Session 57-7/20/74

Greetings to all of you. This evening is that of great importance to the benefit of the group. It is a time for the first many movements forward. This room that you are sitting in is to be called that of a new place of meeting. There will be many changes here and many changes within the structure of this house. Many movements in thoughts. We here will repeat that our ships are roaming and scanning the area. You all here present have been in the Atlantean empire. Just as we have scanned at other times, we now scan this time. Some of your names at that particular experience were so interesting. It led much in your development. Everyone here in this room were those who migrated to Egypt. They taught, healed, and created a new force in the earth. For the name called R, her name at-that time was ‘Sinzinee,’ ‘Sinzinee,’ ‘Sinzita’ or what would be close to the name in this vocal force ‘Zintius,’ more so ‘Little Zintius,’ meaning in this or that language at that time, Little Spirit or Pure Spirit, or Lazy Spirit or Spirit of Flower. ‘Zinseen’ was of a creation in which dealt with stones and beads. This particular lifetime would be exceptional if she made jewels and costumes at home to sell. This would be her area of endeavor in making tremendous strides and advancements and physical therapy. For the one who is named RU, her name at this particular time was, believe it or not, ‘Ruftus,’ which meant dog-bite. Or Spirit of the Wolf or Spirit of the Hound. ‘Ruftus Wolf,’ as it has come down to this terminology woof, woof. Such is a comedy; as you have seen, nothing has changed. It is strange how the society that we live in as you call it carries over that element from other incarnations. Woof, woof. In that particular lifetime she was a hound, hounded everyone she met. She also had a long tail, and the freckles are the evidence of scales at that particular lifetime, which is that what was worked off in the Temple of Beautification. The forces in that time experience developed the scales in such a way, that it reduced it to shades of color on the body, causing what is now known: freckle-face. There is a drink that is called Freckled-Face Harry or something in this area of soft drinks. Maybe she should go into the business as ‘Woof Woof Freckled-Face.’ Her experience at that time was to combine all the other children in the community and prepare them for travel. That is why she is so neat and orderly in preparing things. But at that time also she had to be kicked to move. She was so busy in preparing, that when it came time to move, she was still preparing. ‘Ruftus.’ As you should know, there was no second name in this incarnation. For one name vibrates the soul’s vibration. And that is how these souls were named. Not by a family name, but by the elementation and what would be called prodigals of absorption of particular souls taking on characteristics of that vibrations was named after that said vibration. For the one who was named N, her name was ‘Ninaininom,’ meaning voice of the wind. ‘Ninaininom’ sings to many in this point she was in the Temple Beautiful healing the souls by her voice. ‘Ninaininom’ was that which came and healed all those that heard her voice. In this particular incarnation it is sad ‘Ninaininom’ does not use that power that is within her. For as we speak her name now, it incarnates and revelation of force within her that she cannot take. When ‘Ninaininom’ was that power of strength that she refuses to take on in this lifetime. Therefore, ‘Ninaininom’ needs to take on her new name. From this point on her name shall be ‘Ninaininom.’ For the one who’s named as you would call E, or what would be called Bella or what would be called Mother, her name at this particular incarnation was ‘Nokee-Eamo,’ ‘Nukee-Emu’ was that vibration meaning Door of Medicine, or Door of Cloth or Door of Healing by Cloth. This particular entity prepared silk-woven threads form that as you have-known today as the silkworm and there she wove healing cloth that was used for operations as can be used in this lifetime again. For cloth heals the body just as color does. For the one who is named (I), her name was ‘Su-Ar-Neen-Neen,’ – (I), meaning Voice of the Mother. This particular soul came from the planet Venus directly, therefore taking on the quality of leading the females into productivity and fulfillment of ‘fruitation,’ causing and creating that temple-in Egypt. For the one who is named DI, her name was ‘Deenimus-Deeninine.’ ‘Deenimus-Deeninine’ was that which is the Power of Force. She had the structure of molecules and worked directly with The Voice of The Mother. That is why they are now closely connected, for they had a relationship of strength and power which must be combined in this lifetime in order to fulfill themselves. But it was for this, which would be called the Temple Beautification and Temple Sacrifice, that they were both involved in absorbing the land called Egypt. The one who is named J, his name was ‘Bahkael,’ leader of the ‘Lyng’ or Leader of the Servant, or Servants of the Light. ‘Bahkael’ had tremendous battles not only around but within which still carries on in this lifetime. It was this force that caused problems in leaving Atlantis, for doubts and fears made it difficult to cooperation to be bettered. But in the end he chose to leave, but what an end to lead up to. For the one who is named JE, his name was ‘Mitinite.’ ‘Mitinite’ was that of the Stone Cipher, or one who was always involved in gathering these hideous stones and carrying them. We used him in building our boat only to find out that it sank from all these stones that were on the bottom of the base. ‘Mitinite’ was surely a heavy burden. The one who is named G, his name was ‘Gaibia,’ which meant exactly what it means today: leading and summoning the people to meetings. Also he had a great gift of sensitive warmth that should be developed in this lifetime. For the one who is named L, his name was ‘Lamatis,’ which meant one who helped-those in time of sadness. That is why his nature is a strong one, but he had to be that quality in that time. The one who is named D, his name was ‘Luvial-Soon.’ I tried my best. ‘Luveashman’ was one ‘schmimmed’ all over the place. He was the builder of what would called the eternal flame and this entity I will not go into at this moment or else he’ll “Ishmael” all over the place. The one… did we forget you, DA? Yes? Did we?

DA: No. You didn’t forget me.

_Forces_: Then what is your name?


_Forces_: For the one who is named B, his name was ‘Bidus-Nidus-Sectus-Niput’ or just call him B. ‘Bidus-Nidus-Sectus-Nitus’ was an insect. This entity went and help to develop the insect world that was predominantly servants of man. ‘Bidus-Nitus’ was the original name, which means “Two Waves of Energy” or “The Decision of Energy.” For the one who is named DA, his name was ‘Cachen-Cachen,’ for short, ‘Ca-Ca.’ This was your name. It is not my fault for this time people associate ‘Ca-Ca’ with ‘Doo-Doo.’ You were the one that ran around with ‘Ca-Ca’, which means Grumble, Grumble. That is exactly what the words mean, Grumble-Grumble, for when you do that you have to grumble, grumble. And this one in this particular lifetime went around looking, always looking. So we just named him Ca-Ca. DA… do you know your name?

DA: I sure do.

_Forces_: JE, your name.

JE: Mitimus?

_Forces_: I can see after I go around asking your names, it will be entirely different from what I gave you. N?

N: Ninaininom.

_Forces_: LY?

LY: You didn’t give me one.

_Forces_: R?

R: Zintinus?

_Forces_: RU?

RU: Ruftus.

_Forces_: L?

L: Lamatius?

_Forces_: J?

J: Micael?

_Forces_: DI?

DA: Ca-Ca. Oh, I’m sorry…

_Forces_: DI, please. It seems like you have that on your mind. DI?

DI: Deena.

_Forces_: (I)?

I: I can’t remember. (I) and something else in front of it.

_Forces_: Voice of the Mother.

I: Thank you.

_Forces_: B?

B: Bitus-Nitus-Sectus-Nitus.

_Forces_: The insect fighter. The insect fighter E, your name is?

E: I don’t know.

_Forces_: And you don’t care.

E: I don’t remember.

_Forces_: Don’t remember. Nonsense.

E: Nonsense?

_Forces_: Nonsense. Nonsense. Give me some nonsense.

E: Mumzer?

_Forces_: For the one who is named LY, your name was ‘Liedia.’ So it is not our mistake that we did not give you a name, for your name was given ‘Liedia.’ You were the one who took that which is the flute and sang it and gave it, received it, swallowed it, ate it, consumed it. You had the power of creating a household in this particular lifetime and gathering the forces of many people and nations to prepare them for movement. Has there been anyone I did not give their name to?

I: S?

_Forces_: S’s name was ‘Sola-Eenus more properly, ‘Solanus.’ And for VR: her name was ‘Thanky-Thanky’ or ‘Tanky-Tanky. You will find this soul quality always going around with a ‘Thanky-Thanky’ look or commonly known as ‘mine, mine’ or ‘kindness.’ This represents the word, “to be kind.” ‘Thanky-Thanky.’ We are finished giving you this instrument of creation and destruction. Use it to your advantage. Questions.

B: Would you… could you explain the two waves of energy phrase that you used in describing my name and what I did in Atlantis?

_Forces_: There are the energies of helping communication and showing the light to these species so they could be appropriately used as servants. As far as what you did in Atlantis, it was a negative force-field around you. This is not a destructive one, nor positive, but it was a neutral one. In Egypt was where you turned for the better under the influence of guidance. But as far as Atlantis, you did have a great role in power in creating its own destruction. Question.

N: Why do I have a fear of being left behind?

_Forces_: Because in Atlantis you did not leave the land. In a physical sense you were forced to leave on a spiritual sense. You did not leave under your own volition. You were carried off and away to Egypt. Question.

L: This time period, were we together as a group?

_Forces_: Just as I said.

L: Thank you.

RU: Is there anything that can be given about the child at this time? The fact that… how I can change the effect that I’m already having?

_Forces_: To change your outlook and what you think others should do that would be noticed. Question.

DI: About my health and my teeth and my hair, what can you suggest? Maybe a diet or something?

_Forces_: We have a nice one. Take a vat of vinegar juice. Mix it with three parts of pickle juice. Mix that along with hot mustard and stick your whole body into it up to your neck. And then take a dictionary and read it from the beginning to end. By that time you won’t be worried about… your hair should be washed with what would be called ‘minsin’ oil, that is lubrication of that of spilling a great deal of oil into your hair and rubbing it in. Leaving it there until someone notices it and puts you away. Drying it fast. Removing the oil and going in the sun for a few minutes running back out, going downstairs, standing on your head, breathing through your nose, opening the door, looking out, going back in, picking up the carpet, sweeping under it, putting it down, brushing your teethe, eating a piece of dirt, spitting it out, going upstairs, opening the door, walking outside, and yell, “Stupid.” Lots of carrots would be good for you at this moment; of course the oil would be good also, and sun, and exercise, and standing on your head until you’ve had enough, and regular bowel movements would be interesting. Question.

J: Can I resume work on indexing the Sessions that I had begun at one time?

_Forces_: We would say, yes, most definitely. Question.

J: Is there any advice or guidance on what would be the best way to do it?

_Forces_: I would say to you, go into the drugstore. Ask him his name. Coming back, writing it down, going to the candy store, buying a pack of gum, chewing it, sticking it on your nose, sitting upstairs, turning on the light, putting pen in your hand, and writing, “stupid.” The best way to do it is by the category that was covered during the Session. Health, medical, dental, respiration, biological incarnation, boldly instructions on love. Question.

I: The ark, except the painting of it, is it done? Sanded satisfactorily? Or how… is it finished… or…

_Forces_: We would only say, “ahhhh.” But we have to do. Question.

I: For DI’s teeth, was that included in the diet?

_Forces_: Carrots.

I: Thank you. Carrots.

_Forces_: Also, her diet lately has cut off the calcium benefits. We would say too much beans could add this at times. Lots of water must be drunk.

I: How about the meat, and…

_Forces_: This should be no problem if sustained. If not, to be with light meat.

I: For the entity Tom… Tom, should there anything be done physically?

_Forces_: He is a big baby. I personally will kick him. It is not to be worried about. It will be taken care of. He is a big baby. I will kick him again.

I: No.

_Forces_: Kick him.

I: No.

_Forces_:… again. Question.

I: Thank you.

_Forces_: All he needs is someone to smack him in the head, to love him, to understand him, to tell him, to give him. It is understandable, for there is a weakness in his lungs at this moment. It is filling up with liquid. It is nothing to get alarmed about. Give him two weeks. And then we’ll get along together. There is nothing to get excited about. Relax, taking it easy, and moving on a slower level would be much more adequate, giving proper ventilation to this particular entity. Most of all, we are in charge of it. Question.

I: Thank you.

B: Can you tell us anything about former relations that DI and I have had that would help us in understanding our present situation and improving and grow?

_Forces_: You had a quite a bit of difficulty in Aztec Region, which you went to that of the material organizational level of gold. And she did not feel this is right. Being at this time great conflicts in life, which must be worked out in this lifetime. Question.

N: What is the painting above the stereo?

_Forces_: What is the painting above the stereo? Call it, “The Magic Den.” Question.

L: Is there something that can help me with my problem of patience and S?

_Forces_: Counting to ten before you react to tell him, seeing that things that are within him are the qualities that you have not yet mastered yet. Question.

L: Thank you.

G: Is there anything that I should be doing that I’m not doing?

_Forces_: You should be doing. Period. Question.

G: In Atlantis, was I involved in electrical stuff and…

_Forces_: You were involved in the force-field of ‘magnitudium.’ Question.

G: Thank you.

DI: What else was I involved in in Atlantis, and I don’t quite understand power of force… what… how does that relate to this lifetime? And what can I do now, with it?

_Forces_: Power of force meaning to convince, to make people understand the power of God. To do that in this lifetime is exactly what you should be doing. Question.

LY: Could you tell me about controlling temper and emotions?

_Forces_: Temper and emotions are those qualities within you that look for gratification. Selfishness, quality of rebellion, of getting attention. These qualities you must look into and correct yourself. Question.

DI: The truck that we want to get in Vermont now, is that a good one for us?

_Forces_: We would only say to proceed with God in your mind. Question.

J: Wasn’t that in some way the elements that we’ve been studying as the twelve tribes were combined together in some way in Atlantis?

_Forces_: Correct. Question.

I: The disciplining of VR is that…

_Forces_: Correct. Question.

I: Does she understand this?

_Forces_: Correct. She is a live wire. It is an accurate, accurate statement, in which discipline must be carried out immediately with the souls that are born in the earth so it becomes second nature. A lot of discipline and correction must be given to this young lady also. Question.

I: Which young… VR?

_Forces_: Correct.

DI: Where did I have difficulty with (I) formerly?

_Forces_: In this lifetime only…and in the lifetime that was in which this particular entity warned you for disaster that might come if you did not change. Doing not so change, the disaster did happen, which at that moment of ending your life, you were mad and determined to get even, thinking it was a personal curse that she put on you. That is why in this lifetime you come back with the idea that she is stopping you from doing things that you would want to do. This was experienced in the land called Asia. Question.

RU: The thing we read in The Enquirer about the man, the policeman that went into the spaceship, was what we discussed correct? And could you help us to understand that man? Is that part of your fleet, or…

_Forces_: We have many fleets throughout the galaxies and the earth. We have on several occasions taken specimens into the spaceship, analyze them, give them preservatives, give them what would be called a once over, and then releasing them. There are certain cases when we deliberately allow them to remember…what they have seen. In this case it was allowed to be done.

I: Is it… Is the shape that they described accurate or is it that which they can accept which is shown to them?

_Forces_: The shape is not as accurate as they would perceive. Through their perceptions they could only perceive in their third dimension what they think they saw.

I: So my understanding of five feet or fifteen feet is… is that correct?

_Forces_: It is the perception through the third dimension looking at the fourth.

I: So even when you come into the third dimension, actually you only project yourself into the third dimension or…

_Forces_: Correct.

I: …But still remain in the fourth? Thank you. Is there anything about my energy that it comes or just completely goes and… and…

_Forces_: This is what you call solar palpitation or that which is directly affected by the sun aspecting the planet of Venus, giving you energy and taking it from you.

I: So it has nothing to do with me doing things…right or wrong.

_Forces_: Definitely not. If anyone have been done with what you have done right and wrong, then it would make your test easier.

I: Thank you.

B: Could you give us any advice concerning our present life in Vermont and the work that DI and I should get involved in since I…

_Forces_: Lead this one day at a time. But you all both have a lot of progression to do. One day at a time, but slowly, leaving God to enter into your life consciously. We will do the rest.

B: Thank you.

N: What did the dream mean that I had two or three weeks back with boxes going up out of the ground and forming around people?

_Forces_: It means the qualities of self-projected thoughts that are earthly, that are putting people in boxes, limiting you from developing. Question.

B: A week ago Friday, I had an experience while driving back from Burlington where it seemed that something other than the radio was talking directly to me about a situation that I’m in in my life. Was… was that so? And could you amplify on what was said then, if it was so?

_Forces_: We would say that it was the quality of being that which is selfishness and desire to fulfill yourself as a developed human being. It is also that quality of listening and being receptive to the beyond. It has been experienced by many of us. Question.

B: Thank you.

RU: Is there any guidance you might… advice you could give me in regard to meditation?

_Forces_: To go up there and stay awake.

RU: Is there any way I can combat that better?

_Forces_: We would suggest you to go up there with a rattlesnake. Go up there with the idea of meditating and to have a conscious effort of not sleeping. Question.

E: Should I go for our holidays, Rosh Hashanah in some place or stay here?

_Forces_: It would be a most pleasant moment to relax and stay here.

E: Okay.

_Forces_: Question.

J: Is there any advice or guidance that you might give me on an area of study or something that I could go into reading?

_Forces_: What would be called the ‘Boog-A-Woo’ or the dance of the Fifties. (I) will teach you how to dance. If not, what would you like to study? We have a thousand and one different things. A) You can study how to have love for others around you. Read the biographies of all those who have done it. Question.

G: Can you tell me something about how to improve my prayers?

_Forces_: Your appearance?

G: No, my prayers.

_Forces_: Your appearance.

G: I don’t understand.

_Forces_: You will. Question.

R: Is there any guidance or more that I could have before the birth of the child?

_Forces_: To know correctly that we are beaming this child through you. Question.

I: With R’s mother…

_Forces_: ‘Hthinas-desmun-inaughmun’ in short, a pain in the ass. And that does not mean donkey. It mean, “Jack.” What would be known if we had this entity on this side, what predicament she would be in. We would have to oil her teeth. We ask you this more: that your parents must be looked upon with love, respect, and admiration. This must be given to them, but please, do not allow them to take away what would be called your respect, and admiration, and love for one another. Strive constantly to communicate with your parents with love and understanding. Also know when it is dangerous and harmful to do so, for the group’s sake and for your sake. It is at this moment dangerous, hoping in the future to reconstruct it. Question.

I: Was… was I accurate? Was it you telling Tom that evening about the job? About his job?

_Forces_: It would be accurate. Question.

J: Can you… is there something that you might explain about the relationship between the archangel Michael and Thomas?

_Forces_: We would say that they look out for one another.

B: The last time DI and I were at one of these sessions, you told us that you had placed guards around our house. And asked…

_Forces_: That is to prevent you from breaking out.

B: Is the altar and flag that we have built… can… are they adequate? Can they be improved?

_Forces_: They are adequate for the moment. Very good. Quest…

B: Is…

_Forces_: Question.

B: Is there any cause for concern with our water supply at the house up there.

_Forces_: We would tell you. Put your hand in it, and say the prayer: “Didamus, Didamus felictus.” Sounds Latin. But it means, “Dirty, dirty, dirty.”

B: Thank you.

_Forces_: In short, it means, “Lord, wash away my sins.” Question.

D: Could you help me with my job? Should I try for a better position or change to a better position?

_Forces_: We would tell you to be conscious of your efforts of every little thing that you do there and develop upward. Question.

I: The changing of the rooms is it… is it accurate? Or could you give us…

_Forces_: The one who comes in you to help you to change this room in our ship is called “Dinky.” That is a short name. It is called ‘Dacin-musi-dialimusalu.’ We just call him Dinky.

I: And what does it mean?

_Forces_: One who creates order. We needed him a lot in our spaceship. You have seen nothing. We had all these, what would be called magnetic ‘fartos,’ sounds like I am cursing, but it is true. We had all these magnetic ‘fartos’ all over the place. I had one in my head. Hurted, real bad. Until Dinky over and created order. Now all these ‘fartos’ are hitting me in another place. Dinky is still helping us out. It is one who creates order…

[End of Side A]

_Forces_: …not listening. But remember, Dinky is watching. He’ll create order.

I: Is there anything else in the house that I should be taking care of that I’m not?

_Forces_: You’ve got your hand in everything. The kitchen needs to be going over one more time. Also the upstairs bedrooms need to be looked at. Downstairs material room needs to be re-evaluated. All these are the little things that means order. But there are greater things.

I: That’s what I mean.

_Forces_: Patience, fortitude, wisdom. Creation is coming; soon you will be getting answers. Question.

I: Thank you.

RU: The thing that’s happening in my right calf, is that…

_Forces_: That thing that is happening to your right what?

RU: Calf. It started a couple of days ago.

_Forces_: Right calf did you say?

RU: The bottom part of my leg.

_Forces_: Massages are needed. Heat treatments at times. Remember, a calf does need what would be called, lots of room to run in. Question.

I: When some day we will be able to… to see you, will it also be through the third dimension looking into the fourth dimension, or will we be able to see you as you really are?

_Forces_: We’ll invite you to us one Sunday evening for dinner. And I will have my tux on. You will see us in the evening. When you will need to see us we will be there. You will see us like we are. Question.

D: What does a winged-serpent mean?

_Forces_: A winged-serpent means a serpent that has a wing.

D: What does it mean on your badge?

_Forces_: On our what?

D: On your badge… on your, you know…

_Forces_: Let us not get personal. It means the evolution of the kundalini and conquering it. Question. We ask you now, all of you, to eat with chopsticks, wood. Blunt. Question.

I: For real, with wooden sticks?

_Forces_: Chopsticks. Question.

RU: How can we eat soup?

_Forces_: You put it in and… put it in the soup and wait for it to dehydrate. Eating the food with the chopsticks would be interesting. Eat it with the food at least fifty-five per cent of the time. Question.

G: Could you give me any advice about my job?

_Forces_: You are filled up with questions. I would say do a rain dance in the middle of the floor, pick your nose, and do your hardest in working. You have done your worst, now do your best. Question. Good, it seems like your minds are boggled at the moment. Be watchful and careful of the household areas. Be on your guard for your own depressions. Of course the child that is coming, should be here soon. But you all must have what would be called a group unity in prayer to prepare.

I: Can I ask a question?

_Forces_: Question.

I: Should we take a room here?

_Forces_: It is not needed at the moment. If needed, you will receive it. Question has been answered. Remember, there are many things we haven’t even started yet. Reviewing of the Sessions, that of reviewing of the Bible, that of your prayers- and meditation, food, diet. You must keep moving. We are interestingly proud of certain things. Keep moving. We will be seeing you again shortly. Prepare yourselves for the child. It will be soon. Until we meet again, thank you. Have a good evening.

I: Thank you.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…