Session 558-10/4/90

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and preparing for these days to come. It is from the angel days, the high force of energy dealing with the spirit. We know of the days and the hours and the commitments of each. There are many elements again that would be an understanding of the changes around us. An understanding and an insight to the things to be changed. As you will see, the many nations of the world have changed upside down, and again we will take over certain countries to help them. We have mentioned to you Iceland, and it is in Iceland that the greetings of the East and West has been accomplished. We understand that through this greeting that the world powers have been working together to become a greater force for the world’s purpose. A greater force, of course, in itself. We see Canada changing, and of course we notice (———–) within our focus that man and woman needs to look at. We see the changes in America. There are many things that will come about in the fruition of time, but we would also suggest that when one particular group or another is able to leave, not to make over-gestures (of life?) of continuum from another angle. This in itself is very important~ We see one coming all these clothes and innuendoes are your own ticket for that of the amount of money you do have. We are now ready for your questions, knowing the change that is ever before us will be changes that this country will have to endure, but will become a spiritual focus. People on a very natural way will have to turn to their spiritual foundations. The next five years this will be most, more apprehensive and progressive.

Forces- We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Could you explain a little better the remark? What you said about groups leaving or coming?

FORCES: In what respect?

IS: What exactly you were referring to?

FORCES: In what respect?

IS: I don’t know. I didn’t understand what you meant by the group coming or somebody going or…

FORCES: There is a group that will be materializing that will be the power of the force of organizing a certain aspect or energy of aspects to continue this energy these individuals when shown will be able to take on many different jobs and wind up in Arizona or in Mexico.

IS: Is it anybody we know?

FORCES: There are groups that you do not know, but the solid edge is to come, but they will become aware, and you will be aware of them.

IS: Does it deal with anybody personally here?

FORCES: This group is the groups to come.

IS: Is that also when they leave not to tell them to stay or something?

FORCES: This will he the groups that will come to visit, but some will not be needed to stay but to move on.

IS: Will you give us more information about it?

FORCES: The information is enough for this moment.

IS: Am I the one that started all the controversy in the County?

FORCES: If we would say yes, you would be in big trouble.

IS: I just want to know if my remark in the,,

FORCES: Well, you know that you didn’t bake a cake on that day.

IS: Yeah, so…

FORCES: There is nothing that you did wrong. It’s human nature. You did the best you could.

IS: The repercussions are incredible.

FORCES: Well you didn’t do wrong. You only stood up for what was to be done.

IS: Are there going to be even more repercussions from it?

FORCES: We would suggest stop focusing on one aspect. It is not that a big of a deal. The repercussions are like squirrels that walk through the streets.

IS: But I’ve never seen this County in such an uproar, in such an excitement. Maybe they all love it, I don’t know.

FORCES: There’s a certain amount of excitement.

IS: I’ve never seen so much excitement in this County…

FORCES: Since the hippies came in.

IS: Since the hippies came in. (laughter) I guess so. Should I write something to the Editorial?

FORCES: You could if you want.

IS: Should also other people from the group write?

FORCES: Combine the force of it together.

IS: My concern is if one of my remarks did all of that, what would a letter do?

FORCES: That’s a very good perspective.

IS: Everything is in an uproar. Everybody is now having to choose sides, isn’t that what happened?

FORCES: U-hum, we would say a lot of work has to be done, yes.

IS: So maybe I’d better not write?

FORCES: (?) We’re not saying not to.

IS: But now in your opening remarks was there anything specifically aimed at a person here in the house or.

FORCES: You keep asking and pounding at that particular question, hinting at some answers. We have mentioned to you it is of a from a group that is from another side.

IS: Thank you. And for the New Year is there anything that can be given?

FORCES: It’s sure not Social Security.

IS: Thank you.

BN: On the meridians as they’re taught nowadays, the deep ones, the superficial ones, it’s a big maze. Have they got it mostly right?

FORCES: Almost.

BN: Is there any source I could seek out that would be better, or should I study this hard?

FORCES: You will find the sources when you are needing with them.

BN: Is this electrical or magnetic energy, or is it another form?

FORCES: This is of a electrical form, it does take on energy around itself, but it needs to be electrically charged.

BN: Is that the interface between the spirit and the physical world?


BN: Thank you very much.

TV: Thank you.

FORCES: You’re welcome.

TV: Is there anyone like a prophet or a messenger from you that talks to the people that are in power over the earth you know the human beings that are in charge, do they have any, I mean, I doubt they’re listening, but is there anyone that talks to them that tells them what they’re doing is wrong?

FORCES: Maybe, yes.

TV: Is it someone like in one of those families, or is it a political figure, I mean how does this person survive?

FORCES: Ready for your questions.

TV: Thank you.

MIM: I’m asking a question for the entity ES: She wanted to know what was in the clouds this evening because she saw a huge formation, but she wanted to know whether it was an angel or a ship, and if so, what was its purpose?

FORCES: Repeat.

MIM: What was in the clouds this evening and what formations? Was it an angel, a ship, and if so, what was its purpose?

FORCES: It is a stain on her shirt. (Laughter)

MIM: A stain? What kind of stain?

FORCES: A regular stain. (Laughter)

MIM: Whose shirt?

FORCES: Not ours. (Laughter)

IS: So was there anything that can he said in the clouds from the formation?

FORCES: Yes, that fall is here.

MIM: In a dream I had a couple of months ago after I had watched part of Communion, I want to thank you for turning out the lights that night.

FORCES: We knew you wouldn’t.

ML: How did I get up there? I mean, why did I want to go see that?

FORCES: Well motivation, curiosity. Wanting to know. Also most important wanting to be in the “in” of it all.

ML: When I told the dream to the entity IS, I told her that I said “I belong to God”, and they couldn’t touch me, she had advised me I should visualize the Force, or the Forces you, but what do I visualize? What do I make concrete if that was to happen again? A symbol of…?

(Long Pause)
GROUP: Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Elohim Zebaoth… (chanting)

FORCES: There’s no need to call us back. We’re taking care of something. Continue with your questions.

MIM: What do I visualize so that they know I belong to you?

FORCES: There is the silence and the circle within that silence or that form of this symbol.

MIM: Like the star and cross?


MIM: Thank you.

IS: Or the light? Would the light be…?

FORCES: The star and cross.

NN: If the rosary is said often enough, can it be just as effective in dislodging an implant as reading the 150 Psalms would be?

FORCES: Ump Yes.

NN: How often would it have to be said in the course of a day to do that?

FORCES: The whole day should be set aside for it.

NN: And just say it over and over the whole day, and that would have the same effect as reading the 150 Psalms?


NN: Thank you.

JU: Can you tell me what stone would be best to make a rosary out of or some other substance that isn’t a stone?

FORCES: Basically, you have your own choosing of many different stones. They all should be good for you.

JU: Is the use of…I started to use the copper coins again in meditation. Is that still beneficial for me to do?

FORCES: It could be a copper coin around you.

JU: Thank you. Anything you could give me for taking care of my back so that…

FORCES: Again, it’s not the back that’s the culprit. It’s of course your mind. The back becomes the manifestation of all these so-called uptight, jungo-mumbo anxieties.

JU: Thank you.

DD: With the Urim device I’m working on, would the highest layer be the 14 gates?

FORCES: Repeat.

DD: Would the highest layer be the 14 gates?


DD: And then on down to one, the physical level?


DD: How do I count…once you told me how to count each bead 5, 25, and I didn’t understand that?

FORCES: Repeat.

DD: How do I count each bead, like from the top level it’s 5 and then, you told me once how to count them but I never could figure it out.

FORCES: Well it is of the top nature, then move on down side.

DD: The Learning device, I slept under the device I have with the Bible, and I can’t see any difference on a conscious level. How does it work? Do I need to adjust it?

FORCES: It could be adjusted, yes.

DD: How would I adjust it?

FORCES: Normally, two clicks down.

DD: Can anything more he given about the Dr. Dee material? You said in two years…

FORCES: Not at this moment.

DD: Thank you very much.

BH: Should I change my affirmation for this New Year?

FORCES: It could serve you better for the next six months.

BH: Thank you. Is there a special stone that I should use for a rosary or…

FORCES: Question. As it would be said, the acorn would be a good rosary for you.

BH: Thank you very much.

FORCES: There’s a symbolism to that, so you need to work on that.

BH: Okay. Thank you.


KT: Could I have some guidance for the next few months?

FORCES: Again, one step at a time, and be receptive to your meditations.

KT: Thank you.

JE: Could you explain the circles (Crop Circles) in the fields in England? What they are and where they come from and who makes them?

FORCES: Made by a sort of traveling entities, made by electrical sound waves and the presence of oxygen culminating in the field for the crystallization, like a crystal forms in the morning when it’s too cold.

JE: And the purpose of this?

FORCES: Ah to keep you guys hopping.

JE: And these are the good guys, right that make these circles?

FORCES: Now they’re not bad guys, but there are better guys. (laughter)

JE: Where are these guys from?

FORCES: Two Guys Garage. (laughter)

IS: Are they earthlings?


IS: So they are UFO’s?

FORCES: They’re underlings. We thought you would like that. (laughter) They’re under the earth.

IS: Oh, they’re under the earth.

FORCES: We said underlings.

IS: So, they’re not good ones, then.

FORCES: They’re not bad.

IS: They’re not as bad as the…

FORCES: Yeah, they’re not bad.

IS: So, why do they do it? Just for…

FORCES: To get money. (laughter)

IS: Money?


IS: They deal with money?

FORCES Well, we have to say something. You asked a question. (laughter)

JE: Does the pattern happen from on top or from under the ground?

FORCES: Ah that’s ah sometimes under, sometimes on top sometimes a combination of both.

JE: Is it a landing, or a disturbance from…

FORCES: It’s a presence.

JE: So that’s why they can appear without anybody seeing them? It just happens?

FORCES: Yes, from the ethers they appear.

IS: From the ethers they appear?


IS: Are they physical beings?

FORCES: Yes, they can run a mile in about an hour.

IS: A mile an hour?

FORCES: They can run the mile in about an hour.

IS: But that’s something that a human can do. That’s slow.

FORCES: I think your mile could be run by a human in about ah, hum, hum, hum you might 54, 5, 50, 54, so an hour is a little bit more.

IS: So they are slow?

FORCES: No, they aren’t fast. (laughter)

IS: But who are they?


IS: These beings.

FORCES: Underlings.

IS: Underlings. But are they…

FORCES: Their neighbors called cufflinks. (laughter)

IS: So are they little people?


IS-Are they elementals?

FORCES: No, they’re not elementals. They’re underlings.

IS: I thought the bad guys lived under.

FORCES No, the bad guys are the overlings.

IS: Are they the underlings of the overlings?


IS: The ones that make the circles.

FORCES: Oh, those are the underlings.

IS: Are they the underlings to the overlings?

FORCES: No, the overlings are themselves.

IS: Well, why are they doing it? What do you mean they’re doing it for money?

FORCES: Who? Who’s doing what for money?

IS: Did you say that the underlings are making the circles for money?


IS: Why? What kind of commodity is it?

FORCES: Tourist attraction.

IS: How are they making money if they live underground?

FORCES: Well, they have a habit of commodity, of making force of the money for themselves.

IS: They’re not the little people?

FORCES: No, no, no.

IS: They’re not human?

FORCES: Sometimes we don’t think so.

IS: Oh, so they are human?


IS: The underlings. Are they people living in caves? Is that what it is?

FORCES: No. The underlings live underling.

IS: Do they look like us?


IS: The underlings.

FORCES: No, even their mother wouldn’t have them.

IS: But do they have a money system like we do?

FORCES: No, they don’t. They just collect rocks, energy rocks to dynamote their ships, dydapole their ship, pole-dyda their ship?

JE: What relationship does it have to Stonehenge, since most of them appear within a 15-mile radius of Stonehenge?

FORCES: Heavy rock.

JE: So are they working off the Stonehenge energy pattern?

FORCES: No, they play heavy rock. (laughter)

IS: So, we’re not going to know who they are? You’re not going to tell us?

FORCES: Underlings?

IS: Yeah, but who are underlings?

FORCES: Underlings are the force of a element, visitors on the earth that have come here in the spirit of joy, Jovialness, to remind man of the lightheartedness of peace and cooperation with one another.

IS: Is that symbol like a totem pole, like a Mandala?

FORCES: Yeah, you could be considered that, yes.

IS: And that that it’s showing up in all kinds of places besides Stonehenge?


IS: So, are they traveling, or are they everywhere?

FORCES: Uhum traveling.

Forces- At this moment, we will give you a break and (will be back in five minutes.)

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…

FORCES: We are ready for your questions.

IS: How does hypnosis work? Because from what I’m reading from the UFO people in that book, “The Watchers’, if that’s what they consider hypnosis, it’s hard for me to see it as something different than the conscious mind. So, my question is: Is there such a thing as hypnotism, and if so, is it the way it’s described in that book “The Watchers”, or is it something else?

FORCES: It is what it would be described. It goes under the skin or the onionskin layer of the conscious mind.

IS: So, it is hypnosis correct, then?

FORCES: In its form, yes. A different type of value, but it is the same.

IS: But yet the conscious mind is fully aware.

FORCES: In a way it is, but in another way it’s tucked away.

IS: But the person is having a tug-of-war with his conscious mind, for instance, the entity just goes, and there’s no interference. Why would hypnosis have an interfering conscious mind?

FORCES: It is slightly under the skin, it’s not totally tucked away like the entities.

IS: So, is it just partially reliable, or is it really reliable?

FORCES: It’s reliable to a certain extent.

IS: Would I be a person that could be hypnotized?

FORCES: Ummmm yes.

IS: Thank you. In that book, “The Watchers”, again it seems to me the best so far I’ve come across from the information that’s coming through. That’s not the good guys, is it?


IS: In the book, “The Watchers”.


IS: But yet, they’re using a lot of tools.


IS: Now, is the difference…because in my mind should I even phrase the next sentence I want to phrase?


IS: And I didn’t want to say it up to now because I needed to think it all out, but where they are leading with all of that information that to me looks extremely ah destructive is slowly people that are interested in UFO’s, and they give like a few percent good information and then they sneak in ah something of the negativity…

FORCES: Contradictions, yes.

IS: Yes, now the way it goes it would be very easy for them, and maybe they are saying it and if not, they will say it, that is how they created Jesus Christ.

FORCES: Well of course, they can create everybody else, too.

IS: Right. So, they can say “That’s right. We came to Mary. We impregnated Mary, just like we impregnated all these other women, and we just chose to give you your spiritual leader that is our representative.” And a lot of people I would say just that one thing would make an awful lot of people that believe in UFO’s…that believe even in God…would make them believe in these particular beings as…

FORCES: Well that’s where when we saw the impregnation, they call it ufomony. That’s what she did when she got pregnant, she sued these people for, instead of alimony or palimony it’s ufomony. (laughter)

IS: So, I never said it because I needed to think it out…


IS: And the way I understand it. .

FORCES: Take the Bible and the secret to this: Turn to Ezekiel, Fourth Chapter, Third Verse. Let someone read that

IS: Right now?

FORCES: Yeah, let someone else read it.

IS: But I think I have the answer to all of these people.


IS: I mean nobody has said it yet, but they will because I think that’s where the bad guys are leading.

FORCES: You will find the answer here. Go ahead.

BH: Ezekiel Chapter 4, Verse 3:
“Moreover take thou unto thee an iron pan, and set it for a wall of iron between thee and the city: and set thy face against it, and it shall be besieged, and thou shalt lay siege against it. This shall be a sign to the house of Israel.”

FORCES: There you have it. You could read it again.

BH: “Moreover take thou unto thee an iron pan, and set it for a wall of iron between thee and the city: and set thy face against it, and it shall be besieged, and thou shalt lay siege against it. This shall be a sign to the house of Israel.”

FORCES: So that will give you an explanation of what happens.

IS: Am I understanding, and let me see if I am understanding that verse? Can I say it?


IS: The difference is that you (Forces) don’t need machinery or iron or anything to create. These beings are imitating something. They use machinery, they use science, they use mechanical means.


IS: They use mechanical means…

FORCES: Exactly.

IS: …to recreate what they see.

FORCES: Other than for the House of Israel.

IS: The iron. Is that what it says? The mechanical things?

FORCES: Yes, the ship.

IS: The ship?

FORCES: The ship, the device, the implantation.

IS: The iron pan that…

FORCES: The iron pan is the implantation.

IS: Implants. But Jesus could not be…The difference is that Jesus is not an implant because…

FORCES: Read it again. Someone else would like to read it? Just read it.

KT: “Moreover take thou unto thee an iron pan, and set it for a wall of iron between thee and the city: and set thy face against it, and it shall be besieged, and thou shalt lay siege against it. This shall be a sign to the house of Israel. ”

FORCES: The sign is “…it shall be, it shall be besieged against it”. It shall be put an iron pan. It shall be an implant. Do it, say one more time.

KT: “Moreover take thou unto thee an iron pan…

FORCES: An iron pan is inserted.

KT: “…and set it for a wall of iron between thee and the city…

FORCES: The wall of iron between thee and the city is the brain or the mind or the cells of the brain.

KT: “…and set thy face against it…

FORCES: Because it will be a face against it. It will be in your head against your face.

KT: “…and it shall be besieged…

FORCES: Ah besieges. It shall come upon (north?). It shall be assaulted… The brain shall be assaulted by this iron pan.

KT: “ …and thou shalt lay siege against it

FORCES: And you shall, those who have the implants are the ones you shall siege against.

KT- This shall be a sign to the house of Israel

FORCES: Of course, this fulfills that.

IS: So the simple thing is that they are only reproducing mechanically what they see, but since Jesus Christ was a first and only, they couldn’t possibly create this, or else it would have created more of Jesus. They would have created it, but because it came without any kind of mechanical, it hasn’t been thought of until God, The Forces, did it.

FORCES: And God, the Forces, is not limited by mechanical things. God is Spirit and moves in Spirit.

IS: And has no need of any kind of…

FORCES: No need, and He operates out of spontaneity.

IS: So the difference is if anybody, and they will say it I just know that’s where they’re going with it. That’s how they’re going to try and, am I wrong?

FORCES: No, you’re not wrong.

IS: So the answer is they can only reproduce what they see. Therefore, they reproduce human beings partially. They can even reproduce a little bit part of themselves, part of us, but they couldn’t create, they cannot create without any mechanical device and as long as there is a mechanical device it is not of God.


IS: It’s that simple.

FORCES: Read the verse before this one.

KT: “And lay siege against it, and build a fort against it, and cast a mount against it; set the camp also against it, and set battering rams against it round about.”

FORCES: Gives you an idea. Read the 19th verse.

KT: Same chapter? Or the next chapter?

FORCES: 19th verse of the 4th chapter. No, no, 19th chapter, 14th.

KT: “And fire is gone out of a rod of her branches, which hath devoured her fruit, so that she hath no strong rod to be a scepter to rule. This is lamentation, and shall be for a lamentation.”

FORCES: And there you have it. Those who are implant have no fire. Read again that verse.

KT: “And fire is gone out of a rod of her branches .”

FORCES: The rod is the implantation. The fire goes out of it. Also, the fire is the Spirit goes out of the soul, or the implant person is taken over by this. Go ahead.

KT: “…which hath devoured her fruit…”

FORCES: Which is self-explanatory.

KT: “…so that she hath no strong rod to be a scepter to rule.”

FORCES: And that’s self-explanatory.

IS: So what they’re doing is they’re using the same inner human spirit tool that would be for our growth, by them taking it and sort of implanting or whatever they do, they utilize it so it cannot be fruitful because they have sort of frozen it into their own device?

FORCES: They…yes.

IS: So, again, it’s the same thing: they’re using only what is there. They cannot invent anything. They can only misuse what has already been created. They can only stop one part from being functional.

FORCES: Yes, takeover.

IS: Takeover. In Isaiah maybe chapter 25 it’s talking about…and I think it is the Second Coming, and that’s my question. Is it the second coming? “That ye shall come and conquer death, but the ones that will be…

FORCES: The Second Coming will begin the year ‘91 of this December, and the Spirit of the Shekinah will descend, and all forces of the White Brotherhood will he revealed, and all light of day will be extended, and the sun shall extend itself with rays, and the moon shall extinguish itself with shadows. For on this 15th day of the month the eyes will change, and the (terns) will sound, and the music shall be strong, for on this day will also mark the foreboding note, (darkness a sound), but the same note will be rebounded. That which is, the Shekinah descends. The Messiah appears of good. What we are saying is on the 15th day of this that appearance will be the manifestation of not only of a dark force, of a different date, but this is of the White Force of the manifestation of the Messiah.

IS: Can’t I ask questions about it?

FORCES: We haven’t stopped you.

IS: You just mentioned a dark force that will manifest before?

FORCES: The dark force will be in January manifest, after this force is manifest.

IS: So January will be dark force? But December would be the white force?


IS: Now, the white force, the second coming, will it happen on that day, or will it be sort of a beginning of the coming in of the…

FORCES: It will be both.

IS: How will the manifestation…will there be an entity manifested?

FORCES: It will be a Presence and a Glorified one.

IS: Is there any way to stop that January darkness?

FORCES: Just as there’s no way to stop the Messiah, there’s no way to stop that.

IS: In Isaiah, I think in Chapter 25 he’s talking about the Messiah will start coming, and then the one on high the ones that are above and all the kings of the earth and the distinction from all of the kings and VIP’s on earth versus the ones that are on high will be destroyed a destruction will come upon them. He is referring to those UFO’s, right?

FORCES: Implying, yes.

IS: The bad guys.

FORCES: But remember, in the year 2012 will be this conflict. Also, conflict with the UFO’s to try to take over the Armies and Air Forces of the world.

IS: So at that point, they will come out? The bad guys? Into the open?

FORCES: Well they already are in the open its just the confrontation of what we are dealing with.

IS: Why are they now so much in the open? Is it because they are frantic, the time?

FORCES: The time is now. The time is right. It’s no longer hiding them. They cannot hide any longer. Because of us. Because of what we are, we are checkmating them. They can no longer hide. Only until that point in which we have proclaimed them did they become visible. They have been invisible all these years. We’ve implied to you of their existence and of our existence. Now we ascertain that they are to be touched and put into their own dwelling place. We create. We do that. We unfold tomorrow’s history. If we want China to turn around upside down and India to become a new country or a new satellite of a different country. It can be done. If we want an earthquake in Iran and a topple-tee in Teheran, and we want Iraq to have a famine, it can be done. If we want a cold, frigid zone in Saudi Arabia, it can be done.

IS: Can you tell us how will the darkness manifest itself in January?

FORCES: It is a gradual darkness, more of a group consciousness and formation of this force.

IS: You have given us a date for the manifestation of the Messiah. Can you give us a date for the dark force?

FORCES: It begins with them on the 16th of January.

IS: Begins? When does it end?

FORCES: This question seems to have plagued all civilizations.

IS: I see.

FORCES: At this point we will have to be leaving. We will talk to more in the future.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…