Session 530-7/12/88

FORCES: We are here in this session to see the be prepared for the next cycle. There shall always be other problems after this. We see many changes coming and many so-called changed in the northern parts. There are always the purpose and also the testing of the environment in its time sequence. We have a tremendous change in the dress of clothes to be worn and also we see that many different talents will be processed. There shall be changes in the aviation (?) and many great and fabulous (?) awareness of these changes. There are those elements of great satisfaction. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Is it okay, the spot for the entity for you to come in?


IS: Thank you for coming. Is the Gesundheit Commune really a commune, community, uh, in the way we understand it and what is the story.

FORCES: They are more or less a group of family units come together, brother, sister, husband and so on.

IS: And they all are doctors?

FORCES: No not all of them.

IS: That’s what the commune…that’s what they get…ah…their income is through donations because they are doctors, (?) right?

FORCES: Through contributions.

IS: Ah, can you do something to.

FORCES: No, go ahead.

IS: But is that correct then, I mean, that they are a lot of doctors there and medical people that..

FORCES: No, it is not correct. They get a large percentage of their resources by bringing people there to stay and work with them…volunteer them.

IS: And, do they give free medical?

FORCES: Yes. IS: All of them, there?

FORCES: They don’t give all free medical, they, all of them there, just work in a clinic type environment, not all of them, but just the doctor gives what they can give.

IS: Oh, so it’s like.

FORCES: Like a barter system.

IS: Oh ! oh! So it’s not like they way they described on the (?). I probably (?).

FORCES: Well it serves a purpose, but the point is they a have a barter system going.

IS: And that’s how they meet their?

FORCES: Needs.

IS: Needs?

FORCES: But they never meet their needs.

IS: They don’t…ah…so it’s one more (schleppy?) environment.

FORCES: More or less, that’s (?) good. (?)

IS: Are there doctors there that sort of… are their ideals in the right place, or is there some of them
FORCES: Off a little bit, yes.

IS: Some of them can’t pay the insurance any more, is that it?


IS: Thank you very much. Thank you for coming in. is there a reason why such a while.

FORCES: Different co-ordinates had to be set.

IS: When you said something in your opening tests and something for us? For America I don’t understand?

FORCES: Now the spiritual values of commitment and dedication.

IS: And the tests?

FORCES: They are going to be asked to be called.

IS: This group in particular, or the whole of America?

FORCES: We speak about roughly the United States.

IS: So is there anything for us as a group that you can give us?

FORCES: The combination of working and staying in the force of that unity of prayer and meditation. Also sharing that force of meditation with people. We would suggest that putting a article in the paper offering a retreat for the weekend. Contributions do not have to be ignored, but we can retreat where those who would want to give way, and taking in only 2 to 3 or 4 at the most, and set a regimen of prayer and meditation, talks discussions, and different things on the regimen schedule. The more you keep them busy the better off the retreat.

IS: And is it by donations? Is that it?

FORCES: That can be done, as secondary.

IS: Okay and what are the things the retreat that need to…ah… you said it to me once and I can’t remember all the different things.

FORCES: In what respect?

IS: That we need to do for that. What we need to have and you said.

FORCES: The first part is Friday, and you would have your main meal upstairs. Of course your meals will be a variance of vegetarian and vegetables, and meat choices, but you will have your services and prayers and you will also have a particular discussion, getting acquainted hour, to and then before they retire, bringing up anything they would like to talk for an hour or 2, retire at 10, where they will have their own time. In the morning, will come the next Saturday where you will have from the 9 to 10 or 11 will be brunch or breakfast, and then from that point a meditation service, and then from that point on dream interpretation…so dream discussions, or revelation talks, or watching a particular movie that will insight a feeling, and then a free time, and then a walk around the area, and then lunch. Then in the afternoon, you would have discussions of dreams, or the Bible, and you will have free time. At a certain point dinner, and then you will have a Saturday prayer, of praying together and singing together and getting ready for dinner, and after dinner you will have some talks and retire, and Sunday will be the services outside. (?) Bible talks or research on Sunday afternoon and ending it at 3.

IS: Thank you very much, and are we talking about (?)

FORCES: This weekend it could be done.

IS: So we need to discuss, like who is going to be (?)

FORCES: You could do that if you want.

IS: And…uh…well, the food that you said, you said something about vegetarian, mainly vegetarian meals (?) or…

FORCES: Accent in that area, or that as a choice, and then of meat too.

IS: Are we talking about our kind of food, or are we talking?

FORCES: Your kind of food.

IS: Our kind?


IS: Okay, and uh, how much should we charge for this, then?

FORCES: Each person pays $250.00 each.

(PHONE RINGS) FORCES: You can answer that, we’ll stop.

DL:(ON THE PHONE ) The Gathering, this is DL, Hi BN we’re having a session right now. Do you have a question? Okay. Sure. Bye.

IS: Well, I can see dream interpretation

FORCES: Astral travel projections, all that (has been )

IS: Is there more that I –

FORCES: You’ll discuss it as time goes on.
IS: Thank you very much.
Timothy:Thank you for the rain. Uh, could you tell us the video, those people that were here to film the group and all that. Where are they going to go with that film? When the Russian guy left and he didn’t…will he get a copy, and will it be seen in Russia.

FORCES: There is at this point we will have to be leaving (PHONE RING) we will talk to you again.

Forces: Greetings to all hear present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in heaven…