Session 69-3/21/75

Greetings. We here find that it is the interesting day for those who will understand what is in front and behind. It would be interesting to find your experiences and the expression. When we all have gone through the maze, it will then blossom into fruits beyond your belief. When the ship comes to port you will see the dreams are stern the sacrifice unleashed the snowflake locks of desires. For remember the flight of the sparrow and the albatross is indeed a graceful flight of spirit. For one day the temples beneath will rise to see the sun a’going the flame a’breast the beach of seasons delight. When the rocks fall to that of oceans beneath or that which is in the stars will say the hour is at hand for the game of life and death play. Yet I will see that which is on top for know that no man can see what is before you only if he looks into the eye of his neighbor. [inaudible sentence] We will try to give you all that you that which is under…

[Audible voice change]

There is landing all around and people… when those things will come to all here there will be that force what done know that greater was built in here tonight. What you all will be will only magnify our love, our… beyond this planet and a great war. And I am here to speak on all this month. It is not a petty item to speak about. In fact it is a sorrowful affair. It must be worked with. Remember that preparations is most needed in order to survive. We have been waiting to speak with… in such an atmosphere. We come from a different reality and we are happy to speak to you. In this affair, you must not read into to our language negatively. You must listen to the words and understand them. All that will be happening to you will be in return positively. But if your commitment is needed…that is the commitment of body, mind and soul. It is an interesting item. My name is ‘Eck-Gwen’ or ‘Eck-Fors’. Ending towards the ‘Eck-ra-had’. It is of a different vibration than you experience here on the earth. For we have come to be with you in this new cycle about developments. Certain names in this group must be changed. But only after they make a just of their past. Then we will give you ridiculous new names. [Laughter] Try to walk around with the name Bo-Bo [Laughter]. Or Zombi-ya [Laughter]. They will laugh you out of your office into our city. Where we come from, our names are ridiculous. And not funny, but it is not funny what will be happening to all your earth. It is the time of preparations in many areas. We have repeated ourselves to make our explanation clear. We have come to you tonight as a helper to the gods who have worked with you these past years. Remember, we could not have come tonight if you was not ready for us. And I doubt if from the information we are ready for you. But nonetheless, we are here, for this we happy. We were dying to get the group, and what a group, group, group it is. it is your movement in what is expected. But who are we. We can knowingly help you to move a little at a time. Maybe we would get you not a stick a carrot at the end of a stick. That would move you. I doubt it. Prepare for discipline, sacrifices and days of silence. There is a day which is Wednesday that no talking should be done. Notes if necessary but you cannot talk. That is your process if you like it. Try it out for size. Are their any questions? [Silence] We will talk to you again soon. Greetings. We are pleased to speak to you today.

[Audible voice change]

While we have you here at the end of your seats we would only say that that day of silence must be done wisely. Only when you need to speak you will speak. Other than that you will write your notes. You be the one to decides. The visitor here tonight took many years to make the appearance for this group. Do not clap your hands for remember he was scheduled in the first four weeks of our appearance. You can see that it was a long time coming, correct? Now, we will say many things about those situations we find present now. We would only ask that this week to come correctly reevaluates that moment in life when the man Jesus was on the earth. That is why we are going through this test. That is why that those forces that we had here tonight spoke. That it is not only the right time physically, the right time astrally, and by our computations it is a perfect night. We ask that cooperation of spirits and minds so we can go ahead with teaching you in the psychic field and phenomena of in your soul development. On our first and foremost interesting discussion, we come across that which is and has been brought up tonight the watchers of the earth. These souls as you call them, are gathered at a height above this solar system in which they watch and discern and bring forth those sources or guides, watchers or task makers to the particular planets that are involved with evolution. Different planets have different evolutions. So also does it pertain that different galaxies have different evolutions. This particular galaxy has the evolution of the twelve centers in the body. These twelve centers are geared not only astrally but physically. Physically as you know it on the earth. But other tests and developments take place astrally. In the other planets as you will well know that you travel to these planets at night. Living an existence comparatively to that of the earth for a hundred and fifty years. Then you return back to the earth. Some according to your metabolism stay for three hundred years equivalent to the earth. For as you can see the earth is just a drop in the bucket. Then we have the satellites of the particular planets that represents the subconscious beings on each planet. For the planet of Jupiter or ‘Jupe-ta’ as we call it, we take it from your name Jupiter, but in fact you take if from us. Ridiculous as it might seem all our language is interwoven into yours. The way we like it. Call E-yok-mon’ or ‘Yeck-zombee’ which stands for the eye as was spoken this week but it stands for the eye, not the I. Or take that which is ‘Zel-Beth’ which stands for flooding house. In which language we have that same correspondence here. In your earth you have different languages which only represents an aspect in ourselves. And also that in our different experiences here. As you will note, different accents are given to different vibrations and this too is needed. So, in reality you have the Old Man and you have us. But in fact, you will not know who is where or when is who. But when Jupiter you have the twelve planets or what would be called the unseen planets or satellites. Which could constitute 36 in reality. In such a planet as Jupiter they have many dominance of characteristics of solar plexus in which their appetites and desires are obnoxiously ridiculous. As was said, they have to develop astrally that of the give and take principle. The principle in which we all speak on is that of abundance in anything. How do you handle yourself in that which is abundantly giving or that which is too much. Jupiter at this moment accents on that of the United States in this Earth. Now is the time for the Earth of that planet which represents the states of United to be saturated with good things. Remember, Jupiter is beginning to move into other areas only to test other countries. So now, the United States, in order to survive or keep abundantly intact must make the right decision. Up to now they haven’t been doing to good. And the fact that’s sad is that other countries try to emulate the United States, the states of united and will not get the aspect of Jupiter on them. This is the first interesting planet in your solar system because it is the biggest vibration in the galaxy or what would be said in the solar system. In also this planet of Jupiter you have many people as we call people of the earth also people of Jupiter. So in reality the souls that came here first go to Jupiter and live an existence prior and connected. The majority of souls in the Northern Hemisphere on the Earth will be found in the planet Jupiter. The majority of souls found in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth will be found in the planet Uranus…partially Uranus and Neptune. So interesting as it might seems, the majority of you run to Jupiter at night to learn more lessons. Now we have not completed Jupiter, for remember there are gases around Jupiter that appears to you to be gases or appears to you to be an electrical field billions of miles in distance. This too is the ethers of other planets. Or what would be called dimensions. From this comes the fluctuations of the souls from Jupiter into this field for they too have a dormant stage. So if you are a creature that lives on the earth for one day then you go to sleep for three-hundred and fifty [350] years, then you will divide that and you will get a hundred and twenty-five [125] years in which you will go into the other sphere in Jupiter then it goes on and on. So by the time you come back to the Earth, you are not only refreshed, but exhausted. And you need to come back to the earth to be re-vibrant in your physical atoms. In order for your astral to go forward again with a new vibration to learn new lessons. Interesting, is it not? The wind is a message of Jupiter and the wind fly’s with a message to the astral. Another interesting aspect for as the earth has an atmosphere, like suitable to that of Jupiter. In reality what we are saying, all those who travel into the four layers around the earth, will find that if they travel too far up and past these layers will come back disported or completely changed. Slowly, their astral body will not be the same. They will be different personalities, different experiences. So all those who do fly constantly are altered and become lightheaded and become a different vibration altogether. For when you leave x and land in y in four hours, you are a different person. For you have traveled in a different zone other than your natural habitat. Even though the incubator of the plane is saturated with oxygen the vibrations penetrate the middle. As you can see you have saturated yourself with new vibrations. Those stewardess who fly constantly and pilots are what would be called light-headed or sensitively emotionally people that have a tendency of becoming off balanced at a greater deal than those who stay with their feet on the ground. We are now at this moment finished with describing for the first time your particular galaxy. It is interesting to note that Jupiter effects not only the tides but also the ‘baliancy’ or the buoyancy as would be called in the boats and ships. We now ask you to remember what has been spoken to you tonight about the criticalness of the earth and that your responsibility and commitment is most needed. It is most needed and will be tested as this force, this new force who has come, has come only to help and guide you in understanding what has to be done. Now we are ready for your questions.

B: The dream I had last week about having another brother called (JO), and seeing (JO) and talking to him, trying to bring him to Tommy, and that, what does that dream mean?

Forces: As you will note, it represents the things to come. It also represents the quality within you, the love aspect, that must understand that he is truly serving God. It also represents a change within you to understand the doubts and fears and friends and relationships to come. It represents those which try to sway you from your own commitment or conviction. It will represent those qualities of travel that will try to understand the elements around that will try to understand that which is within you. If you would try to understand the balancing aspect we would expect that which is the influence of other souls in this group. The one that could help you, if this entity would get out of his particular self and become involved with the elements around and grow by them would be the entity whose name is (J). If a communication is set up between you and him in a most constructive manner, than it would be a blossoming flower to come. But also, remember, that the aspects of those in the group, each individual will add to the essence of the flower or add to that which would we call perfume. But all the other aspects of the group must be taken into consideration also. For there will be many changes to come as always in the past so in the future.

B: In the end of the dream, with me crying and praying…

Forces: It is only an awakening to yourself, your overself is trying to get involved with your conscious mind to make the commitment and the tears only represent that of spirit coming into your life.

R: Is there anything else that could be given, that we could do as a group, this week or this time?

Forces: To be positive and to pray for all those who are lost. To think not negatively, but positively of yourselves and to grow stronger with one another in the future days to come. You will be needing it.

R: Also, is there anything else that could be said about my arm?

Forces: It would not be recommended at this moment. Sunshine is needed at times. But do not become fanatical of getting out of your house. For this is why we could not say sunshine. For if you do leave that which is your commitment and run after the sun, it will not help either. It is the attitude within you that is most concerning. But it means the attitude of not asking for examples or not asking for physical proof because you felt like you have changed your attitude. It is not that you have to change your attitude consciously, but you must dig deeper into your subconscious, you must look at the things you do around you. If you see them coming up again, it does not mean that you have what would be called, succeeded or failed. It only means that you need more work to be done. An example, for in reality if you run after things on a logical basis then you must deal with them on a logical basis. Run after things on a spiritual basis, then you will have to deal with them and receive them on a spiritual basis.

J: Can you explain briefly, tell us about the effect that either the topaz or the tourmaline have on the, seems like the sound coming from it or has effect on the car?

Forces: Topaz represents the element in which communicates with the pineal.

J: And that sound that comes forth?

Forces: It is a communication with the astral.

J: And the effect of the tourmaline and…? It’s supposed to absorb light, but it seems to have also have some sort of sound.

Forces: Communication with the pineal.

L: Can you explain what you meant when you said the twelve planets of Jupiter, when in reality thirty-six [36]?

Forces: In reality, there are many other planets in your solar system.

L: How would they affect what we know as astrology?

Forces: They affect on the astral level.

L: So the astrology that we know of today is just what influences are on the purely physical level?

Forces: As far as the physical body on the earth is concerned.

L: Thank you.

D: Did the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet correspond to the 22 amino acids?

Forces: It is an interesting question you ask. It corresponds with the 22 galaxies that the Hebrew people inherit. These Hebrewites have come directly from the 22 distant galaxies in that which is called SPOT-ENUSE, SPOT-ENUSE [pronounced, ‘spot-e-noose’]. These Hebrewites have been interjected.

D: So it does correspond to that?

Forces: Oh, about the amino acids, excuse me. Yes.

D: Also, do the four nucleotides of the DNA do they correspond to the I-Ching, does the I-Ching represent the genetic structure and everything?

Forces: We will take the genetic structure in similar or in similarity to that which is the Albatross as what was given to you in the poem. Also taking into consideration that the DNA structure as is presently known is inferior to that system we have. The structure of cellular molecules and ‘moleculae’ structures of intensified ‘stellulae’ interior ‘sporatic’ ‘monotrosatic’ enzymes all emanate from the ‘medulla oblongata’. In fact it emanates all from the cellular structure of that which is known to be ‘spina-jonose’ or which is in certain terms the cellular cell or membrane surrounding that which is known as the human form. All these are a better compliance with the DNA structure. For the DNA structure as you know it is only half, for it continues in the astral world and also returns back into the physical world. When the so-called bobcats or scientist come to the realization that they have only found one half of the system then they truly can understand the spirit world as the Egyptians did.

D: Is it represented in part of the I-Ching?

Forces: Excuse me. The I-Ching is only half of it.

D: So they had thousands of years ago, they had half of it. They put that down, so from that half you can…

Forces: Thousands of years, millenniums they had the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle or they had the whole cart. But the answer to this is found on mount Horeb.

D: So, the Israelites had the old canisters and genetic structure that Moses was going through?

Forces: They were giving and were given it from SPOT-ENUSE.

D: Thank you.

G: The dream I had where I traveled to another galaxy and came back where I spent some time on that place where I was talking to those people underneath the train station. Then coming back and seeming to be on a ship and somebody died…

Forces: It only represents that which you have traveled not to another galaxy but to Jupiter.

G: Why was that person, Therom or something like that was the name of the person in the dream what was that?

Forces: It represents the heated qualities that will take away negativity and transform your identity.

G: That’s the heat that I feel.

Forces: This is the heat that is coming over you constantly.

G: Why is it being done then?

Forces: It has to…to change the elements within you. A transition. Death is not the end my friend. Death is only a transition to a new beginning.

G: Thank you. The fourth dimension that deals with time would the understanding the fourth dimension is it such that time is an element like maybe water would be to us so that we can travel both forward and backwards through it as like you were saying that the time that in one night we might spend three-hundred years on another planet?

Forces: There is a place on your earth that people disappear in the time belt. It in the form of a triangle because the time belt is a triangle.

G: In the fourth dimension can you travel both forward and backward in time freely?

Forces: There is no time in the fourth dimension. Time only exists in the third dimension.

G: With dimensions, why in the fourth dimension, what is it that’s beyond what we know, we know three dimensions but then…

Forces: What is known it is different from the second dimension that you don’t know or do know? What do you see in the second dimension?

G: Just a plane.

Forces: Then, on the third dimension you see another plane. So also on the fourth dimension you see the substance having no substance. At this moment this living room is an arena to the galaxies. Picture it like in a hospital that you earthly people know the doctors are in the middle dissecting a body for all the other doctors and physicians are gathered around to watch. Exactly the same way is happening here now. I am the body, you are the dissecting people. Have fun cutting up in understanding what is being said. While all the other galaxies watch.

RU: When you said that some people fall into the time belt, why do they fall in there or do they go there, do some people go there intentionally and some people like kind of fall into it as a mistake or because their running into it?

Forces: These souls that are attracted into the time belt are the souls that refuse what would be said to listen to God and they believe in capturing time…not only in their thoughts but deeds and actions they reach a point in their development on an evolutionary scale that they must be taken away from the earth as a period of time that exists and transformed into another force-field of time so that they will learn certain qualities of development.

RU: Is this like people say when your referring to age some people who have really seen the past?

Forces: Not only that but those in the time of Atlanteans who had the choice to save it and did not.

RU: Thank you. Also, in our dreams as we go to Jupiter every night does that mean dreams that we have that while we think that their, like it looks like one of your times regular surroundings actually it’s some kind of surrounding on Jupiter that looks to us like, when we remember it, we come back with a conscious state it’s just something in that galaxy that looks like whatever we experience here?

Forces: In a dream state, no. You do not experience what is given to you in a dream state. What you experience on Jupiter is completely different. Dream states happen as a recording that is filtered into your mind at such a state or level. That when you wake up, you will remember what has to be given to be corrected. It is like a program of IBM’s as you know it that each day and each night or would be said each day and each night this particular element is ‘sift’ in, gradually and guided you gradually.

RU: Thank you. Also, would you tell me what the dream meant where the women…

Forces: This aspect represents many qualities that are to come. Not only in you but also in those of distant relatives that quality of possessiveness and also that of traveling from one place or one conscious state to another. It represents many changes and demands that must be met.

RU: You mean my own possessiveness that I have to get rid of?

Forces: You must understand that you have them. To get rid of them is one thing, to understand that you have them.

I: How were these other beings from the other galaxy even to give us there name?

Forces: It was allowed to be given as what would be called an expression of confidence.

I: And yet, you couldn’t give us your names. Individually, do you have… Was the name that was given a corrected name for a consciousness or was it…

Forces: The name that was given was of a system or program of ships that are under this name or being.

I: But there are actually different beings?

Forces: Different in only the manner of jobs they have to do. A intern or dermatologist or gynecologist or alltheologists or all the other g’s; each one has a different function and must come into the operation at a particular time to do their particular job.

I: May we know what their job is at least with us?

Forces: To pick you up. Put you down again. And pick you up again. And put you down again. And pick you up again. And put you down again. We’re too busy.

I: Are they… you are the guardians of the Earth…

Forces: Who told you that?

I: Lobsang Rampa.

Forces: Well, then I guess we must speak to him.

I: That’s correct, isn’t it?

Forces: Everything is correct.

I: Then what are they?

Forces: They are nice people. Let us say, they are the gardeners of the hedges.

I: Oh, so they come in us, it’s like, we have come to a point where we are ready…

Forces: You have come to a point to get your hedge chopped.

I: Oh, it’s like taking out a splinter or something that your…

Forces: More like an elephant.

I: To weed out the elements. And that’s why they were able actually to give us their name.

Forces: Correct. Don’t worry about it.

I: Lobsang Rampa, also, you talk through him, correct?

Forces: At times, at intervals, he allows us to. Sometimes…

[End of Side A]

D: … how the Leiden center works?

Forces: The Leiden center…how does it work? The Leiden works back and forth, up and down in and out. The Leiden center is interesting. The Leiden center controls that which is the force field of all that desires in the astral plane or that which is the unsettled desires to come from the astral plane or the thoughts that we project into the astral plane to be gathered up by this gland.

D: Thank you.

G: Could you give me a prayer to help me work with my desires that they might be channelled correctly?

Forces: You seem to come out with all sorts of prayers you want. Have you used any of them? Have you?

G: Yes.

Forces: Constantly?

G: No.

Forces: Everyday? When that desire or problem is happening to pray for your desires: Lord, God, infinite power and blessing is ever emanating from thy source. Cleanse thou that which is within to only manifest that which is above. May thy healing and grace be ever with me throughout this life. That all I say will be yours. It is said, when your desires are acting up, constantly will help you. Question.

N: Is the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden?

Forces: Correct. Question.

N: When you said… You said in the past session there patience is golden, does that mean that patience is the silence?

Forces: Patience is light, patience is silence. Question.

N: Thank you.

I: With (B)’s Dream, was (JO) or (T) the higher self? Which one?

Forces: The aspect in which is interesting it was Tom that is that which is higher. (JO) is an aspect of love, an aspect of love from beneath a new circumstance which flows from that which is the thymus. For Tom is in the thymus.

I: In that case, that I appeared with (JO) does it mean that, is it also a message for me than?

Forces: An aspect of love, remember (JO) is a tributary from that of the Thymus. If you look for the heart is symbolized in a ‘T’.

I: So this also is an aspect for me, for myself?

Forces: If deemed necessary to apply it, you can.

I: Now, John the Beloved, was he Benjamin, the son of Jacob?

Forces: Correct.

I: And were all the twelve brothers also the twelve apostles?

Forces: Attributes of the twelve apostles were manifested in them as brothers. Not all of them who were his brothers at that particular time manifested as apostles.

I: How many of the sons of Jacob…

Forces: Seven. All the other sons were manifested around Jesus also. But not as the apostles.

I: So, actually, seven made it?

Forces: Correct.

I: And it wasn’t Ephraim and Manasseh, one of them, that were one of the seven?

Forces: Repeat your question.

I: Where Manasseh and Ephraim part of the seven?

Forces: No they were not. They were attributes around the master.

I: Can I ask?

Forces: Continue.

I: Can we have the actually physical story or a little bit about the man named Hercules? I know I asked once, but…

Forces: At this particular time, no. Hercules, we will give it to you, remember to ask it again. This entity must come back for the session is soon to be over. But remember, you must become strong in what you are doing, you must have that commitment. You must be together for the week to come. We will again speak to you on Tuesday night. Again, we give you our greetings and our blessings and only ask that you have that strength to go on. For we will speak to you at least once a week. Greetings to all of you here present now.

Group: Our Father who art in the heavens…