Session 66. 2/22/75

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching your progress and find it improving. As that with each day that passes will come the new experiences in your lives. Many have come and have been weeded out as we have said in prior sessions. That moment you had no understanding or comprehension of what we said… now you still don’t. But an awareness of what we are saying is more evident in social, political, economical, environments around you. Yes, it is interesting. But before we can give each one that element of spirit, he must earn it first himself. We would love to give you each something that you can say, ‘we are spiritual.’ But this element must come from yourselves first. Then we give you what you deserve. If you are to be a group of the Higher Forces, you must take on responsibilities of the Higher Forces. You must be weird like us. As we have said, you must be strange. The word weird was used, it is strange yourselves the understanding the outside world does not understand nor want to comprehend what we have given you. You must be that fort that will preserve this knowledge for the generation to come. All this knowledge that we are giving you is not for yourselves alone, but what will follow after you. This is the importance. It is the new chapter that is to follow after you. What is happening here is a foundation; you are the founding fathers of a new spirit, remember that. To go through physically, mentally, and spiritually is nothing compared to what the world will be going through in a short time. Yes, this particular entity that we are speaking through has gone through many cycles of change only to receive more and more. As he has received tonight that of reception, the quality of picking out the elements, the quality of picking out the elements as they are happening right before you. He will be picking up all those, what would be said, news information throughout the world. That strange things will happen to his life as he’s sitting, eating, talking with you in a moment of an eye, he receives what is happening, which makes him nervous and upset. For he too has his doubts of what is happening. But remember it will be that quality that we give him that energy field that he too has that would have to be worked with. As he does have that which he sees, hears, and knows, it is that moment of hesitation that we are about to work out with him. Nonetheless, this power, this energy must be preserved and controlled. This weeks and the weeks to come will be what would be said, intricate. And intricate is not the word. We at this moment are hovering near and close. Our field of force has been around preparing for every moment. As far as this house, the entity was correct when he said everything that happens inside this house does not happen in the earth. It is a spiritual domain preserved from the qualities of the outside world. It is a dimension all together different and in which your age process is slowed. If individuals want eternal youth, let them come here. For I guarantee you your age process does slow in the growth of the chromosome and the DNA structure in your body slows the process of near nothing. Age is different from that of the outside world. What eternal youth? Stay with us. We’ll help you with it. We have a cosmetic department. [laughter] We love to put powder on things. Now, as far as what would be done in this house… work, clean, vacuum, scrub floors. We do not like vibrations that are filled up with dirt. If you are to prepare yourselves for the greater psychic awareness, you must have a clean house. This is important. For in the cleanliness of the vibrations where a man or soul abodes, it represents the spiritual home. Any of you refuses to clean house; you refuse to enter into the kingdom, for the kingdom must be clean. So also in the house. Cleaning that house or the vibration of the house represents that of reception or the receptivity of many things to come. It is essential that everything be reenergized, for that too is what it means to clean the particles of dust hanging. Reenergizing every element in the house, would be interesting. Creativity must be continued. Sowing processes… you already have that which is needed. The entity tonight, spoke on that of the cloth around. Create a new garment for the new vibrations. This must be done in order to express the new force or the new lessons of thoughts to be manifest. As we’ve said, weeded out the elements that aren’t supposed to be with us. Those week elements that do not sustain spirit. For, all the things that we will show or do in the future must take conviction. If you have no conviction, please do not hesitate but to leave. What we will do in the future days to come, will be done with or without you. As far as this Easter week is concerned, as far as this holy week is concerned, as far as this month and year is concerned, in exactly the same latitude or what would be said the same position or what would be said the same date, this is exactly the same, what would be said, date lineage in which that of the crucifixion happened. That is exactly the same days that it took place. You would note the same date represents the same time element in the solar system. Or 2000 years ago; as we always say, 2000 years ago. But, it is almost that element, it is the same as this particular time. Next time they will be the same, will be another 25 years from now. That moment will fall again in the same path. Though, the symbolic meaning of 25 years is your answer that the planetary scales come in such a distance in the universe to form the pattern that will be exactly near to that point of the crucifixion. The exact point and near point of crucifixion where all planets will be in exact condition as it was, will of course be the year 2000. As on the date of the 23rd, which is a day for God to come into the country or nation or world you will take that which is the Torah and walk once more around… early in the morning of, 5 in the morning. Three lit candles and palms that have already been already entered into the house carrying these and chanting, praising as it was done almost 2000 years ago. Then, there would be those 3 days of fast which will be on that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then, what would be said, on the 27th, which will be the day for humanity or the day for the mind in perfection. It will be your Passover. This should be celebrated as according to your ritual. Symbolic of that which happened. Then of course, the next day it would be the 28, completion, or that of completion or the decision of the physical or that which is the nine deciding physical destiny. It would be that of Good Friday, which will be a fast. And of course the Upper Room, those moments and hours to commemorate that time once more to the soul. And it would be said, on the 30th which is divinity proclaimed for the unity of eternity or creation, the logos is a very beautiful, symbolic meaning for you all. It would be the resurrection. You will take the Torah, palm branches, and candles and walk again in the morning at five. At exactly near that hour will again commemorate that moment of leaving the tomb. Remember that this period is that which really happened in which the Forces, working through that of the Essenes, and that which is outside of Jerusalem helped create and produce this most important spiritual event in man’s life. This exactly is what this group, those people the Essenes, you are part of. Again, you are preparing and making ready for the most important play in humanity. You are the players, you are on stage. The whole world looks to you. This moment it will be recorded, written down, given out for the next many, what would be called, cycles of evolution next 2,000 years to come. You are just part of the plan of the whole of that of the evolution. Don’t loose your faith or your conviction. Everything that we do here will be the guiding light for many, many centuries to come. This entity, starting tomorrow, will not eat anything food solids or liquids except for water for two weeks. Prepare for the psychic invention and receiving of many spiritual qualities must enter into him under these conditions. Now ready for your questions.

I: You mean, the entity (T) will not eat anything except water for two weeks?

Forces: Eating is eating. Water is drinking.

I: So he won’t eat anything, except drink?

Forces: Correct.

I: Any other liquids?

Forces: No other liquids.

I: Thank you.

RU: Can anything be done to help (G) and I in our relationship?

Forces: You are too concerned about your relationships. You want what you want, you are at fault, dangerously at fault. Arrogant and misdirecting has to be done. You are lucky that this has been brought to light before something horrible manifests. Do not get even with (G) for not speaking to you. What he is doing is only right. Be not proud and not seeing this. Be humble and serve him and do not bribe him. It would be a cooperative spirit on his part in serving his God in his meditations and his prayers. He sees his weaknesses; you must help him in these weaknesses. Not condone them or make it more easier for him not to do things.

RU: Thank you.

HI: Could you give me anything at this time that would make me more receptive when I do the Tarot readings?

Forces: To say a prayer before inducing or going into, that would help considerably.

HI: Thank you.

H: Could you give me anything at this time on my condition.

Forces: Condition, we would say you needed a checkup. I know a place, garage. You need oil change, lubrication, and engine pistons. Basically, it’s a piston. You seem to falter back and forth in your thoughts. Someday you will realize what you have and not falter back into a material thing.

H: Please help me, thank you.

Forces: You must help yourself. Then we come and give you a glass of water also.

S: How can I help (H) during this period of transition?

Forces: Most important is how you can help yourself. You must become involved in the spiritual thoughts of things. Helping yourself on this level will help your other half.

S: You mean in general areas of spiritual study reading or activities that…

Forces: We would say, get involved in your prayers and meditations. Study and reading has been done by this entity for a long time. Now prayer and meditation must now answer.

S: Thank you.

D: Can you give me anything that will help me with my prayer and meditation?

Forces: Yes. You could… how can we help you with your prayer and meditation? You are the one who must pray and you are the one who must meditate. We can’t come up to you and say; come let us help you with your prayer and meditations. You are the one that has to do it. How can I say (—) to pray?

D: Thank you.

DA: Is there any particular thing that I could be working more on right now?

Forces: Self.

N: Could you tell us please about the pictures in the hallway?

Forces: Pretty nice pictures, I like them there. Different incarnations of individuals in this household.

Forces: Next question: which ones? [Laughter] You are waiting for an answer? [Laughter] Forget it.

N: Thank you. Also, in meditation…

Forces: ‘Minitation’? I would say it was mina.

N: I was just wondering when I opened my eyes that time and saw those pillar and stuff was that around me…

Forces: It was real, it happened. You saw it, I didn’t.

N: Thank you.

R: Could you tell me what are the words that I was dreaming last night, about a temple that they like being the olden days?

Forces: It represents a place in which you had your eyes taken out. And put back in again. It represents that area in which be the transition of your physical bodies become more in harmony to the spiritual ideal. In other lifetimes you also had particular problems with your eyes. In this lifetime, it happens again. Now you must prepare your spiritual thoughts, transition to that which is highest in you.

R: Am I working with my eyes, on a spiritual aspect or mental aspect?

Forces: You are working more on a mental aspect.

R: Is there something more I can do to help myself with it?

Forces: You should wash them out with salt water. Olive oil should be applied to them afterwards. A little sun lamp would help. One minute during a week and that’s it. Otherwise, fresh air and walking in it would help too. Hot packs at the end of before the sleep of the night comes. Also a potato peel… peeling the potato and using the peelings from it and apply this on your eyes. Do a dance, a jig, pick your nose, and what else would happen, Lord knows. Follow this recipe and I guarantee before this year is out you will have a horn growing in the head. Otherwise, your eyes would be in a better condition, then we would have to work with your feet after this.

R: In the dream also, there was a part where (DA) came over and put these symbols on what was wrong with me, something. Can you tell me what that means?

Forces: Symbols represents that which is musical. Bang, bang makes loud noise and only that which is a signs of development within. Symbols represents the Lotus leaf and the half crescent moon, coming together under the word of ‘yon-i-te.’

I: My God.

R: Thank you.

B: The vision that my mother had…

Forces: I saw a 1952 Cadillac in a better condition. [Laughter] It represents that which is her retaliation against us. She is literally falling apart with our help. Nothing to be thankful for. For when the soul retaliates against us, we are no ‘schmoes’ we sit there and watch the little ant fall into it’s trap. We give you, we guide you, we help you. Then when you become arrogant and do certain things against that which is the Higher Forces, we become a little pissed off. And I mean, quote unquote, aggravated. With the situation, just as the Higher Forces before led the Israel people into the desert and left them there, so also can we leave you there again with no hesitation, calculation, or as the entity says, reservations. And I do say, you would need a reservation to get where your going. Remember that we might sit here and relax and appear not to be moving. You might watch your actions and say we have nothing to do against it but look closely in the Book of Chronicles, you will see near this chapters our answer. Basically, read the 7th chapter. You will find many answers there dealing with such situations. But remember, in time will all things must be measured out. When the soul in this particular time retaliates and throws stones at us, we only have a reflector and the stones bounce off as they say and stick to you. But this entity that is sick at the moment, prayer could be used so this entity will become more aware of its surroundings and the things it has done. If visiting it would do it any good, it would be done also, if you would like, either way. A profitable outcome should be accomplished to understand the individuals arrogance in controlling. Nonetheless, pity is not needed… compassion. If all goes well the entity is what would be called receptive, then it will be improving conditions to come.

JE: Can you give us some more details now about the incarnations?

Forces: Thank you very much. We waited for your question. And this is when I say, see you. About your question, before I see you, I will have to say why did you have to ask it now? Long question, long discussion, long decision, long information, long word. You question repeat itself.

JE: Can you give us some more about the incarnations of Jesus?

Forces: Let us say, be satisfied with the incarnation of Jesus. Jesus’ life has a representation of many values and what would be called religious thoughts. You would find him in China underneath the great, what would be said, Ming Dynasty, or near that which is that of the understanding of many philosophical, inspirational ideas of medicine. Also, would find him as, what would be said, in that of the land as an American or what would be said an Indian form. Moving and migrating on the Yucatan Peninsula into what would be called the middle part of the Aztetic [Aztec?] Indians, or what would be said, the ‘small ones.’ There he had direct communications with us and guided and developed and lead the people together in building great floors and temples in the world. Remember, the time in which Jesus was in Jerusalem, this was the a culmination of many thoughts and many lifetimes before he had to complete, he had to travel to certain parts of the lands that he lived before in order to manifest that spirit again. Just as this entity here had to travel to the far east to pick up the vibrations he left there and bring them into this galaxy or what would be said hemisphere. So, also, with all of us that when the time comes for us to develop and grow in other aspects, we must go to the lands that we lived before and pick up the vibrations from that land and bring them with us. The entity Jesus lived a life that would be a developing one. In which particular cases as you all know the other particular lifetimes he developed an aspect of that divinity within him. Even if the aspect was love, patience, long suffering, or kindness, each was an aspect that was geared for one particular life to develop slowly but surely, and in it’s outcome manifesting and gradually going to that of the magician or the magical qualities of bringing the elements of this world into harmony. That is what is happening with this group. The magical qualities outside will become more relevant, more real to each one of you. That you will all become in your own right, a walking magician. As far as lifetimes were concerned, in that as when he was that Indian, his name was called ‘Yahk-do,’ or ‘Yahk-a-dome.’ It is not the shampoo that we hear today, but it is called the one with light or the lighted one who lived as far away as what would be said, 982 BC. In this particular lifetime he lived for 22 or what would be said 26 years. He had, what would be said, 1 wife and 2 mistresses becoming, what would be said, 1 wife, 1 wife, 1 wife. Or eventually, eventually, marrying 1 wife having at this particular time, 14 children, 14 children, and 14 children. Putting them all together, you have maybe 42 children running around in a 500 room house. Now the house was made of solid stone underground. Compartments of other community living, to all those other people had God knows how many other children running around in the ground stores. This particular life he unified, organized, and corrected many personalities and souls and government leadership for the communities benefit. His wife’s name was, ‘Yole’; ‘Yole-do.’ It was not a yodel, as you would know it in this lifetime. But, ‘Yol’, ‘Yol-dol,’ which means that which is ‘the little one.’ Or the great one of the light. Or the interpretation of that language to the language represented the sounds of the universe around them, and as they heard the sound they represented that in words. So half the time, when they spoke they were singing. So, if you had not a good voice you were in a bad position. This particular lifetime was that of organizational power to move that of the great community from one place to another, in which was a great development for him and for those around them, and also with his wife. Question.

I: His wife, has she come back has another aspect in the time of Jesus?

Forces: Correct.

I: Can we know who she was?

Forces: She was as what would be said, you would call her name Mary. As you would say that word Mary today. But it would be an understanding of Mary; but as it would be called ‘Mary-em’… but it was really Mary.

I: It’s not Mary, the Mother?

Forces: More questions. Well, it was not Mary the Mother, but it was all those other Mary’s. Mary the Mother represented the aspect in that lifetime also of the three womens.

I: Mary the Mother was one of the mistresses?

Forces: Well, we do not want to spread a scandal. If you start asking us questions, the whole world will turn upside down.

I: This is something that puzzled me an awful lot…

Forces: Puzzled us also. How the world can turn things upside-down and make things into Holy things that weren’t really Holy. We go down hear, we look at a tree you worship and we kick the hell out of it. Say, How the heck did you become Holy? [Laughter] It is amazing what you humanoids do, you seem to turn everything upside-down making it more confusing for us even to live here. You were better off with the planet ‘Yo-codo’ then to come into this particular planet system. Do not all write down that planet system too fast. [laughter] ‘Yo-Codo’ is what would be called a fourteen [14] planetary orbit surround the three [3] suns that turn into many different colors. Remember that one. That particular planet was that of the vibration of the sound, ‘No-geem,’ which would be said ‘Da’ or that would be said Do, Re, Me. Put them all together and you would have ‘Da.’

I: Well, one of the things that puzzled me, that all of those people that were supposedly, they were people seeking the spirit and growing in evolution, but yet they all had so many mistresses and wives and, when did they have time for anything else?

Forces: At, they’re lunch break. Supper break, and breakfast break. Until they broke completely, or brake. Everything has in its time a due season. The mistresses were aspects and evolutional elements within them that they had to meet and correct. It was not wrong to have mistresses. It was wrong to have too many mistresses and not utilize the aspects within them.

I: So that’s the same thing today then. It would be, would it be considered the same thing today, really that it’s not wrong to have more than one wife or more than…

Forces: It is, what would be said, not wrong at all. But the course of the evolution of the soul at this particular time, it would be beneficial not to have more than one wife.

I: At a time?

Forces: Yes. Take one wife, one time, take another next time. The next day, you have another one.

I: So, actually the way, the way, today’s religious Catholics look at…

Forces: Who, the Catholics? They are the worst bunch of them all. They seem to wind up, walk straight, then say everyone follow me and then if you really look at it from up here they’re walking in a crooked line and everybody following them like crooked robots. Nonetheless crooked people, crooked ways, someday they’ll walk a crooked line and make it straight and baffle our minds up here also. But in regards to this, yes they say, no more than one marriage: it is only right at this particular time.

I: The, about Jesus, you gave us now one lifetime in more detail, can we ask more or should be continue…

Forces: Remember every single time a lifetime of this entity is revealed, it will change characteristics in your mind. Let us work at least one lifetime at a moment. Do not want you all running out of here with no clothes on.

I: Then, what about those people that get divorces and all that?

Forces: What about…

I: I mean, if the Catholics are right…

Forces: Well, it all will depend where you want to put your dot. It is not a criminal offense to put away your wife, but it is to put away your wife mentally.

I: Oh, I see, so it’s like the only excuse to put away your wife or your husband would be for a greater thing, a spiritual thing. Not for the mental. Am I understanding?

Forces: When the wife no longer is in compatibility with the spiritual aspect, it would only benefit that particular soul to drop off that element or aspect.

I: So, it goes back to: If your eye offended, pluck it out and…

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you. Now the sickness that… or maybe it’s not a sickness, I don’t know, that I’ve been going through, what is it all about?

Forces: Physical change and receptivity to your psychic qualities. As we have said, you are our person and the entity revealed of completely formulated in thoughts by psychic revelations. Your moods of course are caused by psychic interpretation of thoughts around you. Therefore, your moods are only receptive to that of the psychic vibrations, you are so filtered into.

I: Thank you.

H: Why do I bite my nails? What can I do about it?

Forces: Well, you bite your nails because they are long. Use a pair of scissors. Biting your nails is what would be called a nervous condition representing by the lower area or that where you sit on. It usually is the point that you must go to the bathroom. Or the congestion of the lower track of the large intestines. Anyone who bites their nails needs to go to the bathroom. What would be known, release that of the negative aspects or the positive of waste material within them must be released. For further fear of not releasing them causes the finger to go itchy.

HI: Could you give me any thought on the robe or how to make the robe for the entity (T)?

Forces: Gear it to a space condition. Gear it to that of a void spaces. Gear it to that which is a space condition.

D: Can you tell me if the tribes and the signs are right now that I’ve been doing?

Forces: Well we would say to you if you do proper research you will find that they are wrong.

D: Do you have any hints… what line…

Forces: Yes, hint.

D: Hint.

Forces: You asked us to give you a hint. Hint. [laughter]

D: Could you tell me which ones are wrong?

Forces: Everyone except for the one we gave you. [laughter]

D: Could you give me another one?

Forces: First of all, the aspects of the first four should be turned around. That is, the fourth one should be the first, the second should be the third, the third should be the second and the first be whatever’s left.

D: And the fourth sign being Judah?

Forces: Is that of the first four?

D: Yes.

Forces: Then you have your answer with my answer.

D: And Judah would be Aries?

Forces: First should be the fourth, the fourth should be the first. Then the next four, do the same process, the next four, same process.

D: I had them all first before. Can you tell me what the number… you talked about the 37 Elders…

Forces: Remember the answer we just gave you is for future deciphering of the glands. What you have at this moment would appear to be correct on the physical level. We have just given you the spiritual level of these entities.

D: So the way it is now…

Forces: The way it is now, physically is correct. The way we just gave you is our way of doing it.

D: So if I put it that way now, it would be the way the glands work?

Forces: At this particular time; correct, yes, you will see what is being done in the earth. Do research on it and it will please to cause you great what would be called discussions among the group. And of course, you have already received the first key card in your system of what you would call the ‘new forces’ or the ‘force cards’ could be that of the Lotus leaf and the half-crescent moon. The word ‘Yon-a-te’ in the Bible. It is pleasing that you’ve tuned in to what we want you to do. This card represents the spirit force or the spirit in that of the galaxies. This card represents the force-field of light and love and peace to the white bird of interest. Represents the unity of all spirit. It is the first card that represents without form, without substance. With peace, with the highest contentment. With what would be called intellectual, spiritually, and physically that of unity or that of the light of love, interest. It is a card before the pre-dawn of spirit into the earth.

I: Should these cards be done in English and in Hebrew or just in English?

Forces: They words should always be followed with that of Hebrew and underneath, if you would like English.

D: About the…

Forces: This card also represents that of the first stone or that of what we said garnet. But near to that element, what would be said, Ruby. More so to Ruby. The number of this is zero. Of course the letter is ‘Aleph’.

I: Aleph is one, so when we get a one will it also be ‘Aleph’?

Forces: That which would be the second card, will not be one. The second card in your card or what would be called, system, would not represent a number. For in the beginning everything was one, in unity. Harmony and peace. The zero aspect is one.

I: What else will go on this card? You gave us the element of the earth, I think, is the Ruby, and the two symbols, is anything else going to go on this card?

Forces: This will be all.

I: And nothing in the middle, just the zero?

Forces: This will be all.

I: Will we be getting from you more of this? Is it 144 that it has to be?

Forces: Correct, accurate, perfect. I like that, very good, very well, yes, very good, correct, wing, zing, zample, zang, ring bell 3 times, ding, ding, ding, you won, 5000 bananas, yes, correct, we like that answer, very well, very good.

I: So will we be getting like the next card when we finish the first card, that sort of thing?

Forces: You are all going through the first card, take it easy. Each card represents you, what the group will be going through together in that element.

D: As we develop, will we develop with it.

I: So not even the first card is finished, actually…

Forces: No we just stopped, finished with the half of it.

Forces: Testing one, two, three. [laughter]

S: How can I better remember my dreams?

Forces: Well, there are many ways. One, while you are dreaming, take a water bottle, put it on your side. When you are in dream, put you finger to be tied to the cork. While you are dreaming, scratch your nose. Definitely, pulling out the cork causing that experiencing of flood in your bed. The changes are, you will wake up and remember your dream instantly… along with other things about the cork.

S: The dream I had this morning…

Forces: In seriousness, take a note pad and a pen and sit next to you, and sit there and wait till you fall asleep. Chances are when you wake up, you’ll be all ready to start writing.

S: Thank you. The dream I had this morning, about (H) and I at the bar/restaurant sort of place, what did that represent?

Forces: Thoughts that still need to be worked with or cleaned out.

S: The man who seemed to be… were the thoughts, the ones concerning the passionate side, the worldly level…

Forces: Perfectly clear.

S: The man who held my coat as we were going out, who was he? What…

Forces: As aspect of yourself holding out that which is protection for you or that which is the laws.

S: The laws?

Forces: Correct.

S: And the earlier part of the dream were the snow was vague in my mind, what did that represent?

Forces: It represents that element of spirit not moving. Why do you think Vermont is covered with snow at this particular time? It is the spirit that is so much in Vermont cannot move because it is frozen with mental intellect.

S: How can it be loosened?

Forces: By the heat and light of love and faith. For do you think the city of New York is not experiencing the winters that it has had? Because of this group. Watch the conception of this group for a period of three years, seasons of this city of New York have changes considerably. It is because of us. We go to Vermont, I think they will have to pack up their skis. Don’t shake it, in another three years will change the Vermont weather considerably.

S: The end of the dream, with a group of men around a fire, what did that represent?

Forces: Represents the centers within your body to become spiritualized.

S: The centers within my body to become spiritualized?

Forces: Oh, yes, you do. One, two, three, testing, one, two, three.

S: Thank you.

H: Can we stay with this group?

Forces: It all depends if you pay your rent.

H: What will be the future of Vermont then? If not skiing?

Forces: It would be, what would be called, crop growing.

H: Will we…

Forces: There shall also be great discoveries of oil.

H: In what area?

Forces: For if I told you that you would discover it.

H: Will we have a farm there?

Forces: Well, we’ll see what we can do for you.

H: Thank you.

Forces: You stay with us, we’ll give you a million dollars.

H: Thank you.

Forces: Hum.

DA: The quartz light, is it simply just an ordinary light bulb shining through a piece of quartz?

Forces: Quartz light?

DA: The one spoken about in the Cayce reading a lot.

Forces: Quartz light is not exactly what you would know it today. It represents the light within the stone. Coming from the solar orb.

DA: The sun right, from the sun? And, ah, you use the color, would that be through something like a sun lamp or an ordinary light bulb, or?

Forces: A light bulb, iridescent. Long, a few minutes. All you need is to use each color, humans: red sparingly, orange, orange, orange, part orange, orange… Excuse me. [laughter] I feel like the wizard of Oz, the big machine broken. Pull the curtain back and seeing me trying to fool around with these giggets. Orange would be good for a few minutes, to give what would be said, energy. Purple, of course you know. But purple is, that’s what happens to us when we are caught… we turn purple. That’s why when people catch us they call us purple people eaters. [laughter] Don’t laugh, it happens. We got caught, we turned purple. It happens. People that we sent down on the earth came back looked a hideous shade of purple. [laughter] Slapped them in the face a few times to get their natural color back. Also, for discipline for getting caught.

DA: And could you also tell me the keynote E radiates what color or responds to what color?

Forces: ‘E’ represents the key of yellow, or gold in you here.

DA: And that corresponds to what center or what organ in the body?

Forces: It is what would be called very closely attached to the Thyroid center. Even though it should be representing of that of iridescent colors. ‘E’, or the sound that is ‘E’, if you look at ‘E’ it sounds green. In the word G-R-E-E-N, or grape, G-R-A-P-E, excuse me. Grape has no ‘E’ in it. [laughter] That sure sounds like one. ‘E’ is that color of yellowish color or a light, light color emanating from the thyroid. Remember, your colors are stupid. We are trying to work with you, we have more colors than you have here. When we speak of colors, how can we give you exactly what color we’re talking about, when we are trying to relate to the true color?

DA: And so…

Forces: We have a color here called ‘yick-yesk.’ [laughter] It’s a nice color. Reminds us of everything else that you haven’t seen.

DA: The prescription that you gave to (R) that would be for all sties?

Forces: No, just before the eyes. All the other stars will have their prescription elsewhere.

DA: It’s just a general one for eyes and not for any other condition of the sties?

Forces: Anything that we give is not general. General’s are in the Army. [laughter]

DA: But, for the Jeanie would be…

Forces: It’s nice that you start talking about that.

DA: Would the Jerusalem artichoke help her change her Diabetes?

Forces: Take the artichoke and stuff it down her choker. [laughter] If she wants it, she can have the artichoke. We are not going to say anything else on it. Artichoke’s are good, especially to those who have a big mouth. We have a friend who’s name is Artie up here, he goes around choking every one. That’s how his name got so famous in Artichoke. Next question.

N: Would the words…

Forces: Artichoke’s are good for Diabetes, yes.

DA: Thank you.

Forces: Your welcome. A little boy pouting when his answer’s not answered. Question’s not answered, never.

N: In the Key of Life, that one verse dealing with wisdom, where love and justice is switched around, is that a misprint in the book or is that…

Forces: There is a misprint.

N: Also, do we not have, a few days ago, I was yelling at my boss and said I wasn’t emotional…

Forces: Sure was. What was that?

N: What did the dream mean?

Forces: It represented the quality within you for that amount or what… excuse me. We should fire this technician up here. It represents the quality within you in which you refuse to represent them. Excuse me. One more time. It represents the qualities with you that you refuse to see the emotional aspects.

R: Um, did King David, it was said that his life years were given to him from Adam, that Adam gave 40 years or so many years to King David, because he wouldn’t be living if he didn’t. Could you explain this to me?

Forces: It means that in Adam’s time, all those which would be coming forward from him was given a time sequence development. It represents the quality of David within the earth that must be worked for a limited time or that of the time element in which this particular center will be working with. From the creation of Adam to that of the creation of David, these elements are given, what would be called, sequence of time elements to work with. When that is finished than it will go to another center. Which is, of course, the Will.

I: So an extra 40 years represents an extra 40-something that is because the development didn’t take, didn’t go along the plan, and so it needed that extra time.

Forces: Forty [40] means that of test. Or that of development from that quality. Rebellion, is only that of 40, which is correct.

R: Also, when I was in the meditation room the other day and I, and I saw something that short little… something that looked like a man with a robe kneeling in front and I starred at it and it didn’t seem to go away for about 30 or 40 seconds and then it faded away. What was that I was seeing, why was I seeing that?

Forces: Repeat the experience.

R: A short, looked like a short man, very, very short, fat man with a robe on.

Forces: Let’s just say it was Friar Tuck.

R: Fire truck…

Forces: Not ‘fire truck’. [laughter] If you saw ‘fire truck’ up there, I’ll eat my hat. My hat is made of glass and I don’t think it would do my aortic stomach, excuse me. [laughter] Any good. No, it was Friar Tuck.

R: Fire Truck?

Forces: Go ahead, say ‘fire truck.’ [laughter] As you know, in that of Robin Hood, there was that man who was name was Friar Tuck. He eats chicken. Preferably the drumstick all the time. It represents that spiritual quality of ‘benivis,’ ‘jolobial,’ Jupiter.

I: But there was an actual entity there?

Forces: Correct.

I: Is he usually up there?

Forces: Only when you are serving chicken down here. Usually you will have aspiration, aspirations, coming and going in this meditation room. Remember, it is a room that is in a pyramid shape. It is in the pyramid, people, when you are meditating in the upper room you are in one of the pyramids in Egypt.

I: Should we look into correcting the floor up there?

Forces: Why? Fall through it and you’ll find out what’s in the other layers of the pyramid. It would be good to correct a little part here and there. But, remember, walk lightly, don’t walk heavily up there, it would teach you that of lightness. Why don’t you just walk the way we do?

DA: How is that?

Forces: We do not touch the ground. We have a little shoe on our feet, bells on our toes, and we fly all over the place. It’s run by UC4D-5-battery-6. Life expectancy, a thousand years.

DA: Okay.

Forces: One battery for each foot. Center feet in, into about a hundred. We will fly through the air with the greatest of ease, looking like a flying carpet. But, these legs move all over the place. Yes, it’s good to have two feet. These two batteries… very expensive. Center feet will just have to crawl. Question.

I: The last Session that we had in Virginia Beach…

Forces: Very nice Session if I do not say so myself.

I: So it was not correct what I was feeling? That…

Forces: Well, you just heard what I just said. Very nice Session. Correct, very good session. Remember, that Session was utilized to give you exactly what you needed. Nothing more, nothing less.

I: But it was really, was it just something, it happened once before I believe.

Forces: It happens occasionally. When you need a session to give you just enough, and not too much.

I: So you actually put something…

Forces: I did not do nothing. Don’t blame it on me.

I: But is something placed there that would be equivalent to what we would call…

Forces: Baby-sitter?

I: Yeah.

Forces: No. It is something that you needed, not to much, not to great, just enough.

I: So, it is not, there is no such thing as like a tape recording? Or…

Forces: Oh, if you have seen it tonight you would understand. There is such a thing as a tape recorder, testing one, two, three. I didn’t learn that from nothing. We have tape recorders here: video tape, astral tape, ‘geolocko’ frame tape, you want me to say it again to get it? These tapes are what you call tapes of lifetimes. We could put a tape in right now that would be in a different lifetime. Interesting.

I: You could be in a different lifetime…

Forces: Correct.

I: Here us, you mean?

Forces: Correct. You all like to be with the monkeys? Prehistoric Africa? Or worldwide intellectual Babylon?

Group: [Negative, “Uh, huh.”]

Forces: I tell you I like Babylon much better than the monkeys.

I: But there is such a thing as a session, you just, I don’t know the words. I don’t know…

Forces: No need to understand it. We could tell you about it, no need to.

I: But is it a door opening up for something else?

Forces: Every single time we speak there is a door opening up.

I: The dream that I had today, did I understand it?

Forces: Correct.

I: And the dream that was interpreted for me with the cards, that… was my traveling, running away from that and then finally coming back and yet seven, the principles or what have you, is that understood? Where the name was actually given?

Forces: Understood, but would still need some more understanding.

I: Could you help me see?

Forces: Not at this particular time.

I: About my mother and her energies or… what can we do to help her?

Forces: Buy her a pair of roller-skates. And as she is rolling down the street with a cane of what would be said keep-nicks in her hand and in her skirt. The energy is creative energy, she should utilize it to make and create things. Work with her hands, feet, mind, whatever moves. She must create even if it is for the group here.

I: Now, through, can I understand with Mrs. Ringrose, the one that is the Mother, the physical mother. When did her opposition to the Forces begin? That it is taken, or effect such a strong effect now? Is it that Christmas opposition? Or is it prior, conscious opposition?

Forces: We would say prior.

I: Is it many years?

Forces: No too.

I: That what we would call many years?

Forces: Not too.

I: So actually, when something is coming out that’s strong when it’s hitting back, in our time it would mean about 10, 20 years or what? Is there a specific way?

Forces: There is no element of time the stone can fall now, tomorrow, or 20 years from now. Nonetheless, everything dies.

I: Thank you. And also, the things that I personally went through… okay, thank you.

RU: The dream I had that I told (I) about earlier in the week, is that something that is gonna happen, in that way?

Forces: These things could happen. Correction of yourself if not, what we would be called, improve. These things are elements of yourself.

RU: Would that be a unifying of certain things, events that happened in the dream? Cause, I wasn’t it?

Forces: You were in it.

RU: So the different individual representing qualities in myself?

Forces: It was yourself.

RU: Also, the feeling of not, of like, today in meditation…

Forces: Continue.

RU: Of feeling like Martha, how can I get out of that rut? Or, like that I feel like something I’m falling into that like not thinking about what I should do?

Forces: All those who want to touch the table at this time. [Group moves around towards table] Don’t run into each other. Okay, repeat your question. You can all return. [Group returns to previous position] Repeat your question. [Plane or jet heard flying overhead]

RU: Today in meditation I had very strongly the feelings that I was falling into a pattern of Martha, of what I felt was like Martha as apposed to Mary.

Forces: All right.

RU: How can I pull out of that? And a…

Forces: By not trying to prove how good or correct or great you are, but by just being a mere servant of God.

RU: It seems like for me that I have such a strong thing a feeling of good or right about everything that I think or do, is there any kind of prayer or something that I could snap, that could help snap that pattern in me?

Forces: Patterns cannot be snapped within you unless you want it to. It is your pride been instilled in you a long time.

RU: Thank you.

I: In these coming two weeks, how can I help the entity (T)? How can we all?

Forces: By spirits and joy, cooperation, getting things done in the house. Remember, when he sees groups or groups working together, moving together, it makes him fulfilled, it makes the Forces fulfilled. When anything is manifested on a physical level it is much more than just what is being done.

I: And for myself, I feel like I am so like pulled apart or I’m not doing enough I’m not doing anything the times; or I feel so like I can’t think, especially this last week, that I couldn’t contribute or I became wishy-washy being pulled apart.

Forces: Is this a question or an answer?

I: Well, what was that or how can I correct it or what should I do?

Forces: By being motivated to continue to move. Remember, it’s a rough see ahead. Experiencing and picking up the vibrations of a psychic level. You must tune in now to other levels.

I: I see.

G: The aura, can you take a picture of that now and develop it with what we have?

Forces: Not properly.

G: What would the angles be [inaudible]…

Forces: Angle, always at a ninety-degree angle can you perceive and take pictures of these auras.

G: Is the film that would be used in the camera correct to use it, can it really pick up the colors that are in the aura?

Forces: What film?

G: In the camera.

Forces: What camera?

G: Any camera?

Forces: Negative.

G: So we need to develop a new type of camera?

Forces: Correct.

G: Would it be…

Forces: The camera should consist of three filters. One in front of the other. That a stone, preferably, what would be called, the ‘obix’. What you would known to be a clear stone of a smooth surface. That of a diamond. Placed in a certain area with four or eight facets in the stone cut exactly alike with three filters, one inserted two inches away from the other with the hole center being that what would be now presently known. Taking this, putting it in a construction darkness it would capture the aura in remarkable ways.

G: Would this go on some kind of film or what would be the substance to get this on, these colors developed?

Forces: It would go on a piece of paper too.

G: Would the kind of paper that we have now be…

Forces: No, not the type of paper you have now.

G: Would the silicon-based chemical substance?

Forces: Substance, substance to be the word, ‘Tetramygranite.’ Or ‘Tetramycronite.’ It would be a formula in which solution; paper would be readily receptive, picking up the aura.

G: Also, is there something, someway that I can speak or help the doctors…

Forces: You can reveal not too much to them, too fast.

G: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell me please if (JA) and I are moving closer in spiritual alignment?

Forces: I think you are doing an interesting job.

HI: Is (JA) doing all right?

Forces: He is doing interestingly well.

HI: And also, could you tell me if… if we belong in the spirit longer… Б6¶5Forces: As long as you pay the rent, then it’s all right. There is no need to worry about staying or not staying. It will be well. As we said to the other couple, there is no need to worry; just develop while you are here.

HI: Thank you.

I: That’s the rent isn’t it?

Forces: The rent consists of work. Producing, of helping, of researching, reviewing the Sessions. Every Session that you have had, must be reviewed by every new individual.

S: What happens to the soul as a human, after death?

Forces: We make peanut butter and jelly out of them. And then fry it over an omelet. The soul after death goes through a period of sleep or coma.

S: Is Lopsang Rampa’s description accurate?

Forces: It is accurate, not complete.

S: As a child, why was I so affected by Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden?

Forces: It is an inspirational book of spiritual thoughts. Affecting you caused an attraction to the areas.

S: The areas that…

Forces: Other lifetimes you have lived there.

S: At the time when Henry David Thoreau was alive?

Forces: Correct. But you lived there anyhow.

S: Did I know Henry David Thoreau?

Forces: In another form, correct.

S: What kind of form?

Forces: Another form.

S: Thank you.

H: Will the children, (V) and (SO) come back with (L) to the group?

Forces: Let us say that the evolution of these individuals are on their own. Question. Whether they come back is not an important one. The evolution structure is now being done. The question is whether we will come to a conclusion or come to that insight of moving on forward. You should never go back… always to move forward.

H: What can I do about my intestinal blood?

Forces: Water and drinking of it would be good. Also to relax and put your security in your God.

H: Thank you.

D: Can you tell me why that the sign cancer is out of the correct… the order as given in the physical level… on the Tribes?

Forces: It is not out of order on the physical level.

D: And Aries and Pisces, it’s not in the order, you know like the fourth sign?

I: It’s like on the physical level it’s given for the physical conscious mind for the ten percent and then the other ninety percent of the subconscious is the other way that you have given (D)? Or something similar to this?

Forces: What we have said earlier is your answer.

D: Thank you.

DA: Did I understand correctly that the entity (T) had to travel to Vietnam to pick up certain vibrations that he had manifested there.

Forces: Correct.

DA: And also, the lifetime that you’ve mentioned about Jesus in China, was that the one where the entity would be known as the Yellow Emperor?

Forces: Let us say, we have to give you one lifetime at a time. If we say yes, that will change what you think.

N: What was that the entity (T) drew like right before the time during the session in Virginia Beach?

Forces: Repeat.

N: There was something that the entity (T) drew on my eyes just before we had the session in Virginia Beach.

Forces: It represented a ‘gizmo.’

I: Was it an Egyptian temple?

Forces: What particular one is she talking about?

N: There was somebody he drew after the Session, but there was one, it’s looks like he’s a little (–) and little antennas coming out…

Forces: Of course. That is a ‘Gizmo.’

N: A ‘Gizmo?’

Forces: You don’t like the name; I can’t help you.

N: Can you tell us more about that?

Forces: A ‘Gismo’ is an object or an idea or a thought form. We also say that word when we don’t know exactly what it is.

N: Thank you. Also, what about the things that were drawn afterwards?

Forces: It represents one of your reincarnations, or would be said correctly, incarnations.

N: French?

Forces: Correct.

N: Was it during the time of the French Court?

Forces: It was during the time of France.

R: Is there anything that can be given for the children at this time?

Forces: Castor Oil.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Spoon full of Castor Oil every week would be very good for them. Or Cod liver oil, better yet, Cod liver oil. They’ll hate it.

RU: Once a week with the Cod liver oil?

Forces: Oh, yes, you are very good at repeating that. (RU) would be the first one in line to give them Cod liver oil. Reminds me of a school teacher, giving every one Cod liver oil. With pimples on her hinny. Yes, Cod liver oil is needed for these children. Make them slippery.

JE: The stone that (T) gave me that’s on my altar, can you tell me what properties it has and how I can best use it?

Forces: Gaze into it to perceive your own psychic qualities.

JE: Should I take it with me and meditate with it?

Forces: Occasionally.

JE: Thank you.

I: I often get the feeling that maybe we shouldn’t put any more decorations or more work because maybe we’ll be moving. But then on the other hand, I don’t know?

Forces: Prepare each day, each day as the force. When the time comes for your move, you will move.

I: That’s another thing we’re not… we don’t seem to be having…

Forces: Continue, don’t worry about this.

I: It seems like we going further away, but I know it’s not further away…

Forces: Correct.

I: But it’s like…

Forces: Combination of thoughts, words, and things around about in order and time. I feel like that one… go ahead, question. Continue, don’t worry about me. This is what has to happen during certain force-field interventions. Feel that in spirit pressure or that of the upper stratosphere is causing certain dilaling-dings to happen. [laughter]

I: Is it possible to know at this time, or, if you can’t say it, whether there will be more weeding out of this cycle?

Forces: Weeded out?

I: As drastic as we had?

Forces: Nothing is ever drastic. Everything is appropriately in order and in harmony to the drasticness of that individual.

I: But you knew all the time that that’s what’s going to happen, right?

Forces: We’re not stupid.

I: Then is there other things like that, or you cannot say?

Forces: It could happen if the individuals in the group want it to happen. Remember, it is up to each individual to decide what destiny he would play. This entity in the park under the tree gave each one their individual destiny and what they would do. Behold, remember, that individual destiny being kept.

I: For (J), what can we do at this time? It doesn’t seem like neither one is moving him? Is it because he still feels that he’s actually a part of the house, but even if he lives in separate quarters, he still feels like he’s part of this house and the threat isn’t really upon him?

Forces: This particular entity, it doesn’t matter where he stays, here or there. He still needs to cooperate. Within himself, find out what is happening.

I: Is there any other way that’s possible to help him in that? That we can provide something?

Forces: It would not do any harm to communicate, work with him. Even to the point of having him return. Then again, with his moods, habits, structure, continues along the line, it is well that he stays at a distance.

I: For the rest of the groups sake?

Forces: Correct.

I: Are there other influences in this group that live in that group permanently that are of the same influence as the entity (L)?

Forces: Remember we all have those influences within us. We must correct and conquer them.

I: Is there anything that I can be doing for the group?

Forces: You will receive that when you have to know it. Reading Sessions. Reviewing them as a group would be interesting. A Bible workshop should be continued. Revelation would be read and reviewed and researched into. People, we are finished at this moment with this particular Session. Remember, keep close to your attunement, to your meditations, to your prayers. This Session was given to you, as lengthy as it is, we might show you that there is a cycle coming that is coming that is new. A new preparation, and new things. Many will be taken far into the land and forces. It would be interesting to investigate that of the solar or that would be called astral or that of flying saucer groups. They, too, are spicy people. And I will say personally, have weird things happening. But remember to cooperate each one of your selves in this group to manifest continually the spirits. Do not be depressed, keep on moving, there is much ahead of us in the future days to come. We will see you soon, be good. Remember, everyone’s watching you so don’t be embarrassed. We see what’s happening and find it interesting. If nothing else, we find it interesting. We see and talk to you again, stay well, eat much.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…