Session 59-10/16/74

There is those here, greetings to you. You must be aware now of a new purpose now. We are now watching again. The moment that you are all prepared is near. And it will bring uneasiness and discomfort; partial thoughts on the monetarial levels would be interesting. There is a great deal of friction going on now in that of political undertones, different parties which could cause a great deal of disturbances in this country. As far as the group is concerned with the house, this is not your house. But it is your house as far as what you have earned. This is responsible for everyone. We will not give you your physical house until spiritual development develops. That is, from this point on, a contrition of heart and cooperation of all those things done is the end. Now is the new beginning of tomorrow. From this must be the seeds of the future. It is all finished. Now comes new starts, new developments, new situations to be had by all. You can no longer depend upon past deeds and acts. If you all want the house, that is convenient on a physical level, then it must manifest first on a contrition and conviction on the spiritual level. This is that your God must be carried with you. Live it and breathe it wherever you go. As I said, it is the end and the beginning of a new cycle. That is the reason of the rains happening the past two days, washing and rinsing away all those negative forces. Now this moment starts a new development, a new life. All those past deeds must be innoticed. This stands for the group also. They must now climb onto new territory. Their past deeds must be wiped away, waiting for that which is the present. Forgiveness is in order and the act of love toward one another must be done today. A fresh, new start must be had if you will survive. Therefore, past deeds must be erased and forgotten. Go rather on the force of love rather than on physical appearance of things. For what appears to be physically wrong or right, what appears to be on the logical level this or that, by all means is something greater. Therefore, be not judges of people, but be yet receptacles of the love that comes through you to people. In short, be not judge or jury of no man. But be nothing of that which is in everything that which is not. Be only that which gives out love to all that you meet. This is a true soldier that will make it through these desperate times. There are not those individuals that are better than nor less than. For it does all depends upon you as an individual. For those things that tend to bother us, remember, it is a weakness. Those things that we see that must be corrected…must be corrected with love. As we have said, all things must be done with love, and not with fear, with avarice, with anger. For the house that you have seen, is only the manifestation of what you have done so far. Does this make sense? As far as all those other things involved, the losing of the dove is the losing of a consciousness and growing into a higher consciousness. It is meant to be this way. Now the dove goes on a spiritual, a spirit level, no longer the physical or tangible, but now must be the spirit of love that is no longer caged up, but free and allowed to roam. Let it be thy will that is cut, the will that is sacrificed. Questions.

RU: What does it mean that it was the cat that killed the dove? That attacked her?

Forces: Wanting that which is on a physical level, sports or games with one another. Also the spirit of love must be sacrificed for the king of desires., or the physical desires of the body. That is, the cat represents desires which must be sacrificed for the divine love principle, sacrificing of spilling of the substance of blood and making it that which is sacrificed.

RU: Thank you.

I: With the thing on my mind with the money, is there any advice that you can give me what to do?

Forces: As far as the money involving with the group: there is no need to worry. Things will be in control for a while, long enough for us to use it. You will be given a prewarning of what to do in the future with it.

I: So for the moment I should let it ride?

Forces: For the moment, as it is should be best suited for the moment. No need to worry.

I: Thank you. All that worry, it made me feel like I was so… becoming so materialistic. But yet on the other hand, I just want it to be used for the right thing.

Forces: What has to be done will be done. And will be done for the right ally. It is not the fear that worries you, but the accomplishment and our goals and mission. Therefore, do not worry about what you thought you appeared to be. But you were only being aware of what we were projecting to you. You have done a well job, a good job. You have accomplished one of major missions. That is, the sensitivity on the future along with the accomplishments of your past. To bring these individuals into that present moment in which they are all ready physically to cooperate together with one and another. This is a remarkable task that you have done for them They should look into it and appreciate it, not disregard it. Now comes harder tasks, harder disciplines, and more important accomplishments.

I: The discipline I have put myself on, that’s correct, isn’t it?

Forces: The discipline will be good for you, but as you will grow it. But do not be of somber heart with it.

I: Thank you. About DA, and… is there anything that we can do or… or anything, anyway…

Forces: It is advisable to let this or these individuals be. We have important items to get accomplished. If the time comes they are still stagnant, they will not live with us. There is no need to be concerned, but the idea is to keep moving onward with all the responsibilities that you must accomplish. If these individuals refuse and do retaliate or go back into their own sensual or physical or worldly encounterments, that is to their undoing. Do not let it become to your undoing by recognizing it or giving them what would be called too much time spent.

I: The group in Queens with Joe and Rose, for the man named Val, am I correct about what I’m thinking?

Forces: We would say it is more nearly accurate information, but on another level also. It is also that of what would be called dishonesty on the financial districts, too.

I: But is he also running with other women?

Forces: Thoughts are running wild within him. This is very capable and possible an answer would be, yes.

I: And the rest of the people in the group, is there anything we can…

Forces: Remember, the group is a manifestation of what the group in Flushing needs to learn. It is something that should be taken and received and understood. It is also those other ideas to move faith and move the group from their lazy inhibition not to move. And also to show the group what they could come to be: lazy and without movement and involved on the earthly level. It is important that we once again reaffirm our rededication to our spiritual principles rather than to our physical comfortability.

I: What was the thing that happened? Was it a mental thing that happened to Val because of his conscience catching up with him?

Forces: It is not only that idea, but a distress in which is in games he has played with many around him.

I: Thank you.

D: Is there anything that R and I could be doing together to bring more harmony?

Forces: It would not do you any harm to walk with her to places and investigate other ideas and excite what would be called creative energy. To read with her; to share with her the things that you have read at work to be with her; to show her more compassion. Be with her. Simple. And the wanting to pray and meditate with her should be stressed also. But most of all, to he patient like this entity did tell you. To be patient, for what she needs to learn will have to come slowly, for her development is slow.

I: For DI and B, is there anything that… is there any movement there? This last time it seemed to me they were maybe going backwards.

Forces: it is what would be called slow movements, appearing to be forward and backwards. Slow movements. This entity should try to keep in contact by letter or by short notes that will build his spirit up.

I: And for… for the people that we met in Vermont, that inn that we stayed, and all the other people we met there, is there… is there significance to all… what is the significance?

Forces: This is a representation of the thought-forms of sharing the spirit with the world. Also represents that which is on the worldly level ready to make you all comfortable rather than to share the spirituals ideas with the world.

I: Oh, so that’s why T’s mother’s kitchen…

Forces: It is a test whether you go in to spiritualize it or to get involved in it for the sheer sake of the material elements.

I: Comfortable coffee clutches.

Forces: Correct.

I: Is there anything for the entity Torn?

Forces: As we would advise your setting up of a system of meditation is excellent. It should he tried to work in another force or entrance again, which would work in harmony and beneficial for the future days to come.

I: Should I set it up different than what it was? The hours?

Forces: It would be well to keep them the same. But as the seasons, the cycles, and the time changes, so also will this change. For you two are generated; not by human standards, for you are both judged and worked with by our standards. Your standards are not to be found on a human aspect form. But on a very sensitive frequency form that we produce through you.

I: Is it correct that I had sometimes that feeling like… I had to… that I’m so… that I’m going… my mind is going so fast? The example that I gave that I have to slow it down?

Forces: There are times that you receive so much that you need to slow it down. There are times what you do receive cannot be put into this worldly experience. And there are times that on a worldly level you appear to receive things that does not jive with the spiritual level. This is the friction that goes on with E. But if you stay attuned with the spiritual incentives, then you will have no problem in bringing it into the earthly level.

I: You mean to say that sometimes what appears that I received I do not receive really?

Forces: What appears that you received is received. But is received by a higher field. To interpret it on a lower field causes trouble.

G: Is there anything that you could give us for the children?

Forces: We would watch them and to love them. Also to play a certain music in the room as they are sleeping and awake. Certain chanting-type music. Gregorian chants would be good for them. Constant reviewing some type of music form will help them in understanding the world around them. Also calming them down as time goes on.

G: Was the idea that I had of reading the Psalms in the Bible to them while they’re asleep…

Forces: This not only heals them, it also calms you.

RU: Is there progress being make with M’s physical weakness in the back?

Forces: Her soul progress, for determination and perseverance is needed.

RU: Is the shaking and dancing that we’ve been doing beneficial in any way? Playing with…

Forces: You be supplying the energy end reallocating it to special centers.

RU: Are we being too rough with her?

Forces: We would advise to tone it down some for all the children., gradually building it up as they grow older. But nonetheless there is no need to think that you are being rough.

RU: Thank you. Also should G and I still go to see his parents this week?

Forces: That would have to be up to you, not us.

RU: Thank you.

D: About the deer at the… in Vermont. What did that represent?

Forces: This represents the awakening of the challenge, what would be called death of spiritual insight hanging from a tree.

I: About SA… about SA and E, is there any information?

Forces: Communication with them would be well, for them,

I: Are they progressing?

Forces: Slow. But such it is with all of you…slow.

I: How about S? What can we…

Forces: S is going through cycles. We would advise that maybe playing with well-adjusted children his own age slowly would be a good force around him. But this is not necessary. But yet the adjustment with the other children has been adapted well. Bits of moods is filtered through him. But on his general pattern, his vibration, he’s slowly maturing and becoming aware of his responsibility at an early age.

I: As it goes… as it goes now, will DA and N still have a child?

Forces: This is in the question this very moment. The answer would be no.

I: And for T and me?

Forces: In regards to?

I: Oh, about the child.

Forces: This will be given in time, when it is needed.

I: Did I understand correctly the thing about Abraham and Sarah with Abimelech and then R and Isaac and Abimelech? Was it the

same Abimelech or… how come what it seemed like that it was wrong on the side of the chosen ones? Or who was the chosen ones? But not Abimelech’s fault, and yet Abimelech got the short end of it.

Forces: All things in life will be balanced out. Remember, they are living other lifetimes that they have to work in this one. But in time it would work out.

I: Was it the same Abimelech?

Forces: Questionable yes.

I: Are they back? Abraham and Isaac and all of them?

Forces: Definitely.

I: Right now?

Forces: Either they are at the moment coming back or back.

I: Are they born just in regular families?

Forces: Some of them have been born in that which is in power.

RU: Did you say “in power”?

Forces: Question. Yes.

I: And now, the question that I had in my mind is, we have such difficulties bringing in these souls into the house, and yet there are good souls born to people that do not go through the preparation that we went through. Not saying that we succeeded in our preparations. But they don’t even know of those things. And maybe they do, or seemingly that they seem that they’re not even such good people maybe. And yet great souls come through them. How is it?

Forces: Nonetheless, when the parent is in a rough state, and they bring a child in, it is from the gift of God that this soul comes in. The child will put them through many tests and aggravations and what would be called horrible stimuli. But this is what is needed for their development. Or for the group, what has been given has been personal attitudes and frictions that one and another has that must be accomplished.

I: So these children are karmic children?

Forces: Question. No. That positively, positively no. But can be led into the karmic path if the rejection of our laws and that, which is given to them, is not abided by.

I: But yet great souls come into regular karmic… as karmic children.

Forces: This at times is false. For these souls that are great come in as a blessing. But also they have taken upon them karmetic stand of their physical body.

I: Or just to teach a lesson…

Forces: And to give.

I: Or to learn a lesson. I see. Thank you. Is that why I was going through all these things in my head today? That is because of the changes?

Forces: Correct. And also others.

I: Of my own doing?

Forces: Negative. This is a doing of ours. All that has happened today is directly done by us for a purpose.

I: Thank you. I… I don’t have that much control of misusing free will. What I mean is…

Forces: Your free will is not operated by yourself for we in itself have those things that must be done through you.

I: So we really don’t need also to buy more doves?

Forces: Questionably. No. As we said in the beginning the new dove is now spiritual and on the highest essence without a cage.

I: That’s why I didn’t feel any regrets or even to…

Forces: Correct. As we have said, we utilize your thought forms and give you what we want done.

I: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

G: When Jesus went… I have two questions about the crucifixion, and about the time that he was dead, I guess. When he was underneath. Was that… was it… what was the relationship of James, Jesus’s brother to that situation, to the crucifixion?

Forces: James was involved with the crucifixion also.

G: Was it him, his body that was up on the cross?

Forces: We would put it into this other type of statement It was a projection force-field that they were working on. It was to sway that which is the negative and positive electrons around the human body to prevent the degration or that of the decay of it. James had a very important role in preserving the physical body during the three days of entombment.

I: Was he in the physical body what we call alive at that point?

Forces: Which one?

I: The brother.

Forces: The entity of James or of Jesus?

I: James.

Forces: Yes. Correct.

I: Oh. So it was like in the creation? Matter pushing other matter. Creating a barrier of some sort?

Forces: Causing a wall between that which is and that which isn’t. Protective force.

I: And that’s… that gave Jesus the time that he needed to do whatever he had to do to bring up that body or to protect that body.

Forces: Also to bring up other souls and spirits in the earth.

I: Was there a resurrection for other souls?

Forces: Correct. Definitely.

I: Are there any people on the earth that live more than the allotted time for human beings at this… at this point?

Forces: Definitely. There is records.

I: There are?

Forces: There certainly is.

I: How much do they live?

Forces: There is those that live to be two hundred years longer.

I: Is Lobsang Rampa one of them?

Forces: We would say Lobsang Rampa is not that old. He would be close to ninety-seven, ninety-eight.

I: Who are those souls that live up to two hundred years?

Forces: This would be those that come in…

G: Did Jesus go down into the earth?

Forces: Correct.

G: And he actually took like a key of some type from the devil to unlock the dimensional doors?

Forces: Correct.

G: And the galaxy that you spoke of in the last Session, was… when you speak of galaxies… of the galaxy in that Session, was it a the solar system that we’re in now as we understand solar system or is it a point in the galaxy that prevents like a ray or a vibration from this earth from reaching other galaxies?

Forces: Both are correct.

I: Have I had any relations in previous lifetimes that you can tell me any with the children?

Forces: Three of these children were in the Temple of Beautification And as said as such in which you had control to work with them. One of the children or the souls you were involved with during the period of the French Revolution, also during the period in which we have the word “Camelot”. Ten-“o”-eight.

I: Thank you.

Forces: That is why there’s an attraction for you. That particular entity of course, one of them happens to be VR, which was a more favorable aspect. The other one in Egypt was a working aspect, which of course is M.

I: And it sort of repeats itself?

Forces: Not that it repeats itself. The work vibration is still surrounded.

I: And that’s what I’m picking up. Now in the time of ten-“o”-eight, was it in the Court of King Arthur?

Forces: Correct.

I: That was my English experience?

Forces: It was one of many.

I: That’s why I have the fascination for castles and England?

Forces: One who was also with you at that time was the one who’s named L.

I: Could we know who we were in that? And what relation?

Forces: You were both sisters. Her name, Lady Guyken, daughter of the Knight of Lion or what would be called Glascow. And you, Princess Elldian daughter of the king that was.

I: King Arthur?

Forces: Correct.

I: Then how was L my sister?

Forces: It is what would be called adopted one.

I: She was my adopted sister.

Forces: At this particular time the knights became beknighted to relationships.

I: Oh, like here in the house?

Forces: Correct.

I: The children are all… the babies are all brothers and sisters.

Forces: Correct.

I: And VR was there, too.

Forces: Definitely.

I: What was she? Who was she?

Forces: Let’s just say she got around.

D: Could you tell us more about Merlin?

Forces: He was a good man.

RU: Is ten-“o”-eight, is that the ten-zero-eight that we understand?

Forces: Ten-“o”-eight is different from what you will have to understand. From that you should take the period of four hundred years away.

RU: I have a question about soul mates and twin-souls, how last night I thought I understood. But T said twin-souls and soul mates were the same. But…

Forces: In respect, twin-souls and soul mates: soul mates are the same; twin-souls are the same. In respect to what you see on the physical level, it would appear that twin-souls are that which comes in to work together for a common purpose. Soul mates come from the same source. Twin-souls come from the same source also, but come from a different inkling. They do not come in underneath the same power. Soul mates are those that have been joined together in the beginning.

RU: So with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, they were soul mates? And Jesus and Mary, they were twin-souls?

Forces: Correct.

RU: In an earlier session that was given, I understood that the entity (I) or Evine was created from the entity T as Adam and Eve were created. Is that correct?

Forces: Definitely correct.

RU: So if Mary was Eve that would mean that they’re twin-souls, but not soul mates? Like in the Jesus and Adam and Eve and Mary?

Forces: As we have said soul mates and twin souls appear to be different but they are the same.

I: It’s like another extension of the same soul?

Forces: That is to say, there is only one soul. What you see as (I) is the other half of T. And what you see as T is the other half of (I).

RU: Thank you.

I: Was Mary also Rachel?

Forces: Let us just say, it is a great possibility.

RU: From that soul then did… when was Mary Magdalene created in the beginning or the spirit form at the time of Adam and Eve?

Forces: Let us say Mary Magdalene came in and hovered over Eve.

I: Oh, so actually Mary Magdalene was a thought-form of Eve as Eve…

Forces: Or what would be said a tentacle.

I: A mold?

Forces: Correct…another form of expression from that which is a root.

D: Was… was John the Beloved part of the same soul as Jesus?

Forces: We would say that, no. But he will have a very strong evolutional tie to that period.

I: Is John coming back or is he back already?

Forces: Let us say that he is due.

I: The stories that they circulate about a young man in a white robe going into cars and then disappearing, is that true? And is that actually Jesus Christ? Or is it one of you?

Forces: Let us say that we can travel like that in preparing for Halloween. Nonetheless, it is that which is who we cannot speak of at the moment.

I: How come everybody is… sees you or thinks he see you and we are not even… I know it’s an old complaint…

Forces: It is not that they think they have seen us. When we are with you we are busy with you on other levels. They have to see us on other levels, too. In order for us to reach you on one level, which is the highest, we have to manifest ourselves to others on the lowest.

I: Oh. You’re actually keeping busy another force.

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you.

D: Did Joseph of Aramathea go to England like was said in relation to King Arthur and set up a…

Forces: I would say, yes.

D: And he had like an initiation school there?

Forces: Correct.

D: And the knights were…

Forces: Correct.

D: … knighted?

Forces: Correct.

D: How does King Arthur… what does King Arthur represent then that… like the…

Forces: King Arthur represents the Christ-spirit.

D: And Sir Galahad?

Forces: Sir Galahad represents that of love, or John the Beloved.

D: And Sir Lancelot?

Forces: Sir Lancelot represents the sword of Peter;

I: Who was Thomas?

Forces: Thomas? Oh he was one who popped up here and there.

I: Merlin?

Forces: Question.

D: Was T… was T Merlin?

Forces: Let us say, would you believe he was today?

D: Yes.

Forces: Then you have your answer.

I: I’m right then that this picture is T in another form?

Forces: Let us say, if we give you all the information on this entity, you wouldn’t sleep with him.

RU: Was anyone… do we know… or are we associated in any way with the entity that was Mordred in that period?

Forces: Mordred, yes. Mordred the Mortuary.

RU: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear.

Forces: Mordred are those qualities that come unto the group to disrupt and dispel and disassociate that which is being built.

RU: There was an actual physical King Arthur…

Forces: My dear, as hard as it is for you to believe, we would not be pulling your leg all this time.

D: And the silver chalice… they had the silver chalice then, too?

Forces: They had something we gave them.

D: You… you… you… appeared them in your ships?

Forces: We gave them a chalice. That was different from that which was. Question.

I: Am I in any way, shape, or form a queen bee as what I was thinking today?

Forces: A queen bee?

I: As what I watched on TV.

Forces: I would say that is a very disgusted thing to say to yourself. Would you not agree?

I: Yeah, but I don’t want to be that.

Forces: Then we have answered your question.

I: Thank you. And the passages that I was reading today in the Bible?

Forces: Those deals with the vibrations of those around.

I: That’s a funny thing about with the Bible…

Forces: The Bible is very funny.

I: The… when I open it for myself, I never get for myself, really, very rarely I get an answer for myself. It always end ups… ends up being something…

Forces: As we have said, many thoughts new stage of development. You will all need to re-commit yourselves to the spiritual ideals and return and to re-commit yourselves to those that motivate the reason for the meeting of the group and the building of it. Only when you have again returned to the path will your house be given to you in the proper shape and form that it is already in at this moment waiting for you. We are finished here at the moment. This is a new moment, but it is up to you to move Greetings to all of you.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…