Session 58. 10/7/74

Greetings to all here. It has been a while since we have spoken to all. It is that we have chosen it this way. As you are aware, tonight only through your individual progression can we become closer to answering and giving particular solutions to your problems. Days to come will be severe ones. This would be called the season of recording or the season of reckoning. The situation in this country will be a terrible one for all those who are selfish. It will be that of fires and great destruction on what would be called long expressways. Forces of floods to come in that of the Midwest once more. Internal chaos as far as looking deep into that of internal corruption. We would look again to the Far East and also to the Middle East. All in all things look pretty gloomy in that of contents in days to come. There is nothing that you already do not know that we have told you. So now is the beginning of those days. We are beginning to be involved in major figures in this country in taking over, period. It will be some time before this can be truly manifested. Will watch for the bridges to be built. As for the group, for this new situation of future days, nothing can be accomplished when there is disharmony, discontent, and lack of cooperation on spiritual developments. This also means when desire for spirituality becomes secondary, then all the material things will fall away. That is not a threat, for that is a natural law of things. When you seek for worldly comfort ability, you are seeking to kill yourselves. In this particular time, you are running a race. If you stop, then your knees will buckle up and you will fall down in a severe crash. You must continue to run at the pace that you are at, to cover the distance, and not to slow. To move with the movement that has already been started for you. As far as this new home that you are seeking, watch your moods. As you enter to see it, it will depend upon your going. In this atmosphere, if negativity exists in seeking for a home, there will be none given. Therefore, union of cooperation, harmony, and love must be accomplished in order for you to receive with this home. We have designed it to be this. For those are the areas in which will be constructed many understanding insights of that which you are and that which you will become. Remember, again, as I said, your desires will manifest more and more into a realistic viewpoint of cooperation or chaos. It would have to be up to what you would desire. We will now be ready for your individual questions.

N: What did my dreams mean last night; all the running around and also the thing about the make-up and seeing the Japanese face?

Forces: This represents the running from those qualities that you must change. Japanese face represents your cruelty that you place upon not only yourself, but upon others. We would advise you to stop running and to take a look at what you are creating. It is a dream in which is telling you to slow down your desires.

N: Thank you.

DA: The dream that I had with my Dad in the car, and I think it was in Atlanta, could you explain that to me?

Forces: It represents getting into a closer relationship with the masculine side of yourself, or the father-spirit within you. Atlanta represents that which is the position from South to North, which represents sensual changes that must be accomplished by your associating with the masculine side or father-image or that which is God.

DA: Thank you.

G: Can you help me to understand how I might better help Hotep?

Forces: Repeat your question.

G: Could you understand… help me to understand how I might better help Hotep?

Forces: Repeat your question.

G: Could you help me to understand how I might better help Hotep and myself and the relationship there? I don’t understand it.

Forces: By not becoming lazy when you have to speak your question. By producing, by working hard, by sacrificing.

G: Thank you.

RU: In Chapter Seventeen of Matthew when Jesus is talking about Elias it says, “And the disciples understood that he spoke unto them of John the Baptist.” Why wasn’t that taken out of the Bible when they took everything else out about reincarnation?

Forces: Because at that time they were moving very fast and they slipped it… slipped by it because of the political uneasiness and because of the closing of what would be called the Councils at that time.

RU: Why is it that people when they read it on a regular level can’t… don’t see it?

Forces: There are a lot of things people will not see on a regular level. Even you yourself.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: I would advise to close the question, too.

RU: I’m sorry, I did not hear the last part.

Forces: Let someone else tell it to you.

D (to RU): Go on to question two.

Forces: Not at this moment, Later. Question.

L: Could you give us some help that would put some spirit back into our Search For God groups?

Forces: Yes, V-8 Juice. A little bit of gin. It is a sad condition that you would have to ask such a question of me. I would advise you to get your spirit back into it, even if it means changing the text of it to supply some information and enlightenment to that question. Why must it be always exciting or excitement that holds your attention? Life is not geared this way. For only the true adept soul knows that it is a constant work day in and day out, not seeking for excitement, but looking to serve God within. All those who find their attention loose it on this level are not really interested in the spiritual road.

L: Thank you.

I: There was something said about Jesus not being the one that died on the cross, but his brother. That he was in Japan at that time.

Forces: Let this be said at this moment. Jesus died on the cross. There is no doubt in our mind, for we were there and witnessed it. We and others. Jesus died in Cavalary, on the cross. As this entity tried to test your faith, so it was the biggest test of all. Such is the book of Lobsang Rampa testing the faith of others. It is geared this way that all those who see it, will react internally. This is what we have planted. This is what we have done. It is not his particular fault. It is what we want done.

I: Have I… have I passed or not passed the test?

Forces: Let us say, you are still our friend.

I: Thank you. About the Sun Myung Moon movement and the things that are happening and the things… who is Sun Myung Moon?

Forces: That is what we would like to know.

I: Is it beginning to fall?

Forces: As far as we are concerned, this has never risen. You will see a tumbling before October comes, a crumbling of the system, internal strife, chaos, and discord, corruption and sexual perversions.

I: Will the people like Myhoko and these people, will they actually understand what’s happened?

Forces: There will be those who refuse to see it.

I: What will happen to them? Where will they go?

Forces: They will return back from where they have come from.

I: Still believing that…

Forces: Still believing what they have started. That is why it is good to go there in a good heart to prepare those for this moment…hoping to save some mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I: Thank you. The… I can’t remember his name… Mendel, I believe, that has been upon spaceships or on little ships from people from Venus and Saturn and… and…

Forces: Interesting fellow. Isn’t he? Completely from left center.

I: Is that true what he is saying?

Forces: As we have just said, completely on left center. It is interesting, what he has said. But remember, we have no part with him.

I: Are there people, entities on Venus that… that could be manifested on this earth? I mean… I don’t mean through rebirth. I don’t know what I mean. Can a thing like this what he is telling happen?

Forces: A thing like this cannot happen… for this particular time. Remember, it can happen at another particular time. We do not know him nor understand why he carried on with such a nonsense. Venus is used as a stopping or a place of refreshment for other inter-force relations. It is not to be mixed or devouged with soilent or earthly population movements. Therefore, what he has spoken is only half of what he preconceives to be true. It is not the full essence of the truth. It is only two percent.

I: But has he had any experiences that he… maybe thought he had something…

Forces: Experiences is trivial on a subconscious level.

I: Thank you. But he had one chapter in the book, just one chapter where he…

Forces: Isn’t that appropriate? We seem to filter in in the best way, but minute.

I: This is the only part that confused me about this book.

Forces: It is the only part that was true.

I: Yes. But it didn’t fit with the rest of it.

Forces: So do we not fit with the rest of it?

I: Thank you. With the house that we’re going to see this weekend, if… can this be our house with this group? Will we be worthy?

Forces: All depends upon their attitudes.

I: Now, the thing I have spoken to T privately, is it accurate or un-accurate? Should it be done this way? Or shouldn’t it be done this way?

Forces: This particular question should be the least of our problems, for it deals with the material. Therefore, the group is founded on a spiritual ideal, and not a physical. If the group finds it on a material, then it is better off not receiving the house.

I: Oh, I see. Thank you. Now, the things that… with the children, with the babies, am I receiving correctly or am I not?

Forces: The babies at this time are becoming frustrated because of the projections from the mothers’ possession or possessiveness causing confusion. But in time it will work out. It is working to schedule now. The mothers must learn to care for the babies in love and not to care for them mechanically as we have seen the babies who they have changed to. They do the act. They do not have love. They have a mechanicalness. Their concern is still with their children. Therefore, it is only wise that you change that and stop possessing that child and move to the one that has been given to you to watch. Do not become mechanical with your love or else your children will turn on you… in the same mechanical way.

I: Thank you.

JE: The other night we were discussing the crystal and the fact that…

Forces: I would say it was not we, but it was you. You are the persistent one.

I: Me?

Forces: The one asking the question.

JE: Is it true that there is one of the crystals still on the Atlantic? And is it any way connected with the Bermuda Triangle?

Forces: It is strange how you are still persistent. You were responsible for the tuning of also this crystal in that time of Atlantis. That is your desire to know all about it this time. We, at this moment, refuse to give you the information personally.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: You are most welcome. Stay out of this. Do not get involved in something that has destroyed once.

D: Can you help me with what I should be doing now?

Forces: Yes. We would advise you to go down South and find the terrible crystal and give it to JE. It would blow his brains. Remember, do not put yourself under any given environmental image, situation. You have removed yourself from many of the fields of negativity. You are progressing steadily into many of the adept occult fields of precognition or that which is called receiving from us. But it’s only the beginning. You have a habit of falling on your head when you begin to think something will be given to you. Do not get concerned over the trivial. But you have passed many of the force fields, to enable you to receive. You have been centered and channelled and tuned in which to receive accurate information in future days to come.

D: Thank you.

R: Is there some guidance that I could work with on the things that have been given to me lately on my physical desires and…

Forces: We would only say to you look at them and acknowledge them as being.

R: Is there something when I find myself becoming possessive mentally with Miriam, since we’re working on it physically now we’re separated more?

Forces: We know that.

R: How can… should I pray for something so that it could be better?

Forces: And then take an Alka-Seltzer. What has been said earlier is sufficient.

R: Thank you. Can I ask… in the beginning around the Genesis time, it says that man fell into the earth and then that Adam and Eve came to work the way out of the earth again, but that the animals were already on the earth and that the planet earth was already there next to the other planets. What if… if man hadn’t fallen in earth supposed to be?

Forces: Earth was supposed to be a vegetable garden. Evolution of plant, mineral, and rock, vegetable, and mammal form.

R: Would the animals supposed to evolve?

Forces: Yes, but not to its present state of evolution at this moment.

R: Thank you.

N: Should the group start having Bible classes again? Even if it means without…

Forces: We would advise you to fit it into your busy schedule book. Serve crumpets and tea then have your Bible class. What am I to say? It is sad that you’re asking such questions.

DA: Is the moon totally black force?

Forces: No.

DA: Then do the white forces have a base there also?

Forces: No.

DA: No?

Forces: Yes.

DA: And the other planets in the other galaxies, were there ever an entity like the rebellious Satan who caused chaos like he’s caused on the earth?

Forces: Yes.

DA: In all the other galaxies.

Forces: Not all of them. Just a few.

DA: Were they also archangels?

Forces: No.

DA: Thank you.

Forces: Quite welcome.

RU: Do you mean that it’s the priests of Moses that have created the Sphinx and all the thought forms around them of protection?

Forces: Correct.

RU: When did these priests go back to Egypt?

Forces: When they were hungry.

RU: Have I understood correctly the dream that was given to me last night.

Forces: Accurate information. More than accurate. Precise.

RU: Thank you.

L: Can you tell us about the painting in the dining room?

Forces: Very nice. I like it. The painting in the dining room is our home base.

I: The money that we’re, sending to Rampa, Lobsang Rampa, well should we continue?

Forces: It will be continued for three more times. Then it will end for a period.

I: Thank you. Is there anything that the group should… or that we should do with Jehu?

Forces: To watch very sensitively and caring for one another the same feeling that you would have others care for you.

I: The man-that wrote the book SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL, he also wrote the other one which is so wonderful, even in this book there are many things that are so good. And yet he has such a… well, I feel that he has a barrier against…

Forces: He is gradually going away from what we had meant him to do.

I: Why?

Forces: His own personal pride and proving of himself to others around him.

I: Is it because he feels that he isn’t psychic in any kind of magnificent way then all psychicness should be destroyed?

Forces: The only psychicness he has is when he has to go to the bathroom. He perceives when to go into the bathroom. Psychicness is developed not from his own, it was given to him. Again his own personal pride.

I: What’s the difference between somebody that develops psychicness from himself and somebody that just gets it whenever you want it?

Forces: Those who receive it of themselves will fade away, but those who receive it from us well, you will have your answer.

I: Oh, thank you. Was Joe Meade at one time used by you? At the…

Forces: Oh, definitely.

I: Is he still used?

Forces: On occasions.

I: Thank you.

JE: Is it true that the sun… it’s a frozen… a frozen star or a frozen planet?

Forces: It is dead. Out.

JE: Then in the Genesis class we had here, I would explain that like our solar system is… is completely closed off from the rest of the universe, I think, if I still remember it correctly. And that it’s only through you that the sun gets its energy and its power. How does…

Forces: Doesn’t that stand for reason?

JE: But also there was like an opening between… but like our… like our solar system or galaxy and the rest of the universe. It was closed off. Is it… could you explain more about that and how the sun… how the energy is beamed down to the sun? And where is the energy coming from?

Forces: In this particular galaxy we have closed off the electrical impulse fields migrant of inter-cosmos. It is closed off at point one-eight-six, galactic gillion tetril light years. At this point all vibrations return back into your galaxy. This is done in order to preserve the harmony in other galaxies around. The sun receives its energy from an internal source that is what would be called a ray-reflector that is sending out dead energy. And dead energy produces that which is dead. The spiritual sun is within you and is more alive than the sun in the sky. That is why meditation is much more important than looking outward. For inward is the true sun. And if one taps on it, he will find the true energy to preserve his life.

JE: Thank you.

I: Am I… Am I also falling because I’m involved in the material things, like doing the things on the material… things like the house, the… in the house the furniture?

Forces: Well, we would advise you to balance your life accordingly. We are concerned meditations are not held as they once were. That is all we have to say.

G: Did RU understand her dream from last night?

Forces: It might take her a long, time to understand; an possum is faster than she is.

G: Thank you.

RU: Is it correct that the entity ‘RU’ that was in the Edgar Cayce The Story of Jesus book, is that… do I have… was I similar to that woman? Could I have been that woman?

Forces: We would not say you were that great; we would only say you have the qualities of being negative in that way.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: For that particular lifetime past you did exactly the same.

RU: You mean another time I did the same thing she did then?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Could you give us something about the true meaning or the real meaning of sacrifice?

Forces: Wasn’t that something you were supposed to do?

RU: Yeah. Just in doing it, it sort of seems like it cancels itself out on the real level, on what we think is this level. From what I is giving us about the offerings of the people, that everything belongs to God anyway…

Forces: Correct.

RU: So if we give up something of value, the things that are really of value belong to God. So I’m thinking I’m missing the boat on sacrifice all together.

Forces: I would say so. You measure how much you give to God as a worthy sacrifice. The one who gives to God without measuring it, that is the worthy sacrifice.

G: That is also… is that also what happened with Cain and Abel and with Jacob and Essau?

Forces: It represents the qualities within us to utilize which is naturally given to us without any hesitation. To love without any hesitation on anyone’s part. To give up that seed which is within us in true love and hesitate not in that of giving and replenishing the earth.

G: Thank you.

I: The Torah, is it the right place where we’re going to look at it?

Forces: The correct place should be within.

I: What higher deities are you calling in to work with us and why? Who are those higher deities?

Forces: They are our friends. They are that which governs areas of operation laid out for them in the beginning of time.

I: You mean that a prayer becomes an actual entity working itself sort of out and that’s the prayer finally manifested?

Forces: Correct.

I: The other day when I gave like a little analogy to S about our prayers being like little flowers is that…

Forces: As you… It is a shame that other people do not perceive it as such.

I: How is S progressing?

Forces: He is doing good.

I: Was the Watergate affair the one which a year ago or, at this moment maybe more than a year ago, two years ago you predicted about the fall of a government?

Forces: What would you say?

I: Yes. A major government, which to me sounds like this one.

Forces: Then, that is it.

I: Thank you.

Forces: Along with other major governments, too, that fell.

I: Yeah. That’s… so many governments fell in this past year.

Forces: How nice.

I: Does it mean what you said in the beginning that through those new governments you are… you are sort of selecting those new governments?

Forces: That is what we said in the beginning.

I: Oh, so you can work through them. You’re selecting people you can work through?

Forces: Correct.

I: And then Ford’s wife taking ill, was it to remove her from his… from influencing him?

Forces: As this entity did say, yes. The wife of the President influenced him on gratifying his material security. In the present condition now, he is turning to his daughter, which is a spiritual enlightenment.

I: Is all this over?

Forces: You will see.

I: Now there is somewhere said that Thomas went with Jesus to Japan. Is that correct?

Forces: This is accurate.

I: But he came back before his ministry?

Forces: This is accurate.

I: You answered already my second question? Is that correct? The one I didn’t complete?

Forces: During the time of the crucifixion and prior to it, Jesus, Thomas, John left to go to India and Japan. While Jesus was in Japan, he transmigrated his body to Calvary, being in Japan and on Calvary at the same time, dying for all physical awareness in Calvary and transporting it from Japan to Cavalry. John, Thomas helped Jesus disappear and left them stranded, returning back by ship finding out that Jesus died, which was a shock to Thomas who could not believe it. And you know the rest of that story.

I: So that that he has a grave in Japan… if I understand correctly, he died actually simultaneously in Japan, too?

Forces: Correct.

I: So, he actually… was there any other place where he died simultaneously? Or is it just Japan?

Forces: It is what would be called not to be answered at the moment. This is enough for you to handle.

I: That’s why Thomas had such a hard time believing.

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you. But John didn’t.

Forces: No.

I: Thank you.

RU: Did John transmigrate, too, since he was at the foot of the cross?

Forces: John came back in a different form like unto the Revelation. Thomas was the only one that then, what would be called then, came back by boat. Remember, Thomas and John went to India. But it was Thomas that went to Japan alone. It was John that left Japan, leaving Jesus and Thomas in Japan alone. At that time John returned at that moment to be with the whole institute. It is strange. All those was there. The correlation of the time element for the Last Supper was that which is the Garden of Gethsemane. And all apostles were there, for they came and went in a different form. Thomas was not present in the form we know it at the Last Supper.

I: Then T then Thomas could have also done the same thing in coming to the cross. Why didn’t he? Or did he?

Forces: Because of that which is burying of the body this particular time…fear, grief, shock. But this traveling was not a normal boat traveling. He traveled at greater speed because of a wind in back of it.

I: But he wasn’t at the crucifixion, Thomas?

Forces: In a form, yes. This is what made it complicated for him to understand. This is what makes it complicated for you all to understand. For this whole segment of the crucifixion was the ultimate in the play. And in the ultimate of plays, everything seems to be happening all at once.

RU: Thank you.

I: Then when Jesus said to John, ‘You take care of my mother,’ or something to that effect, he really wasn’t talking to John, but to a spirit of John. Or to, as you said, a Revelation, which means to you.

Forces: He was talking to John physically.

I: Was Mary also taken up?

Forces: Correct.

I: How long afterwards?

Forces: A period of twenty-two or what would be called two years, two months.

I: Why isn’t there any mention about it in the Bible?

Forces: It is interesting not to worry about that. So much is not mentioned in the Bible, that if it was people would not even think of it to believe in Jesus any more.

I: You mean it wouldn’t suit what we…

Forces: Correct.

I: All the predictions that Jesus has made in Chapter Twenty-four of Matthew, have they already come true? Or is it now?

Forces: It is an evolution of the spiritual development of mankind that will take millenniums for it to be accomplished.

I: So things are happening in our generation, too, that he has predicted.

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you.

DA: The Second Coming that is talked about so much, will this be the final coming for the entity Jesus?

Forces: It would be the final coming for the old pattern.

DA: Then Jesus will be for many more…

Forces: Correct.

DA: It’s a fulfillment of a stage of development?

Forces: Correct.

I: So actually the earth is in what then? In its first stage then?

Forces: New stage.

I: But since the beginning as we know it till Jesus’ time there was nobody like Jesus or that brought forth this kind of thing for millions after himself to carry on or to…

Forces: Remember, Jesus is the sum total of everyone’s cooperation.

I: Yeah. And there was nobody else that was a sum total of everybody’s cooperation before him.

Forces: Not to that particular extent.

I: So, if he’s a finishing of one point and since this is the only point we know of from the Bible or from anywhere that we can know, is it like the first stage? And there will be like more stages…

Forces: Correct.

I: … of development?

Forces: Correct. Correct.

I: Will it be in he physical form? Or will there no more be a physical form?

Forces: The physical form must develop upward to a more etheal form-again.

I: Thank you. The slaves of Atlantis who… who… who gave them a soul? Since they were monsters and not according…

Forces: They did not have a soul. They were robots.

I: They never received a soul?

Forces: Correct.

I: Were they robots, only a fleshy body instead of metal? Or was it actually metal?

Forces: Robots in thought forms. Not metal.

I: Then these entities have never progressed anywhere else? That’s it.

Forces: There is not progression. They were stagnant. They did not exist.

I: Thank you.

G: Is Thomas and Jesus and all of them, are they kind of like all the same soul because they’re all the same spirit?

Forces: We’re all the same spirit…

[End of Side A]

Forces: … You will know.

I: When is the time that these people are drawn? What are the times that…

Forces: Those which are negative is the beginning. That which is positive is the end.

I: Does it mean that women are more susceptible to black forces?

Forces: Their centers are more open to it. Correct. They are more developed…

I: Thank you. Why does Miriam and Alexander Hotep look so much like just the mother?

Forces: Because it is the mother’s thoughts in this group that create a child.

I: Is there anything wrong with Miriam’s spine or is it just the laziness?

Forces: It is a gradual deflector muscle. It must be worked slowly, gradually.

I: And Hotep, is there anything wrong physically with him?

Forces: Not at this particular moment.

I: Thank you. How did…

D: Is there any particular book in the Bible that deals with the Great Pyramid? Or how do they mention the Great Pyramid in the Bible?

Forces: You will find it in Leviticus, in Proverbs; you will find it in Ezekiel; you will find it in Jeremiah.

D: Thank you.

I: How did from the spirit of the earth progress many forms? Do you mean man or beast or both?

Forces: Let’s say both.

I: That’s from Genesis, right?

Forces: Correct.

I: Then Lemuria was never manifest on a physical level?

Forces: Correct.

I: Was the white race created from the Carpathian Mountains? Or was…

Forces: It is…

I: I’m sorry.

Forces: Continue.

I: Or was it anywhere else that was manifested?

Forces: It was near these mountain forces. Remember, the pigmentation is taken on by the mineral structure of the terrain.

I: By the mineral structure?

Forces: The skin absorbs the mineral vibrations from the stones in the terrain.

I: So actually God did not create five races but he just put them in different spots and they created themselves.

Forces: Correct.

I: But then they have all developed different things…

Forces: Different mineral vibrations.

I: Is it true that the yellow race is now coming up?

Forces: It is destined.

I: China?

Forces: More like Mongolia.

I: Mongolia? Will they have fights with the Chinese and Koreans and…

Forces: We will see.

I: Thank you. Was Tibet mountains at that time or was it something else?

Forces: Fertile plains.

I: Plains. In America, is the terrain going to change where the weather where it’s cold it’s going to be hot? Or where it’s hot it’s going to be…

Forces: It will have a gradual inclination of warming in four and a half years.

I: When you will come down?

Forces: When we will do what we have to do.

I: I know that sometime along the line T is going to have to be in Israel in Jerusalem and I assume that if T’s going to be there, maybe you will be there. Is that…

Forces: As we move forward we will see that. We might be there; we might not be there. We might be there.

I: Thank you. How were the monsters of the sea created since man was first sea monsters, how were they created?

Forces: Man was a sea monster?

I: Maybe not, but wasn’t man created from the water?

Forces: Man was not created from the water of what you know it to be, but from the spirit of God; by the spirit that created man through it. Man evolved not from the water, but the physical body of man did.

I: Oh. It… was that physical body… the physical body evolved from the water?

Forces: Correct.

I: Then was that physical body a monster or what was the shape of it?

Forces: It gradually turned into monster characteristic when the spirit of man took on his form of rebellion.

I: Then the mermaids, is that what you mean about the physical body within the water?

Forces: Correct.

I: And that you created it. No?

Forces: We did not create the monsters.

I: No, no, I mean the physical body in the waters.

Forces: We created the sea and the evolution of such.

I: Thank you. Did they have any intelligence at that time?

Forces: They knew what they had to know. Now the people know nothing.

I: So at that point they were highly evolved.

Forces: Correct.

I: How do these physical monsters relate to Atlantis and their slaves?

Forces: The physical monsters related only to those that had people or souls guiding it. They were just servants. At this particular time we will end our thoughts. We ask again that you all be joined in harmony to work out your particular problems. There is so much to do in the future. Much work to be done. Do properly and remove it so we can give you other things to get done. We will be moving fast through the skies. You will be moving fast towards it. Until we talk with you again prepare yourselves. Discipline and work through the spirit of faith. Greeting to you all.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…