Session 116 Part 1 – 5/6/77

Greetings to all here present. We have become aware of many items that are being observed and looking into. There is much change during the course of the year to come, but it will only strengthen and make thee whole for all endeavors. Be not too comfortable with the physical. Studies on a mental level. Guide us in your own trials through a spiritual evol¬ution. But this particular group has been charged with the energies to keep it moving on a physical force. But remember, the energies must be developed and used. We are ready for your questions.

IS: Should we pay up the rest of the money for the house in Virginia?

THE CHANNELLORS: This is an interesting topic. It would be said yes with no reservations. It will work out as time moves on.

IS: What does it mean it will work out as time goes on? Yes, with no reservations?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would establish the force and move Mr. and Mrs. SR into a consciousness of over.

IS: I see. So it’s yes to pay to move them?


IS: Very good. Thank you. The storm today?

THE CHANNELLORS: The storm was a force to combat the black avenues of evil plaguing the city. For lately what has been happening on a spiritual level is that the mental forces or that of black forces have been creeping their way into man’s con-sciousness trying to take possession without him realizing it. They are the ones who came in this afternoon to boomerang it. But remember, compassion and patience is needed. We do not want any group to rush into things. We know how much this group desires to rush into things and how obedient they are in disciplining themselves in moving into things. But none¬theless, considering the problems of this group and how they are motivated and always running into things, we must sanction one spiritual purpose: that of harmony and patience and that of the allowance of the presence of the spirit that is being driven out by the madness of the mind. You must not drive away from this group nor that in which you have for your future establishment that of patience and that of waiting in time. For all things shall get done. And on the spiritual level each one must be him or herself and move to the consciousness of God in time, Knowing how energetic some are in trying to accomplish this, we can appreciate their strength. But we must remember the consciousness of ourselves and do not allow this black force cloud of evil to come into our lives to take possession of it without us being sensitive to things around us.

IS:You are specifically talking to me?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is applied to the whole group. Your strength is needed. But remember, it must be tempered with patience. But most of all, if the spirit that is being driven out of non-patience, we must strive to make this particular group a beacon, a light for all those who are being throttled down to the ground by the worldly level. We must represent a spiritual light and hope and an independence and se1f-sufficiency. We strive to make one thing strong here. Be self-sufficient. Do not depend upon the luxuries of society. Be self-sufficient as your motto and in your future plans to come for the next five years. Let your creative ability be also your selling techniques. You must strongly stay in together in your creative works. We strongly urge that you produce and keep on producing and store away as a stockpile. But we stress one thing now: do this now and it shall be to your betterment. Also, stockpile the spiritual items in your back. Do not negate or neglect the spiritual realm and do not neglect the physical realm. Keep every moment from this point until we tell you busy with creating, reading, or working. Do not become idle any longer. The time is critical. Stockpile your items, tag and number, and put them aside for future selling or future endeavors. You have the time. Use it now wisely. Make your candles. Record them. Put them aside safely. Secure them. Stockpile now so the future will not find you short.

IS: Thank you. The things that should be stockpiled… on the physical level you mentioned candles… I assume the things that we do…lamps, and things like that?


IS: And on the spiritual level? How can we stockpile there?

THE CHANNELLORS: This has to be done on an individual basis. Everyone must read at least fifteen verses or a chapter in the Bible a day by themselves going to work or coming home. But they must now begin, each one, as a stronghold against the enemy force of what would be called mental laziness, or evil that are to plague the earth is upon us. Now the weapon will only be the strength of your Bible, for without you knowing it you are being attacked at work, demoralized, and attracted to the other side slowly. You are a threat to the evil forces. The black forces are at war. And they are coming in and no (know) spiritual groups are to be attacked first, but those groups who do not have a spiritual basis, who just profess spiritual and do not use the Bible as a mental defense and spiritual defense will be vulnerable. So utilize this discipline. Allow others to do what they want to do, you be strong to do your thing and do it properly. Do not expect to win medals at your job. Nor do you expect to have accomplishments on a worldly level. Just perform your job as best as you can, and in harmony. We do not ask for speed demons or characters that will exhaust your body. We do expect the job to be in harmony with the demands that need to be done. There is too much evil in the business world striving to deteriorate anything of spirit. It will not have it when it is time for us to act. We have been silent long enough. Now you shall see some actions. You will not believe the things that you will see to come. Sometimes you will just scratch you head and think what is this meaning and where are the Forces in doing this? For instance, we had a collision of cars just recently that was our doing. It is our beginning to show consciousness of the people that it is not just in automobiles that you exist. And if we want every car in this city would smack up with the next causing the world’s biggest traffic jam. We will go into the hospitals and cause “havoc”. We will go into the cemeteries. We shall go into the churches. We are not done. This particular Session shall not be recorded for the outside world to be seen. It should be taken and reserved else¬where. For here we reserve a certain part of ourselves. The outside world might deem us to be cruel. We are not. We are only striving to get rid of the slothfulness that is in society that is taking over society. Slothfulness as far as productivity. There is the same type of evil. Producing too much and not producing is a double-edged sword. Here we tell you to produce for the future. This is wise. Others produce just for finan-cial gain. We are not asking that. We are also stressing that you have your wealth. If you keep it tied up you will lose it. If you keep it preserved and hoard and not share it the way it was intended, there shall be a losing effect. We do not ask you to go and give everything away over night. We are only asking that you set a constant flow so that more can come into you. Remember, it is only like a safety valve. There has to be a flowing out to help those parents and relatives around. Their consciousness through your responsibility will be brought up.

IS:You mean we should give out to parents? Those that need?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is not the question of needing or not. It is just the question of giving.

IS: Now, I want to understand for myself where…where did I go wrong. To me it was the slothfulness that I was fighting against and I guess…whatever. Where did I jump over the barrier? Where did it become the black force?

THE CHANNELLORS: This is a very sticky question. There was a questionability or that of there was that slothfulness build¬ing up in which shaking it and moving it and producing a con¬scious drug. The black forces or the evil forces come in when they push against the spirit. Just the same way Hitler pushed against the Jews. Just the same way as that season of 1ife or that of metallic substance pushing against spirit. Just as this in America pushes against the spirit. This is a fight that goes on. The price? The spirit must be preserved. Then the metallic demands of man want to force the spirit out and leave only a machine left behind. It is the highest goal to preserve the delicate spirit of life, for it is delicate and sensitive and all must be created around it. It is the first to go from any civilization. And it is the last to remain in the decaying society in which the spirit must be preserved. No matter how much they try to extinguish it, society shall always be infiltrated with that of the spirit. But it’s the first to go and it is the last to stay. But nonetheless, it is the question of the battle of slothfulness for slothfulness’ sake. To move, to be consciousness. Yes, preserve your spirit. For you are just as guilty, those who are in this room, of allowing the black forces to come in to destroy this sensitive spirit by not caring. For that must be preserved like a child. And you are all responsible for nurturing it, just like unto your God. But it advertises a sensitive spirit that resides here, a touch of God consciousness. God himself, his home, his pro¬perty. You are his servants. By your actions you are showing the world that this spirit is here and has not left. Regard¬less of the opposition you are put under, this spirit must be preserved under all circumstances.

IS: I don’t fully understand for myself personally. But I guess I will?

THE CHANNELLORS: We will help you along with it and guide you through it and show you.

IS: Did I actually see doctors come in with the storm?

THE CHANNELLORS: That is what was called the Physicians of the White.

IS: There were…there were actual doctors.

THE CHANNELLORS: They are better known to be Physicians of the White.

IS: So that’s what…that’s what came in with the storm.

THE CHANNELLORS: Physicians of the White.

IS: Should Tom keep his job at TWA?

THE CHANNELLORS: This is slowly coming to a focal point. In order for the fine spirit to be kindled and worked and developed it must be concentrated. What we are saying is that this, too, is a fulltime job. And just as the outside world depends upon that, so does the spiritual world depend upon it. But we will guide it. But remember, it is still a fulltime job to be worked and developed. Spirit must be preserved and nurtured. And just as such, a farmer must tend to his crops in order for it to survive.

IS: So Tom still has to be there?

THE CHANNELLORS: For a moment. For a period of time. Until we inform certain withdrawal movements.

IS: At a certain point in time, close or far, I don’t know, but should Tom even continue working? Or should Tom…in a …the world outside in a regular job? Or should he not?

THE CHANNELLORS: This would be beneficial if he caters to the spiritual side of life. On the working side he is not cut, in short, to waste the time on a worldly level with a worldly job when there is so much on a spiritual level to be cultivated. But we will show the path and the way that needs to be followed.

IS: Should either one of us, Tom or me, learn to drive?

THE CHANNELLORS: This also can be done by the entity we speak through.

IS: Thank you. About myself, the impatience in which I want the thing to done, that’s the thing that…it’s like re¬gardless of anything and everything. It’s like I want to wipe everything and just start or something. Is that it? Is that what you meant?

THE CHANNELLORS: We will help you to understand it. But re-member, patience also is needed with the strength that you have it.

IS: Thank you. The house, the garage, the idea that I had in turning it into a completely self-sufficient house without having to have electricity or…any kind of power like that …is that…

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find this a good idea.

IS: Thank you.

GL: When I was a child I had an experience where I felt like my mind was moving. Could you explain what this was?

THE CHANNELLORS: It was a moving mind. You must strive not to see things in the past as explanation of a spiritual matter. But strive for the present-in questions of now. Things of the past are in the past. For there are many things now in that place that should be worked out. Yes, you are moving, but so does all spirit in the earth move. You were only receiving part of that recogni . . .recollection of move¬ment of your spiritual body in a physical shell.

GL: Also, which center controls the nervous system?

THE CHANNELLORS: Remember, all centers inter-relate with one another. Neither one center or the other having direct impetus or impulse in the nervous system. But the pineal gland has a direct force on the nervous system.

GL: What effect does the thyroid have on the nervous system?

THE CHANNELLORS: The thyroid can make it static or make it passive or smooth.

GL: So that controls like the charge of it?

THE CHANNELLORS: The flow of energy is controlled by every center. How it is affected (Effected) is by the thyroid giving impulses through the centers.

IS: To the former question of GL, do you actually mean to say is that he could be moving faster than he…than what he is moving?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is a question. Whether to move fast or slow is irrelevant. But to move continuously is relevant.

IS: And that he is doing?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is a striving to accomplish.

IS: Then what is the liking to the outside world?

THE CHANNELLORS: The outside world?

IS: Yeah. It…I didn’t…I don’t know if I understood but it seemed as if though what…what was being said is that the outside world everybody moves regardless whether they realize it or not…regardless whether they are aware of it every spirit moves in a physical body.


IS: And so GL or maybe the whole group is no different.


IS: Then what is the difference? Can…is it not at least that we can move faster than the outside world?

THE CHANNELLORS: To move in harmony and to preserve the spirit at the same time.

IS: Oh, I see. So it’s like…it’s how we take it, the movement that makes the difference between us and the out¬side world? Or can make the difference.

THE CHANNELLORS: An ice-skater must move on the ice. He or she must practice many hours in order to move that way and preserve the sensitiveness of spirit at the same time.

IS: And that’s the difference. Outside they might be moving without preserving.

THE CHANNELLORS: They are moving in a destructive pattern. They are destroying and getting the reaction of movement.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Do I understand it, then, for me, the best way for me to move is to move slowly but surely?

THE CHANNELLORS: GL, if we are to tell you at this moment to move slowly, you would be at your heart’s delight. We are only to tell you to move patiently, fastly, cooperatively, con¬structively, nicely, productively, positively move forward slowly.

GL: Also the…what I saw today at church, the exposition of the host, could you explain what…what happens there?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is the mere presence of the fourth dimension in its revelation.

GL: How is that…how…does…does that mean that Jesus is there? Or the Christ?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is the spirit of energy of the Higher Forces. And it is also the spirit of Christ’s presence. For when you have the exposition, as you call it, you have a part of yourselves being exposed.

GL: Thank you very much.

LK: Were the first set of commandments that were given to Moses given in a 1ike manner that the stones were given to us in the Upper Room?


LK: What was the nature of those commandments?

THE CHANNELLORS: They were the laws of mankind.

LK: How do they differ from the second set of Ten Command-ments?

THE CHANNELLORS: The laws of mankind were only two. The laws of Moses were ten.

LK: Could you tell us what the two laws of mankind were?

THE CHANNELLORS: If we are to tell you the two laws, then there would be not the necessity of ten. Then you would say that this law and this law is not needed anymore. But let us follow the ten first. And then in the future I will tell you the two and then you shall discard the others that you have fulfill led.

LK: Was the commandment that Jesus gave of love your God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself, would that be considered an eleventh commandment? Or would that be a part or one of the two commandments?

THE CHANNELLORS: Let us say we move on.

LK: When did Thomas meet up with Jesus?

THE CHANNELLORS: Thomas never (?) up with Jesus –

LK: When did he meet up with him? With an

THE CHANNELLORS: He met up with him from the beginning of time. He was one of the sons of light hovering around the earth. And he was the air-cell-spectrum that came in with the force energy of a hundred and forty-four thousand.

LK: In the particular lifetime with Jesus as far as the New Testament goes, it doesn’t show Thomas becoming one of the disciples until during the…at the beginning of or during the three years of Jesus’ ministry. Did he actually
•..did he attend the Mystery Schools with Jesus or know him before that three-year period?

THE CHANNELLORS: Let us say that they were personal friends in an indirect and foreign way. All the disciples in one way or the other had a close dir…cor…col…collection of thoughts with the Master.

LK: Why is it that in the New Testament we hear about some of the disciples afterwards and others we never hear anything else about?

THE CHANNELLORS: Because the others were “la-las”. They did not produce as much as they should have. They produced, but not as much as they should. But nonetheless, they were doing their job.

LK: Thank you.

RH: The group of women that followed the mother Mary, could you just tell us some of the things and the activities that they did as a.. .as a group? The women?

THE CHANNELLORS: The activities that the group of females carried out when they followed the Master and Mary were varied and sundry. One: they would create things with their hands. Two: they would read the Bible together. Three: they were re¬ceptive. For remember, the females in this room must be recep¬tive to their spiritual intuition and dreams. They recorded them down. They wrote with them. Do not be negate on this problem. Record your dreams. Be perceptive and you, too, become prophetic in helping the Master bring about the desired end.

DD: What does it mean in the Zohar where they say Moses was the sun. And after Moses left that Joshua came into…he was the leader then and he was the moon. The sun went down and the moon came out.

THE CHANNELLORS: It represents the energy flow in each parti¬cular form.

DD: What… Moses was connected with Tiphereth. What does that… what does that represent?

THE CHANNELLORS: This represents the Father name of God.

DD: What name is that?


DD: The Father name?

THE CHANNELLORS: The Father name.

DD: Is it…Is the Book of Joshua then…if you take the books as they go along with the centers? Like from one through the five books are the five centers. And then the sixth, in the Book of Joshua has to do with the sixth center?

THE CHANNELLORS: Let us say that it has to do with the centers from four to six.

DD: The Book of Joshua?


DD: What does it mean that this solar system is moving toward the constellation Libra?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is moving towards the light patterns formed in the heavens passing it to Libra.

DD: What does it represent that the country Libya is the same as that…

THE CHANNELLORS: It also represents Justice for blind sake. There shall be that of the witch-hunts for justice, just for the sake of justice.

DD: Will this… what does Libya have to do with this…

IS: Where will this happen, the witch-hunts?

THE CHANNELLORS: These are happening all over the country. Americans are so perfected that they want everything perfect in their own thinking. Flaws are not needed. But we say give us flaws. Give us what is imperfect for this is the spirit of matter. This perfection craving and justice is another psychological depression that Americans have been going through. They will continue to pay and reap more burdens of hell upon them. You cannot erase the blood from your hands by justifying the injustice of the land. No matter how many trials you have to eradicate the injustice, the blood of the hands of the American people’s consciousness can only be erased by true adoration and worship through peace, harmony, and patience with their God.

IS: Is that witch-hunt going to occur anywhere else besides in America? Or it’s already occurred?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is already occurring. You all know that any religious group is a prime subject and target for this. For they believe that if you are involved in a religious group, then you are only trying to escape your responsibilities to the world. It also deals with nations. They believe a nation like Israel is immature and needs to grow up.

IS:Grow up as far as comfort abilities, civilization, as far as what?

THE CHANNELLORS: As far as what would be called sticking to the social plying of laws.

IS:The worldly laws?


IS: But I feel different. I feel that Israel maybe has re¬ceived too much too fast and things are going out of kilter there.

THE CHANNELLORS: This is true. Israel has received tremendously, abundantly. But only because of their impatience and their rush to prove to the outside world that they are capable and a fit nation. That desire to prove could well be their drawback.

IS: Thank you.

DD: What you just said, does it relate to the situation like Ra-Ta when he was chased out of Egypt and he went to Libya and he was persecuted in a way?

THE CHANNELLORS: Israel is only playing out a key of destiny. They are an instrument of God’s hand. Who’s to say how God will choose Israel to be?

IS: The very religious people in Israel say that Israel should have not yet been in existence, not until the Messiah comes. Now is that, then, true in a way?

THE CHANNELLORS: This is true, for Israel can never be in existence to it true form until the Messiah returns.

IS: So that’s where the impatience comes…came in by Herzl, ..(inaudible).all these people that they have rushed things.

THE CHANNELLORS: To a degree, but again God’s hand is involved.

IS: Yea, because how…where else would they have gone after the Second World War? Wasn’t that why it was opened up for them?

THE CHANNELLORS: To a degree, but what would have happened if they would have trusted in God?

IS: Which brings me to a question that I have here and I don’t know how to ask it, but…Many a time you say that you cannot get involved in certain situations because either you are not allowed to interfere that if you would interfere it will cause repercussions in the heavens.


IS: Now, number one: what kind of repercussions? What…

THE CHANNELLORS: They would cause side effects for different constellations to collide with other constellations.

IS: By interfering in worldly affairs?

THE CHANNELLORS: We have not the power to interfere with man’s ultimate decisions. We can guide and direct and help hint with hints, but the ultimate decision must come from mankind. To serve God through patience or to get the worldly aspects of course.

IS: But if it’s in things of war…I’m using war as an…as an example. Assuming two nations are at war. Ore represents the black forces. One would represent the white forces. Even if they are not such good soldiers. Is it not something that you …that you would get involved?

THE CHANNELLORS: We don’t get involved. We behave ourselves. It is not our fault that the rock falls down or that the ocean turns around or the weather doesn’t agree with the animals or a bombshell explodes the other way or a tank doesn’t operate the right way. Very good. Not our fault. Not…we do not get involved directly with man’s decisions.

IS: So any situation…what situations can you get involved directly?

THE CHANNELLORS: There is no situation where we get involved directly.

IS: Then when you say that we must pray, then…then where and to whom go the prayers? What are the… and how do they accomplish what you, the higher forces, cannot…are not allowed to be…to accomplish?

THE CHANNELLORS: They go to a storehouse of energy that is pelted down into the earth. For remember, it is not our prayers that is from us. It is your prayer that is from you. You send it up and we only send it back down.

IS: I see. I see.

THE CHANNELLORS: The more you pray, the more we have power.

IS: So actually it is not bad to pray for specific things.

THE CHANNELLORS: Correct. That is why the rosary that you have is a very powerful instrument.

IS: I see. Now…now I understand.

THE CHANNELLORS: I’m so relieved.

IS: Thank you.

THE CHANNELLORS: You do know the power that you have in those little wooden beads. Simple. Use them correctly and no one …need we say more? The power is right in front of you all the time. Hum? You just wanted to do it yourselves. But it was right there all the time.

IS: Then to use the rosary correctly, would you say a prayer, a one particular request should be per whole…

THE CHANNELLORS: Do yet understand at this point in time why this woman of God is yet so powerful? She holds the crystal in her hand.

IS: Are you referring to the painting that Tom did with the crystal and the woman’s hand? Which woman are you talking about?

THE CHANNELLORS: Is there a crystal that he did? That is interesting, for that is partially what we are speaking of. But re-member, the prayers of many souls before were sent to this woman. Now look how much energy you have if you continue to send with the force in back of it.

IS: You mean to Mary?


IS: So the rosary, let’s say we make a request when we first say the rosary and then the whole entire fifty beads go on that one request? Or could we have like…

THE CHANNELLORS: The request is not a request, it is a intercession. Never make a direct request. But always make an intercession for help.

IS: How do we do that?

THE CHANNELLORS: You just ask for a direct request.

IS: But yet there are prayers that shouldn’t be said. Or should be said in a different way. An example there’s no question I didn’t want the Lost One to win any case. Now how would I have gone about something like that? Would I have gone…in the prayer…would I have gone to say, “Please see that she doesn’t win,” or, “Please…”how…how do…because that seems like a little tricky there.

THE CHANNELLORS: What was the case? Did she win?

IS: No.

THE CHANNELLORS: Then your Father knows your request even by your not saying it. Even before you pray your Father which is in heaven knows your request.

IS: And yet prayer is needed?


IS: I see. So certain…certain things…

THE CHANNELLORS: Prayer is your weapon. Use it, Prayer is your spear. Drive it. Prayer is your shield. Use it. Prayer is your power. Don’t abuse it. Put that to a song and use it. You are weaklings, my dear little ones. To the outside world you are schmoes. To the outside world you are little hobbits. But little do they know the power of God. Long live God. You have a lot to rejoice. You have a lot to celebrate. You are God’s children. Celebrate that constantly. For very few in the outside world celebrate life. Do not fear for nothing, for the power that you have is a shield to itself.

IS:Thank you.

DD: Did I interpret the weaver’s beam that Tom gave us in the Kabbalah class correctly?

THE CHANNELLORS: DD, you have interpreted the weaver’s beam correct, according to your consciousness.

DD: What’s the real way?

THE CHANNELLORS: When your consciousness moves on, you will receive the real way.

DD: What…what do the seventy-two names of God represent in the body?

THE CHANNELLORS: The seventy-two names of God represents the energy forces manifested from the spiritual world.

DD: Was there seventy-two positive and seventy-two ne¬gative?

THE CHANNELLORS: Let us cut that in half to equal seventy-two.

DD: Thirty-six positive and thirty-six negative.

THE CHANNELLORS: You surprise us.

DD: So how do you get…is it…does that go along with…

IS: Does it have anything to do with the thirty-six righteous men on earth?


DD: How do you get…do you have…do you have like seventy-two righteous in the heavens and seventy-two on earth? (The telephone rings.)

THE CHANNELLORS: Correct. It is all right. Answer the phone. We will wait.

DD: In the weaver’s beam when you engraved those hundred and forty-four…

THE CHANNELLORS: We will take a break for this moment and empty out the entity’s kidneys.

THE GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens.