Session 62-1/3/75

Greetings to all here present now. We have found it easy to come through tonight. There is no problem in this particular night. As things become more in harmony then we our self become closer to that point of speaking with you all more often. Remember, as we have spoken to you in the past, now we speak not of you now, we speak with you in the present. All these things are done so that we might understand that the element of time and that which is more important that lasts over time should be acquired. There will be much decision. There will be a lot of decisions to be made this month. Many decisions will change or alter your course of living. But remember it is a change for the better. We would advise that all those who understand that there will be great deal of tension and strife and many hospitals, manufacturing, automobiles, toys… I speak of many things, of all things. It would be realized that every item in the world will be brought into question. Yes, when will you get a baby; that is a question just thought of now. The answer should be relax and take it easy, for a child is being prepared for you in time. We again, remind you of staying with the Bible, also to write things down, any information that has been acquired would be good. Be not like children, who do not understand what is being given to you now. Try to relate to it in the days to come. Purchasing of cloths and clothing material to be worn would be wise to do during this week and next. We are now finished for the moment. Of course there will be that of the fires that will happen, shear negligence, and laziness. Remember, this house is prone more to that of fire than any other house. So, be careful, everything that you do and most of all, all shoes that are places together. We are now ready for your questions.

I: What about the pictures? That are pressed together? You said something about the pictures.

Forces: It will be all right.

I: I didn’t hear it right; you said to wear a certain type of clothes.

Forces: The kids should wear the clothes.

I: About the children, what can we do now with Hotep one way, with the other children another, what is the right thing to do, what is wrong with (HO)?

Forces: (HO) is insecure. There is an ‘impatientness’ in feeding onto. The one who feeds him must make him secure and make him understand that there is plenty of time. He fears there is not enough time, cause he’s traveling around. Question.

I: Than there should be no disciplines whatsoever with HO?

Forces: We did not say that. All we have said is that the attitude of feeding that has been of that child should be taken into consideration. Slow progress would be wiser than a fast jump upwards.

I: Why did you, did we understand correctly why he rejected the milk?

Forces: It is not a question that he rejected it, it is that he was too excited to see what was going on about him. And of course the impatience of those around him did not help the situation.

I: And (MI)?

Forces: (MI) will be moving on.

I: Is that correct what we are doing with her?

Forces: Yes.

I: (V)?

Forces: (V) is doing well.

I: How can we overcome or do something about her becoming more stubborn?

Forces: Well, it would be wise to start small.

I: Do what?

Forces: Cover it up small and walk slowly. Have patience.

I: Thank you.

Forces: Questions.

G: Is there some advice you could give me?

Forces: Question.

G: Is there some advice you could give regarding (RU)’s sleepiness?

Forces: Let it be. If this entity feels you interrupt sleep for her, therefore let her have her sleep. Question.

J: The women at work called, (JL). We talked about certain experiences she had for several years. Could you say anything on the nature of the experiences or what type of psychic experiences they were?

Forces: This will continue affecting the body affecting the solar plexus then the thyroid. Changes will illuminate very soon. If not entirely now, then soon.

JA: I’m having difficulty interpreting the Bible. Anything you could suggest?

Forces: There is, so long that there will many tests through the year put on each one of you. The most important one that we have here is that of loving and forgiving. The most important rules and regulations. Question.

JA: I’m having difficulty interpreting the Bible, is there anything you can suggest?

Forces: Read it literally, slowly. Write down the names and see how they progress through. First of all, literal interpretation is the best.

RU: Is there some way you could help me with my meditations now?

[Short pause in recording]

Forces: Child is feed.

J: Relating to the people with whom I work about the things in the house or in the group here, can you give me any guidance?

Forces: We will say to you that it is better to work on a harmony in the house that rather to search and bring information of the house. That is, work within the house rather than outside the house. Remember, that when your mind is made up to do what God wants you to do, then it is God’s Law that must come in…rather than have your law come in. For, we cannot always have what we want. We must have what God wants. It is through that workmanship that God’s Law comes first. Man’s law comes second. Those things that happen to us in a daily experience of what would be known as the ups and downs of life should not be reconciled by our ego or to please our own personality. If we go out of our way to receive and to get recognition from others around us, then we have fallen into man’s laws…and have rejected God’s Laws. If we deliberately, cunningly plan actions and reactions to those things that we think need to be done then again it is man’s laws and not God’s Laws that we are working with. Yes, you should be aware that when these moods come over you, be careful. As far as working with it in your office, when you have put this into perspective, rather than to retaliate and justify your own weaknesses. That is, to justify the weaknesses that is within you…to continue to do them because others do them. Again, that is man’s laws and not God’s Laws. When you put God’s Law’s first then all the things that you touch will have God in it. And as far as the office would be concerned, the right vibration will manifest and bring you into harmony and take from that the soul that is needed. You cannot leave this house and enter there with two types of environments. You must create an environment that is solid on a foundation rather than on the insecurities and the pride and the ego of justifying your image. Fear not that you are not being recognized or getting what is justly yours. And if we go after that stream, we loose God’s Laws. Supplication to the will is one of the requirements of evolution. And the most important thing is the attitude and respect you have for us and for the servants that we use. I know that is only your retaliation and a childish reaction and this entity and the one that it is with does not take your actions personally. But, you should take control of your actions to emulate that respect for us. This is a physical chastisement openly of our disappointment and, what would be called, dissasitisfaction with the appropriate way of addressing, handling with respect the things that are sacred. You know the things that you must do and yet you still pretend you do not know. It is the same way with a lot of you here. You know what you have to do; but your pretence and your reasoning of why you do not do it justifies not doing it. Seek the kingdom of heaven, and all those other things will be added to you. Like with that of your office. Those souls that are needed to be brought here will come only after a development within your self has been reached. Satisfactory to us and to your God.

J: Thank you.

Forces: Questions.

G: Can you give me some advice concerning my job?

Forces: As what has just been given, is also for you. And for those here.

G: Is there anyway I can better adapt myself to the changes that [inaudible]?

Forces: Changes are only a physical manifestation of that which is within. Adapted with positive energy. Question.

G: I’d like to ask a question about why do I feel that I can’t do things fast enough? It seems like I just can’t work fast enough and by doing that…

Forces: If you work fast, you do not work at all. Work at your pace and do it right. Question.

G: Thank you.

JA: Is there anything I can do to improve the relationship with the entity (JN)?

Forces: Do not worry about the improvement of a relationship with that entity. For it is a slow process of a give and take. Remember, you are proving yourself to him just as much as he is proving himself to you. Relationship is founded on a solid ground, but each day pass by, help one another out, then the relationship will be good.

JA: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

R: Do I understand correctly that hesitation comes from insecurity?

Forces: Hesitation comes directly from Satan. It is a satanic force that is used by Satan for an excuse not to do what that soul already knows to do. Hesitation is only a game in which one appears to hesitate. That is the just and the judgment of not doing what is God’s Laws. Hesitation comes only when the soul refuses to do God’s Will; and therefore Satan comes and hesitates. Hesitates is that which is doubt. And doubt is that which is unbelief. Those who hesitate are unbelievers; and being unbelievers are cast out from the light and the light will perceive them not. Hesitate, no more. But be of conviction. For it is better to have conviction than to hesitate in questionable doubts and arguments of what is right and wrong. Hesitation comes in many forms. One can hesitate by excuses, also making many excuses for not working. Hesitation comes in relaxing and not moving. Hesitation is of Satan. Question.

L: How can I get myself involved and work within the house?

Forces: Get yourself involved in everything that moves. Question.

HP: Could you tell me what I should be doing with (L) at home?

Forces: Do that which is natural. Relax. Then let the spirit guide you and open up your eyes.

HP: Thank you.

Forces: Where we have come from…it is of the great importance that we have to prepare ourselves for that which is to come. There will be many sightings of us; that we as in the past do promise to appear. For as you see around you, so will we come, stronger than ever. There is no stopping what has to be done. Do not worry about the future, the future will take care of itself. But worry most of all…you, where you are at the moment. So the future will come in harmony rather than dis-harmony. We will be ready to come. The world must be ready to receive us. You are that light to the world that they will be awakened to us, ready to hear us and receive us. You are our ambassadors, we must trust you and give you certain powers. Be careful what you do with them. Question.

N: Can you give me a prayer or something I can say when I feel the feelings…

Forces: Here is the prayer: Light of darkness surround me not, light of heaven be with me in. For all those things seen and unseen should only be the light of perfect control. Lord of fire and flames on high, right and beautiful as the sky…

[Recording ends abruptly]