Session 64-2/7/75

Greetings to all here, as we look upon this situation, we find it interesting. All of your fears, all of your worries so much. Do or do you not believe that we are here? It might seem that we are not. But we are. Everything that happened through us, for we see. As far as things are concerned, these moments that we speak to you about, these moments are precious. We have not spoken to you for a while because of manifestations for growth. Be not upset that the things that have manifested, for they were inevitable. You must keep your strength, for it has given you much in the years past. It has given you much abundance and fruits beyond your wildest imaginings. With this incident with the one known as (L), now consciously as (L), it is sad, very sad. But it is her own hell that she puts herself into. What she wants is what she’ll get tremendously. Pity is not to be experienced, or you will be hurt. Compassion is all right, but pity is dangerous. But as the world has their way of doing things, so does the Higher Forces. And the world’s ways are senseless. One must take new strides in order to achieve new things. And this group is taking those new strides in new ways as not acceptable. Remember, it has always been this way and always will be. It is the way a soul in the earth, as personalities, refuses to change. So for those who appear to have different ways, different ideas are a threat to those who do not want to change. Do not cover us up once we are in the light. You cannot turn your back from us once we have manifested. Once you know the truth, the truth will set you free. Love and kindness, compassion is needed, sorrow and also discipline must be had. For without discipline, love is worthless. In this particular case, love becomes meaningless without physical force in back of love. Physical force that is balanced through us. Physical force that is filled with love, so it would discipline and correct those qualities in the young children when needed, and abundance amount of peace when needed. Yes, all things must have discipline and love, for they must go together in order to be a healthy soul. And this is the particular case we’re speaking of. Nonetheless, it is the rejection of (L), as she is known now, from that of her higher self, turning away from her ideals and falling head first into the earth. And as she is doing this, she appears to take on that quality of sensitiveness. Sensitiveness is one thing; to take on the quality of being sensitive. But being that which is a martyr for a cause is grotesque, repugnant, and sad…for it is a selfish motivation to prove only the ego’s pride. This entity still has the opportunity to come to its senses. If that point as we have said would be followed through slowly, slowly as the sands mount on the desert. Remember, watch for those things, for there shall be great plagues on the earth. There shall be great strife’s and the plagues because of the uselessness of the doctors, because of their worthless ego-tripping, because of those societies. These are the ones that cause those who will die because they are too kind. It takes strength to prepare for this plague, the plague no one has prepared for. It should be known that what is said near your doorsteps. But it is something that is a sign only from us. Yes, there must be great changes on the earth, but remember the spiritual laws governing the world, the universe, so much less the earth. You are in good hands… as you know the rest. Questions at this moment.

N: What did that girl’s dream mean that told me today, (BA)?

Forces: Regeneration of thoughts and of preparations for a transition to another plane of consciousness.

N: Thank you.

G: The plague that you speak of, is that the same plague that I read about in the paper, the menigitis plaque…

Forces: There will be many plagues. There will be many plagues other than that. This is a trivial one.

G: Thank you

LU: Could you tell me the difference between pity and compassion?

Forces: To have pity means to let your defenses down, to have compassion means to give, but not letting your defenses down.

LU: Also is there a… some kind of a simple prayer or something that would be easy for me to remember to help the children?

Forces: My children that you have given me is Thy children.

LU: Thank you.

Forces: Let the light shine always around them, and guide them.

D: Is there some part in the Bible that we could read to understand what we’ve been going through this week?

Forces: You can speak of that which is the part of Solomon, the king. When the child was brought before the judge and the two women were claiming it…one, ‘split it’, the other, ‘leave it’. The one that loves these children the most will leave it. That is, leave it in the hands of God. This is part of the spirit that means the one who waits to split it, instead of keeping it a whole, had no love in the beginning for it. Also, render the things to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s but to God the things that are God’s. You must remember there is two laws outside: the worldly concepts and the spiritual concepts, always in a battle. Black and white forces…materialistic and spiritual. Let us have a balance. Let us have that spiritual concept come into our hearts and purify our materialistic thoughts.

RE: Could you tell me what the dream I had about the battles and the fighting and the… the woman getting stabbed and (V) coming out in the snow and we left (V)… what does that…

Forces: Repeat.

RE: The dream where there was a battle on a hill and there was fighting and a certain woman came out and she was stabbed in the belly. And then (V) came out and was sort of naked in the snow.

Forces: It would represent a balance of material thoughts. Represents the ideal being destroyed. Would represent the spirit of truth being frozen for that moment in time, to again repeat itself in another lifetime.

RU: Could you please explain the dream that I had last night with the crystal ball and the classroom?

Forces: Repeat.

RU: Could you explain to me the dream I had last night where there was the woman, the other woman, and the crystal ball, and the priest came, and he wanted the crystal ball and it was really one of those things that (JE) made and it turned out to be a crystal ball… a real one?

Forces: This particular dream will not be interpreted at this moment.

RU: Thank you. Is there… is there a reason that this would explain something that happened to me before the session.

Forces: It would be upset.

B: The dream that I had awhile ago, (T) gone to India to bring peace in the world [inaudible]. And laid on the couch and… and… and…

Forces: It is all right. Relax.

B: Okay.

Forces: What it means is the or he will be in a state with us fighting the battle. Far is this moment in the future days of himself. It is exactly as this entity has said at the dining room table: that we will be there physically present. You will feel, you will see signs in the room. We will manifest in forces beyond your thoughts.

B: And the part of me touching his… the center?

Forces: This represents the energy field that will cause a great creation throughout the world.

B: Would there be any guidance for me at this time or for the whole group?

Forces: Your attentiveness towards each other. Be aware of yourselves being positive and sensitivity to those things around you. It would be interesting to see what harmony can come from dissension.

B: Thank you.

I: In (RE)’s dream, does it mean that this lifetime (V) will not be under our influence?

Forces: In particular this is a strong possibility. In particular, this is a strong possibility that this particular soul has been saved.

I: Saved?

Forces: Protected.

I: Saved to be back here?

Forces: There will be great changes. If these entities and souls will understand that there will be much more to go through, souls would never leave.

I: What you’re saying is that no matter where they’re going to be, whether they’re going to be brought up in this house or elsewhere?

Forces: We will not worry about that for we have already taken care of it.

I: That was my next question… whether the outcome of the children, what’s going…

Forces: It is already in our hands. We ask you just to have the strength and the fortitude and the faith, most of all your faith. Be not falters in the most critical hour. Faith is important. Take it away from you; you might as well be in Russia.

I: My dream that… that the group reminded me today about the vampire appearing as… and not being able to save…

Forces: This is what would be prescribed that blooded disease of sucking the blood of life, precious life of spirit from one black force to another. That is that which is the worldly concepts have been donned on. Our foundations shall be rocked. The belief in God shall be tested, whether there be a God or not will be tested for you to say, “I believe, I do not believe.”

I: And for (L) does it mean as in the dream that she could not be saved?

Forces: At this point it will even get worse and worse and worse. Expect the hilarious. Also expect the seriousness for our lives have changed already. Just be strong to accept the will. Let us not falter.

I: Consciously, she’s called herself (L), so she must think something.

Forces: She is fighting to call herself this.

I: Does she understand anything? I mean…

Forces: She understands that she wants material comfortability and she wants material luxuries.

I: Does she really feel that… LU… if she got him out of here could give her those things?

Forces: She will try one way or the other.

I: Is it possible to know where she has been these three days?

Forces: If we give you the street in the Village you would find it immediately. Therefore, look in the location that you used to live, group. Near to that vicinity of the park would be a good area to start if you really wanted to. But this is not even here nor there, for the changes could be even that which is not in that vicinity. But know that we give you this vicinity for the entity has had thoughts in that area. Remember, the area is a strange one where she is at now… unfamiliar.

I: After the ninth day if she doesn’t take… obviously she still has a chance, but does she really, thought-wise, has a chance to come back? I mean after all the things she’s already sort of done? Does she really does she really… yes, she has a chance…

Forces: As we have said, after these days are over, you have known that it is already taken care of by us. After these days it is up to her to make a decision. Even then there is still work to be done. But remember, the ball has started to roll, it is rolling fast.

I: That’s what I mean, can she really stop it?

Forces: How could we stop it?

I: No, can she… she cannot stop it

Forces: It could get out of hand.

I: Thank you.

B: Will (T) at this point, you know, going back to the dream, be physically leaving, you know, or going away from us for some time?

Forces: This is not an important point.

B: Okay.

Forces: It could happen. It is not that important when we are still here.

I: With the thoughts… what I thought I was observing on the entity (T) this evening when I first came into the house, is there anything that I can do or say that, that you can help me?

Forces: In this respect: a great deal of responsibility is always laid upon us. It is very simple. The enemy is in back of you and you must cross a bridge but you know it is about to explode, and do not know when. It doesn’t matter any longer. You are crossing. And if it explodes while you are on it that is good. And if it doesn’t that is good, too. It does not matter now. It is already in progress. There is no need to worry. We have our hand on the lever.

I: So actually the explosion, you already know whether it’s coming or not?

Forces: The explosion will not touch this house.

I: Have I made any progress with what has been said to me?

Forces: You have done well. Go slow. Go forward.

LU: Is there anything that I can tell to or help my boss out with the medical problems he’s having?

Forces: You must tell him to relax. Water should be taken. Also, he should not hold grudges, or be fearful. It is only coming upon him because he is afraid. He does not trust in God, but in man’s laws.

LU: Should I tell him what I think about the particular business things he’s doing, the numbers that I feel like he’s pulling?

Forces: It would be good, but tell him kindly. But hopefully tell him the path, which is guidance for him.

LU: Thank you.

G: Is there anything for (M) and (HO) that could be given now?

Forces: Well, we would say that they will develop in a different pattern now, that they will develop more to fill up the gap. Nonetheless, we, that development must be expanded and shared.

G: The thought that I talked over with (RU) about signing the paper to release (T) and (I) and about permission from us to discipline the children, would this be good to do this?

Forces: This is your prerogative. Legally on a worldly level it would be good. On a spiritual level it would be good also because it represents a conscious applications, desire, and faith, trusting in your God and in your fellow man. That is, trusting in God working through each and every one of us. Allowing God to take over. It would be good. It is not the supplication of your will that is to be looked down upon, but only to be looked up upon. For every man who bows his head allows that which is discipline and coordination to God’s Will, that which is discipline correctly used and motivated and not recklessly used and motivated, could only bring forth beautiful things, beneficial to the healthy development of the character and soul. What has been done with (S) and the children has only enhanced their personalities and made them strong in their beliefs.

G: Thank you.

RU: Any help I could give to the entity (EL) who asked me to meet with her on Monday?

Forces: It would be interesting to go slow and be receptive.

RU: Thank you.

I: The lawyer that we have, is that, that is the correct lawyer?

Forces: He will show his fruits. He will show what he is worth. Be receptive to it.

I: Does it mean he’ll… have you in this… tonight in this session… have you told us the outcome of the case or… or that we have to look in the, in what has been said so far?

Forces: If you keep you faith strong, there is no problem at all. Strong, and it shall be right, if you’re weak, there will only be difficulties, difficulties from your own weakness. But these difficulties still will come out in a good way. Keep strong, be alert to receive. For God has power. If that faith is strong in you, then there is no problem at all.

I: The first portion of this tape, would it be advisable to bring to the court? Or no need?

Forces: Whatever you think is necessary. It does not necessarily mean no or yes. If the court already wants to hear, it can hear.

I: Also, the other information that we have, that is part of the stuff of the material that we should bring to the court, correct?

Forces: Use it wisely. It could be used if used wisely and not haphazardly.

I: That means to give it into the hands of the lawyer?

Forces: In discussions you will come to a point of cooperation of thoughts on this.

I: This (L) thing or (L), is she missing at this moment?

Forces: That thought constantly goes through her.

I: Will she realize, or is she realizing that even on the worldly level, this house is very comfortable? And I don’t mean just the house…

Forces: It is beyond that point to reach. It is a black mask over her eyes as her husband so granted. Now those times that they do come through and break it, but her pride is too great.

I: This weekend when we’re going to (JO) and (RO)… my feeling was not to speak about it, but lie to them. Let’s see, not to speak the whole thing. Is that correct, or…

Forces: This could be correct.

I: My feelings and my thoughts when I was speaking to (LU) before the session, was it right to express that much, or was it lack of faith, or… what can I…

Forces: Must have your faith. It wasn’t a lack of faith. It was just a name or expression. Remember, let us discipline ourselves and lose not confidence.

I: Is there anything that I can…

Forces: We only will insist this group becomes attentive, receptive, and kind. For all those in it, regardless of that which has already happened, be not fearful of one another. Help one another, love one another, guide one another. Most of all the children that we have left, preserve and protect them. And give them the love from your heart when it is needed. And keep showing the will and the way to love, to grow and to be. They now are these we must live for.

I: Thank you.

G: Was I correct in my understanding that because of (L)’s having a period, that the period was part of her leaving?

Forces: It was on a sensual level that she was of. It was on that particular level she was tested. It was on many other levels, too. But remember, all these things add up to energy that is not controlled, could be dangerous. Remember, people, be not afraid of what the world can do with you. Be afraid of the one who has control over your soul. I give you my greetings and my peace. I will be here with you through these months of loneliness that you think they might be. But in fact they are only a preparation for greater things to come. Be kind and be helpful and most of all be happy. We will not leave you abandoned. We have good lawyers up here. Greetings to all.