Session 489-4/22/86

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have seen the different reactions in the world. In this sad, sad nature to see such goings on as never before, but as it is all for the movement of different nations closer together. We do see this as a sad year, a year of religious expression. It is a time when the spirit shall one again rise from the ashes where people will turn again to religious peace. That is why it is important that you continue your Rosaries during the week that these coming together radiate for the whole day, in such a force, you will be praying for peace. That is what your intentions will be, it will be. It will be for peace in the world and to prevent World War III. Unfortunately, we all should be moving about in time and space trying to prevent World War III. The bombing in what would be called Libya has made a lot of people anxious, a lot of people antsy. Protection of all those things that is dear to them, and the most sacred thing of protection is your heart, People, as you would see, the different changes in the world do, does come about. The very hour in which you all have prepared for, for over a number of years, be it 13, 14 years. What you have started from the beginning of the group, it is now coming into its time. Your hour is at this moment; the year is yours. As we have promised, those will come to visit you this year. But now we will make a promise that this will be our land. This will be our sector. This will be our section. We will come and make an abode here, and we will take the power of this hill. This area will belong to us, in the spiritual world and in the physical. We must also express to you that through these many years of going through different courses of learning that the Flushing consciousness of development; that is, the spiritual time will rise again, and now the hours of darkness is over for this particular group. You are the way-showers. You are the ambassadors to prevent war. Remember, you are not in your jobs to make money or positions or titles. In all the fields and the work that you do, it is now crucial that you do then to prevent war, war with individuals and people, peace. It is our last chance to change the tide of the world, to bring into manifestation and consciousness peace. To talk about the principles of peace, to change the arrogance of men. People, your job has been slated for you, and now it is up to you to go about to do. Do not worry about your physical needs. It has been well taken care of in advance. Your needs now is to spread the message, to talk, communicate, to give answers, to talk of peace. Many are suing clergy for the sake of wrong information. Many are unhappy with their jobs. Many will come from far and wide, from the East, from the West, the North, and South. Many shall come here for solace, for support, for comfort, for prayer, for retreats. It will not end. There will be hundreds upon hundreds of people turning out for the renewal of their own soul and spirits. We have opened the gates. It is our doing. It is the time. We ask that you accomplish the things you need to do and to put into your work the energies that need to be there. It is a critical, critical hour. It is an hour of need, an hour of prayer. Mankind has fallen to the lowest levels, has fallen away from the spirit. We must try in prevent World War III. It is around the corner. It is just momentarily upon us, but it is up to us to send forth the word, and it is up to (through?) us through prayer, for consolidating our lives, and dedicating our personal lives, for that which we have desired from the beginning to set in motion, to dedicate ourselves. This is what the entity has come into the earth to do. This is the very hour he has prepared for many, many years. This is what he chose to do and chose to try to accomplish. Many shall come. Forces are put into accounts, to teach on the simple level of love thy neighbor as yourself and to love your God with your whole heart and soul. It is the hour. It is the time. We here will from this point on abide. We are finished with traveling. You will have your strange weathers here. The coldness is our entry, but we will be here. We will set bases in front of your very eyes. But remember, as we have said, this moment has now begun Prepare yourselves every day. Take advantage of the time. Get into the form of meditation, not only in that force, but if you have the strength and you have the power. We have been quiet and silent for some. We have watched others drift away, but most of all, we come back to recharge, rejuvenate and reevaluate the movements forward. We must understand the criticalness of the hour. It is not this or that or that glass or this glass, or this under here and that under there, or that belonging to you and this belonging to us. It is the point of sharing, rejuvenating the spirit, raising the soul back to its position of “can do”. People, the hour is now. The hour is now. Take advantage of it. We have seen many to come and go. We can change the very premise to the glory of the Spirit. There will be those who will not agree. Do not be stopped. There will be those that will try to sidetrack do not pay heed. There will be those that will cook for good and yet seek for far from merit. Give merit; give merit to where merit is not asked for. Give peace to where there is war. Give consolation where there is tears. The strength of the Lord is upon you. The hour is set, the temple doors open, the bells ring. Rejuvenate yourselves, make well the meeting. The culmination of visits will establish the foundations, but remember, that of the soul is important. It is what you will take with you when you leave here do it well, do it with kindness, do it with patience. That soul is yours tomorrow it may be, be put around; the next day it will have a different form. But remember, as we talk, there is constant change, constant upliftment. We have seen miracle after miracle happen, only through the dedication and the elevation of power. Let it be now the hour. Our house, our fortress, our headquarters. You have prepared for this moment. We have prepared you, but now we are ready to prepare for those things that are to come. It will be dark it will be dismal, (it? )will be sad. There will be great signs in the sun and in the moon. Many who will know a famous, in which this particular person must be taken away. They’ll be times when you will have no control and feel totally frustrated. Remember at this time order and harmony. Create this in your environment. Put it into what you are. This harmony and this creative power, is what will give us our strength and our force to move or. Many trees that are strong. Many that you have thought of never to come down. Many of those Barks will not appear. Many, many different forces but above all that which is the quietness within. (———————-) We have seen Libya to attack. We have seen the United States retaliate. We have tried, now we will be involved with certain movements in which stifle and will stifle Iran and will make the United States strong. The dollar itself will go to a frightening low position, causing a great deal of chain reaction. This week is a time to buy, and it is the time to sell. This is a week be in your area. Do not be involved with what will be considered long-term plans let that work itself. Remember many a time you will be afraid. We are here, the land, the area. You will go through your trials you will go through the test. But you will all make it. Remember, it is worth it. The power is always there the point is to establish it.

Forces- We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you very much for coming in. Could you explain a little bit what kind of trials and tribulations for us? Is it from inside or from outside?

FORCES: The Trials and tribulations are meant – for the world. You are the priest of ours. We protect them. It is more of the world’s trials and tribulations that we are talking on.

IS: Last tine you spoke of ‘86, the way you spoke, at that time I had the feeling about some things inside the house, and you didn’t say too much, but as it turned out, yes, the world is terrible, but there were some things that happened inside the house, too, and…

FORCES: It is only to make it better, the house.

IS: Yeah, but is that the kind of things that still will happen?

FORCES: We look at the things that will make the house better, not now of that which is greater, but more of a, a, a excellent environment.

IS: Well, thank you for the way the whole thing with HI and JB was handled.


IS: But you’re not answering, is that correct?

FORCES: In what way?

IS: About whether the trials and tribulations have anything to do with some changes in here?

FORCES: Trials and tribulations deal with the outside world. We are protecting now in here.

IS: Thank you very much. The other thing is you said this is the time to buy. To buy what?

FORCES: It is the time to buy, be it land or homes. It is the moment.

IS: And should we get involved in it at this moment?

FORCES: With review you could.

IS: With review with the entity?

FORCES: With review from us.

IS: Yeah, that’s what I would like to… Oh, I see, as it happens?

FORCES: More or less.

IS: Is there anything you would suggest at this point?

FORCES: That the entity of Gladys Davis Turner does send her regards and apologizes to the fact of not saying a certain farewell, but knowing that you are still doing your job and have at it.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: Remember, people, that this weekend in a symbolic way represents the beginning of the earthly power for you, and the power must be used wisely: with respect, with kindness, with love and patience. But you will see us more and more in manifestation as we work the work we need to do to try to prevent World War III.

IS: Could…can I ask…


IS: From Revelation…

FORCES: It is an hour, and it is a time that is so sad that we will take active part in changing things. We said we’ve have had enough Kaddafi, and we took care of that. We still have enough of him, and we are still going to take care. And we also have seen different attack groups. They will chew themselves up, and the bombs will blow into their own hands. The bombs that they set will malfunction, and will explode up in themselves. We have things that we will attach to certain other units. The Palestinian movement will crumble. Certain internal evidence of clockwork will fall apart, and great masses will walk the streets on campuses trying to find the answer, and great suns of balls of fire will fall in the few days to come to give great light where there is darkness. It is a time to turn away from the mental creed and into now truly the spiritual abode, and the Soviet Union will bells will ring, and the church steeples will sing, and the people will return back to God.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving. We have said what we needed to say tonight. Think on these things. Get the house in order for us. There is a lot of work ahead.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…