Session 553 3/30/90

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area, and we see the many different changes and the promises of governments moving from top to bottom. These are the changes that have been told to you. The changes of great strength and also of great obliviation of structures. Earthquakes have come and touched their hands on those who are vulnerable, only to remember in your own minds that the earthquake to San Francisco was very, very slight; in fact, a miracle in all its doing. Isn’t it strange to see highways collapse on cars? Isn’t it strange to see buildings topple? And yet, it is not considered a major earthquake. It is strange times you are living in. It is times that we will and be controlled. We are in control now. We have taken over. Unfortunately, you don’t know it, nor will you ever recognize we are in control, for you in your own little ways feel that you have total control. No, you do not have control, we do. You don’t, we do. Now how do we get this across to you? We can’t. That is the sorry, sorry state of it all. People feel they do. No, we do. No, they do. Or, who do? As you can see, it goes back and forth on temporal authority of who do? They do. No, we do. Again, looking at the San Francisco earthquake, one might as well think that this is a natural occurrence, something normal. We scratch our whatever and realize don’t they realize? Don’t they realize anything? To them, this earthquake is considered in the realm of social living, one of the kind of pre—destined, structural edifices undertaking an expansion of existence, which in quiet terms means normal expansion large population, normal destruction. You build too much on one area, and ~ bound to fall someday. This is the price you pay for the price you live. Now there are earthquakes, of course; we also now have volcanoes spitting out lava in Hawaii and other parts of Alaska. You have tidal waves, tremors, but nobody seems to really care. You have the great hole in the Antarctic where your ozone level is disappearing. You have lakes drying up. You have ice caps melting. Nobody cares. You scratch your head and say ‘Isn’t anyone taking anything seriously, or do they wait for Bingo on Tuesday nights?.” Or has Atlantic City taken over with a tint of Las Vegas? The wheel turns, and your number does not come up. Unfortunately, you’re the loser. That’s the way it goes. We don’t understand. We see major destruction happening all over the place, and yet ~ time for “I Love Lucy’ at nine. She’s dead. Nobody cares. Floods of film keeps running. Nine pm, nine am. Are you up? Yes. Are you out? Yes. Are you in? No. Well get in. What is happening? Everyone is being numb to the fact that there are no values any longer. No ins, no listening, no purposes. The only purpose you have is pick up your paycheck and work your little tail off to get it. That is, genuflect for Eddie, and open the door for Mary. Now, it is power struggles for authority. Oh Lord, we don’t understand. When does it all end? That the children of the earth will realize that it is the end of times. We were going to write up in the sky, ‘Hey, idiots, the end of time has come, and you’re caught in it.” They will not understand that either. They’ll turn away like they have done and look for somewhere else to enjoy the last minutes of their lives. We don’t understand. We don’t understand. And for us not to understand you! That takes a lot! We see the many different changes. The Soviet Union is caught up with the camera. It is their new oy.Stardom!Starring:Russia. Let’s look good for the TV tube. Let’s dress the first lady in new clothes with fur mittens and a fur hat and a big Russian smile. Thousands and thousands are dying from lack of food, but that’s okay. Dress the first lady in a fur hat and a fur coat. That she might look prosperous, while everyone in the counties of the Soviet Union lives in squalor, dirt, filth, and death. What is this that we’re dealing with? The facade that we place before our eyes and watch the telltale signs of leopards dancing in the trees and monkeys in the yard. What is the underscore of all things great and small below that man does see the witch’s broom flying high above the moon. What is this that we see? That man plays Tic Tak Toe on the corpse of those bodies that lie below. Again, the jack in the hand and the bird in the tree. They all seem fine for you and me. But what does it all follow suit when no one’s around to pull the suit? Well, we look here and we look there. Many an aristocrat face does wear. The numbers of the pin have called it safety, but when we see this desolate Czar undertake society, one dons this cloak on so many years, and then when it is done and tired, it will be donned to the other society that has never tried it. Wow! We see what that has to offer. We don’t need it, we need other things. It is a vagabond cloth tried and used. It served us, our fantasies well. It is now out of use. Oh, take it Union of Soviet Socialists and don it on its form as well. Call it democracy. We have done well. We’ve used that word in our own forms and place and played the games and the great race. Now it’s your turn to look good and anew and see what you can do. Children, we live in such troubled times. We don’t know how you guys can fool around and say to yourselves ‘This is a normal, normal world that we live in. Everything is in such beautiful, beautiful common array. This is such a beautiful existence”. Oh my God! Beautiful existence! It is a crazy house. They’re mad men walking below, and they don’t even know how mad they are in their own games caught down below. If you gave people the same circumstances that you as countries are handling now a thousand years ago, they would call it a major, major catastrophe. Change of the world, the end of time. But to you it is considered ‘Another cup of tea, please”, normal everyday experience. What would be considered normal living. We have a gravestones, too, it’s carved out with four well known tunes. Normal living is what you say. Normal living is the name of this tune. Strange as it is, we watch and see, behind this smokescreen and canopy. Normal tunes. Strange living. What a moment in time for misgivings. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you very much for coming in. When you say the end of the world, are we talking about which chapter in Revelation?

Forces: Well, you pick it. We’ll apply it.

IS: I’ve picked up to a certain point, and we talked about it. Is that right, then?

FORCES: It can be applied.

IS: And when you mean the end of the world, what happens?

Forces: Well, we just flip the disk over, and the record plays a different song.

IS: So, what should we do as a group?

Forces: Well, we’re not asking you to be the United Church of Trumpets and Sex Appeal, to go to Wyoming and put your head in the sand. And then when you pee, you pee in the sky. Pray, meditate. Teach others to pray and meditate. The more that say the rosary, the more, as has been promised, the end of the world will be postponed.

IS: Even when it is postponed, how long a postponement are we talking about?

Forces: That’s up to the scales of balance. It’s not our hands, but as long as we pray, we can change the world around us.

IS: Is it then this moment about the shifting of the poles?

FORCES: Poles can shift. Scientists won’t know, not until it’s finished.

IS:Are they shifting?

Forces:There is a gradual shifting of things, yes.

IS: Does it mean that the end of the world, is it going to…

FORCES: What we are saying here, and we say it again and again and again. The energy of the Higher Forces, our Command, is coming down here in this very area. You can’t stop it. It will take control. It will manifest itself. This is its home and will spread out throughout this point and change the world. You here in this house will change societies and governments, countries, the earth. You just don’t know how important you are, and they will erect statues to you.

IS: I am asking that question because I am planning to, for this that has been said tonight, to make pamphlets and give it out at least as a beginning point on First Friday and maybe even more.

Forces: That’s your business, not ours.

IS: So, what I mean is, when you say the end of the world for myself I am not concerned exactly how, but people will say “Is it through a bomb? Is it through the shifting of the poles? Is it through war? Or is it all the above?’

FORCES: Is this a question?

IS: Yeah, please.

FORCES: Don’t you understand what we have just said and spoke? In words so eloquently we spoke the end of the world does not come in bombs or shifting of the earth in one form or the other. The end of the world comes in greed, in malice, and hate, of envy and lust.

IS: Thank you very much.

FORCES: It comes in the forms of jealousy, mistrust, and thoughts of corruption. Not to trust and believe in love and faith. When faith is destroyed and smothered down because the people crumble in the weight of the government and the tax collectors and the bills, that the spirit of man is smothered down in the weight of the bills that’s laid on him, that the spirit cannot raise its head to stand. This is the way to the end of the land.

IS: Thank you very much. –

BN: In designing the octagonal extension, what changes should be made in the way I’m thinking in materials or design to create the best force for it?

FORCES: Question again. What was that?

BN: In the extension, the octagonal extension, could there be given any guidance, especially perhaps in ways ~ not thinking about it properly, to make it the best and most strongest force possible?

FORCES: What would be the best, strongest force possible:? What would that be? Cryptonite? Gold? What would we say to you to make it the strongest, very best possible? How could we make it the very strongest best possible? If it’s made with love and prayers, then it will be the very strongest best possible.

BN: Thank you very much.

IS: Can I ask about Tom’s job, maybe it’s time for him to get out of there?

FORCES: The entity is working with the souls there. It’s up to him. We will decide, but first and foremost, he is working there for
the soul of the people and the evolution of the place, and it’s also something that it will be guided and shown to him what he has to do.

IS: He’s worked with all of these people, and every time somebody becomes bad there, they just get up and leave there.

FORCES: Isn’t that something, you know?

IS: Yeah, and he has a new batch of the same type coming in brand new, and then he gets it from the one called PR, that she’s not even aware of the value of that man there.

FORCES: Well, let’s move on. We will not speak of this issue, for it would take all night to explain.

IS: Can something be done about that?

FORCES: We will do something, of course.

IS: Thank you. I mean it’s not right that he should be destroyed for a job.

FORCES: We will take our hand involved in it.

IS: Thank you.

TV: Thank you. When the ships come down to earth and the changes that you will openly to the people bring about, how long will you be here? I mean, how long will you stay here and guide…

FORCES: A thousand years.

IS: So it is The Revelation?

FORCES: That always is.

TV: And after those thousand years, will you just leave?

FORCES: We will leave placements, and that will last for another thousand.

TV:Is this the second thousand that you will be coming?

FORCES: We were here in the time of Atlantis before its destruction a thousand years.

TV: Thank you.

IS: Could I get an interpretation for a dream I had?

FORCES: Interpretation?

IS:I saw RU being in Charlottesville and having sort of a jewelry business. She was very cocky about it. And RH, I saw RH there,, having a very heavy and smeared makeup on her face. A very heavy makeup all over the place smeared and also sort of halfway cocky, but she looked like she walked out of a mental institution. And RU looked very cocky, and she had this jewelry business, and what was that thing, what…?

FORCES: How did it end? We would like to know.

IS:I don’t know.

FORCES: Well, maybe she sold RH the jewelry.

IS: There must have been more, but I just said those words so I won’t forget, and I don’t remember the rest, I guess. It was totally shocking to me because I haven’t thought of them…

FORCES: There are those thoughts that see the end of time to be, and when they see the wall that was predicted to come down that the end was prescribed to be. This might make a lot of people frightened to returm they once will be. But we wouldn’t think of them at all.

IS: So I’m just picking up their thoughts?

FORCES: Oh, yes.

IS: So, why did she look so cocky, then?

FORCES: We could say something here right now, but it would be a little bit obscene.

IS: So, that dream had nothing to do with anything here, except that they are thinking about us, and I picked it up.

FORCES: More or less. We will leave it like that.

IS: Or rather, they want to come to Charlottesville because we are here, so they don’t want to be with us being very cocky that’s why she showed up cocky, but they are so terrified that they want to be in the same vicinity where we are, so they can feel safe. Is that it?

FORCES: Some aspect of truth to it. Question.

MIM: Thank you. During the various years of Lent seasons that we undergo each year, what happens to our bodies? Because usually we feel like there’s an energy drain, a heavier veil during this whole season. Is that going to increase throughout the years? Is something happening to our bodies every time we go through Lent season?

FORCES: This is a diffrerent vibrational change, right.
IS: If I’m doing wrong, tell me, but I have so many questions that’s why I’m allowing a person to speak then me. Is that all right, or shall I just let other people talk?

Forces: Well, go ahead.

IS: Why did April leave? And where is she?

Forces: Well, she left because she became wild, strange as it is. A flair of wildness entered her, and she didn’t know what she was doing. She went wild with so—called freedom, and what would be said it was her demise or end. We’ll leave it like that.

IS: Is she dead?

FORCES: Well, we wouldn’t go that far because she still travels around

IS: Is she the one I saw on Rt. 6?

FORCES: Oh, no, no, no. Question.

IS: Can she come back?

FORCES: (—) any time it can be possible. Question.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: But don’t look for her to come back by her own powers. Question.

IS: So, can we do something?

FORCES: No, it’s part of the plan. Question.

ES: For the garage refrigerator, should we get another whole freezer or refrigerator/freezer for that would do best for us?

FORCES: A freezer would do good. A refrigerator you don’t put too much into it. P freezer you would put more into it, but then again, a refrigerator could be…but then again a freezer would good.

THE GROUP: (laughter)

ES: A coffin freezer? Would that do us better than an upright? Or an upright?

FORCES: Oh, I don’t know.

THE GROUP: (laughter)
FORCES: It really is mind boggling. We would say an upright freezer. We like the way it all falls out when you open it.

GROUP: (uproarious laughter)

IS: However, this refrigerator needs to be replaced in the upstairs kitchen.

FORCES: Well, is it working now?

IS: I have no idea.

FORCES: Who knows?

DD:It’s not working now.

FORCES: I don’t think it cools ice cubes.

DD: No.

FORCES: No? I think I would check the ice cubes before you say no.

IS: So, you mean it’s still working?

FORCES: Well, we’ll look into it. We have Harry, the Fix—It Man here. He’ll work it out. Who knows? The chances are, get ready to buy a new whatever.

IS: So, a refrigerator. We can’t really put a freezer up here. It has to be…

FORCES: No, no, no. A refrigerator—freezer. That’s what you need here. You need to put things in the bottom like wine and more Wine.

THE GROUP: (laughter)

IS: So, are you saying we shouldn’t have so much wine?

FORCES: Oh, we like wine here. We have nothing against wine, other than drinking it.

ES: Thank you very much.

FORCES: (–) welcome very much.

IS: For First Friday, how is that coming along, and is there anything else we should do with it?

FORCES: We’ve replaced an (—–)

Group: (laughter)

FORCES: Have NN be in charge. No, we are just joking. We feel the coming together of comradeship and discussing of things and the spirit soaring, and changes, and bridge—making is exactly what is necessary. We feel the people are doing good with what is being given to them.

IS: So, it’s doing what you had in mind for it to do?

FORCES: Yes, it is.

IS: Thank you very much.

JW: Thank you. With reincarnation, while we’re here in the earth we learn, and then we cross over through death. On the other side how are we prepared to come back? What happens exact ly?

FORCES: Quickly.

JW: Is there a…

FORCES: What happens is you just review different things that you have to focus on, the short—comings, and come back and make your plans of how you’re going to work with it.

JW: And once you~r~ back here, can you recall them through meditation?

FORCES: Oh, no, no, no, no. Y0L don’t want to cloud meditation with that nonsense.

JW: So, how would you know what you came in for?

FORCES: (—-) in your very soul. It’s your very essence. Your very whatever you are.

JW: Thank you.

IS: What happened with Tom’s father, and was it meant to happen the way it did? Or was it something that should have been prevented…could have been prevented?

FORCES: It was unfortunate, but you know when the pipes break, there’s nothing we can do.

IS: Is that why that last conversation he told me what life meant to him and all of that? Did he at any point realize that…

FORCES:What did he tell you?

IS: He told me that…well, he was putting on the records, and he was being very excited because it was the first time he put on the records in about.. .many years, and he sort of was beaming,
and he sort of was moving around a little bitty, and I said to him, I said “That’s what life is to you, isn’t it? It’s the dance you dance, the song you sing”. And his face beamed out completely, and he looked at me, and there was like a total happiness that I said it to him. That somebody understood totally and completely what he felt in words and he shook his head and smiled..

FORCES: It is recorded on your Akashic Record, not the education that you have or the titles that you have, but it is the songs you sing, the joy, the caring, the sharing, and the giving that is recorded on your soul. Nothing else.

IS: Was he aware later on or before he died that you have actually, that the entity Tom that the last time that he saw the entity Tom, his son, he asked him how he wants to be taken across the veil. Was he aware that that was the last time? Was he aware the coincidence, or realizing that it was no coincidence what has happened?

FORCES: He was aware very much of the words, and he thought of them, and he also was made ready to make the transit, for inwardly he knew that his son was the prophesied seer from his mother’s gift and family, and he realized that he was receiving his what—would— be—called prediction of crossing over in a most nicely given form. So he used it and got ready to move on, and it made his way easier and smoother, for he didn’t have to fight it.

IS: And now, is he…where is he?

FORCES: He’s on the other side doing deals and making other things go.

IS:He’s not resting?

FORCES: Not yet. Ready for questions.

IS: Thank you.

NN: In the Book of Tobit, Raphael speaks of being one of the seven angels that carries the prayers of the Saints before God. Who are the other six? Is part of it Michael and…

FORCES: They move around the thrones of God.

NN: And that’s how the prayers… like when people say prayers to certain saints, then it gets carried out by the angels…

FORCES: Yes, of course.

NN: Thank you.


BH: In the ‘Rabbi’s Tarot”, it says that to open the pineal to the White Light that you need the chemicals to construct new cells in the brain which are those used in reproduction, is this true, and if so, how long does it take for that to happen?

FORCES: Six weeks to eight and two and a half years, not all too often should you use those chemicals. Question.

BH: Thank you.

JE: In 1947 in July of ‘47 there was that movie…

FORCES: You were born.

JE: Before that, yeah.


JE: When that spaceship crashed in the storm, and they found those beings, who were they and where were they from and what happened to them?

FORCES: They were stored away in the warehouses in different parts of the United States, and they were the seers and watchers in the land that grows plants or area human.

JE: That grows plants or humans?

FORCES: Some humans are grown by them. Question.

IS: Where are they from?

FORCES: Out there.

IS: Are they from the stars or are they…

FORCES: No. Some are in there, too.

IS: The “Communion’ guy from “Communion” and “Transformation” those two books, did you get involved with him?


IS: At all?


IS: So the people or the things that are involved with him, are those…

FORCES: They are not of us, and we don’t know them.

IS: Ahhhhh.

FORCES: Thank you very much.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: At this point we have lots to do. We see lots more to be done. We will speak to you again. Keeping in mind…

(Part missed))

IS: …with wood.

FORCES: You would have such as some parts that could be steel or iron, yes.

IS: And the lower part then?

FORCES: Remember, pieces of wood from different countries in South America, as we have said so many times.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…