Session 71 3/28/75

Greetings to all. We have been watching your latest developments. As we have said that the Ark has been moved and the moment is at hand. We have thrown things in to see the outcome in respect we have led those things to appear to others as what they are not. We have given the instruments that those here might use as they see fit. Those in is room, if they want things their own way then if there is a will there is a way for them to reason it out. And to avoid answering directing a situation at hand. We have been patient, now it is wearing thin. It is up to all of you to claim what you want. Grab hold of it and not let go regardless of situations around you. Some of you are selling this experience for comfortability, security and not really applying that responsibility where it belongs. Constantly lying to yourselves and avoiding in looking directly at the situation at hand. In fact, even thinking yourself to be honorable in feeling that forgiveness is the right thing to do. Remember, we have said to forgive that comes from us to say: to forgive. It does not come from you to tell others to forgive. Nor judge others that they are not forgiving. It only sets you up in a position of being greater. In reality, it puts you in a fake status position of the biggest ego and pride element. If you belief in what we have given you up to now, you will realize that a test and commitment of what you believe cannot be sold for your own individual desires. Yes, we ask that you do give up all things and follow that which is dearest to you. If your wife is dearer than the spiritual elements, than if there’s a will there is a way. We have been watching and find it interesting. We have guided and laid certain foundations not only for the individual, for others to experience their own weakness. It is not a pretty pill to take but nonetheless it is said that each and every one of you will go through this moment and will show your true colors and commitments where they belong. Profess one thing and do another. It will be better if you drop and go forward to where your desires are rather than to drag and lengthen the process and fool yourself in the process. Remember, this test is on and what you have been involved with must be measured directly. For the entity we speak from, valuable as we are, it is seems that you have no understanding of the value. Therefore you must be taught or at least experience the value. In our own way we are preparing to do this. Each and everyone. So we will weed out those individuals so that they can do what they want when they want. As far as the worldly situation is concerned, it is not promising. It is pretty grim as a matter of fact, it is sad. If you are to have strength, you must develop if from and take it from within. Only those individuals will know that those who will survive are those who have made their commitment and stand by it regardless of the things around them. We are now ready for your questions and will continue to reveal and give you other information later.

R: In the Gospel’s, Mary the mother of Joses, is the that the same Mary the wife of Cleopus that was at the tomb?

Forces: This would seem close.

R: Thank you.

HI: At home I am going through a lot of trials. Can you tell me how I am coming through it?

Forces: You are coming out only to go back in. you must finally believe in what you are and in what you are doing.

HI: Thank you.

D: Thursday when I found that book and read parts of it, and then I forget what I did with it, did I understand that right?

Forces: Partially right. But remember, do not get into a mental ‘squivel’ or box in analyzing God’s Laws. There are those souls who have gone insane in trying to catch the work of God in the Earth.

N: Last night’s dreams, can you tell me please…

Forces: It is an experience, development, and partially a test within. It is those aspects that will be met in the coming weeks and also experiences that have been met. It is the illusions of self and the advancement of those qualities that are strong within you. It is also the ridding of elements you need not and associating those good aspects with those positive feelings, influences of good around you.

N: Thank you. Also, the phrase that came to my mind in one of the dreams about my desires breathing down my neck, is that…

Forces: It represents your desires trying to take over your will.

N: What’s with the dogs in that dream?

Forces: Reality, who will be your master.

N: Thank you very much.

DA: The past week I’ve been given several things by (T) and (I) and also my neck, can you help me understand and put things together better?

Forces: This is a strain of force and energy that must be worked with. It also is that which is trying to run away from that which is obvious. Trying to shake off and go into other things rather than this. It causes a terrific impact in the development of your energy field had already been done.

DA: You mean trying to run away from the house and everything?

Forces: Yes.

DA: Thank you.

RE: Is there anything you can give to me for guidance?

Forces: That you must be strong and your commitment must be affirmed.

RE: Thank you.

DA: What can I do to correct the situation right away without letting it get so far out of hand?

Forces: You must believe in what you are doing. If you do not believe there is no need for you to be here. Do not use this place as a hiding ground.

I: The things I’ve been going through the past few weeks, can you tell, is there anything that can be explained to me, that can be said to me?

Forces: As what we have said already, it has been that which is a test given to you. And the fulfillment of whether you will stand in what you believe regardless of outward signs. This test is upon all whether you will choose that which is instinctive, that which guides you to the truth to hold on to that which you see and not let go. It is not a failing that you have done. It is not that you are unable to forgive. It was not that you are unable to understand. But that you were able to forgive, that you where able to understand more than others around you. In fact, to understand it to such a point that it became sad to others could not listen to what you have said. But in fact, it had already been said by this entity. That you perceive things in advance before they happen, that if this group was only wise and understanding and believing in what you say, they would save themselves a lot of problems. In fact, it is only that which is right to be harkening to the intuitive influences around you. That when you perceive things they should pick it up like gold and not negate it neglect it or read into it on a human aspect level. That, it is there failing that they doubt that you understand their cause, that you understand their position. This is a said sight. For it is what we have said that which is covering up and not looking at straight where it is at. These words are words for all of you. That when this entity speaks, she speaks not to prove herself to be right, but proves us to be strong, proves that which is right in which is higher than she. She proves not her right, but proves only to bare witness to that of the truth cannot be helped, that she gravitates faster to that element of truth than all of you. And if you could only listen, perceive without questioning, and do, you would be the wiser for it. But in fact, we all must go to that valley of shadows and learn through our own experiences cause you have your own pride, your own desires, your own gravitations to work out.

I: So I didn’t fail?

Forces: There is no question of failing. In fact you succeeded. For remember, what appears to be so obvious is not obvious. On the Earth things that look good are not good, for they appear to be good to the worldly concept. To be that of sensitive to the spiritual things that things that appear to be negative are in reality closer to the spiritual concepts. So many of the Earth people use righteousness, justifying themselves and their actions, personifying their own personality in holding to that which is truth. When in reality they are worse than that which is a snake or in pits of NEAH. For those are abundant in the Earth and use many things to appear to be beautiful and forgiving. Deep down, forgiveness is the furthest thing from their mind. But only, what would be called, giving in a inch to take that foot. Appearing to be this when ready to jump and suck and take. Remember, the devil works in strange ways. And he comes on very meek and humble, very, very, sensitive in many areas. But in reality just waiting for you to judge it and perceive it to be beautiful on the worldly level. There are many beautiful pictures and beautiful things that look spiritual; in reality they are filled up with dead mans bones, having no more spirit than the dead sapling of a dried up carcass of a bull.

I: The thing is for everybody, but are you referring to the entity Luke and the things that transpired?

Forces: As what has been said, applies as he knows it. But in regards, it is stronger and the aspect is stronger. You cannot turn away from that which we believe in. Walk into that which we have and we walk into it with faith in our god. But, not only in this entity, but in a couple of other’s, for also trying to fool themselves in trying to get what they want on a worldly basis, can never be done. You must see it for what it is worth and not cover it up for failing to accept or identify it for what it is.

I: Is it possible to know who those individuals are? Do they know already who they are?

Forces: If we give those names now, it would mean only a great depression and retaliation. Therefore we reserve not to mention the names, but only say that what we have said we have said for the purpose that they might correct it. We are not here to say it is this, that or the other. But it is quite obvious by those whose conviction is positive and a hundred percent for and no hesitations. Those are the ones that are for what they believe in.

I: The thing that happened today in the church, for me, especially and I…

Forces: This is a sign that that which is the satanic force has already taken over the major churches, governmental forces, and that which appears to be peaceful operative. As what has been said, the UN is taken over by ‘santanic’ force. There is that point that the United States too would fall.

I: And the feelings that I felt…

Forces: Everything has been played out. It would represent exactly what has happened in the time of Jesus. That it was darkness all over the face…hypocrisy, everywhere.

I: Thank you. The things that the entity (T) talked this afternoon with me, is there anything you can say… there are two things, the initiation thing and then there was something else…

Forces: This would also connect to what he has given to that group. For everything that had been said in the test and trial of the soul was accurate and precise. And had happened to at least seven in this room.

I: Was I among them?

Forces: Your test was of one of these and also of other detailed experiences.

I: Also, yesterday, with the group from LaGuardia, and the constant… it comes down to the food, but something is happening there every time when it gets to the food which I must think something else, which I don’t understand what is happening.

Forces: They think it is politeness. In reality it is a pickiness. It is better that you just offer coffee and cake. For that is what their caliber is. you cannot feed that which is well ground grain to a cow or horse who have never experiences the food quality that is good for them.

I: Thank you. And with the entity (BR), is there any… are we in the right direction?

Forces: Remember, to keep a tight hand and to guide. Do not become too involved in attention giving to her. Let her understand rules and regulations of what we follow by.

I: Thank you. That means like, go along, but when it comes again to something that is a question between spirit or something else, then to be aware of that moment.

Forces: Be aware of everything you speak about. If a contradiction, or what appears to be contradiction appears in sense, that must be handled and not let go. For it has a tendency of adding up and taking for granted. This for taking for granted has come to an end, and anything that has been said or will be said must not be taken for granted at this critical moment.

I: So that would go to what I was speaking tonight to some of the young ladies here, that I would no longer give anybody sticks to hit me with. Is that something?

Forces: It would apply closely to that assumption. In reality, the sticks that they try to hit you with is only what you have given them by building up their character, by giving them what they had not in the beginning.

I: Did I go against you in any way?

Forces: There is no record here of that.

I: Thank you.

R: could you give me any guidance or understanding of the dream that I had this morning?

Forces: This is also a preparation of what you will meet in 3 and 4 week time to come. Meeting of a beastly quality also the meeting of heavenly goods and the accounting of it. Also the remembrance of these things from other lifetimes begin to manifest consciously.

R: Does that mean that the individuals will also be met or the qualities that I’m meeting?

Forces: We always will look into the qualities these individuals represents.

R: Thank you.

G: is there any guidance or direction that could be given to me now?

Forces: Given to who?

G: To me.

Forces: Go straight and look neither right nor left, but look straight always in front of you.

G: Is there anything for the children?

Forces: Watch them, observe them, conscious of them. But watch them nonetheless.

G: Thank you.

D: Is there any guidance that can be given to me at this time?

Forces: To slow your mind down. Relax a few moments. Give yourself a break.

D: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell me please if I was involved in a lot of self-righteousness?

Forces: More so insecurity and also being unsure of information.

HI: Thank you. Could you tell me why I am always so unsure?

Forces: Cause you don’t have the faith to apply the cards as they are. Rather you look for what they might mean to others. Apply the cards as you hear them.

HI: And my first impulse is the correct one?

Forces: Usually this would be the case, would it not?

HI: Thank you.

N: Could you tell me what that girl is doing in my office, (EL)… [inaudible]

Forces: This most definitely has to deal with her last live.

N: Could you tell me more about that?

Forces: At this particular time, this young lady is not of the group, therefore let it be involved with the group.

N: Thank you. Also, Psalms 120 through 126, this particular set of Psalms…

Forces: Very nice Psalms.

N: Thank you, also…

Forces: They develop the Thymus and the Thyroid center. Remember again, the Thymus, the Thyroid the Psalms develop each center. Some are a set of seven, some are a set of 22.

N: Could you tell us which ones are a set of 22?

Forces: You will find them in that which is near the end and the beginning.

N: Thank you. Also, the colors I saw that night after meditation, does it have something to do with the pyramid that I seem to be…

Forces: This particular group, in there own chants and way, are chosen to come and take on the development of their souls once more. Everyone has met before, everyone has taken this responsibility to try to do it in the best way possible. Of course Egypt has a tremendous affect on everyone here and this is quite relevant in understanding the pyramid is real for all those who enter into meditation.

I: Should we let them in, and should I go?

Forces: There is no stopping them. Just have one tell what we are involved with.

[Someone: It’s a Session.]

I: Should I bring them here?

Forces: Have them stay in the living room. Have them stay in the living room no problem.

I: And I will close the door to the kitchen.

Forces: As what has been said.

B: The dream that I had the other night with a guardian angel, what I thought to be a guardian angel…

Forces: We would only say that the spirits are watching and appearing at times to you.

B: Thank you.

RE: With the thoughts and feelings I’ve been having the past few days, is there any guidance that I can have at this time?

Forces: Repeat?

RE: With some of the feelings and the thoughts that I’ve been having the past few days about myself and about certain things, am I… do I have any understanding… is there any guidance that can be given to myself?

Forces: You will understand, you will understand very well. You will grow to understand.

RE: Is that, am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?

I: The dream I had this morning that I only remember Arch Angel Michael…

Forces: It represents the force that will guide you. As far as you are doing what you are doing. You are doing what you are doing, you are doing what you should be doing, you would be and should be extremely happy. Depressions only come on to us when we feel that we are not being understood, when we feel that no one really comes close to what we think. In reality, we have come close. We have said only those things to help you develop. So, if you find yourself in the death of a mood, chances are you are thinking selfishly. Other times, moods are needed.

RE: In regards to the thoughts that I was in, certain fear that I had… The thought that this was making me… This was making me sad, this particular thought…

Forces: Than the aspects of it should be tried and should be judged and tried and corrected.

RE: Also, that dream, that came that seen the people that were going with hundreds of people down the path and (T) and (I) were in the doorway, and they were coming in by twos…

Forces: It represents all the souls that will be balanced within you and the aspects of those without of you. It represents long work, not only now, but in the future. For all those who are sincere and willing to try. There is much balance to go on in the earth. The ability to try.

RE: Thank you.

I: The dreams that the entity (T) had, this already happened a few times, about that leadership…

Forces: This is a manifestation of powers of not only in this group, to those in this group. Each and everyone, if they write out that, they come forth to the right decisions of being placed in positions of authority and ‘rulership’.

I: This is actually on a physical level too?

Forces: Each one represents a different character, and each one has the right to that particular area for their own development and future lives to come.

I: So it is not just this lifetime?

Forces: Correct.

I: And for the entity (T), also, not this lifetime?

Forces: Correct. Remember, people, if you want to want will be up to you. Whether this stays on and continues and advances will again be measured, it will be up to you. This is important enough for you, then you will understand it, apply it, and work from it. But if it is not important then by all means move and acquire the wisdom and knowledge from other sources. If you would call that in one respect wisdom and knowledge, we all must acquire it. It would be up to you to save and protect what you believe in, not to take it only when it is comfortable. That is the test you will be meeting, the precise test. When it is upon you, whether this house is worth saving or not, and whether you cross over to where you belong, is up to you. We at this moment have expressed our feelings to help you, not to hinder you. But in reality, all decisions must come from you. We will guide you and try to direct you. But we cannot tell you what to do. There is always courses ahead that will alter and change by your decisions. These courses must be met and must be followed by your own personal desires and responsibility. Actions, reactions…it is up to you to mold and make the future. We cannot do it without you wanting to do it. We can only guide you, we are not telling you what to do. Only trying to help you in understanding that what you believe in must have conviction. We are now finished, but remember, we will return when it is necessary, in dreams, in visions, in feelings and inspirations, in moments, despair, you need us, we will be there, as always. Have the faith, understand the future is already planned for those who want it. It cannot be easy, it must be worked. There is constant work ahead, more than you can imagine. Greetings to you all.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…