Session 61 11/29/74

Greetings to all here present now. We have been seeing, we have seen, we have pictured. As these days move on, each should and will be those things for the spiritual development of the group. Now, comes the time when you must conquer your desires and your emotional fure-ups. Some of you retain them for only the sake of attention. We have witnessed all of you and find this a good force. With that of the Torah that you have received, it is our blessing in the beginning of the first stage of development. The actual beginning has now begun. When the Torah is received, it shall be of that Saturday after, in the early morning hours. The group will proceed with the Torah, roughly quarter after six. To walk with it around this present area of one block to sanctify and commemorate and to give a joyous note to the spiritual level. It should be carried by a chosen individuals who desire, to dedicate their lives to the law, and God. It will be their particular job to remove and put the Ark in it’s place. These souls must come forward and dedicate themselves in a right manner and purpose; in a positive way that positivity must always remain with them as long as they touch the Torah. Once they have lost their positiveness, they must not touch the Torah. Fasting of one day before this walk. We have already rejoiced in receiving, this is what is resembled in these hours together. When it is received for walking the recognition of it will be done. Now, we will give those people here, their new names. We have seen it fit to bestow upon those people, a new name. For the one who is named DI, are you here?

DI: Yes.

Forces: Will you receive your new name?

DI: Yes.

Forces: Then your new name will be… [Long pause] There is two names, you must pick your name. There is a name, HA. And there is the other name, Bath-Sheeba. Which will it be?

DI: Would you repeat the second name?

Forces: Bath-Sheeba.

DI: I have to decide right now?

Forces: Correct.


Forces: HA, is your correct name to begin with. It is a wise choice. Twas temptation. HA. What goes with this name is that of great power with natural forces. Basically the stars. For the one who is named B, are you ready for your name?

B: I am.

Forces: And your name should be called, S. Do you except this name?

B: I accept.

Forces: Then from this point on, your name should be S. For the one who is named, as is known by this group, E.

E: Yes.

Forces: Are you ready at this moment to receive your new name?

E: Yes I am.

Forces: Then your new name shall be, H. Are you ready to receive that name?

E: Yes, I hope so.

Forces: Hope. With that name comes great power and strength. Your full name should be HI. The one who is named SA, as known, are you ready for your new name?

S: Yes, I am.

Forces: Then your name shall be called, JB. For the one who is named JO, are you ready and capable of handling your new name?

JO: I guess.

Forces: There cannot be any guesses.

JO: Yes.

Forces: We will postpone in giving you your name tonight. Your name has been recorded. It would not be beneficial for you to receive it at this moment. You will be tested and proven by what you have just said; for your own eyes to see. Remember, people gathered here that your new names are powerful names for you in meditation as well as your conscious. For the one who is named K, as known by this group, are you ready for your new name?

K: Yes.

Forces: Do you mean this?

K: Yes.

Forces: Then, your name shall be Beaura. Do you know your name? What is it? Repeat it?

K: Aorah.

Forces: Beaura.

K: Beaura?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: For the one who is named, for the one whose named was DI, your name is now?


Forces: For the one whose name was B, your name is now?

B: S.

Forces: For the one whose name was E, your name is now?

E: HI.

Forces: For the one whose is named SA, your name is?

S: JB.

Forces: For the one whose name was K, your name was and is?

K: I don’t know.

Forces: Beaura. In time it will grow with you. These names are sacred names. They reside deep within you. They are only given at moment of evolution. JB is just not any JB, it represents a lifetime in that period. HI is not any hope, it represents a great feeling, mission, and angelic order. HA represents a great force building the stars. And S represents that which builds for God. People, the future days to come will be many hard and testing ones. There shall be new areas, development, and changes. Be careful, do not seek for attention for the sake of attention, do not seek for that which is, that does not belong to you. Do not cast moods on yourself, for the sake of casting. Remember it is your time, your evolution, your life. We are now ready for your questions.

JE: In the part of Genesis we were reading about Noah going into the Ark, why is it mentioned in almost every verse that Noah goes into the Ark, and it lists the animals then it repeats itself then it repeats itself again, where it seems like he went into the ark about three times?

Forces: It represents that which is the Ark of the physical body with centers of 3 openings. The animals are the beasts in which must be conquered before these openings are aware or become utilized. They also represent the 3 openings in the earth, which if repeated 3 times can unlock the fourth dimension.

JE: Could you explain more about the three openings of the earth?

Forces: The 3 openings of the earth are those places if placed in the right direction would be found in the three great structures, in Tibet, in the caves of Tibet, in the Pyramid, Giza, and in Yucatan. If these words are repeated aloud 3 times, then the secrets of each structure will be received. And world harmony will be restored.

JE: Which are the words?

Forces: You ask so much, which are the words? If I repeat the words now, this whole building would disappear. I will repeat them if you want, you say it. [Pause] I thought you would not.

I: But can we go someplace where it is safe. I mean or even…

Forces: There is no place in the earth where that would be safe.

I: But wouldn’t one building be worth to restoring balance on the earth?

Forces: Then what do you mean by safe?

I: I mean anywhere if it can be done, you mean the people will also disappear?

Forces: Each would be for that to see when such is said then all will be you fill in the last word. There is a great law and of the law there is a price and if we are to jump the barriers there must be a price. So with that of the sonic boom of man, that plane that travels in the sky above must shatter and break the glass below and sound does echo near and far the great disasters of that by far is plagued by man’s impatience to conquer the elements. So by slowly moving according to plan all this that we speak of will soon be in your hand.

JE: Thank you.

R: Why did the Lord say that “Who so ever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him seven fold?”

Forces: This represents that element that evil destroys evil not. And there is no that is in the earth that can be destroyed, but must be worked out seven times that span. Seven days, seven years, seven instances, seven lifetimes. For every negativity you all have here manifested in your bodies will take from this point seven lifetimes to correct. And every single time this negativity is manifested in the earth, it doubles that seven more lifetimes to correct.

R: Thank you.

JO: Uh, I’m wondering if the job I have is good, to keep while I’m going to school?

Forces: Well, we would say that each soul is given a job to do while he does attend school.

JO: Thank you.

H: Um, could you give me some advice how to channel my future activities?

Forces: Open your doors and let the light in. Relax, and do not seek for an image or a title or a position. Remember, an Island is surrounded by water, or else it would not be an Island. And there is hope for those who are stranded from the boat of life, thanking that there is an island.

H: Anyway, the seven times or a seventh language I would nave to lesson the intensity of my studies, or make it…

Forces: An island is a secluded spot from the mainland, is it not?

H: Yes.

Forces: An island is a protectiveness of spirit surround about. Remember there are many islands, none of them can compare to that which is giving up all of despair, handing it over to a greater force so you will no longer care.

H: Thank you.

S: Did I understand in your, in what you said concerning my new name S, that it is the power of God to build? Is that a correct understanding?

Forces: Let us say, that your ears have heard what we have said, then there is nothing more to be said. For we give you these mysteries with that which is your name. To build, as you should, for that one day all shall see the power of the simple man inside.

S: The situation that I have in my present job with Tony G., who I’ve had difficulty with in the past, am I handling that fairly well now, or is there any advice or interpretation of what’s going on that you can give me to help me in this situation?

Forces: Relax, and let that which is higher than you work through you.

S: Thank you.

D: Can you tell me what the meaning of Pleiades is?

Forces: Pleiades is a forces of stars in which we all have a certain amount of interest. It is that force in which we all have come from. It is the force-field of many soul fields of development in which gazing at the center will begin to have from it all rows of the universe leads from it. So as you can see, the Pleiades is that which all those planets and galaxies have a familiar apergi.

D: Thank you.

N: How did the Rosary come about?

Forces: The Rosary came about when man in his mind repeated prayer to God.

L: Could you tell us the name of the angel that we pray to the Gods of the home, home life God that take care of…

Forces: That angel would be an archangel. And the name of that would be Archangel Auriel.

L: Thank you.

I: Auriel?

Forces: Correct. Auriel. From the bonds of the four corners is the foundation of the house. Question.

L: Um, could you give us some more information about the children, M, HO, and V?

Forces: M, HO, and V. That these children must now begin to be worked with by the group, to be developed and talked to and sent with love. Played with and developed, stayed with and worked with. Question.

L: I was wondering if you could tell us about my past incarnation…

Forces: There is no need. There is no need at this moment.

D: In the Dead Sea Scrolls it was mentioned that there was a person called a teacher of righteousness, it was about 200 years before Christ, was this the entity Christ?

Forces: It would appear so.

D: Could you give us the name at that time?

Forces: Let us say, his name, Amee-yah-i, Amee-yah. Question.

I: With an I?

Forces: Correct, question.

RE: [Inaudible]

Forces: We sit down at his shoulder and talk to him. Question.

JB: I’ll be seeking new employment in June is there a field of expression for me?

Forces: Yes, I would say, a smile. Question.

LU: Would you teach us how to pray correctly?

Forces: That was already given to you by the Master. But, also you pray when you forgive others. You pray when you look and see no wrong in others. You pray when you send love to all around you. This is the correct way to pray. For as you look and perceive good, you send up a radiance before you for all life to see. It sparks my touch for the galaxies.

LU: What type of person will Jesus the master be when he comes back to the earth again?

Forces: I would say, a nice one. Question.

LU: Could you give me a moment to see good?

Forces: By not seeing bad, question.

B: [Inaudible]

Forces: With your new names wondering whether you can use them at work, definitely. Use them at play. Use them when you sleep. Question.

HA: What happened to the sense of humor that I acquired from Tommy that disappeared about 2 weeks after I last saw you, how can I keep it for good?

Forces: By understanding that humor only brings life, joy, peace, and understanding that there is an angel of humor. We call him up here, the good humor. Ice cream. Question.

HA: What is the life time that I’ve had with mother that is manifesting now? What are the problems?

Forces: In that which is England a terrible separation from each other caused from a great form that failed. That is all we can give, question.

HA: About giving to people… can we can just give and give to everybody, even the ones that take from us and drain us?

Forces: We must know when to give and when not to give. There are those seasons when we must give, there is no question about it. And there are those seasons when we must not give, there is no question about that. Therefore, when that it which is strong within you a desire to give, give. But when there is a desire not to give, don’t give. Simple, question.

HA: Thank you, what happened… please explain when on our way here…

Forces: A force of black intervened and tried to stop that which is. That that which is the battle of black and white continues in this very room tonight. Question.

HA: Will there be forming a group in Vermont?

Forces: A group is formed already, question.

HA: Thank you.

I: What do you mean, you have your take off from the time of the white race entering Tibet?

Forces: That was when we where so, that what would be called, manifested in the earth plane. And all that which is around or was near around was at the center focal point of protruding energy. That was a point in which we took off to all the other places of residence in the earth. That was a point of a high development before the great fall of Atlantis. That was a point of what would be called a major base in which we work in and through to reach this plane matched up with the other. That was a point when the fourth dimension was opened up completely and still is today.

I: So this was a point where you actually first began to work…

Forces: Correct.

I: Does our Higher Self have other people or personalities or entities in different galaxies at the same time?

Forces: Correct.

I: And if so, do we travel to those other galaxies and…

Forces: Only a few individuals can do this.

I: And meet up with their own personalities… with their own…

Forces: Correct.

I: Did the Atlanteans see the sun at all?

Forces: It was a thick cloud formation that was around after the fall, but they did see what would appear to be the spiritual side.

I: Oh, so they did at one point have a sun, the sun disappeared because of their negativity…

Forces: Take a look at the city and see when the sun is, and see when the sun isn’t.

I: So, what I was thinking, so it can actually happen, here in New York and never the sun appear again?

Forces: It has happened.

I: Thank you.

R: Can you give us any advice on about how to tackle mental laziness?

Forces: Yes. To get a tack, and step on it. I would advice the one who sits near you to have a glass of water, and when he sees that you dozing and falling asleep, sprinkle you with it, like a little flower. Then you might grow out of your laziness. Question.

G: Is there a way that I might break, like the computerized way I look at so many things?

Forces: Yes. Put a cork-screw in the mechanism. Take a balloon and sit on it. That should stare you up a bit. Question.

H: Do we have your blessing on the trip that we planned to go to Wisconsin for Christmas?

Forces: What type of blessing would you like I have 500,000? I have one for Bar Mitzvah’s. Are you going to be Bar Mitzvahed? I have one for the you know what to be removed? I also have one for an elderly grandmother.

H: Well, ah, an elderly grandfather?

Forces: That one, I don’t have. Which one do you want me to bless the trip or the people?

H: The people.

Forces: Okay, then, let me put it this way: carry along with you five pounds [laughter], we’re not finished. Five pounds of sugar. Sprinkle it here and there as you go. Then walk into cafeterias and leave it on the table, all five pounds of it and that will be your blessing for the people.

H: Thank you, I would like to ask, should I study the Russian language?

Forces: Let us put it this way, I don’t need you to study the language for me.

H: Then, what I understand, the right thing to do is to quit school at this time even though the semester is not over, just to quit right now.

Forces: Let us put it this way. If I answer yes, that will make it easy. If I answer no, that will make it easy, then I answer, good humor.

H: Thank you very much.

S: Are you, of course you. Can you comment on the work of Wilhelm Reich, and whether or not the intuitive feeling I have had that I would benefit from pursuing along this line…

Forces: Walk slowing into this area of operation. Leave this area alone. It is filled up with energy fields that can drive one off balance. Question.

S: You say walk slowly into this area. Then, I interpret this as saying proceed but with extreme caution and not very far at this time.

Forces: Yes, we would say, maybe next lifetime would be appropriate.

S: Thank you. The plans that HA and I have for changing our house around and decorating the rooms downstairs, the mirror, is our thinking fairly clear on this? Is there anything, any directions that you would care to give us on this?

Forces: Just allow that which is, I cannot mention the name, but just allow this, what would be said, him take over the progress of the house. Do not worry about this moment. Question.

S: Is there a way that HA and I can deal with our emotional flare-ups?

Forces: Yes. Cold shower. Question.

S: Thank you.

DA: Can you tell us some more of the activities about Ra and Hermes?

Forces: These are the activities in which happen to development of Egypt. It was the foundation of that empire. They brought over with them the occult and mysteries of mysteries. We are in the age of Ra Hermes, development of mind since 1938. HO happens to be in that area of that force-field. Now, M happened also to be in that area as the wife in connection with Ra. Question.

HA: Can you tell about the pattern of the life of Joshua during the life…

Forces: You already had your last question.

HA: Thank you.

N: In the song, Bless the Lord oh my Soul, that I was singing, was that a misuse of the Psalms like we were speaking last night?

Forces: It all depends on your mental attitude. Question.

RE: Why didn’t Aaron go along with when they built the Golden Calf, when Moses wasn’t there…

Forces: This is what you call the same quality that are in us when we ourselves would love to fall into the physical gratification of the body and throw everything else away. Even though we see the clouds and the signs of progression, we still want physical comfortability. Question.

HA: Um, what happened to me, was I pregnant?

Forces: Question is, partially. Question.

HA: Um…

Forces: Your last question has already been asked. Question.

RE: Um, could you help me…

Forces: Your last question has already been asked. There might be a friend who might want to ask it for you, then again… go ahead.

B: Could you tell us about RE’s dreams?

Forces: They are nice dreams. Question.

DA: Concerning the dream I had this morning, the only thing I can remember is the number 28 and maybe the word Islam.

Forces: That represents those desires that must be met, those desires to meet, after meeting them will give you a resting place from them. Question.

JB: Is it advisable to terminate my leadership with the Boy Scouts on Thursday nights?

Forces: Let us say, it would be good that you work with them awhile longer. Question.

LU: Could you tell me the effect of the colors blue and red and why are they predominant in Church stained glass windows?

Forces: They represents the spirit of prayer and the active spirit of energy or intuition and gonads or the spiritual intuition of birth. Question.

G: Is there anything that you would give to us as a group that would help us?

Forces: The Torah. Question.

I: What is the truth about a man named, known as Hercules? Did he have supernatural powers, was he son to Zeus, or was he one of the forces?

Forces: One of the forces, son of Zeus and he had supernatural powers. Question.

I: Zeus and all the…

Forces: The last question has been asked.

I: Uh…

Forces: Your last question has been asked. Question.

S: The rash on the inside of my arms, can you tell me anything about what causes it or how to treat it?

Forces: Have we not given you your last question?

S: Yes, you have, I apologize.

Forces: To treat your rash, it would be good to get what would be called ice cold cream or that which is peach cream that is cold. Or put a peach frozen under your armpits. The fur of the peach is a healing quality.

S: Thank you.

JO: Can you give me any advice on my school work?

Forces: We would say to you work hard at what you do. Pay attention to the things you seek. If you are going to sit down to read, sit down to read slowly, as though you are beginning to perform a musical masterpiece. Do everything slowly, so that in the end it might manifest greatly. Question.

L: Can I ask a question?

Forces: Has not your last question been ask? You say your last question has been asked, question. Ruth you refuse to ask your question.

R: I didn’t know I could.

Forces: I didn’t know either. Go ahead.

R: I wanted to know if there was any help I could give my father, he sounded really sick on the phone.

Forces: Prayer is always a good formula. Also, three letters during a week with some design and colors.

R: You mean like writing a letter and having some colors?

Forces: Correct. Very smart girl. I give you four questions more and then we will be leaving. Anyone.

I: The cold in the house, is there anything we can do for it?

Forces: Temperature to rise in the house would be good. Covering of the mouth as has been suggested must be done. Eating of fruits and juices should be taken, and a slow progression of thoughts of peace and harmony in the house must be projected. Question.

HA: Any suggestion for my growth towards God?

Forces: Do not think to do something simple and slow is a waste of time. Do that which is simple, that which takes a few minutes to do rather not to do a half an hour or an hour a day. Do a few minutes a day, gradually it will build up. Question.

G: In the meeting, is there advice for my parents?

Forces: At this point, they refuse for help from us. There is nothing we can advise them of except for you to become positive with your working situation at hand. Last question.

I: The things that’s been happening, from last week on… at the session with my cells and maybe that’s what carried onto my mother. Did I understand anything?

Forces: You have along with the females of the house, advanced rapidly. A mark has been achieved. We recognize and give recognition to the females of the house. It is good that all these things have been accomplished. Advancement towards the future that will be a blessing to these females. There are times when we have to go through a period in which we had to warn you of certain things that were being done. Not as a chastisement, just as a warning not to do. It wasn’t so sad. We enjoyed your company. But remember, be positive, negativity only destroys. People, we leave tonight on a great mission. You shall see many manifestations in the earth as we have said before, but tonight we leave on a financial mission. We have set up in the earth. We have made your structure weak for the sake for the people to accept us, now we shall make another aspect of your society weak so they will receive us readily. Be not of afraid of these days or hours. Believe in all things, hope in all things. As you would have done, so you also do. Believe in what we say to you for the father who has sent us gives this to you. Believe in me, I in him. These words shall not pass away. Heaven and earth shall pass away. Heaven and earth shall pass away. But these words shall not pass away. Greetings to all of you and peace to you tonight.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…