Session 56-6/23/74

Greetings to all here present now. As the days go by, we wonder what will be the course of events. This is done in order to understand one another. As each day goes by, it will get harder and harder to live. There will be tremendous pressures in the highest government, society, wars, social benefits and uprisings with racial overtones. It is the moment of battle; it is the moment we spoke to all before this. Now begins the manifestation of all those things we have spoken of; we are ready. We are here to speak of the world situation that is sad and sick. Remember it is through our love, our deep love that we can prepare and make plans for the future. We ask that all of you again review the Sessions. The Sessions should be returned into this house and reviewed properly. Every Wednesday would be a good day to read these Sessions. Let each one have his own particular Session. Review it, understand it, and re-quote it. And each will understand how a particular Session will apply in their daily routines. And how they will apply a particular answer we have given them, knowing that they have not applied some of the answers within a particular Session, giving a particular question, hearing the particular answer, trying to strive to do it on that day. This would be a good technique and moment for you all to understand what we say. This the world is in a serious condition. The greatest mistake was made by the Israeli government in giving up the land that they have rightfully won. This here was a mistake. It is like cutting off your hand, and it’s like cancer if it spreads. But don’t fret on this condition. It had to be manifested for what would be called the prophecies to be fulfilled. It will continue to become worse and worse and a developed situation must be met here in this land. The purpose of this country is the backbone of that country. If this country falls, that will fall. This is the backbone of Israel. This here is the nervous system of that. Therefore, there are individuals who must make people aware of the unity and cooperative spirit with that country. We would also advise to get involved in some organizations that would be contribution or contribute effort to that particular land. The days to come ahead of us will be long and difficult. We do not and cannot promise you happiness. We can only ask for your own, unceasing endeavor to discipline yourselves through work. If you allow one day in this moment to capture you in your laziness, then you are falling faster into your own pit of degradation. What we have to do in the future, we cannot do with a lazy group. If this house falls down in discipline, even on days when it would appear that there is nothing happening, then what will happen if the castle is attacked and those are no longer on the walls to defend it? The castle will fall. Same way in this particular instance. When the house was no longer in discipline, then it was suitable for attack by the black forces. This here house is more like a castle…a castle for the white forces. For we’re the first marks in this earth. We’re the marks in this side of the hemisphere. It is a fortress, a castle, a center. If it is allowed to lack in discipline one moment in anything that we own or touch, we allow that force or that fortress or that side of the wall to fall, allowing entry into that of the black forces to come in. This is also personal attitudes or walls that we are protecting. If our personal attitudes cease to cooperate with one another, communicate with one another, and to discuss our feelings with one another, then that particular wall falls down to build only out. Be careful of your self-righteousness. Be careful of thinking you know what is right or best. Be careful of your attitude of how you speak what you think is right. This here is a perplexing problem with some, and will lead you always into the pit of dung. With the situation of this child that is to come, it is changing, ever still changing. The one who is named R, the child that will be coming will have to be changed up to the very moment of conception. Just prepare for change. The change will come from on high and we will filter it through on that evening of that. Remember, it is not in our hands that this change do happen. It is in the hands of the attitude of the group that the change might manifest. The change does not need to happen, for the male child can and will come in if it is needed. But if it is seen that it is not in the proper attitude or environment, or if it’s not the proper circumstance, then we will interject a different cycle of soul development for this moment’s lessons. Remember, this child is to come forth. He is to come forth strong and diligently. That is why if this group falls and becomes weak, this soul cannot come in. It must be changed. As far as the, what would be called, President of this country, this, too, is the greatest battle of the black forces. It would appear that they are winning very strongly. It is a struggle and the black force are forced to destroy one another. We would be very sad to say that they are winning. But we are fighting very desperately. When this group falls, we are losing. When this group is strong, we are winning strongly. For this group has tremendous amount of powers and effects in the Western Hemisphere. If only you knew how much power through us you all have. It is what we beam through you as human entities, not you as yourself, but you greater you; the greatness within you. The greatness of not who you, are now, normal earthlings, but that now you are consecrated and now made above those that are called earthlings. You are what would be called servants or ambassadors on high, giving you certain privileges and powers that you yourself are not even aware of. But people you come in contact with are aware of these privileges that cannot be communicated to you for your earthly eyes to see. So remember, be careful when the black forces come in to tempt you. They are here to take over and to control, to take power and to use it. If you allow them to come in, then it is their field and their ball game. We cannot interfere in it. It is up to you to discipline your lives and prepare yourself and to sanctify each day, each moment as dedicated to your God. We would also give you, as this entity was speaking, and we had to break it off, some descriptions of one of our spaceships, knowing that you all die of a desire to see and to hear, to be with us. We understand your perplexing problem that you would wish that one day you could see our objects flying in the air. And see them closer, though you have seen this many times in the air. It is through your own faith that you see us, it is your doubts that dispel us from being seen. Our ships are nothing greater than those that you can see on an earthly level. But we have one thing remarkable. Inside the ship is what would call a pulsating light, ultra-violet more also. In it is our food substance, in which we receive our energy. It is a ‘cylindic’ force-field in which we sit down. In it we receive our sustenance, our food, our water, our sustenance on a spiritual and soul-growth level. This movie that is from the French people or from France, is similar in one degree or another. Closely near to what would be near to what we do. It is a force of meditation that we enter into. But remember, it is even greater than that. It is our whole rejuvenation of our soul level or electrical field that will be rejuvenated. In the spaceship we have many corridors. Each corridor is lit by beams of light that bounce off and pulsate back and forth to the center of the galley, which is called the forehand. The forehand is where the four major people or the four major parties sit and relay their thoughts to the mothership. And the mothership, in turn, which consists of a great, vast city inside itself relays their though forms and gives them into the galaxy or what would be called the satellite mothership. The satellite mothership conveys that to what would be called the ‘galax’ mothership. The ‘galax’ mothership is what would be called that of the ‘planetaloid’ or what would be called satellites in which it will relay back to our own planet that we came from. But remember, the satellite, or the ‘galax’, or the ‘planetory’ ship, all these are indescribably stations in which we operate through. The walls are constantly cleansed by what you would call water. It is not a water substance that is cleansed, but it is cleansed by an oily substance or what would be called molecule changing. This substance changes with color. As we cross the speed of light, this substance turns a bright red. As we approach the speed of sound, it changes to a bright blue. Each substance changes the appearance of our vehicle in which we materialize and de-materialize into other dimensions faster. We have enough space upon this ship that we travel in for four hundred people to reside in. Not what would be called the Ark, to have all the cattle and sheeps and oxen in a specific area to place them and protect them. This is the smaller ship that can handle four hundred people. The mothership of course, the first, or the firstary mothership, can handle eight and a half million people, or approximately the population of New York City, which is nothing. For this is a big enough room for more could be handled if needed. For this is the space, for the space in your dimension is completely different from ours. Therefore, when you enter into our ships, your molecules changes immediately as you enter a different force-field. Remember, the pictures that are coming through to this entity are actual deities, are actual force-fields, are actual beings that do reside and exist in our planet. The antenna-like substance upon their heads are the centers that are above the bodies manifested on a physical level, picking up and sending psychic vibrations from all substances of life forces around them. As this entity did say, this living room resembles partially what would be called one of our vehicles or forehands or galleys, in which the four members do reside and discuss and plan movements and positions. It is one particular thing that would be missing, what to you would be called the glass globe is what we have. The glass globe is what would be called the crystal eye or the eye of the “bye”, that is, the eye or that of the ball, which would be centered in the middle of the table to describe and give thought and force or what would be called a picturistic idea of what we are in or operating in. The color for the chairs are adequate, for that’s exactly the same colors we do have in our chair-covering. Brown is a suitable color for logical and line drawings that are needed for substance and formula thought. Also we have rooms in which are what would be called pictures or photographs or what would be called the librarian. This here takes constantly. It what would be called taps into every, major city in the world that is politically or what we call financially in destiny of your globe, the earth. This is being constantly surveyed. Also, you might be relevantly excited to understand that such of these rooms that we talk about, long and narrow and has what would be called a large table, represents the rooms that we speak through to meet and talk with you. These are what would be called the galley or the meeting room, even though they represent the same galley force-field in which the four members do reside. This galley or meeting room is where we communicate with you deities or beings of the earth. So, you can see what great power you do reside or have because only those who are important in government, financial, or spiritual happenings in the earth are really in communication with us. Don’t get your ego involved, but I can see a great number of you getting your ego involved with what we have just given. Be careful. I’ll give you a lollipop after this is over. For the particular one that is named (I), as you call, this particular entity is going through what would be called a period of chronic congestion or ‘combocular’ synthesis. Which would be called the accumulation of water cells in ‘tubucles.’ These ‘tubucles,’ or what would be called the ‘genais cochial dacputdekis.’ With this gradual period that is constantly coming forth. This mucous could have been avoided, but at this particularly time, it is improperly attainable to be avoided. Therefore, we would be working on this particular entity through what would be called heat rays that this soul will understand why a tremendous amount of heat at times in this particular area is needed. Otherwise, it would be taken care of also by comfort of peace, relaxation, and quiet. We would also advise the entity RU not to get an attitude with that of declaring or telling those that she is bearing a child. Immediately the attitude is recorded and sighted. It is better that she keeps it quiet and silent and not to tell anyone at this moment, for sake that the attitude comes immediately upon her. This is the thing that we are trying to prevent. This is reason why we remained quiet and prevented from telling this entity anything. Now we give her that power to communicate and she already becomes sophisticated and arrogant. Be careful. Watch what you do. Don’t become dangerous to yourself. Do not trip over your own feet, for we cannot have that at the moment. We are now ready for your questions.

DA: The man that works at my office, RH, has sickle-cell anemia. Is there anything that can be done to help him?

Forces: This particular environmental changes within the cellular structure of the blood cell is what would be-called an evolutionary degree or reminder to these particular people, for that what would be called destroying or cannibalism. It is what would come upon all those souls that take upon cannibalism or destroying the same soul self within themselves for the evolution of that cycle. Sickle-cell, as you call it, is known as a square or it is known as a circular, ‘cynimatic,’ circular tube or is known as the flat line. This here can be taken care of in many, many areas. But it is a slow, slow, slow process and needs patience. There is a special diet that could be taken, but this is unattainable and also what would be called unpractical in a society as yours. That is, it would mean almost a disciplinary life. Such individuals who have this particular disease refused to discipline their lives tremendously even to the point of beneficent or beneficial substance. Therefore, water must be taken, at least fifteen to twenty glasses a day…mixed with burnt salt. Vegetables must be taken, at least three kinds of vegetables a day. One grown above the earth, one grown in the earth, and one grown what would be called close or have substance of water or a vine-leaf type vegetable. Baths must be taken twice a day. Temper must be controlled. If let to be loose, it would sporadic changes within the blood system, causing what would be called a reaction on a physical level. Sexual desires must be tempered and controlled, which causes this disease to happen tremendously in those individuals. Smoking, very dangerous and hazardous to this particular cell-growth in the blood. Drinking is also dangerous. Too much sleep is also dangerous. Too much food is also dangerous. Therefore, as you can see, we can give you a pattern to correct. But I doubt it very much if they could follow it. Therefore, it must be an evolutionary cycle that they must learn the experience that is given for them to learn here.

DA: Thank you very much.

G: The dream I had this week about we were all getting out of this spaceship and there was a voice saying, “Hurry up. You’ve done it before.” Could you explain that?

Forces: Exactly as you have seen it to be.

G: Does-it mean that we’ve been on your ships before in other lifetimes?

Forces: Let us put it this way. All you who are sitting here have at one time or another sat in the rooms.

G: Thank you.

L: Can you give us any information about the writer Marie Carelli?

Forces: We would advise that she is a good woman, fine, and she eats well.

L: Is her description of the crucifixion and resurrection accurate in the book Barabbas?

Forces: At this particular time when this entity was writing this, she was under some stress and strain. It is not as nearly as accurate as what we would give you.

L: Thank you.

LY: Could you tell me something about the battle that was happening today with the moon and the stars…

Forces: This is a particular battle that was happening, struggle, between the black forces and the white. It was only in the evening at sunset that the white forces won. Therefore, allowing the ceremonies to pertain and to take place. They could have not been done during the day; during the evening after the sunset they were only accomplished. It had to be done also for this particular entity was working and formulating structures to allow the white forces to enter. It was also the responsibility of the group to watch and see what they have done and to start to build up from where they have left off. Do not allow your defenses to become weak. Be prepared and discipline your lives to do what you do.

D: Could you give us the speed of light again?

Forces: The speed of light for this individual is only needed for mental status. The speed of light can change from one month to another. If we give your the same, exact number for the speed of light, for what would you do with it? To this point we are more interested in you in trying to get the speed of your hand to move, than rather to give you the speed of light. Do not be despondent in what we are saying. But we would ask you to get involved in making things, in creating things, in working with things. Rather than to work on pieces of paper and pen to decipher what we do. Because if you try to decipher what we do, it would be to your fruitless end. Therefore, do not complicate yourself with mental thought or logic, or how the pyramids hold themselves upside down at the equinox. But remember, produce, work hard, get involved in the involvements. Do not have a personal, egotistical confrontation. For if things are not pleasing to your ego, or things do not go well with you, or things are negatively spoken to you, these are not the moments for you to retire or to reject, or to revolt against everyone and everything. These are the moments to take it to your heart, understand it move forward. In another Session we will give you the speed of light, but only when it is needed. The speed of light at this moment is too fast for you to comprehend. Therefore, comprehend what we have just given it.

D: Thank you.

I: Am I understanding correctly that I will not have to go to no doctor and…

Forces: There are certain particular drugs that are needed in your system which could not be obtained in any other forces in this particular moment. It would be attainable in degrees at what would be called a herb, as this entity is speaking about, as what would be called, in what would be called a herbs. Know the particular herb that this entity was speaking about, that it must be taken in you in that force that is compatible or charitable to the substance within you. It would be wise to get this particular area photographed and particular masala forms or liquid be put into your system, which could not really be attainable in a particular drug at this moment. But through moments of time and patience could that particular moment or element drug be prepared. It would do… it would do no harm to postpone going to this what would be called doctor or witch doctor, three days. For only after the third day of taking in the herbs and drinking lots of liquids and plenty of relaxation through peace of mind, this particular time we will understand and know what we’re allowed to do.

I: Is there any specific doctor that… in the area that we would be advised to go to?

Forces: The right one will be given to you.

I: Also, the… the foods which we have to buy, what kind of foods? The entity said vegetables and cotton. Is there anything else that we have to concentrate on?

Forces: We would say vegetables are good. Canned meats at times would be good. Tuna would be interesting. Odds and ends as you make up this menu, we will filter through and give you the right to choose.

I: Thank you. Also, you said that I could have avoided it, so it means I brought the sickness on myself.

Forces: It would have been closely what you said attainable, indirectly or directly. You had a twenty-five percent effect on it coming to you. But seventy-five percent was something above you.

I: Am I… have I corrected since then the thing that I myself caused? Or is it being corrected?

Forces: It is being corrected.

I: Subconsciously?

Forces: Correct.

I: The dream I had this afternoon, it seemed such a clear black and white force. I thought that… what’s the meaning of it?

Forces: To not allow other thoughts that are negative to come into your mind and around… to disturb you and control you.

I: Thank you.

J: Is there any guidance or anything you can give me about my meditations in my room?

Forces: Just keep on doing, it would be good.

J: And can you give any understanding about the effects of certain Psalms? Maybe the Forty-fifth Psalm might have?

Forces: The Forty-fifth Psalm is a thing coming from this particular entity, meaning that he, in a way, wrote it.

J: Thank you.

Forces: It also tells the movements in the bodies and the revelation of God of the pineal gland. It is the story of the pineal gland, and all those other centers within the body that do not follow in line to the evolution of spiritualizing the centers.

J: Thank you.

RU: What is the causes, or is there anything that should be done for the swelling of the feet that LY and R and I have all experienced in the months that have passed?

Forces: This happens, improper circulation, or what would be called a normal production of capillary expenditures of waste, which swells up the hands and the feet. In conditions, it is no more. Lots of water would be good.

RU: Thank you.

JE: Can you give us any information about S in a previous lifetime?

Forces: He was your father.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: That’s exactly what we’re saying over here. Remember, when you ask us previous lifetimes, don’t think, JE, you can hit it twice in a row.

JE: That’s what I was thinking.

Forces: Repeat.

JE: No, I said that’s exactly what I was thinking.

Forces: I wouldn’t say things wastefully.

N: Would… would you tell me about that girl on the subway the other day that I was attracted to stare at?

Forces: She is cute-looking. I don’t think you would go too well with her. You are female.

N: There wasn’t any special significance in my seeing her three times today?

Forces: There is a tremendous amount of psychic powers within the young woman. Depression…misapplication of these powers.

N: Thank you.

DA: The entity at my office, C, seems to be going through some sort of turmoil or something. Would there be anything that I could give to help her out-at this time?

Forces: I would advise you to take care of the home base first. To get involved with these others would only depress you more and more. Seek not to glorify your own name in man’s eyes. Seek rather to glorify your own name in God’s eyes. Do unto to God the good things. What he has given you to do, do not cast off and become despondent with. But be and be what would call watchful to the things he have given you to accomplish. Do not take or become lax in your responsibilities. If you accomplish all those things all those things in which God the Father gives you to do, then these other insignificant and trivial things around you can be taken and tackled by you very, very nicely.

DA: Thank you.

Forces: The particular problem that this particular entity did have, or does have is that you go around trying to conquer things. Then when you feel you have conquered it, you throw it off and go to, something else to conquer. There will come a time in your life when you won’t be able to conquer something. For this is the only thing that makes you frustrated. In this frustration is only found ego and a bitter, bitter end. Therefore, stick to the things that you feel like you have conquered and you will find out that you have conquered nothing.

DA: Thank you.

G: The dream that I had this afternoon where I couldn’t breathe and the next part was about, something about somebody… the fifth order, that somebody would have to come down and get to the fifth order before they could understand it. Could you explain this?

Forces: This here at this moment cannot be explained.

G: Thank you.

L: At any time did the third eye exist, physically exist on the human body?

Forces: Preposterous. The third eye exists. It would be ridiculous, no? If you would see three people with three eyes? But, yes, it does exist, and did exist, at one time, and still does exist at this time.

L: Thank you.

D: Anything that I haven’t been doing completely?

Forces: To be sincere and to have trust in your God.

I: You once gave me a part of a lifetime about where I was promised things, but at that time they were not given. And now whatever I’m promised I am given. And it’s accurate. Can I just approximately know the time of that incarnation? Just the time. Not any… not… Is it possible? [No response.] The… the entity… the books that we are involved like Marie Carelli are they back here on earth?

Forces: Would you, please. We are trying to answer your first question.

I: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought… I…

Forces: The exact age or the year in which this particular life existed was four thousand two hundred B.C. And, yes, these particular entities are coming back into the earth.

I: Thank you.

Forces: Four thousand two hundred and nine B.C.

I: Thank you.

J: Is there any guidance or advice you can give me about the job I’ll be starting this week?

Forces: Four thousand two hundred or four thousand one hundred and forty-nine B.C. The job that you will be starting this week, be patient, be calm and be not like a renegade. Have faith in yourself and trust in us. Do not try to please or appear too good on a worldly sense, but do what is right by us. And calm down. For heaven’s sakes calm down, or else we’ll put a pill up the other end.

J: Thank you.

RU: Is there any connection between the Lazarus in the parable and the Lazarus, Mary and Martha’s brother?

Forces: I would say the umbilical cord.

RU: So when Jesus told the parable he was speaking of an actual experience of Lazarus in another lifetime, maybe? Or the Lazarus that died went into Abraham’s bosom?

Forces: I would say the umbilical cord.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: There were many Lazaruses at that time. Lazarus was a popular name, especially in parables. You use the same technique when you say, “Is that ‘T’ as in Thomas?” Sounds like somebody’s writing the Constitution. [In reference to someone hand writing.]

JE: In the last Session you said that you’d tell us in a later Session…

Forces: Here he goes.

JE: …about the White Brotherhood meeting they had the night we were going to Virginia Beach. Can you tell us now?

Forces: No.

JE: Any other things?

Forces: Just remember, the White Brotherhood is the force-field of archangels and angels that are surrounding each individual. For as we have the white forces manifested on a physical level, we have an invisible city on a spiritual level residing. There is a city residing on this very house. As you meditate you bring this city closer and closer into manifestation into.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Who do you think… [someone sneezes]… Excuse me. Who do you think all these souls are coming from? And I mean coming from.

N: What was being worked out on the trip back from Virginia Beach last Sunday and that we will have to work…

Forces: What would be worked out? I would say the amount of money lost in the poker game. Why would you say, “being worked out?” It was what would be called a transportation into another force of learning. Every single time this group takes a trip, they take a trip also on a spiritual level, which would be for pushing them forward into another evolution of cycles.

N: Thank you.

DA: Can you…

Forces: The more trips you’ve gone on, the more evolved you will be. That will be funny. Ninety-eight percent of your time is spent in the van now. Two percent will be spent in the bathroom.

DA: Can you help me understand the dream I had where T put his hand on the side of my head and then we spied on the house for the rest of the time?

Forces: And you peed on the rug?

DA: We spied on the house.

Forces: The house is your own physical body. Your head is your own common sense. Use your common sense with your own body.

DA: Thank you.

I: Last time when I was with Kathy Ringrose, was it done rightly?

Forces: It was done near to accurate.

I: I shouldn’t have showed her that thing I showed her. Is that correct?

Forces: Would you like us to tell you what this entity just said?

I: Yes.

Forces: He is sitting up here and he is saying, “What thing?” But you did exactly what you had to do. And this entity, mind your business.

I: If I’m supposed to lay quiet and rest and all that, who am I going to help in the house?

Forces: Well, you can always have straps hooked up to your knees. You will do what you will have to. Question.

I: E and SA, the situation and the letter that we received from SA, is that for real? Or is that…

Forces: We will watch the situation. But remember, he would be turning out to be a good one if he put everything he had into it. At this moment, we will turn off. We have spent a very enjoyable evening with you. This room seems to be very accessible to our force-field now at the moment. If you have problems, come in here and sit down and we will help you out. Think about it. The U.N., there should be a meditation to the U.N. at the end of July. We will give you more dates on that in the next Session. At that time we’ll talk about the White Brotherhood, all right, JE?

I: Can I ask another…

Forces: Go ahead.

I: About the… which organization? Is it something that works for Israel? The only organizations I’m aware of are the ones that are collecting money.

Forces: You will find the right one.

I: That we all should get involved in. Also any specific disciplines in the house? Since it seems we are… fell right into the other forces. Should we hold special prayer sessions…

Forces: I would advise you all to talk to one another. In your discussions you will find your unity. We are finished for the moment. Have a good evening.

The Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…