Is there anything that could be given for the entity G at this time?

Forces: We would advise this soul to take up that which is learning electricity, of locks as he has spoken about, and of plumbing. Question.

I: Anything for the entity DA that could be helpful at this moment?

Forces: There has been a great disharmony within the group for their own desires. That has been the force of the black, in which, as soon as we have pointed them, they entered. And entered into their own desires as what they want to do. It was the same period with Adam and Eve where Eve wanted to do what she wanted to do, causing a great chain-reaction. This is still pregnating the group, but we hope they can conquer it. Their desires of what they want to do will not help them. It will only stagnate their development. We would say DA must learn to give of himself when there is nothing to gain from it. Question.

I: Can N help him in any way?

Forces: She must be come alive and responsive to the situations that she will meet. She must be concerned in someone else, rather than with herself. Question.

I: With… with sleeping that we spoke today in the car, is that part of… is there… it’s like a manifestation of those things?

Forces: It is a manifestation of her own sickness. But it must be an internal thing. It is a slight case of anemia also.

I: Should we do anything for it?

Forces: Lots of what would be called excited what would be said enjoyment of life, iron is needed, and lots of water. Question.

D: … [inaudible]…

Forces: It still needs to be worked out.

D: Thank you.

JE: Can you give us any more information about the White Brotherhood and the meeting they had last night? And the things that happened?

Forces: This is something that cannot be spoken on tonight. Tonight is only a night to tell you that you have entered into a new cycle. A new development. For this must be understood, and understanding it will help you into the situations of tomorrow. To give you information on this particular substance must come in a later Session. Not at this moment, and not in this place. Question.

L: This new cycle, how does that apply to SO? And how can we help him get…

Forces: Means his responsiveness to the things that he will be committing himself in. New ideas will come to him. And to let him and treat him like an adult. That is to make him responsive to the things that you would want him to do, knowing that he can do it.

I: For the entity, JO, is there any field that he can enter that he would make a little bit more moving?

Forces: It would be good if he could get into that of taking care of sick animals. A veterinarian helper would be excellent for his development. Question.

I: Thank you. Also, have I been hampering the last thing that happened in the group? That you spoke on?

Forces: You had a certain amount of factor involved, but I doubt very much if you could hamper anything but a hamper in a bathroom.

I: Thank you.

L: For about the last two weeks, I guess, I’ve been having what seemed to me like battles between what I should do and what I want to do. Is there anything that can strengthen my higher self so that I don’t lose out in these battles, ‘cause I seem to be losing a lot?

Forces: In your selfishness you lose. You must not desire what you want. Your own relaxation and comfort. Question.

I: At this moment that we are here in Virginia Beach with E and S, and them moving out of this particular environment, is there anything that…

Forces: This is the moment they must move. It is a change for their cycle, too. As it has been a change for us, it is now a change for them. They cannot stay here any longer. It would be dangerous if they would.

I: Is there anything they should know about the new environment that they’re going into that would help them?

Forces: It is only for a moment, for a while. But enjoy the silence and solitude of it. For that is only for a while and a moment. Question.

I: Is there anything for my sister that can be given?

Forces: You must help in prayers and in your meditations. And a visit in this area would be good, also. Question.

I: Anything for the entity T?

Forces: At this moment, no. Question.

L: The woman next door, with the plants that we planted, should we pull up all those plants and not have anything else to do with those people or…

Forces: Leave the plants as they are if you would want. But do not touch the fruits of them. Question.

S: In an educational pursuit, would it be best to continue with what I am this moment now, or best to change something…

Forces: This will come to you as you will become aware. It is also on the worldly level that you will becoming involved in. Question.

I: Is there anything besides prayer and meditation that I can do or pursue at this moment?

Forces: Garment-making is a magical cloth that you do. For you instill in it the right vibration and beauty of your soul. Question.

I: Should I go and take up the schools?

Forces: We would not want you to do that. Question.

I: Thank you very much.

Forces: Question.

I: Is there any reason why we cannot seem to get to the A.R.E.?

Forces: It is not open at this moment.

I: All the people that we have worked with for the first time, while I happened to be in Virginia Beach, is there anything that’s being said about it? Why there is no sign of them?

Forces: It is what would be said, a dying place. A misapplication of that which was here. For it is given truth. It is the application of truth. And when truth is not applied right, then it is a self-destruction. Questions have been finished. We have told you all tonight, try to love, to give love out, to be patient, and to watch the emotional animals within you. Guide yourself now, for at the next Session we will give you a firm understanding of many axis. The one who is named E and S, we give you our understanding and also tell you that we are sending a field of force around you also. For this, too, is an establishment of one of our white forces, a post that has been not too greatly strengthened in this neighborhood or in this area to be exact. We here find this to be a good day. Have one on us. Try hard to understand all those you come in contact with. And do not take anyone for granted. We will be speaking to you again soon. Prepare yourselves; discipline yourselves for the days to come will be very unsettled.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…