Session 557-8/14/90

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area, and we have seen the many changes that are taking place again on the world maps. It is strange to see from the State Department mention ‘The world is not the same place we knew it to be. It is interesting our own words are becoming public, even in the worldly arena. We say that the world will change, as we had prophesied to you over the period of the moons and cycles of 17. Now our profession of seeing the days of tomorrow to come will happen. The changes that you see are also that in China. Her walls shall come down in China. People will be flabbergasted, and the compassion and the kindness that China will exemplify. They have their frictions between those who have power, but those who would want to express this course of brotherhood will become stronger to the point that they will become very intense trainers in life. The Chinese feel they have a lot to catch up with, and they will be doing the catching up with it. They will teach a great deal of acting and professional TV shows. They are dying to become actors and actresses, and they are going to do everything in their power to make their place a Hollywood. What has happened is the United States has gone to their TV tube and infected the world, infected it with the joy and the excitement and the belief of living, but we have to be realistic now. But we cannot expect all the things that we would want. There are the saving of the natural resources of the earth, and those things must be taken in consideration. People will learn meditation. They will learn the pathways of inner thoughts and qualities of giving and creating. People will understand that survival starts with an ideal) not ideas. Ideals are what keep those forces of movements ever so strong. We look to India to regain its own backing. We look to India to strengthen its spiritual ideas, but its application of principle on the physical. There will be that working within India, for we have focused on it. Now in Israel, they will be strong and powerful and will strike the first strike against Iraq. It will not come from an American hand the first strike. The first strike shall come from a mysterious group of Israelis trained to move and attack and pounce on forces not understood. We will also see the Australian tankers working together with the English. In fact, America will think that it’s left behind in the frail of the battle, but also you will see a force of other countries saying: United States you will have to take orders too, instead of giving them. We have caused and entered into Iraq dissension. The troops are scattering. In their own fear and in their own greed, they are only interested in themselves individually. They are not as strong as they are portrayed. They’re tired of war they don’t want to go on. Those segments will be showing of themselves. We will also see the women of Iraq stand up against the bloodshed of their own children being taken away. There will be much conflict going on in Iraq, but of course, they will battle within themselves, and you will see Jordan become a weak influence. As great as it would like it to be, it will be a weak influence. We would watch Cuba in its own strangulation hold, and now that shall tighten. People in Cuba will want a new government, for we have said it.

Forces-Now we are ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you very much. Tonight at the Board of Supervisors meeting, have I done in any way, shape, or form some sort of comfort and compassion…

FORCES: We’ve all given compassion and forgiveness and a certain amount of prosperity to this area of Schuyler by getting things accomplished.

IS: My concern is or was that those Sheriffs that caught him will they be vengeful towards us, or will any of the Board be vengeful toward us?

FORCES: No, not particularly. They only see you as someone offering a compassionate stroke, and they appreciate it also.

IS: Will it have any kind of influence?

FORCES: It has affected a lot of people that night. Yes, it will have influence.

IS: So this way it will be seen we’re not just asking for people that are our personal friends compassion, but also people that are not our personal friends, like (—)?

FORCES: Exactly.

IS: So it was you that spoke?

FORCES: We helped you out.

IS: Thank you. I do go into another place, right?

FORCES: Well, not too far away, but we spoke.

IS: I didn’t understand previously the dream of two, three people from the three…I can’t remember what that one was for. Is it at this point necessary, needful, or do I need to know at this point?

FORCES: I would disregard it at the moment.

IS: Okay. And is my left foot, something wrong with it? Is it sprained or…

FORCES: It is feeling better.

IS: But that’s what happened?

FORCES: A slight sprain, not serious.

IS: Okay. What I do is the right thing for me?


IS: Just the hot castor oil?


IS: Will it help the other foot, even though it’s an old thing?


IS: Thank you very much.

BN: What can be done for the people who have the implants in the brain for their spiritual development?

FORCES: The implants are deactivated by the words of the Psalms.

BN: Thank you very much.

IS: By the reading of the Psalms?


BN: Are they biological tissue?

FORCES: It grows into it. The reading of the Psalms straight through from the beginning to the end deactivates a portion of it then it would self, in its own self remove or grow or pop out.

BN: Is that what they call the adenomas in the brain, pituitary?

FORCES: You could give it that description for some, yes.

BN: Are others outside the pituitary?

FORCES: Yes, under the medulla.

BN: Thank you.

IS: So, actually, there is an absolute necessity for these people in order for that implant to survive in there for them not to read the Bible?

FORCES: Yes. You would find them, not able or not willing to read the Bible.

IS: Now do those Psalms have to be read consecutively all at once or consecutively over a period?

FORCES: For this to work, all at once.

IS: So all in one day?


IS: So there is some merit to the Talmudic punishment of someone by them reading the Psalms from 1 to 150 in one day?

FORCES: Now you can see why.

IS: Thank you very much.

TV: Thank you. Could you give me some guidance to go through whatever changes I might be going through in the coming decade?

FORCES: The force of the spiritual power of the words, the Bible and prayer will be the staff in which will carry you and carry all through it, along with of course ah, the meditations and the services will be the catapulting force.

TV: Thank you.

ML: In Revelations Chapter 12 or 13, it talks about those who will exalt the glory of God, those are the ones that will be placed on the Sea of Glass. What is the Sea of Glass?

FORCES: The Sea of Glass is the ability to travel and see also physically the other dimension, the ability to travel from one force field to another and from one planet to the other

ML: It also states that those who are on the Sea of Glass are protected from the other forces. Is there some type of force field around that?

FORCES: Oh yes, it is the platform of movement.

ML: Thank you.

IS: Is that how Jesus is going to come back in?

FORCES: He will enter with a certain explosion in the clouds and will come down to those who are ready for Him and will lead and take over in a simple way the forces of the Government (s) and (—) recreate a new force.

IS: So will it be a ship or his whole body will just be floating in the air?

FORCES: A ship will do it.

IS: A see-through ship?


IS: Is the Sea of Glass in Solomon’s time, is that…?

Forces: Yes, a traveling what-would-be-called carpet.

IS: Did it really travel, or was it…

FORCES: It did.

IS: Just himself?


IS: But no one knew about it, right?

FORCES: He did.

IS: Thank you.

ES: When you’re throwing the Runes, would it be best to empty the bag or to, as they describe, pull three or seven.

FORCES: Repeat your question.

ES: When you’re doing a Rune reading, is it best to just throw all the Runes out, like some of them say, or to throw just seven of them out?

FORCES: Four and three.

ES: First four and then three?


ES: Thank you very much. And when you’re doing it for another person, do they touch the stones, or is it…

FORCES: Yes, of course.

NN: In the Book of Genesis it says at one point that Rebekah inquired of the Lord, does that mean that she had a session, or did she herself actually…was she able to hear and to speak to God?

FORCES: It would be hearing and speaking.

NN: Like in meditation?

FORCES: Yes. When He was (—-). Remember, God walked the streets much more then.

NN: Thank you.

IS: So it’s not through some sort of cards or stones or…that’s not what they meant by it? Some sort of media like that?


IS: So the angels that came by…how did people know that they were angels?

FORCES: By the very force of the santanic element that possessed them. There is the force of the invaders in their bodies that took over that they knew, like robots.

IS: And the angels?

FORCES: And the angels.

IS: The angels were not satanic.

FORCES: For some, in what way? What angels?

IS: The angels that we’re talking about in the Bible. I mean obviously they didn’t have wings, like Abraham saw the angels. In front of Moses an angel walked also.

FORCES: Yes, but you have angels that aren’t satanic in the Bible.


Forces-The wings also, as we explained before, as they move through the vibrations of the air, it created a wing effect of the air currents.

IS: But they appeared as regular human beings.

FORCES: There are some when they’re walking on the earth, yes.

IS: But Abraham.

FORCES: Yes, he didn’t know who he was sitting with.

IS: So, when you say that you walked on the earth much more closer with people, how, what shape, how did it look, how was it?

FORCES: It was fast moving, I tell ya. (Laughter) Question now in the back.

IS: Thank you.

JW: Thank you. In 1933 you gave Hugh Lynn Cayce a reading about how the individual should prepare for this time. In reference to the parable on ten righteous men, could you help me to understand that more fully?

FORCES: We have just said that tonight. If you carry the staff of prayer and meditation and the services, it will definitely carry through you this troubled time. And the services will be very important, along with the meditations. That is why First Friday has been instituted. Every First Friday you will get the impetus to move through that month and save you.

JW: Thank you.

DD: Is the device ready to go now, the device of learning?

FORCES: The device of learning is always ready to go.

DD: The physical signs that I have, are they right for this?

FORCES: You will find them right.

DD: Also, with the gray people, we know they’re connected with Ashtaroth, are they also connected with Baal, too?

FORCES: Connected with what?

DD: Baal.

FORCES: At that time they were, yes they created that.

DD: Are they…

FORCES: But you’ve got to remember be neutral in front of the enemy. Do not reveal your stand. That is part of the weapon. Don’t reveal your stand so quickly.

DD: How long have the gray entities been active on the earth against…

FORCES: Since four o’clock this morning. (Laughter)

DD: They weren’t there from the beginning then of the earth?

FORCES: They were here at 3, 4 hour. 48

DD: So they come from a planet near the earth?

FORCES: They come from the coordinates of 42 cordon sectors east of that of Orion, 40, 48 to the 156th peril (parel?).

DD: Do they live under the ground around the equator now?

FORCES: This is part of their habitat.

DD: Also, with the 144 cards, do I understand correctly that the rivers and the geomantic figures will be part of that and there be four levels of 36?

FORCES: You can interpret it that way, but there will be changes coming.

DD: One of the signs you gave on the Name, does the line go all the way down through the middle, down through the “M”, or does it stop at the beginning of the M”?

FORCES: It stops.

DD: Thank you very much.

JU: Can you tell us what the real reason was, what really caused the Vietnam War, really what was behind it?

FORCES: Well, as you all know, for money, experiment of the UFO aliens wanting a field to experiment their own particular human force expedition, along with the government’s technological, technology of inventions and also night optical sightings and also other items that they had to ah experiment that was given to them by these ah visitors.

JU: And to do that, we went to war?

FORCES: Oh, oh, shame. Yes, yes shame, but let you not know that there’s worse things that you have seen done in this world by where you live and by other countries. This is small compared to the other things devastations that they manipulate with people’s lives. You say to be honest and be sincere, but this group is the best thing that ever happened to you. Once you go out to that world, the honesty and fairness is something you don’t get when you go out there or to identify your own identity. It’s now who (gets) control that and what is what’s this.. So what we just said is who gets control of you, them or us. We guarantee you that we are not that easy, but we’re not that difficult. But we are guaranteeing that them, them, they have no mercy.

JU: And for the war that’s happening now or about to happen in the Middle East, what caused Hussein to suddenly decide to move, what got him to do it.

FORCES: Well, we won’t say a war. Remember, this is the prelude, all right? These are the steps; the dancing steps to get all of the Arabian nations in order. More on the side of unifying. It hasn’t happened yet, but you can see it’s dancing that way.

JU: Thank you.

FORCES: You will see a unifying in August of 92.

JU: Thank you,

BH: When people die, do they spend any time observing people on earth?

FORCES: Some do, yes.

BH: Thank you. What could I do to increase my love for God?

FORCES: This is only increased by service to others and through silence and meditation and by not judging others harshly or prejudging others. Free yourself from prejudgment has not to do with you. Remember, the gray ones also can affect the emotions. That is why it is always good to be joyous and sing of that praise and to read the Bible, It will give you the answers that you need, as we have given you in old. Serve the living, your God with all your heart and mind and soul, and we will do the rest to make peanut butter. (Laughter)

BH: Thank you very much.

JE: How many people are implanted?

FORCES: What does it say in Revelation that the mark of the beast shall be implanted in the forehead, how many?

JE: (——-)


FORCES: Do your homework, research, find.

JE: What is the use of this why do they do it?

Forces: With what.

JE: The implants.


JE: The Grays.

FORCES: To keep, contract, control, and divide and to assimilate.

JE: Thank you.

IS: Now…

FORCES: You all thought when we talked to you so openly over these years and we spoke about our ships and our force fields and our traveling and our cylindrical shapes and systems and windows and levers and movements, this was all so nice when we talked to you about them. And you wondered well how such a strange equation of metaphors and similes and euphoric experiences under our guidance, but as you can see the things that we over the years have given you are now imperative that you learn them and understand them so that they can be used by you as a powerful instrument. We have come here to talk to you over the years. We have not left you. We have watched you and protected you when you needed protection. Some have left out of fear, others out of greed and lust. Others out of the fact of their fear of not being able to enjoy life, only to find life more bitter than ever before. Life that you know of it is what would be considered sanctified. Very few walk the earth sanctified. You have been sanctified by us. You’ve been protected. You have been guided. You have been shown by us over the years. For those from the beginning to those who are now. We have not failed you. We still now continue your road to the eternal city to get you ready to pass on into the other side and to get you ready for the work there, for the work continues and does not end, just as the work here continues and can never end. You must not give up or be despairing, thinking that you grow old. That’s an illusion interjected into you. There is no age. There is no growing old. That is a facade. That is an illusion. That is a projection sent down to you. That is a fear that clothes you, stifles you, and that betrays you from your true center. Walk in the light, the light that you had from the beginning of time. That light does not diminish, nor does it tarnish. But walk in that Light, in that Spirit, that all things are witness to that light. All things shall be the testimony to the light. The light shall find itself, and all of the light shall be gathered together, as we have said under the one roof. Those you will see. They will come from all around. People now will start flocking to this house from every direction for sanctuary, for protection, for the guidance, for the spiritual blessing that they need. Instinctively, intuitively, indubitably, they shall come from all over. You will not have enough room to house them, and you will build houses for them, and more houses. You and the endeavors of what we have in store, It will continue. The Salvation shall come from this mountain. All of that shall be found here. A new Gold shall be established and found here, a new alloy that will bond that of the Heavens to the earth. A new alloy that will bond that of Gold to a new element, much more useful and powerful.

Forces-We shall come see you again. Greetings to all here now present.

GROUP: Our Father who art in the Heavens, hallowed be Thy name…