Session 554-5/3/90

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area as known by your cover of clouds for several days. This is the beginning of a new spiritual revelation and evolution, where those that have been in despair and struggle it will begin for this period to lighten. We see that during this spiritual struggle of development that many advancing aspects will be accomplished. This is a development of the spiritual natures and revelations that is to come. This particular weekend will be that of building bridges and foundations for new forces and endeavors in the next five years. We see many changes happen and a complete change and turnaround of the Soviet Union and its own problems and devastating situation with money. We also find that the aspects of the United States’ money will have to be worked on out too, along with the major countries throughout the world. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Is my understanding correct, that you are going to appear on May 22nd, 1990?

FORCES: We have said that this year will he the year of manifestation of our ships and it has already taken place, continually. The day, May, is just a day in which we will culminate this force within this year. But this whole year will be totally concentrated with UFO’s and consciousness of a new evolution of understanding and development, of your (?). What we are saying (?) is that a clear awareness and renewed consciousness of the presence of flying ships and that ships will be found in caves as prescribed and as has been said before, and during the month of May will he that precisely alone.

IS: Thank you. But for some reason I thought you were going to come to us, that –

FORCES: Again, we are here, we are coming to you.

IS: But with the spaceship and meeting face to face and –

FORCES: You will see us face to face; we do speak to you.

IS: Thank you. Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing with the school play?


IS: Because at first they just wanted certain parts for me to do, and then they want – now more. What happened, exactly? Why?

FORCES: They began to see the change of the play and that certain other aspects of your talent to get through with the children. Also the students are fighting the teachers and the teachers are realizing that they cannot implement what they would want done with this play.

IS: The kids want me?


IS: So you did that.

FORCES: Well, you did it also, too.

IS: Thank you. Now is there anything that I can do with my food intake that brings me to some sort of (?) where –

FORCES: It is just a cycle you’re going through. You’ll be going into a slow intake and you’ll be able to take more control over it.

IS: Could I know when, is it possible –

FORCES: The first of June will be the beginning of it.

IS: Thank you. It’s the idea that I – that I’m losing control over it.

FORCES: Not really.

IS: The constant need of something.

FORCES: Yes, but not naturally.

IS: And my energy level is also –

FORCES: Again, the peak is of a different state and it will pick itself up.

IS: Now, these first Fridays, are they going according to how you want them?

FORCES: We see this as good, but there is a certain point that it would be nice to get everyone in a circle and just let each one introduce themselves and discuss what is on their minds and what they would see these first Fridays to take off to be. You could break them down in small groups, meeting groups, what would be called pilot areas or what would be called committees, and separate in different rooms to work on some thoughts if they would like to do this, again and to come back after an hour or so and share with the rest what they have found out. There are many different aspects you could do, hut one of the major things is to come and sit down and get acquainted with a circle group and let each and every one speak what might be on their minds or thoughts that they would like to share.

IS: That always comes up as a problem. Where would that one single room be, that everybody can come together?

FORCES: The living room could be a good place, or also your dining room too. You could all sit around at the table.

IS: That would still be just twenty or twenty-two seats –

FORCES: You have chairs around in back.

IS: We shouldn’t move the tables out, right?

FORCES: No, no.

IS: Should we switch the dining room from the living room – these two rooms, should we switch those two rooms, make the dining room into the living room and the living room into a dining room?

FORCES: No, I don’t think that would work.

IS: Okay. So the separate groups should each and every – different people from the group, each one take a group of about twelve people with them, or ten people, something like that?

FORCES: Even four is enough, four or five.

IS: So each person in the group should take a group, a small group of people –

FORCES: Well, this is a thought of which could be done, just getting everyone to talk and identify themselves in the circle could help out. It does not necessarily mean it has to he done; it’s just a format to get everyone to know everyone.

IS: Okay. And – but of course the thing is that the food is downstairs and I think at first we should sort of eat in the den, we should tell them “okay, we would like to -” something like that?

FORCES: Yes, it could be done this way. You could also put topics in the hat that people can work together for or with, and then you could break off at four and come back with answers to these topics that the group has come up with. It is not just that it has to be done this way, but it’s just a thought. A lot of bureaucratic red tape is found like this at work every day. But just allow the flow of conversation just to be, not to hamper it. We are just suggesting basically that people come together in the beginning and introduce themselves and (?) what they’re interested or hope to see or wish for.

IS: Thank you. You obviously have something in mind that is going to come out of these Fridays, is that right?


IS: And are the kind of people that you want coming?

FORCES: Everyone who comes is the kind of people we want coming.

IS: Thank you. Should I start taking the hormones? Or not yet?

FORCES: We would wait a while and discuss it with you later.

IS: Okay. Thank you very much.

Q: With the services when the door is open, when we’re receiving communion, and the door is open for us to receive for somebody that we know on the other side, what happens to those souls, the ones that we mention?

FORCES: They’re allowed to rejuvenate, receive energy, from the earth that they would not normally be allowed to get.

Q: (?) there’s that one particular cousin of mine who killed herself – does it help – you know, I’ve mentioned her a couple of times – does it help her to get out of where she was, wherever suicides (?)?

FORCES: Oh yes.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Thank you. Thank you for the Thursday services that you’ve given me. Is there a particular prayer that would be good to say when (?) those services?

FORCES: Psalm 121.

Q: Thank you.

DD: (?) six-inch or five-inch?

FORCES: You could get the five-inch, it would be good; six-inch of course would be better.

DD: So I should (?) the five-inch?

[Someone mutters “six-inch better” in background.]

DD: Okay. Plus (?) clay across the street, is that the clay you mix with (?) seven? The deposit of (?) clay deposit out here? Or is that something else?

FORCES: It could be mixed.

DD: I don’t (?) magnet that?

FORCES: If you wish.

DD: Maybe the right side (?)?


IS: As far as the gutters, are the ones that we have, that kind, is that the best kind for us, or what they put up – aluminum, I believe – that they come and ‘they do it. Which course should be better for us?

FORCES: Of course it would be best if you would have the know-how to do it. Either way, helping to put up would be good with your own manpower

IS: And which kind, aluminum, or the plastic, or the PBC?

FORCES: Well, the PBC itself is a new-marketed item with some positive recalls to it.

IS: So the PBC is better?


DD: Also the Portuguese prophecy, prophecies, (?) 1583 (?) talking about 1983?

FORCES: It could be applied as you choose.

DD: Thank you.

Q: The various incidents that have happened in Charlottesville, like the arson and the vandalism–the vandalism, the arson, the things the kids have been doing that got caught, the stealing – are these part of the things that (?) prophesied? Because I see it as the city thing coming down –

FORCES: It is a spiritual force that is stabilizing and it also is changing the city and moving it to different vibrations. When the vibration comes in fast it is (?) that aspect evolves.

Q: Does that mean that the spiritual concepts or faith or strength of the people are lacking?

FORCES: Yes. Well, they need to be developed, yes.

Q: Thank you.

Q: In the way the pilgrim describes the way to accomplish prayer without speaking, by repeating “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me” thousands of times each day, is that the way to go about that or is there any other way?

FORCES: Selling up a mantra is very important and (?) words out is also very important, yes.

Q: Thank you.

IS: How involved should we get into the town meetings with the school, that last meeting that was held there and discussing –

FORCES: Well, now, if the work is there, it’s up to them now to take the ball. (?) can say things hut must allow the people to take over.

IS: Okay. And is Sam’s father okay now?

FORCES: Making his transition on the other side, yes.

IS: I was right, right? That he got –

FORCES: Yes, yes.

IS: He wanted to help out.


IS: Is that now a common – is that something that happens to a lot of souls?

FORCES: It can happen.

IS: Now, are these – were these real needful beings?

FORCES: Well, yes.

IS: They were.

FORCES: Yes. But you have to be careful how you help them.

IS: So the best course would have been for him to just keep on moving.

FORCES: In this particular case, for him and his development, yes.

IS: But for others?

FORCES: Well, not necessarily.

IS: It depends who?


IS: Okay. And the Chinese guy that was here last first Friday,
what did he get out of it, and-

FORCES: A tremendous amount of strength in his own lack of faith.

IS: So he did understand that he –

FORCES: Oh yes.

IS: He did believe?

FORCES: It’s not that complicated. The books have been around a long time.

IS: But my experiences that (?)

FORCES: Yes, of course, it is necessary.

IS: Well, is he still around, or –


IS: Has he understood the nature of the difference between somebody like Monroe and this household?

FORCES: He (?) understand some of it, yes.

IS: He did?


IS: But Ed understood, right?

FORCES: Oh yes.

IS: The difference between service and seeking knowledge for just self-gain.

FORCES: Exactly. At this point we would like to stress the fact that the spiritual changeover is coming in, and the force of the higher will be coming down, and the entity has been tremendously busy on the astral level with the transitions of the loved ones to get over, so his energies were compiled or also used on the etheric level for those he knew, and this is being accomplished now and he is moving on back into the light – (?) physical for certain manifestations of the spirit will come about. We here will also understand that the focus on ‘the spiritual travel and the angelic force in the astral world is all one in one.

IS: Is that why he had the problem with the (?) and –

FORCES: There are many different complications are going on and that there are many different diabolic elements coming into the earth that usually will affect his apparatus. At this point, we will speak to you again and we will see you tomorrow. Greetings to all here present now.