Session 60. 11/22/74

Greetings to all. As we here work upon items, we find there is still much to do. That which is a day to day basis, searching and finding yourselves. There is much to be done, there is much changes to be had. Soon, there will be movings in places least expected. As they are, moving to another area will soon be appropriate. Slow, sure, things around are beginning to take form. Yes, you all must begin, each individual your own private commitment. There must come a time in which you cannot step backwards. As long as you still have your bridge, you pass. That is, knowing that when you want to you can still do the things that you have done when you were younger are the bridges of the past. These bridges are kept intact by your own personal guides, or what would be said ego-boosts. In which it re-secures you, that is it gives you the security that time does not exist. Many have been born and die in this class in that respect. Each one must personally make his own personal commitment. Helpward signs beyond all recognition he is not going to turn back. Take a look within your own thought and see where these signs you have failed to make. That is why you are experiencing stagnation. Because you want your security the same movement you want God. It cannot be done. You all must make a personal commitment if you are to move any further from this point on. Each one must individually come together to sacrifice and give up there personal lives to again receive and take upon one life. That is the life we are to give them. Take a look at yourselves and see how you repeat your same actions, over and over again. This recounts months of time wasted time and energy. I’d react to the same particular problem over and over again, like a machine. How things do not go your way you have a set reaction, regardless of response. You are no longer living human beings, but now machines. You all have no more feeling than a pound of salt. Yes, there are many like you that think they are living, yet they are living corpse. Really, the living dead…have what would appear to be feelings, but have none. For they have only set feelings that they have created for their own security. And on that which is tomorrow, all those things that you prepared for tonight is not that which has been done before over and over again, to the point of boredom. Yes, take a look at yourselves and see how you are living dead. How your existence might be that of death, only because of that which is fear within yourselves to make a living commitment. Where is your joy, your life, your experiment of light? Where is your confrontation, exploration, and pioneering ship of taking chances? Are you so afraid of the future, that you fear the step out of your boundaries? Why are you locking yourselves in your own personal fears, wants, desires? Why is it, that when a suggestion is made, a clandestine type of feeling, negativity, and fear, comes over? We are to tell you, two of you are to move and go to a certain place, how much fear would be in you…resentment and hate…and perfectly the ability of refusing to go. But this is still that when one has to move in the group, for the forces to move with then, and when the group refuses to move any longer, that they are comfortable in their own perfect squares, they no longer invent or try anything new for they feel they have made their mark, than you are living dead. No longer to life, just going through the routines of life. And these are all happening because you refuse to take that exploration movement. Take upon you the things that you have not done before, and to ask for our help in doing them. As the world situations concerned, it is grey, very grey. There shall be many changes made in this area as far as land, names, locations, also of slight layoffs, depressions, and a mixture of uneasiness throughout this city starting tonight. The fires that we have told you about are now enraged, and are still set. The crashes have been and accomplished. Quakes are now about to be, and great famine will cover and move. Countries that have been quiet, will shall no longer be quiet. It is up to you, for tomorrow is that which you will prove whether to think that you have life, or you do not have life; that you have a purpose, or you do not have a purpose. We are tired of baby-sitting. Take a look at yourselves and see how you yourselves are getting bored, are getting tired of yourselves. How long are you fearful children going to be afraid to walk out from your darkness? How long are you lazy people going to remain lazy, and not move for sake of losing your own past securities? If you do not move and wake up, there is no longer that which is, but horror is a blessing is a foundation for a new future, it is up to you to meet this future. Communication with others is very important. We are now ready for your questions.

L: Can you tell me what the purpose was for the pyramids and for the sphinx?

Forces: It was to condense pure energy in the physical form, and the sphinx is to remind man of the animal the bird and the beast; the bird and the soul. All the qualities of the earth lies within man, conquered that latter became a storehouse of the history of the world.

L: Is it possible to built say a scale model of the pyramid that would also conduct the energy?

Forces: This would be good, building a pyramid 4 feet high by 4 feet. Lining the interior with silk, the material that it should be made out of would be pinewood, close to that vibration. When this is constructed, utilizing again the meditation room as a covering for individual meditations and energy boosters. That is, the three sides of the pyramid made of wood and the forth side made of the silk covering. The individual enters in through the silk covering and closes it, forming a pyramid of energy for his seven centers. Question.

L: Should the construction of this be with wooden dowels rather than with nails, or with…

Forces: No nails. Question.

L: Thank you.

LY: Could you give us some more information about the hospital in Vermont being inside the ship and all of that…

Forces: Let us say, that a great dome hovered over this house in which the Higher Forces moved in to infiltrate, not only in this lifetime, but in the lifetimes to come, to plant the seed on a physical level in which four lifetimes from now will manifest the appointed purpose.

LY: Thank you. And also, could you tell me about the different people that had lifetimes in Atlantis with our group that would be in that particular room?

Forces: Everyone that was in that hospital came from second part of Atlantis.

LY: Thank you.

R: In Chapter 3 of Genesis, Satan tells Eve they will become as God’s knowing good and evil if they eat the fruit. Then what does it mean in the verse 22 of that same chapter: “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil?”

Forces: It is not in the purpose that man should know good and evil. It is the purpose of the child consciousness to see no good, to see no evil, but to see light, beauty. Not to discern or break down what one sees. It is through the temptation of Satan that tries to convince man that it is needed to know knowledge of good and evil or the tree of knowledge. Man, as equipped by God, had all this in the beginning and needed not to go into it. His evolution, he fell into a de-evolution in which a new cycle was taken upon man’s evolution that was not needed. Man has not yet come out of it yet. He is still in it. It must come, in a point of your lives, where you live without questioning, where you exist without doubt, where you be without the fear of tomorrow. Just to be in the eyes of God and not to question things. This is the true existence of man, by being and not questioning the laws of God, can man truly develop on elsewhere. Rather than to be weighed down by trying to understand the four sides of everything. It is only through the center of the fifth side that we become free, but we must take our gaze off of the four sides first. Question.

R: Thank you. Where Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of life also?

Forces: It was not needed for them to eat of it. It was not of their evolution. It was told to them to abstain from it. For they had everything they needed to exist, except this particular evolution was not theirs to touch. Because of Satan, or because of that desire that is found in the earth, man got caught. Man had no need to enter the earth, but because of his curiosity and no knowledge, he got caught.

R: Thank you.

D: In one of the readings I read, it talks about Jesus, he was Amelius in the beginning and then Enoch. Then it goes on to say Joseph and other people, are these the seven centers that Amelius means the pituitary and then Adam, and Joseph being like the gonads and then Jesus the thymus. Can they go like that, like a pattern?

Forces: Perfect pattern.

D: Except for I don’t have Joseph, was he the gonads?

Forces: It forms a pattern, as everything else.

D: So everything there is a perfect pattern, in every setting, and make that pattern. He speaks that, he says that 200,000 years before the entrance of Ram into India, Amelius took form in Atlantis, who was Ram? Was that Abraham?

Forces: And what would you do with this knowledge?

D: I don’t know, just help me understand.

JE: In Genesis we were reading about Noah’s Ark and it was given the dimensions for the Ark, and also it was saying that rose 15 cubits. But the Ark itself and the dimensions was more than 15 cubits, could you explain that?

Forces: 15 cubits represents that which is a level of understanding within the temple of the human body. It represents the travel and the measurement of that which is the speed, the atoms of the astral, represents that of the key in which man can break away from the physical body. People we are bruised (?) by that idea that this is all there is to life. You are only living 2 percent of your existence here. Are there any more questions?

R: Where Cain and Abel twins?

Forces: Let’s say they are both one.

R: What is the mark of Cain?

Forces: That which is materiality, that which is the lines of greed and logical, the beast. The line, the monster to try to put everything in a logical order. You will see those who are the beast. Question.

L: Could you give me any information on the effects of color with the stain glass?

Forces: As has been given, each color effects the center of the body. We are finished for tonight. Remember, the places and the plan that we have for this group are only manifest if you have joy and a purpose of life. An ability to take on those things, sacrifice, discipline, and most of all faith in knowing that we are leading you. Are we part of your life? And where have we been in the last four months of your life. We will be with you tomorrow. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…