Session 68-3/19/75

Greetings. We was wondering how long it would take for you to ask us back. It is embarrassing to find out that what we have given you partially on crucial questions to be simply interesting. As far as your major questions tonight they was altered so that the epitome of test might prevail. We will not promise you an easy road ahead. But it at least assures us that you are on our side. Even though we need not these barbaric ways of proving this, still in all it’s proof to you and to your own strength. As far as your major questions are concerned you simply have to bare with us. We are tempting little creatures in our endeavors to prove what’s happening is right or wrong…it all depends upon what you want. I mean, if you wanted to get up and leave and open up a new apartment house, it would be well that would be your test wouldn’t it now. It wouldn’t be ours; it had to be yours. And I’m glad, for your sake, that you stayed there away from it. We do not ask you to do things that is going against your will. We only ask that you understand what you want. And it seems that what you want is your spiritual God, God consciousness. And please do not let anyone sell it or take it away from you. Now, we will ask not that you bare with us, but occasionally, from time to time, these things have to be done. We do mean it; we do mean it very much. But if you are perceptive enough, aware enough, you will pick up and receive, through the lines, what we are saying. Isn’t that the truth. Your questions now, once more. Some of the Four Sessions that we have just received was accurate. Major questions that needed testing were inaccurate. Question.

I: About Jesus. Did he actually take the… he died on the cross?

Forces: As dead as a door nail.

I: And without any help in any way shape or form?

Forces: He had help from the Essenes.

I: What kind of help, prayers?

Forces: They stood by and watched. Not that we are just saying this, but Jesus did literally die on the cross, even though there are some interesting contradictions coming about, these contradictions aren’t contradictions.

I: Your saying he took no poison, he took no pills, he took nothing?

Forces: There was vinegar given to him mixed with gaul but that was only to stimulate him and he refused it.

I: And he refused it?

Forces: Correct.

I: Thank you.

Forces: Your welcome.

I: And about (LU) and (LY)?

Forces: As what we have given him we only ask that he sticks to his convictions. He will be tested by man and his conviction had to be tested tonight to see whether he believes in what he believes. None the less, the black forces as we have said, will try to work in worse ways than we have, but we have to do this in order to make him understand his conviction. Do not falter on them for the one whose name is (LU), do not falter on what you believe. Be strong in your conviction and continue to live what you believe in.

RU: What about with (M)?

Forces: We cannot change what we said about that one. We only can say that she bumps into things that other people wouldn’t believe is possible. She is awkward but then again, slow to learn. As we have said, be patient with her and calm with yourself.

I: Is it still what she seeing…

Forces: Positively, yes. Can see things that even she does not understand.

RU: We should also, is it also true about the form we should do or can do?

Forces: It is correct, but what form are you referring to?

RU: Like the permission that you get notarized?

Forces: It is correct, but there are many forms around. Is it really necessary? But then again, it is needed by what was said the black forces entering. But then again it is a strong hold of conviction. Not by any form that you would put on paper, but a form that is within the heart. That comes to that conviction. Paper is paper and is only words on paper. But by what we believe in, how we act in our lives…this is our conviction. This is the form we speak about.

I: Is my understanding of my question?

Forces: Correct. It is good to be humble and patient.

RU: Or mess it up…

Forces: Correct. As we see we must also be strong in our convictions. Be humble in the application when to strike and when not to strike.

I: Now, the entity, the things that I discussed with the entity Tom, is that correct?

Forces: Correct, excellent. You picked up on it precisely right. He would be interesting to find out that aspect.

I: Can you [inaudible]…

Forces: This is neither here nor there. Even if it does we must proceed onward and forward.

I: So you saying…

Forces: This is most definitely correct.

I: For the entity (BA), what kind of information does she… I feel very hopeful…

Forces: There are times when she, in order to get to you, says complimentary remarks to get your attention. Her insecurity as a child and as growing up. She has an attraction to females rather than to males because of a hurt pattern. Nonetheless, this attraction must be worked with. It is neither here nor there, the compliments might come from the other side of the fence that is not really meant; only to get close to you. Nonetheless, this should be looked into, and tried to correct it slowly for there are great other assets in this entity if only put to work.

I: Did I understand, also, the test that…

Forces: Correct.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Correct.

J: [Inaudible]

Forces: Could we only give to you what you wanted? This is not an important question. If it was we wouldn’t give it to you right anyhow.

RU: What (J) and I discussed between…

Forces: Sandwiches.

RU: about um…

Forces: It is wrong to stop light at any level. It is wrong to go on at any level. It is wrong to take into consideration our own wants. That is, what we want in life can never make us happy. We must totally give up our will to God and let him take over. It is a test…are you willing to give up your life completely? Are you willing to give up your riches, your good name, every thing you think, on a worldly level is valuable for God? Then you will be worthy. You must be tested.

I: So, was I correct in how I explained about the story of Jesus and Christ is in ourselves.

Forces: That spirit of Christ must come forth in our evolution while on this earth. It was correct.

I: And that’s why you knew yourself about Lobsang Rampa?

Forces: What Lobsang Rampa is writing…there are times when he’s accurate, hundred percent. Other times he gets involved personally. And there are other times that we filter in information gradually to help the development of the races.

I: So the information about Jesus…

Forces: It is not our doing, but it is our doing. In what would be said that Jesus did die on the cross, but there was tremendous amounts of infiltration of ‘escation’ and general chaos during this particular moment in time. There was also involved Jesus’ brother, relatives, Essenes, friends that made it a complicated picture to even talk about. If we, as we said, given you information on the scene, it would not be good. For you would try to mental and judge and come with a logical explanation that is not right. We would only say that Jesus did die on the cross and all the other things that happed around him would only confuse your thoughts.

I: Actually, those doubts that I’m thinking…

Forces: Are being woven for another pattern.

I: To make a decision…

Forces: To be woven for another pattern to make you more aware of the spirit of God. The test.

I: Is it because, is this the day of judgment, actually?

Forces: It is coming nearer and nearer for everyone.

I: Is it a judgment of one day?

Forces: Day judgment deals with many, many periods of hours and days and years and times…the daily judgment is an individual also.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Correct.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: It happens everyday.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Correct.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Similar to that, forty years. There’s also a forty moment peace or forty moments in the astral world in which souls do go up there to be judged, to be guided. Remember the day of judgment comes to man every day.

I: Actually in the wilderness.

Forces: It is the wilderness and materiality that makes man in the wilderness.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Correct.

I: I have a question. The other day, what happened with the car…

Forces: Again, for the younger group, three weeks as has been given. For the older group, whatever time filters out.

I: Also…

Forces: We all are…throughout the world.

I: ‘Tomte’.

Forces: ‘Tomte’.

Forces: It is because from this day on will come other, what would be called, changes. And it is by our actions tonight will alter the effects for tomorrow to come.

I: The house that Jesus was speaking… The house that he was from, that’s not my own house is it?

Forces: It would not deem as such.

I: And our home is it okay, are we moving now?

Forces: The group is not standing still, they are moving. It is not such things as not moving. It is a great stride that we have made tonight. It makes stronger but it also makes more responsibility to come to the future. We must continue to be one together and to keep moving onward and forward.

I: About the house…

Forces: They are going through depression at times wanting to be here, wanting to here. Sometimes only those who are involved in what we are doing had to be here. It is a test for all in the earth. What we do with this tonight would have to determine the future days to come.

I: But it’s not the same as when…

Forces: We would not say that. We would only say that they are the ones that are being tested because of a critical question and answer that has to be met tonight for future days to come.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Correct. Or also because of the future days to come that will follow a sequence. That all here tonight follows a sequence in the days to come.

I: The house… should we go…

Forces: The house would be, as what was given, in many locations. Virginia happens to be a positive location also.

I: Why… have we been…

Forces: To make a choice, a decision with our appropriate vibration and attitude.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: This is correct. If we tell you where it is at, you would find it.

I: You already found it.

Forces: Remember, tonight is the foundation of the house. By your reaction what has happened tonight enabled us to prepare the way for you to find our house.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: That is why it is ours.

I: So, what you mean is that we choose the right location for the house to look for the house…

Forces: We can only say by your reaction tonight we can give you the location to be… would you like to continue?

I: Yes.

Forces: Remember, Wyoming was given as an ultimate projection for the field of future endeavors and lifetimes to come for our children to settle. Wyoming will not be crossed out. Wyoming will head or will be a secret place for many things to materialize. But the location of the house is in the south. South from this point. It is not north, it is not north at all.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: This would be comfortable for many of you.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: We would not send you south for nothing.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Only after the next test is passed.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: We would say, if we didn’t think that you wouldn’t have known the house is our house or that it was in the south. We would have had you still wondering in the north, west, east, and the ocean. Chances are you would have found something in the ocean. The house, if as we said in the prior session, attitudes, altitude and longitudes of the group becomes positive than the house will materialize. For this is a house of unity not as like this house now, but a house of unity.

I: Will Tom also be in that house?

Forces: We will find something suitable like the barn or what would be said a haystack. Remember, when you were in upstate New York, we said to watch out for bee hives. Then we gave you that as a, what would be said, interesting perspective of what you would find and you found it. Yet, it was not the right one. You found it anyhow, congratulations. [Laughter] This next one that you will find in the south, well, we tell you what signs to look for you will find it. So, in order for us to keep our house for a little while longer and for you to pass more tests, we will keep quiet.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: You stinker. It is not our fault, we are not sitting there and pattering you with powder. Your weight particular problem is only there because certain physical changes and psychic awareness is being given. The smell is not really a smell, but to your eyes smell, but it smells not. It is only a vibration of the astral form, forming around you into your physical substance, changing it once more. Everything in life is always connected. The knee bone is connected to the… and then you know what that one is.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Of course, it is.

I: For us?

Forces: Of course, you will know what is in the store by going to it. Grocery store, hardware store, florist store, each store has different objects in it so you will know what’s in store. If I tell you what’s in store, it adds up to nothing. Therefore, there’s nothing in store.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Cause there’s something in store, but there’s nothing. You cannot understand it with the logical mind. It is on a spiritual level/astral form that you are being guided.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: I wouldn’t answer that right now, the question is not like that.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: Oh, it could happen this one also. Well, we answered your major questions. As far as (LU) is concerned, relax, it’s over. Retain your ground standing. You conviction is strong, we are proud of you. We do not ask you to call the one who’s named Linda to this area for that is not our wish nor is it yours. It is her wish. She was the one that ran away, she was the one to her own pride she closed the door. She alone has to open the door by what you have given her already. To return back with you to the commune of living. You cannot go on the ground in which you have to stir up private areas working. These things is not what we ask of you. We only ask that you be strong in what you want in your own conviction. And if you are strong than we are on your side, one-hundred percent. We are also proud to have the reaction you did because it makes you stronger in your self. We only believe the stronger that… [phone rings] You have my permission to answer the bloody phone. [Someone answers the phone.] Don’t hurt yourself.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: This is because of attitude. This is because of fear that was warned to her to be positive, low blood pressure can be stimulated by those who are positive around her by making those who work near her to be positive and not fearful of her predicament.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: We are searching the body at this moment. We see that because of the strain of the operation, because of the resistance this could be a natural reaction. Remember, this entity, attitude must be positive in order for her body, metabolism and for the blood cells to reproduce in accurate or in balanced measure.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: We say, it’s natural because of her body. Because of her weight and her body leave fungus. but there is that attitude within her that is causing the low blood count. The outcome must come gradually and with an expert eye around they will find the answer. The answer must come from each and everyone who is there, who is in contact. It is not a critical stage, but could add up to one that is critical if the attitude becomes fearful.

I: [Inaudible]

Forces: And if people would only realize that God is the ultimate no matter what happens in our everyday equations. We have been born from God, we return to God. Have your faith. Do not loose it. Even though man tries to say that there is no God. And doctors try to come and analyze your mind and tell you that you are not normal…there is a God. And be not thee persuaded by man’s laws of what God says man should do. Go only by what your heart tells you to do. Guide by that no matter what the outcome, to guide by your heart, you will not be wrong. All there anymore questions before we end? [Silence] Then, we leave. Thanking you for being on your toes and perceptive to the wind. Remember, it is only through this perception can you receive and listen to what we tell you. Always try to be perceptive to what the God-consciousness in you tells you to do and not your logical mind. We will see you again Friday.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…