Session 85-1/3/76

Forces: Greetings to all of our abandoned children. We have had a busy time of it while we were not in communication physically with you. We have been trying to bring about a new force of movement. In this case, many changes are about and are being instrument of manifestation through the coming days in front. In short, there will be many changes as usual in the perspective of diplomatic relations and personal heads of state must now be altered and changed. There shall be great crime and according to that of our monitors or watchers in the financial districts and money exchange places have your endeavors. Also there shall be flames on the water near that we would be considering in the area of the St. Lawrence waterways or down near the Gulf of Mexico should be interesting forces at work. Not all calamities are destined, but some of them could be prevented. We look to the UN for great pains and adverse effects upon it. At times it would be needed, other times cannot be prevented. We have been working awfully hard in putting into a new program and perspective for this group in the coming years. We must congratulate you all on purchasing your new home. We have watched it and are continuingly pleased with the forces around. For as was said, this spring contains rich mineral deposits to heal the inner circular system of the body. The land also has healing potential if put into a box aligned with aluminum. Make sure the earth is of red substance where the feet can be placed within, along side of with a salt-water base on the outside area of the cubit. With the inside area of the dry or would be said earth, red. With a heat-lamp exposing same to a temperature of about a hundred and forty, relatively for three and a half hours, sprinkling the salt-water, about three teaspoons in the earth before setting feet on, in, submerged within. This is a great beneficial healing process for the nervous system and for the what would be called lymphatic system of bringing out the gross and heavy substance of waste. A person or persons should place feet within said box for at least fifteen minutes the most, from a period of five minutes to fifteen minutes should be adequate for the body. On-taking out of the feet to place in a salt-water solution for a period of three minutes on that side. Then bake when done, taking it out, placing it in a brisk towel and messaging it completely dry and placing it up and laying it down on the shelf. This would be a technique that will be of beneficial origin and substance to all of your little toes in the near future. Comparatively to the work that you will be doing, you’ll see. As far as the productivity: you mustn’t let up on your disciplines. That is very important in your relative progression towards the future days to come. Everything must be recorded or reviewed or what would be said remembered. Things mustn’t be forgotten, budgets must be kept, attitudes must be checked, meditation must be done, cleanliness must be accomplished. All these items are necessary factors for the future, what would be called operation to begin with you and for the country as a whole. Now, as first and foremost we are content with the development and most happy with your recording of your mimeograph paper the size of a IBM run-off. But remember, be not computers in filling it out. This is a necessary form that must be done for your tax records. As we are KeBeth in this form, it is only that we have that joy in trying to reemphasize the unity that you must experience as a country. As a country of unions, as that each one represents and that of a cell or a structure of personal state of affairs. Mustn’t to let out one or the other from the center, but always apply to that center. As it is in the metaphysical or the world of the invisible, there shall be semi- or ships appearing occasionally as we have said before, and as has, has been done in the past year. The future year we hope to have perspectives in which we can now communicate more directly to major persons and persons, heads of state in bringing and applying the laws that must be adhered to. There shall be many turning-overs and there shall be many turning-unders. The sky shall have a great watching of lights within as has been done before. There shall be great tides or tidal waves as has been said before, again in that area of what would be called the Pacific or in Japan, as they are and will experience rough economy or that of a change in plans for them, excursions of new thoughts and forms. There shall be a turning or a more direct light on that of China, in which certain changing and heads of states will be interesting. There shall be also a change or an attitude in India. And there shall also be a change or attitude what would be called in Spain and in Italy. These are minor changes that will be major for developments in the future. You have communications that will increase and a major invention that will soon come on the market that will experience great alleviation and enthusiastic experience for all those concerned with lights, with travel, and with enjoyment. Now for the social and political news. There is a barn-dance being held at One Fifty-One State Road in Merrick, New Jersey. All those wishing to attend, please bring your banjo… as we have a sense of humor ourselves. But remember, there is a great light and a great speed and urgency. Things must be kept in order, must be disciplined. We are now ready for your precious questions.

JU: I don’t know where to start. Could you give us some understanding, more understanding of the nature of the… of the soul? What the soul act… what the soul is?

Forces: As has been given to you in other past sessions. If you would remember or re-read other sessions, the answer lies within those particular questions stressed before. The soul is a microcosmic force of within and without the body in which is centralized all the universal atoms or as man calls atoms and it is the force of every thing present within the galaxies within that individual soul. It is a part and a parcel of that light which is above the. What would be called the ‘ionite’ or the ‘inide-sved’ or that of ‘svad-inite’ which is the numbers and which would be the understanding of same. In this particular case, you will find that the soul is a manifestation of life itself. And in your amazement, every galaxy or every solar center or system is a manifestation of one particular soul as a group. Each soul breaking down its portion to mingle into the reality or into the spheres of other planets and systems within itself to what would be called consist of the soul, what would be said person. These persons are from the same Godhead as would be said, for there are many gods within the sphere. All Gods are organized and ‘braken’ or paired or separated off in their particular realm or their particular ‘exorberant’ sphere. These in return are only particles or breaking off or what would be said the section of the soul from above or higher, which is of course the supreme God-force in which from Him all things came down. He breaking off through the angels, archangels, and all the other angels in existence, bearing it, creating it, bringing forth the fruit and manifesting and sharing what has been given from above must be shed down below. All things are constant replenished and replenish it must. For the work of the spirit is to constantly give. When the spirit dies out, the first sign is that the giving is no longer giving. This is a dangerous sign through all the laws, for it is in giving that we give, and it is through love that we give. When this aspect is lacking and no longer giving, then the aspect of degeneration comes in and the opposite from the force of the soul. A soul then is the cell soul. And that sum of which is the consciousness of the God-head from where it had come from. It neither is contained in a physical body, nor in atoms, nor in density. The soul is pure energy that radiates through everything around and through that which it radiates around all things must be in tune with.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: That will be a dollar fifty. Question.

RU: What can I do to overcome gluttony?

Forces: Stop eating. We have a system up here that you would be well aware or would like to understand or you might would be interesting to know.

RU: I would.

Forces: We have what would be called the garlic, the onion, and the water treatment. Of course we do not use these elements up here. But these elements are near to what would be used down there. What would be done is take the garlic, the onion, and eat at least one garlic and one onion. Chop it up. Enjoy it. After that four glasses of water. And I tell you, you will not be hungry for a while.

RU: Thank you. Is that once a day or before each meal or…

Forces: This would be done at least four or five times a day. Or when the desire to eat comes over you.

RU: Is there something that help with the problem of justice that has to do with that more so than just the eating part?

Forces: This is a very sensitive question that will take a long time to work with your mind. We would say, do not question, but just do. Justice comes only through questioning.

RU: Thank you.

GL: Could you help me to understand the two dreams I had on December twenty-ninth? The first…

Forces: We will only say to you that these dreams are a force of telling you to move from the point of position and reawaken, re-establish and re-assert those principles that must be guided and watched through your development. It is through these two dreams that you are being told that these principles must again be re-evaluated. For where you are falling short, and you are falling short, from your perspectives of what you have established for yourself to achieve that you must again pick up your responsibility and start moving. For as the days pass by and each day that does pass by you become relaxed you lose a part of your identity.

GL: Thank you.

DA: Could you give us more information about the quartz light? What it does? And how and when it should be used?

Forces: This is what would be called the nearest thing to the solar orb. This should be used only when the sun is down. It should be placed at a distance and the individual should encompass around it that of meditating or watching or concentrating within the force field it has already absorbed. No longer than two to three minutes at a set should be watched into this crystal. At that point the crystal should again be re-wrapped and placed in that container. No more than one person a day is to use this crystal or said
force field. And no more than one person is to unwrap it and wrap it. For this has certain possibilities. To rejuvenate or recharge this said crystal during the wintertime, this should be undertaken by putting at least a three hundred watt light under it for four and a half minutes. No more, no less. Then wrapping it up once more and placing it in the container. And also after the two-year or the two-year prior or the two-year period of rejuvenating or gathering the force of the light, then after that every time or every year in July and August this should be expelled, or put into the face of the light. It should never be exposed during a cloudy day, or left out in a sunlight day which turns to be a cloudy day. This ruins all work that has been yet done for, for two years hence. Meaning that it must be rejuvenated and reorganized and started over again for another period of two years.

DA: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell me what was Lazarus’s life like after he was brought back from the dead?

Forces: Larius…

JE: Lazarus.

Forces: Excuse me. Lazarus… Larius stinketh. A foul odor as far as that personality is concerned. Also remember, it was a friend of Jesus. Jesus had compassion on Lazarus. But remember Jesus knew that Lazarus also had to learn certain items or else he would have come running to him. There was a great bond and friendship between him and Jesus. But the bond wasn’t that great if the soul or the person did not understand certain laws of love. This had to be taught to the individual, making the individual seem at times bitter. But not in his heart. It is, was that of gold.

JE: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me, please, more about the dream that (I) had about a week ago where…

Forces: This was a warning for the individual of this particular dream. This was also a warning for the individual in the particular dream of that which must be corrected and disciplined that these thoughts or ideas going or diverting from other than the path can cause and lead to trouble. But all these items must be taken care of by the individual who sees within himself that he is not going on the same path that has been directed and guided for others.

NN: Thank you. Also could you tell me what the dream meant that I had couple of weeks ago where (I) was giving the sessions?

Forces: This represented that we, too, work through her.

NN: Thank you. Also, why have so many rosaries broken that I have? Is it simply because I wear them or is there negativity in…

Forces: Each rosary that is broken could be a fulfillment of the prayers. Please, do not go around breaking all the rosaries in this house. But it only represents an aspect of the prayers that are being evolved, or coming to a higher stability or consciousness.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Could you tell me what effect the lamps that we’re making with the irregular cut pieces have?

Forces: This is a tremendous effect on the astral level, for it brings into the area the fourth dimension.

LK: Also, you’ve given us what different colors represent, but what about when we use like all the different colors? Whether it be a lampshade or whatever we make.

Forces: By what do you mean different colors, to use different colors?

LK: By having say more than three colors on one object.

Forces: Then you are bringing into that force the astral, or what would be said soul-seal of the house, or the objective of the house in which it will go to.

LK: Thank you.

BR: Could you tell me the symbol that (T) used to write on back of his letters while he was is the service? A squiggly circle with “Peace in the World 2000, what it meant?

Forces: This is exactly what it meant. It also represented an instrument in which he used in Egypt. Question.

BA: I’m wondering how my mother is doing and if there’s anything I can do to help her now.

Forces: She is going through her own development. To be personally involved would not help her too much. Standing at a distance with a stronger shoulder is the best you can do for her at the moment.

BA: Thank you.

RH: Is there anything we can be doing now for the children at this moment?

Forces: The children need to be read to. At least a half an hour a day they must hear stories of the Bible. They must also hear stories of fantasies of thoughts of colors and see that which they are hearing. This experience must be completed or done before the month is out. Also, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony must be heard by these children a period of one day during a month. That is from the morning to the evening, the child must constantly hear this piece over and over and over again to re-organize and put into a force of harmony certain spheres and certain vibrations within their bodies. This, too, must be done preferably on the twenty-second of January. Dancing must be instituted with these children that they at least dance and sing at least once a day in their usual routine of development.

IS: Say thank you.

RH: Thank you. Also for myself, is there something that can help me be more positive when I wake up in the mornings?

Forces: Yes. When you go to sleep at night, leave a chocolate bar on the side. Question.

DD: Can you tell me what the altar represents?

Forces: The altar represents man’s physical offerings and sacrifice on a conscious level. It represents the centers within man that needs to be consecrated.

DD: Can you tell me what the ark represents?

Forces: The ark represents that of the holy of holies within man.

DD: What center does it correspond to? Or what…

Forces: It corresponds to two centers, the pineal and the pituitary.

DD: Thank you.

IS: The dream that (N) mentioned that I had, you said something about going on a path or not going on a path that was said for others or something. May I have some understanding?

Forces: The path to God and through the group-consciousness on this same path.

IS: For me?

Forces: Directed not to you, but to them. Directed to that one who asked the questions.

IS: I see. Thank you. In Genesis there is a verse that is said, “We have to kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden because they might eat from the tree of life and live forever. What does it mean?

Forces: That they would have grasped the truth and the meaning to life before they would have went through the experience it or the experiencing of it in order to become a perfect soul They would have to earn that first, rather than to receive it so easily.

IS: But, the minute a person grasps the meaning of life, then is that the difference between the Forces and a regular person?

Forces: That is the meaning between a regular person and a person who grasps life.

IS: But yet it seems as if though God were speaking that, or the Gods that man is going to be as one of us.

Forces: We would say the angelic force was more in a speaking tone there.

IS: So then man would become as the angels or an illuminated one?

Forces: Without any work. Man’s destiny was not to become that element, but to become rather that preserved from that element. By taking of the fruit of knowledge, man then became and fell into the element that was not made for him. Now he has to become that in which he had taken upon himself. And then afterwards become the element in which he was destined to become.

IS: So that is the meaning of that we are not really prepared for this earth? I mean even physically we… we don’t have… we’re not prepared for this earth as… as the animals are prepared for this earth?

Forces: We do not belong here.

IS: This is the meaning of it?

Forces: Correct. The animals only represent our beast or our animal qualities within ourselves. When we have then together or straightened out, these animals disappear from the face of the earth.

IS: Oh. So this is the meaning of… of an awful lot of animals that have been extinct?

Forces: Correct. Soon man will be the only animal left and then he will disappear.

IS: Oh. In that case all these humane societies for animals and what have you that are trying to…

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: In my understanding of Aleister Crowley am I correct?

Forces: It takes a great strength to understand the complicated mind of ego. Near to correct. Question.

IS: Well, was he then black or not?

Forces: It is a mixed force of black and white. We cannot answer that question at this moment for then it would lead to other thoughts. Question.

IS: I see. The same thing as you couldn’t answer…

Forces: Question.

IS: What about (V)?

Forces: That is what we’d like to know. What about (V)? Turn on the valve and you get water.

IS: Is there anything?

Forces: We have just given you the answer. Question.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Was the entity (T) Robert E. Lee?

Forces: Wouldn’t you like to know?

JU: Yep.

Forces: Robert E. Lee. He could be a lot of individuals. Robert E. Lee. He could be a lot of individuals. Robert E. Lee, though, could be a lot of individuals. It is not important who you were in the past. It is important of who you are in the present. Question.

RU: Can anything further be given to us about what was started on December third?

Forces: Please, tell us. What was started on December third?

RU: This last month. Could we have an extension?

Forces: There is an extension that can be done starting from June, or what would be said January. We had you shaken there.

DA: You sure did

Forces: From January the third to March the fourth. We are not shylocks. But every single time you would like an extension, then the time period doubles. Question.

IS: So it is up to March?

Forces: January third to March.

RU: That means, I don’t understand.

Forces: From January third to March the third. The end of March the third you will be told what would have to be done for that which is to come.

RU: Thank you.

GL: Did Moses and Abraham go through the same the same kind of regeneration that Ra-Ta did?

Forces: We would say they went through the same.

GL: Then was there the same kind of culture as was around Ra-Ta, the same science?

Forces: Near to be what would be the same. People, we have enjoyed being with you here tonight. But remember, watch your minds. Even though what appears to be a… the voice we use, it is something that is not this. But there are much more things to be done in the invisible level. We will be back soon to talk to you more on those things that we will be giving you. Guide yourself, watch yourself, develop yourself, and give to one another that which is possible from yourself alone. Greetings to all of you here present now.

Group: Our, Father, who art in the heavens…