Session 67. 2/28/75

Greetings. We have watched and have witnessed your progression. In the height of things around it seems productive. We are pleased with the motivations and determinations to accomplish and to get done what you have set as your ideal. It has taken a long time to see this manifested. We thought we would never see this. We thought it would be in vain…hopeless. But now we are witnessing the determination of cooperation. The spirit of harmony is coming in. Let us hope it is preserved and cherished and watched over. All such things needs to be cared for tenderly. As far as that of the group, there shall be no, what would be said, interference with your progressions. New doors shall open up; new experiences shall now be made ready. We are making preparations. It is with this insight that we become extremely happy with this new development. If all goes well on your parts, it shall be a good cycle. As far as the situation in the world and at hand, it will appear to be not too good. But, then there should be remarkable advancements in certain areas of industries even though it looks sad, there shall come a new idea, a new way of preparing, a new force. We also are displeased greatly with the underworld and that, as you know as the mafia. They are now involved deeply in breaking and wrecking organizations strongly built on financial powers. This you will find in many areas of the country. There should be, what would be termed, an undeclared war underneath where these people reside. There should be much battling for certain areas, but we as we said, find this not so good. Food crops this year should be interesting. They should yield their fruits…I would not say abundantly, but yet they should yield. There should be that area of China, incidents and also we would look for an uneasy Russia. Certain economical situations in Japan will cause tremors. And we should look to that of Africa on many changes and many internal conflicts. South America also will have an earthquake that will destroy, as in the past, many cities and towns. We would say more so towns. Nothing unusual about this, it is a slow, slow progression to the ultimate end. New land formation should appear and there should be interesting aerial signs and disappearances again of these ships. As for us, we are in the path, very busy in the eastern part of the United States and that, which is known as Canada and that, which is known as France and Italy and also in the Far East…Israel, and Jordan. It is a wise thing now, as far as your health, that you consume at least one glass of juice preferable orange or prune. Knowing the after affects of the latter is interesting. But yet orange juice is needed for that of the vitamin C contents for the building up of certain elements within each and every one of you, for this new cycle. We also recommend as this entity has said that fish oil…tastes well…and we use it as a lubrication on our wheels and machines. We move awfully fast going backwards with such instruments. Work with this oil, but remember, cod liver oil is the instrument that prepares to open the centers that you are working on in your body. As interesting as it may sound, it is a door opener…greasens the hinges so the door that you are working on at this moment, opens easily. We also would suggest that three times this week there should be that of potatoes baked. This will supply another element that is needed in each one of you for certain physical vibrations will be coming through. This entity has opened a door for this group through his sacrifice that we can now send it all through you. It is a beautiful thing that’s been done and it was interesting. More so, that of the White Forces coming in manifest stronger into the earth, or as we are known, the Higher Forces coming in to work with you. At your particular jobs and works…be patient, be kind. Remember, the situation in the world does not help matters. You must be patient and forgiving. At this moment we will listen to your questions.

JE: Can you give us another lifetime of Jesus?

Forces: We will be scanning this at the moment, for you and for the group. As what we have said before, the date that we have given you, the last time for this entities existence should be put three zero’s, then BC. I know some of you with your minds have been asking this question. This entity you have mentioned in the years 6,020 BC lived in what is now Cabal or what would be called, South Africa. There he was, what would be called a ‘discing’ black. Developing and leading the people to a more, a ‘loren’, and ecological way of living. His name at this particular time was ‘Yehsuia’ or in particular, ‘Yo-Ya.’ Meaning, in this time, “The Lighted One.” A particular relationship with ‘Emale’ was only one, having seven children all male, each one growing up to lead a district and the people from this area into all that of Africa forming the many different tribes in what is known as Africa. His wife was that called, ‘Myna’ or ‘Mine-ya’ which means the “Help Meet” or the “Helper” or “The One who Helps.” It is interesting to see the lineage and progression of the soul in this particular time, for he wrote many holy and scriptural books that are buried in South Africa. He died at the age of 129 leaving with him many learned riches to his community and to the nations of Africa. The history of this particular man, society, was buried during the great upheavals and changes in the world. For South Africa extended far beyond the point that it is at this moment. Leading into more of a square than of a pyramid shape. Or, more correctly termed, needle shape. We are finished with this particular reading.

JE: Thank you.

DA: What would be the method of application of the quartz rock?

Forces: It is useless without a solution of salt water on its base. It must be exposed to the sun at the highest. This most important time would be during that of the early part of July and the early part… or so corrected the first part of July, the end part of July, and the end part of August. At this particular time, the stone should be left in the vicinity of the sun to absorb its rays. Then at evening so that it would not see dark, must be covered by that of black velvet or a cloth similar to blackness, or a cloth of cotton, which is black. Then it should be stored in a dark parts for a period of one year, again remove to be in front of the sun in July and August the following year. After this is done, it would be on a platform of copper, which will have three thin bars of brass forming a pyramid around it, wired with copper. The entities then starring into it would know and receive the energy when uncovered.

DA: I’m sorry, what was it about the salt solution?

Forces: Salt solution should be placed on the base of it when exposed to the sun. It preferably to use that from the ocean.

N: What was the cloud formation that I was looking at out the window at work today that had all the, that looked like rays of sun only it usually looks white was made out of clouds?

Forces: Remember, the clouds are only an aspiration or that which is from another dimension manifested in this one. For as we move through this earth we must be camouflaged so we can go and do what we want to. Usually our Forces move at a slower pace to photograph the land and the people.

D: Can you tell me if the tribes the way they’re arranged now is correct on the sides?

Forces: We would find them near to correction.

D: Can you tell me what is off?

Forces: At this point it is good to look into them and see how they numeretically come out. Then you will truly have your answer.

D: The names in Hebrew?

Forces: Names always.

D: Does the glands go with them the same way I have put them?

Forces: If you would hear what have said, you would have your answer.

D: Thank you.

RU: You mentioned earlier about the Mafia being involved with the financial things in this country. Does that mean also that the man in Italy is also involved with the Vatican, who lost the 5 million dollars, is that accurate?

Forces: This would be accurate. Also, a major bank will close. Major important bank in the United States will close through a dealing with a direct relationship with the Mafia.

RU: Thank you.

HI: The thing that (I) and I were talking about one night, could you tell me why it was first that I fell away from God?

Forces: It is not that you were falling away but the tendency of falling away will be there because of the lifetime, what would be said, pre-dawn Atlantis or that of Lemur in spirit form.

HI: Thank you.

Forces: Other lifetimes were greatly advancement towards the spiritual body, preferably in Egypt during undo hardships that you’ve conquered at that time. To lead people into a greater consciousness. But nonetheless, in this particular time you meet that lifetime in spirit form that must be channelled.

J: Can you give me any interpretation of the dream I had which involved some boy friends of mine and Tom appearing as a Genie?

Forces: Take it literally, stupid. A Genie represents that in which he was in many lifetimes past. Genies do exist. You just have to find them and rub their stomachs. This entities life in the past was an interesting one. For half the powers have not even been tapped into as of yet.

DA: Can you give me some information, information on it?

Forces: We have never given you any information on this entities past life, except for odds and ends. But remember, he had a great deal to do with that as known as a flying carpets. This entity has within him the power to come up in this lifetime with an idea to make carpets fly.

I: Is it a mechanical devise that it works?

Forces: It was not mechanical. It deals with the substance of the carpet that becomes a different form, what would be known as rigid, causing a certain force-field underneath, greater than that above it.

R: If Genie’s come from lamps, why do they say they rub the lamps and the Genie’s come?

Forces: The lamp represents the third eye.

R: There was never a physical lamp that someone had and he rubbed it?

Forces: Most definitely there was. And if you’re lucky enough you might receive one.

LU: Are there any other stones or minerals that would be good for our healing forces?

Forces: Gaul stone, kidney stone, birth stones, all of these would be good. Jade.

LU: Is it best to have these stones in the rough state or polished?

Forces: Rubies, Sapphires, and what would be known, as Quartz. It doesn’t matter if they were polished or not. In certain areas of the body with impressions need a polished stone; other areas need a harsh course stone.

LU: Can you give which areas to use what?

Forces: The soft stone are closer to the holy of holies; the coarse stone are on the base of the body.

LU: Thank you.

G: Was this thing that I wrote out, was that good enough?

Forces: If it is good for you, then it is good enough.

I: The dream I had this afternoon, what does it mean, why did it so disturb me?

Forces: It represents a barrier in which the communication must be met. The communication will be met under the influence and attraction of desires. You must reiterate principles in which you stand for, then that will be understood by the entity.

I: Is it something in me, then?

Forces: It has nothing to do with you. It has to do with an element that is being shown to you.

I: In that other entity?

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you. But, for the entity Tom and his fast, is everything proceeding as it should be?

Forces: Everything as we have said is doing very good. He is allowed the doors to be opened for the group.

I: He cannot take any cod liver oil at this time?

Forces: We will not speak on that at this moment..

JE: Can you tell us what would help our garden in our yard this year?

Forces: Cow. Put a bell around its neck. Goat to eat the pens. And most important of all, a moose. Sprinkle it with eggshells. Mix it up with a sliced pickle. Do not laugh. Chop up onions and put that to the ground. As you are planting into the ground, pray. The Lord will bless the earth and yield us fruit. For every seed that you put in, pray this prayer. This will be sufficient along with the eggshells, the pickles, and the moose, the cow, and the goat.

JE: Thank you.

DA: Can you tell me what color that the keynote G gives off or vibrates too and what organ of the body it would affect?

Forces: Hum the note G.

DA: [Humming…]

Forces: My, my. Anyone here know the note G? [No answer.] It would be more so of a dark red or a red-orange. Liken that of the Leiden center. But, remember, each individual’s tune/scale is different.

DA: Could you help me? The soul that exists, is it that?

Forces: Each soul comes in to the earth with a different vibration along with a different scale.

DA: Then when we discuss the color organ that the, that I think that the Rosicrucian’s man invented, is this like a generalization or something, that he was able to device this thing where people could see the music? How did that…

Forces: It is more like a proximity of bringing awareness to those around him, at that particular time.

BA: What is the correct way of addressing the Genie that when your praying to ask for something?

Forces: In the power and light that is within you, thy Holy Grail we ask the help of the Lord God, your application, lead us. The power and the might in your Holy Grail, we ask the power of God, your application to help us.

BA: Thank you.

D: In the psalms that we were given for the tribes, why were the sixteen psalms totaling 12 tribes?

Forces: Repeat your question.

D: In the psalms that were given for the 12 tribes, why did you give us sixteen psalms?

Forces: Should I given you thirteen?

D: No, I thought only 12 tribes.

Forces: Three of the tribes are combined together. One of the tribes have two.

D: Can you tell me what the liver, what the liver means?

Forces: Deeds of karmetic wants and restorations of the Law.

D: Restoration of the Law?

Forces: That is refining the Law of bringing in a new Law.

D: Can you tell me what the spleen means?

Forces: The spleen is needed to rejuvenate the spirit in man. It is from this that we perceive our intuitive feelings throughout countries.

D: What does the kidneys mean?

Forces: Kidneys represents the restoration of spirit, which takes away our negative impulses in the earth.

D: Does it go along with the five senses we were listening to?

Forces: How about 3 senses.

D: I thought it would be one of the ones like taste or, ah, smell?

Forces: Definitely it can go along with that of the feelings.

D: Feeling?

Forces: Feeling.

D: Touch?

Forces: Touch.

D: Thank you.

Forces: Welcome.

HI: Could you tell me please who the entities are of Tom’s painting that is in our house, please?

Forces: This is nothing. A women from the past, Odius. Precedes all that is and will come.

HI: Can you give me her name?

Forces: Call her Vivian, and Olie, Mon, Robot, her name is called ‘Zim-mao’, ‘A-Zim-Mao’ or very strongly ‘Zimael.’

HI: Thank you.

RU: Can you give us any information about the ouija board and on why it was developed?

Forces: The ouija board was developed by a board, on the floor, by a bunch of wee gee’s. Simply, was an oak board on the ground of the earth put together way back when. A rock was used to scrape along the board where the grain was met the rock stopped; the people would understand what was being said by looking into the grain. This meant that you would have to get a new board every single time.

RU: What kind of rock did they use?

Forces: Heavy.

RU: Why is it given in the Cayce readings that there was certain dangers to people that fooled around or tried to use the ouija board?

Forces: Because the vibrations is an acceptable door for the spirit world to enter into.

RU: That means any spirit can come in?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Where was it developed first?

Forces: Way back when.

RU: In the spirit world?

Forces: It was developed in India. Both good and bad, it all depends upon the ones using it.

RU: Was it sort of like a card game sort of thing like with the cards, they used the cards for disguising?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Thank you.

DA: Can you give me any information about the Aqua Marine stone?

Forces: Aqua marine stone is used for prophecy. The only use to see deep into the future.

DA: Thank you. Can you give me anything on how it was used?

Forces: By being near or around it by staring into it.

DA: Thank you.

LU: Would the stone Lapis Lingua that I found in Ashville be of any benefit to me?

Forces: It is a valuable stone. Ancient stone. It is a stone of the native force field double the size of that of nearly any stone you have. Beneficial aspect…it could be beneficial if you knew how to use it.

LU: Is that something you could give me at this time?

Forces: At this time, I know you will go out and buy one. We have our own ‘Lantos Symbol’, ‘Santah-Wahapa’; we have a dog, named ‘Lanthos’. He is very valuable also, he’s numbers. He’s only counted up to 2. Earthly speaking. Read into it and you will find that answer. It would not be valuable to give you the ancient information of how to use the stone for you who create energy fields and desire to do what you want it to do. Build bridges, tear down buildings, escape the earth.

LU: I have to get that stone, lest I forget about it.

Forces: If you would read into what we are saying to you, it would be wise to relax.

LU: Thank you.

B: Is there anything you want me to do for my eyes, for the lesions on my eyes…

Forces: Be positive and cheerful, as this entity has told you already. Soaking them in a salt solution would beneficial, at this time.

I: The conversations that we had the other day about using other peoples body parts in operations, is my understanding correct about it.

Forces: Not to far from the truth.

I: So it is wrong to do what they’re doing?

Forces: It leaves the spirits disconnected and wandering.

I: And it is correct that is actually cannibalism under a different form.

Forces: Very positively correct. But again it was given to you. For remember, when you speak it not from you it is from us that we speak through you.

I: Yeah, because it’s been all around us for so long, whoever thought it lasted into it… the book that, the conversation I had with Hope Island about books this morning…

Forces: Correct. As we have to her earlier that from that point in Lemur is where this spirit rebelled from knowledge. Knowledge will be given to her by that of work, discipline, cooperation, spiritual understanding and love and harmony that comes from her. All the knowledge on the occult level is within her. We will help her to uncover it.

I: As far as S and H, is… did I understand correctly that they were sort of put to sleep, sort of?

Forces: We sang them a lullaby all the way home.

I: And if they aren’t awake?

Forces: They are semi-conscious or awake, but not awake as this group is.

I: Is there hope for them?

Forces: Definitely.

I: Should we be in contact with them?

Forces: Definitely. But, keep your distance. That does not mean distance earthly, distance, distance.

N: Have I been seeing out of the corner of my eyes lately?

Forces: Well, that would be interesting. Put a lamp at the corner of your eye and a shade at the other corner. Yes, definitely.

I: There are stories of people living; well maybe it’s only a symbolic stories, that live thousands of years, is that possible?

Forces: That’s symbolic to degrees, but it exists.

I: And what happened, they finally died?

Forces: They moved on.

I: Where did they live for thousands of years?

Forces: They went into the earth.

I: Oh, you mean those people that lived thousands of years are not really people, they are the Forces?

Forces: Partially.

I: But wouldn’t it be a curse?

Forces: Not really.

I: Now, people that were resurrected in the time of Jesus, how long did they live?

Forces: Two hundred, three hundred.

I: If there was, if there was a certain necessity, why those people to lived thousands of years in the earth, now I don’t mean far back in the times of the beginning, well, not the beginning, but the times of the early genesis of the Bible, but I mean in our time is it possible to live for thousands of years like that?

Forces: Correct.

I: What was the purpose was there one specific purpose?

Forces: To meet out the vibrations on this level on every aspect.

I: You mean to say they were from other planets other galaxies?

Forces: Correct.

I: So they were sort of spies?

Forces: Not really, I am not a spy. I’m a friend. But please do not call me a spy.

I: So it was the Forces?

Forces: Partially.

I: What is the other part?

Forces: Partially. Other part is partial. The other part is that there are souls who do take on the body and remain in a state of void.

I: So, it’s in the Bible?

Forces: Some souls refuse to move, therefore they become like stone. They appear to live a long life, but they body is stone.

I: But this is not the case of those that live for thousands of years?

Forces: Partially.

I: You mean to say actually a soul that moves on does what they have to do and moves on faster, in age like what we call the transition, the death?

Forces: Partially. When these souls that were of stone received the spirit, they move on.

I: And that is when that became a curse to them…

Forces: Correct.

I: Then 50 years could be a curse or 50 years could be a curse…

Forces: Correct.

[Session Recording Ends Abruptly]