Session 555-5/20/90

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find it to be one of busy moments throughout the world. Your earth is going through so many different transformations and different feelings and changes. We see that democracy when raised by every country is a national pastime, which is interesting to see the evolution and illusion of wanting democracy, and yet in reality we should not fool ourselves, for there are so many different factions that each country – that it’s like shaking a dice in a cup – makes a lot of noise, but when it finally comes out, it’s sometimes snake eyes. We understand that there are many changes going on, but we also would advise you that it is not a time of rejoicing but a time of preparing and strengthening the spiritual principles. There is nowhere to turn and nothing else to accomplish if there is no spiritual motivation and movement. Faith of course is re-acted by works – works without faith, faith without works, they both explode at themselves, creating the Holy Spirit or the force of the unknown to manifest in the known. Let you walk into this that in all things you do, be motivated most of all by faith, believing in the things not seen, knowing the things not heard, seeing the things not envisioned. All these elements – these are your tests. You were not put on the earth just to have a life and to die. You were put on the earth for faith and action. You must have action. You must have commitment. You must believe, and you must know that the things that you do, do the things that you do create, the items that you work together, is to manifest the higher spirit, greater than you all, greater than all of you, greater than this hallowed force not that you control or adopt or maintain or move but to allow it to manifest in the earth as it should from the beginning of time. The projects that you do, we have to say, you should do them with zeal, tempered with mercy and wisdom and patience, and not look for the comfortable projects, the projects that will seek after your comfortability, but do the projects with (?) faith and do the projects with action. All these elements must move you; there is so much to be accomplished, and so little time in this decade to fulfill. 1980 is gone; the 1970’s are gone. The group here, a major portion of it, has seen the 1970’s touch their lives; they’re done. You’ve accomplished and moved into the 1980’s, and now we ask you, who’ve accomplished and moved into that, now it is the 1990’s, and it is the spiritual dedication that you must commit. It is this force that must drive you, must create an element of accomplishment. The 1990’s are saturated with spiritual commitment, in your beliefs, in your actions, in your works, and in your driving to always continue – always to continue. Remember, the 1990’s are a promise, and there will be times that the spiritual force and matter of things are etheric. You might see a physical body, but remember; you are seeing a spirit, a force, a magic, an element of power, God’s creation, God’s world, God’s other side. There are those forces and powers that move through the earth; they are here one moment, and then gone the next. Remember: this in itself is an example of that force and help that covers the earth. His truth, in the testimony, in the spirit of men, and his evolution through the earth in the decades that he has gone through, has been decades of principles to he developed one way or the other. Thousands of years, thousands of years, have the sons of God moved on the earth. Much pain endured – but remember, pain has been endured before. The spirit survives; the soul conquers pain. The soul moves on, does not retain, does not remain, is not captured in the pain. The pain does exist, but transcend the pain; move above it; move on to projects above you and before you. Accomplishment. One should accomplish things; there will be more to be accomplished; it will never end. There must be more and more to accomplish, for such is the soul. There is work that has to he done; work is never finished, not until every soul has seen its own destiny in the accomplishment of that force. You must move out and you must move; you must accomplish; you must guide; you must direct. We see Iraq as a very destructive force. It shall pay bitterly for some error; the whole country shall be turned upside down. Not one building shall remain. It shall be completely moved asunder, apart. When the sun is in the highest, in the eclipse of the force, stones from beyond the earth will hit and destroy this country in magnitude the earth has never seen before. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. My first question is in relation to what you’ve said about the trials that we’re going to endure in the 1990’s. Could you tell us a little bit about the trials and, if possible, what it is for this group?

FORCES: The spiritual ideals and purposes of seeing the vision – that in itself is a trial, to see the vision and to keep it ever before you.

IS: Are there any thoughts other than that, that –

FORCES: It is enough.

IS: For me, the things that make me to go into trials –

FORCES: Focus on the light and on the power and the creation; know that the earth is here for a short moment, and your time to make advances is important.

IS: Is the group going to stay the way it is now, or are there going to be different – what kind of changes, or – for the 1990’s, is there a prediction, is there something you could –

FORCES: Something concrete you would like. Life is not made in concrete forms; the spirit is ever—flowing. It is that spirit that will come down. The group will grow; it will be that strength for many.

IS: I see the group as a strength for many. I don’t see it growing, but I see it as a strength for many that we already see, that we have changed this who1e area, as you have said; we have changed (?) without number, people without number, besides people around here. As you have said, we have had visitors from other parts of the world, as you have said; I do not see the growth. Is that then a different thing that is going to happen?

FORCES: The growth is there, as we have said.

IS: Oh. The spirit okay. I’m sorry. I mean, is there going to be also a physical growth?

FORCES: The growth forms in the spirit, and then materializes in the physical.

IS: Thank you. This year, every month has one major catastrophic – or not catastrophic, but a major sad change that has taken place.

FORCES: The spiritual transition – it is not sad.

IS: But it’s been very noticeably, like every single month. Could you tell us what’s coming for June, July? Is it going to continue this year this way, or –

FORCES: There will be glorious movements in creation, a building up. It won’t be as drastic as you’ve experienced. There will be what could be considered growing forces and gifts to be given.

IS: And my concern, is everyone in the group making it spiritually okay?

FORCES: Their growth is steady. Anyone has different aspects to work on, but the continuation and movement and moving on is they’re growing; their growth has continued.

IS: Thank you. Are the Friday nights shaping that into what is needed? The first Fridays, I mean.

FORCES: They haven’t led you astray yet.

IS: No. Is there anything that – why the Wilders coming to Schuyler and is there anything that would happen that he would-he wouldn’t come here, there’s no time –

FORCES: Our very presence is making it a force, an energy. Our very energy of being here makes all these things have to happen.

IS: But yet – of course, we’re not getting the credit, hut he wouldn’t be coming here now, would he? I mean, this –

FORCES: Our very presence in the area changes things.

IS: Right. And for the entity –

FORCES: You’re not for credit. Look for the force in which you are building. The very energies of prayer, and power, and that force builds and constructs and keeps on building. It is beyond anyone’s control, for it is in a spiritual nature the building goes on. It is the most highest power that has ever been found on the face of the earth, and in reality exists now, here.

IS: Yes. Are there other things that are going to be coming in the 1990’s for this group, specifically?

FORCES: The reading, the contact, the growing, the sharing, and the bringing down of the forces to all to hear and see.

IS: In that one, I don’t know if I misunderstood, hut I thought that you are going to come down and show –

FORCES: I have already come down, as you said, and shown tremendously during this year.

IS: Yes, specifically during this month, but is there going to be another – like a more (?) are you going to come down where we can see you physically?

FORCES: You will see us physically.

IS: I will?

FORCES: You have so much doubt. And it’s so evident in your questions. You cannot he 100% sure of facts and figures and reality, but you can be sure of us and our presence. We have made a special showing for you so you will believe.

IS: Thank you.

BN: The common – what they’re calling the common (?) would you please tell us what force it brings, and –

FORCES: War, a negative force of anger, hostility. It will be red in color.

BN: What is its history with the earth when it was here last and what happened when it was here last?

FORCES: We saw great floods happen.

BN: Was that before, was that at the time of Atlantis, or later, or earlier?

FORCES: The time of Atlantis – 2,450 years the flood was.

BN: Thank you very much.

IS: A question for Goldie is, is there anything that could be told what’s going to happen to (?) ?

FORCES: We will utilize her and move through her; we will try to help her. (?) to try but we will. But we will utilize it.

IS: And for the entity Tom and his reading and (?)

FORCES: This is the elements and the negative ions that are in the air, negative not as negative ions but negative as far as negative, and the amount of evil that’s saturating, and the pollution that is creating it. Negativity is creating the pollution; it’s not the pollution that’s creating the negativity. (?) will he seen to be growing more and more as the evil grows.

IS: What can be done to help it?

FORCES: Prayer. It is not (?), but it is the moment, the time. It will get so bad, the weak ones will have to leave the earth. Those who are of the light will have to go, for the earth can no longer sustain the ones of the light. Those who are into the darkness will remain, eventually to see the light themselves and change their course. The evil is greed, wanting more and more and more, and the pollution of the atmosphere, and wanting this.

IS: What’s the duration you were speaking of?

FORCES: From a day to a thousand years. From a day to sixty years. From a day to thirty years.

IS: Is the entity Tom – he’s of the light, is he considered weak?

FORCES: Well, he will not be considered weak, but weak in nature to the elements.

IS: Yes. That’s what –

FORCES: The force that we have around and coming through will carry him through.

IS: So what form will it take heart attack?

FORCES: It would be respiratory forms. Next question?

ES: Once a kid gets what we call freezer burn, is there any kind of spice or substance that can (?) or cover it up?

FORCES: Yes. The spice of life, called tolerance.

ES: Thank you.

FORCES: At times vinegar has the habit of removing (?) olive oil has another habit of removing it.

ES: Thank you.

FORCES: (?) [Burning/learning] it.

IS: Mixed together, the olive oil and the vinegar, or –


GROUP: Thank you.

FORCES: You’re welcome.

IS: The Jewish people, after World War II, they have always said “never again,” and they have always worked very hard so that people would not forget what happened in World War II, but there’s still a lot of anti-Semitism and a lot of anger and hatred toward them, and some events that I’ve been seeing and happening in the news – will the same thing happen again?

FORCES: As long as there’s greed and envy, they will exploit and form and express as long as those who do not worship God, or any god, would express it to those who are worshipping God. Fortunately, these are the seeds that are still alive, and they are coming to the forefront because to show that they are alive and must be changed. Not to be stomped out or eradicated, but changed through love, changed through action, changed through spiritual words. As man turns his focus to material things, then that man cannot come up with spiritual answers.

IS: Why has there been the many rains that Texas has had for the past couple of months, and what will be the outcome?

FORCES: To fulfill our curse of that state which we had expressed exactly ten years ago.

IS: Is it because of greed also?

FORCES: It was because of a force that entered into that state; when that force leaves that state that state will prosper and grow tremendously.

IS: Thank you.

IS: You mean, from the time of the trial?

FORCES: Correct. Question?

ES: The book The Rabbi’s Tarot is that pretty much correct, the way that she expresses things?

FORCES: We find it to be workable, yes.
ES-Thank you.
JW: When the disciples healed, what actually is the force of healing is it Love?
Forces-It’s a combination of Love, commitment, faith and the energy of the body.
JW: And its given (—–) gift right?
Forces: Yes.
JW: Thank you.
JU: The Tibetan instruments, bells etc. what do they actually do?
Forces: The alignment of the centers all at once.
JU: The sounding of that will do that?
Forces: No the force of the energy that comes down through the server does it.
JU: Is there any difference between the sets of bells?
Forces: Only by the one who is the server.
JU: Thank you.
DD: The Book of Formation (Sepher Yetzirah) does that go along with the crystals?
Forces-Yes it does.
DD: Would that be any force of meditation in there?
Forces-You would find that in chapter of Genesis 14th chapter 4th verse, 5th to be your answer.
DD: And also the Zeolites what force do they have?
Forces: They have the force of recreating the earth.
DD: All the pollution and everything they help to regenerate it?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Thank you very much.
BH: In Judges chapter 10, verse 11, God is speaking to the children of Israel, who was God speaking through?
Forces: They are speaking through one or two the chosen’s at that time to receive messages from God.
BH: Could their names be given?
Forces: They were just what would be considered Tribe Leaders and each tribe Leader and each Tribe Leader was the Speaker.
BH: Thank you very much.
JE: When there’s a large-scale war like in WW1 or WW2 what corresponds on the Spiritual level and astral level?
Forces: Repeat.
JE: When there’s a large-scale war like in WW1 or WW2?
Forces: Man on the earth with negative thoughts, they are the creators. Greed, envy, power, control these are of Satan and not of God. God is patient, kind and willing to wait.
JE: Thank you.
IS: In Revelation chapter 20 from verse 7 to 10 its taking about the people that are going to be taken up and the New Age coming in. Will the holy people survive or be taken up?
Forces: Those who are the Receivers would leave and those who will remain will be-come Holy.
Forces: At this point we will have to leave and will speak to you again. We note that it is your Anniversary and we wish you all well, another 10 years to accomplish the Mission, each passage of this Mission will increase from this point on, day by day with power and energy on a physical level to please the one named IS and to all to see and the fount of force and energy will be opened from this point on.
IS: Thank you very much.
Group: Our Father.