Session 567-5/5/91

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we see the different changes within the structure of the world encounters. We see a tremendous change in England and a great change coming to last within China and also those elements within the Soviet Union. We also see Hong Kong making some moves for independence and we also see a great deal of strength coming out of the Philippines for what they would want. We see the South American countries going through great economic change: Brazil going through its debt clearing trying to work out things with other countries. The United States of course will still be suffering from the depression time. The cataclysms of course are scheduled to check and to be encountered. But there will be great changes amidst all this at the same time. We see many undertakings by the Air Force to encounter the strange objects of the sky but at the same time trying to discount them.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. The dream I had this morning about an earthquake. Is that real, and if so…

FORCES: There are many different changes about ready to take place along with volcanoes erupting. Different volcanoes within the ocean off California erupting at the same time. This is ah, almost a true like in your dream, yes.

IS: In the dream I sort of was thinking maybe California or Florida, and yet I saw ourselves in that shopping center or something. Why is that? Was it just an allegorical moment?

FORCES: Oh there are some weaknesses in those two areas. Also, there is a message to be said about the convenience of earthquakes being close to home.

IS: So there might be earthquakes coming our way here?

FORCES: More or less in the ah general Eastern seaboard.

IS: Is this a predictive dream meaning, is it going to happen the way I saw it, or can we avoid it?

FORCES: It will be altered considerably, but at least it gives you the general details.

IS: I see. So where would it have happened? Here or somewhere.

FORCES: We see one in Boston, Connecticut, and near New York or New Jersey.

IS: But we don’t have to be in it?

FORCES: Not particularly.

IS: Could be avoid it? Would we have been involved…


IS: I mean by going to visit somebody or something?

Forces: No.

IS: So it was just shown that it’s close to home? That sort of…

FORCES: It shows you the economic conditions, but it also shows you the need to find area work (too, yes.)

IS: Thank you. Now, in Micah 5, is my understanding…am I understanding correct that chapter? About…


IS: Yes?


IS: Then is the Messiah already here?


IS: Are we now going to see a third World War, or is the Second World War what he’s talking about here? Sometimes I know from before…

FORCES: We would see conflicts that will lead up to this.

IS: To the purging?


IS: Because the purging in the chapter appears after…?


IS: the Messiah…

Forces-Uh huh.

IS: So…

FORCES: It is close, yes.

IS: So it hasn’t happened yet?


IS: Where is He?

FORCES: More or less in the ethers and within the dimensions of searching.

IS: Dimensions of?

FORCES: Searching.

IS: Searching?


IS: I don’t understand.

FORCES: The searching of soul, and self, and others. The ability to come forward and save in the astral world.

IS: Will he also manifest?

FORCES: Yes, oh yes.

IS: Will that conflict of purging the way I understand it to be…

FORCES: Oh yes. Same time. Yes.

IS: After He manifests physically?

FORCES: Yes, uh—huh.

IS: Am I also correct…is my understanding right that at all times…I’ve tried to follow the map that I’ve created sort of, but it seemed to me that wherever there was a Prophet for Judea. There was also a Prophet…

FORCES: Yes, this is correct.

IS: But it seems like…?

FORCES: It is the Alpha and the smaller numbers. It is like having a, a Alpha in front of you with its sister smaller uncapitalized.

IS: Thank you very much.

BN: Why did Jesus have to take the physical with Him?

FORCES: It’s accomplishing of the earth. This is what we all have to do.

BN: What happens if you don’t…if you just leave the atoms behind and move into the spirit realm?

FORCES: Well, then when you come again, they will all reorganize to get your body ready again, we’d be sent from all over to become into that, and it’s one of the laws that when you are ready to come back into the earth, all your atoms of your previous body is brought back again.

BN: So you have to come back if you leave the atoms behind?


BN: Thank you.

IS: So there’s one reason why to take the body with you.

FORCES: Yes. Carry on luggage is safer.

GROUP: (laughter)

TV: Thank you for all your help with the planting of the garden.

FORCES: Yes. Yes.

TV: Could you tell us what the year is going to be for the garden?

FORCES: It should be an abundant year. Of course the insect invasion, but it should be a good year keeping positive and yes.

TV: Thank you.

ES: Thank you for your help this weekend at the hospital.

FORCES Yes, you needed it.

ES: Is the Heart Song the Song of Solomon?

FORCES: The Heart Song is a song of the spirit that is spoken in the wind and can easily be heard in silence. Of course, Solomon incorporated it into his system.

ES: Thank you very much.

NN: Are my teeth in good enough shape that I could go the rest of the year without having them checked?

FORCES: We would have em checked anyhow.

NN: Thank you.

JW: Thank you. The marbles here that I got someone mentioned that it was like Mars; can you tell me about how I might use that?

FORCES: It is more of a paperweight. (Laughter) It also has certain elements of cooling and calming and a nice color to it, but it also could help the electrical system, ah nervous system of calming down by staring and focusing on it.

JW: Thank you very much.

JU: In world politics China’s interest now in either the Middle East or other parts of the world, can you tell us what they’re planning or what they’re doing?

FORCES: Not to be trusted.

JU: Do they have an actual interest in the conflicts in the Middle East, and do they stand to gain something from it?

FORCES: They’ve already invested some weapons and stockpiling for Syria. Iraq, Iran, Libya. That’s quite a few different parties.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Can you explain what the 231 (two hundred thirty— one) gates are?

FORCES: This represents the gates of the knowing or the petal of the flower. They represent a different understanding of the Force. They represent the etheric, and along with the solar system. Every solar system has 231 (two hundred thirty—one) to 241 (two hundred forty—one) gates of electrical components (along?) long which corresponds to the physical body also.

DD: Does it correspond to the crystal structure of the 231 (two hundred thirty—one) space groups?


DD: Thank you very much.

BH: At one point you told me to have a rosary made of acorns, and I’ve looked pretty much everywhere and I haven’t succeeded in finding anything that could possibly be made into a rosary. JW mentioned he saw some silver acorns. Could we use that?

FORCES: You could find them as long as the symbol of acorns is there.

BH: Oh. Thank you very much.

FORCES: Far out.

GROUP: (laughter)

KT: Who was Thomas the Apostle’s twin?

FORCES: Thomas Apostle in a way did not speak too much about his twin, but he was and did have a twin. A lot of thought that it was a sister twin that stayed in the house and made enchiladas.

GROUP: (laughter)

KT: Thank you.

MIM: Is there anything else we should take into consideration for the entity’s birthday party, besides what we have already formulated?

FORCES: The colors for this year would be purple with a green and a orange with white blended in. We’re looking into it ah. It would be good to have people have games among themselves, imitations and fantasy games, and dream interpretations, and having people sit down and talk about their greatest dream or what they would like to be, and have them act it out. It goes on and on like that. Other than that, general spirit is okay.

IS: With the menu am I perceiving correctly the theme?

FORCES: It could be a theme of Middle East flare along with ah Mexican flare and Italian flare, but ah generally the international theme is what’s being taken off here.

IS: Thank you. I keep falling over…Could you please help me’ there’s one thing there that keeps not falling right. Could you help me with that?

FORCES: Uh—huh.

IS: To give me what instead?

FORCES: For instance? (Pause) Your baked beans?

IS: Yeah, yeah, that’s the one. (Laughter) I keep trying to match it up because it’s supposed to be. The corn is supposed to be all by itself so the baked beans… First, the baked beans were with the corn. That was fine. Then I’m putting the baked beans with the succotash. Well, the succotash has corn, so that’s no good. Then I’m putting the baked beans with a salad, and I’m going one is hot, one is cold. One’s going to have ice; one’s going to have heat. That’s not good next to each other.

FORCES: Well the baked beans could be filtered with bacon.

IS: Yeah, and in a half or in a whole or…

FORCES: A half would be good and the other half you could have a combination of what would be considered ah, ah cous cous, along with ah pieces of ah what would be considered eggplant.

IS: Are we talking about moussaka?

FORCES: Well this is a new kind of dish, cous cous, cous, cous along with your eggplant diced up with beef and mushroom parts mixed together with an assembly of a hot sauce. Not too hot, but the mild sauce, mixed together with that of a ah a certain particular red bean.

IS: And is that American enough?

FORCES: Well, it’s out of the world, but… (Laughter)

IS: Is the sauce red?

FORCES: The sauce can become red, yes.

IS: So it has tomatoes?


IS: And that was the problem: to find something American to go with it and I couldn’t find anything American to go with the baked beans.

FORCES: Well that’s red enough.

IS: So this will be the American?

FORCES: Yeah, you could slip it through.

IS: Okay. What kind of beef? Shredded, chopped?

FORCES: Like a chopped meat beef.

IS: Thank you very much. And obviously, it’s a thick thing, right?


IS: Also, since we are on the party, could I ask how many people?

FORCES: The people should be an interesting amount. More than a hundred people would be appropriate, but it has to come down into the ethers and hasn’t focused yet, ah so many are coming, and so many are going, but we we’ll focus on the amount again in another question. Plan for over a hundred right now.

IS: Thank you. Like less than 120?

FORCES: Well let’s start off with a hundred right now.

IS: Okay, thank you. That was very helpful. Thank you very much.

JE: The name chart that I have at work, that I sent off for, is it accurate?

FORCES: Well, it’s fairly…pretty good on that line, yes.

JE: It just seems like they added things in…

FORCES: Usually as you go through life, things are added in.

JE: Thank you,

IS: Now, do I need a physical before I take that pill?

FORCES: It wouldn’t hurt.

IS: So have BIE do it, is that right? Or should I go to an outside doctor?

FORCES: (__) that would be appropriate.

IS: But do I really need it?

FORCES: It would be good for the record.

IS: Oh, I see. And then I should go on that?

FORCES: We would see it would help, yes.

IS: Thank you. I really…it’s for the bones for me, is that…

FORCES: Every general thing: bones, skin, glands, hair.

IS: Thank you. For the entity is there anything, what is wrong? Why is it so…?

FORCES: Well we already mentioned the atmosphere being polluted. This is a very difficult time for the psychics and sensitive ones because the ethers are very heavy and they pick it up first.

IS: You mentioned that the Messiah is already here. Is it anybody in those spaceships?


IS: So there is the good and the bad?


IS: Is He with you?

FORCES: Well we charge a rate, but that’s okay.

Group: Laughter

IS: Thank you very much. And one more thing: what is all those bugs? Why are all these new bugs…?

FORCES: The conditions of the weather, the atmosphere, the pollution, all sorts of contributions and factors, and the dampness, the rains, and the flooding.

IS: It’s all new species?


IS: Are they…

FORCES: We see Hawaii having tremendous volcano action there, too.

IS: So all of these new things have they been created, or are they born, or do they come from all the uprooted…

FORCES: Combinations of many different things.

IS: Bangladesh, is that a reaction from (?)

FORCES: Well, yes.

IS: Thank you.

BN: The idea I have about how the…description in the book of the neurons receiving the Psi fields, fields beyond what we can measure. Is that accurate? Is that…

FORCES: Well it is accurate ah. That’s how the bees give out directions to where ah pollen and food is at to the other hive.

BN: So lots of animals deal with stuff that is beyond what we call measurable?

FORCES: Well, they measure the body movement and vibrations of the bee, for they fly back into the nest and, and vibrate: 16, 18 times their tail can move; and their dances ah, ah to whatever side: north, east, south, west in a kind of continuous motion in which all the other bees stick around to get the signals; but at the same moment the synapse of the neurons are charging giving other information of distance in space, too.

BN: Thank you very much.

FORCES: Hey, anytime.

DD: Is there any way to tie the 231 gates in more simply? It seems so complicated. Am I on the right track in studying that?

FORCES: The 231 gates equals up to the 72 hours or elders in which represents the 72 charging devices or chargers which equals up to 72. If you want to break it down to simple, next terminology apply from the 72 elders.

DD: Thank you very much.

BN: The diagram of the Supreme Ultimate in the Chinese religion looks an awful lot like the Tree of the Ten Sephiroth. Do they both come from the same source?

FORCES: More or less, yes. You will find a lot of Chinese elements wrapped around with Judaic law. They both start the book backwards and they have a lot of indwelling characteristics, but they were once together before they went to travel. Actually, what we’re trying to say is ah it was Abraham’s ah, ah relative who went the other way to create the Chinese empire.

BN: What was his name?

FORCES: Ah his name is ah, ah U—do—it. That’s what he does..

IS: In the Bible there is a place that’s called China in the desert. However, when they refer to it, they are also talking about another place of China far away, It sounds like that. Are they…


IS: So they are talking about…

FORCES: China.

IS: And the Chinese people coming and settling in that one spot…


IS: That’s why they call it Cine, Sin?

FORCES: Right.

IS: Thank you. Thank you also for KT’s getting a job.

FORCES: Yeah, we had to put her to work.

KT: Thank you.

DD: Does trigonometry go along with the 231 gates?

FORCES: You could apply it as such, yes.

DD: Where does it go actually though?

FORCES: The right angle.

DD: Trigonometry you told me a long time ago was an eight sided figure. Will I be able to understand that?

FORCES: Eventually, yes,

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The Meru Institute does that have merit? And how much?

FORCES: It did at one time until it went after military experience and experiments. Now 15% to lO% merit.

IS: Are we talking about Monroe or Meru?

FORCES: Monroe Institute.

IS: Oh, Monroe. How about the Meru? I think the name is Meru. M—E —R— U…

FORCES: That’s a little bit more ah accurate.

IS: But it’s the same stuff that we knew…

FORCES: Well, Comsi, Comsa. You know, bean soup and vegetable soup.

IS: I feel that he got too excited, and then he got into the toys.

FORCES: Yes, the toys got him.

IS: Yeah, that’s how I feel.

Force: Yes.

IS: That he sort of went off on a tangent with the toys.

Forces: Yes.

TV: Preston Bridges’ problem with his heart, was that like a normal physical thing, or was that something that he was made to go through to sort of keep him in line?

FORCES: It’s kind of interesting that you think like that, but ah his electrical fields is more natural than, than planned.

TV: Thank you.

IS: Is the American higher echelon (I’m not talking about regular people), but the higher echelon, of course they know that Israel did them a favor by not taking on Iraq and by letting them become the American hero, but now they’re demanding from Israel to give up territory and such…

FORCES: Well, they might as well blow it out of their ear. Israel should never give up any land that it’s conquered, just as the United States should give back Texas to Mexico.

IS: Right. So have they really convinced themselves that?

FORCES: If America does not watch out the, Israel will go ahead and take over Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan. So, leave them alone. The more they bother them, the more they’ll take over land, so leave Israel alone and they won’t take over land.

IS: And they’ll show up the American Army being not that big a hero to boot, right?

FORCES: Well, let’s just focus on one thing at a time.

IS: But the higher echelon, have they fooled themselves into believing…

FORCES: Oh. Definitely, and they’ll get it because they are not going to get away with it, not if we have anything to say with it, and we do.

IS: Thank God. But they don’t…have they convinced themselves truly that they are now the heroes, and that Israel…

FORCES: Well, of course, they’ve allowed the laurels to fall on their heads, but you know, it rots very quickly.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything else for the entity’s birthday party that I should know? Anything that I should do? Should I still have the other cous cous dish then, the summer casserole?

Forces: If you want to.

IS: Because I am having that, so…

FORCES: Yes, it’s up to you. You should think about having the magician who came here to perform for you. If he is still around, maybe he would like to bring some magic tricks to get to the public’s eye.

IS: Oh, but didn’t they receive our pamphlet?

FORCES: They might, but it’s always good to ask.

IS: Thank you. Okay. Magician. Yeah. Good. From Yogaville, right? Has Satchidananda received our message of condolences and good wishes towards him?

FORCES: He can get that, sure.

IS: Did he get it?

FORCES: Yes, he got it.

IS: From Judith?


IS: Thank you.

NN: Is it true with all the abuse going on, is it true that it’s always existed, and it wasn’t as publicized, or is it actually happening more?

FORCES: Yes, it’s true.

NN: It has always existed to that extent?


NN: Thank you.

DD: Was Hermes and Melchizedek were they the same time period, the same soul?

FORCES: Some apply it as such.

DD: Did Abraham exist at the same time as RaTa or just before the pyramids were built?

FORCES: Some apply it as such.

DD: Does that mean it was the same time?

FORCES: Some apply it as such.

JU: The meditation kit that I was going to put together, is that a good idea, or any suggestion you have for it, other than what I’m doing?

FORCES: It could be done.

IS: Will I be able to recoup my sewing skills again?


IS: Yeah? You’ll help me?


IS: I felt like totally like an idiot, or something.

FORCES: Oh, no. Could be right back.

Forces-At this point, we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in the Heavens, hallowed be Thy name…