Session 551-11/22/89

[First part of tape very garbled and muffled; difficult to hear and understand throughout. Sorry for the blank spots.]

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we see that different (—-) around taking over areas, and that (—) with themselves (—) North of China going to the (—) districts. We see the, the Arab threat being (—). We do see that all

[silence and break in tape]

FORCES: and spiritual in all natures. Keep first to your prayers and meditations and the force field in which we represent and guide you; keep close to them and do not deviate from them but be consistent; you cannot be part of this group and have other philosophies and thinking’s separately. We see (——————-).

[break in tape].

FORCES: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming. (?)

FORCES: The movement and change and evolution. This also (?) to see (?) in has changed, as had started. We see many (?) there is a new force in the earth that has not been drawn upon in a long time. This force also involves (?). We find that all the forces in Europe will come together; a lot of the satellite countries will have a desire to join with one another and that the Soviet Union will soon be a very low percentage of (?). We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Is it all right to proceed?


IS: The play, with the school, am I doing okay?

FORCES: [Long pause.] You will find that there are many changes again in the European governments. A lot of these changes is temporary and just for show. But those who are allowed to come out (?) they say.

IS: Shall I ask more questions?


IS: The play, the kids play, am I doing okay with them, am I doing what – what should I do?


IS: What should I do?

FORCES: We have again a desire to say that the play itself will have a great deal of spirit involved around it. We shall say this (——–).

IS: That the who?

FORCES: The mast, the sail.

IS: At the school?


IS: (?) of what?

FORCES: (?) the mast makes the boat move forward when the wind blows.

IS: Is that another (?) for me, or are you talking (?)?

FORCES: More or less not to be (—) for self but more for those around you.

IS: Am I doing okay, with the kids?

FORCES: We find this to be true.

IS: And the teachers?


IS: Am I correct that that’s as much as anybody’s going to be involved? Just me with the teaching –

FORCES: There will be those involved in the costume making and (?) the children and the last day if you would like to be there.

IS: At the last one?

FORCES: Last one.

IS: But we don’t have to bring lights, and things like that this time, right? And everybody in the house, the guys to be involved? [Long silence.] Is the entity okay?

FORCES: Yes. We’re just moving on (—–).

IS: Is there – am I being okay with the kids, am I being okay with the teachers?

FORCES: Yes, you’re being very effective.

IS: With Jerry C. what I gave him, is that correct, was that accurate?

FORCES: We have two (—————-).

IS: Should we not ask questions now?

FORCES: Yes. We are in the room to answer your questions.

IS: But is there some disturbance or something?

FORCES: Moving the energy field into more in harmony with the power that has already been.

IS: The information, the way I gave it to Jerry C. is that correct? [Long pause.]

FORCES: We are here; we haven’t moved; we are just moving around in time and space. We haven’t been in the area for over a month, so bear with us as we move (?). We are ready for your questions.

IS: Samson and Delilah, the whole syndrome of Samson, why was he so stupid?

FORCES: More or less it was not a stupidity but that a downright working and giving up self in order to achieve some goals, not stupidity but (?) then it would have been for a particular (—) of World War II.

IS: I don’t understand.

FORCES: If the daughter was going through some changes and that the –

IS: Whose daughter?

FORCES: This is the point in which we speak about. The daughter in which it’s what would be considered the invisible.

IS: Samson, the prophet Samson?


IS: There was no –

FORCES: He had a invisible daughter that was a slave, and he adopted this child.

IS: But not physically.

FORCES: Didn’t have a child physically but adopted the child.

IS: So there was a physical child that he adopted?

FORCES: Well, befriended.

IS: And what happened?

FORCES: The child was part of a force to help prepare and excel even after his death to continue the memory of Samson.

IS: You mean to say, so, in the Bible now, for that reason?

FORCES: Yes, this is true, his part.

IS: But why were they so stupid with women, and –

FORCES: (The good man?) wasn’t stupid; he was just very involved with his ah sexual feelings with a female.

IS: But he gave away to Delilah the secrets even after he knew that she might harm him with it. I mean she proved to him that she was going to harm him, and he still gave her his secret.

FORCES: Again, it was this aspect within him.

IS: So did Delilah have any feelings for him?


IS: Then how can that be, that he was a prophet and yet so stupid, as far as whatever –

FORCES: There are some things he was very good at, other things as far as public relations. He lacked the self-confidence.

IS: Was he a prophet because he was already the best at that point in time?

FORCES: No, there were good people at that time too. He was just a prophet.

IS: How was he a prophet then?

FORCES: Appointed by Rome. Or what would be considered Rome today.

[Voice whispers: “Appointed by who?”]

IS: Rome didn’t exist at that time, right?

FORCES: What would be considered Rome as of today. There was some legions from that area or forces that even at that time was moving throughout the Mediterranean.

IS: And he was appointed by them?

FORCES: He was more looked upon as favored.

IS: Why?

FORCES: I guess there was a physical strength they admired.

IS: So you mean to say Samson was Hercules?

FORCES: Well, we would not use that analogy, but that is part of a feeling or expression of that strength.

IS: But he wasn’t the mythical Hercules?

FORCES: Well, there was that spirit of strength of that particular person.

IS: Was there such a being as Hercules?

FORCES: We would say yes to that.

IS: Was that Nimrod?

FORCES: That could be more – that could be more similar to, yes.

IS: But not quite?

FORCES: Not too quite, but very close.

IS: Is then Hercules mentioned in the Bible at all, under a different name or whatever, but –

FORCES: You would find it in Genesis, yes. 10th chapter.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could you give me any more clues on how to work with the lower reflections to understand what they are?

FORCES: All you need to do is mirror it to the higher ones.

DD- Use a physical mirror?


DD: And the Tarot we’re working on, IS showed me the kings, are they correct?

FORCES: You would find them to be, yes.

DD: All the Pages, are they correct, except the one for water?


DD: What would be the Page for water?

FORCES: You’ll find that to be more of a carrying of a pitcher.

DD: Would it be a person in the Bible?

FORCES: You would more find that to be the Ark of Noah.

DD: So that would be the page?


DD- And then do I have the idea right that the four ace cards sort of go – they go by themselves like trumps?

FORCES: Right.

DD: Like the four elements?

FORCES: Right.

DD: And then there’s 36 left over, do they go in 36 righteous men?

FORCES: You could do that.

DD: Format that pattern next in the Book of Solomon?


DD: Thank you very much.

MIM: For a while I’ve been thinking about thinking about the metaphysical, getting into the metaphysical subjects concerning the angel forces and history and so on. Is that appropriate in me doing?

FORCES: A lot of information will open up to you on the angelical yes.

MIM: Is there anything specific I should look for?

FORCES: Books will be given to you and it will fall into your hands.

MIM: Is there a specific reason why all of a sudden I’ve chosen to do the angels? I’ve always loved angels –

FORCES: (?) is of the year of the angel.

MIM: Thank you.

IS: Tom’s father – is there anything?

FORCES: There is a force that has come down the last few days as a heavier sounding wind as the wind of the angelic.

IS: The entity Tom’s father could you give us any information on his physical?

FORCES: He is in a good condition; the heart pretty strong. More of a running-down aspect, a slowing down, gearing down. Sometimes indigestion of the esophagus palate, the palate of the esophagus balls up or tightens up.

IS: So he has like a hernia of the –

FORCES: Occasionally like piles of a twisted or (dwarfed it up, drafted, loose?).

IS: Has that made clear to him about the entity’s questions in the car on the night he came back from the –

FORCES: Very definitely. That is what the ah the entity is speaking about.

IS: And did the father remember it?

FORCES: Oh, yes, definitely yes. It’s all he kept in the back of his mind.

IS: And has he changed his mind, as to actually giving more specific information to the entity?

FORCES: Well, he’s being honest as best as he could.

IS: Is he now a little afraid of the entity?

FORCES: No, he believes him even more than ever, but he always did in the last few years believe him more than anyone else.

IS: How about the mother?

FORCES: There’s still that power-struggle of worldly doubts and the Mom herself believes too, more than ever.

IS: And she also remembers the conversation in the car?

FORCES: Yes. At this point we’re just going to allow him to go to the bathroom he’ll come back, you can talk some more. We’ll be there.

Group-Our Father

FORCES: We have circulated around this house, a force of energy, that all would be rejuvenated and be given life and energies of renewal and spiritual force of abundance on this side and on the other side. That energy is what is around the house and protects it. You should see that different trees are falling with the grace of the higher will of God these have been protected by the Arm of God. We ask the protection to continue. There are many different avenues and ways of life, and there will be much energy and force of power that it will be surrounded (?). We would have also a (—-) in that spirit ‘the entity is encouraged to go from church to church, to do as an embassy of this earth, to prepare the people for us to come down. We have moved our schedule ahead at least ten years. We are making way to come into the earth in the next six months. So it is important that all these things be made ready, especially in the 1990’s, what will be our year – of ten year, ten decades, of our Presence. That is why we encourage you to open up your house here to the spirit of us, and to encourage people about meditation and prayer, and how important it is for the next ten years to communicate with us. (To don the Father aspects?). And the angels will begin to be seen in the sky, and they will be physically seen, that people will not doubt us any longer.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: You are going to manifest in the next six months?


IS: How?

FORCES: You will see.

IS: You said something for the next ten years, so what’s going to happen over the next ten years that – that’s the major timing that you’re talking about.

FORCES: It will be our ten years of preparing the nations and to get ready for this area for the job we have in store for it.

IS: Will this house get more people?

FORCES: It will be filled, abundantly.

IS: I mean, with living people – I mean, people who are now living? People that will live here, or visit us?

FORCES: It will be visitors, and living together.

IS: Is this then a loophole that I’m missing here?


IS: With the school, can I ask again, is the play – am I doing okay with this?

FORCES: You will receive it.

IS: Is that good enough now, the amount of involvement?


IS: So they can also pick up and do some things for themselves?

FORCES: Exactly.

IS: And is that understood by Mrs. R. and G.?

FORCES: It will have to be. Back and forth and working with the plays, it will all be put into perspective.

IS: Why am I having such a hard time with my body, with my food intake? Why can’t I somehow control it?

FORCES: It will he put in order.

IS: How long?

FORCES: It will be put in order.

IS: Where I will not be in this kind of craziness, or –

FORCES: As long as you have the body, you have these moments.

IS: Can nothing be done about that?

FORCES: It will be put in order. As we will speak and talk, we will share and give different things to do.

IS: You mean for my food intake problem?


IS: Can you tell me?

FORCES: It will be given as time goes on.

IS: That means a long battle.


IS: No? And Jerry C. did I give him the correct information?

FORCES: You helped him, yes.

IS: Also, does that mean I should go into the Temple?

FORCES: Occasionally, it would not hurt.

IS: I can’t go on any even semi-regular basis because then they’ll want things from me correct?

FORCES: Well, yes and no. You’ll give whatever you have to give.

IS: With calling people to come and inviting them here to talk and to participate in the talk sessions or whatever, what should I do? Should I send out letters, or should I call, or—

FORCES: It will be sent out by its own course.

IS: The Friday night, once a month the Friday night?

FORCES: It will be of its own course developed.

IS: Thank you. And with Samson again, I mean he was not stupid by telling Delilah after he knew that she was going to use it against him?

FORCES: It was something that had to be done. Unfortunately, he gave into those other feelings and desires that made him stupid.

IS: Okay. But that was a stupid thing?

FORCES: Well, his gonad energy made him stupid.

Q: In the Tarot, the window that you see with the card where they’re walking past the window of the Tree of Life, the light that’s coming through there, is that the light that comes through when you’re revealed from the veil?

FORCES: Ah, yes.

[Break in tape.]

MIM-When the entity mentioned about not getting (—-) in the Meditation room, supposed to be there. I didn’t understand it at all. Could you explain?

Forces-The canal system between the Brain and the gonads when the energy is misused then the avenue of development and exercise becomes drain through a tube or canal system that goes to the gonads.

IS-Is that’s what called the Kundalini?

Forces-Well it affects that energy.

DD: In the Tarot, like IS was discussing between Sessions, 36 would be the Minor Prophets is that correct?


DD: It is?


DD: Is there any more you can tell me about lower reflections?

FORCES: No. (?) that reflection.

DD: (?) the mirror reflection?


DD: And about the stone you told me about, making a thing that you can learn in two or three days, what you’d learn in three to four years of college, you put two pieces of soapstone with copper over it – what else do you do? I tried that and it didn’t work.

FORCES: Well good thing that you had the understanding to know that it didn’t work. You wrapped it around zinc wire, and then you had a metal bar or a magnetic bar, polar negative and polar positive, on either side.

DD: So you wrap the copper plate around with zinc wires?


DD: And then put lengthwise the magnet?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Just one bar down the center?

FORCES: One on one side, one on the other.

DD: One magnet on one side and one on the other? Which way would be the magnet–would the North Pole be away from you?

FORCES: Doesn’t matter.

DD: Anything else to it?

FORCES: That should be it.

DD: And you place the book on top of that?

FORCES: Yes. Any other questions?

DD: Thank you very much.

MIM_ What would – I was thinking for some reason yesterday, as I was – the entity had told us that we should continue to do certain disciplines, stick to them, as always because it’s very helpful to use certain meditation, your Rosary at a certain hour, and keep it up. I also was thinking, what would happen if I were to read the Creed every night before I went to bed? What would that energy do? What force would come into effect, the Creed from the house here?

FORCES: It would create the (—) and the (—) of the energy of the diagram of the creative force energy of the house of over you. It will give you your talents developed in the spiritual world.

MIM: Is it possible for me to get an affirmation so that when I,
so that when I start dealing with the angels and its forces to open up?

FORCES: May the angelic world open up their psalms of heavenly blessings to bestow upon you the strength in the sword of Michael and also the power of speech to understand the (right?) Light of God’s force with mercy and justice, and always with that of love. May this force surround me ahead and before me, always around me.

Forces-At this point we will stress the fact that the angelic world will move this house and will touch many. We will also stress the fact that Europe will be a force of energy of much conflicts dealing with the ah countries of the Iron countries, growing and struggling to take control and power of its own force. And of course the Soviet Union, trying to trade and expand with its own internal revolution that will be unbelievable. For this is nothing compared to the amount of revolution. Now it is peaceful demonstrations. It will take forceful demonstrations and bloodshed in many areas to get their demands achieved and to acquire what they want to accomplish. Russia is still not ready to give up in the battle of ownership and control, and America should not be naive to think that the battle is over and the victory is won. South America, too, will go through much conflict, but their own countries in South America will have to discipline other countries in South America, not America of the United States. South Americans must discipline South Americans.

Forces- Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.